Mythical Games Dominating Web3 with Blankos and Future NFL Game - Interview With CCO - Transcripts

August 15, 2022

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TCG Podcast Presented by Iskra - The Premier Destination for Web3 Gaming Website: ( Discord: ( This Episode: Few games in the blockchain space, look like traditional games. Blankos is one of those. It has a lot of similarities to Fall Guys, but with player ownership. Developed by Mythical Games, a true leader in web3 gaming. They recently announced a partnership with the NFL, and are going to be releasing the game NFL Rivals in the future! On top of that, they have other games coming to their platform. Listen in to our interview with the CCO for all the happenings over at Mythical Games. I am not a financial Advisor Mythical Games InfoWebsite: ( Blankos Website: ( NFL Rivals Website: ( Twitter: ( Crypto Gaming Podcast InfoTwitter: (@TCGPodcast2) Instagram: (the_crypto_gaming_podcast) Discord - Support the Podcast: ( Music: Voxel Revolution by Kevin MacLeod Link: License: Music from Uppbeat (free for Creators!): License code: FAWUIZSNHXQRLXDZ Music from Uppbeat (free for Creators!) https://uppbeat.iotsoundrollmemories License code: IMGEAAXEIS9O33HJ Music from Uppbeat (free for Creators!): License code: T6ZTIOPNTR83QOCI


Welcome to the Crypto Gamer podcast presented by Iskra, the premier destination for Web three gaming. I'm your slightly knowledgeable host mate, I am not a financial advisor. Just a gamer speculating in this episode, we're going to be talking about mythical games. Now, this is one of the top studios in Web three, they created the game Blanco's block party which is a ton of fun, no token ah mix just straight up play to own and really fun gameplay, probably the best fully formed game out there right now in Web three and on top of that it's going to be listed on the epic games store, which is just awesome, huge step for Blockchain games and mythical also recently announced that they're partnering with the NFL. That's right. The NFL on a new game completely licensed with actual NFL team names and players and there's definitely a lack of fully formed sports games in the space. So this is really cool. And after talking with the CCO in our interview, this might be the project that I am now most excited for in the Blockchain space, No exaggeration at all. So let's get into our interview after a word from our podcast partner Iskra. Now, Israel believes the future of gaming is on the Blockchain and they offer the premier destination for players and developers to explore the thrill and opportunity of Web three gaming alongside a vibrant community. So right now actually you can explore a platform using Blockchain built for next gen, Web three games in a community system that rewards both players and developers based on their participation. You can sign up now at pioneer dot co dot world and join their discord group to start exploring the future of gaming links are in the show notes as well.

Plus if you join their discord using our link, you'll be in line for some special rewards. Alright, Back to mythical games and our interview. Alright. So I'm really excited to welcome the co founder and CCO of mythical games Jamie Jackson, Thank you so much for joining me on the show. Yes, absolutely. Always been a big fan of Blanco's. I've been playing that for a while, so really excited to dive into the games and some of the big news you guys have have announced over the past few months.

Yeah, it's been a while. It's been a while, a few months. We got a, we did a lot of reveals in NYC and yeah, I'm excited to talk about some stuff.

Yeah, definitely. Before we get into mythical games and everything you guys got going on, I love to dive into a little bit of your background in the industry. And what sort of drew you towards Blockchain?

Yeah, I've been so I've played video games since, I don't know the first my dad bought a ZX spectrum when I was about eight and we played monte minor on it. I remember playing that. Yeah, it kept breaking. I remember we went through like four of them and then one day he came home with a washing machine instead of a computer and just said right that's it, we've got a new okay and it was a while but again before me and my brother clubbed together and bought a mega drive. So I've always been a game. I've always loved games but I went to university and studied car design, transport, design. I always wanted to do something creative. I don't know, I always loved drawing and stuff like that. So that was kind of what I wanted to do and I spent four years doing that. But every year, every single academic year, I think, I mean a couple of friends nearly failed it because of a video game, right? So I can like year one was tomb raider was Tony Hoare, year three was micro machines. So I just, I found out myself just really drawn to games but I never, it never clicked in my head that I could work in the industry.

