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September 14, 2022

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Should Quant ($QNT) be in your portfolio? Today, we take a deep dive into what problems Quant is solving, why it has been making waves lately, and also find some crazy facts that you have never heard of. As one of the most unique projects in the crypto space, this project is worth a thorough investigation.


this is the truth about Quant.

We're about to reveal some crazy facts about Quant that you haven't heard of.

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today. We're going to reveal the truth about Quandt.

We've done a deep dive into Quant to identify some crazy facts that you may not have heard of. And it's really, really interesting what these guys are doing. If you haven't heard of Quant before, make sure you tune around to tune in to the very end. Yeah. You're gonna wanna hear everything we have to say here.

For sure. So, I mean, look, if you've been following our channel, you remember the discord, you've definitely heard us talk about quant before. It's one of our favorite projects. We mentioned it recently on our perfect 10 crypto as part of our perfect portfolio. But when you really deep dive into what's going on in Quant things that are going on in the background and some potential stuff in the roadmap. It really gives you an interesting understanding as to why we love this project so much.

So they are all about interoperability, it's all about seamless transition of of data from one Blockchain to another. It's allowing all block chains to connect seamlessly. So you can think of it like this, it's just like an email can be sent between gmail and outlook. Think about the future of N F T. S. The future of crypto an interoperable ecosystem will allow you know, an N. F. T to go from one metaverse to another metaverse or ethereum to interact with Bitcoin. Yeah, so you need something like this that you know just think of it like an email sending gmail to outlook, that's how you can picture this,

it's perfect, it's it's one Blockchain, it's an operating system to connect all Blockchain. So another way you could look at it to put it into, you know, real life terms is basically like Windows, the operating system which all the other programs connect into and then talk to each other via Windows. So what quant is attempting to build is one system where all the block chains salon a avalanche whatever you name it, they can all connect and talk to each other and I think you know, if you look at trends that could be playing for the next bull run and kind of poked for the last bull run is interoperability because there's just so many different chains, you know, it's great to have layer one and layer two and all that kind of stuff. But when you're looking at a project that's potentially connecting all the chains, that is what I think makes quant so unique.

Yeah, so Qantas and over ledgers, so it sits on, it sits on top of an existing Blockchain. So it's like imagine this little thin line, so you have like ethereum up here and you have this little thin line of quant in between and then you have every other Blockchain potential that would inter operate with theory.

And one of the great things about quantum their technology is they don't want to make it very difficult for these block chains to integrate with their software and their platform. So they've kind of built this straightforward plug and play technology which makes it very easy for teams from corporations, companies and different block chains to integrate with their platform.

So I found it really that I like that you just said that easy, right? Because it has to be simple for mass adoption. And I found this really good quote by Gilbert very uh Verdean, I believe he's the Ceo quant. So this is with one of the party uh partners. Oracle. So quant helps Oracle's customer banks by providing a single Api to all supported block chains to power interoperability across platforms giving clients choice and flexibility to freely use any Blockchain technology and go cross platform. And here it is with only three lines of code.

That's that's the selling point to me. Right. And you know, it's interesting, as you mentioned, they're already working with Oracle and that single api giving corporations like oracle access to all the Blockchain. That's the killer app, right there. They've already worked with amazon AWS for providing Blockchain services for their cloud hosting in the past and they went through the NVIDIA accelerator program. So already, when you look, we always look at, you know, partners Connections, they're already working with some of the top corporations in the world and with this easy plug and play technology connecting web to corporations to Web three and all block chains at once. I mean, so right, right away. When you look under the hood, it just looks like a gem.

And let's not just quickly skim over oracle or amazon, like remember how big these companies are, right? And this is one of the things why I love him so much is the governing council. And again, like being a former sales guy working in the corporate world, when you have one system that works really well and you have a ton of customers and clients underneath you or partnered with you, they tend to use the exact same technology that you're using. So when your Oracle, which is the world's largest database management company and the third largest software company in the world, they have four over 400,000 different customers and clients. Right. You have a ws 90% of the Fortune 100 use Aws.

It's the, you know, it's the only basically cloud provider that you use.

