Fantasy ReDraft 2 | Brews and Blockchain Special Edition!! - Transcripts

November 13, 2022

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On this episode of Brews and Blockchain, Brian and Ross do a redraft! Tune in to see what they decide to drop and pick up in their rosters along with some news around the crypto space! Here is a link to our fantasy rules slide deck:


all right welcome everybody to a another episode of bruising blockchain

wears a black chamber back

yeah with the crypto masters as you can see I'm Brian

I'm Ross

and Hey we have another I think interesting episode so you know Bruce blockchain we just kind of sit around we have a couple brews yeah

that's right

and we talk blockchain and lately we've also been talking about our fierce competition that is the fantasy crypto challenge Ryan versus Ross

that's right brand we've got a lot we've got a text chain going we're talkin smack it's getting heated after this series I don't know if we'll be friends again but it's great entertainment for you folks I'm glad you tuned in

and it's fun it's a good way to stay on top of a all the different crypto coins and tokens so we'll get into that a little bit later in the show R. redraft this is re draft week every other week we have H. forced redraft were we got straight out some of our holdings and we will get that a little bit but Ross we're gonna talk about some current events in crypto and I guess and and finance and the economy generally yeah did you want to start out with something today I mean we had a renouncement today so once you

yeah about that so I'll go ahead and share my screen here you don't really need to see if you're listening to audio only but yep the fed approved little price hike or sorry a rate hike rather and yeah everyone just kind of hold my breath yeah the target ranges three point seven five to four percent and just for a little history there this the highest level since January twenty or sorry not January of two thousand eight and we know although what happened that year but you know and also other factors going on in eight you know but yeah so are we scared though third

well everyone


everyone expected the point seven five hi it was afterwards you know where


always Jerome Powell always give some comments on it and some people are hoping for an indication that they might pause them soon or or something to that effect and he basically said that you know they they might even have to ultimately raise them more than they originally intended but the I think it's still a possibility that the amount of the rates will go down so the next one might not be point seven five I mean it might be but it might go down one five that's still I think under discussion but in general it was what the market expected today but the comments were not as positive as people some people helped

yeah Brian and I think this is you know this is just your classic correction for inflation right so you know you've got inflation coming up the fed feels like we've gotta prioritize that over any sort of recession risk would you say that's a fair statement Brian and we get a hike this rate up so

that's what Powell said even though you know it looks like we're headed for a recession and the Powell has acknowledged that that said yeah I guess the priority has to be getting inflation under control and almost something effective if because the recession so be it but


yeah they're they're in a difficult spot right now for sure

and speaking of that we've got in the bank of England saying that U. K. is going to face its longest recession ever of course you know they're not perfectly you know nothings perfectly tied together though but everything's relative so yeah you know we got that going on I don't know I don't know where they're coming up with me I just need to read this are fine do a little more digging where they say it's going to be the longest recession ever but you know who knows I don't know if that's you can really make a clear claim like that

yeah that's a yeah if if it happens obviously it's unfortunate for our our friends in England but I don't think Ali's diary talk about you know any anything like that in the U. S. yeah I mean you know I think a lot of people are expecting a recession a lot of people think that inflation will stick around to some degree you you no longer than that has I mean you know we we have a long period without question so I'm you know who knows this is the you know nobody really knows but

share yeah

it's a it's just it's a this time perhaps were you gotta you gotta keep your eyes on it all of it

but but Brian if history does tell us something I don't know if you've heard about this we've got the World Series going on every time the Phillies have won a World Series we have reached a recession


so if I I am anti Phillies fan right now I'm not really that into baseball I'm trying to really get into this years but I am going all Houston Astros have you got any baseball fans on the stream right now and let me give a quick shout out we got a loyal streamer here Nick gray the masters are back yes we are neck welcome to the stream Adam back again love it we love it sharp

picture matter nice

yeah look at that hello

all right Sir Ross your comments today have been you know more on the the big picture the macro view and

love that Adam

yeah I'm gonna mention a couple of current developments in the crypto world one is English talk about fidelity before you know fidelity that huge money manager trading platform I have all the mutual funds big financial company they previously member I think we talk about Ross on a previous reason blockchain where they were going to allow investors in there for one case to buy some crypto or bitcoin maybe about they announced today I believe that they're now going to allow people to buy commission free bitcoin and Ethereum on their on their exchange show yes love it crypto trading to retail investors so again big company lots and lots of millions of users and just opening up the on ramps to crypto you're good to get that

