The Taliban Owns Joe Biden

August 25, 2021

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Joe Biden rejects European pleas to extend the August 31 evacuation deadline, instead bowing before the Taliban; and the White House tries to spin the situation as a gigantic win. Check out Debunked. Where Ben Shapiro exposes leftist fallacies in 15 minutes or less. Watch the full season available only on The Daily Wire:  My new book, 'The Authoritarian Moment: How the Left Weaponized America's Institutions Against Dissent,’ is now available! Secure your copy here: Or get a signed copy for only $30: Subscribe to Morning Wire, Daily Wire’s new morning news podcast, and get the facts first on the news you need to know:


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So the latest is that joe biden has now resisted pleas from our allies to extend the withdrawal deadline of august 31st. Now remember it was joe biden who originally set that deadline of august 31st joe biden came in. He said august 31st is the day that we are going to get out and then we can celebrate the end of the Afghanistan war by september 11th. And then the Taliban took him up on that. And they said, OK, well if you mean August 31 then August 31 it shall be. And now the Taliban is refusing to move off of that day despite the fact that they have taken over Kabul and are apparently obstructing efforts to get people out of Kabul. So the European allies, the G7, they met with joe biden yesterday and apparently they were telling him we need you to give us more time. We have people on the ground there we need american troops on the ground beyond august 31st so we can get our people out. And joe biden said no. He said that staying brings quote added risk to our troops with increasing threats from ISIS. Well, you know, what would have been really nice at this point? If you think about it, what would have been awesome is if let's say we had, you know, a skeleton crew like 2500 troops with bagram air base under our control.

And let's say that we had an Afghan National Army capable of beating back the taliban because they have close to air support from the United States as well as civilian contractors on the ground holding the major cities in Afghanistan so that we could work on evacuating people if they wanted to get out. And let's say that we had had that like, you know, three months ago. Oh yes, indeed we did. And then Joe biden decided, you know, to be a great idea what if we just take out all the soldiers and leave everything else behind And then shockingly we now have to put soldiers back in to get everybody else out and now we're going to do this a second time. We're going to precipitously withdraw our military in the middle of an evacuation effort. Now, joe biden says that the evacuation effort, right? The the precipitous withdrawal of the military. It makes no difference, says Joe Biden is not a big deal because the people that were getting out there really not helping with the evacuation yet, it's not, it's not that big a deal here is the problem. It is a rather large deal. We are already removing people from on the ground right now. No matter how many times Joe Biden says, well, you know, we can still remove here. If we're out by August 31, we have to start removing american soldiers from the ground in Kabul today.

Right? And we have, we have started removing american soldiers from the ground in Kabul as people are attempting to get to the airport. Now, that's all fun and games until it comes time for the mass evacuations to happen and we need more people on the ground. All of this really, all of this springs from a peculiar ideological feeling of joe biden. When it comes to the american military, Joe biden believes that leaving americans behind in Kabul is less important than getting american soldiers out of Kabul. That is the basic calculation that is going on right now. He believes that americans will just forget about what's going on in Kabul and if americans are left behind, which undoubtedly there will be particularly outside of Kabul because we're right now, we're just talking about the americans are in Kabul, they're still presumably hundreds or thousands of americans are outside of Kabul still in Afghanistan who may want to get out, we have no way of getting them out now. His belief is that if he can just brazen this out for a couple more weeks. If he can just brazen this out to the point where the vast majority of americans are out of country, the media will turn from yelling at him to praising him for ending the war in Afghanistan. Americans will forget about everything bad that is happening in Afghanistan and it just won't be on the front pages anymore and everything will go back to normal except a little credit for ending the Afghanistan war. That is joe biden's main calculation. Americans won't care about the mid term or long term strategic consequences of pulling out of Afghanistan already, that's been pushed into the background.

The acute crisis on the ground in Kabul has made people already forget and really not care very much about the fact that china is sweeping in. That Russia is very eager for the United States to leave Afghanistan, that Iran is very eager about all of this, that the United States just lost its air bases, not just in Afghanistan but also in Pakistan Right now. The American people like are not even thinking about that stuff right now, they're just thinking about the acute crisis. So Biden's belief is if we can just get past this acute crisis, if we mostly solve the acute crisis, most people leave us alone and my approval ratings will start to go back up again, he's now down to 41% in the approval ratings, what he can't have. However, in his own political calculation is attacks on american troops by ISIS. Which is again a very bizarre calculation because american soldiers are there to repel attacks from terrorists to protect american citizens. Joe biden's logic, however, is if we have to leave american citizens there to prevent attacks from ISIS on american troops, we will do that. That is the precise reverse of what the american military exists to do. The american military exists to break things and kill people in defense of americans. Joe biden's belief is that americans should continue to be in danger. American civilians should continue to be in danger so that we can protect american troops. That's not the way any of this works, civilians are not there to protect the military, the military is there to protect civilians.

