Joe Biden Is Not Competent In Any Sense

August 23, 2021

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Chuck Schumer dances as Americans are stuck in Kabul; the Biden administration has no good answers to just why Biden is disconnected from reality; and ISIS is on the rise again. Check out Debunked. Where Ben Shapiro exposes leftist fallacies in 15 minutes or less. Watch the full season available only on The Daily Wire:  My new book, 'The Authoritarian Moment: How the Left Weaponized America's Institutions Against Dissent,’ is now available! Secure your copy here: Or get a signed copy for only $30: Subscribe to Morning Wire, Daily Wire’s new morning news podcast, and get the facts first on the news you need to know:


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I'm not sure how else to read their activities this weekend. You had nancy Pelosi off in napa valley dining with the D. C C. C. And you had chuck schumer dancing it up with Stephen Colbert in New york city. This is kind of an astonishing tape given the fact that they're currently thousands of american citizens stuck in kabul and the Senate majority leader is dancing it up with Stephen Colbert according to the new york post Senate senator chuck schumer was ripped on twitter for dancing with Stephen Colbert backstage, we love Nyc concert amid the ongoing catastrophe in Afghanistan and as the coronavirus pandemic continues to surge across the US backstage. Antics wrote Mayor de Blasio as press secretary, Bill Nye heart and a twitter posting on saturday before the star studded concert in Central Park was abruptly canceled because of storms and lightning generated by hurricane hungry. So it's uh God was like no. And, and thus was the we love NyC celebration canceled. There was a little bit of some incredibly awkward dancing between the Senate majority leader and a man who used to be funny at one point, Stephen Colbert, although it's been a long time, it's hard to remember. I know it here from Stephen Colbert, oh my God, it's just a disaster area. Not just the dancing, not just the dancing backstage between Stephen Colbert whose job it is to target politicians and uh chuck schumer, the Senate majority leader.

It's just, it's one wonderful, wonderful stuff happening. Meanwhile, thousands of americans are still stuck in Kabul with no way out and now the taliban are openly mocking us. So they put up a photo of their guys raising a taliban flag in the same exact formation as the marines on Iwo Jima in World War Two. According to the Marine Corps Times in one particular image released this week, members of the taliban Badri 3 13 battalion appeared to mock joe Rosenthal's iconic 1945 image of the flag raised atop Mount Suribachi during the battle of Iwo Jima in the Taliban image, fighters belonging to Badri 3 13, which some are calling the taliban's elite commando unit are shown wearing full camouflage uniforms, combat boots, tactical gear and night vision goggles. Similar photographs released in recent days show taliban fighters carrying weapons and equipment issued by the United States or allied nations, including M four carbines and what appeared to be tragic con advanced combat optical gunsight or akagi images are noticeable departure from traditional depictions of taliban fighters who seldom up here with heavy weaponry or in full military garb spoils left behind by the Afghan army. So things are going really well, They're going even better than that. Actually, it turns out that over at the airport, a Fox News reporter is suggesting Lucas tomlinson that the taliban have been stepping up attacks on afghans outside Abigail to Kabul airport. They've been tearing up passports and other vital documents. One afghan trying to escape, says the taliban knocked his wife's teeth out at a checkpoint, which of course is no shock at all. You have to understand that the Kabul airport, you think of an airport is like a big place with a lot of runways. Kabul airport is not a big place with a lot of runways. Kabul airport is a postage stamp bagram airport which we ridiculously surrendered to the taliban for no apparent reason was a very large airport.

Kabul is one runway, literally one all the taliban have to do to knock out the ability of anyone to fly anything out of Afghanistan at this point is send one more around into the runway. That's it and everybody knows this, which is why they are treating the taliban with kid gloves. Meanwhile, the taliban are basically screening whoever goes through the checkpoint, the security and this has resulted not just in afghans being targeted, but also in american's being targeted as well. Lloyd Austin, the Secretary of Defense. He admitted over the weekend that americans are basically being beaten by the taliban as they approach these checkpoints. If you have an american passport, if you have the right credentials, the taliban has been allowing people to uh to pass safely through. Not in all cases, there is no such thing as an absolute in this kind of environment. As you would imagine, Martha, there, there there have been incidents of people uh you know, having some some tough encounters with taliban as we learn about those incidents. We certainly go back and engage the taliban leadership and and uh and press home to them. That our expectation is that they allow uh you know, our people with the appropriate credentials to get through the, through the checkpoint. Oh well, you know, as long as well, as long as we're conveying our feelings to the taliban, obviously that will change things by the way, The State Department guidance right now is utterly unclear. They're basically saying, we can't guarantee your safety to get to the airport, you should wait until we get back to you and give you instructions, but also don't call us because we're overwhelmed.

