The Candace Owens Show: Race in America - Transcripts

May 03, 2021

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Over the past few years, Candace Owens has had many important conversations on the issue of race relations with a powerful lineup of guests. In this special compilation episode, watch some of the most insightful moments and best discussions of racial issues from The Candace Owens Show. Subscribe so you never miss a new episode! ? Text PRAGERU to 64600 to receive notifications.


Okay, ladies and gentlemen, we are rolling into another episode of the Candace Owens show.

Mhm. Yeah. How

many times have you been called a white supremacist, a racist, a self hating black. And this is incredible because you're from Africa, right? This is the irony of this is like the whole black liberal thing is you took us away from Africa and like, you know, and they always try to play the like we're African card, even though they've never been to Africa, have no idea what goes on in Africa probably couldn't point out on a map. Um but now they are all about their roots and now you have a person, perfect. She's born in Zimbabwe, she lived there for 19 years. She came to this country, she worked hard, you're always a racist and the white supremacists, I get that all the time. And it's just shocking. I'm like, what do you mean? Like, what do you mean? So it's just ridiculous. I mean what you're seeing, I mean, you see white liberals that call me all kinds of names. I've been called all kinds of names by white liberals because they hate the fact that I don't toe the line of how they think a black person should think, you know, the whole narrative that America's systematically racist country is a total contradiction to the experience that I've had living in this country, especially because the person that caused the most harm to your country as a black man?

Right. Exactly, A black African man, a black African man and I escaped that situation and came to this country and was able to make something of myself. Whereas if I had stayed in my country under a black president, I never would have been who I am today, right? So it's almost like race doesn't matter. It's actually the values and the principles that people are putting into place. What a crazy, crazy idea. You and I share something in common. So I know that this must be something else you get. Um we are both in biracial marriages, right? So you came to this very racist country, America fell in love with a white man, right? And you have biracial Children? So are your Children half oppressed and half privileged?

That's what I keep asking my when you look at them, are you like it's not the little oppressed person and you have a little privileged person in you. Exactly, and that's that's the division that we're seeing in this nation is. You know, I when I came over here, uh I never pictured myself with a white person. So initially when my husband was pursuing me, I kind of thought it was weird, I was I had never like seen myself with the white man, but and I was actually surprised because in Zimbabwe, you know, we have white people in Zimbabwe, but white people and black people usually don't marry if you see an interracial couple in Zimbabwe, it's usually a white person from outside the country, like from Germany or Sweden or whatever, but like white Zimbabweans and black, they don't ever interfere. So you never, you know, thinking of marrying somebody who's white like never crosses your mind, you know? So when I came over here I was surprised when like white guys started hitting on me. I'm like this is weird, especially in a racist country. Exactly. You have, you have a chance for upward mobility. It doesn't matter where you start, you can finish on top, you can move and it's so unique about America and because most americans don't travel, they don't understand, understand how to understand special it is and that is why I think you get so many immigrants coming from Africa who are like what is wrong with you? Like I can work 10 jobs and move up a social class. I'm doing it right.

Exactly. Exactly. Absolutely. We need more black americans to spend time with Africans, you know, spend time in Africa. I always say if I become president, I'm going to do a trade program. So every black americans like I hate America, you took us from our, I mean we're gonna take you right back to you, you're right, we did that were wrong and we're gonna bring you right back to Africa and we're going to do a swap program. So for every person that's complaining about America, There's an African that can't wait to get to America and when you die for the opportunity to transform America. Yes, it would in seconds. It's easier to yell and scream about racism than it is to look at black people and say we have to change our behavior. We have to do better and we have to we have to raise our game. Remember when the dream team uh destroy the whole world in the Olympics and we won by 4050 points. The rest of the world didn't say let's lower the hoop, let's widen the hoop for us.

