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April 03, 2021

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From the beginning, The Candace Owens Show has brought you an outstanding lineup of notable Hollywood guests. In this special compilation episode, Candace spotlights the most interesting interviews with memorable industry guests who rebuke left-wing Hollywood's intolerance, hypocrisy, narcissism, and victimhood. Subscribe so you never miss a new episode! ? Text PRAGERU to 64600 for notifications.


on your mark. Get set world. I give you Roseanne Barr Nicole arbour Mario Lopez Mr Adam Corolla bryan Callen.

Mhm. Mhm. Do you

have any um liberal friends? Oh yeah, everybody in my family's liberal. Are you kidding? You drive me? But I just I just um I accept what they are, you know, it's like if they didn't have an arm or something I guess and so I just accept and pray for him and you know, I I listened to their you know like when trump won, I had broke my leg, you know and I was in this hotel in san Francisco And it was my birthday on November three so all my family came and they were with me when we had the election, you know 16 And I told everybody he's Trump's gonna win by 80%, wow. You know, they're telling me the whole time there's no way you know the whole thing. And my one daughter, she would be very angry at me but she's really liberal and when trump went she started crying, I'm not kidding, tears was running down her tears were running down her cheeks and this is what she said, he's gonna deport all the gays. That's what she said

as a as a white guy, you get pulled over by cops for no front license plate and the guys that douche, but you don't go, oh it's because I'm white, you go the cops that Deuce, you know and you he's I do deals all the time. It's like the bank's not gonna lend you the money, you gotta put up 40%. I'm like why do I need to put up 40%. I have such a good, the rule is yet, but I don't go, oh it's because I just go those are the rules or have a neighbor who's being unreasonable. And if I was black, I might go with that old man's are racist, but I'm white, I go that old man's just a douche. So my real privilege and being white is not really getting privileges. It's just knowing that the whole world is basically this way,

Right? And it's true. It's 100% true. And it's almost like the lens of racism um is preventing people from being able to accurately assess what's happening. They don't know that that bad exists. People have a bad day. You get a police officer just be having a horrible day. You never know. Maybe he's been up since on the Russians through a. M. And his boss is coming here. Everybody has a bad day, including police officers.

We know society is not perfectible, but the left sort of cells. Black individual society. This idea um that it's like anything bad that happens to you because of your skin color, not because of this is like, you know, just the life welcome to life condition of life. There are people are people suck, people are mean, people say mean things. Um and you can have a bad day and for some reason black people have started to adopt this idea that we are special snow were special snowflakes. We are literally society special snowflakes. Anything that happens bad to us. It is because of systemic oppression, systemic racism. And we're seeing that being perpetuated by people like Al Sharpton, jesse, Jackson who have race hustled the society. Do you think comedians are losing their spine a little bit?

They're afraid? I'll tell you why? Uh huh. Unfortunately, I think everybody's really afraid. I've seen this with my own eyes. I've had very powerful people call me and tell me this because the truth is it's very easy to destroy someone's life and take everything away from them. Everything they've worked for happened to me. And it's happened to a lot of people I know, and it doesn't take any proof. It takes an allegation. It takes a tweet. And you know, people think when you get fired for a tweet, you sent out 10 years ago, 15 years ago, and you are joking around, there is no redemption online. And it's it's it's when you have a mortgage and you have Children to pay for, you're going to choose that course.

You're going to choose to protect your ability to keep that roof over your head, your car payments and your Children in school over an ideology.

So what

happens is we are living in this time where you're not allowed to speak your mind, you're not allowed to get closer to the truth. You better be on one side or you better be very quiet and now you can't even be quiet now with this notion of critical race theory and stuff. Even silence is violence, right? It's just what's going on? There are some very bad ideas out there and they're not the ideas that gave us the free society that we have. The only way we move forward is through debate through the the exercise of free ideas and let's see whose idea is best.