yep N. I don't know are the immediate effects of this sell the news because there was a dip today but I think this is just a a good little tia for the next ball run if you want to add just yet another thing that lets looking promising for the next four AM here I'm Brian Moore I'll be in wild being a wild child and behind this difference are very excited stigma blue chips nothing too outrageous all right does


loved us I'm David does just a little amount

I got it right

you see what


you can on your left

I do the other crypto currency unit that I'm just briefly going to mention is Goldman Sachs announced that they are creating a a way to classify crypto and crypto classification system so you know we talked about in in in our our crypto fantasy challenge you know we talk about all these different coins and tokens and projects and they all do different things and it is hard to you know sort of keep track and so sounds like Goldman Sachs is stepping in obviously because there must be demand work from their clients and trading a a classification system so again it's just so show some more maybe gradual you know mainstream adoption of crypto shows it's coming it's just a matter of when

yeah the mainstream's get involved and I feel like at one point Brian we had you know some leadership at Goldman Sachs same you know very negative stuff about crypto and now you know when the market demand just like you said they've got to provide so here they are


the people spoke and they're listening smart

that's right

all right they will make money so there's a long simply for the US

definitely yes number one for them

cool well

all right

Brian is a time for a redraft

let's check the current status of the crypto fantasy challenge crypto masters crypto fancy challenge

yes let's check who is a what what happened so I was feeling pretty confident I will say real quick Brian

yes you have dental vision it was a huge win over

yeah what the email on Twitter move you know that was a huge move I I think I caught up to Brian I was within about five hundred dollars if you keep in mind we started at one twenty we've dipped with comeback sauce got I got within five hundred so I'm not a hundred twenty two dollars now in the green

let your hundred twenty two thousand

hundred twenty thousand and sorry let me zoom in a little bit here for you

what is it been six weeks since week six

I think so

yes No so you're I mean you know that's your you started a hundred twenty thousand Europe about three thousand

yeah he can't ignore or you have to ignore this song coin gecko because how we did it adding and removing that I'm going to kind of got jacked up here so for that but yeah we all we both started at twenty a hundred twenty thousand and let's check out freaking Brian here let's just do a refresh to make sure yeah he's at a hundred and thirty thousand so he's taking the

remaining K. yeah nice

and he's got two major movers frustratingly got our we've I mean you could call these well I know I guess you're back down back to ten K. here but I know that merit circling Chiles for moving pretty hard but yeah are we leave and freaking does show on Mars really symbol of the lawn

yes yeah so the demos on Mars obviously is just the coattails of the of the dog who wins in the meme coins in deal on buying Twitter which is which is wild but I'll take it we sort of we sort of that was the reason we got our our R. out meme coins is because anything like crazy like this can happen so that's good and yeah next

in line in line to the moon yep that's nice I mean Hey I've got some DOJ set aside for cases like right at us



in all right and then okay he wants to know what you drink and show it

I don't know if I just I said I'm tribunal Sierra Nevada it's a Indian pale ale it's very it's strong but not overpowering you know okay so you know from the hills of North Carolina at



yeah I saw the other one it was are we and are we we I think I mentioned when I drafted it is data storage of the data storage your project and you know as a token where you you came with that it's a utility token for the data storage and they announce there's announcement recently this week or maybe it's in the past couple of days that matter is gonna use are we for its data storage on its metaverse projects and that's obviously huge and I think there is a sick it went up like sixty percent that day so it's pretty great

yeah you can even see here well let's open our we have real quick but she can see a dentist you know just doing a little correction but if you look at on the fourteen to seventeen maybe seventeen fifty mmhm yeah that's crazy that is leading us back down the

line straight out oh my god I only wish I owned it in real life anyways but I

do not honestly

I don't

well I thought you did as well well

I don't think I do it's not much it's it's insignificant

amount right

but Hey as long as they beat you in the crypto challenges it's all good

yeah and if anyone new to the streamer anyone knew watching I will show the prize which is this lovely bit coin diamond necklace

following are

the bling exactly Brian are they real one answer but you can believe they are

real quickly

hello Sir

all right let's tell them so you know we we laid out the rules in the initial Graham about Nick that cryptojacking is challenging we're we're gonna go over again but we will say that yes the radiologist

