Biden to Americans Stuck in Afghanistan: So Long, Suckers!

August 26, 2021

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Secretary of State Antony Blinken admits that Americans will be stuck in Afghanistan past the August 31 deadline; and Joe Biden smirks at reporters for asking basic questions. Check out Debunked. Where Ben Shapiro exposes leftist fallacies in 15 minutes or less. Watch the full season available only on The Daily Wire:  My new book, 'The Authoritarian Moment: How the Left Weaponized America's Institutions Against Dissent,’ is now available! Secure your copy here: Or get a signed copy for only $30: Subscribe to Morning Wire, Daily Wire’s new morning news podcast, and get the facts first on the news you need to know:


secretary of state antony Blinken admits americans will be stuck in Afghanistan past the august 31st deadline and joe biden smirks at reporters for asking basic questions. I'm Ben Shapiro, this is the Ben Shapiro show. Yeah. The Ben Shapiro show is sponsored by Express VPN for peace of mind. Whenever you go online visit Express VPN dot com slash Ben, we'll get to all the news in just one moment. First. Here is your quick reminder. If you're not with pure Talk USA you're spending too much money on your cell phone bill. How do I know? Because if you're with Verizon or AT and T or T mobile, you're just paying too much by switching over to pure talk USA your family could be saving over $800 a year and you have the same exact coverage as a T and T or Verizon or its mobile because Pure Talk is on the exact same network is one of the big three. But at a fraction of the price switching is as easy as switching out your sim card, you can keep your phone, keep your number or get huge discounts on the latest iphones and Androids plus right now you can get unlimited talk text and six gigs of data for just 30 bucks a month and if you go over on data they're not going to charge you for it. There's a reason Pure Talk is the highest rated wireless company by consumer affairs.

Why they are the preferred wireless partner of a Mac from your cell phone dial pound to 50 say Ben Shapiros have an additional 50% off your very first month of pure Talk USA coverage and you're paying all the overhead for these other big wireless companies. You're also paying for packages you don't really need instead get the data that you need. And if you go over on the data, you're not actually gonna have to pay for it with pure Talk USa dial pound to +50 say Ben Shapiro get started today and save an additional 50% off your very first month and hundreds of dollars down the road. That is pure talk. Usa Okay, so remember that time that joe biden said there would be no americans left behind. You actually said there'd be no americans or afghan allies who would be left behind. Well, all of that was a lie. It continues to be alive today. But now we have a new line from the biden administration and the new line is if you are still in Afghanistan after the US military leaves. Remember we left basically with no preparation, we had to re insert troops just to hold Kabul Airport. We gave up bagram. So we didn't actually have more than 11 runway running at the same time.

We're not in control of any of the gates at the Kabul airport. The new line from the biden administration is if because we screwed up. You are stuck in Afghanistan. It is your fault and it's on you. This is the new line. Right? So long suckers, you're on your own. This is the new take from the biden administration? It really is astonishing. Okay, look, you can see this line formulating over the past several days because you saw the language shift from the administration at the beginning, the language from the administration was we will get everybody out then it was we'll get everybody out who wants to leave, right? And it was sort of a subtle shift that not many people noticed who wants to leave. I mean everybody thought, okay, well that means everybody, I mean who wants to stay is everybody.

They're like, yeah let's hang with the taliban. That's what I'm in in this game before. But the real point of that phrase was to create wiggle room. So now if there is an american or an afghan who gets stuck in Afghanistan, the idea will be that the United States did its best. But these people, they were just intransigent. They're probably trump voters or something. They were just stuck there and they didn't want to leave those idiots. This is the direction that we are now moving very, very, very quickly from the joe biden State department and from the White House itself and here's the thing, people are stuck there not because they don't want to leave, but because we are not competent in getting them out. You're hearing all these big statistics? About 82,000 people have left? Okay, number one, how many of those people are vetted. # two.

How many of the people who are leaving are not American. And how many americans are still stuck there. And how many people who want to get out cannot get out. I'm amazed at the shift in in sort of direction here from the biden administration there. Captain of the titanic. They steered the ship directly into an iceberg on purpose. By the way, they saw the iceberg and they ran directly into it. It wasn't like the thing came up by surprise. They ran directly into the iceberg because joe biden is a fool and wanted to run directly into the iceberg. And then as the titanic took on water, they offloaded a bunch people onto the lifeboats. And then when a bunch of people drown and we're stuck on the titanic. They, as the captain of the titanic, they said, well you know, we did run a historic effort to get people off the titanic and onto the lifeboats.

