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November 22, 2022

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Is Bitcoin in big trouble? Many say we are in danger of much lower prices because of the continued fallout from the FTX scandal. More than 3500 Bitcoin that have slumbered for more than 10 years are now awake. And rumor is that Elon Musk is working on a crypto wallet for Twitter. 

Speaking of Twitter, it has officially become more fun to watch than Netflix. Finally, a long-time friend of the show has won his AT&T simjack court case.

Get ready for hijinks and lowjinks on our Grim outlook for Bitcoin bad news episode #652 of The Bad Crypto Podcast. 

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00:00 - Intro
05:50 - Crypto market cap review; Joel thinks Solana as a token is toast as a centralized layer 1 and alleged victim of market manipulation due to FTX.  
11:40 - Sleeping Bitcoins wake up and have moved from original wallets to new ones
13:05 - Bad exchanges have taken $1.2 billion in Bitcoin out of the market
13:45 - Nayib Bukele is hodling and accumulating more Bitcoin for El Salvador. Increasing Bitcoin adoption
15:15 - Grim outlook for Bitcoin and Ethereum pricing as we haven’t yet seen the full fallout and earthquake from the FTX collapse as we await more dominoes to fall. 
16:00 - Digital Currency Group is trying to raise $1bln to save Genesis from collapse. 
20:30 - NFT God thinks Elon Musk is bringing NFTs and crypto to Twitter. Will it be powered by $DOGE and Dogechain?
21:15 - Elon posted a Twitter poll about reinstating DJT’s account. Let’s analyze what may have happened in the voting. 
29:30 - What Twitter has revealed is the emotional maturity people have with even Trent Reznor leaving Twitter because he can’t handle that Donald J. Trump is back on the platform. 
37:30 - SIM swap hack against Michael Terpin reaches resolution 
38:40 - Upcoming guests and interviews on The Bad Crypto Podcast, meaning more airdropped NFTs from Bad Crypto Nifty Club so SIGN UP today at
40:30 - Closing Remarks


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is bitcoin in big trouble many say were in danger of much lower prices because of the continued fallout from the F. T. X. scandal more than thirty five hundred bit coin that of slumber for more than ten years are now awake and rumor has it that you lawn mosque is working on a crypto wallet for Twitter speaking of Twitter it's officially become more fun than Netflix and finally a long time friend of the show has won his eighteen T. seven Jack court case get ready for hijinks and some low jinks on our grim outlook for bitcoin bad news episode number six hundred and fifty two of the bad crypto podcast


you have landed in the Republic of bad cryptopia smack dab between the metaverse morons Joel comm and Travis Wright your guys your sherpa dirt because on this journey to the web three future welcome to the shelf

I'm here with a low five low I Q. those

we duck duck go the thing so you don't have to and why not with over ten million downloads we must be doing something right we're certainly not here based on our dashing good looks alone

because we have ten people per capita out more so than most podcast and we're at you you're still ten minutes thank you just sent people intentionally to Takam incense wake people up along well

yeah sub setting to some people I mean it's really it is challenging to come out from your bubble if you have a certain mindset and you pen your foundations on certain philosophies ideas concepts that you think got a shattered out are true and then somebody comes along and rattles that cage that can rattle your core if you find your identity and that and that can be really scary for people and there's so many people that find their identity and what they believe this is true and I'm not talking about stuff that would actually impact somebody's identity right you know your spirituality sure that can go to your core and that can shake you up to you if you discover that maybe I'm not maybe I haven't got that completely nailed down but politically speaking culturally speaking you get your cage rattled find yourself on the other side of an issue and all of a sudden you lose friends who guess what weren't really friends in the first place

and I noticed this you know having been in the marketing world like Joe's been in the marketing world for so many years I saw a poll popular poll that was around you know should doctors should Twitter let Donald Trump back on its platform it was it was a whole long weekend and it was a top marketing guy actually

it was yes that's more

cash more yeah the creator of Mashable and it was like seventy percent of those people are like no back on hi this is I look at them and go wow you know all those all those you know I'm set marketers who don't even realize that a lot of ways you know there's this guy Edward Bernays he's the inventor of public relations and and propaganda and he knew that propaganda and PR go hand in hand and it's weird to me that most marketers according to that poll seventy something percent of the people they by eight AM to a lot of the PR and propaganda that they're sold I saw the marketers most of them were some of the very first one to go out and get the jab many of them hate hate all right from what they've been told to hate and I don't know that they do a lot of the research but there in my mind some of the best marketers in the world don't realize when they're being marketed to

no they watch CNN they they get they watch MSNBC and they get all the information they need they read The New York Times