Yeah, that's why I like the words on the internet just don't hurt that much and I'm like, I can literally log off of twitter at any moment. I just say to myself, it's just incredible to me. Like people had to live through like real stuff like world war is great depressions and like right now like our great wars, like I can't deal with mean mean words on the internet. I'm just like toughen up. It's true. You know those people though that get mad that are like super woke and stuff. You've never been through shit. That's how I know you've never been through real shit. You're mad at words on the internet or you're mad at an article and just the hypocrisy. I know you see it, but like kids don't do drugs while they have blowing their nose Hollywood or like don't bully while the same celebrities are posting shit on twitter tearing down either the president or someone else. My josh, it's just all wait one day I'm going to actually release like the private messages between me and Jamila Jalil or whatever the hell. It's like, you know the actress that was just my podcast but then canceled it because I said only women can give birth.

I made that mistake of what a baby saying the truth on the internet. I made that mistake. I just cannot. Well, that's that's how do I Yeah, that's true though. Um but prior to that, she was like messaging me privately on, I'm sorry. Just where would it come out on a man? I just don't know what I'm just, I'm trying to picture it. It it hurts. It's not nice. Yeah. To even think about it. But it's weird this I mean the amount of a text and the nastiness of the things that she said to me and I actually said to her, I just want to confirm you're an anti bullying activist, right?

And she said, well, well, yeah, but I'm just dishing it to you because you dish it to other people. I'm like, you're the vigilante bully. I get it. Okay. Okay, so you go around and you decide who you're allowed to attack based off of what you decide people. You know what people you think are deserving of those words. I'm like you're so hypocritical. You're so you're so hypocritical. It is interesting to see for a party that our community. That's supposed to be all about inclusivity. Um, and diversity, um, there with you. Unless it's diversity of thought, right?

Or unless they want you to look different, but think the same like they're okay if everybody looks different, but as long as they are in locks up and they think the same. And I agree with you that I think it it runs counter to creativity. So when I grew up, I used to watch all of the stand up comedians and chris rock, there was one bigger and blacker. It's comedic gold. He's so offensive in that go back and watch it. He's making fun of school shooters. Like he's like, there's definitely gonna be a white guy that's a white crime, right? And he's in the room and he's mocking people for being white for being black for being hispanic and everyone's cracking up. And what people miss about this, this culture of being so sensitive is that when you're able to mock everyone and mock yourself, it actually brings you closer, you stop taking yourself so seriously and comedians, I'd be, I'd be so apprehensive of wanting to get into comedy right now because you feel so handcuffed now you like the situation with Kevin Hart a while back and you know what is going to host the Oscars and then for something he said and that's another slippery slope when you start going back years. Thank God my bachelor ears and all that was pre social media could be done. Oh my God, I can't even imagine all this stuff. So that's a very scary situations.

You know, I think about like future presidents and future leaders, um, they're all gonna have pictures or videos of something. Not necessarily, that's all because that's just the way kids are now, right? Everything is documented and there's gonna be moments of when you're silly and maybe you weren't so proud of and that's going to come back to haunt them. And that's just a very slippery slope there telling us how we have to think that's fascism. Of course I want you to think what you want. I want you to live your life. I don't want to jam my views on you. Don't jam your views on me. I don't want to hear that. I believe certain things, that's who I am. You'll never change me, you'll never rock me and stop it. It's not gonna work and I'm not gonna try and change you because I know as strongly as I feel you feel the same way I might be more informed than you, but back off and they can't do it.

Like this girl is actress that's out there right


boycotting Georgia people of the people and that's, they can't think for themselves, they can't think for themselves. You do that. That's the narcissism that I'm talking about, right, that our system is like I am an actress and therefore I know how everyone must think and if they don't think like me, I'm going to try to use my position and my publicity to just shut down everything. And they're using their perspective, um, and to boycott and to inspire riots against people. They're okay with violence. You're okay with intolerance. They're okay with that. As long as those people are advocating for what they believe, you don't know me, you don't know more about me than me, right?

