NFT RPG Creature Collection Web3 Game Legends of Venari - Interview - Transcripts

August 29, 2022

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TCG Podcast Presented by Iskra - The Premier Destination for Web3 Gaming Website: ( Discord: ( This Episode: Creature Collection games have a fond spot in many gamers stories mostly due to Pokémon. Legends of Venari brings this same spirit to their blockchain game as you set traps and layout bait to catch various NFT creatures as you level up your character. They are in closed beta right now, and are slowly opening up the game to more people until there full release. Check out my interview with the cofounders this episode! I am not a financial Advisor Legends of Venari InfoWebsite: ( Discord: ( Crypto Gaming Podcast InfoTwitter: (@TCGPodcast2) Instagram: (the_crypto_gaming_podcast) Discord - Support the Podcast: ( Music: Voxel Revolution by Kevin MacLeod Link: License: Music from Uppbeat (free for Creators!): License code: FAWUIZSNHXQRLXDZ Music from Uppbeat (free for Creators!) https://uppbeat.iotsoundrollmemories License code: IMGEAAXEIS9O33HJ Music from Uppbeat (free for Creators!): License code: T6ZTIOPNTR83QOCI


Welcome to the Crypto Gamer podcast presented by Iskra. The premier destination for web three gaming. I'm your slightly knowledgeable host mate. I am not a financial advisor. Just a gamer. Speculating in this episode we are going to be talking about the game Legends of Denarii. Legends of Ben Ari is a creature collection role playing game and users will be able to bait or attract. These men are creatures with riggs and food. You can gain gold and level up your characters in order to travel through the world of paris. So as users progress through this game they catch more Ben Ari sort of similar to like a Pokemon game where you're going out and trying to capture creatures, you will be able to catch rare and rare Ben Ari by purchasing stronger baits or even using other wineries to attract these even rare ones so giving them sort of utility. Now there are actually over 300 variations of an arians which you've got to have a lot if this is what you're the game is based on. I'm sure there's even going to be more added in the future.

And I've actually gotten to play in the closed beta quite a bit and it's been pretty fun playing setting up base, figuring out the right combos in order to capture the stronger and stronger creatures. I also have the chance to interview the co founder of L. O. V. And we go over the road map mechanics and sort of my first reaction to game playing other people's reactions. We'll get into all that good stuff after a word from our podcast partner escrow. Now, Israel believes the future of gaming is on the Blockchain and they offer the premier destination for players and developers to explore the thrill and opportunity of Web three gaming alongside a vibrant community. So right now actually you can explore a platform using Blockchain built for next gen, web three games in a community system that rewards both players and developers based on their participation. You can sign up now at Pioneer dot dot World and join their discord group to start exploring the future of gaming links are in the show notes as well. Plus if you join their discord using our link, you'll be in line for some special rewards. Alright, back to Legends of the Nari and our interview. So I'm really excited to welcome Jason Andrew to the show, who are the co founders of Legends of an R.

E. Thank you so much for joining me guys.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Yeah, really excited to dive in. I've been really enjoying the beta gameplay and capturing these creatures before we sort of get into some of the gameplay and stuff you guys have planned, I'd love to hear a little bit about your background in the industry and especially you, Jason, what sort of made you want to create this project.

