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November 17, 2022

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While the world is focused on the FTX debacle, there are many things happening in the broader economic, political and cultural marketplaces. How can we assimilate all the happenings to determine how to best position ourselves for success?

Today we welcome Kristina Bruhahn of to the show to make sense of it all. Known to many in the industry as “datapoints”, Kristina makes a compelling case for where things are headed, and ties it all together with a shocking Bitcoin price prediction.

You don’t have to be a pointyhead to enjoy data. But you do have to be bad to listen to episode #650 of The Bad Crypto Podcast.



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while the world is focused on the F. T. X. the Bakul there's many things happening in the broader economic political and cultural market places how can we assimilate all of these happenings to determine how to best position ourselves and our families for success today we welcome Christina brouhaha and of continuing dot market to the show to make sense of it all known to many in the industry as data points Christina makes a compelling case for where things are headed in ties it all together with a shocking bitcoin price prediction you don't have to be a pointy hat to enjoy data but you do have to be bad to listen to this episode number six hundred and fifty of the bad crypto podcast our Hey guess what it's the bad crypto podcast I'm Joel comm that's Travis right who are you what's your name speaks slowly so we can understand you yeah are you a little bit louder now be a little now the morning show it now we're bad how are you it's a good day because we've got data points coming out of our ears so many data points how are data points and muscle just jump right on and how it's a pretty it's a decent length interviews so yes you guys are gonna be fascinated by this I guarantee that you'll be fast that you're gonna be so fascinated nobody's ever been as fascinated as you're going to be by this interview that we did with Christine Burhan of continue M. dot market and we'll talk about what we talked about on the other side of talking about it as we try to prognosticating predict what is next for the crypto world there's a lot of different places we can look we're not just looking at the crypto space and what's happening with F. T. acts or block five we're not just looking at the stock market we're not just looking at what's happening in politics and current events we're not just looking at social summit we need to look at all of that and fortunately today we have the CEO and founder of continuum dot market she's a friend of the show Christina brew Han some call her data points because she looks at all of these data points and feels like she's got a pretty good grasp on what her crystal ball is saying Christina welcome to the show it's been a while

well thanks John Travis it's great to be back

so let's some let's let's start with some credibility here because people are going to want to know why are you qualified and how are you qualified to gather and interpret extrapolate results from the data points

certainly so not to brag but I have a fifteen year data background and fortune five hundred I discover blockchain a little over five years ago and jump right into the deep end with Wall Street analytics attempting to use time series forecasting to predict the price of bitcoin long story short you can't the regime changes every two months and it's tied to bigger global macro factors like political regimes by country adoptions geo locations a big factor and it really has a lot to do with sentiment so at continuum we see the price of these coins almost secondary to the actual metrics of their adoption and their adoption comes primarily from credibility trust and actually onboarding new users obtaining testimonials and in general having a positive contribution to the blockchain economy I do look at a lot of data points and all of those data points matter which means every brand at that continuance is a unique snowflake that needs different things at different times and that's what we're building our infrastructure is to support the evolution over the next decade as we approach global cross border payment infrastructure and multiple countries understanding what that means to their tax code

you know if you don't mind a hot potato I would consider a logo for a T. shirt or hat that says DPM data points matter

I I would be okay with that I I definitely have some swag campaigns I'm just here for the data points is one of my favorite nerd out also deter nerd all of those are applicable and I'm very proud that the industry has nicknamed me data points as you know over a year ago when I had my market analysis podcast are


I said data points so often they used to drinking game with that and I said please don't play this drinking game you'll have liver disease and five minutes

while you're driving


it is good now so **** you have all these data points what is the actionable side of things all right because you're out there pulling all these interesting information about certain brands what are people doing what they once they get

so the biggest thing right now is we are a we're a database for the blockchain industry from the blockchain industry so the biggest component of that is actually warm introductions partnerships things that actually help the brand move forward in their milestones so it's not just about assessing impaired twenty twenty three landscaper even there twenty twenty four landscape it's about unblocking those things and helping them move faster all the way to being able to have the red carpet all the way to Capitol Hill in order to have government relations to defend your blockchain use case

