The Candace Owens Show: The Lies of Modern Feminism - Transcripts

April 18, 2021

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Being a feminist today means holding contempt for men, the nuclear family, motherhood, and femininity—going against everything the original women's movement stood for. In this special compilation episode, Candace Owens and her guests discuss why modern feminism is a departure from securing women’s rights to adopting leftist ideology. Subscribe so you never miss a new episode! ? Text PRAGERU to 64600 to receive notifications!


Okay, ladies and gentlemen, we are rolling into another episode of the Candace Owens show.

Mm hmm. It

goes back to the feminist argument. At least the modern day feminist at least the modern day feminist argument of saying while women should be able to do all the things that a man can. And so what they try to do is they try to erase any physical biological differences between men and women. Of course, we see that in this whole gender fluidity movement, that what does it really mean to be a man and a woman while abortion really plays a part in that? Because if a man can physically walk away from a pregnancy, then a feminist would say, well, a woman should be able to physically walk away from a pregnancy to so rather than rejoice in the privilege and to use the leftist word, the true privilege of being able to carry a child, no matter how hard the circumstances. Because I understand circumstances are really hard for women sometimes, but instead of rejoicing in that privilege and that uniqueness of femininity, that uniqueness of being a woman, they want to take it away. So they can say, uh, there's really no difference between men and women and they think that's going to usher in this egalitarian utopia where men and women don't have any differences between them in equality will be achieved. It's not going to happen. Do you consider yourself a feminist? No, I don't interesting. I don't Very, very. There's a lot of people that want to.

And I know you said that you're not either. There's a lot of people who want to reclaim feminism, I don't really sleep, we're right now let it burn. I don't I don't really see what we're fighting for anymore, like, I get it like the movement had to be started because we actually did not have equality with men, we have equality with men in most circumstances, we have more than equality with medics were like plus we got we have all of these privileges on top of it. And when I think of feminism today, I think of Lena Dunham types like Lena Dunham out there, she's obviously miserable, right? And she's not shaving her armpits and she's and she's and she's um going out there and saying this is freedom and actually what they identify what they what they determined to be freedom to me looks like misery, right? We don't need men, we don't want men actually you do need men. Like actually we cannot present physically like biology exists like this is not a good platform to have abolished men, like we don't want any more men and the movement has become so radicalized and the only way for people to actually pull it back is to just let it burn, I'm not a feminist, I don't need to be a feminist, there's nothing that they're fighting for that I agree with anymore, it seems over privileged, it seems Braddy, you have time to find a pussy hat and go march and scream during the weekday, you probably have you probably have achieved equality, right? And I just want to tell Lena Dunham, like, You're not shaving your armpits is not doing anything for me. So if I'm just going to tell you woman a woman I feel totally fought for already, like you can go ahead and shave your armpits girl, it's not accomplishing that much for me since still now, about 20% of people meet their life partner in the workplace. What's the deal with asking somebody out for coffee or a drink? And as far as I can work it out, and I quote some people I've spoken to in the book about this, but as far as I can work out, the deal is currently this, you can't do it and shouldn't do it because you could bring down your whole career unless you deploy it once

with 100

percent accuracy that the person you're trying it on is to be your life made. That's about that's about right. That's like

that's that's a really that's that's a big risk

for that coffee or drink request and


totally unsustainable. I I make the joke and it's and I'm only half joking when I say if you know, being gay could be a choice if I was a man, I choose to be gay because you're always you're always treading in in in really scary territory with this rise of radical feminism and here's the the other side of it, which no one is really discussing is that these radical feminists who make this a problem, right? Who everything. It's now, Me too. You look at me find me attractive. I've been me to write your me to um if you if you said a joke that was you know, maybe a sexual nod or something that I look good today, rights or sexy today, you're now me to the other side of that though, Is that what you're doing is you're turning men sort of into this tail in between tail between the legs, dog trying to emasculate emasculate men. But the biological underpinning of this is very interesting is the feminists don't want that. They don't want their making men, they don't they don't want a stunning piece and you have to read it, promised me to read It is Lena Dunham, he wrote a piece in the new york times about how she just like she could oh my God, she's totally nuts. You can actually see she's now coping with the fact and she actually says in the article has me to gone too far. This guy won't make a move on me. And like you're the author of radical, you're the author of radical feminism. This is what you made your bed lane it meant, Oh no, no man hit on me no man come up to think who would dare come up to you and say anything.

Yeah, it's not because of the way she looks, she is disgusting in my opinion. I think she's gross. But aside from that, even if a guy would tread that territory, he's read her pieces, you've got to be crazy. They go up to her and say, would you like to go out on a date. It's like going up to a nuclear device. Exactly the mushroom cloud, every which way you go. I was listening to the scam of feminism today would say go out and be like, men be the most productive that you can be. You should want to work for the next 50 years and provide for your family. You can do without a man adopt a child, you shouldn't want to pursue marriage. Marriage is bondage. Um, and that's pretty much the scam of and the myth of feminism, right? But at their core, I think all of these women are running around thinking that they just want men to see them.

