DeSantis Rising - Transcripts

September 19, 2022

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florida governor Ron de Santis lays a bear trap for the entire open borders left and in the process turns himself into the media's public enemy number one and the rights champion. I'm Ben Shapiro, this is the bench bureau show the Ben Shapiro show is sponsored by Express VPN protect your online privacy today and Express VPN dot com slash Ben. Speaking of which, when you use the bathroom, you should close the door behind you because I mean for your own sake, for everybody else's sake, here's the thing. Your private data is your own whether you're in the bathroom or whether you're online and this is why you need Express VPN. Did you know your internet service provider knows every single website you visit. They can sell that information to add companies and tech giants will use your data to target you. Express VPN stops all of this. It creates a secure encrypted tunnel between your device and the internet. So your online activity can be seen by anyone. I use Express VPN on all my devices, my phones, laptop router. This way, everyone who shares my wife, I can still be protected even if they don't have Express VPN, the best part is using Express VPN. It's as easy as closing the bathroom door, you just fire up the app, You click one button and you are now protected.

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It's their best offer yet hurry on over to helix sleep dot com slash Ben. When you look at the polling data for 2022 what you see is there are several issues where republicans have a significant advantage and there are several issues where democrats have a significant advantage on, for example whether democracy is going to be operational democrats have a significant advantage over republicans. But there are several issues that are major issues that loom large in the public mind where republicans have an advantage. Top among those issues are the economy and illegal immigration, immigration, republicans have an advantage because the giant perception of the american people is that the Democratic Party does not care about open borders. And the reason for that perception is because you've had about two million illegal immigrants cross the southern border of the United States since joe biden took office, 1.2 million of those people were taken in by the system and then disgorged generally into texas Arizona new Mexico florida into all the border states. And there are another million or so gotta ways which just people who crossed the border and never had an experience with the border patrol. Well this has prompted Republican governors like Greg Abbott and Rhonda Santis Abbott and texas DeSantis in florida to begin taking some of these illegal immigrants and busting them to blue areas that have declared themselves sanctuary cities. Because these blue areas have basically said, we are the greatest among you. We are so tolerant. We are so diverse. Multiculturalism is our strength and therefore we will not participate with the federal government in the deportation of people who are here illegally. We'll attempt to shield them from all legal ramifications for crossing the border illegally.

And so DeSantis and Abbott and Doug Ducey in Arizona, they basically said, Ok, fine, well if you want these folks then you got it and now you get to deal with it. And this of course has led to the media going increasingly mad. Now this has been a long time thing. It's not as though many of the illegal immigrants stay or all of them stay in texas Arizona new Mexico many of them do go to blue cities eventually. So essentially a lot of these red State governors are basically just facilitating the process. They're saying fine, I'll give you a bus ticket today instead of you being here and being drawn public resources for the next six months instead. Why don't you just go directly to where you want to go? We'll get you to Manhattan in Washington, D. C. Will get you to Chicago. Rhonda's chances went to further. And he wanted to demonstrate to the media and to the public at large that democrats basically are into the virtue signaling, but they're not interested in open borders when those open borders actually affect them directly, particularly in areas that are rich and cloistered, all these kind of gated communities that the left likes to reside in.

See here's the thing, there are many republicans, including me who live in gated communities, but that's because we prefer the idea that people should live in communities legally. We're not big fans of the idea that people should simply be able to enter a place and then squat there for the reason that they just want to be there. But democrats seem to be very much in favor of this idea up until the point it reaches Barbra Streisand's gate. They really like this idea up until the planes land in Martha's vineyard. So Rhonda Santis send About 50 illegal immigrants to Martha's vineyard and the entire world went insane. Now I just have to point out here. 50 illegal immigrants is nothing, it is nothing statistically speaking, when you talk about Martha's vineyard. Talking about a town, about 17,000 people That that number can swell dramatically during the summer. So you'll have well upwards of 200,000 people who are visiting Martha's vineyard over the course of the summer. Like many, many people who are moving in and out because it's a great vacation spot. Okay. But the bottom line is 50 compared to say 17,000.

That's nothing compared to hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants arriving in certain places in Texas where the total population is like 100,000 people. In fact, as it turns out, this administration is very fond of flying people around the country to different areas in the dead of night. According to luke Rosie ac reporting for the daily wire border airports are among the fastest growing airports in the United States and suggested a scale of migrant flights in 2021. That is absolutely stunning. According to Rosie Act, the records as presented present a pattern that could suggest the scale at which the Biden administration and federally supported charities have been moving illegal immigrants around the country despite a surge in airline traffic more than 80% when compared to 2020 due to the COVID pandemic and restrictions imposed in response to it. Total air travel is still down nearly 30% from pre pandemic levels in 2021. With most airports, Los Angeles International Airport on 19 million fewer passengers board compared to 2019. The Atlanta airport san Francisco airport new york's JFK also saw 16 million fewer people board outbound flights. While the vast majority of airports lost passengers from 2019 to 2021. Among the 22 airports that grew the fastest were those in the rail Grand Valley that play a key role in the governance migrant moving operation. Brownsville, Mcallen, Harlington Laredo. The number of passengers boarding flights out of those airports rose from 978,000 in 2019 to 1 million, 110,000 and 2021.

