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November 18, 2022

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These are our top stock picks under $5. We went through many sectors of the stock market including technology, energy, bio-tech, food, crypto, and more to reveal some hidden gem companies. With an explanation of why we think each name and sector has tailwinds moving forward, we make a case for these stocks being on your watchlist.


top five stocks under five dollars

here are some cheap stocks that you need to know about

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user experience is copper swaps sole focus to make everyone's life better Indy five welcome to the bean pod this is Shane A. K. the jolly green investor

this is Josh the nifty investor

today we're gonna be revealing the top five stocks under five dollars

under five dollars so these are a bit cheaper you know you can grab a couple shares and own a bunch bunch of shares in the company you know offer a cheap price so we figure we'll highlight you know maybe five stocks each up give you a quick run down as to why we like them and some catalysts that could you know send them up to twenty Bucks forty Bucks

and the great thing about a lot of these stocks is they didn't used to be under five dollars because the stock market is in deep hits right now and you know buy low sell high so some of the stocks used to be thirty forty fifty sixty Bucks but now because they're ninety percent down they qualify into this under five dollar category which could potentially make that grew up for a great entry

yes September absolutely smashed

stocks down

yeah and historically it's been that way and we highlighted that in previous episodes especially leading up to now what could be potentially a mid term rally right which we've historically seen a lot of your great gains after the mid term elections so just remember those like cheap stocks isn't necessarily indicative of like


like it's a good value they're just cheap there could be problems with their balance sheets X. are alike keep in mind because they are a bit cheaper they're also more risky as well

for sure but high risk

high reward

all right let's jump right into it my first one is your rainy mountain royalty Corp the ticker is you all are why and we've kind of talked to talked about this subject a bit in the discord and Twitter it's it's kinda like a green energy plates nuclear power so if you look at what's going on in the world right now there is an energy crisis North America Europe specifically like things are getting bad as we head into the winter and then if you look at what people are saying so the lan musk himself said that electricity demand will double by twenty forty and he said nuclear power house to play a heavy role in meeting this demand then you look at what countries are doing around the world England UK France Germany Netherlands and Japan have all announced they're gonna be spurring and throwing money into nuclear development some of them are refurbishing old plants that were previously shut down and some of them are building new plants so I'm looking at your rainy in place because uranium is the source for nuclear energy and yes this is a a company that's had much higher prices in the past but were you looking for a company in a sector that has tailwinds nuclear energy I like uranium all the cart

a nuclear energy energy is actually the cleanest form of energy that exists on the planet and it just has a bit of a bad connotation exactly clear right but I I also think Canada just announcer Justin Trudeau now announced like a one billion dollar package for bringing nuclear energy to Canada

there you go yeah

why one of my picks we talked about in a previous episode you might have on your list I don't know we don't know if we have each other's so yes they were not but is Interscope hearing technologies right this is this definitely under five dollars it's closer to a penny stock but regardless out for me the biggest catalyst has been the White House announcing that you can now buy hearing aids over the counter previously you had to go see a doctor you had to get some the subscribe to you N. the problem with that though is a there's a lack of doctors right now because a ton of people who wiped out from the pandemic number two is is like this negative connotation attached is like all you have to go you're hearing checked you know what I mean so now you can just discreetly going to the store or wherever you gonna get from Walmart something by them walk on out so you've eliminated there the barrier to entry you have to go see a doctor you walk in you can buy and it saves the customer now so much money as well so this is a company with Tuesday Oct net revenue in Q. two grew from four hundred thousand to seven million enter your over your revenue from forty seven thousand to seven point three million


so the fact that they've got the white house passes bill that allows Americans to purchase hearing aids over the counter the stigma attached for attached to going to see a doctor delimited it's cheaper I think in time this stock could see some really really good games yeah it's the same thing as a non financial vice

it's the same thing as the last one it's like it you wanna look at sectors of tailwinds so they've got this new legislation they really just started launching their product and rolling it out across America we talked about this one many has a four on a penny stocks episodes I also own some land in DC I think it's a great pick


all right next up I have a company called Rackspace no takers R. X. T. it's an enterprise infrastructure and cloud solutions company so again a sector I really like is cloud and some of these car companies are absolutely beaten down now what's interesting about Rackspace is big they've kind of gone from their legacy data storage business which is good and solid and profitable but it's not growing very much because everything is going from hardware to the cloud but they pivoted now to now start to offer cloud based data storage solutions and cybersecurity two sectors I really like loud in cyber security so now they're helping public companies and private companies rang their cybersecurity and data storage into the cloud I think a cloud cloud computing market size is expected to hit one point six trillion by twenty thirty so I'm looking for a hidden gem plays in that space which again have tailwinds from two industries I love cybersecurity and cloud so Rackspace is a good fit for me