is is we're looking at the website I went to brand pages this is on a continuum dot marketing they'll be links in the show notes and you could see that some of these dossiers and brands that that you're working with answered the coins that you're covering let's just jump right to the question that I think a lot of people are gonna want answered and that is in this political environment with centralized exchanges being scandalized elections being questionable at the very least the inflation being at you know crazy highs the housing market on the precipice you take all these data points together and what does it mean to the future of the global economy the U. S. economy the crypto markets big point go ahead and just let loose on what do you think Anna and I'm assuming you're not a financial adviser so this is just what you see

this is not trading advice this is me reading the landscape and this is pretty much what I've gotten fifty unsolicited calls this week asking me what do you think is gonna happen

so it is fifty one

I'm okay with that

the list of the call we're like Hey let

so that's what I'm here for is actually teach you that with that's the origin of continuum I knew that my cousins were never going to do the five years of research to understand the nuances between these brands and why they're unique snowflake so let's start four years ago so with my analysis in two time series forecasting we found out that you know from a mathematical standpoint quantitative easing was unsustainable and not meant that we were leading towards an inevitable recession now they've kicked the can down the road quite a bit on that even with some of the covert things imprinting ten trillion dollars helps kind of stave off that global recession that was already mathematically going to happen and you can go back the last four years my content and see me kind of calling the landscape on not where we're at right now is they've run out of road to kick the can down the road anymore and he already before two weeks ago before the F. T. X. the asco we were already predicting that January was going to establish some pretty clear statements from Capitol Hill in regulations in that they were going to be looking at the crypto industry and saying we need to address stable coins we don't want our circling Coinbase's U. S. D. C. to be in charge of that we want to do our own internal CDCs there needs to be a structure around that and by the way you can't trust these mom and pop watching brands because they're not gonna protect your data they're not gonna protect your funds instead you should you should put your trust in these banking blockchain solutions like JP Morgan and bank of America which is the opposite of what we want to see happen in the web three space our web three space started to get away from centralized authorities like that and really any blockchain brand is interrupting a middle man a condom me in those middle man economies are tied to things that have existed for hundreds if not thousands of years and those middle man economies are not going to die slowly there's going to be a lot of pushback so seen that landscape I knew that the blockchain


we're going to need really an army to rally around them and be able to defend our that they are in fact impacting people in a good way they are in fact a good thing for U. S. consumers and that has to be proven out on a case by case basis so part of what we're doing and continue on besides the intake process and standardizing the narrative of all of these brands is tracking their growth over the next two years we're looking at sales daily active users assets under management community metrics all of those things that these brands are now posting on Twitter over being so transparent look at our assets look at our holdings we've been asking for that it continue on for over two years now so it's a good time for us to kind of self organizes a blockchain industry because we're gonna need the entire community coming together to push back on some of these legal cartels anti illegal cartels that make the money of the world go round that's called the global economic engine any time you're impacting the global economic engine watch out there bigger teeth than we do we're gonna have to prove it through data and we're gonna have to prove it through adoption and going to prove it through testimonials that's what we're trying to create a continuum is a place for all of that to live so my cousins can go to one website and say what is it why should I care what is it do you how do I make money with that

some fascinating for sure I want I don't even know if you know about this but I'm gonna bring it up because I think it's just it's insane to me so this company called token soft that's based in California I don't even know about them but basically what they've done into this data that I've got it pulled up they created a list of five thousand there K. Y. C. clients and they literally published the KYC details on the blockchain and not very close our full names or wallet addresses the real home addresses that to me is the worst kind of use case something you know like even with your past offers your customers you don't know all you know scorched


on people right so I don't really have any question around that other than what the hell's going on