In fact, Guinness Book of World records, more people have been put on lifeboats today than have ever been put on lifeboats before. So really this is a giant success. But it isn't, the State Department yesterday Was forced to tell people not to come to Kabul Airport. Now remember the deadline that was set as of yesterday and was confirmed as of yesterday was August 31. It is currently according to my calendar, which is reliable, August 26. That means five days until we hit the deadline and it's going to take at least 72 hours for us to pull out the remaining troops. Which means that if you work backwards and we still don't know whether it is noon on August 31 or if it's midnight on August 30 or if it's midnight on August 31, we don't know. Okay. But let's assume that it's the very it's 11:59 PM August 31st. This means that we have to remove our troops As of August 28. So basically we have today and then two more days and that's it. We have two or three days maximum to get more people out.

Yesterday was completely lost because the State Department was getting threats from ISIS because ISIS is in town and the taliban are providing a very bare bones level of security. Unbelievably enough for americans to get out presumably because we're bribing them and that bare bones level of security does not apply to afghan nationals who are being stymied and held up. And many american citizens can't get in either. According to the State Department yesterday, they told people to go home there are no more flights coming after probably april 20 after probably august 28th august 29th. Certainly not after august 31st and the State Department put out a statement yesterday quote due to threats outside the Kabul airport U. S. Citizens should avoid traveling to the airport and avoid airport gates unless you receive instructions to do so. Those at the Abbey gate East Gate or Northgate should now leave immediately. So if you were stuck outside the airport, they're telling you now to go home the State Department and wait for us to leave. Meanwhile, Antony Blinken, the State Department Secretary, he says there might still be 1500 Americans in Afghanistan. And I'm not sure where they're getting these numbers because remember every estimate up until the last 48 hours was that there were 10 to 15,000 Americans in Kabul Tony Blinken and the rest of the team over at the State Department have now said that we've gotten about 4500 Americans. So if he says there are 1500 Americans in Afghanistan still Plus the 4500 who have left.

That's only 6000. What happened to the other? Somewhere between four and 9000 Americans, did they never exist? Where are they getting these numbers? Are they artificially lowering the numbers? So that americans don't know how many americans are stuck there. Are we abandoning more people in Afghanistan than died on 9 11. To the tender mercies of the same people Who protected the 9 11 terrorists. That is quite possible given the statistics put out by this government, there is Antony Blinken saying there could be 1500 people still stuck in Afghanistan who are American citizens Starting on August 14 when our evacuation operations began, There was then a population of as many as 6000 American citizens in Afghanistan who wanted to leave Over the last 10 days, Roughly. 4, 500 of these Americans have been safely evacuated along with immediate family members. Over the past 24 hours, We've been in direct contact with approximately 500 additional Americans and provided specific instructions on how to get to the airport safely. Okay.

And uh and then we told them that they can't get in because there's too much of a threat outside the gates. So go home Again, the analysis has shifted somewhat. Remember the number was 10-15,000 Americans. Now, Antony Blinken is saying 6000 Americans and there's that magical language, right, who wanted to leave? There's a population of 6000 American citizens in Afghanistan who wanted to leave. So are you saying that there are another 9000 american citizens in Afghanistan who didn't want to leave or like this sounds great. I'm sticking around for the eighth century goat herders and barbarians to come in and rape my wife and then shoot me in the face where these other people go, where is the evidence that they didn't want to leave? Like where is this coming from? The answer is it's coming from covering their asses. They have to cover their asses. They're abandoning people there. They know they're abandoning people there.

And so they got to use whatever tactics are available to pretend this isn't one of the great debacles in american foreign policy history. Meanwhile john Kirby over at the pentagon, he's like, we don't know how many americans are in Afghanistan. So Blinken is telling you right now it's 6000 americans who were in Afghanistan. We got 4500 out there, 1500 left over. We're working on them. John Kirby has asked how many americans are in Afghanistan? He's like, I think you did put out a statement thing about 4000 Americans have been evacuated. That's correct. Is there an updated number? And do you have the base number? How many have to be evacuated now? It's right now today, north of 40 400.

Um and I don't I don't I don't have a specific uh number of total americans that uh that are still in need of of uh of leaving. I don't have that. Oh so we yeah. So who do you believe Tony Blinken or john Kirby or none of them? I mean at this point, I think none of them would probably be the correct response Blinken himself is blaming americans for not leaving sooner. Right. He said that we are attempting to get people out. But if you don't, you know if if you don't leave, we're just gonna assume you didn't want to leave here is antony Blinken. We're on track to complete our mission by August 31 provided the Taliban continue to cooperate and there are no disruptions to this effort. The president has also asked for contingency plans in case he determines that we must remain in the country past that date. But let me be crystal clear about this. There is no deadline on our work to help any remaining american citizens who decide they want to leave to do so along with the many afghans who have stood by us over these many years and want to leave and have been unable to do so.

That effort will, there's no deadline day past August 30 the effort's gonna continue every day. Guys. I mean we're gonna leave, we're not gonna have any soldiers on the ground, we're not going to the embassy staff on the ground. We're not gonna have anybody on the ground. But after we leave, I promise we will be working everyday thoughts and prayers to the people stuck on the ground in kabul from Tony Blinken right there. You know we're out. I mean we're going but don't worry we're working every day by asked by sending engraved invitations to the taliban to let you out. That's what we'll be doing every single day. We will be getting on tv and talking about how mean the taliban are and how they have to make existential choices about who they want to be and then we'll send them really nasty letters from the U. N. Maybe if Russia and china allow us. I mean what a plan that is big.