They got better. They raise their game and the rest of the world is no longer getting destroyed the way they used to. We need to raise our game. We need to graduate from high school. We need to stop having Children outside of wedlock. We need to uh to do the right thing by the Children that we bring into the world and we're not doing that. That's exactly right and we're not competing. But I think we're suffering from also is this we have no self confidence. We don't think we can't like we've been sold. And I think from the time that we step into school that we can't right here are the reasons you can't, we are handed so many excuses before we even get out into the real world that it's become a plague on black America. One of the last times I was on CNN I mentioned a poll that was done by CNN and Time magazine in 1997. Um, and black teens and white teens were asked about racism and not too surprisingly most most of them both.

Black teens and white teens felt that racism was a major problem in America, But then blacks were asked is racism a major problem a minor problem or no problem in your own daily life? 89% candidates of Black Teens said racism was a minor problem or no problem in my own daily life. In fact more black teens and white teens said failure to take advantage of available opportunities is a bigger problem than racism. So I mentioned that to Don Lemon the last time was on CNN that was the last time I was on CNN. Yeah, exactly right. He's almost half the time. Yeah. Send me on a few times. He picks his guests very carefully because he likes to believe he's the smartest person in the room. But I I think he's a total intellectual coward. He's a victor, Kratt. He's one of these well groomed, well dressed, well paid young black people that sit around and talk about how difficult it is for you to do what I've done right.

And he said some stunning things about white males and yet he's he's dating a white male. He think he called them all, maybe it wasn't predators. Another word that he used and it was just stunning to me because he's literally dating a white male. So I see scared when he goes home. You know, I don't I don't know if it's a certain region of where we should be afraid of white people? Um but the entire debate has gotten insane and to me when you see people stepped to the stage like Elizabeth Warren and she's offering reparations,

it's actually

no, no, no, she wants she wants to have a full throated national debate reparation, Let's do that right now. Let's have a full throated national, not a regional national debate about reparations, which means what stop promising black people handouts every election cycle and actually drives me insane and more insane is the fact that I mean and I think it's less and less, I have to say. I think black America is finally trending in the right direction. I walk down the street, black people come up to me and they say you changed my mind or I think I might be a conservative. I'm like yeah, I think we all are when you get into it, but it's just so stunning and it's so insulting that every four years it's just free stuff. We're going to promise you free stuff. We're not going to have a discussion with you about the issues, the issues that your community are facing. We're not going to talk to you about what larry elder might tell you this and that we're just going to offer you free stuff. So Take your poison, would you like a Jay Z concert, would you like a Beyonce concert or would you like reparations which maybe after we have a full throated national conversation about it might amount to $400 on the weekend. Like for you to go to the club. I've been on radio for 25 years in 25 years. I've not been able to get jesse Jackson on as a guest.

I have been able to get out sharpened on as a guest even though I've tried, I have been able to get on louis. Farrakhan is a gift I guess even though I've tried, I was able to get one so called black leader on my show. His name is cozy and funny at the time he was head of the NaacP and I said mr Mfume as between the presence of white racism or the absence of black fathers, which poses a bigger threat to the black community to his credit. He said without missing a beat, the absence of black fathers and that is the number one, number two, Number three, Number four. Number five problem in the black community and a kid today is less likely to be born under a roof with his mother, biological mother and biological father than a kid during slavery In 1965 25% of black kids are born outside of wedlock. Now that number is almost 70% you cannot blame that on slavery. Clearly. Uh 2019 is less racist than 1965 which is less racist than 18 65. That is the number one problem facing the black community and forget about Larry elder Obama said a kid who does not have a father in the house is five times more likely to be poor. Nine times more likely to drop out of school. 20 times more likely to end up in jail. It is far and away.

The number one problem now, how do you deal with that? How do you deal with that problem other than tell people to change their behavior, change their attitude and behave more responsibly? Well, I also think that the source of all that, all of the statistics is really our marriage of the government. That's what happened and you want to talk about systemic, I always say, uh, you know, is this systemic racism? Uh, yeah, there's a news and you can hang yourself with it if you want to go and take from the government. Yeah. You'll find it, it's been systemized to make sure that you will never ever get off of the government handouts. I know that because I lived in elevating black people now requires hard work telling them to be responsible. Tell him not to blame other people. And that's hard work. It's much easier to point to somebody else and say, here's, here's your plight. Here's why you're, you're the way you are and that's why they don't want to do this.

