$5 Million For Being Black, And Other Terrible Policy Ideas - Transcripts

March 16, 2023

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Credit Suisse draws closer to the edge of collapse as the Saudis pull their funding; San Francisco considers giving $5 million to black adults as race reparations; and wokes go insane over a Charlie Kirk speech while the media declare wokeness is a figment of the imagination. Click here to join the member exclusive portion of my show: https://utm.io/ueSEj - - -  DailyWire+: Become a DailyWire+ member to gain access to movies, shows, documentaries, and more: https://bit.ly/3lfVtwK  Watch Dr. Jordan B. Peterson’s Logos & Literacy for FREE for a limited time: https://bit.ly/400owUi Get your Ben Shapiro merch here: https://bit.ly/3TAu2cw  - - -  Today’s Sponsors: ExpressVPN - Get 3 Months FREE of ExpressVPN: https://expressvpn.com/ben PureTalk - Get 50% off your first month with promo code ‘SHAPIRO’ https://www.puretalkusa.com/landing/SHAPIRO Epic Will - Save 10% off your complete will package: https://www.epicwill.com/shapiro Policygenius - Get your free life insurance quote & see how much you could save: http://policygenius.com/SHAPIRO ZipRecruiter - Try ZipRecruiter for FREE: https://www.ziprecruiter.com/dailywire - - - Socials: Follow on Twitter: https://bit.ly/3cXUn53  Follow on Instagram: https://bit.ly/3QtuibJ  Follow on Facebook: https://bit.ly/3TTirqd  Subscribe on YouTube: https://bit.ly/3RPyBiB Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices


Suisse draws closer to the edge of collapse as the Saudis pull their funding. San Francisco considers giving $5 million to black adults as race reparations, and the Wokes go insane over a Charlie Kirk speech, while the media declare that wokeness is a figment of your imagination. I'm Ben Shapiro. This is the Ben Shapiro Show. This show is sponsored by ExpressVPN. It's time to stand up against big tech, protect your data at expressvpn.com slash Ben. Well, we were told by the Biden administration that all the pain was basically over, that now that they bailed out the depositors of Silicon Valley Bank all would be well. The problem, as we discussed over the last couple of days, is that none of that is true. You've created massive systemic risk, you've just redistributed the risk for the moment, but that risk will eventually recoaless and there will be more bank failures and there will be more bank runs and there will be more economic uncertainty, if not outright depression. And the reason for that is because you have created systemic problems. The world's stupidest people are running the world's biggest institutions with the world's most power. And that is a serious, serious issue.

we saw this during the COVID pandemic, where people who were basically single-factor analysts were in charge of all global policy. The single factor they cared about was the spread of COVID. They did not care about the impact of COVID, they didn't care about the impacts of the shutdowns. They didn't care about age striation they didn't care about the impact of how vaccines should be gotten to the people. They didn't care about any of that, they didn't care about one thing and one thing only. And those single-factor analysts were the experts, and because they were the experts, we listened to them on this, their area of expertise. All other issues were to be put aside. While the same thing has now happened with the economy, we simply leave it in the hands of central banks to figure out all policy. And all they are focused on is their mandate. And their mandate is twofold. One, keeping liquidity so that there isn't some sort of depression. And two, reducing inflation.

The problem is very often those two things are in conflict. And it really should be our elected officials who are making economic policy. It should not be central bank officials who are manipulating the currency here and there in order to achieve political purposes, because again, they're using single factor analysis and they're really not answerable to the general public at large. But that's exactly what is happening country after country after country. They've created a set of perverse incentives and then everybody else in the universe is supposed to operate under this set of perverse incentives. And so that meant with Silicon Valley Bank is that because of wild inflation of the currency, because of extraordinary amounts of liquidity pushed into the system between 2020 and 2022, they took all of that money and they stuffed it back into government bonds. And the assumption that these magical government actors, these experts would never allow those bonds to basically go belly up. The bonds went belly up, Silicon Valley Bank went belly up. And now we are seeing that this is not just a United States problem, this is a global problem. According to the New York Times, fear about the unseen risks of the financial system rippled across the globe on Wednesday, breaking the brief column that had settled over markets and deepening worries that a banking crisis could threaten the economy. The turmoil was set off by a panic over the health of Credit Suisse, 166 year old Swiss bank that has been reeling from years of mismanagement and poor risk control. And that warned this week about problems in its own accounting practices.

Now the Swiss banks difficulties differ from the woes of the American banks that have collapsed in recent days. Concern about Credit Suisse added to a sense of dread about the economy in general. In an attempt to calm investors, Nerve Switzerland Central Bank, the Swiss National Bank, said late in the day, it would step in if necessary to keep Credit Suisse afloat. Several hours later, the troubled lender said it would borrow up to 50 billion Swiss francs. That's about $54 billion from the central bank to ward off concerns about its financial health. So once again, the central bank's stepping into save failing institutions. And the problem is, of course, that when you step into save failing institutions, you're incentivizing failure. You are telling people they should take riskier strategies with other people's money. After all, the government is simply going to fill in the gap. Now, the government does not have money of its own. The government can only print money or it can tax money. That is it.

The government does not have any other method of making money other than, you know, old style imperialism and capture of other countries' money. But that's not something that I think is really on the table. At this point, Credit Suites itself is in some pretty serious trouble. I mean, whenever you're having to take out $54 billion from the Swiss National Bank as sort of a sort of a backstop, you got a real problem. According to CNBC, shares of Credit Suites on Wednesday plunged to a fresh all-time low for the second consecutive day after a top investor in the embattled Swiss bank said it would not be able to provide any more cash due to regulatory restrictions. Trading in the bank's plummeting stock was halted several times throughout the morning as it fell below $2.17 for the very first time. Swiss listed Credit Suites shares ended the session down 24%. And part of the problem is that the biggest investor in Credit Suites, the Saudi National Bank, said it would not provide the Swiss bank with any further financial assistance according to Reuters report sparking the latest leg lower. Saudi National Bank chairman said we can't go below, we can't go above 10% because it's a regulatory issue. He said S&B is happy with Credit Suites' transformational plan. They suggested that the bank is probably fine, but when your biggest investor is saying because of regulation, we can't inject more money into your company, that's a pretty serious problem. And all of this is the result of centralizing so much power at the central banks and then all of the other actors in the economy reacting to that centralized power.

