The Beanpod - Crypto and Stocks - Transcripts

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Everything you need to know about crypto and stocks. Shane (The Jolly Green Investor) and Josh (The Nifty Investor) discuss what is going on in the market every week. Topics include current market trends, top picks, analysis on top projects and businesses, interviews with industry insiders, and more!


The Beanpod - Crypto and Stocks #95 - Sleeping Giant Stock #95 - Sleeping Giant Stock

Is Gold about to go on a massive run? Gold stocks are typically seen as an inflation hedge and a risk-off play. Seeing as we are currently experiencing record inflation and amidst a very risky time in the markets, this sector deserves a look. Today we discuss a top company in the industry who might have some interesting prospects moving forward.


The Beanpod - Crypto and Stocks #93 - Do Not Make These Investing Mistakes #93 - Do Not Make These Investing Mistak...

These are the biggest mistakes that traders make in crypto and stocks. The most important thing you can do is learn from your mistakes. Today, we break down every large mistake we have made in the past, so you can avoid making them in the future. By understanding where you can go wrong. you will gain an edge on the markets moving forward.