But even that 132,000 person increase may understate the growth of traffic at these airports. If ordinary Americans stopped using those airports in 2021 due to COVID at the same rate they did elsewhere. The surplus over the expected 2021 figure could be as high as 425,000 people. In addition, Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio registered 13,000 outbound passengers in 2021 compared to only 936 in 2019 and 247 in 2018. The second group of people who started taking advantage by the way of flights were people who wanted to hide out in Jackson Hole Martha's vineyard in Key west and basically a lot of the sort of rich and famous playgrounds that is where people were flying and lots of illegal immigrants were flying around the country. Meanwhile, apparently according to Breitbart Venezuela taking advantage of the open border situation has decided to open its prisons. This looks very much like what happened By the Cuban government in the early 1980s, where essentially they saw that the United States was taking in a lot of Cuban migrants and so they decided we're just gonna open our prisons and we're gonna send all of our criminals to south Florida. According to Breitbart, a recent Department of Homeland Security Intelligence report received by Border Patrol instructs agents to look for Venezuelan inmates released from entering the United States. According to a source within cbP, the report reviewed by Breitbart texas indicates the Venezuelan government is purposely freeing inmates, including some convicted of murder, rape and extortion intelligence report warns agents, the freed prisoners have been seen within migrant caravans traveling from Mexico toward the U. S. Mexico border as recently as july Apparently, the move is reminiscent of a similar action taken during the Mariel boat lift in the early 1980s. So again, illegal immigration is a major problem for the country.

Everyone who watches the border knows this and it turns out that deploying kamala Harris to not the border did not solve the problem. And so when Rhonda Santis and other republicans say two blue areas, you own the consequences of your own policy. Not only is there nothing wrong with that, As it turns out they're actually helping the migrants. So, Rhonda Santis, he did oppressor over the weekend in which he pointed out, listen, it's pretty amazing that joe biden and his cabin, It's being reported that they're scrambling over me, sending 50 illegal immigrants to Martha's vineyard. They're scrambling about this, they're freaking out about this, but they weren't scrambling or freaking out about the fact that literally millions of people have been crossing our southern border under joe biden. I also, uh, was a little bit um, perplexed when I heard that the president is scrambling to get his cabinet together, uh, to try to address the fact that you have governors who are helping to relocate illegal aliens to sanctuary cities. He didn't scramble to get his cabinet together when we had millions of people illegally pouring across the southern border, He didn't scramble to get his cabinet together. When you had 43, migrants die in some trailer in Texas because they were neglected by the federal government. It's only when you have 50 illegal aliens end up in a very wealthy rich sanctuary enclave that he decides to scramble on this. He is of course, absolutely right about this is Governor de Santis. And this has created an extraordinarily hilarious irony over in Martha's vineyard. So within 48 hours of these illegal immigrants arriving in Martha's vineyard in one of the richest areas of the United States in a place with a lot of empty housing this time of year.

As it turns out because we're about to enter false. You have hundreds of thousands of empty units right now. But apparently they couldn't house any illegal immigrants who wouldn't want that. Apparently, according to NPR authorities in massachusetts are moving the dozens of migrants who arrived earlier this week in Martha's vineyard. Cape Cod. The office for massachusetts governor charlie baker announced friday. The state's Emergency management agency relocated the migrants to Joint base Cape Cod there. The state will provide shelter, food and other essential services. Apparently baker plan to activate 100 and 25 members of the National Guard to assist they arrived there and within two days the National Guard shows up and starts taking these people to Joint base Cape Cod baker said in a statement, we are grateful to the providers, volunteers and local officials that stepped up on Martha's vineyard over the past few days to provide immediate services to these individuals. Our administration has been working across state government to develop a plan to ensure these individuals will have access to the services they need going forward. And Joint Base Cape Cod is well equipped to serve these needs since Wednesday state and local organizations have scrambled to assist the new arrivals, many of whom speak little to no english. Okay, So they lasted in Cape Cod for a grand total of like 48 hours and I guess we're now going to get left wing musicals about this.

Probably we're probably gonna get like broadway musicals about the kindness that these migrants were shown on Cape Cod for all. About 48 hours. This is the best headline ever. It really is an amazing headlines from CNN Ray Sanchez reporting you ready for this? They enriched us migrants 44 hour visit leaves indelible mark on Martha's vineyard. Mm It's all about you. It's all about you. White upper crust left wingers with your lawn signs. They enriched you, did they? All those 44 hours before you were like, get your asses out of here, you're gonna have to take off again. Hundreds of thousands of people are put on busses to places like Uvalde texas, largely hispanic areas that have no real resources for a lot of these folks el paso texas is hit with hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants every year in places in Arizona same sort of thing. And uh and here Martha's vineyard, we have an entire article on CNN about how you know how these, these liberals they've learned to love and they enriched us.