Yeah, yeah, for sure. Hi guys, so for me, I was always pretty interesting, smart contract stuff. Blockchain stuff, I've been around since I think 2019 when crypto kitties first started um back then, I didn't really think too much about um Blockchain, I always thought it was just like, okay, Cryptocurrency can't go up and down, but when I saw the applications of, you know, crypto Kitties and how you can build entire applications and decentralized applications like that, I thought it was just super interesting. Um more specifically, I thought it was just really interesting in terms of how you can apply Blockchain in games and how you can tokenize yeah, assets in interesting ways. So from 2019 I started off by building out a step up Blockchain game. I spent about a year doing so and I got to um work really in depth with smart contracts in general. I was talking to the creator of um the er C 7 21 kind of proposal, um William Entrekin, and we had a good chat and this was before, you know, N F T s became a big thing in mainstream. Um So it's really cool to see how far things have gotten. So I spent about a year doing kind of, my initial project, unfortunately, it didn't go as expected and one really big back then, um moving past that I worked on quite a bit of protocols, side stuff as I was working with the N S meta mask consensus and and really building out protocols that I thought would be beneficial for this space, um I, really believed in the technology of things and so um for me I was building out, for example, I'm a communication based decentralized protocol to be able to be able to send messages to other wallets. So think of it as like email for wallets. That was a project that I worked on. Another project I worked on was the ability for twitch streamers to be able to mint their twitch clips as N.

F. T. S. Um And so I was working on quite a few of these decentralized projects. Um And then yeah just last year I I kind of went back to my roots of going back into Blockchain gaming. Um I I felt like the space hasn't really changed too much since 2019, it still it still feels like um people are just kind of building an N. F. T. S. And you know shipping out tokens and not really having a fully fledged product. Um And the way I always build in, the way I think about things is always how can I ship a product that that people can play first and foremost and have value out of it. Um And so that's kind of how legends of Atari started um inspiration for that actually goes back to Um a game I played like 10 years ago I was this social game on Facebook, I thought you know applying a a social game would really work well in the Blockchain space because there's so much interactions going on.

I think it would be good to spread the word of mouth through friends. Um The game that I was playing 10 years ago was this game called Mouse Hunt was pretty simple. All you do is you know place down baits and you know you have mouse come and you could catch them and that that was about it, that was like the core of the gameplay but I thought like using the simplistic concept. Um and and the game that I found was really interesting um I comply that into the Blockchain space so that's kind of how legislation mary started and then we we've been expanding and building out interesting features ever since

awesome. How about how about you drew what's your your background?

Yeah definitely my background is pretty uh mixed, I've done I guess several different interesting things. I worked in real estate a little bit when I was younger, I worked in a michelin star kitchen in san Francisco for several years. Um More recently I was working in um uh neuroscience research as a data scientist um and you know Jason and I met through a different project and we just started chatting and um you know he at that point he was he was building out a bunch of the early art and early renders for Ben Ari and I just they were so cool and unique and we were you know you and I were talking a little bit about this before we got on the um on the show, but it just it really drew me in and I didn't really see anybody who was trying to do something with a Blockchain game at the time, and um you know, then talking to Jason and hearing his past and just his thought process around how he wanted to build a game. I I just I absolutely fell in love with it. And so for me, I was kind of at a point where in my own life where I kind of wanted to do something different and I've been around the Blockchain space for a while, not necessarily involved in any projects more as like a speculator, right? And um I just came down to this point of where do I want to spend my time? Right. And and I, you know, the opportunity came up for me to kind of hop in and and fill some uh some needed spaces that were essential to to kind of get the legends of an already going. And so I I absolutely wanted to do this next. I've been a gamer my whole life, I think Blockchain gaming is the future. And um you know, Jason, it was fairly serendipitous, but he's absolutely the person that I wanted to do with, and he's got an incredible um I for for quality, he's, you know, don't let his humbleness fool you, he's an incredible smart contract of. Um and so um yeah that that's why I'm here you know a big part of his honestly Jason and and I love the I.

P. And I love the product and I'm ready to try and do something cool in the Blockchain gaming space.

Yeah absolutely and I really like um how you put it where do I want to spend my time because so many so called games in quotes um in the last year in the Blockchain space. Um I mean people are there to maybe make some money but like if there was no incentive I'm not spending my time there. And so we're kind of seeing this shift a little bit to where gameplay is starting to take center stage. So that's cool that that's sort of where you guys are starting off trying to hook people with the actual gameplay

definitely. Um We've been thinking quite heavily on like the core gameplay recently. Um Well we have a good idea of like the direction we're heading and I think it's crucial that you have good gameplay, good narrative, good art. Um Because people are going to spend quite some time on your game and it doesn't make sense for them to kind of think of it as a job. It definitely needs to be fun first.