I guess is all the information they think they need that's something I did a post on on Instagram about that it's sad you know those who win the war right the history books in a lot of times what you think you know about something is not the truth but really what the powers that be want you now that's what they want you to think and so that's why they spend so much time and money to indoctrinate people along certain paths and so you see some people get really upset around the fact that trump you know it's bad but what did trump ever actually do to you know war go around any of the rules that Twitter had it was just that the powers that be hated orange Fanta orange man bad so get rewards man and even though he never violated any of the terms and services right so to me that's always an interesting thing I

you know

you on this thing this week where you get a big hole and

but let's talk about that when we get to the part we're gonna talk about Twitter because we got we got news to cover

you know I just kind of start talking much water anyway

like what about latest sound effects play your song from him to play some effect here we go refreshing to take a look at Corning gecko dot com time stamp is November the twenty first twenty twenty two to thirty four A. S. T. because importer Rico we don't change time here so for half the year where we are with New York and then New York in the rest the world decides in the fall they're gonna fall back an hour and we're like no it's the same time here so were and New York is now an hour behind us so figure it out the total crypto market cap eight hundred and twenty three billion dollars bit coin sixteen thousand dollars exactly I've seen it go into the fifteens in the bump back up the theory I'm eleven hundred and one dollars B. and B. two hundred fifty three dollars and where is Selanne now salon is now we get this eleven dollars and sixty seven cents if I was going to pick Travis one token that I think is done I'm gonna say it Solana I'm not saying the blockchain is gonna die I'm saying that as the place because it is so closely tied to F. T. acts in the money that they're that why would you build on salon and now when there's so many other options

yeah when you look at their whole chart overall the Salada price chart Max when I was sitting around a few Bucks a few Bucks and then you know you look at you just kind of lay that over what happened with ICP internet computer protocol how F. T. acts and then sort of thrash that blew the price up and then shorted it all the way down took that money that they've gained from a legitimate product and then started pumping up Solana and then you know you can literally see what happens a lot I was like last well it was December of twenty twenty and then pop pop pop pop and then really started popping in July of twenty twenty one all the way up to over two hundred fifty Bucks in November of twenty twenty one foot jumper must now it's thirteen Bucks Lamont's problem somewhere there

yeah in the

way it should go away it's been heavily manipulated there probably a very centralized L. one we know and the people behind it could be very notorious so

eight years ago time I here's a C. P. they pumped up to four hundred and sixty one dollars and then June just

when what when did that happen

that would have been in may of twenty twenty one is when you ask them out and then they manipulated it down down down and set talked all kinds trash and now I mean they've got other you know we've been a fan since we learned of it and talk to Dominic real then and he's on that and have invested in tonic labs you and I did is great project on well

you know you look at the time when you look at Solana and then time whenever I see came out may twenty twenty one Solano was about forty five Bucks price ended up dropping all the way down to twenty five twenty six Bucks and then it went ten X. straight up from there I simply up to two hundred and twenty some dollars so it's like they took some of the losses are the games that they got from manipulating ICP dumping an actual decentralized product right I see me what it comes to being fully decentralized I think it's way better than Ethereum from what I understand on this is the most decentralized cryptocurrency maybe aside from that point which is decentralized but the way that it was built it wasn't built to cater to the can't tell you there's the super rich crypto whales and so they did what they could to bring the price way up in the short of it all the way down and now it's like three Bucks for four Bucks ICP got really hose and hopefully you know they can they can regain some of that some of that

