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Everything you need to know about crypto and stocks. Shane (The Jolly Green Investor) and Josh (The Nifty Investor) discuss what is going on in the market every week. Topics include current market trends, top picks, analysis on top projects and businesses, interviews with industry insiders, and more!


The Beanpod - Crypto and Stocks #132 - 2023 Stock Market Predictions #132 - 2023 Stock Market Predictions

Buckle up, 2023 is going to be a very interesting year in the stock market. We have you covered with a full outlook and predictions on which sectors will outperform others to keep portfolios aflloat. By considering a multitude of factors ranging from inflation to recession, and global conflict to supply chain shortages, we draw conclusions on what might happen this year.


The Beanpod - Crypto and Stocks #129 - The World's Lightest Blockchain #129 - The World's Lightest Blockchain

Mina Protocol is the world's lightest blockchain. Built for privacy, security, and decentralization while placing an emphasis on being environmentally friendly, this crypto project has some unbelievable technology. Today, we interview James Strudwick, Head Of Business Development for Mina Foundation to break down their underlying technology, potential real world uses cases, and reveal some hidden secrets along the way.