And if you ask anyone serving in the military, they agree with this is not an anti military point is a definitional point. If you ask anyone in the military, what is your job? They would say, my job is to protect americans. Joe biden believes that apparently the americans are stuck on the ground in Kabul are less important than getting the troops out because ISIS might attack the american troops at Kabul airport Again, that is only happening as a direct result of joe biden withdrawing. What military we had from Afghanistan in the first place and also destroying the afghan military from the inside remember the entire afghan military have been built along the lines of working with the american military in terms of being able to call in close air support and use both the american air force as well as the Nixon to Afghan air force which required american upkeep, joe Biden withdrew all of that and so the forces just dissolved. Joe Biden's original plan as of july was that the US would leave the Afghan national Army would would would probably hold for another few months and then would probably collapse and then we'll see what was gonna happen anyway. It didn't happen that way. As soon as the U. S. Withdrew the entire thing collapsed and now you've got americans trapped. And joe biden's highest priority is not getting the americans who are on the ground in Kabul out. It is getting the soldiers out because he's afraid For two reasons.

One if there's an attack on American troops, the American troops are going to have to fire back and then we're gonna have to put real troop numbers back on the ground in Kabul. And the war that he was so eager about withdrawing from will have now been heightened to its greatest point since 2014 and we'll have no foothold in the country. Right? So that is his great fear is that we get drawn back into the war because he's such a moron. And because he created the situation himself, that is your number one. Is that the attack on american troops, The the second fear that he has is that the pra traction of the conflict will lead to political consequences. So one is the conflict itself and one of the timeline of the conflict, he is hoping this whole thing is over by September 11 and then you go back to watching that locke and spooning cream of wheat into his adult mouth, that is, his that is his greatest and most ardent desire and all they have to do to get there is just keep lying to you and keep fitting to you and keep hoping that you stop paying attention and instead you pay attention to their budget deals and instead you pay attention to Covid it swag the everything else in order to distract from what's going on in Afghanistan. And again, the baseline for success is now set so low in Afghanistan that if we get out the majority of the americans who are on the ground, joe biden is going to call it a success. If we get out, the vast majority of americans were on the ground with a few behind, but we get everybody else out. He's going to call that a success and say, well it was always going to go this way, he's already saying this like right now they're already calling it a huge success and saying it was already gonna go this way, even though it was not destined to go this way, there's a joe biden decision pure and simple. And even though it is certainly not a huge success, the whole point, for example, of the evacuation of Dunkirk was to preserve the british army to fight the nazis afterward. It is not called a success when you retreat in the face of the eighth century goat herding barbarian army for no reason other than your own vanity, which is what joe biden did right here.

So here's the latest from the new york times. President biden said Tuesday the U. S. Intended to withdraw completely from Afghanistan at the end of the month As planned, rebuffing please from Britain France and other NATO allies to keep troops in Kabul and hastening the end of a frantic evacuation. That has become a grim coda to two decades of war again. Even the way the New York times phrases this a grim coda to two decades of war, the United States had lost zero troops in combat since February of 2020. The main American effort in the war ended in 2014. All media coverage is directed toward the idea that it was a, it was a bare bones necessity for the United States to get out of Afghanistan completely. That is not true. And by polling data by the way the polls suggest that americans wanted out of Afghanistan. But if you said to americans, should we leave like a skeleton force in there in a non combat facility to advise the Afghan military. Most americans are like okay because we do that everywhere.

We have american troops all over the world. We have american troops in probably over 100 countries. At this point, even as Mr Biden spoke from the White House officials said the United States had already begun to reduce its military presence at Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, Sending about 300 of the 50 800 marines and soldiers home in anticipation of the conclusion of their rescue mission within a week. The sooner we can finish the better, said the president, hours after informing world leaders of his intentions during an emergency virtual meeting citing the threat from ISIS K. Which is like special K except with Islamic terrorists and operating in Afghanistan. He said every day we're on the ground is another day. We know that ISIS K. Is seeking to target the airport attack both U. S. And allied forces and innocent civilians. Yeah, it would be great if we had like a military presence that could kill those bastards, wouldn't it? Mm.

Yeah, I wonder where that went, biden didn't close the door to extending what has become an immense evacuation effort. He said he has contingency plans but I don't trust him on that because he said this was all planned in the first place. Remember it was all part of the plan, Joe biden has now taken on the full heath ledger in the Dark Knight perspective of the joker, which is nobody panics if you have a plan. Okay, well there's no plan. You're just saying there's a plan and we all know this, we all know this. So the troop drawdown has begun according to stars and stripes. The president stuck to his deadline on Tuesday. His decision came as the Taliban warrant would not accept a deadline extension. That's the real reason is not because Joe Biden thinks we're gonna be done by August 31. He knows we're not gonna be done by August 31. You can't find a single person in an intelligence or defense position who believes that everyone who needs to be evacuated will be evacuated by August 31. They do not exist.