So it remains a complete crap show over in Kabul. Meanwhile, Tony Blinken is trying to explain that the best way to get to the Kabul airport is to go yourself. We're not gonna be sending soldiers out there. The way that the british have with the Italians have like there are other people who are out there, what the Ukrainians have like they're sending the military into the city to go pick up their citizens and bring them back but apparently not the United States, Tony Blinken is saying basically you have to get there yourself and we'll try to figure out a way to get you out but we can't guarantee your safety getting there but also we're not gonna come get you. So imagine for a second that you were and now you were an american stuck in Afghanistan. What would you do at this point? Would you try to brave the thousands of people are now surrounding the Kabul airport including taliban fighters to get through there, Let's say you're an american woman and you're trying to get through, how would you, how would this go for you? Do you feel perfectly comfortable that you would get through the failings of taliban fighters and barbarians who are now guarding the airport, Tony Blinken says well you know we're doing our best, the best way, the most effective way, the way I'm focused on to get folks in again is to be in direct contact with them and to help guide them in to give them instructions on where to go when to go there and then we can we can bring them into the airport safely and effectively so they are still effectively on their own getting to the airport. Ah Again uh we found that the best way to do this is to be in direct touch with them. Uh President Secretary Defense have been clear that we will do whatever it takes to get americans home and and out of harm's way. You'll be in touch with them. You see you'll talk them through it.

Yes. I'm sure that as people hear stories about people having the crap beat out of them by the taliban, their first thought is, well, probably I'm just gonna go there. You know I mean like what what what could be the harm exactly. Meanwhile Jake Sullivan, the national security adviser, He admits there's still several 1000 americans trying to get out of Kabul. Now remember none of this counts, presumably the hundreds of thousands of americans are not in Kabul right? This is just the americans are in Kabul but they're americans that Ngos all over Afghanistan. A lot of those people are coming home lot of and I promise you a year from now they're gonna be videos of americans in Afghanistan or being held hostage by the taliban. If you think the american involvement in Afghanistan ended with joe biden declaring that american involvement in Afghanistan is over uh just watch the news for the next year or so here's jake Sullivan exactly how many americans are left behind in Afghanistan? Well, nora the U. S. Government doesn't actually know the precise answer to that question. And that's because we ask every american who comes to Afghanistan to register with the US embassy but when people leave they often don't de register and even some who come Never registered in the first place.

Well the clock is ticking. The deadline is approaching its just 12 days away. You think you can have all that buttoned up by then? We can move thousands of people every single day. Between now and the end of the month. We have plenty more seats on flights than we believe that there are possibly americans still in Afghanistan? Yeah. Yeah. So they have no idea how many people are actually there. Meanwhile Fox news is trading. So he says there is no clear plan in place to rescue the americans are outside of Kabul because remember again, not all of the americans are in Kabul. The question we keep hearing whether it's people reaching out online saying we have relatives or friends trapped in Kabul or elsewhere.

They keep asking, what's the plan? Have you heard anything who can I contact to make sure that my loved ones get to the airport. And while there is a limited plan to get countries including the United States on the ground here to evacuate. Those who can make it to the airport. There is no clear plan in place to save the thousands of americans who are not only spread out around Kabul but in other cities, head up Kandahar, smaller cities around the country and they have no way to get here all of this because joe biden decided to precipitously pull out with no warning right? Without, without really any plan. He said we're gonna pull out april 14th but I didn't start actually evacuating people. So instead we just moved the military out and we left all the material and human beings behind which is precisely the opposite of what you would do. Even if you're in favor of the withdrawal, which again I think it is politically foolish, I think it's geo strategically idiotic, but even if you're in favor of the withdrawal, even if you think that this is something that had to be done, we may as well do it sooner rather than later, you at least have to leave the soldiers in there long enough to make sure that we get our stuff and people out. Instead we just handed our military technology over to the Taliban. We abandoned our air bases. We completely haven't, we basically cut our own hamstrings so we can't actually effectuate a way of getting people out of there.

To the point where now we not only do we not have an ability to get people out of their the biden administration is openly at this point talking about bombing all of the people and and resources that we left there. So the idea is we left all of these military resources behind. Maybe we should bomb them. Maybe we should just blow up all the military resources according to Axios. The biden administration is considering launching airstrikes against the larger equipment. They fear that such a move could provoke the taliban at a time when the U. S. Is focusing on evacuating people from Afghanistan. Again, this is because we left these people in charge. These barbarians are in charge. We are no longer in charge over there according to politico in the chaos of the moment. It's unclear to us officials how much equipment the taliban has seized and how much of that sits unattended on bases and in small combat outposts across the country.

