Huge Web3 Partnership & New Blockchain Game Announcements at Iskra - Transcripts

August 25, 2022

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TCG Podcast Presented by Iskra - The Premier Destination for Web3 Gaming Website: ( Discord: ( This Episode: Iskra is one of the burgeoning web3 platforms with a a couple games slated to release this year! Their newest partner is HDLABS who have 30+ games converting over to web3. The first game getting moved to Iskra's platform is blockchain game Three Kingdoms Multiverse, a mobile RPG. This on top of Collectable RPG Klaymon getting released is huge news for this team! Plus I made a huge purchase on their platform last week, check out what it is this episode! I am not a financial Advisor Iskra InfoWebsite: ( Discord: ( Crypto Gaming Podcast InfoTwitter: (@TCGPodcast2) Instagram: (the_crypto_gaming_podcast) Discord - Support the Podcast: ( Music: Voxel Revolution by Kevin MacLeod Link: License: Music from Uppbeat (free for Creators!): License code: FAWUIZSNHXQRLXDZ Music from Uppbeat (free for Creators!) https://uppbeat.iotsoundrollmemories License code: IMGEAAXEIS9O33HJ Music from Uppbeat (free for Creators!): License code: T6ZTIOPNTR83QOCI


Welcome to the Crypto Gamer podcast presented by Iskra. The premier destination for Web three gaming. I'm your slightly knowledgeable host Nate. I am not a financial advisor. Just a gamer speculating and this episode we are going to be talking about Iskra and their new game announcement. Big partnerships plus I also made one of my biggest purchases on their platform. So before we get into that right off the bat, I want to start with their big partnership. News Iskra has signed a new studio to its lineup. H. D. Labs. They already have experience in the Blockchain gaming space with Step watch which is a move to earn title and it is currently working to transition up to 30 titles from Web to into Web three.

So that is a huge log of games that could possibly be coming to its cross platform. The first title to move over is the turn based RPG Three Kingdoms Multiverse which will be launching in quarter four of this year. This is a huge partnership that I really think goes to show that those game partnership strategy revolves around game development experience and content that has the potential to do really well in Web three. So a little bit of information on this game. Three kingdoms Multiverse. This game is a play to earn game based on the story of the three kingdoms powered by N. F. T. S. And Blockchain. Users can get token rewards by clearing stages while colette vast stories, generals and items. You can enjoy different battles between users through the combination of over 370 types of attack, defense, recovery, support and magic and what's more you can actually enjoy this game by collecting and strengthening the armor specialized for each general class.

So there's gonna be a ton of different ways that you can play. This game is going to have not just P. V. It's also gonna have PVP so really cool. There's going to be mission modes, one on one battles, occupation battles and a lot of these modes are going to have token rewards so you're gonna be able to earn crypto through playing this RPG game on top of that. There's also going to be some play to own. So you can collect some N. F. T. Generals, N. F. T.

Armor through gameplay as well. There's gonna be more rewards. More powerful N. F. T. General classes that will be waiting for you quarter four of this year. So really exciting. We shouldn't have to wait too much longer here. So along with three kingdoms, there are other games coming to this platform. There's another one that should be coming out in the next few months. Another RPG title. You can check out our previous podcast where we talk about Iskra and everything they have going on.

We go into a lot more detail on the three other games that are announced but so far just one other game coming out this year now on to one of my biggest purchases ever in the web. Three space I bought an iskra Pioneer N F T. So this ran me up a little bit over $6000. And so with every 10 of these N F T. S that are sold, the price actually goes up $20. So now if you were to buy one of these N F T. S, the prices over $7000 actually, so very similar mechanics to how Gallas node system works. That note system is like over $30,000 right now, I think it's quite a bit, it used to be $8000 so maybe a great time to get an early here. So as far as rewards, um if you're gonna pay for this, the rewards have to be pretty good. So holding a Pioneer N F T is somewhat like the equivalent of becoming a stockholder. So N F T holders who stake this N F T will earn I SK token and contribution points as a reward. So community members will be eligible for certain rewards with enough contribution points, so sort of two different ways that you're going to be able to earn here.

Next N F T holders will be able to operate a node and for this they will receive I S K and Cps as well. Now, what's really great is to actually plans on distributing 100% of their platform fees to every stakeholder, so you really are getting the maximum amount of rewards here possible, especially by getting in early, I'm already earning I. S. K. Every single day by holding this N. F. T. Plus if you refer someone to this platform and they buy one of these N. F. T. S. You actually receive a 10% bonus on your earnings.

So a great way for them to incentivize people to really reach out even more. Iskra is currently one of my favorite platforms now. Yes, I am supported by them so I might be a little bit biased but by looking at some of their early trailers, they really look great. Great graph Plus this huge partnership, they received a ton of funding already. So things are really looking up for them and I'm looking forward to what they announce next with the announcements that they've already made, we should see two games up and running before the end of this calendar year. So some good stuff that we can play. Looking forward to it. I'll update you more and more as that time comes closer. If you want to get connected, I'll have links in the show notes so they can see what's going on, figure out their socials and talk to some people in the community. All right, that's all for today. Thanks for listening. And if you enjoyed what you heard, please subscribe and follow me on twitter or instagram for one future episodes come out and if you want to support the podcast, feel free to join our discord, really get access to exclusive NFC giveaways, chat with me about upcoming projects and find out what I'm investing in.

Details are in the show notes. Thanks again and happy NFC hunting.