They made our community so much better For those 44 hours until we, until we shove them on a bus with the National Guard told them to go to the Air Force base. Those 44 hours were so enriching. By the way. This is how so many sort of white lefties view cultural enrichment. It's like, yes, I once met a black person and have to deal with them for very long. But it enriched my life. It was pretty wonderful. It turns out that people from other cultures, generally. They're they're not actually your props. They get this is just get out. I'm sorry. This is get out.

Okay. Hey, look a person who is brown and speaks a different language than me. I met them for 44 hours and they enriched my life. Thanks CNN quote after sharing hugs and teary goodbyes with roughly 50 migrants who arrived unexpectedly by plane on this affluent vacation island. The volunteers who sheltered them at an Episcopal Church, carried out tables and chairs, packed food trucks and folded portable cots. A familiar quiet had descended by friday afternoon on the tree line downtown block on Martha's vineyard where Jacki stallings 56 could not stop thinking about a young Venezuelan. She was 23 but look 15 who sat with her in the ST Andrew's parish house the night before. The asylum seeker showed stalling cell phone video taken during the journey across the remote central american jungle, pointing out migrants who died along the way. The heartbreaking part is seeing these beautiful young ladies become desensitized at her husband Lark installing 66 and oak bluffs. A bar owner who sits on the nonprofit's board for them, they just flip and show you a picture apparently During their Whirlwind 44 hour visit this week migrants like the young Venezuelan woman left an indelible mark on their accidental host in this isolated enclave known as the summer playground for former us presidents, celebrities and billionaires. You know, again, I'm all these people who are helping out good for them. But this idea, the indelible mark that was left on the white people.

I mean these, these brown people came and they left indelible mark and then um, and then we shoved them onto busses and we brought them to to the military. That's what we did. But you know that, that we are, we are so sweet, we are just amazing. Amazing people. Apparently the migrants are going to be housed in dormitory style spaces with separate spaces, accommodating both individuals and families, they'll have access to services including legal healthcare, food hygiene kits and crisis counseling. So just to get this straight, everything is great for them, right? They're doing fine. Um, so I have a question, if they are doing fine then why is it that the talk from the left is how these people have been the victims of human trafficking in human rights abuse by Rhonda santa's. You can't have it both ways either. They got to Martha's vineyard and everything was fine and people treated them decently and then they ended up in a place where they have resources so okay or they were brutally human trafficked, they were shoved onto cattle cars and sent to the Auschwitz of upper massachusetts Cape cod, you can't have it both ways guys, this is a human rights abuse or what Rhonda Santis just demonstrated is that you guys go nuts when you even have to touch the consequence of your own policy. It is amazing how the media and democrats just fall directly into this very very obvious trap that was laid here by Governor de Santis. So Julian Castro who was, who once ran for president and uh and failed because why wouldn't he?

He's very bad at his his job. He he says this is a human rights violation. It's human trafficking. Apparently to send people on air conditioned planes to Martha's vineyard or to send them on air conditioned busses to Washington D. C. Or Chicago or new york. It's a human rights violation. Having people who are literally dying in the jungles of central America trying to get to the United States. Or again, as Rhonda santa said, Toyota is leaving people in the back of trucks and locking them in and letting them die there of dehydration totally fine. But if you put put some people with signed forms by the way, on an air conditioned plane and you send them to the richest part of America. That's a human rights violation. According to Julian Castro, what they're doing is they're fraudulently fraudulently inducing these individuals who by the way are here legally to seek asylum is perfectly legal.

And so they're here legally they're being fraudulently induced to cross state lines essentially for these governors. Political gain. To me, these governors have basically become human traffickers. There are human traffickers who try traffic people for personal gain for money. These governors are trafficking. These folks for political gain. And I hope that doj does investigate them. So they want that they want a legal investigation. Now, if you put people on busses and you send them to a different part of the country, you now you now want the doj to crack down on them. Everything I don't like is illegal. According to the democrats, it's pretty astonishing stuff here. And the administration has facilitated the transfer of literally millions of people across the United States.