You know what I've been useful about this point When you think about it. What could have been super useful at this point is like a skeleton crew of maybe 2500 American soldiers holding all the major cities in Afghanistan along with an Afghan military, several 100,000 strong backed by Superior American might and technology holding the country. If people wanted to leave, you know that would have been useful. But I understand we had to pull out. It was it was deeply necessary. We had to if we didn't pull out then nothing would have happened and now something has happened. And so obviously that means we should have pulled out. This is always part of the plan gang and they have contingency plans. In fact, it's like a stack of turtles. It's turtles all the way down, right? It's contingency plans all the way down. If this contingency happens, we have another contingency plan.

Sure all of the plans suck And sure we caused all of this. And you were watching it in real time. But the reality is that people who are to blame are the people who are still on the ground stuck in Kabul. According to the U. K. Daily mail Blinken blamed americans still on the ground for not leaving fast enough after first being warned earlier this year to leave Afghanistan as soon as possible but said there would be no deadline and helping those who still want to leave. That is some cold comfort. He said we've been reaching out to some americans. But some americans are not responding. So we'll assume they want to stay Blinken said what we're doing is very carefully tabulating everything. We have cross checking it, referencing it using different databases. We'll have numbers for all those different categories in the days ahead.

And after this initial phase of efforts to bring people out of Afghanistan ends. But the idea is that we have reached out over and over and over again and if people aren't responding well, there's not much that we can do. Okay, well, assuming that people are not responding to your requests and to your letters does not mean that they actually want to stay. Do we know they're not being held by the taliban. Do you know they have access to the internet, You know, they haven't been cut off. We don't know any of those things. But this is the new line. The line is if you're stuck in Afghanistan, it is your own fault. Here's Ambassador Ross Wilson, he's the biden administration ambassador to Afghanistan saying this, they're a bunch of americans and if they're stuck there on them, we put out repeated warnings every three weeks to americans going back to I think March or april each one in stronger terms, leave now, Leave immediately. Uh never in my 40 years of working uh since I began working at the state department have I seen such strong, such strong language used uh people chose not to leave. That's that's their business, that's their right eye. We regret now that many may find themselves in a position that they would rather not be in.

Uh and we are determined to try to try to help them. We were determined to try to help them, but you know, they didn't respond. They we told them, you know, what would have been very helpful because if the President of the United States last month hadn't told everyone in Afghanistan that all was well and things were going fine and the taliban had no capacity to take over the country. That would have been helpful. It turns out that when you tell people, you know, you really should leave, it's very important that you leave now you need to leave and meanwhile you're like, everything's gonna be fine, it's gonna get turned over to the afghan national government, they're gonna be fine. Our intelligence sources say they're gonna be fine. This isn't gonna be like Saigon, when you give those assurances to people, maybe some of them aren't so fast on the uptake with the let's get the hell out of here. Okay, that is not their fault. That is your fault. The question is, are those are those american, we're not even talking by the way about the afghans who worked with us who are giving 2nd 3rd priority and those people are just screwed. The taliban is gonna come in and they're gonna execute all of them and and and biden originally promised you can see again how the language shifted, We shifted with americans from, we're getting everybody out who will get out. Everybody who wants to go to look how many people didn't want to go.

Amazing. That's what happened with americans with afghan nationals who are working with the United States who had special immigrant visas with afghan translators. The line was everybody who wants to get out everybody we can get out, we'll get out everybody. Then it was well get out as many people as we can. Then it was well sorry and the media are already declaring them, you know, great at this. Like you can see the worm turning with regard to the media are starting to move on from the story and be like, well they did get thousands of people out. I mean it is a world Guinness book of World Records record for how many people they're getting out. But let's be real about this evacuation is not under America's control because we handed over control of the country to the taliban. Here's john Kirby from the pentagon saying that we are in daily communication with taliban commanders about who we want to see get in and what the credentials are, what they look like, what's valid. Uh and that that that communication happens literally every day, we have been nothing but open with the taliban about who we expect them to let in again, fully recognized that, that, that not every step of this process is in our firm control. Oh, it's not a firm control guys, but and you know what they're saying? They're saying now that ISIS controls things, it's not even the taliban, right?