Exactly. So without even knowing it, these people are using Quant. Right? So it's let's not just skim over those two like it's, it's so not only for the three lines of code to seamlessly integrate it, but you also have this seamless integration with these large companies who are already now using it with the customers.

Exactly. And there are some interesting reasons and recent developments why Quant has been pumping lately, which we'll get to a little bit further in the episode. So make sure to watch to the end. But we should also briefly talk about the token ah mix because Quan has some of the best token ah mix out of any crypto. The total supply max supply is 14 million, Which is even less than Bitcoin, which is famously at 21 million. So right there, you know, the supply is scarce. You know, they're not creating tokens out of thin air. There's not 10 trillion tokens in circulation. It's a cool clean crisp 14 million

And most of the time I think it's 83% are the tokens are in circulation already. That's great because there's less tokens on the market And as adoption increases, it's gonna naturally drive the price up. There's less opportunities for the team or any other tokens to be released, creating less scarcity. So they have beautiful Toka nomics.

Yeah. So that's great. So let's let's kind of touch upon some of the things that has made it maybe pump recently. So there was a crypto framework which published by the U. S. Treasury which has generated massive hype in the community and we talked about this on our bear market crypto episode as to why Kwan has been performing so well. But we'll touch on it again because it's relevant to the project obviously. So us government agencies came jointly to provide a document which is building the framework for international engagement with digital assets and it contains all of these different companies that Quant is already connected to. And then, you know, it it ties in with everything that biden's executive order for regulating digital assets and and Quant has Quant fits in exactly with the regulatory framework that they're building. So right away when you look at regulation coming in and Qantas potentially already in compliance and has connections to all these companies in what what might become the new financial world order. That is one of the main reasons why it's been hyped up so so much over the past two months because people are reading between the lines here, making connections saying, look, Quant is already compliant with what they basically laid out as the future of digital assets. So people are like, all right, we need to buy this now.

Yeah. You don't want what's happening with, you know, X. R. P. And ripple. You know for quant to be considered a security. You want it to be compliant because then there's no legal battles and they can just continue to build and execute on what they're currently doing to date. Yeah

100%. So diving a little bit deeper into what's going on is it's a lot of this is about this so 20022 thing. Right? So you've heard that a lot. It's the eye. So compliant Kryptos and what? S. 0. 222 means it's the International Organization of Standardization. So it's basically a new method for developing messages between financial institutions and right when you hear that you think you know corporations and financial institutions communicating with each other. Well the Quant platform seems to be built specifically for this purpose, doesn't

it? What's great is that when you have different financial institutions you know you could have different banks from around the world, they don't all necessarily use the same currency. But if they start to tokenize, you know if they start to go with more of a cent central bank digital currency. You know this api is gonna allow these institutions to tokenize their fiat. But who knows maybe they're they're built on the been in smart chain. Maybe they're built on the theory and maybe they're built on a vax with quant it doesn't matter where these banks have tokenized on what platform. So it allows for this messaging. You know transactions. Yeah.

It seems like a natural fit for something they'd want to include as one of the backbones of this new financial system and many organizations are already starting to back. This is so standard. So notably the Society for worldwide Interbank financial telecommunication, also known as swift. You know, they're always making the news so they they put their support behind this standard and they're migrating all of their members, banks institutions all this over to the ISO standard. So it's starting to happen now. So that's why when you look at it and there are a group of Kryptos that are already officially involved are approved by this is a standard. Quant isn't one of them yet


that's why the opportunity maybe arising now and maybe why it's been pumping is because people are again making connections, reading between the lines and saying look quant fits the bill. They're already in compliance with this standard but they haven't been announced as an official member yet. So it could be one of those by the rumors of the news things. Right?

I hope so. I mean that'd be nice or even if it doesn't, I'd like to see the price comes down a little bit more so we can dollar cost average a bit more

accumulate some more into quant.

Yeah. Yeah, for

sure. So current compliant KryptoS in the ISO standard. R. X. R. P stellar lumens iota alga rand and XTC. Those are the five official compliant Kryptos of the ISO standard. Yeah that's what we like.