Yes absolutely. Um I'd love to uh here sort of in your guys own words the gameplay sort of the gameplay loop and I'm sort of the main idea that players are sort of going for in Legends of the Nari.

Yeah, so it's kind of in a weird place right now because we essentially are designing for a future game are currently shipped game. I kind of think of it as half a game where you can play the game in its current state and you can catch the night. Uh but a lot of it is not fleshed out entirely. Um So in terms of like the current game that when you can play right now um it's more of like an idle game, you can place down bates in various areas, It plays like an RPG in a sense where you can put rest throughout the game. Um and it's the level of you, you get, you know, rare vinegary. Um So that's kind of been like the core game loop of catching Gennari gaining gold, gaining experience to catch more binary. Um I think this works okay but it kind of really limits us on what we want to do going into the future. And so that really ties into probably the next three or four months of development time, which is what we're trying to build for and it's this kind of more immersive kind of feeling game. So we're thinking of it as like a great based system where you could have a avatar walking around um and in terms of the core gameplay, it functions quite similarly, but we're trying to tie in elements that make more sense. So for example we really want to do something unique. Um not just like in Web three but also Web two we haven't seen many creature collection games um that really allows you to bond with a binary in interesting ways. So for us when you catch a binary there isn't much to do with that at the moment.

So we want to put a really put a really heavy emphasis on both the seeking aspect, trying to find the nine. Um and the way we're doing that is by using other van ari. Um and having their ability is be a part of the grid system, so you might have one minority that you know might be like a big tiger and you can use it to send it out in like a four by one grid to try and find other benign and depending what kind are you using to find that man are you might have a completely different experience. So maybe like you know a fire tiger might be used to kind of hunt for firemen are or like a water tiger might be used to hunt for water. And so we want to have these kinds of aspects be part of the core gameplay um secondly

is we

want to have supporting minori also be part of the grid system in interesting ways. So for example the way we're thinking about it is you know there's gonna be a really huge map that people can explore and in this world it's really hard to kind of figure out where you want to go where you want to hunt for it. And so be supported inventory can help you in various ways. So for example like you send out a bird story that goes up into the sky and then it'll like illuminates certain hexes in terms of um where might the rare or interesting one area might be. And so you would tend to go to those areas. And so yeah just splitting off the such there like two or three different archetypes so that for for the end user um they have more player expression, they can skillfully decide where they want to go. Um And so that's like the core gameplay in terms of being able to find and seek these revenue because essentially with the Blockchain game and because we're trying to make this such that you know there are a limited amount of resources that people can find. Um And these are essentially N. F. T. S. In a way we want to distribute them.

Not just for the for everyone what we want to do it in a way. Source that skillful players will sort of have an edge. You know competitive players, people who are working together in groups. Um Those players would probably succeed more

awesome. No and I I love that you talk about sort of the the way that Ben ari sort of interact together and using them to find each other, I think that's such a cool mechanic.

Yeah, and um not not just for the seeking aspect, but we also want to play into it, and uh also like PVP or PVP kind of systems as well. Um


do have this like player character avatar and so in many games, what you see is, you know, your player and not really being there, you just kind of select a couple of moves and your creature complete stand. And that's kind of like the turn based creature collection games, you see. And so we're trying to play into the fact that, you know, your player is actually part of the battle, so you would be battling with your denarii against other people in there. And so um it's this interesting shift in dynamic that we want to kind of introduce in our game. Very

interesting drew, I think you're going to say something.