And then according to The Wall Street Journal, you have liquidity in general is crying up. So at the same time that you have the central banks trying to inject liquidity into the economy to backstop all of these institutions that had bet on further liquidity injections. At the same time, they're trying to tamp down inflation. And so you have these two forces, that are now at odds inside virtually every major central bank in the West. And actually throughout the world, according to The Wall Street Journal, the markets for the world's safest and most liquid assets. The government bonds issued by the U.S. and other rich countries came under immense stress on Wednesday following a week of worries about the health of global banks. Liquidity, the capacity to trade quickly at quoted prices, has fallen sharply in two of the keystone markets, those for U.S. Treasuries and German buns, according to traders. Difficulties including wider price spreads and slower executions are now spreading to many other markets, they said, including those for derivatives, that firms and traders used to lock in prices and hedge risks weeks and months ahead of time, likes options and futures and swaps. This means also the ability, as the article suggests, to trade quickly. It means that if you have a piece of stock, how fast can you sell that stock?

Does it take you a while? You have to bargain? Is there a big spread between what you're asking and what somebody is willing to pay? All of that means that all of your assets are not nearly as, quote unquote, liquid as they otherwise would be. Traders said that the turmoil, driven in part by fear that an economic reversal might be ahead, was rippling into stocks and helping fuel a decline of more than 700 points in the down industrials at its session lows on Wednesday. The blue chip gauge prepared some of those losses and ended down 281 points yesterday as well. Again, Credit Suisse is in trouble. Trading was for neck. Trading volumes in the Treasury market appeared to be at twice typical levels. Everybody is sort of freaking out. And so when the Biden administration says that everything is fine, they are wrong. It turns out that the Biden administration also facilitated really, really crappy policy with regard to Silicon Valley Bank itself.

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And it's puretalk.com. Promo code Shapiro. Okay. So it turns out that the Biden administration basically has now set us up for a giant fail, largely because the other option that was on the table with regard to Silicon Valley Bank, namely allowing another financial institution to buy it so that taxpayers were not actually on the hook. Well, all those other banks that could have bought Silicon Valley Bank were basically barred from bidding on it by the FDIC and by the Biden administration. According to Semaphore, the largest US banks didn't even submit a bid for Silicon Valley Bank over the weekend, largely because they were initially excluded from the sales process by the FDIC. And then they ran out of time as a result, which is a huge botchery. So now you have the federal government saying it's going to backstop all unsecured deposits across the United States economy. We're talking $78 trillion. You know, it would have been a better solution, allowing one of the big banks to buy up the failing Silicon Valley Bank, fill in all of the unsecured, unsecured creditors, essentially, and then move on with our lives. But apparently the Biden administration didn't want to let that happen. The agency is led by FDIC chair Martin Gruenberg, who's been publicly critical of consolidation in the industry and eventually allowed the biggest global banks into the auction.

But that was too late. Bids were due on Sunday afternoons, too late to ensure a deal could be announced before the market opened on Monday. The four largest US lenders, JPMorgan Chase Bank of America, Citigroup, and Wells Fargo, are already big enough they would need a regulatory waiver to buy another deposit-taking bank. The FDIC is now still trying to find some sort of buyer for the SVP. Again, the fact that it was not sold is now due to the FDIC, because they were skeptical of even allowing it to be sold in the first place. Unsurprisingly, the economy is slowing as a result of literally all of the things that we are watching as a slow-building perfect storm is being created. According to The Wall Street Journal, a drop in retail sales and easing price pressures in February offered preliminary signs of a cooling economy as the spread of financial turmoil on Wall Street called into question whether the Federal Reserve would continue to raise those interest rates. So now you have the markets, I think, betting the wrong way that the Federal Reserve is not going to raise interest rates, that in the interest of preserving liquidity in the banks, they're not going to raise those interest rates again. I think they've got the wrong idea. I think that the Federal Reserve is very likely to raise the interest rates by 0.25% points. Then the markets, as they always do, are going to react very badly to that. And this is all the result of having too much power in one place.

That is the story of our nation's economy, that is the story of a bad left-wing governance or easy money governance. It's also the story of what's happening in San Francisco. So, first of all, San Francisco deserves whatever comes to it. San Francisco is a city that has basically decided to obliterate itself. In every sense, they decided to obliterate themselves demographically. There are more pets than children in San Francisco. They've decided to obliterate themselves in terms of class structure. You are either very rich or very poor in San Francisco. They've decided to obliterate themselves in terms of the tech industry. There's no one in the right mind who had found a company in San Francisco right now, given the state and local regulations and taxes in San Francisco. And now they're going to obliterate themselves by apparently giving each eligible black resident of the city of San Francisco $5 million, $5 million. Also, a city appointed panel, according to the BBC, suggests guaranteed annual incomes of $97,000, $97,000 for qualifying recipients and homes in San Francisco for $1 a family.

Now, I will just remind you that slavery was never legal in the state of California. The state of California was admitted to the union as a non-slavery state. The city's board of supervisors has begun considering the recommendations. Supporters say it would be just compensation to black Americans for the legacy of slavery and racism. The San Francisco board enthusiastically welcomed the proposal at Tuesday's first hearing, according to the AP. The committee's draft proposal first released in December outlines more than 100 suggestions. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the reparations committee chairman Eric McDonald said, when you consider all the ways in which the systems and practices have been managed to exclude and steal, if you will, the opportunity for financial mobility, families are hurting and have been for decades, if not longer. Financial repair is time sensitive. This is not one that can or should wait. So Californians, again, were never slave owners. California, in fact, was one of the chief places that residents of the southern part of the United States, who are black, attempted to move to, to get away from the worst aspects of segregation in the United States. Not to say that California never had racial discrimination, of course it did, but it wasn't nearly to the extent that the American South had racial discrimination, for example, which is why it was one of the chief sources of inflow of black immigration throughout the 20th century.