Okay, this is across the aisle, there's bipartisan agreement Across the aisle, but this will not be done by August 31. What is the real reason? That August 31 is the date because the Taliban again, a bunch of barbarian goat herders from the 8th century are telling joe biden, the president of the most powerful military force in the history of the world. What to do That is how craven and pathetic and buffoonish this president is when it comes to foreign policy. I mean that's unbelievable. The Taliban. The Taliban are saying, you guys better leave by August 31 Now the normal american response to be or what or what we have overwhelming air power is the most powerful military on planet earth. And if you touch us, we will we will bomb you forward into the Stone Age. If you if you touch us, we still you have no air force, we will still go in and we will kill so many of you. It will make your head swim and then you can talk all you want about how he took over the country, you know, a lot of bodies to bury. So you're gonna let us do what we need to do or not leaving right? We could do that.

But joe biden is so scared of the bad headline of having to actually bomb the taliban. His new piece partners that he is now running pR for the taliban. He is now in thrall to the taliban, his bowing before the taliban, He works for them. This is unbelievable bunch of theocratic fetishistic islamofascists telling the President of the United States what to do with americans stuck in kabul and he's like, well all right, you know, I didn't, it's the most humiliating garbage I've ever seen from an american president. We've seen some pretty humiliating garbage from the american president ranging from The president having interns on their knees in the Oval Office to January six. We seem pretty bad stuff. American presidents in the course of my lifetime. Let me just say that this makes all of this looking nothing like nothing. The president of the United States playing Pr spokesperson for the Taliban. Remember this is the group that housed the people who committed September 11 killing 3000 American citizens refused to turn over Osama bin Laden. These are the exact same people. Okay, it's not a different group.

Mullah Omar's son is on the Taliban ruling council. The head of the Haqqani network, which is an Al Qaeda offshoot is on the Taliban council and currently running security in Kabul, the co founder of the Taliban with mullah Omar is now back in power. It's the exact same human beings and joe biden is not just taking their their statements under advisement, he's just listening to them. So how many Americans are still left over there? Apparently the the Pentagon finally announced how many Americans were out now, you'll remember as of last week it was like 2200 Americans were out. And we kept saying over and over members of the press. So how many americans are out? How many americans are out? People kept asking because the biden administration was just giving overall evacuation figures. Right. They were loading a lot of afghans on the plains and then they were saying it's 190,000 and americans are saying, okay right, but how many of those are americans? Because we've been told there are 10-15,000 Americans on the ground in Kabul alone, forget about the rest of the country yesterday.

The Pentagon said that there were some 4000 American passport holders and their families who have been evacuated. So if you just do the math, you're still talking about what? Less than a third of the americans in Kabul have been evacuated at this point. Our allies of course are absolutely enraged that that is no shock and I'll get to that in just one second first. Let us talk about a simple fact. When you're driving around in your car, a lot of people get car sick. My wife tends to suffer pretty severe car sickness, my sister as well. And let me tell you that the best solution to this is relief band relief band is the number one FDA cleared anti nausea wristband has been clinically proven to quickly relieve and effectively prevent nausea and vomiting associated with motion sickness, anxiety, migraines, hangovers, morning sickness, chemo and so much more. The product is 100% drug for a non drowsy. It provides all natural relief with zero side effects for as long as needed. It's almost like a magical, It really is almost magical. Is really cool you where this, this wristband goes around your wrist.

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And this is called the special relationship into serious question. According to the UK Guardian Britain's evacuation from Kabul is now expected to end within 24-36 hours, potentially abandoning thousands of Afghans. According to defense sources. Us President rejected pleas from the UK for the humanitarian airlift to continue beyond August 31 and this triggered claims from conservative mps. The quote, special relationship is over and the US UK relations were about to enter their lowest point since Suez. After the G seven UK. Defense sources told the Guardian, the U. S. Military is believed to need 2 to 3 days to close down its operations at Kabul airport, british troops want to be at least 24 hours ahead of that. That means that basically everything has to start wrapping up within 24 hours of now. Because if you're talking about August 31 today is August 25, that means we have six days to get out and we need at least three days for the United States to get its military out. So that means that by August 28, pretty much all the evacuation has to be done.