The guys who are even worse than the taliban are actually in control of our timeline here, it's ISIS, we have to leave because we're afraid that the taliban won't hold back ISIS after august 31 we'll get to that in one second first. Let us talk about your personal home security. Well, when I'm on the road, I want to make sure that everything is hunky dory at home. And this is why I use my ring alarm security system. I can check what's going on in my house from anywhere at any time when we moved from California to florida. One of the first things my wife said is let's make sure that we get the ring devices on the house and thus we did with my ring alarm security system. I'm at ease all the time with regard to my home security, protect your home. The same way that I do with ring alarm, Ring alarm is a powerful, affordable whole home security system. You can easily install yourself. It works seamlessly with other ring products in one simple app for a special offer. Head on over to ring dot com slash Bennett is the perfect way to start your ring experience. Keep an eye on every corner of your house with indoor and outdoor cams, see what is happening directly from your phone.

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Al Qaeda and Haqqani network for 20 years. By the way, the taliban are now providing security for americans at the airport and sort of the Haqqani network. Yeah, things are going great. But the biggest immediate threat isn't any of those people, it is Islamic State Khorasan or ISIS K, the terrorist group's affiliate in Afghanistan. It's like special K except Islamic terrorists created six years ago by disaffected Pakistani Taliban. IsIS K has carried out dozens of attacks in Afghanistan this year. American military and intelligence analysts say threats from the group include a bomb laden truck, suicide bombers infiltrating the crowd outside comment Karzai International Airport and mortar strikes against the airfield. By the way, all it takes to end everyone being able to get out is one mortar hitting the runway. At comment Karzai International Airport. When you hear international airport, you imagine like L. A. X.

Or O hare right, you don't imagine like a single runway. That's what common Karzai International Airport is. It is a postage stamp because we decided like fools Stevo bagram air base. Richard Engel from NBC News. He reported from Afghanistan before any of this one down and he like went and he was bicycling around bagram air base. There was no one there. He was able to to look underneath all the trailers was able to get into all the storehouses. We just abandoned the place for no reason at all these threats coupled with new demands by the Taliban for the US to leave by august 31st probably influenced President biden's decision on Tuesday to six. That deadline biden said every day we're on the ground is another day. We know ISIS K. Is seeking to target the airport and attack both U. S.

And allied forces and innocent civilians which is of course why the U. S. Embassy on Wednesday warned americans to stay away from the airport completely. A senior U. S. Official. We spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe confidential assessments confirmed the U. S. Was tracking a specific incredible threat at the airport from ISIS K. Which has carried out dozens of attacks in recent years. The threats lay bare a complicated dynamic between the Taliban al Qaeda and Haqqani network and their bitter rival, ISIS K. In what analysts say portends a bloody struggle involving thousands of foreign fighters on both sides.

Apparently they're 8 to 10,000 members of ISIS K. In Afghanistan. Afghanistan has now become the las Vegas of terrorists of the radicals and extremists. Ali Muhammad Ali a former Afghan security official, People all over the world, radicals and extremists are chanting celebrating the Taliban victory. This is paving the way for other extremists who come to Afghanistan. Wait, you're telling me that when we abandon Afghanistan it's gonna become wait for it. A terror center for people who hate the United States and the West and who might perform terrorists, Why do we go there in the first place again, anybody can remind me. And joe biden told me by the way last week that the terror threat in Afghanistan had been quelled. So there was really no reason for american troops to be there at all. Oh well. Well the good news is that as always this is part of the plan but it's all part of the plan isn't it? Well jen Psaki was asked about that.

Like what's the plan? After the deadline you say you're gonna withdraw everybody by august 31st. So what's the plan, jen? And her answer was plan. We don't need no stinking plans. We are looking at a range of options for how we can continue to provide counselor support, facilitate departures for those who wish to leave after August 31. And our expectation and the expectation of the international community is that people who want to leave Afghanistan after the us military Terry depart should be able to do. So we're working on that as soon as we have more to, to provide to all of you more information, we will do exactly that. Okay, So as soon as we have a plan that we just pulled directly out of our asses, then we'll get that to you. But right now we don't have a plan beyond that. Well, good news is the President of the United States is also very sanguine about all of this. In fact, he's joking about it.

So yesterday Peter Alexander asked Joe Biden What he will do if Americans are still in Afghanistan after August 31. His response quote, you'll be the first person I call took no further questions. Um, so that is a disgusting response. Right. A journalist asked the most straightforward question in the world, what's your plan after August 31 and he says you'll be the first person I call what du sh I mean seriously? They said that donald trump lacked empathy. The cruelty was the point. I'm not sure what you would say about this. You got thousands of americans who are stuck in Afghanistan. You have tens of thousands of afghans who want to get out or stuck. By the way, if you look at the video from the Pakistani border or the Turkish border, you can see that like it's insane. Like the Turkish are in control of some of the borders.