Like I just remember thinking about at the time was like yeah I'm gonna go and try and design cars, transition product. It just never computed that people actually made these games. And at the end of my final year kind of learning three D. Modeling. So I'm pretty old and it was new to the world when I was when I was at university. But you might find me and he's like, hey there's this, there's a company called co masses. And they make this rally game a new concrete rally like these jobs making cars for it, you should, you should apply to the street and I was like what? You can do that. So I did it, I applied and I started out in the industry of the car rise concrete rally and it was, it was mind blowing, you know, all of a sudden I was getting paid salary to make games and then go home and play games. And it was just, it was the start of a whole career for me. So I've been that was 23 24 years ago. Um I've been in the games and three ever since I was there for a few years.

Um I think just to show three years and started my first company freestyle games. Me and a bunch of guys from there and from rare bunch of the guys that made Goldeneye, we got together and we made were built through star Games and we kind of originally gonna make driving games because that was where a lot of our group came from. But we kind of somehow slipped into making music action games. So we kind of, we got asked to pitch in games for the PSP just before that was coming out and making a game called B Boy, which is like a rhythm action, break dancing game. Never made a rhythm action game ever. It was just kind of, we, we designed this thing on paper and everyone liked the idea of it. So we got into that, I've always been into music DJ when I was younger. So you know, just one of those crazy journey of building games and that led me down a path to get building DJ Hero. Um I saw that company to Activision off the back DJ Hero, which is kind of wild and went into the Hero franchise for almost 10 years. So to DJ Heroes, one, Guitar Hero did the same product with Nintendo for launch on the way, You just spent a whole bunch of time in that kind of triple a world, just building these crazy products, which is kind of fun. And then, well as Activision, you know, one of the studio heads there, sorry about something john Lyndon who's our Ceo and co founder and we became friends and we worked together on a lot of products. So our studios kind of helped each other out amounts of Skylanders stuff that we have a sound, our Hero stuff And you know, which became firm friends and I ended up leaving activision around about 2015 And I was kind of, I started a different company where I was looking at how to build games in different ways.

And while I was doing that, I actually started to look at Blockchain in about 2015, talking to a couple of investors about using it as a way to build kind of funding pools around video game development. So the idea being that people could buy into the fund through Blockchain and that would just take care of all payments and stuff. But in the UK back then when I was talking to my lawyers that you shouldn't do this, it's terrifying. Which is a bit disheartening. But it was kind of interesting because I was really technology. It gave me something and it gave me a buzz again. I was kind of done a lot of games for a long time. I was a little bit kind of burned out just traditional game. So I was a bit disheartening and I ended up moving to America with my wife. This is actually my work story. She works for the tender and we moved out here for her career and john called me and was like, hey, I think I started this company using Blockchain games and I was like, Oh yeah, I kind of looked into that a little bit, but I hadn't really thought about it as a use of games. I just looked at it as a kind of funding tool and john was like, hey, you should be really one of the guys can get started with Rudy and I met, we played X wing down at the local marks valid boarding house and get it off and we just started talking about how fun, like just what Blockchain can do for games just from a simple point of players owning what they have versus the fact that they don't write and write, what could that change and it was that innovation and that excitement that to be super frank, that's what got me excited about it, Starting to think about this notion that Blockchain can kind of provide digital history, you know and that just opens up tons of ideas,

awesome, awesome and so it sounds like a lot of your passion, especially in gaming has been sort of in music games and racing. So where did sort of the idea of Blanco's came from because it's kind of a step away from from some of the stuff you did early on.