And that's why people like you and me are considered to be evil because consider be enemies. Why are you attacking me? Because all the people that you guys are supporting, they have no connection to anything. They may be famous. They made this. But when it comes to actual power, they don't have any. Like I'm the conduit for you guys. I'm the ear that for them to be like, yo look this is what's going on neighborhood. This is what we need. But they'll attack me for it thinking that I'm not helping my people. I'm like, they're like, oh you got a whole bunch of white fans. I'm like, well my wife and you know what they tell me about them.

They don't go thank you for what you're doing for uh since I'm gonna go, I love what you're doing for your community. They're not saying I love what you do for us as americans. I mean a lot of them do, but they they always add I love what you're doing for your community. But they look at it as oh you're just doing with what they want you do you want to be white? I'm like, isn't that crazy though? I mean because some of the stuff that people say in our community and I am convinced that we are the most racist, but somehow we've sanctioned being racist towards white people. So nobody recognizes racism. Right? So case in point when I post posted a photo, you know of my husband and someone wrote, I mean the racist comments another for black who this must be why she's conservative. Oh the white man this I said just imagine that reversed. Imagine a white guy is married to a black woman and he posts a photo of his black wife and a bunch of white people comment under there. Oh look you that's why you're betraying our race.

It's unfathomable. Could you imagine if a bunch of white people commented under that after seeing a black woman wearing a white man people would go crazy. They would say this is an example of racism. Well black people do it comfortably comfortably you know talking about and I'm sitting here when you even say that you should be ashamed of yourself for not knowing your history, your ancestors died for that. Right? Okay. Like when what love versus Virginia the Supreme Court case when they literally got imprisoned A black and a white person for falling in love. You know what I mean? These people fought to end that sort of discrimination that you can marry who you love, right? True equality. Being able to marry who you love where their background doesn't matter and you're ashamed of that you what you say you want integration but you're fighting for more segregation. You want people to hate what I don't hate white people.

I don't feel that way. I don't feel like I have to hate white people to love my people. That's it. It's not neither word you can I love all people if they're good and I hate all people, if they're stupid and stupid comes in every different color, you know what I mean? Every different color, every ethnicity I've seen, I've seen stupid all across the board and I just I hate that that pressure that has applied that this is what it means to be black. And I'm thinking to myself, what is the definition of that? I actually did a poster, but I said what is it that defines me being black? Is it because I'm doing something positive? Because if you look at it, we're only doing positive things for our community. So in order for us to be accepted as black, we have to be doing negative, you have to be killing people, you have to be popping drugs, you have to be on some dumb stuff. Like that's that's not what we represent. We don't come from that.

Talk to me about the ones that didn't care about none of that. Like like Jack johnson who was the first black celebrity boxer at that time, Like you said they would go to jail, he married a white woman. He did, he did and he went he went to prison for and actually it's funny as the president is one that you know, really told me that story and why he wanted to, pardon him. And it's to me, I think it's that part of the gap that we're facing is that there's this educational gap where they actually, you have a bunch of black people who know nothing about black history. They, they only know black present. They only know black media and what what people are telling them and what it means to be black. And then you have um that culture being a quest by celebrities who are largely ignorant. You know, Lebron James is number one to me. I mean he's so talented on the court, but this is not an educated man, right? And so he takes the bait and a bunch of people follow him and they go, oh yes, he Lebron's actually black Lebron. You are hurting black America when you lie, when you don't research the fact, when you send a tweet and say, we're literally being hunted absent any facts, you're not a hero in that regard. You're not being a hero, you're being an idiot and you're spreading that idiocy very quickly throughout our community influences, your influence is huge.