Yeah, I I we're I'm super excited for the grid, um a lot of thought has been going into it and it's kind of the uh the main feature um that will be kind of the backbone of the, you know, our sort of flagship product and um just to like kind of bring it back to big bigger picture, I think, you know, the way that I see it as

in three

phases in terms of legends of an R. E as a whole, um at least where we are now and the first phase of the alpha seats And and that was um you know looking back with that, that was really about answering this question, can we build a minimum viable product that's sticky with cool I. P. And keep a user base engaged because in the space of what was happening at the time, you know back um last end of last year was a lot of games were releasing economies first and you know using that to kind of um uh bootstrap their entire building process which is great and really power and one of the powerful things that crypto can do right. Um But the approach that what I thought was really cool about how Jason was thinking about this and when I came on was hey let's build a a product first and can we build something cool that's fun to play that keeps people around and um and do it in a really simplistic way. And I think the answer to that question is yes and we did that successfully and we have a really engaged core community and we've also had thousands of people who um participated in the Alpha season which is amazing. And now we've just started the beta season which we released a new region and a bunch of new Bern Ari, but you know really the sort of main piece of it is is the utility of the Ben Ari, what's what's late game, what's the end game, what do you do with these things? How how does web street come into this? And um, that's what we're trying to get to through throughout the beta season and additionally have um, you know, seamless onboarding for new users to come in because the goal eventually right, is to be a vehicle that can introduce people into the Blockchain space. Right? Um like, can can we build something at the end of the day that anybody can play and gets kind of hooked into and then starts asking, okay, what is this token? How can I use this to level up my character?

Um, if I'm a top player, can I get some sort of tangible value out of this? Um, can I take my assets that I've um that I've gathered in game into other ecosystems because there's really, really powerful things that you can do with Blockchain. And so to me that's a lot of what beta season is about, is having a quote unquote complete product. Um and then the final phases would be our growth phase and you know, that that is where we'll kind of scale everything up, go for the heavier growth and have the product be in a place such that we can start to reach outside side of the web three space, because I think right now the big focuses on um hey, do you want to be a part of building this with us? Do you want to come in and catch some very early and have your voice heard, which I think in the traditional gaming space, you know, see that very much it's it's definitely something that's uh in my opinion vastly underutilized is is that um you know your community has really really great ideas, not that you know we take everything, but I I can't tell you how many fantastic insightful things that have come out of our community. And I think from a player's point of view that's a very cool experience, is having a suggestion that makes its way into the patch notes is is amazing. And so I think building that narrative throughout the beta season will put us in a really great position going forward. And um you know that sort of seed community that we've built will be kind of ready to like go out and and get their friends to come in and play a fully fleshed out game.

Yeah, absolutely. And I like what you talk about sort of on boarding users and that's one of the things that we've seen sort of a lot of blowback from traditional gamers towards the idea of N. F. T. S. And using them in game. And how do you guys go about going outside of people sort of in the web three space already and sort of going to more the traditional market and sort of selling them on the idea of at least trying out the game and getting into your ecosystem.

Yeah, a great question. Um I think I'll start on that one and then um let Jason give his thoughts and I think right now we're kind of not there yet. Um you know, right right now it's it's in, you know, this is something we try to hammer into our community, is that this is a live product that's still being built right? There's gonna be bugs. That product you're playing now might be different from what's being played in three months from now. Um So so right now it's like, it's not really the best time to go and try and find those Web three, our web 22, web three player faucets. Um but I do think once the product is in the right place and it's simple enough to pick up um that it could be very successful just in the way that many of the social games on facebook's did really well, which, you know, were very, very simple products at their core. Um And I think if we can do that well, it's it's something that um could could really be picked up and additionally, you know, when we have that narrative behind us around being, you know, in some ways community built, we're not completely like we we we maintain creative control and you know, if you were to draw a lot a gradient along decentralization, I think we'd fall, you know, we'd fall somewhere in the middle there um probably closer to the centralized part but um that being said, I think that's a really really strong narrative and in the traditional gaming space people do feel unheard and um and also at the end of the day like catching these cool creatures is super fun. Like I love it. You know, my partner loves it, I got my mom playing a bunch of my friends are playing who uh basically we're introduced to Blockchain in order to try the game. So I I know from kind of anecdotal um uh like close to me case studies that there is something there that's that's special and fun about the game and I think that we can continue building on that and it'll be something that could be really sticky when we try and go after that market share.