Well, this is insane, of course. And it follows a pattern of a bunch of left-wing cities now attempting this sort of stuff. In 2021, Evanston, Illinois approved reparations for some residents, including money for home repairs, down payments and interest or lay penalties due on property. Now, they don't really know in San Francisco how to qualify people. About 50,000 black people living in San Francisco. It is not clear how many would be eligible. Qualifying criteria include that a person would need to be at least 18 and have identified as black or African-American public documents for at least a decade. So what they're afraid of is Rachel Dolezal. They're afraid of people who are gonna show up and be like, oh yeah, by the way, I'm black. Here I am, right here. It is not clear how long you would have to live in San Francisco in order to attain that $5 million. It'll be fascinating to see if they put migration restrictions on black Americans to keep them from taking advantage of the program.

Be like, you have to have lived here for three years and be black in order for you to actually, not for like two decades, not for your grandparents, not your great grandparents. You can have been born in 2010, essentially. You have to be 18. So I suppose you have to be born in 2005, black in San Francisco. And we will now give you $5 million, a $97,000 universal basic income and a home for a buck. Okay, this is so insane. It is unfair, obviously, to the residents of San Francisco. It is unfair to the future of San Francisco. But you know what? Place two begins with stupid prizes. I very much look forward to seeing the result of this unbelievable garbage policy. It all ties into the notion of wokeness that is promoted by the left.

But the left insists that wokeness doesn't really exist. We'll get to that in a moment. First, I have some bad news. Everyone is going to die. Everyone in this audience, everybody who's making the show, we will all die. I know, that's some really dark news right here on a Thursday, but I'm just gonna tell you, at least you can make provision for that. You can make provision for your family. So God forbid you're hit by a train. At least you know where your assets are going to be disposed of. And presumably they will not go to the San Francisco city government to redistribute a five million dollars a person. According to a recent poll, 62% of Americans who think about their own death a lot of the time don't have a will, which is unbelievably stupid. If you think about your own death, you should just go make a will.

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Where all this will come from, no one knows. So this means San Francisco isn't actually going to do it, but this is an aspect of wokeness. So San Francisco is playing the Ibram X Candy game. And this is the natural outcome of the Ibram X Candy game. You look at populations inside San Francisco and what you see is a tremendous racial disparity in terms of income. Okay, the income gap in San Francisco is really significant. By the way, the people who are most gonna be hurt by this are actually not the white residents of San Francisco. In fact, according to the 2020 census, white Americans are only about 45% of the racial makeup of San Francisco. It's Asian, as always. Asians will be disproportionately impacted. I love the Democratic Party. They're like, man, we hate racism.

Make those Asians not get into Harvard and also we should have them pay reparations in San Francisco to black Americans. Because the population of San Francisco is 34% Asian. It's about 5% black, by the way. Household income by race, however, there are some pretty significant disparities by race in San Francisco. And this is apparently why I suppose Asians are supposed to pay black Americans, black Americans, median household income by race in California and San Francisco. They make about $29,000 a year, but white Americans and Asian Americans are making an excess of $75,000 or $100,000 a year. So it's just basic redistribution. It's essentially just redistributionist nonsense. And because it's redistributionist nonsense, what that means is that group equity will be achieved. That is the goal of the woke movement. The goal of the woke movement, if you had to define wokeness, wokeness makes a couple of key claims. It suggests that all the institutions of society are designed to preserve discrimination.

They're designed by the powerful to preserve discrimination. And all group disparities are the result of said discrimination. So when you see any differential between black income and say, white income in the city of San Francisco, that must be, because the systems have been designed to the detriment of black Americans in San Francisco. Again, it does not explain why Asians are doing so well across the board in the United States. It does not explain why Latinos have seen tremendous income mobility in the United States—much better income mobility actually in the United States—than for example American descendants of slaves. It does not explain why Black Americans who are not ADAS, right, who actually came later in Nigerian-Americans or Canadian Americans—why so many of them are doing great in fact Nigerian Americans may be the highest educated group in America by some survey data. It doesn't explain any of that, but it doesn't have to explain because it makes a claim about the universe and that claim about the universe is incredibly compelling to people who believe that all evils and disparities in the universe can be explained by the malice of others. Well, it's that precise view that leads to things like riots at a Charlie Kirk event at UC Davis. So this was amazing footage. I mean, again, we are using state taxpayer dollars, dumbest people making the dumbest policy, they're using state taxpayer dollars to fund a bunch of baby idiots to smash windows when a person they disagree with speaks. According to Mediaite, a TPUSA event with Charlie Kirk at UC Davis plunged into chaos on Tuesday night when protesters, including black clan Antifa members, clashed outside the venue in a fracas that resulted in two arrests, two. Kirk's appearance at the campus was already causing anxiety before the event.

There was an opinion piece published in the Sacramento Bee, the morning of the event in which the opinion assistant Hannah Holzer called Kirk a fascist and claimed that he called for the lynching of trans people, which of course is a lie and the piece had to be corrected because it was a lie. The Bee then updated its piece, essentially adding Charlie Kirk's denial that he was calling for lynching. The video itself is rather astonishing. Charlie tweeted out violent left wing agitators just smashed through windows outside of the event venue here at UC Davis. Reports are that some of this group made their way into the building before police successfully removed them, pray for peace and safety for all involved. Members of protesters were on the campus ahead of the event, including a large group of law enforcement officers. The two groups clashed as objects were thrown, including eggs while glass window panes were broken. Here's a little bit of the video. Here come the protesters, and the cops are rushing inside here locking the windows. And here are these people come smashing the windows to try to get through at the people inside, picking the windows, smashing them. And these are these are the best educated among us. So glad that UC Davis State School and have this sort of activity take place at it.

the event UC Davis released a statement saying one police officer was injured in the clash while one officer sustained an injury when he was jumped on from behind and pushed it to the ground. So good times. Protesters also blocked the walking path toward the event space having been at the center of some of these fraccuses before. I can tell you that the Wokeys are perfectly happy to engage in violence when it serves their purpose. And of course, they will be treated with kid gloves by the administration because the left is very fond of the Wokeys. They believe that they are essentially the shock troops for liberal social policy, even if they engage in policies that many on the left would say are a little over the top. The problem is they're just too passionate. They're too passionate. Well, they're simultaneously engaging in this sort of stuff. And meanwhile, the left is claiming that wokeness doesn't exist, that it's sort of a buzzword. It's a form of high level gaslighting we'll get to in a moment. First, let's again talk about the fact that, you know, the end of life for all of us will look the same.