You have a responsibility to either shut up or research and know your facts, right? And if you're not going to just know your facts and we just need to play basketball cause you're brilliant at that, right? And you should be celebrated on the court. You're an amazing talent. But when you have r people outside from behind your bel air multimillion dollar mansion, right? Having them run outside moving now quickly to this defund the police, it's not gonna hurt him. He's got private guards. This man has a white chef, a white guy said white chef white Gardner. He's got white people waiting on him hand and foot. Let me tell you if that is racism I wanted today, please let me get more that whatever Lebron James racism is. I want that racism, right? Right.

The reason why they're afraid is because they know that everyone gets called racist and bigot and everything. Um but for me my my reaction is on the extreme other end where it's just I know you're gonna call me that anyway, no matter what I do. So I just don't care at all. It doesn't mean anything to me to be called racist or homophobic or um sexist and that's unfortunate. It should mean something. It it's a it's a horrible thing to actually be right. There are racist. People out there terrible to be racist. Um so it is it should be a meaningful accusation. It's not anymore and it's not, but the way I look at it, it's that's not my fault. The fact that I don't care that you're calling me. That is not my fault.

It's your fault for calling everybody that so when you say the word racist, I don't know what you're describing, you could be describing an actual racist, but nine times out of 10 you're just talking about someone who expressed an opinion you don't like and so I'm supposed to take that seriously now. Um So for me it just doesn't, I mean I'm gonna be honest, like I think if you're going to make an argument that we live in a society where racism is rampant, then you're talking about racism towards white people because I am telling you like and I know that's gonna be controversial and someone's gonna pull that clip and I'll see it on the internet in a few weeks. But when I look at the society that we live in and I what I do is an exercise where I replace the word black with white, right or you know white with black. So I'll be reading an article on buzzfeed like you see scrolling through it and it'll pop up on my twitter feed and it'll say white people need to shut up so I'll replace that word and say I can't imagine an experience as a black person scrolling through my twitter feed and buzzfeed rights black people had just shut up. That is just so racist. I mean it's okay. 10 things white people need to stop doing. These are real article. So I can't imagine turning on my screen and seeing 10 things black people need to stop doing this would never happen and yet it's become so permissible to white America for this to happen. Like people don't even acknowledge that this is racism. They say reverse racism can exist. You're right, it's just racism is not reversed.

It's just racism and you know, to me the fact that that that's become okay is partly because of this, this element of white guilt where people are just taking it, why people are just taking it the bowing, the washing people's like honestly, if you're doing it, you deserve it. If you're that much of an idiot that somebody has convinced you that you should be on your knees cleaning somebody's feet and you're just an idiot, you know what I mean? Like, and there's nothing that really can be done about that. But I think we live in a tremendously racist society towards white people. And yes, there was racism towards black people, there's racism towards chinese people, but it is overwhelmingly at this point in society towards white people. Yeah, I think and you talk about the bowing thing, I mean that that video of the guy going through new york telling random white people to get on their knees before him and apologize. Um, and he was, that guy was just a troll. I think what he did was brilliant. Actually, it's hilarious and he had no trouble finding. Almost every white person who found would get on their knees. Um, I think anthropologists of the future are going to look at that video to try to figure that's gonna be a very important video to figure out what the hell happened in the society, but I think here's, here's the issue with um, yeah, we called reverse racism or you know, I agree that the phrase doesn't make any sense, racism and racism, but kids are indoctrinated, especially in college, into this idea that racism has nothing to do with really hating someone because of their race. Racism is all about power.