You can see that it's completely insane. Like thousands and thousands of people trying to get out in no place to go. Everybody's trying to escape the clutches of the taliban. And joe biden is joking. Well, you'll be the first person I call Willie though. You wouldn't even call Boris johnson of the G seven. You can return his phone calls in the middle of this debacle, joe how bad is this? The White House actually cut the feed of biden. I'm not kidding you. The man is not in charge of zone of his own administration. Hear what you hear the clip goes silent. That's when the White House actively cuts the audio feed of joe biden, the President of the United States because they don't want people noticing that he's a rambling old idiot thank you guys

after the

election. So

what, what americans

are still there after the deadline. Okay, so you can hear Peter alexander call out the question and then they just cut off the feed and then you can see him mouth will be the first person I call things are going great guys, they're going great, okay. So meanwhile Peter Doocy actually asked jen Psaki about all this. He's like, you know joe biden is joking about this, but I've noticed that there's a bit of a humanitarian crisis on the ground in Afghanistan. So what's so funny at the tail end of the president's remarks today about cybersecurity? He was asked about Afghanistan and he made a Peter asked him that question. The other Peter did and he made a joke. So what's so funny? Well, I think the question he was asked if I remember correctly was about when he will provide information about a decision on August 31. I don't want to paraphrase the question if that was an inaccurate description of the question. Of course it's a very important question. Okay, of course, a very important question.

But he's just joking about it because he likes two scoops of chocolate chip ice cream, chocolate chocolate chip, that's his ice cream guys. Important thing is that he slipped while he was chasing his dog around the bathroom. These are the important things to know about joe biden. Meanwhile, I've noticed that we've also shifted our stance on what the U. S. Military is for and what America's foreign policy looks like with regard to terrorists. So jen Psaki was asked um didn't used to be said that we were not in favor of negotiating with terrorists and are you now negotiating with terrorists? And jen Psaki is like, well, yeah, kind of why haven't we heard the president say the United States does not negotiate with terrorists? Is that still the U. S. Policy? Well, of course it is peter, but I would also say that uh there's a reality that the taliban is currently controlling large swathes of Afghanistan.

Uh, that is a reality on the ground. And right now our focus and our priority is getting american citizens evacuated and our afghan partners evacuated. And I would say given the numbers that we have outlined and brief for you that we've had made a great deal of progress and doing exactly that. Well. I mean, and and so yes, I mean the answer is yes, we are negotiating with terrorists because they hold the whip hand over us. Again, there's been a complete reversal here between the, the sort of vision of what the american military is actually for and what democrats apparently believe the american military is for democrats in the aftermath of the Vietnam war. They said, okay, we can't, we can't treat the military like garbage anymore because it was really bad for us politically. So instead we'll treat the military as though they are victims. And so our sole job is to protect the military from actually having to do anything every time there's a foreign deployment. Our chief goal is to not be in there, right? We're basically to make work program according to many democrats Now, if you ask members of the military, they're not into it. Members of the military know what they signed up for.

What they signed up for is to defend american citizens. I can think of no greater situation requiring military defense of american citizens. Then hundreds of thousands of american citizens stuck behind enemy lines in Kabul, probably 100 yards away from where the american military sits. I mean, typically in american history, this would be a good time for America's military might to overwhelm the people who are in the nearby area, pick up the americans and then if you want to leave you leave. But because the logic has shifted because in the minds of democrats, the militant, they would rather sacrifice american civilians in Kabul. Then risk american military going out to save the american civilians in Kabul. That's where we're at right now. And by the way, the logic is so insane that we have now come to the point where the logic was not even are we going to risk american military lives to save american citizens in Kabul. The logic several months ago was are we going to leave americans in Afghanistan where their lives are not at risk? Or are we going to pull them out in order to say that we protected them. Remember there have been zero combat casualties in Afghanistan for the United States since February of 2020, you are significantly more likely to die as a cop in Chicago than you were to die as a soldier in Afghanistan between February 2020 and today. So what exactly was the logic?

And the answer is there was no logic. It is all pr and in the end it's about a real embarrassment at America having a footprint anywhere and our enemies know this. And meanwhile we got planes that are leaving empty from Kabul. There's a I mean we're trying to get people out and this was one plane. They just left from Kabul all empty seats, completely empty seats. So what is the biden administration doing? Well, they're torturing people like Erik Prince. So Blackwater founder Erik Prince Reportedly was was charging like 6500 bucks for people to escape Afghanistan. And uh and sake decided that it was time to yell at Erik Prince. I have a question, Who would you, let's say that you are a person trying to escape Afghanistan And here are your choices. Either you pay Erik Prince $6500 to leave or you stay. Those are your choices.

There's no third choice where the american government does its job, Who are you angrier at Erik Prince for getting you out or the american government for sucking so much at this that they couldn't get you out. I love the misdirection here, jen Psaki ready to unleash the unleash the dogs of war on Erik Prince for charging money to get people out of there by the way? You know, who could pay that bill? These folks, We're gonna spend what $5 trillion dollars this year? You're telling me that we couldn't spend, we could make a bargain with Erik prince spend $5,000 a head to get Americans out of there. Here is uh here's jen Psaki going after Erik Prince. Anyway. Your comment specifically though on Erik Prince, I mean, he has already made so much money from the Afghan conflict and now in these sort of final waning days is once again essentially exploiting people in order to make profit. I mean, what is the position of the administration that this is taking place as you are offering flex free of charge? I don't think any human being who has a heart and soul would support efforts to profit off of people's agony and pain as they're trying to depart a country and fearing for their lives. I have a question. What about what would you say about a politician who tried to politically profit off of people's agony and pain?