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You know when you see it. But I think the way that it bleeds down to most people is essentially weaponized political correctness, it's political correctness with the new equity guys. Well, Bethany Mandel, who is the author of new book called Stolen Youth with D.W. Books, it is now a national bestseller. She was on a show called Rising with Brianna Joy Grey. The lead up to this particular clip and I call Bethany to ask her about it though, the lead up to this particular clip, apparently, was that off the air with Brianna Joy Grey was saying on a hot mic that Bethany could hear about how much she really does not like parents and thinks that parents have kids as an act of narcissism and stuff. Bethany happens to be a mother of six, including a newborn. In any case, that threw her off. But this clip went viral, not just because it's always good TV when someone freezes up or has a bad moment on TV, but because the left used this as evidence that the right has been using wokeness as sort of a catch-all term that means nothing in order to rip on people, which is not true. Here's the clip, and then we'll discuss Bethany's actual definition.

And probably fewer of them consider themselves to be woke. And so when we talk about traditional

rape, what does that mean to you? Would you mind defining woke because it's come up a couple times

and I just want to make sure we're on the same page. So I mean, woke is sort of the idea that this is going to be one of those moments that goes viral. I mean, woke is something that's very hard to define. And we've spent an entire chapter defining it. It is sort of the understanding that we need to totally reimagine and re-reduce society in order to create hierarchies of oppression. It's hard to explain in a 15-second soundbite.

Okay, so the left side, oh my gosh, she couldn't explain in a 15-second soundbite? So later Bethany tweeted out her definition of wokeness, which again, there is a real definition of wokeness. I've given it myself. I've given full speeches on it. Bethany tweeted out, quote, a radical belief system suggesting that our institutions are built around discrimination and claiming that all disparity is a result of that discrimination. It seeks a radical redefinition of society in which equality of group result is the end point enforced by an angry mob. pretty good definition. It's a pretty good definition. So again, there are a bunch of definitions of wokeness, but they all share these same common features, right? It is the equity claim of the Biden administration that any time you see an imbalance in life that is due to evils in the system that must be destroyed, because the systems are actually systems of oppression and power. That's what it means. But the Left started trotting this thing around in order to claim that wokeness doesn't actually exist, and this is just high-level gaslighting.

The notion that the right has no idea what wokeness is, is just a way for them to avoid the consequences of their own crap woke policies. So, for example, there's a piece by Philip Bum, wildly dishonest columnist for the Washington Post, titled, A Viral Moment Reinforces the Hallowness of Woke as an Attack. Mandel had been asked a seemingly simple question by Gray. She was on the show to promote a book she wrote with another conservative writer, Carol Markowitz, a book that purports to demonstrate how radicals are indoctrinating young people in America. And then he quotes her, and then he says, we might rephrase that slightly. Woke, as often deployed by the right, refers to something emanating from or related to cultural issues that you understand as or want to portray as bad. So, vagueness of woke as a pejorative has come into relief in recent days, et cetera, et cetera. So, woke doesn't actually exist. So, you guys coined the term, and you guys defined the term, and then you guys expanded the terms that it applies to virtually everything. And then, when Bethany freezes on TV, that means wokeness doesn't exist. Now, this stupid game, it may obscure for the moment what exactly you are trying to do, but it doesn't actually obscure your policy. And that's the thing.

Your policies themselves will have consequences. Call them woke, don't call them woke. It doesn't really matter all that much. The fact of the matter is that your ideology boils down to bad policy. And that bad policy has consequences, and those consequences are evident for everyone to see, and we are seeing people right now vote with their feet, vote with their money. This is gonna have dramatic ramifications for the future of the United States, the fact that this ideology has pervaded into the highest echelons of the Democratic Party and down to the lowest echelons of American society in terms of income, in terms of socioeconomic status, and all of the rest. To pretend that wokeness doesn't exist while you guys actively promote it is pretty incredible. Now, speaking of wokeness, you know, there is New York Attorney General, Letitia James, who essentially got Andrew Cuomo thrown out of office on the basis of a report that wasn't big enough to actually prosecute, but did allow her to essentially open a pathway to herself to run for the nomination for governor in New York. Shouldn't win, obviously. She has now decided that she's going to hold a drag story hour event open to children. So if you want to talk about, you know, wokeness in society, this is one aspect of wokeness, all the mechanisms of society are designed to oppress, not only Black Americans, San Francisco claims, but also LGBTQ Americans, and thus we must fight back against the system by indoctrinating the youngest members of our society to hate the institutions and believe that all rules, roles, and responsibilities are wrong. So now, New York Attorney General Letitia James is holding a drag queen event for children, along with a number of other elected officials.

They're holding a drag story hour. This will be Sunday, March 19th at the center on West 13th Street. She will be joined by no less than four assembly members. She'll be joined by no less than six council members, as well as a state senator. My office is proud to host a drag story hour readathon James stated in the Instagram post, advertising the event. But don't worry, they're not coming for your kids. Don't worry, it's all a figment of your imagination. It's always a figment of your imagination. This is the stupid game that they play. It's always a figment of your imagination, and if you protest against it, well, probably you're protesting against because you're a bigot, or because you just have a very lively imagination. When you notice that there is an active attempt to recruit into a woke ideology and you can define woke? Well, that's probably because, you know, you're exaggerating or you're just crazy.

Now, here is the thing most Americans are not going to stand for this. Most Americans are not into this. And so, if this comes down to a battle between the Wokes and the Notwokes, and among the Wokes you also have to include all the people who are gaslighting on behalf of Woke and us, the Notwokes are going to win. They're just many, many more of them. If this comes down to a cultural battle between Letitia James sponsoring drag queen story hour for children and Ron DeSantis and his ideology in Florida, which is now making good on his promise to stop sexually oriented events directed at children. DeSantis is going to win. So as Breitbart is now reporting, Governor DeSantis' administration in Florida is now making good on its promise to target facilities allowing children to attend sexually explicit drag shows and seeking to revoke the alcohol license of the Hyatt Regency in Miami over a drag show that took place in December, which allowed kids to be in attendance. According to the administrative complaint, the event in question was a drag queen Christmas, which occurred at the James L. Knight Center connected to the hotel giant December 27th. Part of the complaint, Respondent promoted the show using targeted, Christmas-themed promotional materials that did not provide notice as to the sexually explicit nature of the show's performances or other content. Rather than call attention to the show's sexually explicit, content or acknowledge it might not be appropriate for children, Respondent's promotional materials unequivocally stated quote all ages welcome, apparently during the show. And in the presence of a person less than 16 years of age, performers appeared on stage wearing sexually suggestive clothing and prosthetic female genitalia.