Yeah I guess you know I've never been shy to trying different game genres and build different game rooms, like I've worked on shooters, you know I've worked in all kinds of different games, you know when we built b boy the actual control system was quite a complex fighting mechanic but it was built around rhythm action, so you know that's never already scared me but once I'm a big collector of things like I collect sneakers, I collect vinyl toys, I'm a big Warhammer 40 K nerd, I just collect stuff and I've always wanted to make, I've always felt like there's a space for a game that brings vinyl toys to life, gives them something more than just sitting on the shelf right? And you know if you went into my room over there, you kind of see this giant shuffle toys and I was you know, I drift off looking at them day dreaming about and thinking about and I wouldn't be cool if you could play with them, right? And and when I first made DJ Hero, the first iteration of DJ Hero actually looked like a vinyl toy world. We kind of went down this path doing something different and then we kind of heard in DJ Hero. So I've always had this interest in trying to create this final toy will bring in something like that to life. And you know, the three of us started talking about what was around at the time, you know, the only thing really was was crypto keys, the only other products on the market and it was all about collecting rarity and scarcity kind of breeding together to find things. It's kind of interesting, but we wanted to mythical, we wanted to bring our, you know, this game developers that we've been getting developers for a really long time. We kind of wanted to bring that into and kind of try and come from game first perspective, right? Not so much about just kind of, you know, um I don't know, spreadsheet games or whatever, right? We wanted some gameplay that you could actually get in and play with games to get in and play with. So we started talking about that and we thought, you know, the idea of collecting vinyl toys in the real world. Blockchain suits that really well.

You know we can number them, we can put the boxes, we can kind of really creates interesting collection mechanic but then we can create this fun game as well where we wanted to give players the opportunity to create their own gameplay now which is why we kind of them to build your own tools and kind of create an ecosystem where players could build levels for each other and challenge each other but also have the social space in the junction because I think you know showing off what you have such an important part of games right? And I think it's an even bigger part of games that use Blockchain to track items that are rare and scarce. Right? Because it doesn't matter if it's rare if no one knows you've got it. Right. Yeah.

Exactly. Yeah and that's really cool because I feel like the whole rarity and really like skins and the skin marketplace and having um you know different weapon skins and everything. That's really something I feel like has gotten super popular in the last 10 years with CS go doing that and even like halo having you level up to to sort of get those skins. So it's really cool that you wanted to incorporate that and I think that's sort of sort of where a lot of the fun comes from is you guys aren't focused on the token ah mix of things you're focussed on the collection aspect of things.

Yeah. Yeah. I mean it's definitely true with blank first it was really about collecting and building a couple of tools to allow place to modify. Right? So we've got blending mechanic in their gumballs into a Blanco and change your blank right forever. So you know, even though the number stays the same from a visual standpoint, that bank now is different. I have a boss dino a relatively low number ish in the hundreds. Think um I blended it with gold billy bones like early on. It looks like it's so dope. And I haven't seen another person who had that scent like it's the boss Dino skins took on all the gray tones and then he's got this like gold pinstripe suit now and then I put all the billy bones like the trying to pack billy bones attachments on. All right. It just looks like a heat.

That probably but it's kind of cool. So we just wanted to focus on those things because you know you're right players the past 10 years. This game is we didn't really on mass have the opportunity to complete control our avatar right? Like how do we look online? How do we show up in any game we want to begin? We didn't have the opportunity to say over 10 years ago. Whereas now whatever game we play becomes much more about personal customization. You know how you can build and craft your own things whether it's like destiny or fortnite or call of duty, whatever it might be, how you customize what you've got is really important to everybody.

Yeah, definitely. And so what are, what are sort of your thoughts on the economy side of things? Because so many games, it seems like they focus a lot more on the economy and getting things right than focusing on good gameplay.