Yeah, I can definitely add to that. So in terms of like going after kind of mainstream or web to gamers, I think the reality of the situation is there there's there's a huge stigma around and any sort of N. F. T. S. Any sort of um gamers whether it's like the gpu prices rising, whether it's like about the environment or whether it's just like you know, current landscape of N. F. T. S. And Blockchain gaming is just not fun or it's like a scam almost. So for for us it's really really difficult to kind of shift this narrative for the gamers and their perspective of it, I don't think that's something that we can do in the short term, what we're trying to do instead is focus on advocacy. So word of mouth having our players refer their friends.

Um, we have a sort of past based system in order to do so. Um, the other thing is we have a greater content program and so, um, love is empowering our player base to kind of, um, You know, spread the word more organically because I think the best way to introduce Web 3 to a player is not not like from someone outside, you know, and you know, and it's more more so like a friend of a friend who might be interested. Um, the other thing is we're kind of building out a game and it's, it's, it's like a test for us right now, you know, beta season is still very unfertilized and for the next four months, you know, going to the grid based system. I'm honestly really, really excited about what the game is going to turn out because most of us are gamers on the team and we're building a game that we truly want to play and we're really, really excited about, you know, the future of legislation because I personally would love to play this game. It's kind of like my dream come true. Um, And so I do believe that for gamers not in Web three, they will be interested in just the gameplay alone. Um and and that's kind of what we're focusing on as well.

Yeah. Yeah absolutely and from your vision that you have I think it sounds like it's going to be really legit and really interesting and um sort of diving back into a little bit um you guys have you know over 300 creatures um sort of that are in the ecosystem and we've talked a little bit about sort of um what binaries can do maybe in the future and contacting other ones. What are some other ways that bernard sort of have value or that makes up sort of a rare urban ari.

Yeah so it's kind of like a digital patina in a way. Um So we we currently have quite a few tags associated with inventory. Um one of them for the more collector oriented players is um kind of serialized. So if you come into the game and you were the 1st 100 player who tamed that Ben ari um you would get like a number associate but whether it's like number one, number two um That's like to show that you were the first one to catch the second one to catch the binary. And so we add these like unique tags that differentiate one versus another. Um We also have um


of stats associated with Gonorrhea in a way, so different rarities between their size as well as their constellation and so these kind of um aspects defined kind of what the scenery is like as well as, you know, the stats associated with it. Um That's kind of like the main differentiating factors. Of course we also store quite a bit of metadata. So you know the time of day of when it's caught where it was caught because essentially um the more uniqueness that we add two denarii, we want to promote the idea of


player treating this as something that they own themselves. Um I think it's really important to have that bond with that asset because I think, yeah, at the end of the day it's you know, what are people going to find valuable in this game and that's kind of what we want to foster. Yeah.

Yeah, absolutely. And I love sort of the some of the attributes that you create where you know, they can only be caught at certain times of the day. And I think that just adds such a different level of complexity and having them have their own sort of regions that they're available

for. Sure. Yeah.

So we've talked a little bit about sort of the the ownership aspect in L. O. V. And how it's such an important aspect of it. Um And you guys have announced that you have sort of your own marketplace in the works. Um I was curious sort of what things will be available on the marketplace when that launches and I'm sort of what currencies will be accepted and sort of what the ideas with it.