And you know, it's something that only the powerful, the systemically powerful in society can be, uh, can can express and they all automatically have it. Like it's just if you're white, then you have systemic privilege automatically and along with that you have racism, it's just inherent to you. Um, and so if you're indoctrinated into that belief, then you're gonna, you're gonna think, well, there's nothing wrong with insulting white people. I can't be racist. And on top of that, they're all racist. That's what I was told in college. This is literally what colleges, you know, this is what colleges are literally teaching kids that every white person is racist and it's impossible to be racist against them. And, you know, you wanna talk about failures of conservatives again, the left, you go far left radicals took over academia absolutely took it over and are now indoctrinating, not just indoctrinating kids into far left beliefs, but we are paying 10s of thousands of dollars to these institutions to brainwash our kids on the first day, they're showing their safe space in the school. Um, and they're all required to take what's called the diversity course and the diversity course. Um, they're encouraged to go around the classroom and tell, explain what they, how they know that their skin color is wrong. Uh, you know what, they're white privilege affords them and how they're going to try to fix it. Now.

Again. I play that game where I switch this scenario. That's what I always do in my head. Imagine. I couldn't imagine a black girl in school and being told to say what's wrong about my skin color and how I'm going to change it. And this happens. And people don't think this is racism. Actually. I think this is, this is, this is diversity. This is tolerance. This is a good thing. You're teaching somebody.

I think there's something fundamentally wrong with their skin. We have already done this in american society. This is wrong. This is racist. It should not be allowed. I asked her mother why would you allow this to go on? And she says, I just, you know, we just want to keep the peace. We worked really hard to get her in that school. Obviously to get into the private schools in new york. I don't know if this is everywhere, but you have to go in for interviews and we just don't want to have any trouble. Well, this is why conservatives take it and leftists would never take it if the shoe was on the other foot. Yeah, they wouldn't, But it shows you, uh, the programming, you know, you have to program a kid to be racist.

I mean, I believe that. I think about that quote from morgan Freeman and the famous, well, I think it's on 60 minutes where he was asked, you know, how do you end racism in America? And he said, stop talking about it. Uh, I think it's one of the, one of the most profound things anyone has said recently about racism because if I think the Natchez, especially these days, we live in a very diverse country. Most diverse countries ever existed by far. Um, and many kids grew up like I did, you know, growing up on the east coast and you know, I grew up in a school and there was black white kids hispanic. A lot of, you know, a lot of asian kids as well. Um, and I just don't think anything of it. It's just, these are just the kids that you're with and they're your friends and you know, it doesn't occur to you noticed the physical differences. But you don't, you don't, you don't attach any value to that or anything. If you put a black person in a white neighborhood, you know, they fare

better. Same for a black student. Black students fare better in classrooms with all white people than they do. If they are put into classrooms with all black people, why is that? You can't keep blaming white people. There has to be something else going on. It's because we don't value

education. Yeah. You know, we

don't we just don't value it. Yeah. I have to say candace, I get weary at the demand that is made, and again it's co dependent and I'm not letting whites off the hook here because they encourage it and capitulate. But I get weary of the demand to lower standards. You know, the racial preferences. Uh We're getting rid of now S. A. T. S. We're getting rid of GRS and graduate school. Engineering departments are getting rid of GRS in math to be an engineer. It's it's just extraordinary because they all have disparate


Any kind of academic color blind standard, it turns out has a disparate impact on blacks negatively because of that academic skills gap. Why don't you say I'm going to meet the damn standard instead? The demand is always lower the standard to let me in. Uh And and and again, whites give in and they say, okay, you're right, it would be racist to expect you to have the same academic profile as whites and asians to be admitted to the school.


we're going to have over a standard deviation below of of S. A. T. S. And G. P. A. To let you in so that we can have our wonderful diversity. And of course, as as you will know that that policy of lowered standards and say college admissions produces mismatch, the blacks who were let in under those lowered standards cannot compete as a female wouldn't. This is not about race, it's about preferences If mitt admits me because it decides it needs more females and I have A 650 on my math as 80 out of 800 and my peers have 800. I'm going to flounder my first year, I'm gonna drop out of freshman calculus. I'm not going to keep up and I decide I'm not set out for a stem field.