well I'll double down on that and tell you more of that might happen so that's actually one of the concerns with the FCC excuse me the F. T. acts on bankruptcy lawsuit is that that data might be revealed and herein let three we have a massive interest in protecting privacy and being able to have a shield up if we want we're very open to doing KYC AML and that should be something that lives in our digital identity and we carry with us in a wallet that is safe for them metamask I have some solutions for you guys so if we're if we're looking all the way forward a decade in the future what the Jetsons future means as all this technology converges you're looking at being able to be verified on blockchain you're looking for those data packets to be able to be passed back and forth between the systems and you're looking at inter operability and just on a completely new level that we've never seen before in human history so we need to be aware that everything has not changed and it changed thirteen years ago in Sochi released the white paper but my cousins and politicians especially I still have a very difficult time grasping what that means and if you look at it from a scientific level which is where I come from my ultimate stakeholder is Neil degrasse Tyson I want him to come in and poke it with a sharp stick and bring all the data scientists and but if you look at historically from a scientific level invasive species usually decimate native species and these native species have a lot of things to fight back with the a lot of tools at their disposal so don't think that they're going to go down easy it's going to take a collective narrative not just from the U. S. but from a global position in the biggest data point that can help that is GDP increases right so if you're in Nigeria and all of a sudden your constituents are able to earn more money than they've ever seen in their life that literally changes the landscape of your economics within your country the US knows this and they also know that they govern with the global economic engine with the U. S. dollar so they have to be very very careful and they're going slow that doesn't mean that you can't be domiciled and still have to instill touch US consumers any brand that has even one U. S. consumer you're under the purview of US regulations he better be prepared about what that means

it it tweaks me when we reference the Jetsons I grew up watching the Jetsons we're promised flying cars and robots and what we get tick tock dances and gender confusion I just I'm like why aren't we there come I

I should have this memories but I believe that George Jetson is born next year I mean I believe he is born next year and that's where we should be and this is in the

cards yet right this is he's a lot and we still have a few years to these fine cars you hadn't

you got patent issues around the big tech companies that are sitting on patents that don't want this game changing tech to come out you've got blockchain innovators that are doing things because the ones and zeros can

do them

not even knowing that they're getting close to things that are regulated and have impressed you know happy or rule based system around that so a lot of this is education and to your point I want the flying cars I want smart cities I know it can all be done with data you know we've got Sophia the robot an eco system as a speaker along with a hundred and forty other blockchain brands so that the world can start to understand this bleeding edge technology that these brands can collaborate and not have to build it all themselves there's a lot of moving parts

in bringing about this next future Soviet pisses me off too I'm like a whole other thing that is a whole other thing okay

but remotes to Sophia let's be real about that no that's an important data point to understand

yeah I saw it was just a real quick Sir George Jetson he was born in July of twenty twenty two that's when he was born and he was like in the in this forties James was actually thirty three years old on the show and then their kid was actually like eighteen or some so there's some weird math doesn't work on this whole thing or George Jensen was okay that's a whole other conspirators the math I was like wait a second so just thought I'd throw that out there

the data points I'm

all right I want to know what it means though here we are in the middle of this collapse centralized exchanges massive scandal that arguably ties back to a single political party maybe balls but definitely hedges towards another and the corruption goes all the way it appears to the top of the globalists and the World Economic Forum what does this mean for crypto all of a sudden the news comes out today that twelve banks are going to be test piloting central bank digital currency digital dollar over the next twelve weeks I mean are we this close to becoming enslaved by the the the government's you know it's freedom about to be tossed away

okay that's a lot to unpack Mister John Paquette

lazily okay yep yep

let me

answer right now let me

let me try and create some buckets there so first you've got the F. T. are you gonna make a list about yes I'm I am I always make a data pointless all right so you've got the F. T. X. scandal which has to do with leverage and propping up things that should have been allowed to fail that was over leveraged by a bunch of other trading institutional folks I don't want to say their names but they're all over Twitter making announcements this week about yes we were impacted we have to pause withdrawals that's going to create a domino effect and so this is actually very similar to Lehman Brothers where they called in the loans and then the whole everything collapsed because it was being propped up and we didn't actually have the real meat and potatoes behind so that's what's going on with the F. T. acts the interesting thing as the exchanges are kind of doing a war zone right now is that I ain't no too much and I'm under NDA for too many brands so I'm aware of the exchange of the other centralized exchange