Apparently, the performance also featured quote numerous segments or performance were performers engaged in acts of sexual conduct, sexual activity, and lewd, vulgar, and indecent displays, including performers forcibly penetrating or rubbing their exposed prosthetic female crests against the faces or oral cavities of audience members, as well as simulating masturbation through performers digitally penetrating prosthetic female genitalia. It also noted the sexually explicit nature of the show's Christmas songs, which included screwed off the red-nippled reindeer, salad stuff there from these folks, targeting children, really, really good stuff. And the state of Florida is going to crack down on that as well, they should. So meanwhile, you know, you guys can pretend that we don't know what Wilkman says. We do. We see it. And we see the consequences of it. And you guys are cruising for a bruising. I understand that you're going to put up an unthreatening old man, Joe Biden, in order to rebut accusations that you're radical, but it ain't going to stop. It ain't going to stop what's coming. There's a wave coming and Democrats are going to earn the scorn of the American people. They certainly have so far.

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shows you the impact it had on the Western world. Here's the trailer. I was very much struck by how

the translation of the biblical writings jump-started the development of literacy

across the entire world. Illiteracy was the norm. The pastor's home was the first school,

and every morning it would begin with singing. The Christian faith is a singing religion. Probably 80% of scripture memorization today exists only because of what is sung.

This is amazing. Here we have a Gutenberg Bible printed on the press of Johann Gutenberg. Science and religion are opposing forces in the world, but historically that has not

been the case. Now the book is available to everyone. From Shakespeare to modern education

and medicine and science to civilization itself. It is the most influential book in all history,

and hopefully people can walk away with at least a sense of that. Logos and Literacy, it's amazing stuff. This is the part where normally I tell you Logos and Literacy is only available for our Daily Wire Plus members. However, we are making it available for free for everyone at dailywireplus.com right now, only for a limited time. So watch Jordan Peterson's Logos and Literacy today at dailywireplus.com. Now again, one of the things that the left is doing in order to prevent people from seeing the consequences of their own radical nature and many of the things that they are doing that are radical is they're trotting out a person who appears unthreatening. I've said this for literally years. I said since 2016, believe it or not, the best nominee for the Democrats would be Joe Biden. I said that specifically because he appears old and unthreatening. That's the best thing you can do if you're a Democrat and you have a very threatening program. The best thing you can do is trot out somebody who appears elderly and infirm and unthreatening. It makes it very difficult to attack the guy.

He's radical because of course, no matter how radical he is, he also appears as though he is on the verge of death. Joe Biden, increasingly these days, looks as though he is a warmed over corpse. Well, that does grant you the ability to claim that he's not radical. After all, dead people aren't all that radical. He continues to trot out there. And when I say trot, I mean walk very slowly and carefully across Linoleum. He yesterday was speaking and he started babbling again about doctors and nurses. He has these kind of rolodex of weird lines that he keeps using and it's growing increasingly

strange. Are there nurses in the house? Where are the nurses? Here we go. Now look, I've been a significant consumer of health care my family has. Doctors let you live. Nurses, male and female make you want to live. Where are the nurses? Here we go. What? No, I'm serious. The single most

underrated profession in America. The nurses and then she breathed in my ear. And I said,

oh, I want to live now. Now I want to live before I wanted to die. Now life is so precious. He also did this routine. I don't know. Apparently there's a thing he does a lot. There are people who are in a balcony watching him and he told them not to jump, which apparently is, as we'll discuss in a moment, a thing he does quite frequently as does the current president of the United States

here. He was yesterday started earlier, not because of the docs decisions, but because of other decisions made. Oh, wow. I didn't see you all up there. Holy mackerel. Don't jump.

Were they on the verge of jumping? I mean, he is a terrible speaker. So maybe they were thinking, apparently is the thing he does all the time. Here is just a short montage of Joe Biden randomly telling people not to jump from, from higher, from higher vantage points. I don't know if he is just channeling random cop on Golden Gate Bridge and what's happening here. But this is he's such a weird old dude. I'm sorry. He's a weird guy. Democrats for a long time. They kept saying Donald Trump was weird. Okay, fine. Gotcha.

Also, this guy's weird.

I'm sorry. Joe Biden's a weirdo. Here we go. That's my grandson, Bo up there and my granddaughter. Don't let him jump. We need him. Don't jump. Don't jump. Don't jump and don't jump. You look crazy enough to jump. Don't jump. Don't jump.

Okay. And we're coming. Don't jump don't

Well, I mean, I guess that is one way to put an elderly and unthreatening face on an insanely nutty legal regimen that you are seeking to pursue here. Well, this does, of course, once again, raise the question as to whether the Republicans are going to run somebody who is capable of beating this doddering elderly gentleman. And right now, I'll say it again, this seems to be, effectively speaking, a two man race at this point. I think that all of the talk about other candidates were getting into the race so far, unless Ron DeSantis falls down on the job. This is basically a race between Trump and DeSantis, and that is what all the polls are showing right now. There are some polls that are showing Trump up, and there are other polls that are showing DeSantis narrowly up. It seems like the momentum right now is with DeSantis. The way that you can tell is by the sort of desperate gambit that Trump has been polling. As of recently, yesterday, Chip Roy preemptively endorsed Ron DeSantis. He characterized him as a, quote, vibrant and energetic leader with the faith, vision, and courage. The chart, a new course, that, of course, be the same, Chip Roy, who tried to lead a rebellion against Kevin McCarthy as speaker and actually was able to claw away from McCarthy a bunch of concessions to the Freedom Caucus. Chip Roy said his style of no-nonsense government and fearless rejection of woke conventional wisdom has demonstrated an appeal to all of us based on our shared values as Americans.