Yeah it's interesting they're also doing the FIFA sponsorship right for the upcoming

World Cup. Yeah. Yeah. And then the three that are rumored to be compliant and could be announced at some point. Our quant H. Bar and card. Oh

no let's go baby.

Yeah. So you know people are like oh well why don't you just build um I mean build a standard portfolio just by those eight coins and you know basically what you're doing is resigning yourself to the new financial order which at the end of the day might not be the worst idea


as we know the regulations are gonna come in it's gonna take a while but it's gonna be huge for the industry because trillions of dollars are gonna be able to flow into the crypto economy and the coins that are already regulated or already meet regulations within this standard could be could stand the most to benefit because they don't have to change what they're doing. Which some layer one and layer two might have to.

Yeah and if they're not future proof block chains like a Casper or one of these other ones there's gonna spend a lot of time doing some development. You know maybe the way that it has to go through this proof of work to proof of stake. You know how much time they're spending on this merge. You know Qantas is not gonna have to do that.

Yeah, for sure. And then when you dig into it even deeper, the Quant Ceo you mentioned earlier in the episode, this guy comes from a crazy background for the financial, financial industry and he has personal connections to all of these financial companies. Mastercard Swift too. I just mentioned and he has connections to a bunch of central banks from around the world. And then when you look at the 222 standard, which is now being used in over 70 countries, federal banks and all this Switzerland china India Japan, they're all getting on board this standard. The Quant guys involved in the standard, but Kwan has not been officially named as part of it. It just seems like the opportunity and then that's why a lot of people love quant so much right

Now. I like they were talking about the team now. So he's got 20 years in cyber security as well which you look at all these different hacks that's been occurring as of late, it was like two billion hacks already this year. So coming from 20 years of cybersecurity experience, I think is is massive for the security of quant. But in addition, he's held a number of government positions as well. So you know, I think about the compliance and all that, I think having those ties to the government is massive. Uh, in terms of their chief product officer, 13 years of vocal link, that's a mastercard company and then the board of directors? This is where it gets really good. Nice. This

is where it gets crazy.

This is where it gets good. The managing the, so the board of directors, one of the guys there, he's a managing director at Rockefeller capital. Right? That's huge man. He also led the private, the largest private wealth management practice at morgan Stanley. So these are some big dogs have some really good connections and think about the way the world works. It's not what, you know, it's who, you know?

Yeah, 100%. You just have to again, we always say, you know, zoom out on these situations and look at where you think the project and the whole crypto industry in general is going at the backbone of what crypto can solve is changing the global financial system, making it easy for people to send money around the world, whether it be consumers, corporations, banks, institutions, you name it And quant fits right into that solution. So if you think that over the next say 5, 10 years, all major banks, governments corporations are going to be buying into this new ISO standard. And if you also think that Quant is about to be officially accepted into the standard as the backbone of this interoperability, bringing all these later ones in through that easy plug and play a P I. Quant just seems like an absolute no brainer coin that you'd have to have in your portfolio if you believe in the future of crypto like we do.

That's right. And so what's token utility? Right. What is the purpose of the U. N. T. And the beautiful thing about quanto is it's a patented technology that they have so you know nobody else can use utilize it. And every user who wants to have access to the A. P. I. Or develop any any of these enterprises you need to hold the community token. So it's a license.

It's kind of like it's the same as having a license key to hold access to an ecosystem like you need to hold it in order to gain access to. Yeah so that's what actually drives the utility of the token as well which I found kind of interesting

for sure.

There was also um N. F. T. S. Are gonna be huge whether people like it or not um In the future I just don't think like I've alluded to this. You've alluded to this a million times on this episode. N. F. T. S. Are viewed as just these monkeys and whatever but they're non fungible tokens. These are trackable tokens on the Blockchain.

Everything's eventually being tokenized. It's really going to help the supply chain is going to help with the financial institutions and tokenize in their dollars. So they've created a uh this is relatively new to they have the Q. R. C. 7 21 token that they've just come out with. Um there's limited so F. T. Sales in 2021 exceeded 25 billion. So there's a really big market here for it. And the major the major token that's used for N. F.

T. S. Right now is the E. R. C. 7 21 but there's limitations to it and the fact that it lacks interoperability and there was a lot of uh security and fraud. There is 87 million in N. F. T. Hacks in 2022 thus far. So the fact that this Q. R.