that are in the exact same boat a lot of the community is now calling for decentralized exchanges but even decentralized exchanges are going to need some level of regulation in order to play in the nasdaq nice C. type of U. S. ecosystem so that's one thing that's F. T. X. that's going to be a domino that continues through the end of the year to topple things over and that domino toppling things over I would argue is probably the worst thing that's ever happened in the industry for every rug cold it's ever happened for every bad thing that's ever happened for every scam artists for all the people that are not allowed at continuum this one is probably the worst because he was perceived as the golden boy of regulation and he was in talks with the SEC which means how did the SEC not see this and also there is now this and stickiness around were they using F. T. acts to move funds from Ukraine back to Democrats and was this the money laundering situation did they Democrats ask for this well my research it continue before two weeks ago and I've said this many many many many podcasts is that the in January twenty twenty three they were going to have regular that was anti crypto anyway obviously the SEC is the biggest proponent of like no you guys can't do that your security until proven otherwise they were already going to do that and I used to joke and I joked on camera that you know ha ha it will see a rebalancing November volatility which is normal and December kind of closing out the end of your which is normal you'd see a price dip in December and then hahaha wouldn't it be funny if the US government was like crypto actually triggered the entire global recession and and I'm like how absurd would that be and now I'm looking at this play out going oh god my conspiracy theorist friends might actually be correct and I don't know but its it lines up a little too effectively except for the fact that Sam Bateman freed is no nuclear toxic and I don't know if he would trade the rest of his life and doing what he loves it when his brain is trained to do for these billions of dollars I don't know Joel would you stop working for billions of dollars I don't know logically from a psychological perspective I could argue both sides of that leaning towards a yes billions of dollars I

I would personally I would never want to be a billionaire I had that is that's too much money for somebody to have and I don't want to target on my back it's just it's it's crazy if you're you know you're a millionaire

all right

even if you had to happen all at once I'm a billionaire well I'm not gonna let anybody know yeah no there's filings as public records people would now like they know who's got the money and it's public in a like I how how quickly can I give you a bunch of this away because we are I don't want some

senior once more publicity we want more transparency of things like that we will actually be there holding

transparency what's in your vault if your exchange you need to have a proof of that well how are you doing that leave it this one proof of transparency pot that's hot I think we only have

at continuum we call it transparency as a service and a lot of that has to do with collecting the data directly from the brand we're not showing the brand we're literally letting them tell their story I'm under NDA for everyone of these brands I know too much and I know too much in order to help them connect the dots on the back end or remediate issues that might be challenging for them and really help them go faster but the transparency part is what my cousins are missing is what the politicians are missing and keep in mind that continuum we have four major quadrants that kind of covers everything you got main street you got blockchain street my people right CTO's ones and zeros rule the world you got Wall Street how the global economic engine response to it and then you've got capital health and unfortunately all roads in this industry lead to Capitol Hill we have got to unify and self organized and what we're going to be presenting as good versus bad two US legislation this is a call to arms to the entire blockchain industry call me you can reach me at kick Christina at continuum dot market on social act continue on three thousand we have a red carpet ready to the politicians that want to have these conversations and all U. S. citizens are welcome to be part of this I have a vision in the next decade blockchain voting of being able to have insight into bills and things that are on the floor and actually hold your elected officials accountable you're not just voting them out every two years you're actually working with them to understand what is the landscape the education that is needed in America is ridiculous and that needs to extend up to a global footprint as well we're talking blockchain arching literacy data literacy own your data and why you should be mad that they're making trillions of dollars off of your data right now they're not going to want to get that you've also got financial literacy which is not taught in schools and if you want to understand the deep by game you need to be pretty literate and financial concepts and we say all the time that crypto is Wall Street on crack they're not doing anything that Wall Street isn't already doing and how much are they being how much is Wall Street being held accountable for this kind of stuff how many times is bank of America been him embroiled any you know embezzlement scam you know for multiple states the these are things on a level that they almost feel untouchable and we as constituents need to push back that no you're not untouchable and yes there is transparency we can hold you accountable

so cute they're not held accountable nobody here capitol hill is held accountable because it's almost like you're part of the game if you're part of the gang you're you're not gonna get in trouble if you're not part of the game well then the justice hammer will come down on you so I just read I read this earlier today on bitcoin magazine that global banking giants are starting a twelve week CB DC our pilot with the Federal Reserve Bank in New York starting immediately so then what we know what we think we know about FTS and we we can see it because we've seen some of these records where you know you missed McConnell got two point five million dollars from you know