But men don't want these radicalized women that are saying if we have Children, I'm going to let them pick their gender. I mean, that's like having little babies is the new term, it's not here she is babies. And there, I mean, we now have the social scientific data since second wave feminism since the 1970s, women have become less happy, not just relative to men, which is also true, but in absolute terms. And the left is shocked by this. They say no, but now women have all of these new ideologies, right? And it's making them miserable. Maybe something's wrong with that ideology of feminism. I got a I got a call, I do a male female our on my radio show every week, and I have for about 15 to 20 years. So a woman called me. She said, uh I'm 50 years old, I have 3° I'm very successful entrepreneur ceo and I want you to know Dennis, that I deeply regret that I followed the feminist advice at college because when I come home after a successful day at work to an empty home, no husband, no Children, no family, it's not good. She was not self pitying. I actually had her call.

I've written 1000 columns that were all on the internet, 1000 and I never did this before or after. I transcribed her call, and that was my column that week. All I said was here is what a woman said to me on my radio show. I really do believe that modern feminism encourages male absence. It encourages it because it's become toxic. Um they use terms like toxic masculinity, right? And I say to myself, all of their examples, the idea of what it means to be a man now is toxic. They think, oh, this is a man masculinity is wrong. There's something inherently wrong with being a masculine man. And to me, I always say that it was toxic masculinity that saved me. You know, I had a healthy fear of my grandfather, nobody played around with my grandfather. They we still don't play around with my grandfather, you know, and it's just there's a certain level of respect.

When you're in his home, there are rules. And and because I had that healthy fear, I was, I guess more responsive to that sort of authority when I had to go out in real life. You know, I believed in structure. And yet this version of feminism today, we have women that are basically promoting men should act like women right, and women should act like men. There's all this confusion. You can pick your own, you can do what you want. And ultimately what I think it's doing is feeding into this idea of a breakdown of the family. Yeah. You know, feminism

as a branch

of liberalism has had

a very



on the black

community more than anything else, I believe. And that's not just an opinion. If you look back and we don't have time to get into a lot of it today, but I can

support it if

someone will come up and demand. Where'd you get that from? I could show him the research. Um, and it didn't just like

discourage a man

being around and kicked the man out of the

house. In

other words, you know, you're not needed here who became the male role model the male

figure in the home, Uncle Sam, all right? The government

and pro man I just happen to know that many of them will take what they can get

right. And and there are women who will take what

they can get in a different way. And so um you have to hold the line even if you're the last human being on earth who subscribes to this idea, who gives a flying monkeys behind about your own integrity being exclusive, not available to anyone who wants to click on your profile. You are exclusive, you are special. You are to be preserved or not to be given away. You're not a commodity. You're not you're not going to be thrown in the trash can


magazine. You know, you are a human being. And so I swear I think it all comes back to teaching women to love themselves. I really think it's there and um and having um hopefully a mother to teach you that and a father to teach you that is important. I think the breakup of the family and the fatherless families impact men and women differently and for women, they can be far more susceptible to a society that says please give

us you for free.

And the problem is is exactly what you said girls are being told how wonderful it is to be a girl and all those wonderful things that you just mentioned that they have to look forward to are not held up in society anymore as as a positive and wonderful future being married having Children. Those are some of the most fulfilling experiences in

life, right? And actually what's taken ahold in culture and society is this toxic form of feminism which has emerged, which I do my best to speak to women about and let them know that that is a scam. You fall for that, that is a scam. If you believe that rejecting men, rejecting order, not wanting to shower, you know, growing your armpit area is somehow freeing right. If you believe that making yourself sexually available to anyone and everyone and and being promiscuous is going to somehow make you freer. You are going to be shocked when you wake up one day and realize that you have nothing that has actually fulfilled you because you've rejected it. You've rejected order and you have signed up for chaos because we have again, a culture of society and the media that perpetuates the idea that somehow conservative values or bondage and liberal values or freedom when it is in fact the opposite

totally agree with you. I mean, you know, think back to your grandmother or I think back to my grandmother's and I think back to,

you know, the

idea that these women were less strong than women today is a joke. They were so strong, don't meant couldn't get away with anything with either of my grandmother's and it wasn't because they were feminists. It's because they had integrity and they knew right from wrong and you couldn't push them around. And today you have these me to women who say, you know, these young women who are following, you call themselves feminists. They were the, you know, fuchsia hats and they say, oh, I couldn't stand up to. So and so because he had a job that was superior to mine, and I just think, wow, my grandmother's would have never fallen for that. Why are young women today being pushed around?