Yeah, the main reason why we wanted to build our own marketplace instead of like just using open C is because a lot


Arvin ari have a split associate with it. So when you first start the game, if you were a scholar, um, and you're, you know, you have a past lent to you, you have this split automatically built into your account. And so every time you catch a binary, that split stays with your um, and so we we can't really build that split into kind of open sea and so we want to make sure that whenever someone trans acts in our marketplace, that automatically happens within our marketplace. Um, so we have, you know, custom binary contracts and your C 7 21 contracts. We have a custom marketplace associated with it. Um, just to make sure that, you know, the the dynamics between guild scholar models functions within our own marketplace. So that that's like the biggest reason as for what kind of currencies are accepted? Most likely we're going to go with polygon. We haven't really figured out what kind of currencies are accepted. We're leaning towards rap teeth at the moment. Maybe we'll use magic because it's kind of a change. But um, yeah, I haven't really thought too far in terms of that, we're going to have our kind of alpha test net um for our marketplace coming up fairly soon.

Um, just so we have, like, a clear understanding of like, okay, this is kind of what we wanted for the marketplace, if we need to adjust something, we can. Um, so yeah, we're not tied down to polygon, but we just want to keep that in mind, um and we can adjust things going into main net launch.

Yeah, absolutely. No, sounds really cool. And almost we sort of talk about sort of the, the player ownership and maybe even economy a little bit, that's something that a lot of games have really struggled with, um, figuring that sort of out. And so how do you guys go about maybe solving that issue within your ecosystem?

Yeah, that that's a great question. Um, a couple of weeks back, I was completely terrified of the economy. I, uh, we, we hired a, a modeler, he works in mecca nations and he's been really instrumental in terms of helping guide us for the economy. Um and so we have, we um, carefully design our systems in such a way so that we can um, distribute kind of the core assets dynamically amongst our users, depending on like the total player base that's playing. We carefully calculate that algorithmic lee. Um We also


um, machinations models for most of our economy, and so we can carefully see how we're doing in terms of um, is it going according to plan, is it a bit skewed in a way. And so we can adjust certain variables associated with, you know, spot inventory or how assets are being

distributed? I

think the main thing is when I think of putting anything on Cheney, it's going to live there forever and that that's what terrifies me, it's something that we have to support. Um And so before I make a decision of putting anything on chain, the main thing that comes to mind is is this something that we want to support forever because people are going to have these assets for quite some time. Um And so what we do is we experiment with the off chain, so for example any kind of, you know, shards or utility token, they're completely off chain at the moment. And so um if this economy design doesn't work, we can revamp it entirely, we can adjust things such that it might work better. For example, we don't worry, did a huge revamp for one of our core resources um and we'll probably revamp it again to be honest, because we we do put off chain first, we have that kind of flexibility of being able to adjust things on the fly until we have a clear understanding of, okay, this is the final direction before we put that on chain and this goes for a minority, this goes for, you know, any sort of resources that we might have. Um it's I do want to experiment with a bit, I want to see first, okay, does N. F. T. S make sense if there are N. F. T. S.

Um If that works fine, then we're gonna go like, okay, does it make sense to put any sort of these utility tokens or resources on chain, or is it better if we keep off chain and have players interact and transact in other ways? And so that's kind of the thought process I'm thinking through.

Yeah. And just like bring it back a little bit to our ethos in in how it's kind of built it is everything is built in a more nimble way. Right? Um You know, it's just it's it's a browser based app and um so it's always about building at first and kind of seeing how that plays out in terms of our ecosystem and player behavior. And obviously we model things as well. Um But for, you know, if we had started with our economy first, right? And we started with tokenization of everything. And if all the honorees were N. F. T. S in the beginning we would have millions of an Aryan ecosystem and and with no demand for them. Right?

So you just would have a totally empty marketplace. Um And so that that's like a really clear example of why it made sense to us to kind of build it, think about it, see how players interact with it and then make a decision to do a web three implementation of it. Um And so that that's sort of one of the core uh


or ethos behind how um the design team and Jason thinks about things and how the dev is actually um implement things in the long run.

