Michael Saylor Buys MORE Bitcoin! (Utah's Vote for Crypto) - Transcripts

September 21, 2022

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A U.S. Congress Candidate is bullish on blockchain, MicroStrategy keeps the gas on the floor and buys more Bitcoin, and you might have heard all about layer two protocols, but what about Layer threes?


R. U. S. Congress candidate is bullish on blockchain MicroStrategy keeps the gas on the floor and buys more big coin and you might have heard all about layer two protocols but what about layer three my name is Frankie candles and this is our night we crypto news wrap up

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so the reason why I'm proposing blockchain over just having a standard databases because we have a database today and we know that it doesn't work and it doesn't allow us to catch misplaced funding in real time and we are believing hundreds of billions of dollars a year and wasted funding and misappropriated funding and it we can put an immediate stop to that with the tools that blockchain has because blockchain tech gives us that immediate recognition of something is wrong here

a United Utah party candidate January Walker is a self described a thirty two year old moderate millennial and she's running for Utah's fourth congressional district as you all know we don't like to choose sides or talk politics on this channel but I'm bullish on January because she's bullish on blockchain I'm not talking in terms of price action either she's bullish on blockchain because she sees pragmatic use cases where can optimize real life issues as you heard from the clip she believes that blockchain could improve voting and making elections more legitimate while simultaneously cutting back on wasted funding not gonna lie she has a point you can't regain election if everybody's vote is verifiable on the blockchain just yesterday she took to Twitter saying that blockchain will solve the water crisis elaborated in a follow up tweet saying the smart water grid systems what hands consumption allowing for sustainability and resiliency during droughts


these are the types of free thinkers we need on the front lines of politics teaching the people why and how blockchain can improve the world as we know it in a different interview we learn that January's top to altcoin picks are Cardano and H. bar because of their efficiency and if we're talking about price action I see those are definitely two solid choices for long term holds I don't live in Utah but if I did I'd vote for January Walker now let's pass it over to Frankie candles for marketwatch

thanks Frank all right guys let's jump in and do a little market watch here we've got big point coming in at eighteen thousand eight hundred and eighty nine dollars down about three point three percent on that date I fear him coming in at thirteen twenty five down about four percent on the day now I do wanna bring you guys over to the big point chart as you guys know we have yellow axes which are very bearish indicators popping up on the weekly the six day five day and we do have one confirmed on the workday as well as a confirmed blood diamond on the three hour so things are still looking pretty bearish in my opinion but I do want to just give you guys some levels to watch we are sitting at the value Ariel low at about eighteen eight twenty five right now this is very very key support if we lose this level I will be looking down to the seven eight six fib level coming in at about seventeen five twenty five and this is my last resort level my last hope or I am expecting lower lows to come in here for this bear market if we happen to get a bounce off his value Ariel low which would be unlikely in the short term because this is strong support I would be looking at the spider line right here coming in at about nineteen seven twelve for a possible rejection back down to me at lower low on the way to the seventy six if you guys want to follow me it's Frankie candles on YouTube or Frankie underscore candles on all socials back to the news

thanks Frank looking good today Michael sailor and MicroStrategy are keeping the gas pedal all the way down to the floor because this morning sailor tweeted out that they purchased three hundred and one more big point for six million dollars after this purchase they now own a hundred and thirty thousand big point worth just shy of four billion dollars for an average buying price of thirty thousand six hundred and thirty nine dollars per big point there's a lot I can say about this massive purchase but I want to keep a relatable to the audience this goes to show that it's worth huddling for the long term even if you're down from where you bought it and that's regardless of how big your bag is I know this bear market seems like it'll never end but please have faith that there is light at the end of the tunnel I have faith because no matter how bad the price action gets the top wells in the industry keep adding to their bags and they wouldn't spend billions of dollars if they didn't think it was a sure win if you're looking for a place to pick up some big point for yourself be sure to check out our deal with finance where you can get up to six hundred dollars just for signing up we all have our favorite layer two projects right like matic optimism immutable acts but what about layer three protocols well that's because they don't exist at least not yet I theory and founder of vitality Buterin recently posted on his website all about his vision for layer threes and how to make sense of them it's quite the read and if you want to dive really far into the technical stuff we'll leave a link for it in the description down below long story short layer to their use to help scale the Ethereum network on the other hand according to my television later threes will be to provide customized functionality as well as more security and decentralization to elaborate Vitali states one possible argument for the three layer model over the two layer model

is a

three layer model allows an entire sub ecosystem to exist within a single roll up which allows cross domain operations within the ecosystem to happen very cheaply without needing to go through the expense of where one there is obviously still want to iron out with this idea and it's all still completely theoretical the rest assured if anyone can make it a reality it's my talent that's all I got friends candles out

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