you know who's open up to ICP is Ben Armstrong bit boy crypto you know we we knew Ben back when Ben was part of beards in bit coin you know years ago and have watches rise he's worked his **** off did you make some mistakes shelling some tokens that ended up not working out yep he did but he quit doing that more than a year ago and started getting really serious about covering bit coin and the crypto industry and I'm telling you there is nobody out there right now that I'm following that is working harder about you know for the cause of bitcoin decentralization he is calling out the the bad actors he you know not only did he call outs embankment Friedman F. T. acts weeks before the collapse came but he's digging his he's got it's not just him it's this community everybody sends him this stuff and he has uncovered that Mr wonderful Kevin o'leary he has gone out there and said Kevin o'leary nah I'm saying what he said he's saying Kevin o'leary and Sam Bateman freed colluded to crash Celsius he's saying they they intentionally did this so that that in itself and that he's kinda

hang themselves right so it's like yours I mean we're going to get yeah and

you know

we're not saying this about you know Detroit the list of everyone we're we're trying to get my voice lessons come over here and listen US's all the time people

he got was trying to dock Sam and his community came together and docks this dude who's now back up his feed is one of the most entertaining feeds I'm going to Twitter again because so much is revolving around Twitter right now we'll get back to that here we go with some bit coin news thirty five hundred sleeping big points from two thousand eleven in a wallet that have not been moved in more than ten years have woken up sixty million dollars for the big point have moved from the original wallets to you two new ones right


yeah so it's really I mean

one of the original seven did not spend any of the corresponding bitcoin cash or bitcoin has to be at the associated with those big ones so conceivably they'll not only do they have thirty five hundred recordings there's only five hundred bitcoin cash is that still a thing I don't think


militants and her there for a while

so there was and a story that I think we touched on briefly last week that St Kitts St Nevis St Kitts and Nevis are looking at having bitcoin cash as a official currency of the island I'm like why would you pick bitcoin cash

right I was in seventeen it's a good idea

yeah now it's not but this is interesting people are removing their big coin from exchanges and one point two million bit coin are now out of circulation that's six point three percent of the current supply

yeah well I mean we can look at it and that is a really nice chart right here historical data around crypto crashes fourteen crypto exchanges were responsible for the loss of one point two billion which represents six point three so that's what it's talking about bad exchanges are taken once I've taken one point two billion out of circulation and I lost where are they doing now but my mom got six hundred and fifty thousand that corn was lost in that yeah it's dampened cred in Celsius and always only FTX fifty thousand big corn well did they sell it isn't somewhere doing know where they are are hard to hard to determine where they are

well people are coming down on naive okay lay who is the president of El Salvador for holding twenty three hundred eighty one bit coin and an average price of forty three thousand dollars but he is doubling tripling quadrupling toppling down saying we are buying one big point every day starting tomorrow that was on November eighteenth like he is looking and going all right we are not only going to dollar cost average but we believe that the value of bitcoin is going to go up significantly and that this is a great buying opportunity

great buying opportunity yeah take a look at that that's nice though so you know el Salvador what they did to some other ones is popping up we're still hearing all this I'm not sure of the point in crypto you know worldwide but we just all this empty exchange down there's been kind of up what's going to happen next what's the trust level of crypto and so it's almost like you know that have T. X. thing and then maybe the genesis thing that's that's that that's growing we're hearing that genesis might become insolvent and and German eyes using them and are we near the bottom while we're at that place where a lot of people are investors are in that state of despair in so we could be nearing the bottom if that's the case or you know could be going down a little bit more before people start gaining trust in and starts moving back up so one person yeah

this article here block works that's exactly that that there's a grim outlook for bitcoin and Ethereum prices more bodies are servicing we have not yet seen the full ripple of facts in fact work and even to rebels yet there's still an earthquake happening right we I I don't think that we've seen all of the earthquake yet little ripples and as the ground continues to shake and it will it's impossible to have billions of dollars tied up through the septic scandal and for their not others that are directly tied in with having assets tied into them and so this article here which by the way you go read it for yourself in the show notes bad code at I. N. forward slash six five two is is where you're going to find this a talks about Solana as well and the instruments mentioned DC G. is the digital was a digital currency group and they're trying to raise a billion dollars in cash to protect genesis from failing well what I've read Trav is that there's no takers none so what does that mean is quite a unique