There is an actress, I don't even know what she did. So I don't know why I'm calling for an actress. I literally only know her by her boobs. Okay, because every time she's upset about something, she gets naked, this is her name is Emma rothschild Zhukovsky, I'm I know I butchered that name. Okay, very. Her body great body. Right? So the way that she gets attention is every time she gets upset, she takes her broth on instagram and she has her boobs, she goes marching naked, she just wears her jeans, she says, ah you know, like f you guys f men, so she like naked picture f you harvey weinstein, how is this getting sticking it to the man? So I say this is my husband with us. He's like, all right, I guess I was mad again, we have to have to look at her boobs, I guess uh I was really upset again, were forced to look at her boobs because during the patriarchy men are winning. They're getting the best deal ever. So, women have now decided that promiscuity is a sign of freedom.

So, women are saying we'll give it to you for free, right? We will have sex with whoever we want. We will take our clothes off whatever we want. How please explain to me how men are losing. Oh, that's very funny. You should say that because I I was at college at the at the cusp of feminism and I've never said this publicly. I but you loved feminism, didn't you? I loved what? You loved it every second of that. You know, that is the point. I remember saying to a friend because I'm a I'm a good guy, but I'm also a guy. And I and I remember saying to a friend, I can't believe it For 10,000 years.

Men have wanted women to think that they want sex like we do. And it finally happened and here I am 20 years old. God, you are a good God. I remember going

through this routine with my

friends. Believe, okay the girls because street naked again, or or just all with no commitment is completely unnecessary. Oh, really? You've got to be kidding. Tell me this is not how, you know? So what has happened. So here is the of course it's how men think, but but here is the amazing thing. So they so the the women bought the feminist lie. Not the feminist line. The feminist law. You're just like men. But they get depressed when they act like men sexually.

So now the depression there in far greater states of depression, they're far lonelier than men. And they uh the and that's why you have all the reeds now. Oh, well, I didn't really say, okay, well, what does that mean? You didn't say? Okay. Uh, so that what they're saying is I am not to blame for the consensual sex we had, which has made me depressed. He is to blame for the consensual sex I had That made me depressed. What do you think about the over sexualized culture? So, if you were on a on a Tinder date and I'm like, yeah, you know, I've slept with like 25 guys, I'm you know, I'm free. Yeah. I always use protection though. You know, It's come on.

It's 2019, Michael, it's 2019 candace. I have to ask, are you asking me at 20 or 29 are you asking me? And because it's very alluring to a lot of men. I mean, I'm sort of joking about how men convinced women to be feminist and give them free sex? But For if you're an 18 to know if your guy in college, for instance, How do you say no to that? Especially in this culture, which tells you have sex young have sex a lot. That's all you gotta do sex sex sex. Would you marry her? Of course not, of course not, of course not, nobody, I mean nobody would. I think women are the same way. No woman looks at a man who was just sleeping around with, you know, a different woman every night and says, ah yes, that's the man I want to raise my Children, oh, what a great role model. He was irresponsible.

Of course you can't, you're not gonna be able to take care of the home because you can't take care of yourself. And the obsession with sex is not accidental. The obsession of sex is, it's the earliest professional, the two earliest professions or prostitution of politics and they're very similar. It's essential to our nature. Sexist is fundamental to who we are. It can also become an addiction, You know, when, when Tiger Woods got into trouble a few years ago, because it turns out that the greatest athlete in the world was sleeping with beautiful women, we all joked about it. So yes, he must have a horrible addiction. It's called being really rich and good looking and athletic because home with a lot of women, but sex really can become an addiction. And in this culture, we're actually finding out millennials and gen Z or having a lot less sex than gen X and the baby boomers, you think we're having more sex. No, everyone is just hooked on porn everybody and it is a culture that is literally masturbatory, that is, that becomes an addiction. I mean you now see this all throughout the country and throughout the world, this is happening in Japan and other places like any other drug people are becoming hooked on sex and hooked on porn. And what an addiction does is it causes you to stop thinking.

It enslaves you. It makes you prone to certain behavior. And when you're not thinking, that's when the people who want to grab power can come in and force it on you. Our culture in America has shifted to one that is all about sex and and this is largely due to feminism, right? This whole idea of like, again, once the exact same time, premium talking about where they wanted to undo everything. Well, you know, in that time frame throughout the 50s, um you know, women were wearing poodles, poodle skirts, pardon? Um and they were always dressed from head to toe. Same for the men, they were wearing suits all the time. Well, the part of throwing out what American culture was also saying this is sexual oppression. And this was really kind of brought this whole idea of sexual repression and your inner libido is brought to us by by Freud, right? And and people started perpetuating this idea that uh you know, if you can release your sexual, your inner sexual libido and all of these things, you'll be less of a bigot, Honestly, this is the kind of stuff that they were writing, right? It's because you're sexually repressed.