Same thing with blacks when you admit them in with preferences. Now, those blacks who were admitted on the same standard do perfectly well.


everybody should be matched their academic skills level. But instead nobody's saying meet the damn standard. I have a thought experiment if if blacks acted like asians for 10 years in all things related to success. So you had parents that were obsessive about their children's academic work, attending school, not dissing the, not dissing the teacher, not having your back turned, not, you know, screaming in class, taking your textbook home studying for a test, not getting involved in gangs, drugs, two parent families. If after 10 years of that sort of asian behavior, we still saw racial disparities. At that point, I'm going to start listening to you talking about systemic racism. But right now the behavioral disparities are so great and those, it is those disparities which explain these ongoing gaps. And that's why I say we have to take on the myth of bias

and say that there are,

there are there are cultural differences and


Glaring behavioral differences if you have a 71-73% out of wedlock birthrate in the black community compared to say 16% in the Asian community

game over that's

all you need to know. White privilege consists of this, that whites are still A third as likely to grow up in a single parent household as blacks. If it gets up to 71% for whites, I can guarantee you we're going to see the same level of dysfunction, but right now that is the white privilege is that you have not just two parents, but more importantly, still at least among the elites, a culture that expects males to develop self control and bourgeois values to find a mate.

And I'll just counter it's not that's not white privilege, that's privileged period. I don't care what color you come from a two parent house. Exactly. You know, a stable two parent household, you are privileged. And I when people try to tell me, you know, that just the color of your skin disadvantage you, I mean, I was disadvantaged. Sure, but it wasn't because of the color of my skin, it was because of decisions that my parents made. My mother didn't graduate high school, you know what I mean? And and I didn't come from a stable two parent household, you know scenario? So signing up for student loans, not knowing what they meant, didn't have not having that guidance that wasn't because of the color of my skin. You know, do you think that Malia and Sasha Obama um are disadvantaged because the color of their skin apparently. Do you think that hurt that Malia Obama and Sasha Obama grew up in the same way I grew up and if your answer is no, then you are acknowledging that what we're talking about is not has nothing to do with with racial differences. Our racial disparities, there are disparities and their approaches that are afforded, but there's nothing that the color of our skin, you can have the same exact privileges if you make the same, same exact behavioral um decisions and, and and that is that is so important and I just, you know, I beat that drum every single day when I say all the time.

I, I am not fond of what black culture has become. You know, it disintegrated, disintegrates every decade. It gets worse and worse. Um I consider myself to be a black American from the 1950s, my grandfather's time when they grew up and it was about respect values, hard work. Um and my grandfather fared better than my father did and he grew up in the time under Jim crow. I mean think about that, that's fascinating. Um because black culture has shifted, I've gotten an arguments of people who are trying to argue with me that I am oppressed. So I'm here saying like no I'm good like I'm fine. I'm not impressed actually you are oppressed. Yeah and it leads to anger right? At least the anger. I mean there was one guy um this was just online this was in like some Youtube comments.

I'd said something on a commented on a video. It was one of mine or something. And uh they went into some huge tirade about how how how can you as a black man as a descendant of slaves bubble? I was like I didn't descend from slaves bro. Like because they automatically assume that black american right? And I was like my ancestors weren't slaves and I'm like that's not even my history. So if I'm talking to say about the U. K. Or about the USa with someone in someone's like oh the U. K. Is a terrible country or America is a terrible country or whatever. And I'm like what are you comparing it to?

And someone who's more leans more left normally they're comparing it to a utopia that doesn't exist and has never existed that like their version of their version of the perfect world. Whereas I find more conservative minded people it's it's more realistic you're comparing it to history so what you were just saying right about your grandparents? Okay so you know and myself you know my grandparents grew up in Nigeria and you know would have lived a much harder life in many ways than I have in my siblings have and everything and you can you know you could go back 50 60 years and you're like okay that was like some real stuff to there's a lot of stuff to complain about at that time and they didn't. Yeah or if they did they did it and they got stuff done, they got it done. There was actually something they were fighting for. I don't know what we're fighting for any more black America. Generally I look around and I'm like hey guys so there's no more segregation. We can do whatever we want. Um Now we're fighting for the right, this is what I believe. The black american argument right now and now it's spreading obviously because what did you say backstage when America sneezes the U. K. Catches a cold right?