all right terra Luna Celsius Voyager F. T. acts three and the three girls capital and genesis and while so you know keep an eye on this man I mean there's a bottom group does still shaken out in the craziest crypto winter all these guys were having multiple collapses of Ponzi schemes that people were leveraging to make lots of money on they weren't expecting crypto bottom fall out like it did like it always does a jolt I'm always more like no this one seems different because there's more people adopting it we're just on the run so you can see that you know all these people were hiring more people needing more money and more resources in error but the liquidity drying up we crypto goes from sixty nine thousand down there sixteen thousand that's a big loss of revenues in there for people lost cash and so it's a weird time for crypto

you know what we failed in the crypto community failed to factor in during this last run human nature greed where there's money there's going to be bad actors taking advantage and the fact that we don't have regulation because we failed to self regulate this Christina Brauner former episode of continual market told us it bit boy was going after Gary Gensler he's call of gear against me saying this is your fault because you had an opportunity to bring about commonsense regulation and you kept pushing it down the road in ignoring it and did they do it on purpose is this all a part of a government conspiracy to make crypto look horrible so that they can step in and over regulate and N. B. ttre radical with C. B. D. sees that can then control our lives the case could be made that that that's exactly what took place

and I'm actually if you look at and go down the rabbit hole and you see how closely tied the government entities were Jerry cans learn how he's connected to you know both both Sam Bateman freed and and Caroline Allison and how there's just this weird stuff going on and then all the money that was going to Ukraine I was filtering through F. T. acts it was going not only to Democrats who was also going on right now is like Mitch McConnell C. M. and Kevin McCarthy so you can actually see who are the powers on both sides of the fence that are actually working together acting like you know separate in different you can totally tell like the same people as rhinos that went to war war on terrorism bush and Cheney those guys those are those are the same people who were working with Obama same people who are on the left side there's really a you know party and they were together but they act like they're different so we can feel that they were different but realistically probably seventy plus percent of Congress is part of those I'm not a part of those the consortium now that I'm thirty the you know the the make America great America first sort of you know politicians does not those are growing in numbers and you can see how you know if your truck fan or not so relevant what is relevant is that trump basically said you know both for these people and I love them it was like two hundred eighty some odd people that he recommended Diana my twenty two data so we have a ninety three percent approval rate of what he said he recommended candidates and their their work so the weather ousting those rhinos I think rhinos are just as bad as those extreme leftist yes stream on both sides but you think they're working on one side but they're not they're actually pretty treasonous when when it all comes down to the market

all right it's going to be pretty painful to watch just continued to do exactly what it's doing right now all right let's get back to Twitter so this is a tweet from an F. T. god who says Ilan is working on a crypto wall for Twitter and then he breaks down why he thinks that is CZ has invested five hundred million dollars he says the writing is on the wall krypton entities are coming to Twitter in a big way all three hundred fifty million users will be in the web three co system in two years and if you're reading this year earlier than you can imagine I don't disagree with any of that I think that the spot on and I think my prediction is it's going to be doge coin before bitcoin

so maybe that ties in with you know if that's the case does by itself can't be built that's wise platforms like those chain of popped up those changes taking a huge dog right now and that but if they're developing stuff and Twitter is going to be a part of that it will be interesting to see because those doesn't have its own smart contracts platform whereas does change allows for some of that so that's why I've been kind of bullish on some of that stuff and it's it's still here it's like we don't know what is what are going to look like with with native energies and am I like this we can send out some does like we're getting closer we're getting closer to where where it's heading the adoption still looks like it's moving forward even though right now the price points are going down I think I just kind of the nature of the beast right now we're in the dark dark depths of winter maybe to get even darker before it gets light but historically it's always become light as soon as people become so definitely get my field of deaths of despair with Clint down they start lighting giving out their crypto starts to rely mostly that should happen sometime next year it's gonna start shaking up