F. T. acts rice was like giving much money do you crave money goes in there too yeah yes builders attorneys politicians so course I don't want to count ability of course they want a central bank digital currency and they want to say crypto caused this crash because they're **** right

right I I think you're paraphrasing is aid expected narrative by January twenty twenty three not to do things to unpack their number one you've got be the the politicians essential number one you got the CBC's now banks have been publicly denounce seen anything blockchain related for five years meanwhile quietly working on their blockchain protocols and their CV


on that politicians side for five years they've been publicly denouncing blockchain meanwhile we know the office of management and budget has been exploring what blockchain we know that the financial infrastructure we know that the state level and the federal level has been exploring what blockchain and we also know that beet red administration under trump was desperately trying to be able to announce the CVT season the banking infrastructure as the same as they were trying to take credit for the cannabis are released so this crypto cannabis bags of cash infrastructure actually goes hand in hand and it is not a very popular opinion on Capitol Hill to change the status quo right that's going to mess with how they make money that's going to mess with how they know how to you know glad hand and and and trade with the colts jets and so if you guys think of Capitol Hill what we see on TV is very much like a play on a stage performance right what happens behind the scenes is incredibly different and they don't want to let go of the status quo now there are a few small number of politicians that are ready to work with us and absorb everything on the blockchain industry has to offer but that's a very small percentage of the actual elected officials in Washington DC

so there is an answer that I'm hoping you can give me I kind of asked it but I didn't ask it completely if all of this plays out like you are saying you're you believe it well what does this mean to the overall economy like is the stock market are we going to see a crash here pretty soon and have we seen the bottom for bitcoin and if not where do you think it is

okay not trading advice this is not trading advice we've been predicting a global economic recession for over four years now I don't see


we have also predicted for six months on record we have been saying they're going to wait until after the mid terms and they're going to let the fed rates impact start truly hitting in Q. one and Q. two of twenty twenty three this means consumer price index that has been high for absolutely no reason I need to reset this means the real estate market which has been high for absolutely no reason this means that the consumer credit crunch and the institutional credit crunch are all going to kind of rear their ugly heads in Q. one and hopefully by Q. two some things are leveling now but when you look at a bear market it generally takes two hundred and seventy days to kind of get through it and sometimes it now the wizards that I work with the mathematicians and the technical analyst that I work with their predicted that this recession will be a global recession worse than two thousand eight and that it will reset the value of the dollar now if the dollar is getting reset every thing is getting reset I mean this means price of meat agriculture energy precious metals all the things that make the world go round is going to get reset based on supply and demand and unfortunately those supply and demand gate keepers have been in power for a very long time doing some very not mathematically backs things with those ecosystems so one of the biggest things that blockchain does to interrupt that is provide the clarity on the supply chain and so if you're applying blockchain technology it starts to erode at some of that money shell game that be gatekeepers have been able to do up until now so I would expect from January twenty twenty three across the next eighteen months to mid twenty twenty four this is going to be an insanely tumultuous time in the markets that we have never before experienced it will come out in the wash around GDP but there's so many countries that have had taken bad loans that they may also end up going bankrupt not to mention the next various things that you got from both China and the US going into other countries and buying up things like energy and precious metals and research so anything that's considered a commodity is going to get reset the US dollar is going to get reset that means that bitcoin will not be seen as a store of value you could absolutely see it go below ten K. and we have called the bottom for over a year now when the recession actually hits it could go as low as three and a half maybe even lower this is about value you and where people start buying again when it gets so low when there's blood in the streets the people go all by that that's where you start to see this the tides change but that won't happen until the massive slide happens

yeah I just I want to pull the the the sweet I just spotted right here just just broke New York fed says household debt increased by two point two percent in quarter three to sixteen and a half trillion a fifteen percent increase the largest increase in credit card balances in over twenty years this seems to just dove tail right out what you're saying

I am not at all surprised by that that's real data points those are the data points I don't have memorized but that's where our instinct goes is that BTC is not going to be seen as an alternative store of value during this recession it's going to go down the drain along with everything else and when the H. human species to science this thing is

a value

then they'll start buying it and that starts bringing it back up to wherever the price point is going to settle I do believe it will be twenty twenty five until we see another sixty K. all time high at that point

so may I ask you this you know so one of the things that that you know when I talk about over the years was how great will it be when a lot of these corporations are doing security tokens right instead of instead of you know having stocks which are manipulated right the stock market we you know and then so so what about security tokens because I'm looking at the total market cap it's like SCO market dot com you can go and look it's like fourteen million dollars is the total S. T. O. market cap which seems really low to me because there's a lot of really big companies how long until we see the proliferation of security tokens