We're out of problems. We have a part of our brain that needs to solve problems. Fear problems, negotiate with problems. And no problems means not no problems to a lot of people. It means let's create problems synthetically so that we can occupy this part of our brain. And, you know, anyone who's ever studied, anybody who was really wealthy. Um, and oftentimes kept like if you are wealthy and you are out there earning money every day and you're running a business, then those are your problems. But if you take that person's husband or wife or whoever the part of the couple is that doesn't have to go out there and chew up that real estate every day and get to make that money and pay the employees and account for the bottom line and everything. You take the rich person that's at home and doesn't have anything to do, then you'll say, how's your day going? And they'll go, oh my God, the florist was late, it was a disaster. And it's like the florist, you have a florist, you know? So the florist was late was that's a disaster.

Like there are the people that are subject to the hyperbole. Those are the, that their dog walker didn't show up on time. And the guy who was supposed to break in your husband's italian loafers got sick and it's all a disaster, you know? And so if you take human beings, you remove responsibility, obligation and real gravity from their life, they will then create their own problems to fill that in. Now if you take, you know, But it's kind of like when I used to do love line, um I used once in a while, I talked to a dominatrix and uh on the show, you know, not off


conversations very personal private, but


always had this theory when they talk about, you know, how expensive it was and the guy, you know, it's always like, he wanted to come in and then I put him in a diaper and he crawled around and I smacked him with his huggy booky, you know? And I'd go, these are all rich white businessman, right? And she go, yeah, every time and I'm like, I should never have a poor mexican guy in there, like, no. And I'm like, you want to know why because that guy, that guy's life is getting his ass kicked, you know, I mean that guy's got a foreman who's a douche. And he's got to go to work all day and he's got to pay bills? And uh, the rich white guy, he's in charge of the whole place. And so when he wants his outlet, he wants to be smacked in the ass with a bungee cord and drink out of his bottle. So people, people will go into their modes depending on what this the stimuli is. And you give a person unlimited money and zero problems and they're going to go on a hunt to find problems.

Most of us are living our lives. I got I got bills. So I work in a restaurant. I'm not trying to run a restaurant. I'm not thinking about race. I'm really not. I need to get good food to my customers and compete with the restaurant over there, whatever that takes. I gotta do. The last thing I'm thinking about is how racist we are. I don't have most people just don't have the time.

The people that are

coming up with these narratives have the time to sit around and think about it. They're not actually doing the work. They're not they don't have. I'm sorry, but they don't have real jobs. 11 of the things I thought was great about this book, skin in the game, as he says. I wonder how many Hollywood celebrities and how many academics, How many economists, many politicians preaching economic and social equality Actually have friends that work with their hands, How many people at your table at your dinner table you invited? Who are landscapers and plumbers and carpenters? Just a question. Just a question.

I do believe that as americans we are, we are extremely uneducated. And the problem is is that very few countries, America might be the only country you can get on a plane for six hours and still be in America and unfortunately, so many people are not well traveled. So one of the blessings of my early twenties that I traveled to so many different countries and traveling and seeing the way other people live really makes you love your country. That's such a listen America. Okay. Whatever problems we may have, believe me way better off and when it's the best country in the world, that is not just hyperbole. It really is the greatest place in the world and when you travel, you really appreciate appreciate it. You really get it no matter what issues right? And then they'll say, oh, well, you know, we're not the best in the world and people are passing engineering tests at a higher rate in china or in India? And I'm like, do you want to live in India? No. Okay.

So maybe there's a different metric. Maybe there's a different way that we're measuring, determine what makes a country great. Everyone wants to come here at the same time that you're calling us a racist, sexist misogynist society? You're demanding that we open our borders and let everybody in. But what is it that we have that everybody wants to come in um to receive right? And I don't think it's hand out. I think it's opportunity and I fight to protect those opportunities. You're Exactly. I mean, I'm an example of that right coming here and and being first generation and I don't think I'd be able to do what I was fortunate to be able to do if if it wasn't here and and to have these opportunities when you were rattling off all those um labels, uh, those words have gotten to the point where they almost mean mean nothing. I mean nothing. It's sad. And it is I was just going to say that it's kind of sad now because there's just so off the cuff.

