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November 23, 2022

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This altcoin is the definition of a hidden gem. With technology built for metaverse, NFT, VR/AR, and everything in between, this company has a bright future. Additionally, they have worked with some of the world's biggest companies including the National Football League, Pokémon Go, and Nike. This is a crypto project you do not want to sleep on.


this is a hidden gem alt coin this project

is working with the National Football League Fortnite and Pokemon go and nobody is talking about it

welcome to the bean pot this is your place for all things stocks and crypto from beginner tips to expert picks use this as fuel for your investing journey because when you're in the know your money will grow this episode the beam parties sponsored by club or swap hi Chris what is it dax index aggregator which is built to facilitate all your defined needs in one single platform fast cheap and safe user experience is copper swaps sole focus to make everyone's life better Indy five welcome to the theme park this is Shane A. K. the jolly green investor this is Josh the nifty investor today we're gonna be revealing a hidden gem altcoin

this is an award winning creative studio project that


a play during game they're working with the biggest brands in the world and nobody's talking about it

tiny low cap gem

so there's a lot going on here interns I I as a pertains to metaverse avatars and their plight or in game Exeter at the creative that they do and the people they've worked with just imagine how it all comes together and how this ecosystem could continue to grow

yes so the pressure we're talking about if you fall if you've been following us on Twitter tick tock Instagram in the discord you've probably heard of it before but a lot of people haven't it's called sombre network and this company has their hands in all the craziest and best crypto spaces so they're working on building metaverse technology they're building virtual reality and augmented reality gaming and graphic design they're also building N. F. T. E.'s they've got their hands in all the cool spaces and we need to discuss it

yes so I think when you look at what they're doing so they sell I need a highlights on the air about sombra and bonfires so there's a lot of speculation hype that occurred last Super Bowl about this Super Bowl and FT's and maybe some people got to have themselves thinking that sobriquet these super one of TV's well they help contribute to creating them and this is a very big deal because this is the National Football League is a billion dollar business in the NFL you have to understand this but bonfire I believe at the time was the one who had the partnership or was working with them directly but there is a news release press release that came out in August so relatively recent where has become official that bonfire and why C. and summer network are now officially partnered


they had the parent company so now summer can now almost take ownership of what they are doing with the NFL this should provide a tease you can also see that the work of Pokemon go to do the augmented virtual reality there


so they've also done commercials I believe for like Starbucks and coca Cola beyond say Exeter so you have to imagine that the metaverse will eventually come to fruition and this is where big brands are gonna be hanging out in the matter is this an opportunity to sell

right now

when you have these people they've already worked with you have to imagine the collaboration second happen further down the road

for sure it no it's interesting you know when when you kind of dissect piece by piece all of partnerships you just mentioned so they made commemorative N. F. T. tickets for the Superbowl last year and also a variety of commemorative anti tickets for regular season games but this year a lot last year I believe so already there they're showing their their skill in producing entities which we believe to be the future for one of the biggest sporting brands in the world the NFL who we both personally love so that was kind of one of the things that caught our attention right away


and if you look at their entities you know you see all these entities you know happy seals loopy donuts their garbage


the entities that summer networks made are amazing their three D. they're spinning their they look beautiful like if I went to an NFL game and I got gifted one of those entities as a commemorative item I'll be thrilled

yeah that's pretty so they're really cool

so you can only imagine what the potential the future potential that technology is and then you talked about the the graphics design part of their studio so they just helped Pokemon go and are still continue to help them produce trailers for their new Pokemon go game and again the technology in the graphics they're using they look amazing and then once you really go down the rabbit hole that summer's done and the brands they work with in the past they've helped companies like Nike


PayPal Pepsi you name it make commercials using their amazing virtual reality augmented reality and graphic studio so that's kind of that one arm of their business and then it doesn't even scratch the surface of their metaverse played game and that's where their somber network token actually comes into play is on that side of the business right

so the player in game that they have come out and and again when you're using the same sort of technology that the biggest brands in the world are you know working with to create you have to imagine the way that this game is eventually gonna start rolling out and because of tighter and that's when the the summer talking can get utilized more and more and more especially this adoption that you'll eventually see because it's such high quality graphics and such a high quality game are they released was it the beta version was the op or