I think first you're gonna see the proliferation of utility tokens I think that what's happening right now with fortune five hundred brands what I call the household brands on Deezer brands like Eminem I pick on them all the time John at ten minutes they're doing things in the metaverse and with an F. two years with her work on it means with discounts with loyalty programs things like that that can all be handled with the utility token and so the adoption of a utility token as a data packet to say yes this thing happened and now we can go ahead and give them a report I think that step one step two what you're talking technically step three because step two would be a hybrid of saying we should have security token but the security token is what you're talking about where basically anything to do with profit sharing is going to fall into the realm of security token doesn't matter if you're using and if he's for it doesn't matter what background or get a house profit in it if you're sharing profit you're probably a security so that being said now you're getting into some new structure in new legislation and this is why we actually have an advocacy and lobbying arm it continued is because things like employee stock options programs will now be a revenue share or you know potential fortune five hundred brands what you're talking about Travis is kind of releasing the cracking right like you're you're opening the flood gates at that point if we don't if we don't harm safe lanes of commerce and establish tax code even the fortune five hundred brands will get hit on the wrist for doing things like that and so there's this counter movement in Capitol Hill to be ready to support the black rocks in the G. P. Morgan's and the you know Halliburton's and B. Eminem brands and Nestle

hi all the crappy companies I'm telling you need

to understand that the rules that apply to a good company also applied to the back company you need to understand tech team and intentions you need to understand the various actors need to understand what do you think that brand is going to do with that kind of power to Joe's point earlier he said if we get CBTC is are we all just under surveillance at that point yes yes that's exactly what are you are you going to tell you

yeah you're done what what happens when they don't like what Joel said they don't want which represents you don't count anymore

that's a different thing so actually it to move beyond any weird rabbit holes so the media and entertainment companies own the right to contact the on his likeness all of global Basel pot so they've actually started and I've heard this through the grapevine will need the brands to comment on it this is not trading advice they've started to digitize artists and take ten percent of Connie and ten percent of Nipsey Hussle and ten percent of this and tempers and of that and put together an eight character that's never going to flub up on Twitter right that is a bigger sense of investment and revenue model for them that they get to outright own then dealing with a human that could potentially go off the rails so now you're into a I am bleeding edge technology that has a blockchain back end but we're really just dealing with the fact that these are all really hard concept for my cousins to understanding for the politicians to understand but they're already here and are you going to punish you know Atlantic Records verses Halliburton right though all of this kind of falls in the same category of legislation and it's very very murky waters

so what you've got yeah we've

done we can

you got confused cousins because that's what that's what I'm going to stay focused you know we appreciate you coming on today the website to continue M. dot market you can sign up for route for Christina's email newsletter over there and find out how to get involved with your brand your crypto or your politician whatever if you want to be a part of a positive movement or meter in Miami you're gonna be at art Basil yeah

we sure are we're doing a V. V. I. P. events with Miami fonts and blue at art Basel on Friday the second you can get eight hundred dollars off the ticket price using code continue on eight hundred so definitely take advantage of that we have not only the blockchain brands and some of my favorite humans coming in but also some very big venture capital acid at capital management so we've got a couple folks one person alone manages two billion so I'd imagine we have about five billion assets under management at that party not to mention celebrities like Barron Davis who I was just at his house singing some Adele over some of his beats he was laying down I was super fun everyone in that web three is welcome to join continue you just have to be transparent about what you're doing and allow us to track your journey for two years if you're here to build a web three world we want to help you and we want to prove that you're actually safe for U. S. consumers

very nice and out and we are pleased to also partner with you and that one's going talk a little bit about what that means for bad crypto the nifty show the nifty checks Travis right Joel comm this universe