I mean, I'll always come from a sign of good gameplay, right? I think, um, you know, it was, it's been our kind of goal ever since we started medical, that Blockchain and the technology and will succeed when we probably don't call the Blockchain anymore. It's just the thing, right? Is this what to last count to over two billion games in the world. Right? And I think if you look at like crypto games, this less than a million right? There kind of hardcore into that table. Maybe even way less than that, Right? So for us, it's all about bringing this tech and making owning what you own relevant to those two billion gamers who care about games, right? And you get those players are going to come to a place and they're going to get into a game because it's fun to play and they want to be there. And then, you know, and as if you give them this opportunity to have these really custom things, these things that are rare and scarce, which already exist in a lot of these big games. They're just not tracked right.

They're not kind of one, they're not allowed to be sold and traded into that kind of just not tracked. So you don't have this kind of ledger, which gives you that authenticity. Um, I think that's the education piece for us. So I think economics and the game is always important because you know, it needs to, um, we have to be profitable, right? We have to try and be above the line to keep the game going for all of us. So that's important. So economics and the way you build, economics is always going to be important. But for me what's more important is like build a game, it's fine build again the players want to play and they'll come and stick around and the rest of it will just add value.

Yeah, definitely. Absolute. agree. Um, I want to get into some of the really big news that you guys announced, um, a while back, which is Blanco is getting listed on the epic games store. I'd really like to hear about sort of what that means to the team and does that sort of feel like a big validation, not just for you guys, but sort of the space in general.

Yeah. I mean we've been talking to the epic team for a really long time. So to finally be able to get, is like a really big deal for us. We're super stoked. Um, and you know, start for a couple of reasons. The teams that they worked super hard on the game with a lot of blood, sweat and tears into it. It's meant we can go away and kind of, you know, really use some of the data we've learned through our own early access and bring back some of the things that we perhaps didn't focus on as much as we should build a mode and junction and social spaces, which we kind of de prioritize a little bit for a while. We're able to bring them back to the floor. And I think they're going to go down with the players on the Epic Games store. And I think as a company and just generally we're really proud because for the world of Blockchain, right? For the world, this, this technology that we all care about. It's a big step.

I think it's a, it's a legit game. It's moving into a space where legit game is, you know, kind of regular gamer exists. Um we're kind of, you know, we're going in in a way of being really mindful to those games, not over complicating things like making this d complicating it a little bit right and moving some of the gatekeeping, we're removing that we're making it accessible. We're making it easy and we're kind of just saying, hey, you own your stuff, you know, it's that easy. It's, if you play blancos, I'm sure you've traded through the market place, it's pretty straightforward. It's easier to do than it is to buy some coffee. Right? And, and I think that's important. It's safe and and all of those things have been important for us since day one, right? Knowing that, knowing what we know about games. So yeah, we're really excited. Yeah, we're really excited and yeah,

and I feel like that's such a big step for for on boarding sort of traditional gamers and that's one of the things I think really works about blancos is the fact that you don't even realize that you're playing an N. F. T. Type game and you don't even have to get into that side of things even if you don't want to, I think that's huge and not having to worry about Accepting transactions and all of these things that are sort of commonplace in other Web three games.

Yeah. And you know, that was intentional. Like I said, we wanted to demystify things because there's this gray market around digital assets already, right? You already mentioned like CS go and all these different things is people trade skins and counts already and it's hot. It's kind of hot and it's kind of scary, right? Because you are probably doing it through Ebay or somewhere else and you're going to send someone, you don't know a bunch of money and then you're just gonna hope that they send you the stuff, you're not supposed to get sent, right. And so, you know, there's this place for it. But I would also say some people they don't care about that, they just, they just happen to play the game and enjoy it. But you know, I think what's kind of cool with it, if you want to play it for a bit or any of the games we're going to make, to be honest at any of the games that I think will make Blockchain successful in the games industry is it's not just about making tons of money and that's kind of not the point like those things. Yeah, that will exist, I'm sure in small pockets. But you know, for me it's about, okay, I just played this game for 12 months, a year, 18 months, whatever I've sunk a bunch of money and time into and I've got all this stuff and maybe I don't want to play anymore, Whatever it is, I can't do anything right? But without, as you can, and if you put 100 bucks into a game and then when you're done with it, you get eight bucks, that's like a win.


that's a mad win that no one ever had before. So, um yeah, you know, that was all intentional. So yeah, we're excited to see what traditional games come in and think we've had well over a million accounts just through our own interface, which has been exciting and we've learned a lot of data and we've learned a lot from players, which has been great. We've got a great community either really kind of talk to us and tell us what they like, tell us what they don't like. And so that's cool. I'm excited to see how it goes. It's kind of nerve wracking, but you know, we're super proud as a team.