That's what makes you a racist. That's what makes you this. And we sort of gave birth to this, this culture of well, let's take it all off, Right? This is us being free, This is us being sexually free. And now I look around and I'm like, you can you can watch porn without ever logging onto a porn website. You can watch by going in instagram, right? I mean girls barely just what's legal, I mean, hashtag free the nipple women upset that they can't put their that they can't show their breasts on instagram. Get men can be at the, you know, can show um themselves that a shirt and was like, this is very different, right? You know, seeing a man that is not the same effect as seeing a woman that has her boobs out there pretending they don't understand that and they're calling that, you know, and injustice a social injustice. So

I think that the most women listening would hear us as moralizing or preaching or judging or something, but here's the way that you get through. I think to them is to say this is really about love. Everyone wants to be loved. Everyone longs for a relationship like historically a marriage and hopefully still where you have commitment. You can rely on it. You know, it's there, it's based on something you're real not something superficial that that age is out and it doesn't really matter in the long run. Um when you cheapen a woman or women, you look around, I mean the proof is in the marriage and divorce

rate and

my grandmother's generation, they didn't have all this smut you look around, I can think of so many women in her generation, her friends are neighbors who had their husbands right there with them every step of the way till the day they

died. How many

of us are going to have that this generation,

men need women and women need men, but to see no man denies we need a woman. That's the irony. We, it is not unmask yah, lin of me to acknowledge I need a good woman, but a woman needs a good man just as badly. So true, it's so true and it's sad because the symbiotic symbiotic nature and me just getting married for people to know and now that I'm married, I'm just like guys, oh my gosh, it was all a lie. When I say it was what I said, it was all a lie to believe if you have the classes I took, I mean you're raised to believe you do not need a man and not only do not need a man, it is a token of how strong and how good you are without an achievement that's right, all alive and you can have a child and the child doesn't need a father doesn't know that, so by yourself, So passing right and the loneliest people are by the way, according to polls, this is not a Republican or conservative, a viewpoint. Uh the loneliest people according to uh the academic studies are single parents. Uh I do not doubt that at all. And this is what I always say. I had a young black woman come up to me on campus, I spoke at trinity college I think in january um and she came up to me and and she was doing her her little routine about what we are saying that women can't do without men. I said no, no, no, no, no. I've never seen a woman can do that. A man.

There have been tons of women who have lost their or their husbands and horrible tragedy Kobe Bryant, you know, gone right. Do I think Vanessa just can't do it now. I think she can do it. But you know what? I know that it would have been easier and better if she had a partner that was beside her side and that is the way that she would have preferred it right. We should not be setting our preferences to doing it without men. If we have to write when we have to send the boys to war, it's totally like. But that should not be, you shouldn't be encouraging women to want that to pursue that because you know what's on the other side of that. You know, it's misery. You know what's unhappiness, let them know the joys of marriage, but you're absolutely right. What they're trying to do is integrate what it actually means to be a woman. Because it actually says a lot about what they think about womanhood and what they think about femininity, that it is inferior to men.

So we need to be more like men in order to be really equal. Well I believe that women are unique. I believe that there are things that women can do that men can't do. I mean beyond just carrying a child giving birth and all of that. But there are things that women are better at than men. There are ways that we can lead that are better than how men can lead and vice versa. It's a very complimentary in relationship that we should have between the genders of course acknowledging equal worth of both genders, but they're not willing to do that. They want to say, well I can do all the same things that a man can, I want to be drafted like man and we never want that. They always stop right there. Well AOC AOC the other day. So she said, you know, I believe that all genders should be drafted and so they think that they want all of that. They think when all of that I get to go around the world and share my ideas and I'm running to business by myself?

What do you think is the thing that gives me the greatest pleasure in life? What has given you the greatest pleasure as of this moment? Yeah. In this moment. And also like in a day, what is the what is the highlight of my day? Well maybe your marriage, my marriage was the highlight of my day is when I get to cook dinner for my husband. All right, right. I totally get it. And I would my wife would answer the same thing, although she doesn't cook dinner for me because I prefer to eat out. Very strange. I love I love, I like no, but yes. Yeah.

And and putting food on the table, sitting down, talking to my husband, feeding our friends. Those are the things that gave me the greatest I have met, I have had lunch with the president of the United States and I am telling you the thing that gives me the greatest pleasure is feeding my husband making him a sandwich. Okay, what was this all about? What was this whole sport of? We need to compete like men be like men act like men dressed like men talk like men get naked, have sex with men, give them everything they want. For whose happiness whose happiness Thank you guys for watching the latest episode of the Candace Owens show. I hope you guys enjoyed the conversation as much as I did As many of you guys already know prager U is a 501 C3 nonprofit organization, which means we need your help to keep all of our content free to the public. Please consider making a tax deductible donation today. I would really appreciate your support.