By pulling out 2500 troops for no apparent reason and leaving the country of 38 million people to the tender predations of the Taliban as well as thousands of Americans behind enemy lines? What do you say about the heart and soul of somebody like that? What would you say about the heart and soul of an administration that is sending empty planes away from Afghanistan rather than just paying somebody to get people out of there. What would you say about that administration? I love the ire that jen Psaki can muster for Erik Prince. Again, it's not a defense of Erik Prince. The point here is that jen Psaki is ready to go ape on Erik Prince. Meanwhile, the administration she works for is leaving americans behind enemy lines and then telling the world that is because the americans are stupid that they have been left behind enemy lines. It's unreal and quite disgusting By the way. Currently, the United States is apparently working to locate 24 California students and 16 parents trapped in Afghanistan. This according to the L. A.

Times apparently these students went to the country to visit relatives on special visas for U. S. Military service. The trip was not school sanctioned. Mike Servin, the district Director of Family and community engagement in case in case on Valley Union school district east of San Diego. They said we have a long summer break. Nobody knew the extent of what was gonna happen. Nobody knew it was coming. Their extended families in Afghanistan. They wanted to see their family. They went back likely before the troops left so they could say hello or goodbye one more time. What wouldn't you do to go see your family one more time, Let alone know.

You only have a window of time to go see them friday june Hasumi. An afghan immigrant community liaison for the school district told the publication called the families go out there for summer break. The only reason they're there is to see family. If you watch the news, you see the airports are really crowded. Even for people with passports, it's hard to get to the gates were trying to help them as much as possible trying to reach them trying to contact them. The students range in age from preschool to high school. The school year began August 17, 2 days after the nation's capital of Kabul fell to the Taliban. So, um probably all the students want to stay. That's that's what I'm getting. What I'm getting from that story is that the the preschoolers definitely want to stay and that's why we're just gonna leave them there. By the way, let's assume that the biden administration actually intends on trying get the americans out of there. So what options are available after the U.

S. Military leaves? There's only one and it's an abject humiliation and bribery right? If we send a lot of money over to the worst people on earth to allow the americans out. Which of course incentivizes terror groups all over the world to simply take american citizens hostage. That is what that does. It incentivizes more of this, which is typically why you don't negotiate with terrorists, right? That was always what the phrase is about. You don't incentivize them to do bad things knowing they can earn concessions from you GOP representative major from michigan. He says that the americans were left there is going to make the Iran hostage crisis look like nothing. We're on the Cusp Harris of having the biggest mass hostage situation in American history. It's going to make 1979 in Tehran look like a sleepover because you're gonna have thousands of Americans left behind that.

The Taliban will then have for leverage when they want international recognition, they want money, they want economic assistance and they've got a gun to the head of american citizens because joe biden left him. Okay, that's actually represented Michael waltz, republican of florida who served in Afghanistan in the United States Army and he is exactly correct about this And everybody both sides of the aisle knows this is the case right here is a democratic representative chrissy, Hoolahan's democrat of pennsylvania and she says the same thing, she says we're gonna leave people behind. Remember that time that the slogan was leave no man behind and now just leave people behind and then blame them. The the utter disgusting irresponsibility and blame shifting from this. Remember that time that joe biden says the buck stops here actually, it stops at the preschooler from san Diego who is now stuck with the taliban. That preschooler didn't return phone calls from the State department effectively what I'm hearing. And I

think many others are hearing is that we

are making progress

in the sense that we're escalating the number of

people were able to successfully get out

every single day. It increases and that's good news.

But I do

think that it's it is worrisome as we talked about

just now, that we probably won't be able to accomplish the

mission of leaving no

one behind with the timelines

that we have. And

so I

think that the atmosphere and the mood within

the meeting was bipartisanly one of

encouraging the president

to reconsider that date. Okay. And he didn't reconsider that Democratic Representative Jason Crow of Minnesota. He said the same thing. He said our afghan allies are stuck back there too. As you look at the new numbers getting more people on planes, getting more people out. How do you assess the situation right now and what needs to be done? Yeah, I'm not seeing a scenario after all the briefings information. I've reviewed both as a member of the Intelligence Committee and the Armed Services Committee as well as the congressional live briefings in the last 24 hours. I'm not seeing a path for us to get out our afghan partners now and into the month. The numbers just don't add up the security situation is deteriorating. It is getting worse.