here's the poll that you line posted reinstate former president trump yesterday I have some analysis on this and I think it it's very important that we analyze what happened here because it it tells us a lot about how what what's real and what's not so when anyone tweet something if you're on Twitter you're watching it you're paying attention you see it right now he is the center of the social media universe Zuckerberg is off somewhere in another galaxy nobody cares about him you line has made Twitter a lightning rod and he post should be reinstituted reinstate for president trump will several million votes were in and it was sixty percent yes forty percent no doubt look how it ended up fifty one point eight percent yes forty eight point two percent no why do you think that is Trav why do you think there is a huge disparity in the first few million votes versus how the poll ended up

well to me it would make sense that here are the people whose first inclination I saw it okay I would say now you know more probably right leaning people are maybe actively seeing this this polls first and then somebody already started to waffle through where people would hear what was going on I would know where to go or just you know that calm and then so they started getting upset and then they probably started to unleash the bot farms because they were millions of votes down so the bot farms got unleashed to me this as soon as I saw the whole my first thought was okay so this is going to be a bot this is going to self identify the bot farms right and I mean you look it's almost like wow how many of those are probably bots I would say probably about five million of those votes will probably

it would you say that those bots lean towards the no

trace gas almost always seemed to lean to the left from what I see


for my own reasons

what what that tells me a couple things first of all he is way more popular that was my camera fuzzy now focus camera he is way more popular than the loud noise makers on the left would have you believe and I am going to stand right here and call myself an election denier I I still think that they cheated their **** off in twenty twenty and ballot harvested dead people voted some people voted twice there was a legal activity and that the election was stolen I thin that's why they're so scared of him that's why they're terrified of him their livelihoods are on the line if he calls out big government and the the broken world financial system there's a lot of people they're gonna be really upset and so what do they care if he runs again if they don't think he has a chance they're scared they do think he has a chance and so they have to silence him that's why their heads are exploding

well certainly if you saw you know what happened last time with the with the with the election campaign for the first time two thousand sixteen right when the Donald right it was so big it just took off and I got so big and so important then they started realizing with Alex Jones thing that they can start you know kicking people off of social media so the cake Alex Jones often then Milo Yiannopoulos was was too dangerous for them and so they had to kick him off and then they just started anybody just turned and anybody who they just light it turned into that I will always remember about January six is that

you know

January sixth all of the states had a chance to state their mind and and just just saying they felt that their vote should not be validated or not so they were having this moment and there was the swing voters get ready to come out and at that precise moment the capitol police seem to open up the doors you know the capitals all these people started coming in and then they called no no

that that didn't happen that note that video was not on CNN or MSNBC or C. B. S. cabin show that video that didn't happen that's right now

regardless regardless it was the same as always a violent thing well only one of the protesters died some random cop shot somebody who was inside there that's the only person who died and they were there to fight for freedom and they were there to fight for you know truth in these ballots but whatever Congress was actually gonna talk about them that's when the quote unquote January sixth yeah you know inception happened when they were having their that the insurrection really it was a lot of inception to that that you really got to dive into the number two person in charge of proud boys wasn't happy I. informants they had many claims of clothes informants out there in the crowd and chief I was dressed up like trump supporters so you have all these people sort of Riley stuff up and then now it's a talking point that just look normal they are well you don't even understand what actually went on to win paying attention to the whole thing and so you know that's it so they're scared about J. six one as soon as he came in the future and what happened I'm gonna call you crazy and I'm going to withhold any sort of money to Ukraine until we can figure out what corruption is going on in Ukraine we're going to use you for asking about Ukraine