They just take people at the border, they give them a bus ticket and they tell them to basically go to a small Texan town and then the people on the other end will just have to deal with it or they put them on a bus and send them to California. And if the residents complain, it's because they're bigots. But if you put people on a bus and you're a state governor put people on a plane, then this means the doj is supposed to investigate you. The great irony of people who literally have treated human beings as livestock, claiming that it is treating people as livestock to put them on a bus or a plane and send them to a different place where they are then taken care of is amazing. So jay johnson, the former Secretary of Homeland Security, who presided over kids in cages, Okay, The Obama administration built the cages at the border. Remember that time when you had a O. C. All in white weeping and like an empty parking lot because at the other end of that parking lot was a holding facility for illegal immigrants. And thanks to a settlement decision called flores, you're not allowed to hold entire families in custody and you have to separate the adults from the Children. Said the Children can be presumably given to relatives who are inside the United States and the adults are to be held. That's that's sort of the basic idea there. And that was a settlement agreement that has been in place in the United States for a long time.

And so it was the Obama administration that built cages for Children and Secretary joe johnson who facilitated that. Now, Secretary johnson is like, oh, well, you know, this is like treating people like livestock. No, it isn't. I don't remember the last time we shoved a cow onto a charter plane, air conditioned in coach and sent them to Martha's vineyard. Do you? These comparisons are so over the top, but there, I can't believe they're doing this. It's really amazing.

The federal government moves migrants from the border to other parts of this country quite often. What's the difference when a state governor does it, albeit I know without warning there's a right way and a wrong way to do that Margaret the wrong way is on 20 minutes notice to send people by bus or airplane to the Edgar town airport or to massage in front of the vice president's residence without giving local resources. Ngos shelters local government and opportunity to plan for how they intend to feed and clothe and house migrants. What the governors of florida and texas are doing frankly is a political stunt uh and treating people like

livestock. It's treating people like livestock now, it's a political stunt. See here's the thing, if you just inundate small towns with hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants, not a political stunt, that's your policy, that is your proposed policy. But it's a political stunt to demonstrate full scale to the rest of the american public that this is a bad policy. That's a stunt. Again, this is the same variation on the game. We do something really bad, right? It's a really crap policy. But you're noticing it is the problem and you're exposing that's the view of the american people is really the problem. This of course set off folks like Jim Acosta over at CNN and ladies find you a gentleman who loves you. Like Jim Acosta loves Jim Acosta students. The narcissist of american politics here.

He is explaining this is hurting the Children And from from the same media advocates who suggest that double mastectomies for 14 year olds who who are in the mistaken belief that they can be boys. That's a good idea hurting the Children. I'm I'm gonna, I'm gonna take this one with a large grain of salt. Maybe like a pillar of salt. Maybe like an ocean filled these border states and border towns should not be subjected to the undue burden of this. And we need to remind you, President biden and the biden administration has flown people under cover of darkness to new york state and elsewhere across this country under similar circumstances. But

there's a plan in place, you know, when they put them on the plane and they land in a different jurisdiction, different state, different town, different city. The people on the other end know that they're coming. This is just dumping people and you know, on Martha's vineyard or in Washington D. C. In front of the vice president's place to own the Libs. This is not owning the Libs, This is hurting the kids.

It's not owning the Libs, it's hurting the, it's the Children. You don't give a crap about the kids don't give a crap about the kids. Hundreds of thousands of unaccompanied minors been showing up on the border. Thanks to this administration's policies, don't give a crap about that. You just don't like you guys got shown up. That's all And the American public can see this by the way, get back to all this in just one second first, you may have noticed that the economy seems to be on the tipping point lately. We are probably already in a recession. We already have massive inflation. If you haven't looked over your budget in a while to see how you can save on your bills. You really should, especially because you may have racked up that credit card debt and that can just eat you alive right now. You might need to access the equity you have in your house. If you're a homeowner, your equity is up 20% since last year, that equity can be accessed his cash for all the things you need just call American, find get that free mortgage review.

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They are on hand throughout the entire process to help you understand your options so you can make decisions with confidence. Policy genius has thousands of five star reviews across both google and trust pilot. And since 2014 policy genius has helped over 30 million people shop for insurance and placed over 100 and $50 billion in coverage, heading over to policy genius dot com slash Shapiro get a free life insurance quotes. See how much you could save. The media treatment of all of this. Aren't you upset using kids as props is so terrible. You're using, they're traveling with their families to places where they are then taken care of as opposed to what you guys do, which is you draw unaccompanied minors via coyotes across the border and then release them on mass into american society with a bus ticket when they say that there's a plan, okay if you mean that you have notified local charities that do not actually have the resources to deal with tens of thousands of illegal immigrants arriving, that there will be some busses arriving and then they get overwhelmed. Yeah, sure. I guess that counts as a plan but it's not much of one jake tapper on CNN he he had on mike rounds of south Dakota and he was asking him about this. Aren't you upset that you're using kids as props. First of all democrats use kids as props literally all the time. Everything they do as kids as props.