Right now now it's spreading so America sneezing and here's what's coming out. Um if you figure out how your victim, whether it's because you're a woman because you're a woman or because you're black. They want the ability to be able to not work and have everything that's really what I've been trying to get to of what the frustration is is I haven't done anything but why don't I have everything and why does that guy who has done a whole lot have things capitalism. Yeah and it's because of capitalism and I'm enraged. You know it's because of the color of skin. You know it's because he's a man. You know what? It's because he's straight and I'm just like, stop, please stop, please stop and get to work. Please stop and get to work. And granddaddy could do if my grandad, he could do it. Anybody can do it. You know what I mean?

In America, I really do believe that the problems are pretty obvious. Okay. And they're not, certainly these days they're not coming from any sort of direct depression or the white men like you. If loads of young black men are killing loads of other young black men in America, how is it white people? Yeah. You're not going to convince me that that's the fault of anybody but themselves. Yeah, exactly. I know. I know, I know people try it and I find it incredible as well. You know, you've got movements like black lives matter and whatnot. Where so much of the focus is on, say, police, um, say on the police. Okay, What's the number of black people killed by the police in the USA or the UK compared to the number killed by other black people.

Okay, 98% of black people are killed by other black people have a higher chance of getting struck by lightning than you do of being killed by a police officer as a black. There we go. Okay. And we can say this because we've got black privilege, right? But if someone who were not of our race were to point that out, then I don't want to step CareerBuilder. I don't want to know. I don't know. I don't know what their what their thing would be. It's kind of painful because I'm like, I do want this thing to be resolved like nothing. And I also wanted to be not true. I don't want it to be true that, you know, blacks are murdering each other faster than anybody else could. And I say the most unsafe place for a black person isn't on the streets or in front of a white police officers in his mother's womb.

It might make you uncomfortable holding up the mirror were only way we're going to fix the community is. If we actually talk about what the issues are on the issue is not the white man. The issue is the fact that you guys will have a full convert. You will have a two year conversation about Charlottesville and you will not talk about what's happened on the streets of Chicago, the streets of Baltimore. The fact that there isn't a single, they couldn't find a single black child across five schools in Baltimore, in Baltimore. That was efficient in reading or writing literacy rates what it means to be illiterate. How about that being something that we took away from slavery why the masters didn't want us to be able to read. We aren't educated, which makes it very easy for the media to manipulate us. And it's that ignorance of thinking that you can't have a factual based conversation depending on where you live, where you reside, the color of your skin or your gender or your sex. If you systematically were somehow able to remove every single racist thought, racist idea, racist person from America, the problems in black America would be the exact same. There would be no progress and we would still actually be digressing as a community and as a whole and but that's not something that makes people comfortable and here's this. And I'll say this is the most controversial thing that I've said behind closed doors.

If you are in fact a white supremacist living in America today. The best thing you can do is sit back and enjoy the show, sit back and enjoy the show because why go kill a black person when you know that at faster rates black people are killing black people, right? Why go advocate even speak to the black community about the population when you know that we're a boarding our Children at a faster rate. Sit back and enjoy the show because why do anything in the public school system when you know that right now literacy rates are dropping within the black community, nobody's talking about it, do nothing if you are white supremacists in America. And that is a very sad, hard truth to hit at and I'm gonna get in trouble for because you know why it's true and people don't like truth because the truth don't always feel good. Who was powerful. Thank you guys for watching the latest episode of the Candace Owens show. I hope you guys enjoyed the conversation as much as I did. As many of you guys already know Prager U is a five oh one C three nonprofit organization, which means we need your help to keep all of our content free to the public. Please consider making a tax deductible donation today. I would really appreciate your support.