Governor DeSantis makes clear he would lead our nation as commander in chief with the kind of resolve and sober strength that has produced peace through strength. Chip Roy's statement continued, quote, America has been built upon and defined by the sacrifices of one generation for the next, when Republicans choose our 2024 presidential nominee, who I intend to support against Joe Biden or any other Democrat. I believe it's time for a new generation of leadership, it's time for younger but proven leadership to offer America eight solid years of transformational change. That's two kind of sideswipes at Trump right there, quiet sideswipes. Sideswipe number one is he says we need somebody younger, and two, he makes a pretty good point here, which is, you know what would be great is if we nominated someone who can serve eight years, even if Donald Trump would run and win, he can only serve four. Wouldn't it be better to have somebody who can serve eight, that's actually not a terrible argument. Meanwhile, Donald Trump is, of course, preparing his own push against Ron DeSantis. He's been going out and saying weird things like Charlie Chris was an amazing governor of Florida.

And then he was speaking in Iowa and he says that, you know, Ron DeSantis is not going to give you the ethanol subsidies now. I wouldn't care normally. He literally said this. He said, I don't really care if Ron DeSantis would give you the ethanol. But since we're in Iowa, I care right now.

If you weren't running, I'd say he's great, but he's running, so he's terrible. Like Trump just says the quiet part out loud, which is one of the hilarious things about it. Well, now that the beautiful thing about effectively having no centralizing principles is that you can attack and that it's from any side of any issue. So now, believe it or not, Donald Trump's allies are trying to file legal complaints against Ron DeSantis, formally accusing him of violating state ethics and election laws with his shadow presidential campaign. So the president of the United States who claims that state election laws have been geared against him and that he is being unfairly targeted by a wide variety of election officials ranging from New York to Georgia, he's now trying to use the same election laws to target Ron DeSantis. Man, that is, that is a person with enormous amounts of intestinal fortitude and very little capacity for shame. Make America Great Again, Inc. is filing a 15 page complaint with the Florida Commission on Ethics, a draft of which was obtained exclusively by NBC News, who not only are they doing this, they're now leaking it to the same mainstream media legacy outlets that Donald Trump hates. This forum asked the commission to probe whether DeSantis is super packed, his personally lucrative book tour and a continued wave of state level campaign contributions are unlawful because they serve his personal political objectives, which, by the way, no, the answer is no. This does not violate the law. Every candidate who's currently sitting in federal office, who's considering a presidential run is doing many of these same things. Meanwhile, Trump is preparing an extensive apophile on Ron DeSantis, according to Politico.

Again, the fact that Trump's team uses legacy media outlets as his sources of leaks like DeSantis' team, they don't even talk to the legacy media. So the great consternation and rage of the legacy media, right, they're constantly putting out stories about how Team DeSantis is leak free. They won't talk to us. Why won't they talk to us? They need to talk to us. Just talk to us. Meanwhile, Trump is just leaking like a sieve. Not a shock. He was on the phone half of his presidency with Maggie Haberman of The New York Times, while simultaneously decrying Maggie Haberman of The New York Times. According to Politico, Trump's team and his allied pack are preparing an expansive apo research file by poring over DeSantis' record as prosecutor, member of Congress and Florida governor. Among the items a Trump ally group has drilled into is DeSantis' record while serving as an assistant U.S. attorney before running for congressional office with plans to accuse him of being an extremely lenient prosecutor in cases involving, among other things, child pornography.

Yeah, good luck with that. Seriously, good luck with that. That he was soft on child pornography. Uh-huh. He's the governor currently barring Hilton from doing drag shows for children or Hyatt and he is soft on child pornography. Seriously, good luck with that one. Well, we'll see how this how this fight inside the Republican Party plays out over time. Obviously, we're keeping an eye on it. Meanwhile, the most absurd sight of the day yesterday came courtesy of Dylan Mulvaney. Now, you will recognize Dylan Mulvaney from such wonderful videos as that time I got the president of the United States to talk about how I was a woman, even though I'm a man, or alternatively, how I got the president of the United States to endorse transing the children. Dylan Mulvaney had a one-year anniversary party. It was one year as a girl.

It was Dylan Mulvaney's day 365 live. It was a cabaret show at the iconic Rainbow Room in New York and Dylan Mulvaney dressed up as a woman, put his hair up as though he was Audrey Hepburn and wore a sort of classic looking gown and then proceeded to do a bunch of musical cabaret numbers and concluded with this particular number in which many of the Daily Wire voices and hosts are featured, pointing out that Dylan Mulvaney is in fact a dude masquerading as a woman and doing so to the great applause and acclaim of a crowd and making money off of this and doing great by it by pushing the lie that boys can become girls, girls can become boys. So Dylan Mulvaney, to rebut the accusation that Dylan Mulvaney is actually an attention seeking narcissist who desperately wants everybody to give him money for being a fake girl for a year, which, by the way, is precisely what's happening. If you're, this was to celebrate Dylan Mulvaney's one year as a girl, you know, what my daughters did on their one year as a girl anniversary. They had their first birthday party. That's what they did. They remember it because they were one year old. You can't be one year as a girl when you are a dude, but that's the whole point. I mean, the whole point here is to, this is ultimate face tattoos syndrome. What if you act as though you're a girl? But if you masquerade using all of the stereotypical ideas about women, you play act being a girl for a year and then you get all sorts of contracts from mascara companies and you go meet with the president of the United States and you're a better woman than all of the women and you're a hero. You're a hero of the Republic, but you're not doing it for personal benefit at all.

Personal benefit. There's nothing to do with it and it's not about attention seeking at all. It's just about how you feel on the inside, which is why you would do a cabaret show, full on with orchestration and everything at the Rainbow Room and apparently actually charged ticket prices is what I've learned. Apparently that was reported to things like

this. Here is a Dylan Mulvaney's act yesterday supported and you know what? I'm feeling lucky.

Let's Google my name until Mulvaney goes back of a screen and someone is changing his outfit

for him because it's a constant show in Mulvaney is intentionally degrading women every time

he does this woman face minstrel show routine. That one can say he's a woman and become one of the most influential women in America in just six months of wearing dresses and ironing his hair. The patriarchy always wins gang. Oh and there is Dylan Mulvaney as Audrey Hepburn

the difference being that Audrey Hepburn was an actual woman with a vagina. Why would you

give them even a second of your big day? Well these are the people I have to deal with on a regular basis so I thought I should ignore them in the evening. But that doesn't mean you have to listen to them. Well I've always loved a little constructive criticism. Maybe

there's nothing constructive about that. And it's not just criticism, it's indoctrination.

