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September 21, 2022

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Is Kadena a sleeping giant? As one of the most unique and innovative hybrid layer-1 blockchains, this project is worth a closer look. Given their next-gen technology geared towards enterprise adoption, and their team having crazy connections to help execute the plan, this is one coin you don't want to sleep on.


this is the truth about kid Dana

where but to reveal some crazy facts about Dana that you haven't heard of

welcome to the bean pot this is your place for all things stocks and crypto from beginner tips to expert picks use this as fuel for your investing journey because when you're in the know your money will grow this episode the beam parties sponsored by club or swap hi Chris what is it dax index aggregator which is built to facilitate all your defined needs and one single platform fast cheap and safe user experience is cover swaps sole focus to make everyone's life better Indy five welcome to the bean pod this is Shane A. K. the jolly green investor this is Josh the nifty investor today we're going to reveal the truth about container

we're going to reveal some crazy facts book data that you may not have heard of we're gonna dive right into this project one of the founders to talk inom X. the marketing and whether or not we would personally by it or not

hundred percent I think when you when you talk about later one block chains that are sleeping giants that could potentially do a fifty to a hundred X. the name could Dana gets gets thrown around in the mix with with these projects it's it's something that we've talked about in our discord pretty frequently you know during the last ball run we were trading it for sure but I think you know it's it's time for us to really do a deep dive I think there's a lot of people that don't know what could in it is what it does what differentiates itself from M. Selanne and there's some really cool things they've got going on behind the scenes so this is definitely up so you want to listen to the end

yeah I mean the more you dig into today night you realize just how good of a project it actually is yeah I have some really big advisors some big names they have a really cool technology so today ma'am claims to be the only layer one proof of work blockchain that's able to scale I believe they're duty like some died to technology as well to help them with the the throughput but you can perform work that will pick one uses for the security aspect of things that's right because this is enterprise focussed

yes so it's like a proof of work blockchain with the speed of a proof of stake blockchain that's right yeah and you know it's funny when you when you do research on these these blockchains they all claim to have solved the trilemma right where the only blockchain to ever solve the trilemma but it the approach second Dana is taking is actually different than pretty much every other project we've seen and I think that's why we decided to do this episode because if you can keep that security of decline and you can add scalability of proof of stakes in some other you know faster blockchains you might have a really interesting recipe for exactly were you talking about enterprise adoption

yeah so what makes a really unique is the fact that combines two different consensus mechanisms start using pecans prefer work and attack so basically what it is to make it secure the braid says I found this really interesting that's how they're able to prevent hacks to take heart medication and when you're doing with the financial system because on the website you know when when we dive into this project a little bit further you understand com where I think this project is trying to go but what they do is they prayed chains together an offering not one but twenty separate changed the artwork simultaneously together it is really important because when you're mentoring many blocks simultaneously on multiple blocks

yes hi

it reduces the amount of time that attackers have to attack the chain so I find it is braided technique braided chain technology that they they work with is really unique

yeah one hundred percent that's one of the things that caught my eye as well so they have sub chains right so when the when the work of one Shane you know the load becomes too heavy or too much the subgenus are actually preventing that so currently they have twenty sub chains but the plan is to hard fork and established blockchains with up to one hundred sub chains working parallel underneath the main change in the future and that's why it can potentially be used for enterprise adoption if you have millions fifty million people using one blockchain you know it's going to get the throughput that this does speed is gonna suffer but if there's one hundred sub Shane's providing power to these main chain through getting a system that is where they potentially conceptual depart

and that's where it you talk about enterprise adoption in the more it's used and there's a a huge narrative right now run energy efficiency you know with the fumes merge coming up with the stuff that's going on in California and the power grid and all this stuff right I prefer work they're talking about you know how much energy big coin using for mining and what not so cool thing about this book today knows that uses the same energy regardless of the growth of the network

that's right

saw I found that really neat as well based off the technology and nothing and take note of to is they have a a private lawyer call Curo which is their lawyer to seek a thing this is like pulling a medic to with their him and the throughput is insane I think it it looks like you can do up to four hundred eighty thousand transactions per second