Yeah, and I think that's why it's so important that you guys have these Alpha seasons and beta seasons to sort of test these things out, see what works, because we see so many times people in such a rush to launch their project if even if it's not ready, especially in the Web three space, I mean, it happens in Web two, but especially in Web three, you see people launching projects well before they should and constantly having updates and it just being sort of too late um to make edits to the project um since they've already fully launched. So it's great to see you guys sort of testing these things out and it's it's so important before the full launch.

Yeah, definitely.

Um so I'd love to get into a little bit of the future. We've talked a lot about sort of some of the iterations that you guys have been going on, um and I kind of want to talk about in the next year or in the next six months if things continue going well, community keeps growing. Um your ideas are panning out. What do you see sort of as your dream scenario and sort of the next year um as far as where this game goes. Yeah,

that's a great question. Um


think for me personally what I would love is if we see an indication for regular gamers to kind of get into the game um they're telling their friends about it and this game is legitimately fun, I think that's our main goal. Um As for like feature wise, I think what I'm really excited about is if this is like a living breathing game that players can craft and build upon themselves, uh what I mean by that is if players themselves can create value from the game and were more service decentralized platform, whether that's within the game or outside of the game in interesting ways that I think that would be an indicator of success is if it's not just handed to them in terms of okay, here's a rare creature, go sell it, but more like, okay, here's a rare creature, I'm gonna go create content for it, I'm gonna use this as a brand. Um That's kind of what I would love to see amongst the community.

Yeah, I'll take a little bit uh like to me, I think that um there's something very special um and the way the designers built the initial game with that collectibility aspect, I think they did a really beautiful job. Um You know, even though we we built a really strong core community and they love collecting these creatures and like like you said there's no um Endgame utility with them right now, but people are still in there collecting and I think that is something that we're planning to extrapolate on. And to me with new tech um being integrated into the gaming space. I think it takes a really simple product um to to really break through that. Um And that's my own kind of personal opinion and take on it. Obviously I'm a bit biased but I think the early game play needs to be really simplistic. Um When you look at any of the social games to be a facebook, when you look at you know the early Pokemon go um you have a product that's that's really easy to pick up but very hard to put down. Um And I think that that that is how you become a vehicle to find those web 22 web three player faucets. So to me I think if we do it well we could we could be you know basically out pace anything anybody's done in the space so far because I do think there is something quite special and addicting about it. And the I. P. Is cool and once people start to become convinced that you know and bond with their Ben Ari and they're gonna want to keep them and not sell them and create this really robust interesting marketplace and you know once you get past that and you get into the user generated content experiences that are being lined up.

I think it's gonna be a really, really incredible product and I do think that people can just hop on, like go on a website and just hop on and play and easily get into the game and start catching Ben ari it's, it's something that will be like in my opinion, just spread like wildfire because it is really cool. It's nostalgic. I mean I won't mention names, but there's other creature collection games that we all know and loved and grew up playing and, and I think that we can have a little bit of a different take on that, but still capture the feeling that everybody gets when they collect those. And so to me, I think if we do it well we can be one of the vehicles that starts to introduce people into the space and overcomes that stigma because the idea eventually is to obfuscate a bit of the Blockchain stuff away in the early game, so it's not kind of obvious that you're playing it, it's just, hey, I'm playing this game and I'm having fun collecting creatures, but then once you want to do anything sort of interesting, then you need to kind of get into the Blockchain concepts, but so there's, there's kind of a, you know, an onboard ramp built within the game eventually. And so to me that's how I think we get people people in, not, I think that eventually, triple a games are gonna be where it's at, but we're still in this process of figuring out what works, how are we going to get over this massive, massive stigma that's in the traditional gaming space around and empties and to me it's gonna be a really, really simple product that's super approachable that anybody can play. And so I think that's our goal and I I really do think that if we do it well, like anybody can play it and so if anybody can play it, there's massive, massive market opportunity there.