Trans and non-binary people have been around for thousands of years. And then Dylan Mulvaney

sings. Dylan Mulvaney then sings. And if I only could, I'd make a deal with God, not get him to swap our places. Can we pause there? I'm gonna say something that might make people feel a little bit uncomfortable. I'm trying really hard to maintain a relationship with God and I don't think that he made a mistake with me. And that maybe one day I will actually be grateful for being trans. That this isn't some curse but it's just a different path

to the same destination. Okay this is all pre-scripted guys, obviously. Like literally the music stops when Dylan Mulvaney wants to have his little chat about his relationship with God. Which has not come up as far as I'm aware in any of his other public sort of appearances. But now it's so personal. It's so personal. The criticism is all personal. You're doing this in public in a scripted setting that you are charging money for. It's an amazing thing. And if you don't believe that this has to do with earning money at all for Dylan Mulvaney, it is just purely Dylan Mulvaney being Dylan Mulvaney. I ask you a question. Why is this person getting ad deals for being a man masquerading as a woman?

Also, at the end of the show, Mulvaney joyfully declared that she is ready to start her journey of womanhood. She recently told Variety's Mark Malkin. Part of her new chapter will be scaling back from TikTok and exploring new artistic endeavors. She hinted that one possibility could be creating a musical series in the vein of Smash. You mean that this person is going to make an entire career out of pretending to be? No, no, you shock me. It was all just a personal decision about the interior and the interior gender dysphoria of this troubled person and everybody should just pretend that he is a woman for his own mental health, but has nothing to do with a brand, has nothing to do with fame. If you ever remember the show Smash, I totally could see myself doing sort of a TV show with singing where I play myself said Mulvaney on the red carpet. It would be very dramatic by camp. Yeah, this is that. It's also authentic. This is an authentic woman, an authentic, authentic woman.

And again, the whole point for the left is you personalize the political and then insist that nobody say a damn thing because it might be offensive. It might make people feel bad. So you take a political statement like a man can be a woman and every child should be taught that a boy can be a girl and every child should be treated as essentially nonbinary or you are forcing cisgenderism upon them. You take that extraordinarily radical position and you telescope it down into the life of a person like a Dylan Mulvaney. And then if you critique this by saying Dylan Mulvaney is, in fact, a man masquerading as a woman and making lots of money for doing so, then this is you're mean, you're cruel. It's bad. It's a perverse little game. And when you are charging $5 a pop to watch Dylan Mulvaney sing a scripted show about how how tearful and cryy Dylan Mulvaney is over videos of me and Matt Walsh and Candace Owens, I don't believe you. Number one, I don't believe you. Number two, I think you're making money off it, so I think you're doing great. And number three, you are making a broader political point that has the impact on anyone else. As I've.

As I've said before, how you treat people in your day to day life is a different question from serious political questions that are impacted by very famous people, saying thing that have inherently. You were sitting with the President of the United States and promoting a particular agenda, stop pretending that what you do has no impact on anyone else. It is not true. It is fundamentally untrue. You know that, of course, which is why you're doing it. Okay, time for some things I like. So, the Wokes are on the warpath against a wide variety of institutions, but it is good when occasionally an institution has enough of a sense of self-preservation not to surrender to it. So, one of those institutions is the National Autobahn Society. So, when you think about the National Autobahn Society, you probably think of Birds, right? That's probably what you think of, because that's what the National Autobahn Society does. They're all about their conservation group about Birds. Do you think of slavery?

Do you think the evils of slavery? Probably not, because why would you? Because if you actually know anything about the Audubon Society, you spend most of your time looking at very nice pictures of birds. But apparently the Wokes were very upset because James Audubon was a slaveholder. And so what they now want to do is take his name off of the Audubon Society that he founded. And the National Audubon Society, to its great credit, said, no, we're not going to do that. According to the Washington Post, the move comes as about half a dozen of the organization's regional chapters have pledged to scrub his name from their titles. Part of a broader reckoning. Ah, the reckoning. This is one of the words the media love to use to reckoning. It's not just an audaciously radical move to obliterate history. It's a reckoning.

The reckoning has come. Revenge. Over to the US environmental movement's history of entrenched racism, the National Audubon Society's 26-person board of directors voted to retain its current name during a Zoom meeting on Monday after more than a year of deliberating and gathering feedback from both members and outsiders. Susan Bell, chair of the board, declined to provide a breakdown of the final vote. The name has come to represent not just one person, but a broader love of birds and nature, said Bell. We must recognize that with the racist legacy of John James Audubon, the man. OK, I mean, you can put up a plaque saying that this guy also had a lot of real problems and this guy thought a lot of real bad things. But can we stop pretending that people who do bad things don't also do good things or that history didn't exist or that the first pure people who have ever lived have lived in our generation? In a sign of internal strife, three board members resigned after the organization chose to retain the name. Activists in and outside of the organization have called upon the group to jettison Audubon's names. After months of conducting listening sessions and surveying people in both camps, the National Organization's board of directors decided that the moniker is nearly synonymous with the avian conservation movement and should not be abandoned. Well, yes.

I mean, of course, that happens to be true. It was his pictures of things like the ivory-billed woodpecker that made people even aware of the presence of these birds. But apparently now they're saying that because he was an unrepentant enslaver, an oppositionist, an opponent of the abolitionist movement, that means it's time to take his name off this thing. I'm sorry. Is it good for the National Audubon Society for saying no? Seriously, what are you going to do? This is so stupid. There are other things that I like. So there was, at one point, a movie called Willow. It was a cult classic, the movie. It came out in 1988. Willamette, never seen it.

Don't know the movie from Adam. Really don't know anything about it. It was executive produced by George Lucas. It was directed by Ron Howard. It starred Val Kilmer, et cetera. And it wasn't like a major hit in its time. Well, that's not true, actually. It did well in its time. It had a budget of about 35 million bucks. It made about 140 million bucks at the box office. And so they decided, because it was kind of this cult classic, that they were going to release a series of it on Disney+. But in order to make it modern, so Disney has the ability to make things, you know, update things instead of updating plots and writing new plots for old, beloved characters.