It's nancy. Pelosi talking about abortion and the killing of the unborn flanked by like her grandchildren. We we based our entire environmental policy on the left on a Swedish teenager. Come on here, here's jake tapper. There isn't any heads up being given to mayor Adams. You just heard from him or the individuals on Martha's vineyard. I get they're trying to send a message, they're trying to get the attention, but there also, isn't there a degree of trolling going on here? Uh, and, and do you really have no issue with using human beings, a one month old baby little kids to to make a political point like this again, this idea that the democrats that they care about, but you don't care about the Children when they're on an air conditioned flight, a very rich area, they were taken care of everything was fine. It's pretty incredible. Meanwhile, eric Adams, he says that these migrants were misled, they were lied to. Okay, so the case they have to make here in order for this to work in order for democrats to make this case, democrats have to show that these migrants were basically lied to that they thought that they were going to a warm welcoming place and instead they were sent to hell on earth. And as it turns out, it's not true, as we'll see in just a second.

Here's eric Adams though, trying to claim that these immigrants were lied to. Many of the migrants flown to Martha's vineyard by florida Governor Ron DeSantis uh, say they were falsely told that jobs and housing would be waiting for them when they arrived. Were any of the migrants that have arrived in new york? Have they been similarly misled? Yes, they have been. And it's really unfortunate when you watched government, uh, misrepresent were you sending people in some cases we had those who were covid positive on the busses with individuals who were dehydrated, didn't have proper food of some were even tagged. It's just terrible. They're not being told. Okay, so Washington post has an entire piece about all of this. The piece is titled Martha's vineyard flights leave migrant advocates scrambling because apparently up till now they had everything under control. But now and now they're really scrambling. Okay, there's only one problem buried at the very end of this piece is the actual accounts of people who are these legal immigrants and here's what they say, Venezuelan migrant mike Bettencourt vivas was outside its shelter on saturday trying to find a ride to Washington state.

He across the border in Eagle Pass, but he never saw ST busses. If he had the option. He said he would take one, we need a way to get to our destination directly. People here shut the door and don't give us opportunities. Just like other countries like Panama and Costa rica, Betancourt 26, a construction worker and composer with a wife and two daughters stuck in Colombia said he doesn't care about being a political pawn if he gets him a free ride to Washington, don't matter to me. I just want to go. He says oops, oops. Meanwhile, even MSNBC is reporting the migrants who are arriving in places like Martha's vineyard actually thanking Rhonda Santis, they're like, hey, this place is kind of nice. You know, it's like, it's like a vacation spot or something. They're saying that these people are being abused and used to bring a border crisis deeper into the country. Now, I can't tell you they are not angry at Rhonda Santis. They're actually thanking him for having brought them to Martha's vineyard where they were, they were very well received.

But other people, well, they're saying they're being used as political pawns. They don't resent it for now. So they're all like, yeah, this is great. I like it here. Martha's vineyard is nice. It is actually, Martha's vineyard is a really, really super nice place. It's really beautiful Rhonda Sanders for his party says they keep saying that we're deceiving people. They literally have forms that they have signed that show that they know where they are going. It literally has a map that shows that they are going to Martha's vineyard Hey, and he says, listen, if I had the ability, if it were up to me, I would send them back to their home countries, but that's illegal, he's not allowed to enforce federal immigration law. So instead I'm just going to send them to places where all of the liberals can take care of them with their lawn signs for 44 hours before patting themselves on the back writing some musicals and sending them off to the local air force base. They give them a release form to sign, they actually give them a packet. And in that packet included a map of Martha's vineyard.

So it was obvious that that's where they were going and they gave that to them. And and here's the thing, it's all voluntary because it's just the type of thing where we think that's the right way to do it. I mean, I think that if if the states could send, I would send back to Mexico or back to the home country, but here we are doing it voluntarily. They sign a release and then they get a packet. So they did get a packet that had the map of Martha's vineyard. And they're also treated, you know very well with all this. I mean, they're they're treated well with meals and everything. Okay, So, um, what exactly is the big problem? The big, big problem here is of course democrats are humiliated. That is the big problem and they're so humiliated that now they have to avoid the obvious problem here. The problem is not dismantle the problem is not as if you don't like illegal immigrants showing up in your town anywhere in the United States, There's only one force you can blame. And it is not the governor of these various states.

It is the federal government, the federal government has very few specified powers under the constitution. Control of the border of the United States is one of those powers. The federal government is given that power exclusively. The states do not have the ability to control immigration into and out of the country. So if the federal if erIC Adams doesn't like illegal immigrants showing up in new york, he has one person and one person alone, he can blame the President of the United States. And eric Adams had this interview with jake tapper is really fascinating watches. He tries to escape the implications of his own words. So, first, he says, this is a humanitarian crisis and the humanitarian crisis is not being created by any sort of external exogenous circumstance. It's happening because of human policy. We should be clear that this is as a state of a humanitarian crisis created by human hands. And it is, it is in all hands on deck moment where we're all supposed to come together and coordinate coordination during the crisis is something that we must do together. And that's the federal government, that that is also the governor of the state of texas as well as the governor Governor of the state florida.