Good luck, good luck. Meanwhile, Boris johnson focused on what he called a road map for future engagement with the taliban. So now we're going to see the Europeans pretend that their, their economic impact on the taliban is going to get them to stop acting like barbarians. Okay, so here is the President of the United States attempting to qual all of the, all of the Qualms of the American public and the American public are very upset about this. His approval rating is down to 41% and this doddering old fool is leading us here. He was yesterday saying that we are on pace to finish by August 31. However, that deadline relies on our good friends, the Taliban to help us. We are currently on a pace to finish by August 31. The sooner we can finish, the better each day of operations brings added risk to our troops. But The completion by August 31 depends upon the Taliban continuing to cooperate and allow access to the airport for those who were transport transporting out and no disruption to our operations. Also, it'll it'll it'll go great by August 31. All it requires is for the Taliban to be our best friends.

That's totally gonna happen guys, by the way, there's only one way that actually happens and that is if we are signing unbelievable ungodly amounts of money over to the worst force on planet earth now, is that really going to happen? Pretty much everybody says no. There are two Representative Seth moulton democrat of massachusetts and Peter major from michigan republican and they secretly traveled into Kabul. The government is trying to push back on this by saying it was selfish of them to go to Kabul. Okay, first of all, they hitched a flight without the government knowing about it. They didn't hit the flight back until they found a plane that had empty seats on it. Okay, but they released a statement and this is why the government is really mad. This is why the White House's pissed because these two congressmen went there to survey the situation on the ground and here's what they said. As members of Congress, we have a duty to provide oversight on the executive branch. There's no place in the world right now. We're oversight matters more. We conducted this visit in secret, speaking about it only after our departure to minimize the risk and disruption to the people on the ground and because we were there to gather information, not to grandstand, we left on a plane with empty seats seated in crew only seats to ensure nobody who needed to see would lose one because of our presence Washington should be ashamed of the position we put our service members in.

These men and women have been run ragged and are still running strong. Their empathy and dedication to duty are truly inspiring. The acts of heroism and selflessness we witnessed at Hamid Karzai International Airport, make America proud. We came into this visit wanting like most veterans to push the president to extend the august 31st deadline after talking with the commanders on the ground and seeing the situation here, it is obvious that because we started the evacuation so late, no matter what we do, we will not get everyone out on time. Even by september 11th. Forget august 31st, september 11th sadly and frustratingly getting our people out depends on maintaining the current bizarre relationship with the taliban. That is according to A member of Congress, Democrats have molten and a Republican member of Congress. Peter major. But Joe Biden says, don't worry, we're on pace to finish by August 31. All we need is the help of the Taliban. Then biden went on, he said we're making contingency plans if necessary. Oh really?

Have those gone so far? Your contingency plans? I believe him. I believe him. Here's joe biden lying to you. In addition, I've asked the pentagon and the State Department for contingency plans to adjust the timetable. Should that become necessary? I'm determined to ensure that we complete our mission. This mission. I'm also mindful of the increasing risk that I've been, I've been uh briefed on and the need to factor those those risks in. They're real and significant challenges that we also have to take into consideration. Okay then Joe biden was going to be asked questions by the press until Joe biden now treats the press the same way he treats the Taliban.

He runs away from them. This is the very end of his press conference. He makes a five minute statement Suddenly five hours late and then he just runs from the room. This is biden's back better. You can see his body, you can see his back better as he walks away from the podium, not answering any questions. Thank you. Catch you later by how many images of the president running away from the press. We're gonna need to see before people start to realize that this guy's joke. I mean like fully a joke, there's always talk about donald trump's bad relations with the press. You think donald trump would be able to get away with it with the press if this disaster had occurred on his watch and then he had run away from the press every single day, like made a statement and then run headlong from the press. The problem for republicans trump wants to speak to the press too much. Joe biden can't help running away from the press.

His handlers do not want him out front. He is disquieting. He makes the world worse every time he opens his mouth on matters like this And that is perfectly obvious to everyone and he is also lying. Okay. The notion that we're getting everybody out by August 31 is a lie. The the White House is already moving the bar. The White House's already admitting that none of the there's no question that we are going to be leaving Afghan allies who he promised help. Joe Biden said last month, we're gonna get them out, we're gonna leave them on the ground and many of them are gonna die. There's no question that's happening. But there's open question right now whether we even get all the americans out. In fact pretty much everybody agrees there is no opportunity for us to do so. So for example, we are now in the we are now in the bizarre position in which Adam Schiff is telling us more truth than the White House.

Which is weird because Adam Schiff is terrible. Adam Schiff congressman from California yesterday he said it's very unlikely we can evacuate everybody by the end of the month. He said that staff are going to a classified briefing. I think it's possible but I think it's very unlikely given the number of americans who still need to be evacuated. The number of S. I. V. S. The number of others who are uh members of the afghan press, civil society leaders, women leaders. Um It's hard for me to imagine all of that can be accomplished between now and the end of the month. Okay so that's Adam Schiff. Hey would you like more democrats saying the same thing here is Representative Tom Malinowski saying this deadline is a mistake.