I'll just pull this up real quick if you option but we are required

every two weeks to dump one of our existing coins or tokens in each of the three categories well cap mid cap and large cap so will each be re drafting we had we dumping one coin for each of those categories in re drafting another one


are you ready rock first this week but are you ready

yep Brian it's up I'm ready and you know little friendly advice Brian I don't know how far we've is gonna get a distance so could just kinda

what you want me to dump the

dump yeah I mean I don't know if I'll pick it up all right certainly could dump


think your profits

what we usually start large cap rights right to go large cap


move on I believe my large caps are ADA Adam BTC and what is that right

that's yes that's correct

Cardano Cosmo's it going


hi that's tough I I mean it is stuff I have to dump one of these it is top fifty right

yep top fifty top

yeah I can I can draft anything in the top fifty so I decide what to dump and I might get some hate I'm I get some some nasty letters or email us about this but I've got to do I think I'm gonna have to at least my BTC I hate whoa

what do it but

it has been super flat lately I mean it is been in a tight range and that is not how you win fantasy crypto now in real life I'm holding on for dear life in my big point no question about what I'm facing crypto amid drop my big coin and there's some tempting ones in the top fifty Ross but one I've liked for a long time and I'm gonna pick up is our grand so


hick up I'll go drop it going

and Brian I thought this draft I'm not I'm gonna fumble around with the queen echo stuff we can just fly through that later now up everyone so I know we kind of fumbling around on that right right let me but yeah and

next next show will have the new line up and update everyone and yeah all right what's your large cap drop

okay Brian so my large caps currently R. ET Dogecoin poly gone and chain link and like you I'm I'm pretty married all these I think I own every one of them yeah I own all these in real life so yeah this is a tough one but I'll probably get a little hate for this one too but I think a month drop my chain link because just like big coin it just doesn't seem to be really Bouncin anyway and just like you said in crypto fantasy you know there's moves you gotta make but really my thought here is my large caps I'm not really expecting and make this epic jump climb to the top you know other the top of the food chain tons of market cap we've got to see an epic Pushin this bear market to really see those coins fly so I'm just kind of I'm almost making a lateral move a little lateral career change if you will and I'm just gonna pick Minero


I don't think it's going to fly but I know I was not going to depart yep yeah I love Minero I've got Monero socks on so


that's right

wow I'll take your word for it does

no you don't want to see my feet

all right next move on the mid cap I believe my mid caps or are we the graph Rooney and Chiles is that right

yep that's correct all right

again I don't want to cut any of these guys lose definitely gonna hold on are we even though it may have already had spike you know Chiles I think choice is performed well what what is it up for me yeah

yeah you may four hundred so

okay well that's good I'm and I I I just you know like chili's it's enough T. you know sports kind of thing so

any correction Brian I think you you breed drafted and picked chili's so actually you're up three thousand on it okay I'm being down on another point so

gotcha gotcha

all right very good

right so Rooney has not


very well I don't think has it

not really moving you're down on our

door changed out of the house you what about the grass I don't think it's doing well either

yeah you're about thirteen hundred down

yeah all right well that decided at the end graph you're gone

by all right I like the project okay what I am there are some really good mid cap so this is between

number fifty one and number one twenty on on the coin gecko rankings right

yep that's correct

all right so I am going to go with a lot of sweet choices out there you know I like raven I like raven coin


but I'm gonna pick up Mister maker

okay okay

maker Dow the I mean one of the really early stable coin issuers maker is not stable going there that Dallas is they were going but maker is the is the company behind it and I'm gonna pick me ups maker let's see what that does

