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November 24, 2022

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Wolfgang Rückerl is the Co-Founder and CEO of Entity web3 launch pad, and Istari Vision, an augmentative growth engine for the Elrond network.  Why you should listen Wolfgang led the development of the Entity Launchpad, which launches innovative...


this is the brave new coin crypto conversation hosted by any bigger one eighty I'm your host and welcome to the critical decision a brave new coin podcast where we talk to the people building the future and the bitcoin blockchain and cryptocurrency space my guest today is Wolfgang Wolfgang that is a cool name man I will scanning is the co founder and C. E. O. of entity which is a we have three launch pad and a starry vision open interest of growth engine for the L. round the network so we'll learn all about this today welcome to the show Wolfgang

thank you very much indeed thanks for having me

as a pleasure we'll do what we do at the beginning of the show's Wolfgang which is all about you to please introduce yourself love to hear just a little bit about who you are where you're from and I suppose your rum your professional story in the lead up to you founding in state and getting involved with starry and and building on our own

all right good so yeah my name is off current record I'm originally from Germany I'm currently living in Switzerland from been working full artificial intelligence companies and like five six years ago six years ago already I've entered the blockchain space and some we have been with me along better work work now rebranded to multiverse axe


the beginning actually when they first wrote the white paper we've been with them and supported them from the early stages and even before the main that started more than two years ago we decided to support them as a company so we have set up a story mission as a staking provider and today we are one of the largest they can provide us in the Arab network multiverse X. ecosystem and with entity we have started more than a year ago we've built a team because we have seen that yeah business going to built that's kind of a slogan and and see if he is going to be a launch pads that is going to support the billers in the ecosystem helping them to launch that project and their solution

a nice thank you for that Wolfgang and yes thank you for explaining that yes you're you're quite right L. round has and D. M. re branded I suppose as the motive this sorry yes forgive me for that I'm just not that I'm not super familiar with our own or as it is now known a motive this myself but that's okay because I'm sure you can help us learn more about that today I wish we stopped in should we start with learning about have a bit more about interstate which course you describe is as the growth engine for what was previously known as the all round it worked yes let's set let's talk about more about that what's what let's just start the beginning with K. what's the origin story been changed he

the origin story we have actually part of the story vision has partnered with the mothers they can provide a from Romania and the mint hi can stake because from Titans take are also with us since more than five years and they're also very very close to multiverse extra the core team founders and we have started with entity because we have missed the platform that serves as an operations and communications hopped and it is a place where you can keep track of the latest projects and developments on multiverse acts and you can also monitor your investment portfolio and of course make data driven decisions

yeah I got it and sorry what is it about V. item a motive this chain then why have you guys decided that that is the change that you want to build on that is the system that you want to be part of

well I think five six years ago when we started entering the blockchain space the first lessons we have learned was doing our own research so we have actually started to benchmark the project back then and we have compared the technology to the team the metrics the whole economy and everything and this is this is still occurring today I think full for every everyone that is in the crypto space and and wants to invest in in these projects it's about education on technology and it's also about research where do you actually put your mind at the end of the day and this is now also implemented in our entity platform we're trying to support the community by reviewing projects and helping the projects to tell their story to the existing community but also to be the knowledge provider for the community and help both sides

very good wolf gang and you know I'm I'm just looking now at the mo T. V. S. website as this is a motive is six or how do you how do you set as a motive this emotive Essex

well diverse X.

yes thank you go to correct me as I go but luckily I corrected myself with that one sorry in server to listen as you know the the website as well it's mostly the six dot com you'll just have to figure out how you can how to spell that yourself but just Google and it'll come up a link of course will be in the sure not to all these platforms as always listeners but I digress so Wolfgang as I mentioned I'm just looking at the website the website is extremely slick and look unites it's it's a common mistake in crypto you shouldn't fall for extremely slick websites but that said I do you enjoy this website and I like to copy that you know I just made my way to the FAQ page and the first one says you know I the answers you seek out within our frequently asked questions is nice language and then you know the first FAQ why multi this to the power of X. and they say wolf gang no vision for motive is six is to create an elegant and powerful expression for a positive complementary and perhaps even magical interplay between the physical world and the mix of this world one where both worlds are explored and expanded to their maximum potential co existing harmoniously not as replacements but as compliments and that is why we call this is what we call the motor this power of X. takes this idea to its out to limit and scope scale variation and richness we're almost finished it speaks to the endless worlds we're about to create and the boundless imagination richness and variation we will play with so I mean yes and some some respects that's just kind of meaningless marketing spate bot it's very good marketing space I enjoyed that that kind of that kind of stuff