The conditions have changed for the worst in the last 24 hours. The Taliban because of the mistake I think that we made of setting this artificial self imposed deadline. They have now seized upon it as you as you said and started blocking Afghans at risk from going to the airport. Hey representative Andy kim another democrat he says yeah there's no way we're going to finish this on time. This effort is one that has certainly led me to believe that that the mission is not something that we can accomplish by the end of this month and I strongly urgently urged the president to reconsider his continued uh aim towards August 31 to be able to get our mission done, we will not be able to get our mission done by that time based off of what I've seen and based off what we've experienced so far, these are all democrats. Here's Obama's department of Homeland Security Secretary jeh johnson saying, yeah, the airport's gonna get a lot worse before it gets better. I believe that the situation at the airport is going to get a lot worse Before it gets better. This is a country of 38 million people. We've got to deal with the the american citizens, those who qualify for special uh immigrant visas, but then those who will also qualify for refugee status under our laws and that population could snowball. How bad is the situation over there right now? Pretty damn bad. Richard Engel from NBC News tweeted out, the State Department is in such utter, complete masterful control of the situation that yesterday they issued a last alert for U.

S. Citizens to leave Afghanistan or said they were on their own. And then 30 minutes later said, Oh yeah, oops, no, no, we're still here. Oops! I'm sure americans are stuck in Afghanistan feel very, I would say sanguine about their prospects right now, probably everything is fine. Meanwhile, the new york Times reporting that there are people who are showing up to the airport and then being turned away. Despite the fact that they have papers, I mean, there's there's a story from the new york times that a former CIA officer had helped Bring something like 500 translators to the airport and they were and they were immediately rejected. On sunday there was a mad Zeller, the former CIA officer who you've heard talk on CNN He said that veterans and contacts in Afghanistan organized an operation to bring to the airport from 500 S. I. V. Holders who are these this is a special visa holders who are considered at high risk of taliban reprisals. They were able to get the afghans inside the airport.

Then they were turned back at what he described as a State Department checkpoint. On monday evening according to Zeller Taliban soldiers approached the afghans outside the airport gate and separated them according to their paperwork telling visa holders they would not be allowed to enter during the opportunities to get their colleagues safely out of Afghanistan were tightening. The veterans worked on evacuation from afar describing feelings of helplessness. I feel a moral obligation to get these people outside trip Adams. An army veteran who's been working on the effort when you're halfway across the world and you can't do anything when hardened warriors are calling me and they're cracking this is going to destroy a generation of veterans in Kabul afghans who worked for the U. S. Government and secured special immigrant visas said they had received emails from the State department asking them to come to the airport and then they get there and then they turned back. It's a complete another cluster f it's a disaster area. Meanwhile, of course, the kinder and gentler Taliban are beating women to death for not cooking according to hot air. In the space of a single week, reliable news coverage from any part of Afghanistan other than Kabul has become increasingly hard to come by as the Taliban solidifies their control of the nation says Jazz draw of hot air. There's still some media outlets with boots on the ground out in the more remote provinces. One story was picked up by CNN earlier this week telling a tale that took place earlier in the month before the Taliban captured the capital.

The incident was reported in Faryab province. Well to the north, it was one of the earlier province province is the Taliban retook. A woman pseudonymously identified as nausea. And her daughter Manisha had been visited for three nights in a row by groups of more than a dozen Taliban fighters. They demanded nausea cook dinner for them quickly running out of food for her own family. She protested. She was too poor to continue to host them. So they beat her to death. She, his daughter Manisha, 25 knew they were coming. Her mother had told her they'd done the same thing the previous three days demanding she cooked food for up to 15 fighters. My mother told them I'm poor. How can I cook for use in Tunisia?

The Taliban started beating her. My mother collapsed. They hit her with their guns. Ak 40 seven's Melissa said, she yelled at the fighters to stop. They paused for a moment before they threw a grenade into the next room and fleeing as the flames spread. The mother of four died from the beating initiatives. Village was overrun by the Taliban so quickly. Some women reported not having time to go shop for a burka. Some of them reported being severely beaten in the streets for them not being properly attired. Good thing that the United States sent gender advisers to the country that that definitely worked. Also, Taliban spokespeople who say that women have rights in Afghanistan. They they do, they just didn't compliant with Sharia law, but they have rights.

A Taliban spokesperson is now urging women to stay home because the fighters, you know, while we want to be tolerant, the fighters have not been trained to respect women. The spokesperson, Zabiullah mujaheed called a temporary policy intended to protect women until the Taliban could ensure their safety. He said we're worried our forces who are new and have not yet been trained very well. May mistreat women. We don't want our forces. God forbid to harm or harass women yet. If there's one thing the Taliban is for. It's for protecting women protecting the status of women. It is no wonder that there's video now emerging from Afghanistan of afghan men who have worked with the U. S. Military yelling at joe biden. This is not a shock.