as a lot

which is like I think it's one the highest in all of crypto

there's definitely you know a lot of those things that from the the surface level may contain a look very attractive and again going back to the energy efficiency it's it's architecture could make it the only platform that can deliver increased transaction per second while keeping the energy efficiency level right so you know normally if a chain gets really popular and the TPS is going it's maybe coming down and that the throughput is suffering the energy demand of the chain is going to be you know it's gonna be a lot

less out for like you know when a thirty M. experiences at a time of usage it's gas fees go up you know when someone is built for speed and they you know they claim to have X. amount of TPS as well but then they're all the hacks there's a ton of hacks they have to deal with them


outage outages


so this is providing security but the speed and the throughput with the TPS so

and and now going to that point where you just said about gas


this is one of the things that we love about container right there the first crypto company to have what's called a gas stations on their blockchain right so what does that mean

so basically so the cool thing about today already is that the transaction fees are already pretty low but in terms of adoption you know when you have people in our discord or whoever follows us on any of our accounts we are talking about a project then trying to mend some down at him right and it's using up all this all these people coming onto this platform the gas fees go through the roof right what ends up happening when people are paying such high fees is it curves adoption so with the gas station the businesses who are the enterprises were building on K. Dana they they will pay the gas for the user so that you as a consumer of the business you get to utilize the dopp for free

yeah that's that right there is probably one of the coolest things about getting into that I found of anything that they're offering so you know if you're missing an F. T. I. and everything's very popular and that blockchains busy you might end up spending fifty to a hundred dollars in gas that's gonna put off a lot of people because they just don't have that money to wait so long but if I JP Morgan or a you know a conglomerate of blood banks or hospitals bills a blockchain on could be using to Dana and they provide this gas to the user then you can go in and use their services without wasting your money throwing it away on gas I think that is going to be one of the huge things which drives adoption to their blockchain went to actually start seeing real adoption and also brings enterprises towards them because they know that's a huge selling point you know all comes into marketing right yeah I imagine you're you're seeing a commercial for cuts are blocking the future and it's like well you know with us you pay no gas


go with the you know whatever it is if you're having any pain gas with us you pay no gas simple marketing like that it's just a huge game changer yeah yeah that's that's one thing I love about it for sure

me too and so I'll so it almost seems like a data is trying to make it easier for adoption not only from the user perspective you know whether it's you or I or anyone of our listeners are using when the doubts that are built on container but it's also also the smart contract language that they use which makes it


for developers to also build on today

that's right

so they make it easy on both sides for the developers and the users

yeah hundred percent and ease of adoption from both sides is key for developers to have to come in and learn a completely new smart contract language when they're especially for newer blockchains that need to poach developers from other ecosystems if you have to learn this new complex language well maybe you're just not going to go all together



a comp

company like today no which is offering us an easy language and also benefits for the consumer in the enterprise what they're doing is potentially creating an environment where things can scale up quite rapidly


you know like if once the real world adoption does start for Dana things can go pretty well for them and that's what you might see that twenty thirty forty fifty acts so you when you look at the ecosystem right now after Dana there's not a lot there if you go on the website you can check out their ecosystem they've got the bare minimum they've got a wallet attacks a launch pad I swap a liquidity provider and energy market place you know one of each of those things there's not a ton of users on there but when you're looking for the sleeping giants you know these mid cap gems that's kind of what you're looking for you're looking for a platform that really hasn't seen adoption yet because once it seems adoption then you're never gonna get that hundred X. again for the token price right yes like buying salon at two dollars


you know now it's down at forty or fifty or whatever it is it's still a bargain but you're not gonna get that hundred thousand ax three adoption so that's what we like to do is find these platforms with superior technology that are pre adoption they are riskier bets for sure but when you put two and two together and you had your bats over a few plot platforms that you can find those life changing gains

yeah I mean containers trading pretty dump a lot there's like a dollar fifty or some like that significantly down from its all time high

all time I was twenty four

twenty four box twenty four Bucks holy ****

so stand off one fifty


so right there that's you know

twelve acts or whatever it is that how it was I mean the whole the position to be in at the moment especially like the art so gorgeous going back to that packed language that they use it's readable by non developers and the cool thing I like about it is that automatically detects bugs before they exploit so in terms of talking about developing ecosystem Oct is multi protocol so right now because most developers can use pact to build on container and the working brain