Yeah, yeah, absolutely. And so like with getting on the epic games store, does that entail like any type of changes that you guys need to make, um, in order for that listening to happening or is it just sort of the same standard game plays is all you guys need?

It's the same same. Um, and that was, that was important to us. You know, we didn't want to have to change anything because that's the, it's kind of the point of what we're trying to do right, is to show the people that are scared of Blockchain, there's nothing to be scared of, right? It's just, you own it, you know what I mean? Like, you know, you've been in your, in this world, there's a whole ton of noise goes on around this space. It's been a very noisy, strange space to begin for the past six months, right? So for us we wouldn't, we wouldn't have done it if we had to change anything and compromise anything. Um, so really the team's just kind of knuckling down polishing some pieces that we want to get ready to get out there and have some things come back for just working through some of our onboarding many systems and just kind of, you know, polishing and fixing a few bugs, but other than that,

awesome, awesome, super cool. Um and so one last question I have on Blanco's, um you guys have sort of nailed your main gameplay modes there and I was curious if you guys had any other modes outside of sort of the race, the shooting and, and the collecting of stars coming out


if you're able to share that,

nothing I can share, you know what I would say is, you know, which we play around with lots of different things all the time and the idea of Blanco's was that it would always be an evolving space, right? So when we started, when the first thing we built was just a platform, we didn't put shooting in, we didn't put racing in, it was just simply build platformers and have some fun, so blankets will always evolve. It will always be more to come.

Okay, sounds good. Um, so yeah, I'd love to pivot over to your other huge piece of news that you guys have had in the last few months, which is your partnership with the NFL um, and the announcement of NFL rivals. Um, I think a lot of people are curious about sort of how this partnership came about and how involved the NFL will be over the game and sort of release schedules and drops.

Yeah you know with again we're super proud of that relationship that took us a while to get together I think you know every sports franchise, every brand everything you know and everyone has got a laptop knows what's going on in the Blockchain space, right? But they also know in the game space right? NFL had games in this space for a long time, not just the traditional one but kind of mobile space and things like that. So you know when we started talking to them we kind of had an idea about how we could make a much more kind of arcade experience but bring Blockchain into it and have you know those player cards and those players be part of being a tease and collectibles. Um You know when you look at like sports games, specifically the players and the fans, they really like that collection element right? Whether they're just collecting simple football cards or baseball cards or whatever it might be um but also just expressing their love for the game and love for their teams. So we you know we kind of figured there was a great space for us to do something really fun and interesting bringing the N. F. T. Space in and then how you know the scales of rarity can exist in there, it becomes an interesting collection mechanic but ultimately built around really fun game experience as well. So you know, what you expect is more an arcade experience? It's going to be mobile?

You know, we're looking at mobile and then on the web as well, so you're going to be controlling your team, um picking your roster, all that kind of stuff, you got to collect playing cards, you get different cars and different drops visually. Um it's kind of a bit different than something you've ever seen before, but still like got that core football mechanic, which we're really excited about working hard on at the moment. So it's that's gonna be excited. The NFL have been good partners that, you know, they really deeply care about their brand as they should. It's, you know, it's a gigantic sports brand, right? And they, you know, if you look at the NFL over the past couple years, they're really putting a lot of time into new fans, right? How do they bring new fans into the game? And we really care about that as well. That's something we really kind of connected with them on about how can we help them gain and bring new fans into the game, which is why, you know, from the experience, the gameplay experience, really arcades really find really interesting. I've been playing this morning. This is very exciting to get a new build every day actually.