That uncertainty over the status of a massive arsenal is sparking fears of a regional arms bazaar. That could be a boon to terrorist groups and insurgents. The images that have spread across the world over the past week of Taliban fighters posing in front of captured helicopters and light attack aircraft. Light attack aircraft have allowed the group to further humiliate the former afghan and American governments. But these images don't concern longtime extremism watchers as much as the proliferation of guns, bullets and grenades. So now I guess we're gonna have to send troops back in to blow all that stuff up. So this has been just wonderful CNN meanwhile reporting there really is no access to the airport. The americans have closed all the gates access. There is no access to the airport at the moment except through one british access point called can Baron which is on the outskirts of the airport where people are processed there and then moved into the airport once they've been cleared to fly out. Now that has been the case now for many hours that is sam kiley of CNN reporting as of yesterday. Sky News also reporting on the chaos and saying yeah no things are not organized out here. This is an emergency now it's nothing to do with process.

They're just trying to save lives tens of thousands and trying to get through at the front. They're being crushed. Paratroopers pulling people from the mayhem. Medics rush in from the next casualty to the next and the next the soldiers spray the crowd with a hose, anything to cool them down, Men, women and lots and lots of Children. Then what we feared the inevitable is this a stabilized withdrawal from Afghanistan, It looks like death to me. Okay so that is a report from Sky News things going great though. According to the Biden administration. By the way there have been at least 20 deaths in the last week during the Kabul Airport evacuation effort. According to NATO. That's how well things are going over there including by the way a child like at least a couple of Children. Seven people were crushed. Just over the weekend in panic at the airport.

So things are going absolutely swimmingly Thousands continue to try to flee the country. The british military on sunday acknowledged at least seven deaths at the airport. And again, apparently one of the people who was killed was a two year old. Apparently soldiers had covered several corpses in white clothing. Other troops stood on concrete barriers trying to calm down the crowd. Others may have been trampled. Suffocated has suffered heart attacks. Is taliban fighters fired into the air to try to drive back the crowds as well. And um, apparently the the temperatures have reached about 93°F over there. So, so things are very hot and uh, and and sticky and just it's pretty terrible all the way through. Meanwhile, who's actually setting the rules here? It's pretty obvious the taliban are setting the rules.

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All right, we're gonna get out by august 31st. Then he's asked, well are you gonna stay longer if they're still americans on the ground? And he was like, we'll do our best to get out before august 31st. And then George Stephanopoulos asked him last week but you will extend the deadline and biden said, yeah, maybe we'll extend the deadline. So yesterday joe biden said maybe we'll extend the deadline again. We're nine days away from the August 31 deadline. Will you extend that deadline or what is your thought process on the evacuation discussions going on among us in the military about extending our hope is we will not have to extend. But they're going to be discussions, I suspect on how far along we are in the process. Okay, so their discussions on whether we're going to have to extend in the meantime. In the meantime, you have the taliban are saying you're not extending their like, you know what, we're not gonna let people through and you know what this is, this is a hostage situation. Now, as I mentioned, there's only one way out of this hostage situation for the biden administration that is to hand billions of dollars to the taliban. Right, we are going to become the chief funders of some of the worst terrorist supporters on planet earth and the worst regime on planet earth.

That is what the United States has been transformed to and from the greatest fighting force on planet earth, killing tens of thousands of taliban members every year in coordination with our afghan allies to the people sponsoring the Taliban. That is what we are going to turn into because the taliban has now met with Sky News in Doha Qatar and here is what Sky News is reporting. Taliban spokesperson, Dr. Suhail Shaheen said, quote, it's a red line President Biden announced on August 31 they would withdraw all their military forces. So if they extend it, that means they're extending occupation, there is no need for that. If the US or the UK were to seek additional time to continue evacuations. The answer is no or there would be consequences. It will create mistrust between us if they are intent on continuing the occupation, it will provoke a reaction. All of that comes as Boris johnson is personally begging with joe biden to extend the deadline to allow more people to flee the reign of terror of the Taliban. Meanwhile, desperate scenes grow at Kabul International Airport. According to Sky News people prepared to leave everything and risk their lives to escape life under the militant group rule when pressed on this issue that people are clinging onto aircraft leaving the country and that that is far from routine dr Shaheen. He's probably he's probably a great doctor, probably dr shaking in The spokesperson for the Taliban, probably an excellent doctor. He said, I assure you it is not about being worried or scared They want to reside in Western countries and that is kind of economic migration because Afghanistan is poor and 70% of the people in Afghanistan live under the poverty line.