on polka dot

so they are now trying to see this they're trying to bring on different blockchains

yeah like that which is sweet I think the the the whole thing about packed it frees you from the explores the like the exploits that you potentially face before it happened exactly and you know it kinda reminds me of Casper how you can change the smart contract it's another way of mitigating says like you know if you **** up a smart contract and there's a vulnerability well I'm most blockchains news group


with Casper you can change it when it's live whereas with today now it'll take it'll tested kind of before it goes out for you right so there's different ways of mitigating hacks and and vulnerabilities and security and I think having that as as part of the the sales pitch so to speak


well we'll work volumes for them for sure

absolutely so I'm really liking so far with their security because hockey to gauge I think is actually massive you know what the weather's like two billion tax ready to two billion dollars worth of hacks this year so I really like to focus on that one thing that really cut the one reason I didn't really want it to continue investing a cadet I I wasn't at around five dollars I sold off around six forty six fifty and but we're not really

kind attorney at the time before doing the research like more research into this project and we were researching products all the time it's was it they're talking omics saw the only have twenty percent of tokens in circulation


but that's right that's because I was like off artist of eighty percent or tokens to be released on my I don't know if I want to be buying this thing right


when you dig into it this is where it gets interesting

this is the best part this is the best part yet

so seventy percent of their tokens go to the minors so team only hold six percent early investors only hold six percent of tokens so this seventy percent of the tokens of the agenda talking armature so that twenty percent of bin is currently in circulation they have a Max a plight of twenty billion a sorry one billion so seventy percent because the miners which which is seven or nine of those tokens so that's all for the rewards for the proof of work mining that's what rewards are

right so

even though yes they have a lot talking to be released it's not really for the team of the investors but it's also the Dick the period time which they're going to be released it's designed to be released over the course of a hundred years so


inflation that's gonna Kerr is really not that significant

rights on the surface you might see twenty percent circulating circulating supply and you think that you're gonna get dumped on yeah every time it spikes you're gonna get dumped on dum dum dum dum but when you look under the hood the token offerings are designed to actually prolong the project to make sure everything you know especially when you have a project that is proof of work you have to have the reward set up differently right how can going up to the minute because if it's a different way of creating tokens than most other projects which are proof of stake


my big coin right


miners have the rewards

so I found that really interesting I might because at first I was like really deterred from it but now I'm like actually quite good twenty percent because the platform and six percent early investors and it's a gradual release to the early investors remember twenty six percent and it's not deterred released out to twenty thirty right so just another eight years released but so slow and what I really like what they did is this last year they reduce the emission of tokens from forty eight million per year down to twenty two million per year


so the reduced it so that it's more fair favorable for the community and it's actually the most community fair favorable token distribution among all there once

I like it


so we're getting into a few things obviously that it's sounding you know the case for containers down pretty good


so you know again going back to our ecosystem it is small issue at the moment but if you go to the website you can see they've just launched well just in the past six months whatever a hundred million grant for wed three builders we always you know when we look at how did you research on crypto projects one of the things we always say is look for these grants because it shows you that growth is coming there is money behind the project you know talk about this with me protocol they had their billion dollar grant and the token spiked this back in the the the twenty one bar on so when you see that content has that hundred million Graham behind it and they're aiming to grow metaverse gaming N. F. T. E.'s defied douse everything they want in the container ecosystem so that's another tick for me that they had that money behind it and you just know that there are gonna be projects building on it

yeah they are developing and what you what you want to find projects that are building right now and are developing and the fact that they do have this hundred million dollar grant in addition to the our plane to double their employee head count by the end of the year as well so they're hiring you know the growing the hiring the offering these grants line that's what you want to see so you said before the podcast you're looking trying to find some news articles went on today and there's really not a lot out there