We should not be uh, really treating other cities and municipalities in the manner that we're witnessing now. And so we need resources for housing resources to make sure that we could properly give people the medical care, all of the basic necessities that you will give new arrivals that enter a city. Okay. So I've noticed that eric Adams who has put up billboards in florida saying in new york, we say gay. So come on back from florida, new york, He has to say that because everyone from new york would love to live down in florida. Now, he's like, can you stop sending your people please stop sending me these illegal immigrants? And it's probably an internal governor versus mayor issue here. So, jake tapper does some journalism in here and he has an actual real question, he says to eric Adams. Well, I noticed that actually federal policy on the border is the policy that defines whether illegal immigrants are even in the country in the first place. So why don't you just say that this is about joe biden? So you're struggling to process the 2500 migrants sent to you from Texas. Meanwhile, the El Paso sector of the border season average of 1700 migrants crossing every single day record 1.9 million migrants have been apprehended on the southwest border this fiscal year alone, even if you think what these governors are doing is horrific.

It seems like you agree this is a crisis that needs more attention from the biden administration. And I was like, no, they're working on it. Uh it's fine. It's probably fine. Okay. But it isn't. And democrats know that it isn't and they're being humiliated on the issue. Now, all that the democrats jumping on this hand grenade have really accomplished is to once again make Rhonda Santis a hero in the eyes of the right. So it turns out that as I've been saying for a while, one of the unfortunate problems with american politics right now is everything is incredibly reactionary. So if the media attacks somebody the right immediately deems this person a hero, it doesn't matter if that person actually is qualified like Rhonda Santis, the governor of florida or if it's marjorie, taylor greene, right? No matter who the left attacks, the right immediately says this person must be good because we trust the media so little that whatever they say has to be wrong. Well, that has some upsides.

Which is frankly doubting the media at this point is not an option. It's an obligation, but you actually have to use what we would call in additional cycle, you'd have to use your actual common sense. You have to try to determine whether or not the media are complaining about a thing that is real or whether they're complaining about a thing that is fake. When it comes to de Santis, they're complaining about things that are fake and the entire right knows it. Which is why do scientists now risen to the top of the pile. Ron DeSantis is a national figure as governor of florida, which is rare. It's actually very rare that you have a governor who becomes a national figure. Normally if you're a governor and you want to become a national figure, you have to basically stand on a street corner and shout like Gavin Newsom is in California, Rhonda Santis didn't do that. He just implemented good covid policy in florida and then he implemented good educational policy in florida and now he's attempting to show up the democrats on illegal immigration and this is generating extraordinary goodwill for him on the right side of the aisle as left immediately is are there already doing this? They've moved into two Santis is worse than trump. Now this is the most predictable development in american politics. The most predictable development in american politics is whoever the last Republican president was when they were president, that that person was Hitler when it was Bush, it was Bush.

Hitler when it's trump is trump. Hitler and then whoever comes next must be worse than that person. So when Bush was there, he was the worst. Then McCain came in, it was like, oh my God, this guy is so much worse than Bush man. I wish for the days of Bush and then trump was like, oh man, I wish for the days of mitt Romney and john McCain and now it's Rhonda Santis, his turn. So they're already doing the routine where they're like man de Santis, that guy is even worse than trump. Now listen de Santis, for his part, he's going for it because he knows how this game is played. De Santis is a very savvy political operator. He happens to be an incredibly effective governor of florida. He's turned the state deep red, okay, this was, this was a purple state just by, by 2018. This is now a very solidly red state. The state in which I live governor stands doing a fabulous job.

I make no bones about the fact that I'm a fan of Governor de Santis. I believe the governor of santa is gonna win in a cakewalk in his gubernatorial race this year. Santa says, listen, I'll keep sending illegal immigrants to these places because why exactly wouldn't die? I have $12 million allotted to me, bipartisan fashion democrats voted for a $12 million line item in the budget that allows the state of florida to fly illegal immigrants other places. So why exactly wouldn't I do that? These are ongoing things. I mean, you know, so you're gonna look obviously there's gonna be busses like texas is doing, you know, there may be, there may be some more flights, you know, Martha's vineyard is a little bit different because it's an island. So you kind of got to either fly in there, take a ferry. All we're trying to do is offer transport to Sanctuary jurisdictions free to the, to the alien, but certainly not mandatory and that way they're able to go and these sanctuary jurisdictions can put their money where their mouth is, they can provide the resources, they can do all of that. And then once that happens, the chance of folks coming to florida is probably very, very low. So that's why we're doing it and I think, I think we're gonna continue to do it. Okay, so this has prompted the left, all this prompted the left to do the worse than trump routine.