I like it will scan what do you reckon

well it is but it's definitely a statement and some we know the team since several years we know that these guys are called core builders and they just deliver it's not that he's not just marketing statements we've been with them we've been working with them in the same office we've been with them on your bench and traveling the globe we know that these guys have geniuses in the team they are absolutely pioneering the markets with that technology and what multiverse X. brings to the industry is is more than just marketing it's it's not only the technology that they have built in the last couple years it's also a vision and these guys are on a mission and several of the products already existing so it's a renaming its three brands of the ecosystem but several projects several products already already in place so it's not bad there is just marketing I mean this was announced last week in Paris at the X. days and they have presented all of these solutions and of course there are amazing partners in their network so that happened several things such as Oprah are the browser to crypto problems lost a card and much much more

absolutely and you know I don't get me wrong I'm I'm being slightly facetious when I describe it as as marketing obviously you know

I'm protocols and platforms they have to have a website and I have to do a little bit of marketing I'm just saying that and just to my eyes motivi six are doing it well that's my main point and I can see looking at their Twitter I have over half a million followers and unite they including seventy nine people that I follow which is mean that means that and that's just a metric that means that they have legitimate followers so you yeah great to see


as a scientist interesting when you come across a protocol that you're not very familiar with and yet it turns out to be a very well established doing good stuff a lot of builders such as people like yourself all right we'll move can

it is it is especially for the builders in our ecosystem we we say that actually on the on a weekly basis and we've mentioned it last week at the event as well the multiverse X. ecosystem is that they want so are we with entity because this is just the beginning of many many products many many things that will unfold in the next couple of months and we believe that building and delivering technologies the most important part and then comes marketing then we can talk about it

absolutely so it ends at look at year or less I'm sure you're aware of this you need to update your own website will instantaneous though you know it's talking about the runs network which is I suppose we my confusion additionally came from them but L. Beasley you know it you'll be a team of builders so you pretty too busy building and and the kind of the website updates they can kinda sometimes fall to the bottom of the to do list at again you know the the websites are in the show notes listeners but in city talk to local as the website it took us through a bit more about how into T. wicks then so am I correct in thinking instead he works a little bit like it's a launch pad type model for the medicine metaphysics ecosystem okay

well on the website we actually have I use a journey because we have identified four key stake holders for our platform first of all the builders and crypto investors but also the ecosystem partners and our community and of course we we had questions how can we support community and and shoot your investor's best with what we do what our platform is actually there for so the questions were what information's there uses actually look for to decide whether to invest in the project and what resources to blockchain Burgess needs to launch successfully on the network and several more questions so actually entity is a Swiss army knife for the multiverse X. community and for us it's super important to focus first of all on the needs of the investors and blockchain breeders and how we do that is actually that entry G. has are our biggest asset is golden one solution but offers because it aligns with different stages of web three investing and therefore we have created a user journey that covers four different areas and for each and everyone is very important to discover a network first you just mentioned that are seventy nine dollars you have in common that's kind of a validation and I think for every newcomer to the ecosystem probably because multiverse axis not yet well known out there somebody has to discover it but you can system what's going on there who are the parties building they're actually so building the entity launch that was for us the most hi is for the most high potential projects building on multiverse asked so we have developed a project monitor that helps investors make informed decisions we have transparent criteria to review these projects in terms of team product token economics and also this is super transparent we have a hold rating methodology for these projects and an hour get coke and of course the team has years of experience in doing so on the other hand for the investor itself its course super important to have a all in one place to find out about your project find out what's going on in the ecosystem but also to use the same exactly same platform to invest in these projects which can also be done directly on them to keep global and for people that are already active in the multiverse X. because system there are several possibilities to burn burn for us means there is staking there is a decentralized exchange and we have a reward strategies and we are staking provider and delegation metrics that gives the user the investor insights on what is actually going on because and your percentage yield or rate or changing depending on the state staking provider has and all these things so everybody is able to closely follow what is actually going on where do I put my money and how can I earn more rewards with what I have delegated let's

thank you Wolfgang and welcome just a continuing to look through the multi this X. website and yeah as a side I do enjoy it it's it's extremely well done and and that's a nice experience and I level the breeding I should stop saying that but yeah just on this that that they've they've done a good job so I enjoy that tell it to talk to so about and and from that that you know it looks like the you know I I suppose they're kind of focusing on you know ms of this week three and and everything comes with that no surprise there but with that in mind can you how do you see a motive this X. it kind of fitting and to you the the global blockchain ecosystem as they were I suppose what I mean is is there a particular nation or use case that that motivates exes especially going after or it especially well suited kind of it at this early stage of of which three novels K.