Nor is it unjustified. Here is one such video Mr biden, you did this, you planned this, you made the deal with the taliban. This is the consequences of it. This is the repercussions of it. Mr biden is your l calculation you were against trump. Now we are against. You go to hold biden. Unbelievable. Unbelievable. Okay, well the good news is it's all everything's going great. So the goal here and this has been a typical habit of the biden administration is you say that you set the goal post really, really close. So that if you overcome the goalpost, you say they've done amazing jobs.

You remember that the biden administration did this for example with the Covid vaccine rollout. They said if we get to a million shots today, we are so good at our job. By the time they took office, we were already doing a million shots today. And then they were like, oh man, look how good we are at this. We're doing a million shots today. So they do this sort of stuff routinely. Or they set the bar really, really low, like so low that Michael moore could jump it easily. Right? It's like the lowest bar in the entire world. All the forces of gravity could not prevent them from overcoming this tiny, tiny little bar. Right, well, that is what they are now doing with Afghanistan. So they completely gave up a country of 38 million people, 19 million of whom are women who will be forced into who will be routinely raped for the rest of their lives.

Many large lots of this. Not only that they're leaving thousands of americans right now without a way to get out in Kabul, but there are flights leaving Kabul airport. So that means that everything is going great. In fact says jen Psaki, this is the, this is a massive success. What you're watching on the ground as afghans plummet from 3000 ft down onto the tarmac and explode As you watch the americans in in in Kabul attempting to get out of being beaten by the taliban. As you watch american soldiers breaking down because they can't help their friends who served with them in the Afghan army. This is all a massive success. It's a massive success. Some might suggest this is a big lie. Some might say that here's, here's jen Psaki, I would say that this is now on track. Peter to be the largest airlift in U. S.

History. So, and that is uh bringing american citizens out. It is bring our afghan partners out. It is bringing allies out. So no, I would not say that is anything but a success. It's nothing but a success. Nothing but success. It's an unbelievable success. See we had this boat and the boat was okay. It was on the water and the greatest. But it was on the water. And we took some dynamite and we put it below the water line.

And then we just exploded it. And now there's water gushing in here. But let me tell you, we have lifeboats and many of those lifeboats will be filled with passengers. Not all the passengers will get out alive, some of them will drown, Some of them will end up at the bottom of the sea. Don't say this is a disaster. This is a massive success. It's a massive success. Never before. I mean, this is a big boat. It was a big boat. And that means that we're gonna have a lot of lifeboats filled with people. In fact, this is the greatest lifeboat rescue of our lifetime.

It is the greatest success in using lifeboats we have ever seen. Sure it was us that we put the dynamite below the waterline and sure we did like the fuse and sure we did explode it and let the water start pouring in like Poseidon adventure. But the real thing you need to focus on is that never before we're setting like a Guinness Book of World Records for how many people were evacuating from place we just trashed. I mean, look at us. We are so good at this says, jen Psaki, you know how stupid she thinks you are, you. Yes, you and all americans. You know dumb. She thinks you are. None of this had to happen. zero of it. zero of it. This is all joe biden's disaster from top to bottom and here she is telling you to master success and how dare you think anything else is.

So jen Psaki was then asked at this press conference, you know, we're all getting emails from people saying we're trying to evacuate people. Like I like on the show, like the host of the show, I have gotten emails multiple from people, many, many, many from people who have served with afghans on the ground in Afghanistan and you want to get them out and they're asking me, how do I get people? I forward them on to some people who are trying to facilitate and I like, again, I'm like three steps removed from the people who served on the ground in Afghanistan. I didn't serve in the, in the army. I'm not an officer in the army. Don't work for the State Department, I don't work for the government. I'm getting emails and I'm forwarding them on to people who once served in the military or know people who served in the military and those people in the military are then trying to get that to the State Department. They're trying to work with Ngos, It's a disaster area. Okay, well jen Psaki was asked about this. Her answer is a shall we say less than satisfying. This is a 24/7 operation embassies all over the world are supporting phone, banking, text banking and email efforts. If we are not in touch with this individual, give me their contact information and we will get in touch with them.