that's why everything's going everything's on the cloud right now and then you know we talk about war what are sometimes not just the physical watch as much as the cyber war and I thought I think it's a great spacing up when not the tech sector comes rolling back in I could do really well


one that I have on my list I never thought I'd ever have it on my list like in a million years

what is


son yeah well

I know I know but when you when we do that their research that we do for these podcasts and Yashoda I do thousands of hours of research that goes that goes into like all our podcasts combined it just I to make more sense to me that's a brand name that everybody knows it was a meme stock play

up that

received a ton of hype so first of all it's not it's a familiar name but they were smart enough to utilize

like that

the short squeezes that Kurt occurred and center stock up so high the end of using that money to do a lot of different things I didn't quite know about so what they did is they purchased all Canada so now they're in the liquor store business so they have a hundred seventy locations across British Columbia Alberta they make up seventeen percent of the mark of the market segment for liquor so this is sixty six percent of the net revenue so they actually make more the money now from liquor than anything else

Ryan it's

I didn't know that I thought this was just strictly marijuana play


they also still have the marijuana business so all the other businesses right now in Canada are failing because they try to price gouge you know that the taxes were too high people were still just order from the dealers right they weren't going to the shops so there start to fail


these guys have a cash flow down from the liquor business but they still have a hundred and ninety locations for marijuana across Canada


here's another thing I really like about them they have a joint venture with sun stream Bancorp so what son shame does is they provide loans to US cannabis cannabis companies are because they can't get funding from the banks


what happens here it now is that send out now socially with sun stream so they're now providing the loans to companies in the US and so the receiving revenue from this as well the biggest thing that you know there's a company called I enter this in the U. S. date went belly up because a predatory loans they couldn't afford to pay them back what's so good about this now because some now is action cannabis operator if these companies default on their loans they're not gonna start acquiring their equipment and their spouse

their space right interesting yeah

yes I see they have their money from the liquor

yeah that doesn't seem well I'm not going to yeah plus the potential tailwinds from this rumors we've been hearing about marijuana legislation in the states you know Biden tweeted about it it is kind of becoming a hot topic again so whether that happens or not the high base place can come back into favor something like sundial you like you said everybody knows it so even if that doesn't happen it could still see a run up

not sure yet exactly the house a callous of you know a spectrometer elections with the trying to swing votes in doubt


that's an interesting place

all right my next one is actually one that I think you mentioned for the first time the show back a year ago or something like that it's called matter port M. A. T. T. are so it's a three D. I'm kinda metaverse graphics space capturing company so what they do is they they bring physical buildings into the metaverse so you could they're modernizing real estate by allowing landlords to build these you know three D. models of houses that either are built in there showing online or are not built yet you know for three D. modeling they're already generating about a hundred thirty million dollars of revenue annually which is not a huge amount which is why the valuation so low but if you think about where the the space is going three D. modeling cloud metaverse all this kind of stuff their technology can be used in you know real estate retail for buildings hospitality insurance anything that provides needs these three D. modeling kind of things for whatever use it is there were already working with Netflix the castle which is like a like a booking dot com site Airbnb riser doing modeling of like Airbnb is or whatever it is to have you know bring people into these places before they book them the brit working with Procter and gamble and two of the largest hotel companies in the world Waldorf Astoria mmhm

so they've got some

big name clients and I feel like they're just going to roll this technology out I think virtual reality and augmented reality in particular have huge tailwinds going forward as you can see all these companies are are starting to step into this area and the matter port is potentially set to capitalise on emerging trend and one that I'm not a lot of companies are doing what they're doing like they are what you would call a pure play in the V. R. A. R. three D. modeling space the maybe some bigger companies that would have these smart in a Microsoft or small divisions but these guys are focused on that and another good thing about that is they are a great target for acquisition for a larger company that sees the potential in the space you know maybe a Microsoft our names on site okay we need to start implementing this into our services will by Matterport and usually when you're holding the stock in a company gets bought out it's pretty good

exactly no I I like to play a lot I mean it is something we have mentioned the passing we both know how big the metaverse will eventually be I mean


it's pretty much going from two D. web screens into three D. wet like web pages yep right you're just I'm exploring a web page but in virtual reality if you're a business it makes sense to just all right let's copy and paste it bye bye let's take an actual three D. image and ran into the internet and that's how they're gonna do it exactly perfect I have this company that I actually did a video on them recently a knife I thought it was quite interesting the technology it's called heart beam articles B. E. A. T. O. it's a cardiac technology company that has developed the first and only three D. vector ECG