I think if we have a closer look at this

what happened in the last couple months for example with the mire launch pad which will be X. launch plant in the future we had four projects launching on L. rolled with direct support from the multiverse X. team and the first project that launched in November last year was the company holder right that's a spin off from Audi the car manufacturer and of course this project is focused on the meat lovers but they have built and all some software package let's say it like this to keep it simple and they are connecting

they are receiving the card data and they are putting everything into the virtual reality so the passenger has

your goggles on and during the ride you can enjoy our games or any other major rivers thanks and all the payments in the background or handled on the blockchain directly and the movements you have from the car you experience them in your virtual reality everything in real time that is one of the first projects of course there have been games after as well such as problems painting up I. R. and on the other project was I feel that is more on data and the last one that was launched was ash walk which is a stable swap stable Corning decks so I think from from all these four projects that have been launched I think we have to Broadway every team that will help the whole ecosystem grow not only defy but also gaming and metaverse and these are very important thanks for the future there is quite quite some hype around it to a check

yes absolutely and I've heard about the the holler ride sets yeah which is a bit strange to explain but it's


video games and now he counts right

yeah they had sold three cars last week in Paris and the team was there they made a presentation because L. runs or non multiverse axe they also have a new energy aggregator kernels records market place order on market place is integrated and all right we'll be also there with the project cloud breaker that was presented and they are launching or have launched their product actually you can buy it now package a pioneer package that was announced and you can actually put in any car and the latest only models also I'm you can configure them already we are about to connect our release and then everything works actually

yes what at the end I mean this is fascinating a Wolfgang so just explain a bit more to the lessons as to how this works so I'm assuming that obviously it's not for who is driving the car and obviously in the future I'm sure the eye of the eventual ideas that will cause will be driverless so essentially anyone who was a passenger in a car with the year Q. where you're essentially your your commute to and the idea is you have all this free time for however long you're in the cast sorry you can either work or if you're not you don't have work to do you can entertain yourself and why not do that with that with the but at the moment how does hold a ride work for passengers and and these kinds of eight of the the experience is completely disconnected from the car or the car travel can they connect interact with that as well

well as a passenger if you are in your virtual reality worlds I've tested once in your neck you do not recognize anything that is happening around you actually I mean I was just playing kind of a simple bubble shooter game but I I didn't know if we were going left or right because you are so committed to that to the game actually that you do not recognize anything around you anymore and the good thing is that it also helps to reduce motion sickness so there are several arguments to enjoy the ride

very interesting all right well thank you for that Wolfgang yes can I keep my eye on that I'm we should talk about a starry starry is that how we say it yes so what is the story vision the Wolfgang

well the story version is one of the largest they can provide us about runs we are are now multiverse X. we are with them since day one we are running more than a hundred thirty nodes on the network out of three thousand two hundred and we are with the community let's say from the beginning so we have helped the multiverse X. because system to grow the local community especially in Germany Austria and Switzerland that's where we focus and that's also how we found hold right all right was actually our first project at this Tory vision that we have incubated so I think it's nearly two years that we have started working with them partnering with them are showing them how the blockchain space works because ex managers coming from I would be they have no clue what's coming from that state so we were advising them helping them connecting them to other teams also for the tech and yeah show them that there is a different world out there and this is what we do at this tari vision we we incubate projects and we support startups that have cool ideas solutions something pioneers well fans builders and these teams we are looking for and hopefully also make the most successful project in the blockchain space

fantastic thank you Wolfgang and stuff look I have to ask wolf gang because listeners as we record for me here in New Zealand that at day before everyone else that's Thursday November thirteen but some you know the last let's say twenty four hours really in the blockchain space has been all about the unfortunate collapse of the S. T. X. exchange and you know the possible buyout by binance spot as we record today we're not sure if that's that's going to happen because it's quite possible that there's just a massive massive hall on the F. T. X. balance sheet to the tune of billions of dollars and so you know if that is the case binance might just look at that and think that's a problem we don't need and and walk away but of course you know you won't be any surprise to you list as the markets have absolutely tanked on this so who knows we we go from here but yeah just to advise you to reflect on what you see happening across the industry at the moment anyway you want S. zero so inclined Wolfgang

well of course the last hours slash days lots of use the specially on on Twitter and all the different discord and telegram communities I can only say not to panic we've been there well more or less let's say of course it has a huge impact on the market what's going on there but who knows what will be the end result these actions we hope for the best all the parties involved and especially for the Esther's but for us we should do what we do best and I can only say holding and built that's what we do because there is so much pioneering spirit out there we just need to give these people the opportunities to get the market for the products and solutions and markets go up markets go down we will be there tomorrow so