So everyone wants to resettle in Western countries to have a prosperous life. But it's not about being scared of the Taliban When asked about footage that the Taliban are going door to door and threatening people and closing down girls schools and banning women from television. And when asked about a story from CNN that the brother of an Afghan translator was just murdered the other day and CNN is reporting that the Taliban have sentenced the brother of an Afghan translator to death according to letters obtained by CNN accusing him of helping us and providing security to his brother who served as an interpreter to american troops. So the Taliban are obviously doing all this sort of stuff. Doctor Sheehan said all fake news. I can assure you there are many reports by our opponents claiming what is not based in reality, Dr Shaheen said the women who stay in the country will lose nothing. Only if they have no hijab, they will have a hijab. Women are required to have the same rights as you have in your country. Oh, the hijab when pressed on this issue, Shaheen said no. Women teachers will have resumed work, lost nothing. Female journalists. They have resumed their work, lost nothing.

Um Yeah, sure. They said the same thing last time by the way. So um Sky News asked what the taliban would say to the families of people who tried, who of those who died trying to help Afghanistan? Quote, they occupied our country. If we occupy your country, what would you say to me, what if I killed your people in your country? What would you say? I think all people suffered a lot bloodshed destruction. Everything we say the past is the past part of our past. History. Now. We want to focus on the future. Yeah, sure.

Okay, so the Taliban are in charge. They're they're setting the deadline and they've said there will be consequences if we move past August 31, which of course means that the United States is now basically the taliban is playing the tune in the United States, the most powerful country in the history of the world is dancing to the tune of a bunch of eighth century barbarians armed with weapons that we gave them. So that's that's great. The way that we are coping with this. According to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin is we are now ordering commercial airlines to provide passenger jets to help with the growing U. S. Military operation. Lloyd Austin activated stage one of the Civil Reserve Air fleet created in 1952 after the Berlin airlift to provide 18 airliners to help ferry passengers arriving at bases in the Middle East from Afghanistan, according to the pentagon spokesperson. The current activation is for 18 planes for from the United Airlines, three from american atlas, Air Delta Airlines in Omni Air and two from Hawaiian Airlines. Captain john Perkins, spokesman for the military's Transportation Command said the commercial airliners would begin service on monday or Tuesday. They would fly evacuees from the Middle East to europe and from europe to the United States. So obviously this is a well planned, well coordinated effort when you have to call on Hawaiian airlines to airlift people out of Afghanistan.

Not going to say that's on their normal flight schedule. It's like, so yesterday they were flying from L. A. X. To molly today. U. S. Military is like, okay, we're gonna need you to redirect to Kabul. I'd love to be on that flight crew gang Captain Perkins said in a telephone interview. The military had requested wide body long haul aircraft capable of carrying several 100 passengers. He said discussions had started with the airlines last week and some carriers had volunteered but that a man was great enough for Austin to order more airlines to honor their obligations under the Reserve Fleet program. Civilian planes would not fly into or out of Kabul were rapidly deteriorating.

Security situation is hampered. Instead they would help transport thousands of afghans arriving in bahrain Qatar and the U. A. E. So they're not actually flying to Kabul but they are flying into the Middle East where they weren't flying before and they'll be flying people out of there. That's how well coordinated this effort has been. Meanwhile, IsIS is back. So that's exciting. Local staff members of the U. S. Embassy in Kabul are deeply disheartened by U. S.

Evacuation orders and have expressed a deep sense of betrayal. According to NBC News. By the way there is a cable that said memos have been sent to Afghan staff at the embassy on Wednesday inviting them to head to Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul. It told them to take food and prepare for difficult conditions. No one anticipated the brutal experience that occurred. According to the embassy staff staffers reported being jostled, Hit spat on and cursed at by taliban fighters near the airport adding criminals were taking advantage of the chaos. While the U. S. Military tried to maintain order in an extremely physical situation, some staff members reported they were almost separated from their kids. Others collapse and crush of people and had to be taken to the hospital with injuries according to the cable. Others said they had collapsed on the road because of heat exhaustion. One staff member said would be better to die under the taliban's bullet than face the crowds again happy to die here but with dignity and pride said another a third accused us of prioritizing the Afghan government elite with contacts in America over american embassy staffers.