I can be a good thing they're spending their their efforts right now towards building versus marketing

for share so now I think we should talk about the team


because that team of data is another very interesting thing so the founders Stewart and William they created JP Morgan's first blockchain and let the SEC's crypto committee


so right away one of them bill JP Morgan's first blockchain and the other one led to the SEC's crypto committee I will want to gloss over that these are two they've got connections


an experience with the biggest of the biggest enterprises and government offices that can come in handy moving forward

sabar what you know it's about who you know

that's right

right so you see what the SEC's do attacks appear Ripoll over there so whatever Sir connections that these guys have could go a long way the other crate JPM coin I believe it was so

and I think it gives us clues into


they want to Dana going right yeah it's built for a reason they would have seen problems in the enterprises and organizations that they worked in previously in our lives and said this is the solution we need it needs to be a hundred percent secure hence provoked but also scalable hence prefers steak and they've traded this hybrid blockchain that you know in our opinion I think is designed specifically for these huge enterprises that have very vulnerable data weather be healthcare data or finance data or government data thank you know this cannot we cannot have this being hacked


so they're creating this hybrid blockchain specifically for big money by big companies and with big companies comes big money


so can you put two and two together you know who's on their advisory team hi dear how inventor of blockchain



are you the most cited author oxytocin aka motos two thousand eight the coin white paper


so between the adviser on the two founders to pretty **** strong community a

yeah so again you know you're you're doing a research on crypto projects text tex axes techs team that's a massive green tech for me yes if you're into that team the P. advisers on the board

they even have like if you go to meet some of their like lesser known individuals they have software engineer from Google Microsoft excel

yeah for sure so it looks like they're aiming at security insurance financial and healthcare sectors


and you know depending on how you want to position your portfolio it might be nice to have some coins are going after these corporate sectors as opposed to something that's more consumer facing like a salon or something like that right games and entities and stuff so you can balance out the portfolio some of these bank your coins are corporate coins whatever might make sense to to have a look at

yeah especially we went on the website says capable of scaling to settle the nine plus billion trades executed on the New York Stock Exchange each day I think we can kind of see where the where this company's hiding and I'm not if they are imagine if I did the York Stock Exchange somehow out of was facilitate on today the transaction fees

the new York block exchange yeah I mean honestly I kids long term they might build some sort of sister thing that and K. day now like it if it's the most secure that is scalable for doing it's built for this purpose


that's you know it's a long shot bet but Hey if that comes through things going a hundred accidental

we all know the way JPMorgan likes to manipulate things to sell surely there can manipulate and and their favorite

if they come out and say can we will never use today not

by using it

there are using right so let's look at there are some real world use cases that could Dana has been building towards over the last couple years so they're working with a company called USEF and they are developing financial products so they're already kind of building which would probably be like a smaller version of what they would eventually want to do with JP Morgan they're also working with a company called right I'm AT and they're working on a pilot with the U. S. food and drug administration the FDA


working on an application that tracks where food is sourced from if it's safe and all kind of stuff surfeit blockchain supply chain for food and health and safety all right now that is one of the things we always talk about having a big application for blockchain software


they're already doing it and the working with the FDA

wow I don't know that

that's a big one that's that's huge it's just in the trial phases and they're specifically using it right now to track C. B. D. oil from farm to consumer but what they're doing is they're collecting this real world data out and making sure everything is done as they say it you know you go to the grocery store it's like this is organic yeah well I assured that guy in the back just in putting organic sticker on it


you know if if that's all tracked on the blockchain while you can trace it back to where it came from


that's what blockchain you know supply chain management is going to eventually do for us and if if today is got a one up in there already working with a company with the FDA they've got some got some lines on some interesting things here

yeah I like as much with all the supply chain issues that are kind of occurring around the world right now I think that's gonna be obsolete massive sector you know I would be curious maybe even do like a deep dive into V. trying

and kind of see where they're at what whether it was a crazy facts about the chain I think we get it I think a big sum up

if you currently have a beach a lesson on the comment to be cool so maybe we could set me up

yeah I mean if if there's any project you guys want to do a truth about a deep dive into let us know in the comments if it gets lots of likes then you know we'll do it for you

yeah we see all the comments you guys lay out there we do appreciate them there there's some really lovely ones are coming through lately we appreciate you guys actually the like and subscribe but it helps is a **** ton


and tune into the next episode

that one's going to be a banger

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