Brian you are just mentally we're just joking me out there it was just raven coin and then this


you just threw me off yet

all right well you're alone trying to do

here is doing a little psych out

in your head Ross

o'brien I don't think you're gonna affect me too much here because I've got a good one

what do you what do you what are your four in the mid cap category

my four R. iota NEO Loopring an axiom affinity

axes been killing yeah

it's been rough it's been a rough day it's been bloody it's been very bad

are you gonna

and Brian let me say that's one I traded for I can't remember which one at this point but I was down you put it on accion Fania went further down so it that that one's not good I'm not even going to touch it I know that's weird to say but I want to put a bigger pot of money on something that I think it's gonna move hard and you know with traditional banks just being lame now defied me in the future I'm going with defy chain

what do you dropping

I'm dropping neo I know if I said that driving me up the five chain yep so I'm taking the ninety five hundred but on my chain and funny enough Brian defy chain uses big coins tech in that it forgets code it's not even a blockchain fork they didn't you know start mining

in rural right right right

they forget their code so okay that's very exciting to me it's using the most secure blockchain code validation there is no plan at two thirty five chain so very exciting I'm very I'm very much like the fight chains so


going with

well that's a that's it that's interesting tech we had a we had a reason for all right small caps I have I I again I really like my small caps I have merit circle which is gaining in hold on to that one I have sushi swap which I feel has been unfairly punished I'm holding on to that one I have my dojo on Mars which we just talked about is spiking because you on musk's antics and purchases and search

just seventy percent

is it and while so that leaves me with polymath you know I've always liked this project we did a show on it we covered on the crypto masters and I like it but apparently it's just not it's time right now so I'm gonna drop Holly in I'm gonna pick up we can confirm that it's in the small cap category I'm gonna pick up asus

gold rose rose I believe it's around and I had when I was in the one thirty six or something

at one twenty nine

oh yes so it fits the category and now it's mine

very nice very nice pic Brian and that that comes up to my small cap pick and you know Brian if you're if I'm gonna come back and win this thing I've decided I've got to go not just to self among coin gecko real quick I can't just go to the main you know second page for low

you get a really low cap

I'm going down going way down I'm going down to what I believe to be I'll double check page for let's see was that it

a good scare this is it this is a good move is a bold move

I'm going way low

it's a desperate move but there's a good your desperation I can use that knowledge

from absolute desperation attempt I'm

a good but we're young our commitment

I'm going to alchemy pay because show on this read M. diamond a little a crypto GM hidden in the rough hidden underneath the pages and pages of coins

what is the rank

it is ranked three hundred and seventy two wow well in the low caps but yeah

and your brand it's listed on Coinbase's didn't we

yeah that's why I own some yeah I have your own alchemy pay after our our show he says good

Ross lock


all right because you know they can we got smaller caps like I didn't take much for their you know their percentages to go way up

yep and I think you know with this recent or something it's it's time for the very small caps to do their rights every day you know I don't usually time to trip tori to time the market but in crypto fantasy



we gotta get outside of our rules and and yeah hi hi

world trading comfort zone

yes I am I have to admit that I am a bit impressed with that we'll see how that plays out in in no bid other redraft in two weeks and I go down lower I go down in the thousands man trying trying we'll see for a little ride or you know I I might just get all stable coins and write out my lead

I I will admit Brian I was slightly expecting you to do that with maybe a couple years

or something like that well you never know if I if I panic like you I might have to do something like

on the last three draft I'm going to ask for an adjustment on the recap can we go all under

McAdams yes micro caps

yes only past page ten on court gecko

all right what else are we updating this on the crypto master's website or are we just gonna make him tune in

we're just making him to number


that's how it is yeah in check our Twitter don't really do much on Instagram but Twitter is the new the new space for well not really new but it has been so

let's have some updates on on Twitter let's do some updates on the on the fantasy challenge

okay others by other by weekly updates so tune in on Twitter

yeah I just tweet out there then maybe I'll you know we'll we'll smack talk about it or something like that but yeah I think folks might want an update instead of you know having to wait every week when they're on pins and needles

oh yeah they're probably all man has Ross caught


that do show

one mass wow the smack talk is getting getting intense there Ross we're bumping up on about twenty eight minutes into this thing so I think we better all the plug on another episode of reason blockchain thanks to everybody tuned in live and then die for those of you catching it on video yeah be sure to stay tuned on yeah not only for the update on the

instructor challenge but also for events on the world yeah I love doing this HM check out the crypto masters dot com follow us on Instagram Facebook all sorts of stuff yeah L. dot masters dot com yeah right

they're also