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How did you hear about this box? So they know that we sent you. Meanwhile, in case you're wondering whether the the terror problem in Afghanistan is going to continue to be a problem. The answer as ISIS is back. So that's exciting stuff. According to the Wall Street Journal us warned the Islamic State poses a threat to americans in Afghanistan As the biden administration seeks to evacuate thousands of U. S. Citizens and Afghan allies. The threat is real, it is acute, it is persistent. It is something we are focused on with every tool in our arsenal, said Jake Sullivan, the President's national security advisor. He told CNN on sunday when asked whether crowds of Kabul International Airport are vulnerable to terrorist attacks because by the way that is a real possibility you've got a bunch of americans and afghan allies who are just lined up around this place. All it would take is one ISIS guy with an Ak to mow down a bunch of those people.

President biden speaking from the White House said quote, we know that terrorists may seek to exploit the situation and target innocent afghans or american troops or maintaining constant vigilance to monitor and disrupt threats from any source concerns over Islamic state attacks. For one reason, the U. S. Embassy warned americans on saturday to avoid traveling to the airport in Kabul and to avoid airport gates. Defense officials have said, question if americans can't go to the airport and they can go to the airport gates and you're worried about ISIS killing them. What are you going to do Now, What exactly is your plan guys? Islamic state is among several terrorist groups present in Afghanistan, each with a different relationship with the Taliban. The Taliban had harbored al Qaeda before the group's terrorist attacks on the US in 2001 reports of surface the Taliban have freed al Qaeda fighters from prisons as they gain control of the country this month. IsIS and the Taliban have sometimes fought over control of the territory in Afghanistan. The Taliban after taking over Kabul executed the former head of ISIS in South Asia who had been in a government prison assisting the U. S. Evacuation effort.

Roughly two dozen countries have agreed to take in afghan evacuees while they are processed. The biden administration has also ordered commercial airliners to help evacuate. Mr Sullivan was one of several U. S. National security officials to appear on sunday morning news programs to discuss the evacuation effort. But honestly, if you think things are bad now over there, wait until there's an actual terrorist attack on the gates outside of the Kabul airport because then you're just relying on the Taliban to basically provide full fledged security right now, it's not just will the taliban be nice enough to allow our people to leave if we bribe them. Now, the question is, will the Taliban actually go to war with al Qaeda to stop al Qaeda from killing people who are outside the gates? And that is a very real possibility given the fact that State Department is now telling people not to go to the airport because they're afraid of terrorist attacks. U. N. officials have reported al Qaeda operations are still present in some areas. U.S.

intelligence assessments have said the group could completely reconstitute in Afghanistan within 18 months to two years after an Afghan after an American withdrawal. Us officials have since said they are likely to reassess that timeline to like 15 minutes and what a a full scale disaster. So the good news is, we have a president who is clearly with us, a president who is clearly in control, A president who has defined this policy and plan for every contingency and totally knows what's going on right now. Or alternatively we have a house plant who is not with us and has not been with us for quite some time. So chris Wallace had on the Secretary of State, Tony Blinken who has really outdone himself this time. And Tony Blinken is not good at his job and he is extraordinarily not good at his job. Chris Wallace on Fox news asked him, you know, the president keeps saying things that are not true. Like over and over. The president said Al Qaeda isn't in Afghanistan. That's not true. The president has said that there is no violence outside the airport gates. That it's not true.

The president has suggested that the Afghan security forces didn't fight at all. We're not capable of fighting. That's not true. He said a lot of things that are not true, Is he with us? Like as the president like on this planet as anytime recently? Or is he just too wrapped up in that mat lock marathon On the on cable channel 799 to pay attention to what's it like, what's going on here is Chris Wallace with Tony Blinken, Tony Blinken is answer here is somewhat disturbing. This is Secretary, Does the president not know what's going on? This is an incredibly Emotional time for many of us, uh, and including allies and partners who've been shoulder to shoulder with us in Afghanistan for 20 years. So the question was, does the president know what's going on? And the Secretary of State's answer is it's an emotional time for us all. Do you feel quieted? Do you feel that things are going well?

Do you feel that this President is in charge? Um that's not the answer you're looking for. The answer you're looking for is the President knows every single thing that's going on right at this moment. We are making decisions in real time. We plan for every contingency. Sometimes those plans go wrong and we are making contingencies for the contingencies. But the President is up to date and apprised instead, we get it's an emotional time. I mean, let's be let's be real. The emotions are running high right now. Uh yeah. Great. Also, who's in control?