If any of you are hearing from American citizens who can't reach us, give me their contact information and we will get in contact with them. Okay, How you know your DM is open there, jen how exactly do you think that it's going to happen? Okay then. She like it is so obvious what the agenda of the biden administration here is, it is not to facilitate success, it is to cover their ass. That's what this is about. And covering their ask means covering for the taliban and pretending that we have a solid deal with the taliban on the ground and that everything's gonna be hunky dory by august 31st we'll start getting the troops out now. Well, again, Their own description is 10-15,000 Americans were on the ground in Kabul, Their own description yesterday, is that about 4000 Americans are out that leaves behind somewhere between if my math is correct, 6,011,000 Americans, they still need to get out and that's just in Kabul alone. That does not include any of the outlying areas and there are many Americans out there because remember the Taliban took over the country inside of like a week like this is this is madness and it gets worse. I mean jen Psaki the left is um Slobbering over, jen Psaki and her incredible performance. I don't know what they're watching. We'll get to more of this in just one second first. Let us talk about a simple fact.

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Production on the thriller wrapped this weekend. It's going to be available to you. Daily Wire Members beginning in january 2022. So that will be the next movie from Daily Wire as we had run hide fight. Now we have one called Shut In. It's excellent. It's really, really good. It's a tense thriller. The film is centered around a young single mother who's barricaded inside a pantry by her violent ex boyfriend using nothing but her voice to guide her two small Children to escape escalating danger. It's intense. It's suspenseful and has the values. You're looking for the trailer for shutting will be out soon.

We know our members are going to love this film. We need your support by the way because when we entered the industry, we're sending Hollywood a message. You no longer have a monopoly on the film industry. The release of shutting is the next step in proving it. We need your support, which is why you should go subscribe and help us out. You're listening to the largest fastest growing conservative podcast and radio show in the nation. So again, the goal of the biden administration is to just obscure what is happening in Afghanistan long enough for us to leave and then they hope that you forget about everything that just happened. We've had some tens of thousands of afghans have been evacuated we still have thousands of americans on the ground in Kabul which raises the question why aren't those americans the first ones out? I want the afghans out to. We made promises to those people. Those people spent 20 years fighting wars in cahoots with the United States. They put their lives on the line for american interest because yes, we have interests in Afghanistan against terrorism which we're now going to pretend we don't have for the sake of a dumb talking point.

But if you're going to evacuate people and you're the american government, the first people you should be evacuating are american citizens. So where are they? Why can't we get them out? Why weren't they the first people out. The reason the pentagon has been spending days obscuring how many people were americans on those flights is because the number is really low. Again a week ago we had 2200 americans out today. We have 4000 americans out. We've been flying 10,000 americans. 10,000 people out of day 20,000 people out of day, why aren't more americans out? What are the obstacles? Why isn't this administration being honest with us? Well jen Psaki has one goal and one goal only and that is to prevent people from using the word stranded.

So once again jen Psaki and Peter Doocy went over it once again whether americans are in fact stranded in Kabul. What do you say to the american citizen in Kabul? That fox both to this morning, her name is, she's going by Fatima. She says we are stranded at home for four days, three days. We didn't hear anything from anywhere and they're saying to go to the airport but we're not being given clear guidance. Our emails are getting ignored. Say no americans are stranded. This is someone in Kabul who says I am stranded. So is there a better word for somebody who can't leave the house to get to the airport? Because jake Sullivan says Isis is outside the airport. What I would welcome you providing their phone number and we will reach out to them today. Oh we'll reach out to them and if you give her their phone number then they'll reach out.

You know that's and that's the important thing right there. Not stranded because jen Psaki told Peter Doocy who is not a spokesperson or a lawyer for this woman or this woman herself that she is on call. Well, great then I'm sure that person finds that super comforting and very, very, very helpful. By the way, jen Psaki also said that as everybody knows when we say we have to be out by august 31st, that means civilian evacuations have to end before august 31st because again we have to get the military out too. So here is jen Psaki admitting as much Does that mean that the evacuations will stop before the actual 31st. So then there is time to get the troops and their machinery and weaponry out of there. Uh that would be correct. Yes, that there would need to be time to wind down the presence. I will note though that the purpose of this statement is to provide additional context of what the president conveyed to the G-7 which includes a number of very key components as he assesses day by day. Oh well, you know, he's having a day by day and if we know one thing is that joe biden is definitely on top of the news, which is why he has failed to actually be in concert with the news for weeks on end and was lying to the american public or was ignorant of what was actually going on. So if he's on top of it, joe biden is on top of it the same way that your grandmother in a nursing home is on top of the news. Sure, okay, Alright.

By the way, Jen Psaki also admits there could be Americans left in Afghanistan after August 31 this is saying the quiet part out loud right here. If one US citizen was suddenly discovered, you know saying I really want to get out and I'm stuck, who knows where somewhere in Afghanistan or in Kabul he's got any problem with this trigger a diplomatic military or hands on deck type thing to get that person out whatever the date our commitment continues to be to us citizens if they want to leave, we will help get them out again. We expect there could be some, but I don't, I'm not going to get into it further. Go ahead. She's not gonna get into it further. There could be Americans who are left in Afghanistan. We expect there will be Americans left in Afghanistan after August 31. But then we'll be working back channels to try and get them out. You know, none of this had to happen. None of it. How delusional is all of this? How much do you trust this administration?