Okay. So, I mean, even the democrats are acknowledging what a disaster this is. Admiral James Stavridis. So of course served in the in the United States Navy and and helped to uh to preside over the Afghanistan war is that we lost. It's over we lost and now they're gonna take hostages. What is it like for you as someone who has served there and has commanded troops to see this dynamic at play after the Taliban was driven out of that country so quickly. Well, as we say in north florida, sometimes you got to know the difference between Quentin and getting beat and what I mean by that is we have got to recognize that in this case we have lost this conflict. We have lost this kind of okay, but what actually we mean, we've lost this conflict is we, we did surrender, we surrender. That's what happened here. By the way, the taliban are going around showing off american made arms. Right now things are going great. The taliban are apparently gearing up in literally american uniforms carrying american guns.

They've got american weapons all around them. They're writing american Humvees according to the Washington post. On his tour through the following city of Kabul last week, Taliban aligned militant Khalil Haqqani rose to address the crowd at the capital's largest place of worship pool will keep the mosque as he clutched a us made M four rifle. His security guards similarly armed or draped in the U. S. Combat aesthetics that have come to symbolize the last 20 years of war in Afghanistan and Iraq supporting high cut helmets with night vision goggle mount plate carriers and US camouflage patterns. The guards looked like caricatures of the elite troops who have hunted insurgents in nightly raids and firefights. The bounty of us provided weapons and vehicles long paraded by taliban insurgents after capturing or stealing them from Afghan forces has grown to alarming proportions well beyond the ability of U. S. Officials to casually dismissed. And while throughout the war, militants prized rifles and other sophisticated personal equipment, the sudden and stunning collapse of the Afghan military has allowed for armored vehicles, helicopters and a glut of heavy weapons to be commandeered by militants now running the country Since 2005, the us provided at least $18 billion Taliban. So we've got Americans in the hands of the Taliban are weaponry in the hands of the Taliban.

But according to the Democrats, this was unavoidable, at least Democrats who are willing to stand for the Biden administration. We'll get to that in just one second first. Let us talk about the fact that you could be saving a lot of money on your mail this year. So you don't wanna go to the post office and stand in line because why would you, There's really no point. Post Office is great, but you can save a lot of time by doing all this stuff at home and save a lot of money as well with stamps dot com. You can mail in ship anytime anywhere right from your computer, send letters, ship packages pay less a lot less with discounted rates from USPS and ups stamps dot com saves businesses thousands of hours and tons of money every year here at daily wire. We've used stamps dot com since 2017. No more wasting our time stamps. Dot com brings the same at us postal and ups shipping services directly to your computer and make it very easy for small businesses to mail and ship. And again, yet big discount off of other postage rates like 40% off USPS up to 66% off ups shipping rates, but they're switch and save feature. You can quickly compare carriers and find the best rates every single time. So stop wasting your time going to the post office.

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So what what what what is bad that is happening there? I don't know. I just don't know. This is A tragic situation. I've been there eight or 9 times Africa. We want to make sure that there's a big bright light shining on Afghanistan if they wish to participate globally in any way. Oh, so you're threat is and the biden administration's threat is that if the taliban turn out to be bad, which I mean that would be weird if they turned out to be super bad. It would also be really weird if it ended up being a terror haven? Oh wait it already is. That would be strange. So we'll shine our big bright light on there and then if they do stuff we don't like. You know what we'll do, We'll send the mean letters.

You know what we won't do, put any boots on the ground ever again. You know what else? We won't do anything useful. What we definitely will do is threaten them with economic sanctions because people who have been living in caves for the last 20 years or so, what they're most afraid of is losing the conveniences of daily life. If there's one group of people who are afraid of you cutting off their internet access, it is the taliban. Those people cannot go without Ebay. They need their only fans and they need it right the hell now. And if you cut that stuff off, they will immediately start talking about women when women and gender studies over at Afghan University. Okay, don't worry. The the democrats have placed their ire in all the right places. You have, jen Psaki was very angry at eric Prince for charging people to get out of the country. Meanwhile, the U.

S. Isn't getting people out of the country at least not all of them. Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi is very angry. Who is she angry? She's angry because there were two congress people peter major from michigan and Seth moulton from massachusetts who went over and did in an unknown planned junket to Afghanistan to see what the situation is actually on the ground over there. Now they did it with a minimum footprint. They did not take seats away from people who needed to leave the country and they came back with some pretty valuable information because we are being lied to day by day by the biden administration. So it's pretty, I mean you have Congress people do this sort of stuff all the time, right? Congress has an oversight function of the executive branch. You have congress people who routinely travel places to make sure that things are, that's why you have Congress people travel down to the border. For example, it's why you have Congress people travel over to europe to make sure that what we say is happening is actually happening at the White House level nancy. Pelosi, however, is super mad, super angry at Seth moulton and Peter major for going over to Afghanistan.