Secretary of State, Tony Blinken, who's in control. Here's Tony Blinken explaining the Taliban are in control Now. You should be asking yourself the question why you should be asking why? And the answer of course is because joe biden decided to put them in control period end of story. That is the only reason the taliban are in control, someone in our audience might listen to you Mr Secretary and say oh so we have to ask the taliban for permission for american citizens to leave True or not true, they are in control of Kabul. That is the reality. That's the reality that we have to deal with. How comfortable are you with that Mr Secretary. Um what I what I'm focused on, what we're all focused on is getting people out and making sure that we're doing everything possible to do that and in this case uh uh is I think a requirement of the job to be in contact with uh with the taliban which controls Kabul. If um if you're draws not on the floor after listening clips like that, I don't know how to tell you the most powerful country in world history has put the taliban in charge of Kabul with thousands of american citizens still stranded in country. The taliban is in charge of the gates in terms of who gets in and gets out. The taliban is supposed to be in charge of preventing terror attacks on americans and afghans.

People who they want to kill by the way and Tony Blinken is like well you know they're in charge and when asked whether he is comfortable with that. His answer is we're focused on the future mm mm that's good. Well the good news is that at least if biden isn't with it. And Tony Blinken is right. I mean Tony Blinken obviously is on top of this thing here is Tony Blinken talking about the people in Afghanistan that he's been in touch with. What we've seen. Major is also pretty remarkable. Go back a week. The government fell. Uh and by the way, I was on the phone with with President Karzai the day before when he was telling me his intent as he put it to fight to the death. Well the next day he was gone, the military collapsed. Um, he was on the phone last week.

He was on the phone with President Karzai. That's weird. The reason it's weird is because coming Karzai has not been president of Afghanistan since 2014. It's now 2021. So he meant presumably Mohammad Ashraf Ghani who's the guy who fled but it's disquieting. The Secretary of State. Doesn't know who the hell he was talking to A week. Well, nor does he care. Let's be real about this. They don't care what's going on here. They don't care. I mean chuck schumer is dancing at like events with Stephen Colbert and nancy.

Pelosi is off doing wine an dines in napa without masks and the president is busy drinking insure and taking naps at 11 o'clock in the morning like no one, there is no hand at this wheel, there is no hand at the tiller and because there's no hand at the wheel, no hand at the tiller a decision to to direct the two essentially tie the tiller such that the ship is directed directly at an iceberg. And then to be like, well I guess you know if an emergency arises we'll do something. The emergency is here, you guys are incompetent, you hadn't, it's it is draw dropping, it's all draw dropping okay. And and if you were worried that it was just maybe it's just biden staffers not biden himself. So um, there's only one problem with this which is that biden is the one who made this call. There is a tweet from Axios yesterday saying joe biden doesn't plan to fire anyone over this. Well, who the hell would you fire himself? This is his policy beginning to end. This was his policy. There are two major decisions that have been made in the, in the recent history of Afghanistan. Aside from the 2014 drawdown by Barack Obama two major events right to major events. I think it is fair to say one is the killing of Osama bin laden.

The other is the pull out Joe biden was on the wrong side of both of those joe biden opposed the raid that killed bin laden and now he was in favor of withdrawing with no contingency plan radically without, without any sort of advanced like you would know how to do this. You like the regular regular joe plumber, joe you would know how to do this. Right? Let's say that the flood was about to at your house, A flood was about to at your house and you have a couple of choices. One is, you could leave your Children and all of your belongings in your house. You can just flee. And then when the flood hits, you could try to roll back in on a rowboat to get those things or knowing the flood is coming, you could theoretically take your kids, put them in the back of the car, take the boxes of stuff you want, put that in the back of the car and then drive away and call the insurance company. Which one do you think joe biden did here, joe biden was like, not only is a flood coming, I'm going to unleash the flood. I'm gonna blow up the dam, right, the levee's gonna break. I'm gonna be responsible for that. The flood is coming Also, I'm gonna leave my kids in the house over here and all of my pictures, all my old photos. I'm just gonna leave that stuff there and hey, that was an unforeseen.

But I had a plan for it. My plan is that I was gonna come back later in rowboat. That's the, okay, so if you just think that's his team that came up with that plan. First of all we have multiple reports of people telling joe biden this is the dumbest plan ever. This is a terrible, terrible, stupid thing to do. And joe biden ignoring them because he is a dumb man. He's always been kind of a dumb man. According Barack Obama, right? Never underestimate joe's capacity to f things up, quote Barack Obama is vice president. But now we have joe biden who is not at the top of his game and there was never a top of his game, but we're not talking about like Michael Jordan in the declining Washington wizards years. We're talking about Benoit Benjamin at the end of his career. Okay, this is not somebody who is like a great guy, a great player who has now declined somewhat from his peak.