yeah the for the written like a demo version seven forget coming out now

right so it looks sharp

it looks so it's basically a Grand Theft Auto

open world

exploration game you can go see the game the early gameplay footage on their Twitter on our Twitter we shared it it looks really cool you know they're using the same graphics technology as Josh mentioned that they're using for big the biggest brands in the world there's team deathmatches explore you can drive cars it looks a hell of a lot better than most of the plate and games that I've seen in the crypto space

and then I saw their dad of I believe his name is Brandon and he's on there demonstrating on the Twitter account if you go if you go on there you can see he's using like this facial recognition L. Ike swap it's like deepfake technology so he kinda looks like Keanu Reeves and then looks like him again right so I can only imagine how that technology is busting to be put into that into the game into the metaverse X. cetera so it's almost like a bring your own face into these games I don't know like this

for sure I just like the fact that they have so much going on they've worked with in the past and are continuing to work with some of the most recognizable brands in the world and the fact that they're in the metaverse and F. T. played in space they're not just you know corner boxing themselves in St were played our game or or entity company they're kind of an everything company and one of the things that we look for when you know analyzing altcoins whether be a large cap or small cap world was looking at the team in the community and you did mention Brendan and the whole team in summer network they're super transparent they'll jump on to give a five minute YouTube update every day something's happening talk about we're just we're working with these guys this is when this is gonna drop a block where you look at some projects and you know they're tweeting every three days that re sharing articles are not transparent at all I really like the transparency was sombre and then a massive community there Twitter is over a hundred K. tons and tons of people in this community because I think they can be really believe in what they're building and they see you know the pushing from the founders of these guys are building in a bear market when a lot of people are silent I just love to see that

yeah I mean they've blocked a bill to play during game from scratch that looks broken sector working the they have worked with are are working with the law the biggest brands in the world I I'm curious to know how this fortnight this whole fortnight bingo play out now with the with the with the spider and somber and all that stuff like that I think I haven't seen too much going on on the Twitter about it but I have heard it be talked about on whether YouTube updates that you talked about how the team is so transparent

yeah and we saw what happened last year as you mentioned the Superbowl hype and now is before sombre and bonfire were officially connected well where are we now we're in the middle end of the NFL season and you know they're they're still I think they're still working with the NFL they've made some of these tickets so who knows what's gonna happen with the hype around the Superbowl this year considering the fact that summer networking bonfire work with suitable for entry tickets last year

that's right

we've seen the hype can come back everything is cyclical that's what you want to jump on a make this update now because even though the sombre

you know

it's it's been hyped up for the past few weeks because people are finally realizing their partnerships and realizing you know they've got this game dropping but I still think it's it's something that people should really keep an eye on it is a site you know small cap altcoin that no one really talks about but they've just got so many things going on I think this one could potentially have legs in terms more people finding out about it


and you know once the unveil new partnerships and people think wow look look at the quality of the developers he's got how to look at the technology they're really building something long lasting another thing you mentioned recently when we're talking about other altcoins businesses that have a revenue

yeah right

these guys have revenue

that's it

they're actually making money

because with everything that's happened with F. T. acts and everything the whole crypto fiasco right now is I think people can be scrutinizing projects a lot more N. they're gonna want to see a real project that is actually generating returns so it's like how can you validate in office a lot of for example can you say that you have a thirty billion dollar market cap you not generating revenue


when you have a company that is five million dollars and they're generating revenue that's a whole different ballgame

exactly so there there it's almost like they have multiple armed branch of their division one is definitely making real revenue which is a partnership for these brands making the commercials in the videos and all that kind of stuff in the NFL stuff then there's the crypto metaverse side with their game which is where they're talking comes into the ecosystem the token being used for the Dow the plate and all that kind of stuff there March but these two things whether separate it's like the one is supporting the other by earning revenue to build that one out and based on the fact that their partners you know who they work with in the past and still you can just think of the potential possibilities not saying anything's going to happen but the potential is packed is there yeah so that's why I love summer network I love with the building it's one of the projects I'm always gonna have my on moving forward

yeah absolutely me too and that's why I want to highlight this for you guys it's just in our opinion a small cap hidden gem

for sure they'll call all going world if there's any other products you guys want to have us take a deep dive into especially for the small cap perspective because you know a lot of bigger projects right now are being taken down because the coin tanks yeah the top one hundred all taken the exact same time sure the beautiful thing about these lower cap with the come on affected by the outbreak of the war so it's not that I can look at


so Hey makes you guys turn to the next episode that was gonna be a banger

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