oh I'm so excited about that so this is really how continuum interacts with the world we've got all these blockchain prints right but they want more exposure and Travis and shoulder also speakers at continuum so we want to track where they're going to be and so that you guys can find them and get in contact with them it's really a community of access to the best blockchain thought leaders and these blockchain brands they want to be on shows like the back bad crypto podcast they want to be on the nifty podcast nifty checks we have about four hundred podcast but you guys have the metrics that show quantifiable impact when the brands are actually participating that's what we want to show we want to show a continuum that they might have had a community of two thousand and then they went on bad crypto and now they have a community of ten thousand want to show those event triggers from a data science perspective and give you guys the credit for everything amazing that you're doing to impact the industry from not only events in media but also deal flow the adviser ships you guys are doing B. conversations you guys have offline you guys are chock full of data points we want them all to be available it continue

that was just that that was lunch I'm chock full of you you just like Thomasina dole beat us because you're blinded me with science girl

that's what I do data points

thank you so much I really appreciate it and go to continue dot market to hear more data points

thanks guys I'll see you in either Miami or Porter Rico we're going to be with my turbans coinage and a Caribbean so much love to buy crypto and the bad crypto family love you guys thank you for the work you do for the boxing industry

that is one heck of a prediction Sir lord Travis for big queen to go all the way down to the three thousand range what do you think of that

if that would happen like this is gonna be crazy crazy times

so hopefully that does not happen if it does happen while we're all going to be a world of hurt I thank you that does well if that happens I'm backing up the truck I mean that's

beep beep load you know give yourself all over looks and BTC because while what about loaded up if that's the case it's gonna be crazy so we shall see we don't know this is not financial advice but it was some interesting data points from data points our selves and that there you go yeah we do encourage you guys go check out her website continuum dot market links to it and some other things are in the show notes the bad code at I. N. forward slash six five oh and right before we recorded the show I did an airdrop too bad crypto nifty club members and if you are in the bad crypto nifty club and have the membership and F. T. then you just received an N. F. T. of see there are now for some reason it's not showing them all here I don't know what the deal is I need to talk to Carlos at on cut and say Hey Carlos why isn't the the but there's now been three N. F. T. E.'s dropped to to those people and this is what you want right here to make sure you qualify for the drops go to bed crypto dot uncut dot FM links again in the show notes and grab this bad crypto nifty club and F. T.

right here it's only two dollars and fifty three cents right now I had it in the only reason we charge for us because we don't want bots taking them for free so go and pony up and then you will get access to the air drops that are coming out and probably announce another one this week maybe we'll do one I know were out we're talking to Brad mills again soon Brad mills can on Twitter as he was the guy who called the lunar before it happened he was the guy who called Celsius before it happened and I'll bet you he was calling F. T. X. two I want to know what he's calling next yeah I wonder if he's calling crypto dot com and some of these other ones because that's like you know gosh you can just become so bad if that's the case right where the the global

markets crash that's gonna probably happen in our lifetime if not sooner than we would really feel comfortable around we've been talking about for a long time fiat money always crashes what is happened traditionally is countries were banned reach an equilibrium around the amount of gold that they have and they would tie their currency to their gold they have in storage

it's not gonna happen now because all I know is that China has a lot of gold Russia has a lot of gold American doesn't seem to have as much gold as we would think they have so what's next we shall see I don't know all I know is this programmable dollar is scary dystopian level George Orwell nineteen eighty four stuff and while not financial advice if you want to consider a life advice I don't think this is ever bad advice to figure out how you can be a sovereign is possible how to take is much control of your life where you live how safe you are how much money you have what you're able to to do with your life where you can go these are questions you need to be asking yourself now before the hammer falls because once the hammer has fallen it's too late so figure out what you need to do to set yourself up for success for some people that means moving to a different country for some it means being somewhere world where they're growing their own food right there it there's all kinds of alternatives this is not a paid ad but a site that I have reference and subscribe to is called sovereign man dot com the guy goes by the name Simon black it's not his real name I believe he lives in Porter Rico as well correct okay hold up really quickly I'm not sure what I pay each month to to be able to have access to this information but they do quite a bit of research on different countries and different kind of means and opportunities that are available this is the the site right here sovereign man dot com helping you gain more freedom and prosperity and hi this is the first place that I heard and read about moving to Porto Rico to be able to legally keep more of the income that I earn and not have to pay taxes on

all of it so definitely recommend that you check it out and take control of your own stuff gang because nobody else is going to do it for you the government is certainly not looking out for

I was sent off this is German

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