We're talking about like a fringe guy. We're talking like brian Scalabrine e at the end of the bench and it's the waning days of his career when he can no longer move. And by the way, no rebound Benoit Benjamin or brian Scalabrine, you both of whom were much better at their jobs than joe biden is at his job, which is saying a lot because neither one of them are great players like this. This is unbelievable. It's incredible. Okay, so here is joe biden being even less confident than usual over the weekend. He he got he always gets very testy if you ask him like a tough question about the fact that he just, you know, blew up America's foreign policy. Like, completely blew it up because China is, is ecstatic today, right? We just lost every base we have in the region. It's not just that we lost bases in Afghanistan lost our bases in in Pakistan. We have no surrounding bases. Our nearest base is now in Qatar which is hundreds of miles away.

We have no over the horizon capacity. We lost all of our intelligence sources on the ground for are likely to be murdered by the taliban. China is ecstatic because now they have land access. They now have basically a bridge all the way from china through Afghanistan into Iran to Syria to to Lebanon. Like this is all chinese allied territory. Now you got the Russians who are doing the same thing and it's a full scale geopolitical disaster. And if you're an american ally you're looking at the biden administration going, I don't trust you, I'm gonna have to triangulate now. I'm gonna have to look to Russia and china try to cut a few deals. Try to shore up you know, kind of backfill some sort of national security here. It's I've never seen anything remotely like it. And the President of the United States is not with us, there's nothing going on upstairs, the lights are on but nobody's home and frankly the lights are dimming very, very quickly. Here's the President of the United States getting tested and ask questions about it.

I don't trust anybody including you. I love you. But you know, there's not a lot of people I trust. Okay, he was asked to be trusted Taliban now. And the reason he was asked that is because he's trusting the taliban to allow americans out and the reporter says, do you trust me? Said, I don't trust you man, I don't trust anybody trust no one. Well I wish you would abide by that rule before you pulled all american soldiers out of Kabul preventing us from getting our people out. If he didn't trust them, why did you do this? This was unnecessary. This wasn't the Taliban defeated the United States military and armed combat. This was not even the Taliban defeated the Afghan military in armed combat. This was the United States withdrew close air support from the Afghan military withdrew all american military contractors allowing the afghan air force to fly.

This is the United States completely destroyed the basis for the Afghan army and the Afghan army disappeared. The taliban didn't take Kabul in ground assault fighting. They didn't take Kabul in hand to hand combat. They took Kabul without firing a shot. They took Kandahar without firing a shot. They took Mazar E Sharif without firing a shot. That's because of biden. No one else just biden. That's all it's unreal. Now what's hilarious is that? He says like these two clips back to back. So he says I don't trust anybody including you.

I don't trust the taliban but he's going to urge the taliban to respect the well beings of Afghans. Oh I'm sure that's what's going to happen. Mr President, I'm sure that's what's going to happen now. You've pulled out all protective forces and destroyed all of our allies and left anyone who allied with us at the risk of being shot in the face by the taliban. I am sure that the taliban are thinking to themselves, how can we protect the well being of afghans in coordination with the desires of the biden administration? That just gave us a Apache attack helicopters? The what what what in the actual there's no way to do this show without the F word. There's just no way. Here's here's the President of the United States. The taliban has a yeah, Taliban has to make a fundamental decision is the Taliban going to attempt to be able to unite and provide for the well being of the people of Afghanistan, which no one group has ever done since before feeling for hundreds of years. And if it does, it's going to need everything from additional help in terms of economic assistance, trade and a whole range of things The taliban is going to have the taliban is gonna have to make a decision. Okay, so let's say they have to make a decision, who knows what decision they're gonna make.

On the one hand, they could do all the things joe biden wants them to do. On the other hand, they could tell them to go screw himself, kill everyone who allied with us stuff. The women back into burkas and then back into the basement and then rape them and do whatever the hell they want. I wonder which one I haven't. I my hands up here. I think I know the answer. I think it's a hard question. I think I know the answer to this one as to what the taliban is going to do. I think I think I know this is really rough. By the way, joe biden was then asked a question about ISIS which again is rising in Afghanistan and here was joe biden's electrifying response in case you can't see that. That's the president of the United States walking and doddering out the back door. I kid you not.