or money we need more than

a hundred million dollars Jolie but no one is gonna look into that because that money then somehow through like F. T. axes are some of these other channels goes to them they they wandered out and distributed out to the you know the representatives and senators if they want to have that money and so it's all in return you see big money from America being voted on or sent to another country you always have to assume that that's going to find its way back to those politicians foundations that's what used to happen now they're making it even more blatant where they're taking it directly in sending millions of dollars these corporations are sending politicians millions of dollars that should be totally illegal to do so now if the Supreme Court had done their job with system was on the line citizen USA citizen United citizens United where you can say that corporations can be people so they can be voting are they can't be giving lots of money there really isn't there really shouldn't be on tenor amounts of money that you can give politicians from them two years and then up so some longer that money there's a lot of bullshit that goes on in the upper echelons of politics and it's the brand like a mafia shoulders or very little that we can really do with it especially when people stand up and then they say you're part of an insurrection and they still have those people in jail two years later reminisce unbelievable unbelievable

you know it what is what Twitter has revealed is the emotional level that the the the fragility that people have you have even a rock and roll superstar Trent Reznor okay of of Nine Inch Nails leaving Twitter because he can't handle that trump is back and so you lines actually calling about turns out that Trent nine instills Reznor is actually a cry baby I mean whatever else you think of of your lot Moscow I mean I'm not worshipping the man I do think that based on what he's done and what he says he's going to do he we are we have a living legend right now that future generations are gonna look back and they will idealize idolize him for what he accomplishes we get him right now he's an amazing troll he reminds me Travis of the picture of Albert Einstein were Einstein is joking around the sticking out his tongue like the like that like at that moment people who knew him can appreciate all else just being silly but we idolize Einstein and we look back at that picture and then I'll look you just be in real the line is just being real and people who are so fragile that they leave it's one thing to threaten to leave and tons of new that or they're going to move to Canada right it's another to be an actual cry baby and leave because you can't handle somebody whose opinion differs from yours

and that's what Trent Reznor St right hand side even without trouble is saying or even you I just find that it's become such a toxic environment for my mental health I need to tune out I don't feel good being there anymore because you must be a whiny leftists like house Trent Reznor you know this welcome guy who people look up to his music it will just speak to them and why wow he has such a day T. wall flowers that he can't handle

this is a role he's

never seen is just fine Hey let's show from the machine right it's almost like there's no range laughed because it's like they never fully identify who the machine was and they can't tell that they're now on the team machine and there aren't any machinery don't even realize it and they think that they're still rebelling against the machine how can somebody who's been an outsider politics for all this time to be the one who's because all the problems in politics it's it's it's implausible and impossible that down could even be the case now I'm not even a problem not hunger because I talk to friends I go you know he was out there promoting the vaccine I don't like that I think he could be controlled opposition meant to sort of divide people in a way that's not been divided before and then just kind of make the right complacent so that nothing actually happens and what I've seen is no small got arrested nobody has been doing bad mafia should anything bad happen to any of them so I don't know that he's good now I also don't think Ryan this interest is good because Rhonda Sanders went to Yale same place in school and bones bush's went the bushes are funding the Santos and then when you say using the media talking about how great the Santos is the central should be the one that the Republicans choose the samples to Santos and I go wait a second Ron DeSantis all right and I think his first name is now Ronda Ronda centers and because he died of

she helped me realize that this

on the sixth yeah it sounds like I'm not convinced anybody is sitting here on inside guys so when you are on your opinion well that's okay I'm asking a question I'm trying to figure things out because it's so foggy the fall of war is a real thing and if you don't believe that in some ways we are in World War three it is an informational war shows even told us this is an informational war

free Alex Jones I'm like free speech is free speech and in line is holding back on him because he's dangerous words are not violence people speech is not violence you are either a proponent of free speech or you are not and if you are not then guess what it some time your speech will be controlled and you're not going to be real happy about it I'm with you on trump I'm like mate you know maybe it's time to stand down I was thrilled when he announced he was running again I think the census is a better candidate but this is stupid right here he says stupid stuff and he does stupid stuff he has basically said he has no interest in returning to Twitter okay so truth social social has a few million people you're preaching to the choir why would you not be worth three hundred and twenty five million people are if you're running for president he


be back he will be I know I

see here's the deal it's like it's not so much that it's Twitter it's a platform that you have eighty million users all