That's awesome. Yeah, so like when you say arcade type game and that's a little different, I'm sure there's not a lot you can disclose, but is it more moving players around or is it manager Simulator style or? So

it's, it's gonna be, you're gonna be playing with, you're gonna be on the field, so you'll be controlling the court back, making the throws, you can call plays, you know, once you've got the ball, whoever catches that, you will be controlling the run wide receivers or whoever, you check it too. Right? So you've got that in gameplay, so that definitely will exist. But you've also got a kind of, you know, team roster element to it as well. Keep managing your team roster, building that out. That will be enough as well.

So with it being totally licensed, are you going to have sort of each individual players on there?

Yeah. So, you know, we're going to be doing all the cards, all the players in the league, you'll be able to get those and have them wash them and put them into your team for them onto the pitch. Yeah, traded them, sell them, keep them, show them off all that good stuff. Big like a big range of rarity and scarcity as well. And the game, you know, free to place there's going to be an element of cards that are not entities and there's the element as well. So it's another one of our things are just trying to be mindful of bringing all of those games, the traditional game game is into this world with a soft landing coming in. Yeah,

yeah, absolutely. And I know with games like madden, you know, the whole, the ratings or the rarities of certain players in those games get a lot of, they get dissected a lot and there's a lot of animosity sometimes. Um, where is some of that information coming coming for you guys as far as, you know, choosing what's rarity and

whatnot, you know, the team that building it, that they've actually been, they've been very close to a lot of benefit products for a lot of their careers. So they've spent a lot of time in this, One of our billy even played football for the longest time. He's huge and he tackles me every time I go to the office and I'm not that big. So, you know, the team that they live and breathe it. So it's going to be interesting. I don't know much else, I can say much else, but it's definitely something that's front of mind, you know, how do we, how do you do that and how do you balance that versus something that you want that entity to hold, you know, when you drop that player and if you drop another one later on, you've got to really think about how it balances out against the, once it drops in the first place, right?

Yeah, absolutely. And sort of piggybacking onto, onto that. Um, I'd love to hear a little bit more about your rarity leagues and you're sort of special drop for the 32 NFL teams and material sort of what's involved there and what you're able to tell us about how that's gonna work.

Yeah. So I really, all I can say at the moment is that, you know, rivals NFL rivals collection. Um, and right now that's about as much as I'm allowed to say. But we'll be following up with some news around kind of more of the things that you're gonna get out of that college soon and we're really excited to share. It's been a real labor of love love. I just, we're all looking forward to being able to say a little bit more about it right now.

Yeah, yeah, absolutely. I mean, the announcement is still fresh in everyone's mind, so I'm very excited. Yeah,

yeah. I mean, we've been working on it for quite a while now. You know, it's kind of, it's this double edged sword, right? When you want to share everything right. You know, I wish I could just pull up the grain and show you on my screen now, come take me out. But from the developers point of view, we want to share as much as you can what we can. I'm sure you can appreciate this process to get through and things like that. So we'll be there soon. We're very excited to share. Yeah,

yeah, absolutely. Um, and sort of moving on to mythical just sort of as a platform in general. Um, what is it that you guys sort of look for when you're looking for partners? I mean, you guys have this huge game in blank goes, you have one of the biggest partnerships in Blockchain with the NFL, what is it that you guys are sort of going after or when, when a game or some type of project sort of approaches you? What is it that you guys are sort of looking for? Yeah,

I mean, it's a good question. And you know, what we're looking for now is going to evolve over time. Right? So, you know, we're in early stages of were four years old, which seems like a long time, but it's not really, you know, mythical platform. Our whole goal that is to build a tool and a platform for any developer to be able to put, you know, take their game and set Blockchain into their, into it. Right. And take away a lot of the complexity to easily from a regulatory side from a kind of marketplace side from the tax is like trying to cover everything. So that's the goal of the mythical platform overalls. Any developer in time, we'll be able to come in and use our system and kind of put each of their assets on the Blockchain and build their economies. And, you know, what we want to be able to do is be able to be there to offer advice right from what we've learned over the short few years, this part of the games industry also that something you want to be able to do in terms of like what are we looking for now. You know, we've got natural Nations is another huge project of ours that we're really excited about driving game, drag racing game and you know, with the team cm games who built the original night for nations, you know, we love their passion for their game, right? That and how good they were making that game.