So Jamelle Bouie, who's a terrible columnist for the new york times, he has an entire piece about how de Santis is worse than trump, quote donald trump is a lifelong celebrity with the public persona that is as much about the apprentice and even Home Alone two as it is about his political career. What's more trump has the skills of a celebrity, he's funny, he has stage presence, he's a kind of natural charisma, He can be a bully in part because he can temper his cruelty and Eagle is um with the performance of a clown or a showman, he can persuade an audience that he's just kidding that he doesn't actually mean it, Rhonda Santis cannot, he may be a more competent trump in terms of his ability to use the levers of state to amass power, but he's also meaner and more rigid without the soft edges and eccentricity of the actual donald trump. This is the first time I've ever heard Jamal Bowie talking about the soft edges and eccentricity of donald trump. But this is what the media has been reduced to. They're so scared of DeSantis that they're now doing the he's worse than trump routine. And the thing that really scared of here is that DeSantis is incredibly effective. And by the way DeSantis also happens to be an actual Republican politician who helps actual republicans will get to that in just one second. Many of you know, Candace Owens was out on maternity leave. Well now she's back. We're unleashing the power of Candace five days a week and her new Daily Wire Plus show Candace Owens, she covers all the pop culture and political topics you're gonna wanna hear Candice go off on ranging from race to pornography. Like pretty much everything you're not gonna want to miss. The first few episodes they premiered last week, new episodes are available every day three p.m.

Eastern on daily wire plus this is big news, watch. Candace owns his show right now on Daily Wire Plus or listen on Apple podcast, Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts and so the real reason that the democrats are afraid of Rhonda Santis is because Rhonda Santis is effective. That's the real reason. So they weren't afraid of Trump until he became president. Then they became scared of Trump in 2016. They only became scared of Trump when he became the nominee and that was after they had actively attempted to make Trump the nominee because they thought that he was most likely to lose then he won and they lost their ever loving minds and have not regained those minds minds are still off wandering in the wilds of Scotland somewhere. But now they are really, really scared of governor DeSantis. And the reason they're scared of the santas is because DeSantis actually is is very meticulous in how he treats issues. He picks his his political stunts well as this latest one demonstrates and he raises enormous amount of money according to open secrets Governor DeSantis political operation reported raising $177 million through september 9th. That breaks the gubernatorial fundraising record without adjusting for inflation. A new open secrets analysis of state campaign finance filings found his reelection campaign has raised over $31.4 million since january 2021. Friends of Ron DeSantis, his state level pack that is not subject to contribution limits raked in $146 million since january of 2019.

Again, that that number is just astonishing considering that his his closest competitors, People like Charlie Crist, right, who's running on the Democratic side of the aisle, he has raised a grand total of $20 million $177 million dollars at this point. This is more money than has ever been raised in the history of american politics in terms of gubernatorial races. And here is the thing Governor de Santis is using a lot of that money in order to help fellow Senate GOP candidates. Okay, so he's actually using that money to benefit his political movement because Rhonda Santis cares about the end goals of the political movement which is going to contrast rather strongly with president trump as we'll talk about in just one minute. According to politico, Governor de Santis is using his sizable campaign stash to help down ballot republicans. De Santis earlier this month shifted $2.5 million from his political committee to the florida Republican Senatorial Committee. The campaign arm controlled by incoming Senate president Kathleen pasado mo. It's the single largest contribution recorded by the committee of the cycle. And since its creation back in 2014, Senate President Wilton Simpson who's running for AG Commissioner donated $2 million July, This has put Senate Democrats on the back foot. They've been forced to spend money to help defend the Senate minority leader Lauren book against a primary challenge. They have less than 600 grand in their main campaign account. De Santis has already had a hand in helping to mold the state senate to his liking endorsing several republicans, even though Senate GOP leaders had initially planned to support other candidates.

The apparent thinking behind his senses help as he wants to assist senate republicans across the board and not any one candidate. And so again, Rhonda Santis in his state is using the money that he has raised in order to help other republicans. This of course is raising, Rhonda sends his profile tremendously in the possibility of a presidential race in 2024, particularly because Joe Biden yesterday and 60 minutes. He again dropped the idea that he might not run in 2024, which is leaving open the possibility of somebody like Gavin newsom running here is the president of the United States will get some more of his 60 minutes interview in a little while here because it really was kind of amazing here was the president of the United States announcing he may or may not run.

Sir, are you committed to running again or are there certain conditions that have to be right? Look, if I were to say to you, I'm running again all of a sudden the whole range of things come into play that I have requirements I have to change and move and do in terms of election in terms of election loss. And it's much too early to make that kind of decision. You say that it's much too early to make that decision? I take it The decision has not been made in your own head. Look, my intentions, I said that began with is that I would run again, but it's just an intention. But is it a firm decision that I've run again to be seen.