But Disney has basically decided is the best way to update every story is to re-racialize characters or make them gay. This is the best way to update a story. You don't actually have to change any of the underlying beats or patterns. You don't actually have to think of new and interesting stories for the characters that people knew and loved. Instead, what you do is you just make them black or gay. And if you do that, then magically people will love it. Now I've yet to see the strategy actually work for Disney. I'm confused as to why they think that this is a great strategy, and obviously it only worked one way, right? You're not going to going to have Princess Tiana suddenly be cast as white in a live action princess and the frog, they'll have Ariel cast as black in the new Little Mermaid. And again, all Disney's prerogative doesn't make a large scale difference. No, it doesn't make a large scale difference, but it's obviously a move to garner attention. It also is sort of a weird marketing move because every single small girl who has a picture in her head of what Ariel looks like from the Little Mermaid sees a white girl with red hair.

Right? Like a Danish archetype. That's because that was literally the animated movie. So taking that and switching it all up. Like you can do it, whatever. But trying to pretend that that is like the update on Ariel, like ooh, groundbreaking, earth shaking. And then simultaneously and people like, well, she doesn't really look like the original. You noticed, didn't you? I love that. It's so important that we do these things. It's so important that we LGBT willow. If you notice, like, oh, but you noticed.

And the fact that you noticed means that you're You're a weirdo that you noticed. Now, we noticed and then nobody watched. So Willow has now been canceled, which is why this isn't things I like. It did not meet the company's threshold in terms of buzz. And now Willow has been put on the chopping block. Of course, Willow was originally designed as a show for like young teens. According to Empire Online, it caught up with the title character years after the original movie and saw him drawn into a new quest to face a resurgent threat. Now again, my impression of the movie Willow is that Willow was not exactly directed at 25 year olds. Willow was directed at teens. So Disney Plus was promoting LGBT storylines and characters to young teens. And it turns out a lot of people are like, nah, not into it. So now it's been canceled.

Here's a clip from Willow,

the failed show after one season. That's just off the drain. I love you.

Yep, got the lesbian teens going at it over here. That's just what people apparently were not super fond of watching. So obviously the critics loved it because as long as you dump in enough of this sort of stuff, then the critics are super into it. 83% on Rotten Tomatoes canceled after one season. So well done, Disney. Yet again, taking a property that may have had some value and completely robbing it of any and all value. Just slow clap for these guys. Okay, time for some things I hate. Alrighty, so Jazz Jennings was the first very, very famous trans kid. Jazz Jennings was the star of TLC's I Am Jazz. And this person has had just a tragically sad life. Truly a tragically sad life.

Jazz Jennings is a male and declared himself transgender at the age of five. And his parents decided that they would now make him a very famous trans kid and wreck his life. So Jazz Jennings has now been through a bout of hormone treatment, many surgeries, et cetera. Jazz is now 22 years old and is not happy, which is just a shock, a true shock. According to Breitbart, the current season followed Jazz's severe weight gain and adventures in dating and romance. Now 22 years old and a student at Harvard, the reality TV star has tried dating men but revealed he was attracted to a woman in the latest episode, which would technically make him a man, a straight man is what this would technically make him. But good news, his parents completely effed him up. So here is Jazz Jennings expressing pain and suffering because again, you know, it's a really, really bad recipe honoring the wishes of five-year-old children who don't know what the hell they are talking about and then immediately shoveling them in front of cameras for your own sick and perverse glorification and then shoveling them full of hormones and getting them surgery.

It turns out that's a really, really bad idea.

You know I can't get out of my head. I know, no, listen. It just doesn't stop. It's okay, give me a hug. It's okay. I know what you're going through. We've been there before. No, it still doesn't stop now. I'm never already going back to negative. But the more you're talking about yourself, it gets harder. You're digging in and it's making you put a magnifying glass on what's already difficult as it is. So this is hard for you, I know.

And we don't want to push you. No, I'm the one doing it.

I know, you're your own worst enemy. I feel kind of all over the place and my mind is very cluttered and not clear. And I really want to have that clarity. I really want to understand myself and be able to read my own soul and what I want. And it's just very challenging. I think I'm kind of breaking down a little bit and spiraling into negativity. I just want to feel like myself. Like that's it. I don't care. All I want is to be happy and feel like me. And I don't feel like me ever.

Like myself. Yeah, that's a few things. One, putting children on camera is always a terrible idea. There's a reason that pretty much every child actor ends up screwed up. It is a very, very bad idea. Put that next to the fact that this kid was experiencing apparently gender confusion at a young age. And then the parents decide to feature this kid on national television. And then to transition this kid over the course of years on national television. Are you exactly shocked that Jazz Jennings has serious personal crises? Is a person who has extraordinary weight gains, who is sexually confused, who is binge eating. He gained nearly 100 pounds and has had multiple surgeries including after a gender reassignment surgery. Complications that required another follow-up procedure to again, these are surgeries that construct fake genitalia.

I mean, but don't worry. It's all about mental health guys. It's all about what's best for the kids, clearly. This is apparently what the Minnesota Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan believes. So she came out yesterday and she said that the most important thing as a parent is to apparently greenlight

anything your dumb child wants. This is life affirming and life saving healthcare. When our children tell us who they are, it is our job as grownups to listen and to believe them.

That's what it means to be a good parent. No, that is 100% not what it means to be a good parent. That is factually speaking, not what it means to be a good parent is to listen to your child when they tell you who they are and believe them and then facilitate them. That's the stupidest garbage I ever heard. As a parent of three, soon to be four, that's nonsense. My three-year-old daughter for a year dressed up as Skye from Paw Patrol. Did that mean that I should like throw her off a roof and a helicopter to see if she was going to fly? No, because that's idiotic. Children don't know things. This is why they are children. It is your job to protect them. It is not your job to facilitate their every whim.

This makes you definitionally a bad parent. But again, this is part and parcel of the broader left-wing attempt to substitute a sort of tabula rasa version of life for civilization itself. And the purpose of parents used to be to civilize kids. Now I guess the purpose of parents is to simply continue to greenlight whatever kids want to do so long as it fosters a left-wing social agenda. My goodness, that's an insane line. And that, of course, is all in pursuit of sex changes for minors. So just genius little stuff here. All right, you guys, the rest of the show is continuing right now. You're not going to want to miss it. We'll be getting into the mailbag. If you're not a member, become a member. Use code Shapiro at checkout for two months free on all annual plans.

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