And also they really kind of spent time to try and understand what Blockchain and more collection and rarity could mean. And then when we came together and we start to move along the design together. It was just kind of like this is a great team dynamic and what we can add value to them in terms of elevating the brand and kind of giving a new fresh look was important, but they really knew the core gameplay. So that was great. Um, you know, the Epic Spell Wars, another one that we're really excited about that team. That products is really fun and interesting. It has a great collection mechanics. So, these early projects are really about are there other games fun first and foremost. Right. The game's fun. Do they have relatively mass audience as well? Because our goal again, is to kind of break this motion, not stop saying Blockchain, I'd love to talk to you in a year and not say Blockchain.


these cool games and you own this stuff like that's what I think the goal is, you know, but early on it's about the game's good against fun and then is there, is there a good fit for what we believe in in terms of the game economics and the kind of collection, whatever it might be? Right, Whether it's players, whether it's bank cards, whether it's cars, whether it's car parts, whether it's wizard cards or whatever it might be. Is there a good kind of synergy there and that's what we're looking for. But you know, over time any game is really interesting to us, right? It's still gonna be good. It's still going to be interesting trying to play. But you know, MMO is really interesting because you put a lot of people together. Social mechanics are really interesting, right? Like the ability to be together in guilds will be together in groups or be together and chat rooms so people can talk show up all the things that God and get excited about these things. So, those things are important too. So, you know, over time, you know, some of the things that interest me about Blockchain is, is the notion of digital history, right? The idea that I could play whatever like Zelda or something can be the first person to get one of the swords in it.

And then I've got that sword and says, hey, this is Jamie sword, it was the first one of those things become interesting. So over time I think we'll be will open up a bit more to what we're super interested in. You know shoes are a big deal, as you said earlier, right? People really care about skins, look and games and stuff, so that's definitely interesting to us as well. Yeah.

Yeah absolutely. And um so sort of finishing up here, I'd love to hear a little bit um about sort of your philosophy, especially with the NFL game. Uh there's such a large web to audience um for NFL games and there's a real big disconnect between traditional gamers and Web three games. How do you guys sort of go about on boarding some of these people who have been playing blitz or Madden or Big NFL fans into sort of this N. F. T. Web three space.

I think there's a couple of ways that you have to think about it, I think you've got to be really careful how often you say went through community


you know, and there's a balance right because obviously the Web three in the N. F. T. Crowd that means a lot to them. So you kind of have to, from a marketing standpoint, I think we think about different forces and how we treat different communities because ultimately we're trying to bring, you know we're trying to bring all the communities together right? That's a nice peaceful way. Um So I think it's really about how you speak to it. And I also think it's about the onboarding, right? Like make a good game. Like if you make a good game, gives a ship about anything else, just make a good game and make it so that a player can get in, right? Like the number one rule with making a video game is, I need to press as few buttons as possible to get into the game experience. Right?

Like that's true now more than it has ever been and will continue to be the most important thing. If I've got a spend too long trying to get into the game, you're gonna lose giant portion of the audience. So for us, it's about the on board and like getting somebody into a fun experience really quickly. Um, you know, I can tell you now with, with rivals, you set a game account, which you would, you know, if you've got mythical mythical account, you've already done it. Um, which, which is what most people have to do with any account, right? Whatever system go through you have an account, which,


so, so that's already done. Once you're in, You can play a game in like two or 3 glasses and you know, and, and I believe the fun we've built is going to keep people there and get people excited to want to go deeper into the game. If you played FIFA. If you played any of the sports game Adam, whatever, you already know, you know, you're already into the fact that you're going to buy and trade players in the game, right? That already makes a ton of sense to you. You know, when you go and play the league for the seasons or whatever, whatever it might be, depending on how the sport's

ultimate team, that's all you do.