It's the President of the United States turning around and walking out the back door. Yeah man, this is gonna go fantastically. Well the good news is that if joe biden should should actually be declared incompetent. Which may in fact have to happen at some point here. Uh then the person who replacing Kamala Harris, she's up for the job. Right? Oh wait we have, we have video of Kamala Harris to what an administration this is but no bad tweets, no bad tweets. Is that a moment. First. The Ben Shapiro show is proud to be supported by Grand Canyon university and affordable christian university, one of the largest fastest growing universities in the country, which means on the planet located in sunny phoenix. Arizona G. C.

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It's a good deal. It's also never been a better time to take it. So what exactly are you waiting for? Get informed to get a reader's past today? You are listening to the largest, fastest growing conservative podcast and radio show in the nation. Well, you might be asking yourself whether joe biden is competent and the answer of course is not he's not. I mean joe biden is literally just forgetting things now. He in this same presser. He literally forgot the name of his fema administrator, which I understand his forgettable thing, but not if you're president, that's your administrator. I know the names of my producers. takes me a little while but once I know him, I know him. Here's the President of the United States.

Just forget by the way, he's there's a teleprompter in front of him. He's speaking from tele problems are at this point, I can't think of anyone better to lead this operation then then uh dan uh chris well of fema. Um she's she before she headed up fema. She led the emergency response in new york city. I can't think of anyone better to lead this effort than chabon exam, boozy game judy ann Yeah man. Okay. Well the good news is waiting in the wings. We have Kamala Harris the most confident person. She is so confident, so confident. She's deeply ready for this job. She is so ready for this job. She'll be ready.

Day one. I mean, she might not need to be ready Day one, but like we're or maybe what 150 days into this administration and by day 200 you might need to be ready. Here's kamala Harris cackling like a crazy person. When when uh asked about Afghanistan, which is always heartening. It's always great when the Vice President of the United States. Who by the way, I don't know who booked her travel schedule. You know, she's headed to Vietnam today. She's flying to Vietnam optics gang optics. There is, it's comparison. What's your response to reports of americans. Hold on, hold on, slow down. Everybody.

I want to talk about two things. First, Afghanistan, we couldn't have a higher priority right now. And in particular I priority is making sure that we safely evacuate american citizens afghans who worked with us afghans at risk including women and Children and that is one of our highest if not the highest priority right now. But the good news is she's not the only one laughing. I think a lot of people laughing these days, joe biden is laughing it up first. You know about the ring video doorbell by now because I've been listening to the show for quite a while. But did you know that ring makes an award winning alarm as well. Ring alarm is a powerful, affordable whole home security system. You can easily install yourself. So whether you're running across town or across the country this busy season, you and your loved ones can rest easy knowing your home is protected and it's more than just security. Ring alarm, protect your home from flood freeze and fire as well. Plus it is much much cheaper than those other companies for what they charge you for one month.

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Yougov. According to americans, there's a poll from three days ago Removal of US troops from Afghanistan has gone very badly. 44% somewhat badly. 30% somewhat. Well 21% very well. 5% 5% is Ron Klain in the Taliban. Meanwhile, 74% of Americans think this is either going very badly or somewhat badly. And the 21% who say somewhat well are actually in the pay of the Democratic Party presumably. So Joe Biden was asked about this. It is hilarious to Joe Biden. The new poll out today shows americans wanted to withdraw from Afghanistan, but they disapprove of the way you've handled it. Poll also found that based in part on what's transpired in the last week, a majority of americans and forgive me, I'm just the messenger.

No longer consider you to be competent, focused or effective in the job. I haven't seen that pool. It's out there. Um, from cBS this morning. Um, what would you say? So remember that time that that donald trump would just deny polls. Remember there will be people who read his poll numbers and just be like fake news, fake poll, not real and everybody in the medical, how dare he it's a real poll, but he's just not gonna believe polls now. So you read Joe biden's poll saying that most americans think that he's not competent and I was like, I don't and then he breaks out the cesar Romero. Honestly, I've never seen a vice president and a president who both resembled the joker, bizarrely. It's, it's, it's a, it's a weird, it's a weird thing. It's very, very odd, but it's all fine. Probably it's all fine.

He's uh, everything is solid. It's going well. We're being told by this administration that that the competence is um, is at record high levels. They are laser focused on what they need to do here. Oh boy. All right, we'll be back here a little later today with an additional hour of content. In the meantime, go check out the Michael Knowles show Today, he discusses the spike in transit surgeries. You can hear more details about that story over on Michael's show that's available right now. I'm Ben Shapiro. This is the Ben Shapiro show. If you enjoyed this episode, don't forget to subscribe and if you want to help spread the word, please give us a five star review and tell your friends to subscribe to were available on apple podcasts. Spotify and wherever you listen to podcasts.

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