He's leaving that door wide open. Gavin Newsom is ready to charge through that door hair gel ablaze. So he actually tweeted out the other day, hey governor de Santis clearly are struggling, distracted and busy playing politics with people's lives. Since you have only one overriding need attention. Let's take this up in debate. I'll bring my hair gel, you bring your hairspray name the time before election Day. So he obviously is attempting to glom onto the fact that de Santis has extraordinary amount of momentum and he would like to be the nominee. Would Gavin Newsom, which is the reason why for example, he has been running ads in florida and texas and other red states, right? The goal for Newsom is take over for joe biden and the way that he is doing this and this betrays where democrats think this race is going, He's directing that not at Trump, he's directing that at two Santas. And the reason for that again is because if you are a person who cares about the conservative movement, one indicator that you ought to back somebody like Iran de Santis is because not only does he know how to run an executive government in a place like florida, but as I have said, he is using his actual resources in other in order to help fellow republicans. This contrast extra very strongly with president trump's activity here. President trump has a super pac.

That super pac has raised like $100 million so far. he has spent my understanding is $0 or very close to $0 on that super pac on other Republican candidates, which is why there are candidates like blake Masters and JD Vans. People who trump handpicked are now short of cash. It's a very very serious problem. I got Rhonda Santis who's actually using his money in order to help his Senate Republican candidates in florida across the finish line and you have trump who's picking candidates on the federal level. People like blake Masters, people like J. D. Vance and then giving them a basically no money. That's an amazing thing. And put aside the quality of the candidates for just a second because there's a current poll from Travel Guard that has blake masters and then to J. D. Vance is running very competitive races, tim Ryan, a little bit of money would help right here.

But where exactly is the cash? Where's the cash If donald trump raised $100 million to presumably help the conservative movement and not just use it for whatever and we don't know what whatever is, where exactly is the, where is the money? There's an entire piece in the Wall Street Journal about this from Kimberley Strassel pointing out that that peter thiel and donald trump help blake masters get the nomination Arizona, but there's no money. So now they've gone back to begging mitch McConnell and Senate leadership fund for the cash. So why exactly if you're relying on the kindness of mitch McConnell because trump can't be counted on here and feel can't be counted on what is the good of endorsing candidates particularly most controversial candidates and then immediately turning around and not supporting them in the way they need support. That's bad stuff. And it doesn't help when donald trump decamps to Ohio to do a rally for J. D. Vance. And his first concern is basically insulting JD Vance in front of the entire audience which is what he did last night. Here he was. The new york times did a fake story today.

Big front page that J. D. Wasn't sure if he wanted my support. JD is kissing my as he wants my support. I'm 18 points up if I was 18 points down he wouldn't want my support. I mean who does that? Who goes to a Senate rally and says about the candidate you're supporting the guys kissing your ass. Is that like brilliant politics that I'm missing out on? I mean he does the rally for J. D. Vance and the entire rally apparently like a huge portion of this rally was donald trump doing like a bizarre story like this in youngstown. Ohio doing a bizarre eight minute segment in which music plays in the background as the crowd remains silent and people hold up their hands in solidarity with trump?

Is that a rally for J. D. Vance? How does this help? J. D Vance particularly or does it turn into a campaign ad for tim Ryan, here's here's trump doing this routine. It was it was very odd. It was very odd. Optics. Again we're not talking about 2020 for trump hasn't declared for 2024. No one's declared for 2024. It's 2022.

Shouldn't he be rallying for JD Vance rather than doing what appears to be some sort of campaign ad for 2024 using J. D. Vance's campaign as a platform without actually funding J. D. Vance. We are a nation where free speech is no longer allowed that music is not piped in to the video. It's actually in the stadium. People are standing there holding up their their one finger. I'm not sure why 2020 and it goes like this for eight minutes, three minutes. So here's the question. If you are like a typical conservative voter And you're looking at the possibility of 2024, who do you want the very effective governor of Florida? Who has got the media reacting to him constantly on issues that matter to the American people like illegal immigration, who's funding fellow Republicans who is trying to pick the best candidates in particular races.

Who has swung an entire purple state red or do you want the guy who can't be bothered to sign a check to the candidates he handpicked in the senate and who is busy doing rallies where he pipes in music and people show solidarity with him personally. However much you like trump at a certain point, you gotta figure who is more likely to be a good president and who is more likely to. And again, none of that is to say that donald trump. If he's the nominee, I wouldn't vote for him. None of that is to say that donald trump didn't do great things while he's president of the United States. But efficacy matters right, knowing how this game is played matters and by the way, backing the conservative movement generally as opposed to losing two Senate seats in Georgia at a personal peak. That matters too If we hadn't lost two Senate seats in Georgia because Donald Trump was piste at Brian Kemp in 2020 half of joe biden spending never gets done more than half, probably. Alrighty guys, the rest of the show is continuing right now. You're not gonna wanna miss it. We'll be getting into the new york times suggesting that democracy is under threat, but we'll talk about from whom democracy is really under threat. If you're not a member, click the link in the description and join us