C. 7 21 is built for enterprise adoption and it's interoperable. It could you could also see some of this quant take away from the ethereum side of things from the N. F. T. Perspective. And I'm thinking metaverse. You know right now we're on web two we're looking at you know we're on flat um screens when we browse you know whatever you're trying to buy some shoes or something. But when the metaverse eventually really takes off with a company like other verse for example and every website is technically like a metaverse and you're experiencing what what's on the actual web page you're gonna want to have the N. F. T. S.

Seamlessly go from one metaverse to another who's going to be connecting all the meta versus quant Q. R. C. 7 21 token

I like it now. That's a great it's a great way of piecing together what the future could potentially hold for quant and you talk about the token utility and the use cases and how it will grow as the entire crypto economy grows not just payments but N. F. T. S. And metaverse and then it all goes back to those sound fundamental token ah Mix because of all these companies are gonna want access into this quant system, they're all gonna have to hold the quan token and because it's not inflationary and there's a very limited amount of supply you could see some serious price action from that coin right? When it runs it can run because there's only 14 million coins in existence and there will never be any more. So you know if you if you don't don't really know what token ah mixes and stuff like that. We have an episode all about that uh to really understand you know certain companies and certain coins even if people are using it, if they're inflationary the price will kind of not maybe reflect the utility and the popularity but when you talk about all the kind of things that we think want can do and how all the companies will use that that token you go back to the token ah Mix and that's where for me it's just another green tickets like this is this is a gem.

Yeah the fact that it's Blockchain agnostic as well. You know existing infrastructure is compatible with cross cross cross platform yeah sorry cross platform apps and all that. I think that really protects them as well. They're just not like pigeonholed to the one Blockchain, you know, let's say there's some legal battles or you know, who knows what like there's a security issue. So it's good in that um regards. And there was two other really interesting partners I wanted to highlight to uh I think these have kind of gone by the wayside. These are um you know, back in like 2019 2020 there partner with Simba Chain. It's an unhappy double messaging system for U. S. Military which is really neat. That is again there and one of your favorite constellation dag, they have a partnership as well. It's

a similar kind of concept, right? Like watching that connects all block chains.

So you know if you're looking for a small cap play constellation Dag is really good And it had something to do with integrating secure communication protocols for with quants over ledger with smart cities. So with smart cities you have, I'm gonna screw up the staff but it was something like the number of cities that have 10 million that are going to grow like 20 million or like double is going to increase quite substantially. So smart cities are really important. But with smart cities you have all these really unique technologies that can't really communicate with one another right now. So there's billions of dollars waiting on the sidelines and it's just not it's not there yet. Quant is looking to position itself within smart cities to allow all the different communications work with the internet of things.

Right? Yeah there's so many so many different applications and it all comes down to that cross chain interoperability because you you couldn't have one layer one come in and try to solve all these issues because eventually a city is gonna want to use a different Blockchain, all that kind of stuff. So you have to have that internet connectivity, the interconnectivity and that's why I think interoperability is talked about so much when anyone talks about where crypto is going Interoperability. Its multi chain, it's cross chain you know one layer one is not going to dominate everything. So it's always great to have layer ones in your portfolio and if you want to find out which layer ones we like check out our perfect 10 portfolio episode. But when you're looking for a coin that's providing interoperability which you should have some exposure to in your portfolio. Quant is definitely our pick.

And it only I think quantum we said we didn't Yeah but it's only got a fully diluted market cap of 1.5 billion. So

it's relatively mid cap.

It's relatively small. You know when you look at a cardinal for example I think it's like 60 billion or something like that like

for sure a lot of room to grow.

There's a lot of room here. I said like project No. 40. I could see this In the top 10. Yeah. At some point. I mean, yeah, ahead of this

for sure. It's got a lot of potential. I'd be interested to know if you're watching this episode and you want to see us to do a truth about another project late in the comments. You know, we'll see which one's got the most likes and we can, we can potentially do a deep dive into your favorite project as well.

Yeah, that would be awesome. Hey, makes you guys tune into the next episode.

That was gonna be a banger.

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