Fed Nukes Crypto Market (Epic Funko Pop NFT Drop) - Transcripts

September 22, 2022

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In your nightly crypto news wrap-up, we bring you the top crypto stories. The Fed Rocks the Boat. Blackrock muscles in to Defi and NFTs ask the market…what the Funko?


the fed rocks the boat blackrock muscles into defy and and if he's asked to market what the **** up my name is Jay James this is your nightly crypto news wrap up let's get it

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go ahead and smash the like button and subscribe to let us know the U. like this type of content and it brings you some value if the economy is an airplane in flight then it must be con air Jerome Powell and the unelected oligarchs at the federal reserve are marching ahead with their hawkish stance on controlling inflation but stops short of a full one hundred basis point rate hike even though inflation is getting more stressed out than Chris pine at a presser for don't worry Darling the markets took a dive on the news but it looks like there won't be any relief for the real estate market that was already teetering on a cliff with liquidity running out expect the price of bitcoin to follow the stock market like it has been for the past year speaking of stocks and charts let's throw over Frankie candles for market up to

thank you Jay chains all right guys let's jump in and do a little market watch here we've got big going coming in at eighteen thousand five hundred and nine dollars down about two percent on the day eight percent on the week a theory I'm coming in at twelve forty nine down about five percent on that day and two twenty three percent on the week guys so guys I want to bring you over to the big point chart as we saw some extreme volatility with the bad news that came out today with the seventy five basis point hike as you can see from the scammy candles on the volatility was real but we are losing an important level here at the value area low this is a level we've been watching for quite some time at about eighteen thousand eight hundred twenty five dollars we are starting to lose this level came right down to the spider line right here at about eighteen five twenty close a couple of one minute candles on that spider line but we are now losing it and bears Lee retesting if we continue lower I will be looking down towards that seven eight six level right down here at about seventeen six oh two and if this guy is going to be our last resort before potentially making those lower lows so hopefully we can either hop on top of the spider line and get back into the value area and continue back up or at least if we're going to come down hopefully we can get a double bottom on that field level before coming up and potentially marking the bottom but again guys at seven eight six bit level is a super important level of support if you guys want to follow me it's Frankie candles on YouTube or Frankie underscore candles on all socials back to the news

thanks Frank now don't forget you can trade like him by use of Phoenix we have an exclusive deal for bits quad members that you can only get by clicking the link below like smog sitting on his Golden Horde Larry Frank in the lizard people with blackrock won't stand by while the little people are making money last month they announced their intention to offer crypto to their institutional clients in addition to depository trust and clearing Corp which processes virtually all U. S. stock trades so that's going to be making its own blockchain to speed up the settlement of trades now this is big news and it's setting the stage for trap feita jumping to defy a soon as regulators clear a few hurdles that's when a pod of whales will spill into crypto sending prices and liquidity through the roof


when will that happen stay tuned before crypto to stay in the know that one of the biggest pieces of pop culture the fungal popped out is partnering with DC comics foreign and if the release of a new digital product that covers the DC comic book the brave and the bold now missing on the wax blockchain the end of two will offer comic books of the series as well as the Funko pop dell based in the Batman universe this isn't fun because first time doing entities last year they did a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vegetal and F. T. that was a resounding success now expect a new Funko pops to be available at Walmart starting October seventh comment below with your favorite crypto project and we'll see if we can cover it that's all I got have a great rest your night J. chains out

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