So, you know, all of that stuff is, I think it's not about trying to reinvent that wheel because that's essentially what you're kind of giving the player the dream of, right, They are playing the game, this is their team. If they want to build a team with their favorite players who play for different teams, then that's the way they should go and do it. So that's about it really, I think it's about, it's all about that kind of first experience, make it a place to get in. Um, you know, players don't need to have wallets or anything like that, but if they do cool, that works too right. But just removing those gates, I think it's super important and that's how we get players to play with each other and like I said, with rivals, you know, there'll be an empty cars, they'll be not in FT cards. So, and it's not like we're going to the game is not going to be worse for not having an NFC card, right? It's just you're gonna have a lot of different things that might come along with visual effects and that kind of stuff. But ultimately you're still gonna. Yeah.

Yeah definitely. And that's one of the things I think makes Blanco so great is whether or not you have the best N. F. T. Skin or wearables, it doesn't affect your gaming experience which is the way it should be.

Yeah. Absolutely and you know blankets is about because you can progress your blankets you can scale them up, you can level them up, you can make it better. And my nephews play it, my little kid, my boy Yoshi, he's three, he asked maybe they like


doesn't give a ship and you can stay in the tea. So I think a lot of our players, it doesn't matter to them that those things are they right? They just like cool I get it, I own it and I can sell it if I want to but ultimately I just like the way it looks, so I'm gonna keep it.

Yeah. Yeah absolutely. Um so with that I think we're gonna call it quits. I really appreciate Jamie, you joining me. Um is there any last words you want to get on your roadmap or did we cover most of it?

Um I think we covered it. So I think we got, we talked about rivals which natural nations world tour, we're super excited about that one and it's coming on really well. We're very very excited to start to see the news drop around that start to build community kind of later this year and Epic spell Wars as well. Very excited to get that hand. So it's been a, it's been a really busy year. I really appreciate you having, I can't wait to get all the games so you can play, continue to see how mythical build games and allows people to get into them easily and continue to try and educate what earning your assets means.

Yeah, absolutely. Really looking forward to it. Um, love your guys platform and everything you guys got going on. So once again, thank you so much for joining me. Uh, and you enjoy the rest of your day.

Thanks Nathan, appreciate you, take care.

So a big thanks to Jamie for joining me, mythical games is doing so many amazing things in this space from their huge success with blancos to the NFL rivals game that is coming up plus a trading card game which is called Epic spell Wars and their future racing game called Nitro Nations. There's really so much to get excited about and blancos has such a fun game and great play to own mechanics. It's really sort of on the forefront of web three and it's kind of the Web three version of fall guys. But with player ownership and if you haven't tried it yet, it's probably the best free to play NFC game out there as well. So definitely get on that. And along with Blanco's NFL rivals is possibly my most hyped game coming out in the future, licensed NFL team and all of your favorite NFL players in the N. F. T. Space has to be a dream come true for football fans and Blockchain fans. My chat with Jamie has really reinforced my confidence in this mythical team and the studio. So check out their socials to stay up to date on everything they have going on from all their games, all their upcoming I. P.

S, huge stuff. Super exciting. Alright, that's all for today. Thanks for listening. And if you enjoyed what you heard, please subscribe and follow me on twitter or instagram for when future episodes come out and if you want to support the podcast, feel free to join our discord. Well, you'll find exclusive N. F. T. Giveaways, chat with me about upcoming projects and find out what I'm investing in details in the show notes. Thanks again and happy NFC hunting.