that detects heart attacks in real time


so the reason I went with this one is because of the first and only doing it the this is medical grade real time heart attack detection and if you go look at the data right now there is a lot of people have heart attacks in so here's some numbers for you eighty million people in the US have coronary artery disease every forty seconds someone has a heart attack and there's a forty percent increase in death if not dealt with in the first three to four hours H. O. people will if you're hot like I'm my dad had a heart attack and I first is just auto indigestion or something like that he survived to become a lot worse and there's a lot of people who you know Austin the draw matter about us the doctor I ge I'm sure it's fine that's three to four hours I could pass it can lead to death but now you can get real time detection figure if they actually have it with the amount of doctors leaving the space you know because of the pandemic analyst at the mention before I think this is a good place to have especially with what happened with the corona virus there's been a huge uptick in heart attacks due to the corner bars itself and there's some indication that the vaccine is also contributing as well


so with the trend that's kind of going up and we see doctors falling off I think that we're gonna need a real time detection for these heart attacks that are occurring

so it's a device

to device yeah it's a company that makes the device okay so


chest pains number number two reason for ER visits and it cost the US ten billion dollars a year interesting for these visits I like and they're not actually heart attacks very cool yeah

good play all right my next one is is the name I have mentioned before I did a swing trade on this earlier in the year but now it's come back all the way down started to maybe look attractive again R. partis so it goes along the others the energy crisis what else is going on the world right now a massive food crisis so what our part is is is is vertical farming as to the use they build these facilities with shelves and artificial light to grow produce at a very minimal space and water usage so you can do it in small spaces in cities you don't need a huge farms and it uses a fraction of the amount of water at the traditional farming uses


so when done correctly it can actually produce up to thirty times the yield of traditional agriculture with the same input of land and water so if you think about you know the way the world is moving we need to find innovative ways to produce food for a growing population a lot of countries with potentially less space available than before so they vote they've only started doing it with I think tomatoes maybe a couple of other fruits vegetables but if this if this technology can potentially be scaled up to a whole host of different things I think he just won the one some sort of like tack AG innovator award which is now start to put a bit of a spotlight on the company they went public VS back in twenty twenty one which most US companies have completely cratered and yet don't get me wrong this is a speculative play as a lot of these you know cheaper stocks are but I look for I'm looking for stocks that are in sectors with talents and I think food and innovative technology in that sector could potentially be something that could explode in the coming years so for me aparece it's down around like four five you know four dollars it's been about highs thirty so yeah it's it's maybe looking at a a potential buyers on for harvest

actually I mean that you're right you're right there's a lot of catalysts coming up with the food shortage an energy crisis and I think to when the summer rolls back around it could be we could start seeing more I wasn't into that space

yeah one of the cool things about our harvest because you can grow the food in smaller spaces you can also grow at a lot closer to where it's consumed and so you know it should be else talk about shipping and supply chain well the avocados they're grown in Mexico and they get shipped to Canada right up big shipping but if you

you can

use this technology to grab Ocado's twenty minutes outside the city in a warehouse that time the warehouse with you get the same day right now all is well watching issues

with the cost of gas and all that stuff too control yeah that's huge so now I have we've discussed it a lot over the past couple years in a discarded cetera's mine med yep that's an old favorite song favorite arm


we we try to find stocks are just like really being down right so this went surprisingly is actually under five dollars now which is not surprising like I said leadership team chief financial officer from Barclays Morgan Stanley odd the CMO's from Fizer the CCO is from Johnson Johnson so they have a really big


big pharma background to write as much with the two banks I mentioned as well right now is a really difficult time for a lot of businesses I'll look at the balance sheet to have a cash runway that coursed through into twenty twenty five I like these biotech plays because when you get through like clinical trial one clinical trial too and you get to three and then you can finally get out to the pop the masses each time something occurs where the trial is successful in its past the stock sees of a huge spike


and just recently acquired Booker he who is the member number the Senate is calling for fewer restrictions in this space


so it's a somebody in the Senate who is now advocating for this and the good thing is the difference between this type of medicine versus the marijuana industry is the fact that they're strictly going after the medical side and they're not trying to recreational so big pharma could still make a lot of money from this as well

yeah I mean look at my med it's a it's a psychedelic medicine player right we we used to talk about this stuff all the time I was debating on putting it on my list because you know we did really well on that trade in twenty twenty one my med when I was at a couple pennies or something but there is only I do like it and I still hold still holds a my med the only reason I didn't is just because the psychedelic medicine space it's still it's I think it has so long to go like this is a long term hold

yeah yeah


I am also seeing it from like the fact that people are starting to go off the rockers a bit


just from you know the pandemic a from city home all the time and all this recession recession interest rates so you could I could see it from the way the American probably do it and was like I say Michael berry when everybody like that prison stock yep thirty there were people in prison or I make money off of it that way or try to solve the root cause problem and make money off it that way

yeah I mean look I like the fact I like psychedelic medicine the fact that they're they're trying to solve things like anxiety depression substance abuse PTSD chronic pain with different things like mushrooms or you know all the other kind of crazy drugs that crazy drugs importation it's it's it's a new way of doing things and athletically trials have shown very promising results especially they've done some with war vets coming back PTSD they've completely change our lives very promising which is why I hold some I love the stock but yeah it's it's an interesting one

yeah I mean I I don't disagree that could take some time by this is five five stocks under five Bucks for sure no I like it and if you depend on your investment horizon if ya if you're somebody who holds things for three to five years young no I like layout