And when they disagree with me racist, I don't see it my way sexist. Exactly. And and and what it does is in something that Dennis Prager always talks about is it actually cheapens evil. Where now if you are a racist, you can get away with it because they're calling everybody racist. So when somebody says this guy is racist, it's like, well they said, can this is a racist, I'm being called a white supremacist. I mean this is really this is really where we've got a society where I read headlines that say that, you know, the first ever, black white supremacist. I'm not a data chappelle skit they call me that they call me Clayton Bigsby. Okay. Like that could never fly today by the way. Never fly today. A lot of the comedy could never fly today. Go watch any of those things that we used to laugh at.

If you even laughed at that skit like we just laughed. They would have you labelled they would say this isn't funny because everyone is so sensitive and they can't take a joke. And it's problematic because like I said, being able to laugh at one another. That's what brings us together. And I remember being on the view and just being dumbfounded that these women didn't understand that they were mad about nothing. Yeah it was they do. That's what the view is all about. Yes. Not today. They were backing white nationalists. I don't know when this will air but today they got an applause break for white nationalists and I just flipped my coffee table just to be dramatic and I was like we're living in South Park, It has happened. This isn't real.

Who were they defending? Um some I forget his name but he's like a lead white nationalists because he talks to Misha about trump and they were like he's talking about trump people are that's a rule. Yeah, no matter what it doesn't matter who says it, if it's against trump the left. Just like completely says it's okay and it's fine as a Canadian. The show is hilarious. Not just yours. Politics of America, wow you guys are dramatic. It is the longest running. I don't know if it's a sitcom or if it's something, it's very days of our lives, General hospital, almost a little spanish soap opera is very soap opera. Why is she yelling for no reason? You know what I mean? Like I know I always say that I'm like what is the perception outside of the walls of America on what's going on here?

Because like you turn on the tv and it is just so theatrical. I mean you can't compete with our real life here, but there's no point in making soap operas. There's no point in making broadway's because we are living it every single day here in America, the musical. Yeah, it's great. And then the award shows and like the other day with Michelle Williams that we were talking about, I had an abortion, but now I have this piece of plastic that was like, I was just wondering what planet we're on. So for people that are watching this, if you didn't watch the Golden globes, I definitely didn't either. I just then went to go find clips because Ricky Gervais was just so amazing in roasting the room, but there is Michelle Williams who is an actress who accepted an award for something. Um and she goes up and she probably, she gets her little statue for something. She gets a little statue and she gives this speech um which was pro abortion and she basically said, I would have never earned this inanimate object if I did not kill my baby and get an abortion years ago and the room broke out into applause for this speech and they were crying and I'm just like crazy. You're crazy people. You Like the same people that are like, Tim Allen did cocaine in the 80s, who didn't from what I know and they hate him because of that are like kill the babies. Yeah, it was just weird.

I was literally just like, this is this is the twilight zone. This is this is why people think Hollywood is just like an infestation at this point because I was like, what a bizarre thing. Like you murdered your child for an inanimate object and we're supposed to be celebrating that it's very strange. When I was in school I learned what rape actually was like, this is before the tide of radical feminism and it was like, here you can be date raped and then you don't remember things in your drag you in an alley and rape was a very serious word. Now it's like I got drunk last night and I slept with someone and I kind of regret it. So I'm going to go to the police and they're being taught that that's rape and no, no, that's regret sweetheart. Like somebody needs to that is there's a difference between rape and regret at the they do this show thing, they got a show going on. But what's behind it is the real story? So while they're doing that show here is the fact that real rape victims, they're not even processing the rape kits. Like I know where I live in Hawaii, they had the backlog of rape kits on our whole island and people who who are really raped and go to the police, they don't even do anything about it any more interesting. There's a backlog of like two years worth of rape kits that haven't even been. I could believe it because it's not real rape isn't trendy right now.