one building

and well


I agree with you Wolfgang's not much you can do you accept yeah hold and an excuse me and build peace and date all right well I reckon we go to a break and then we'll come back and finish off with the very famous cryptic conversation hot take ground before we do that I will can tell people you know will they should go if they want to learn more about the story vision and of course you know what you guys are doing a instinct logo and we have building on a motive this six which of people go to that engage with all of us and learn more

all right now as you already mentioned websites or is Tory the division and top four entity it's empty talk Lobel on the websites we have our social media channels also linked so follow us on Twitter or join our telegram community get in touch with us join our community there ask your questions if you have one have a closer look at the projects that we are supporting that are launching on multiverse X. and we are there twenty four seven if there are any questions and support is needed

excellent thank you okay thanks as promised we'll go to that break and we'll be right back with the very famous cryptic conversation help take around indices and benchmarking brave new coin's powerful indexing engine can calculate high frequency intraday and end of day indices for a wide range of index products bring you clients custom indices team delivers experience consultancy premium data trust calculation contact being seen today to find out more and we're back and M. west Wolfgang Wolfgang of course there is a co founder and CEO of the institute with three launch pad and a starry vision and building all sorts of exciting blockchain played three medicine related activities on lotus X. as wavelength wolf gang I like to finish each podcast with a quick round of rapid fire scripted conversation hot takes a use for it of course one rate I like it a lot just gonna run some questions that you're walking just want you to answer them hot textile question one a we would you say that you sit on the bitcoin maximalist to multi chain opportunist spectrum absolutely multi change over to Mr it's all about interpreting yes all right care enough what would you say then as your feminist conviction crypto opinions will kick I didn't get that one what opinion do you have that you have the most convictions and that's a tough one that's a tough one that's not going to be that quick rectifier this is there are so many opportunities it's yeah as I said before I think related opinions crypt is here to stay to make it short and that's going to build and I think the current market conditions shows us in bad markets offer building and that's what I advise everyone to do yeah make sense to me all right well let Bill Gates famously said we came to over estimate what we can accomplish in two years and underestimate what we can accomplish and teens what is it with three look like in ten years time okay I think different technologies will be used in everyday life without people even noticing so I think people will work more remotely probe which will take over a lot of the manufacturing and blockchain blockchain will definitely play a very big role in this yes indeed all right well William Gibson famously seeds that the future is already here it's just not evenly distributed can you think of an example of the future being here right now but most people aren't really aware of it well I think we will have a lot more artificial intelligence and blockchain in our daily life in the future I know both areas and know all too well that both are absolutely in there and I think people out wait to distracted nowadays by media and don't even notice a lot of positive things going on in this world yes our eyes and ears open very well safe all right time to start to finish this off Wolfgang finally what is your favorite science fiction book film or TV show I am actually not that much into TV shows or films I'm more into books and I've received no symptoms last week at this event in Paris which is called virtual society the metaverse Anthony frontiers of human experience and this is on my list for the next couple days very good C. could you say that title again please trolls society from permanent very good okay all I'll look that up I'm reading service book at the moment I think it's just cool it might just be called me today something like that by Matthew bowl you know if you're if you're familiar with many people no I haven't heard of that book but I have so many on my desk so I'll just add that on top yes indeed all right thank you so much for coming on the show will contain the pleasure to talk to you today very much enjoyed it please set finish the show by telling the people where they can go to find you on Twitter well we're ever else you like to hang out on the internet and again of course where they should go to learn more about kids to global a starry vision in metaphysics all that good stuff well it's very easy to find us this partition and and two T. as well as me with my personal account or active on Twitter pushing out use on a daily basis with our team and pushing out updates on

ogress of all platform plus ecosystem news for multiverse X. and on top of that also preparing events meetups for the community to share know how and to educate them

excellent thank you okay the base stand by for now

thank you very much and the

all right there you go that was my main Wolfgang yeah German nine but a fantastic night maybe it only it sounds like a fantastic man because I'm not German baby is Wolfgang just very common name in Germany I think it probably is


anyway it is call nine wolf gang and the gabled school gang shout out to Wolfgang thank you for coming on the show thank you for yeah showing me teaching me all about multi verse six I think I called it may serve a six at the end of the sharia sure it's an easy mistake to make a game chart out to to you know motive there six and they attain as I say I I like the website tells a good story it's just a slick website but as with lent I think there's a lot of people building on a motive this X. looks like a fascinating because systems are good to have that put on my radar really Hey thanks for listening here at the end of the show team please remember to subscribe to the cryptic conversation podcast and would have a podcast app you are using give us a nice review five star rating please take the time to do that if you enjoy the show would always appreciate it yeah thank you that is today sure texting this was the conversation you call