Why? Because they came back and they told the truth about what they saw. Which is that Americans are gonna be stuck there after august 31st. Here's nancy Pelosi mustering all the irish she can in her frail brain in order to in order to get mad at the people who are truly to blame these two congress people. When did you learn that congressman moulton congressman Myer and travel to Afghanistan. And is that what prompted your letter instructing members not to travel to the region? It's not just about them going to Afghanistan, but I'm going to the region because there's a call on our resources diplomatically politically militarily and the rest in the region as well. So this this is deadly serious. They do not want members to go. It's deadly serious. We don't want members to go into war zones and we certainly don't want them checking out what's happening over there, flashback, 2000 and seven U. S.

House of Representatives, Speaker nancy. Pelosi's decision to defy the White House and meet Syrian President bashar al assad steps up a tug of war between democrats and President George W Bush over foreign policy. Despite Bush's admonitions, the talks were counterproductive and sent mixed signals. Pelosi on Wednesday, sat down with assad accused by Washington of backing terrorism and adding to Middle East instability, newly empowered democrats already doing battle with Bush over who is really the decider on Iraq policy are taking a more assertive role in foreign policy. So um nancy Pelosi, you'll recall actually went over to Syria and hung out with bashar assad who is just preparing to kill, you know, half a million Syrian civilians. And she did that without the permission of the White House. So she is a rich one to be talking about how bad it is for Congress people to descend to a to an evacuation area to survey the situation and then report back accurately to the american people. It's all in this direction. And here's the thing, The bottom line here is that in the end, the biden administration knows this is a debacle. They're hoping you forget about it in the same way that americans forgot about Benghazi in the same way that americans apparently who forgot about 9 11. They're hoping that americans just forget about this. By the time we had 2022 it won't matter anymore.

You'll be worried about your pocketbook, you'll be worried about what's going on with Covid. You won't be worried anymore about the thousands of civilians trapped behind enemy lines in Kabul, it just won't be an issue for you. The only way, by the way to make it a non issue for you is to just ignore whatever happens over there. So if americans start being tortured and killed, don't look for the biden administration to do anything more than shoot a few missiles at Camillus is the same way that That Bill Clinton did in the 1990s after the bombing of our embassies in Kenya and Tanzania led him to basically blow up supposed chemical factory in Sudan. But look for look for the same sort of thing to happen from now on. If americans are mistreated, if things get really egregious in Afghanistan, even if pictures emerge of the taliban humiliating americans, don't look for joe biden to do anything there anymore. He has to justify the decision he is making right now. This is now the sunk cost and joe biden is going to continue to engage in the sunk cost fallacy, right? The sun cost is getting out. That decision has to be made glorious by joe biden. The only way to make that decision glorious is to suggest that piece and at least stability now reign in Afghanistan and that there is no ongoing threat from Afghanistan. So the next few years are gonna be about joe biden downplaying any threat from Afghanistan, they're gonna be about democrats pretending that this is a massively successful airlift.

They're going to be about ignoring whatever comes next afterward or giving some mush mouth nonsense about how we are negotiating and we're gonna get our people out eventually. And five years later the people will still be there and they'll still be held hostage by the taliban and we'll still be covertly giving aid to the taliban. And they're hoping that you forget about all of this. They're hoping that you forget about the geopolitical consequences of handing over Afghanistan to the taliban. They're hoping you don't notice that china feels emboldened and starts to go after Taiwan and starts to cut off shipping lanes in the south china sea. They're hoping you don't notice that Russia is going to start getting pretty feisty with Latvia and Estonia because americans don't care about foreign policy until they are forced to care about foreign policy. So the next couple of years at a very minimum are going to be making you forget. It's all sleight of hand. They'll make you forget and the press presumably will aid them in this task by moving on, All they have to do is delay. All they have to do in their own mind is get beyond August 31 because once they get past August 31, once they get past September 11, Americans will just go right back to sleep. So the only question is will we, I think there's a 5050 shot. We do maybe a better than even shot that we do, joe biden is banking on the compliance and complacency of the american people.

And if that is correct, frankly, we don't deserve to have the most powerful country on planet Earth. We really don't Because that take some upkeep, joe biden and wonder the upkeep, he just wants you to settle into the warm bath of civilizational decay and slit your own wrists. That is the goal here. So when we go along with it, we're gonna find out in pretty short order because that's the actual plan. Forget about the contingency plans. That's the actual big p plan from joe biden. All right, we'll be back here later today with an additional hour of content coming up soon. Is the matt Walsh show airing at 1:30 p.m. Eastern. Be sure to check it out over at Daily Wire dot com. I'm Ben Shapiro. This is the Ben Shapiro show.

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The Republican governor of South Dakota has accused me of horrible misogyny because I criticized her. Also, Dylann roof death penalty sentence was upheld yesterday and yet. We haven't heard any of the anti death penalty advocates on the left protest. The decision, funny enough. Also, a freshman orientation seminar at the university claims that straight white christians are natural oppressors and finally, doordash delivery drivers are calling for higher wages and better tips. But do they really deserve it is the question. We'll discuss that and so much more today on the mat will show.