that's what it is you'll be back Hey

this is

the simple thing you and I talked about right when we heard about it we're thinking about you know you are let him back on yes I do we do not intrude social first and then two hours later posted on Twitter you know with the lead back to your to your true social you'll be able to use it to drive people to your platform yeah that's what you want but if you got eighty five eighty eight million people that follow you already that's a pretty big **** audience that's more votes than buying guide in two thousand and twenty twenty no

no no

that's not any one million eighty one million he believes government tells me because anything otherwise is I might be a terrorist

now listen here you know that very well that he caused an insurrection and that somebody died because of him Hey news flash for those of you who still believe that here's some more baby food Fauria I opened little thing a Gerber right from the beginning and then just not not look down because


really keep believe what you're gonna believe the evidence is strictly to the contrary did not happen


we need to

we can do is you want your money until you want to do or not to do what I'm gonna say this is that there has been evidence that trump has asked for National Guard assistance for that January sixth because you could get out of hand


man see and the capitol police told him no because why well then they're gonna put all these FBI agents out in the crowd disorder riling people up in antifa that's acting like you're some supporters and then the ship goes down and then what are they immediately do they build a wall around Washington DC and then they they supplied with National Guard that role in garages and just let him sleep on the floor there's no accommodations former anything and it's just a really weird thing and basically in the still of the night you know they stole the election and then they basically had the whole inauguration behind closed gates

are your election deny your and you need to be put on psychiatric medicine while

they Democrats do that every time they lose historically the Democrats are crying about how it was a fake election but now all of a sudden when it was a fake election with these Malim drop drop balance and and just go drive here and harvest a bunch of votes by that we shouldn't question that but any time before that we should always question it and they should be back

in we will question stuff here and whether you think we're conspiracy theorists or not we don't care we're gonna pursue truth we're gonna look at the facts and if if there's data if there's facts that arise that that trump is a pet a file hell we're going to call it out so far there's been nothing like that let's send this on the on an up note here baby Al Capone agrees to a settlement the guy's name is Ellis Penske and I'm gonna make this a little bigger so we can see this is a twenty year old crypto hacker and this is the guy who Sam swapped Michael Turpin a friend of the show via his eighteen T. mobile phone he took twenty four million dollars in crypto from turban and they found out who the guy was he's already paid back two million and now he's been he's agreed to pay back the full twenty two million according to this New York court so he was fifteen at the time this happened fifteen years old was a tenth grader in suburban New York at the time of the hack and Turpin wins way to go Michael


lets you get your your crypto back

yeah it's probably not twenty two million worth now but I mean good luck again what you can't get back I mean there's some there's some vindication that happen right there I bet

so we got a lot of great interviews coming up one of our most popular gas from two thousand nineteen was G. Edward Griffin who wrote the creature from Jekyll island all about the federal reserve he's agreed to come back on the show to what to discuss all the latest goings on in the government and the World Economic Forum and everything that's happening with the fed you're not gonna wanna miss that we recently interviewed the author of the the the biography of running with John McAfee and that shows coming out soon we've got a bunch of other great stuff coming up as well you don't want to miss it and you don't want to miss the N. F. T. drops that are free to members of the bad crypto nifty club is the bad crypto nifty club free well no it's about two dollars and twenty cents right now to get this N. F. T. at bad crypto dot uncaught dot F. M. if you have this bad **** lookin Spinney N. F. T.

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you said I thought you said you have to be wearing cut offs all right so everyone shorts no they don't have your entire life

okay don't need pictures of that in the end the episode that's coming out next is our interview with Brendan Eich of brave and there's gonna be an N. F. T. associated with that so go get your bad crypto nifty club N. F. T. four point zero zero two Rapti that's about two dollars and twenty cents right now and you're gonna get free drops bad crypto dot uncut dot FM is the place to get a a new draft that's that's our news which turned out to be extra long with extra ranting because work is going to be who we are and we're gonna question stuff and you know you are our audience our tribe finds us that's the way I look at it

if you're not there you find us they do I appreciate that you guys would soon listen and be a part of this family

yeah growing out of here lots of more content coming your way thanks so much for tuning in will catch on the next episode and then

of course

stay bad

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