Yeah, absolutely, totally agree. And that's one of the things I've really enjoyed with playing the beta is the ease in which I can get in and out of the game, you know, I can hop on really quickly log in super quick and just check my traps, set new ones, um set it on the side of my browser and keep going. Um That's one of the things I think you guys do really well that I think is really lacking is being able to play this game and not necessarily know that I'm playing a Blockchain game, I think it's hugely important and um no, so well done there, I will say. Um so sort of as we sort of get to the end of our chat, I'd love to hear if there's anything else on your guys roadmap or release schedule that you would like to get in.

Yeah, good question. Um I think we touched upon most of it right now, our primary focus is definitely on the grid. Um, we want to shut down as soon as we can. Um, We haven't really announced kind of our updated roadmap or even our update white paper because things have honestly just been shuffled around so much that it doesn't make sense to kind of update, it's better to kind of just rewrite it from scratch. Um, as for things to look out for in the next like 6, 12 months. Um, definitely our marketplace coming live is probably the big one for a lot of players.

Yeah, I mean I kind of want to follow up on what I said with like some tangible things that we're looking at and doing, um, because we do want to eventually have a sort of seamless onboarding, like you won't even know that it's Blockchain right away. Obviously the game is not in that place right now, is geared towards capturing folks on the web three space. Right? Like you need a metal mask, you need to connect your wallet. Um, either you need to know how to bypass on open C or you need to interact with somebody who's in the space who has a base pass that can lend it to you, right? Like eventually we want the early game to be easy for us, you know, as simple as downloading an app or logging onto a website and coming in and playing. And so, um, we're, we have some people were working with in terms of figuring out kind of back end solutions there, but that, That is the end goal. Um so if it feels easy now it's going to be 10 or 100 times more easy once we start rolling out the solutions. Um and I think in terms of like looking forward, I just watching the grid gameplay and how that gets rolled out and how it evolves I think will be really exciting. Um so I'm really, I'm really hyped up for that and honestly like I I I think I think about it, um you know, our great our growth has been really organic and community driven and I love that and eventually will scale up. Um and so I do think that I'm nervous for when we get to that place, but I think it's gonna be an an awesome ride. It's either thing, one of the things I always equivalent to because we are kind of an easy game, right?

It's, it's like when you find your favorite podcast or your favorite Youtuber and you get, you find them before everybody else does right? And you're like, wow, these people are making good content, but it's not like picking up yet and then one day they just start to have this sort of massive growth and you get it, you kind of get to be along that ride with them, right? And it's like there's almost like this um just this inherent feeling that you have of connection with that person because you saw them when they were a little baby, right? And now they've grown to kind of be this kind of bigger personality, you know, whatever, whether it's twitch youtube podcast, etcetera. And so like I'm excited for that and also nervous. Um, but I think we're doing it in the, in the right way. Um, and uh yeah, that, that that's how I would kind of and it myself.

Yeah, absolutely. I I am so pumped for the grid gameplay from the way you describe. It makes me really excited. I'm already enjoying it. I mean, my, my collection of is getting up there pretty high. So I'm looking forward to uh, to finding them on the grid. So thank you guys so much for coming out of the show. Really appreciate it. It's been great picking your minds on the space. Um, so thank you so much.

Thank you so much.

Thank you, appreciate it.

So, thanks again to Jason and Drew for joining me. I really enjoy diving into this game in the past few weeks and I'm really excited for some of the updates that they have planned in the future, especially them opening up the world with this grid system so that you can travel around even more. Some of the ideas that they have behind using the Nars to attract other creatures, I think is really cool. And it'll be a lot of fun to see what this game looks like once it comes closer to full launch. Be sure to check out the show notes for their social so that you can get connected. All right, That's all for today. Thanks for listening. And if you enjoyed what you heard, please subscribe and follow me on twitter or instagram for one future episodes come out and if you want to support the podcast, feel free to join our discord where you get access to exclusive NFC giveaways, chat with me about upcoming projects and find out what I'm investing in details. Our in the show notes. Thanks again and happy NFC hunting.