Real rape is not trendy. Like it's, it's social media rape. Like, oh, I remember this guy, like a guy touched my butt in middle school and I didn't give him consent. Like did you swing around till I'm not touch your butt? Cause that's what I did in middle school. My first time my butt got slapped, I was in seventh grade and the guy's name is Devon and I turned around and I said, don't smack my ass. And I think he went on to become a great father and I didn't need to ruin his life. I did not scarred me for the rest of mine and and that's what that's really true is that women are like, uh, being encouraged to be conniving, conniving little wimps, instead of going, I told, you know, right now, do you want me to bring my brother over here tomorrow, right because he's big, right, like do it again and that's how that's how I grew up and and and that was okay and it was fine and you kids are funny and they go they go hormone phases and everyone starts getting interesting, anyone starts getting their bodies, everybody lived and survived middle school, early high school and everything was fine and now they're making even that if a man is attracted to a woman, it's it's somehow becoming something that is is dirty and disgusting. So there are some weird trends and one of the weirder ones for me at least to try to process is this new trend where celebrities are coming out and I know charlie stare in, did this a few a few weeks ago and saying that their child is picking their gender and this is strange to me just because I and they say oh I looked at my child, my child was swimming in a bathtub and looked up and said mommy I'm a boy and that's weird because even though I'm not a parent, I nah need for five years of my life and the things that come out of Children's mouth, like they are just, they say whatever in the moment you don't know what they've seen on tv what got in their head and I've had Children say they were mermaids, I've had Children say they could fly and jump off of a staircase and thank God I caught him right, because he thought he could be superman. And so I'm trying to understand this new Hollywood mentality where they just think that their Children now uh have the mental authority and uh and and I am charity and myself, please don't lump me into that hole. No, I see you're not doing that in your household. No, I mean, I'm kind of blown away too.

And um look, I'm never going to tell anyone had a parent their kids obviously, and I don't give you come from a place because you seem to be doing something wrong, thanks, you know, and I always say if you come from a place of love, you know, you really can't go wrong, but at the same time, my God, if you're three years old and you're saying you're feeling a certain way or you're you think you're a boy or girl, whatever the case may be, I just think it's dangerous, is apparent to make that determination then okay, well then you're going to be a boy or whatever the case may be, and it's it's sort of alarming and my gosh, I just think about the repercussions later on and to me, I just see depression because I, when I was in fifth grade, I don't know, it's this weird thing in fifth grade, or me and my girlfriend molly like we just we were tomboys, we just like, we're tomboys now. So we were like bag of your pants, the cargo pants were in and I tried to, my voice a little bit deeper. One year went to middle school and everything was fine, you know, it was just a phase and I hadn't gone through puberty yet. Like, you can't make a decision about your sexuality when you're three years old. I was in fifth grade. Well, that's just it. I don't think you're, when you're a kid. I, you know, the, at least when I was a kid, I remember kids still think my daughter saw some boys have cooties and you know what I mean? They're so, I don't think they, you don't know anything about sexuality yet. You're, you're just a kid, right? And then making that determination so young. I just see like if my parents, when I was like, I'm going to be a boy today, shaved my head and we're like that you've made the decision and I can't even imagine how depressed I'd be once I went through puberty once I started liking guys and then having made up my mind when I was in fifth grade and I think that's, that's a really scary trend that we're seeing coming out of Hollywood right now and at the core of it, to me, seems like narcissism like virtue signaling, like you just want to say, I'm so tolerant and I'm so accepting that whatever my kid wants to do they can do.

Yeah. I think as parents need to, a lot of their kids to be kids. But at the same time, you got to be the adults in the the situation pause with that. And I think the formative years is when you start having those discussions and really start making these declarations and um it's way too young for some of these other I just personally think it's just way too young. We're not psychologically there when we're three years old.