I mean, I don't trust this administration further than I can throw it. Which is not very far. The taliban have said, we are not allowing people to get to the airport. The Taliban spokesperson in fact came out and said we are not going to allow afghans any longer to exit the country. They said quote, change your policy. Please don't encourage our friends to leave. Don't encourage our engineers, our doctors, our military, we need them. We are not in favor of allowing afghans to leave. So the taliban is closing the doors on afghans trying to get out because they are either going to conscript them into the taliban or they're going to murder them. But the good news is jen Psaki says, well, you know, we are so we expect the taliban to let them leave. Here's jen Psaki, we've seen over the past several other past nine days, a rush of people attempt to come to the airport. We certainly understand that, but that also creates security risk and one that we have great concern about.

So to be clear individuals who are eligible for special immigrant visas or others who were helping facilitate their evacuation and their departure, we are in touch with them are working to be in touch with them about how and when to come to the airport as well as american citizens as you well know and we expect that they will be able to reach the airport. We expected w well and it's not like the taliban is in control of security lady first, let's talk about your safety and security at home with my ring alarm security system. I am much more at ease. When I'm on the road or away from home, my ring alarm equals peace of mind protect your home with ring alarm. The same way that I do ring alarm is a powerful, affordable whole home security system. You can easily install yourself. It works seamlessly with other ring products In one simple app for a special offer, go to ring dot com slash then it's the perfect way to start your ring experience, keep an eye on every corner of your house with indoor and outdoor cams, see what's happening directly from your phone. So when I'm out of town, I like to check what's going on on my property. I literally know every time the front door opens. Thanks to my ring alarm security system. I also know where my kids are at all times because let's be frank about this. My kids are wild, there are three of them and they're constantly running all over the house.

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The situation is under control. The scenes around Kabul airport have been marked by violence, disorganization, bureaucratic infighting in delays. According to video and text exchanges viewed by politico, the result is an administration that appears increasingly out of touch as reports from Kabul continue to reflect too chaotic evacuation. I don't think the president's rhetoric matches the conditions on the ground, says Jenna Ben Yehuda, a 12 year veteran of the Bush and Obama State Department and President of the Truman Center, which is trying to evacuate Afghan allies, they keep saying this was inevitable. There was absolutely a way to avoid this. If that's not the definition of gaslighting, I don't know what is said. Chris Purdy project manager of veterans for american ideals and human rights First, in order to speed the evacuation effort. Defense officials in recent days proposed retaking bagram air base using bagram is an additional location for flights out of the country would help ease the backlog at Kabul. But the proposal was mixed because the White House and some pentagon officials worried it would require deploying a large number of additional forces and could spark a conflict with the taliban. It was discussed. That was not a good option, said one senior defense official, bagram would have been an airborne assault. Just a huge operation would have looked like a re invasion.

You can't look like a re invasion guys. I mean we're busy surrendering here. I don't know what you guys are doing, but what we're surrendering around here. And if if our surrender gets in the way of americans leaving successfully. Well, you know, surrender was really important because joe biden wanted to go to sleep at night knowing he had surrendered in Afghanistan And he goes to sleep at like 6:30 PM. So we had to get out of there right quick. The pentagon has acknowledged conducting only limited rescue operations within the city to bring americans into the airport But officials are running up against that August 31 deadline and I don't think I've seen it characterized better than Richard. Engel of NBC News did last night on NBC News here he was This war used to be called operation enduring freedom and it turned out not to be enduring and they're not leaving behind a society that is free. It is only free according to what the taliban says, it will be free if the taliban promises that it will be free. So you could also look at this as a tremendously humiliating a moment of american humiliation. Leaving forced to leave on the taliban's clock and with the taliban's good graces, that is correct. And that is joe biden's decision.

There's no one else to blame for this except the old man who says the buck stops with him. So the american people have said the buck stops with him. Now the question is gonna be where we go from here. How many americans get left behind? How many afghans get left behind? And will the american people continue to pressure the biden administration to do the right thing and get people out or are they just gonna forget about it? The way that joe biden seems to think you will, maybe he's just projecting his own short term memory loss onto the american people. All right, we'll be back here later today with an additional hour of content. In the meantime, go check out the Michael Knowles show that is available right now, I'm Ben Shapiro, this is the Ben Shapiro show. If you enjoyed this episode, don't forget to subscribe And if you want to help spread the word, please give us a five star review and tell your friends to subscribe to. We're available on Apple podcasts, Spotify and wherever you listen to podcasts. Also be sure to check out the other Daily Wire podcasts, including the Andrew Klavan show, the Michael Knowles Show and the matt Walsh show.

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