I like that you mention it because I was it was right on the border for me I think I've talked with the stock a lot but it's always nice to have another reminder discussion about my med

I see the one that you have on your lesson that's actually on my list I didn't put it on really

what's on here yeah okay so this is my last one it's it's a crypto mining companies so these crypto mining companies are absolutely beaten down like these things were up you know flying the highs in the Paul Ryan and now they're trading at fractions on the dollar of what they used to trade at so the one under five dollars I have is hot eight such a crypto mining company been around for four years in the last ball run it went from eighty cents to twenty Bucks that's a twenty five acts bitcoin went from about five thousand to sixty nine thousand such a fourteen X. so in bitcoin rips the bitcoin mining stocks actually read at a higher multiple so if you look at where bitcoin is now still in around twenty or twenty one K. it's pretty low if you think that we're gonna have a potential rally here for bitcoin it could be a swing trade from now but even moving forward like if you think bitcoin can get back in and go above its all time high then this is a good long term play if bitcoin gets back in two hundred K. within the next three four years this thing's gonna go from under whatever it as a couple Bucks now twenty five thirty Bucks yeah yeah so they have a strong balance sheet they've expanded their business without taking on a lot of debt they are and not selling a lot of their minted big point one thing they had to do was shut down there at the reminding because the transition approve steaks other business took a bit of a short term hit there but they'll be able to reel allocate that capital towards other crypto mining and so one thing that's happening it's interesting with bitcoin miners right now is their cost per coin for mining because when the price of bitcoin goes low enough the miners are can lose money because they're considered cost per coin is eighteen thousand and becoming a seventeen thousand wall there's a money losing money so it is something to watch in the mining space where bitcoin is now at twenty one something it's it's still above so it's okay but if you are investing in crypto mining stocks it is worthy to watch that costs of mining because that could present some trouble but that's why the solo died right now

I saw for hot eight their break even is around eighteen thousand so if we do happen to go back under like that seventy five I think that we hadn't been out that's when their common danger


one of the biggest issues right now is the energy crisis that we've we've discussed and you don't know what's gonna happen with the energy prices move forward you know hopefully we can get those under wraps but you're right the decline having could be an absolutely massive our catalyst I I own right like that's the one but yet on a five box so I do wanna go the crypto mining company


and it's been some crypto mining companies I've been going out of business so this is a good thing of hot eight can survive right then it could put them out there with Ryan and Mara to be another huge huge part of the space

I like it

the last one I have here is line electric trading ticker L. E. V. this is Canadian manufacture of midsize and primarily focuses on heavy duty vehicles in addition to bosses so the reason I chose this is because there's not a lot of other companies actually manufacture buses that are electric fully electric at least the US has a five billion dollar clean school bus program that's X. that really accelerating this this is they just built a million square foot facility in illinois' and the net profit net income and revenue is off a hundred percent year over year so it looks pretty good got my campus picture mill and they're just doing the first made in America your use for the school buses it's an old back

a technologic I remember back arched back days yes Pickens backs and all you do is just pick us back as electric vehicle you just instantly make money yeah I think line electric I was one that we used to love they had a partnership with Amazon I believe to potentially make bosses I'm not sure if that actually came to fruition but that was one of the catalysts what accent that thing to the moon




I mean I like I like electric vehicle plays as the jolly green investor most looking had a ring on it yeah for sure that's interesting I like it well look I mean we've we've outlined some some pretty interesting plays a lot I like the fact that we kind of highlighted a bunch of different sectors which have tailwinds over the next five to ten years whether it's clean energy electric vehicles crypto the three D. modeling the whole hearing aid and the health everything food energy everything so that's kind of a good way to do research in general if you're looking for come to our stocks find sectors that have catalysts and then look at the names in those sectors and you can you know go under five dollars ten dollars whatever you want then research on those individual companies that's a good way to find gems yeah that's actually I I used will seek it out yeah to find somebody so I like it well maybe we'll talk more about that secret tools in the future

Hey makes you guys like subscribe and turn into the next episode that was gonna be a banger

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