The second the voters figure out, they can vote themselves money, it's all over. And that's essentially I'm going to offer you free healthcare and free college tuition. And it's like, well, I'm gonna give free college tuition healthcare and I'll eliminate any debt. Oh, okay. Maybe that guy now. And it's like that the experiment is over and the politicians have figured out that it's like you got two kids in the house and I'm running on a platform of scrambled eggs and oatmeal in the morning. And my wife's running on a platform of Reese's peanut butter cups and nobody needs to go to school on Mondays and they go, we're voting for all right.

And then

I'm going but that's unhealthy. And in the big picture, it's not gonna be good. You know, your dental hygiene is not going to be good. There's early onset diabetes, you're not going to be properly educated when you enter the workforce. And I'm like, yeah, ok, we'll be enjoying our peanut butter

cups over here, that such a perfect and that's

that's what it is. And the politicians have been like well let's just offer peanut butter cops.

And that literally reminds me of an elementary school and we had um we had to elect a president for our class or our grade. Um and there were two people running in each other and one of them just ran you elect me. It was like a mock election of free, we're gonna have free lunch and blah blah blah free this and free that. And they went and they got really glittery nice posters and that person one like no one cared about the economics of it. He said it's gonna be like we didn't actually get it. It was like a mock election. But the kid that one was the one that offered the most free stuff. So really fundamentally what you have on the left is people that have adopted um an elementary lee elementary fifth grade um You know election style. You know how am I gonna get elected in a group full of people that don't that can't help themselves a um don't want to help themselves be but love free stuff. It tends to be the majority. It's

a steady diet of free stuff mixed in with your victim and I'm going to fix that right?

And victims easy by the way and you always wonder why people love all these different categories of how to be a victim because victim was easy life stuff. Right? Saying, hey, you know what, life is really tough and it's tough for everybody, it's not, it's not an easy thing to be a good human being to be a productive human being every single day day in and day out. Um, so it's much easier to offset all of your problems and to say, you know what? It's not my fault. If I fail here, forget getting back up, right? Forget getting back up. Trying. I'm gonna say I failed because of this is an easy pass right to say I'm actually, yeah, I know I haven't anything in my life, but it's because of the white person, the tall person, the rich person or whatever person. That's

all me.

Wait, did did

she say ruggedly handsome? And I just

hear you just heard ruggedly handsome, tall,

white rich matinee idol. Good luck. We'll check the tape.

Wait, was that a micro aggression? That's your problem because you're tall and wealthy and white and heterosexual. Like that's like the last thing I want to be inside. If I could pick, I'm so happy, I'm black and a woman, I'm like, gosh, not a good time to be a heterosexual. White male in society right now. It's for you guys are catching all the heat. I don't get the media. I I honestly don't because they're all wealthy and if the country goes socialism, their money is gone. God is really interesting there almost advocating for things that are going to bring harm upon themselves. And I think I don't I don't think they think it's going to affect them. And the other side of that is um, this listen uh huh I am, I am so much more liberal than liberals are in, in in a lot of ways. I don't care.

I don't put people in boxes. You're not black, you're not asian, you're not gay, you're not this, you're an american. And I don't want to put you in a box if if you're if you're an asian guy and you're right for the job, great. If you're not right for the job, sorry can't help you. But they put people in a box and they want to control those people, I don't want to control anybody. And that to me is everything. But the media, we have friends, we had dinner with the other night, their Egyptian. They're wonderful people that christians. And this guy was going on about what he grew up with in Egypt and had a very small population percentage of the population there is christian and what they went through and it was, you know, it was weird to hear what he was telling me about, how they were afraid they were shunned and um they wouldn't fight so much. But he went through a tough time? He came here and he went, oh my God, how could you, why would you want to turn this place into any place that anybody else comes from? Thank you guys for watching the latest episode of the Candace Owens show.

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