Fantasy ReDraft | Brews and Blockchain Special Edition!! - Transcripts

November 13, 2022

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On this episode of Brews and Blockchain, The Crypto Masters Brian and Ross do a redraft! Tune in to see what they decide to drop and pick up in their rosters! Here is a link to our rules slide deck: Make sure t...


we believe we all right well right everyone to Bruce and blockchain brought to you by the crypto masters I'm Brian as you can see right here

where is it yeah there you go and I am Crossley see if I can do it now officers I failed

all right so this is a good continuing a our special series on a bruising blockchain dedicated to the heated competition of the fantasy crypto challenge that's right so if you haven't if you haven't heard about our fantasy cryptic challenge you can check out our last couple podcast it was two weeks ago when we had our draft


think it is a crypto draft where Austin I picked their if their teams

yep and

and we get an update last week on last week's reason blockchain and I was in the lead and yet

bring that one up immediately but

I did


this this is a continuation because you know what we need filler with a bear market Ross and so you know what the fantasy cryptic challenges your poor so while

it's turning into who can be less red in their portfolio

it is but that there's there's something to be said for that right right so we got our Bruce Ross what do you got there

a little much smack me in the face but I've got a little Breckenridge brewery the NO a Porter it's from all the not that great I love porters though so

yeah yeah

five out of ten

I just got the not my regular here in the Stein but Ross so the special thing about tonight is gonna be our first read your act as part of the Joe rules you don't just get a stick of the fancy grip to rooms you know just gonna stick with your your picks the entire time you got to do some research re drafting some reshuffling and that's right your first reader after every two weeks we're gonna do a redraft and Ross once you talk about the re draft rules quickly

yeah and actually we got a comment in here real quick


recimo I'll I'll share a little coming here rent is having a brew with us

Sam I know what it is now

he is a boy smoked pumpkin Porter for me okay a little

yes he's in the spirit of the season are

these a little basic a lot of


it's in the spirit of the season I love it I love it sorry we will route

rules tell us what we're gonna do here

so in the redraft let me get this banner at the way we basically

that you got the draft so down there go to the redress

redraft roles are a drafter must replace a coin or token in their market cap category Sir remember gas we got a large cap medium cap small cap was it for each category brand


let's see yep we've got four in each category so you just pick one you want to dump and unity and just pick a new one and of course there's little stipulations there low rules so it can be sold at its current valuation that that amount was used to purchase new asset so let's say I percent ten thousand but now it's worth like eight thousand I've only got eight to work with them that slot so

you know what you're doing and by eight thousand worth of the new token

yep and eight thousand that's US dollars you know that's our medium we're working with here yeah can the same deal you know your your caps are defined by top fifty is your large fifty one to one twenty eight year mark are your medium cap and then your small cap is anything below a one twenty I think that's pretty much it and you know we alternate again so Brian went first for the initial draft so in the redraft Ross gets your first and actually pause real quick if you want to know how far Brian is in lead he had a commanding lead about Inc Hey Ross is coming back I'm almost at one oh five and Brian is at a hundred and seven

thousand it is getting close

nipping at the heels Bryan

Adams joined I think Adam is a member of team Bryant so you know I got a fanboy on the school

okay Adam is a little he's drinking a little note a jam session out of Charlotte near nice Adam welcome to the stream

variable all right so I'm in the lead so you got work to do


choose wisely

yeah so I've got a couple my small caps here a filter but I can't so I can see that I really like my top four guys but as you

do in small cap first we're doing first I don't care what you do

small arms to a large yep yeah we'll go large to medium to small

right all right

so what


my I've I love the thought of love does they're not my worst performers but you can see the sandbox not doing that well so they're out

all right sandbox going on waivers now see I can now it'll be on waivers for me the next the next two graphs I could I could take your sandbox or one

okay okay and that's another another role here you know if I've redrafted Brian can't pick it immediately and mediate Lee back up so Brian I'm gonna go with a just a standard I think crypto project oh wait let me just make sure you don't have it right yep none of us have it Gago chainlink

for chains

how the chain link slide past the draft you want to know

it is questionable item here


and chain link is just

it's been beaten down for a long time now and in babies do so is that your thinking process that

is my thinking that is my hope that is my prayer to get bass give past Bryant

Hey I was I got another team Brian member Nick is on board now so he Brian is going to gang up on team Ross

Nick says who should I send my Adam addresses to so

he wants the madam

Nick is a killing this is a dress and I like it

all right so Ross in with


in with chain link out with sandbox all right

that is right

so I cover my large cap

and was wondering click hold on so I do

entering some info when the time for us

well my math brain just died

right now eighty four hundred divided by yes I guess okay

numbers you know I know one

we're doing live live updates to the transcript of Downing alike thank you and

take it away B. Riley

all right so large cap I've got BTC yes the rock right it is it is been going sideways now

for and one project is that

right yeah good point all right so I'm gonna hold on to that page okay it's it's holding steady steady Eddie

I'm strong

you're right you're right you're ready for this prediction Ross there is going to be volatility and the next two weeks before our next three draft bitcoin is going to have a early a large new one where the other compared to what it's been the past couple months that's my prediction


all right I'm holding BTC this week Cardano ADA okay it's gone down it's been down the last two weeks so rising yes I am going to stick with it you know maybe value now have more even more value so I'm sticking with my agent and the same exact same thing with Kosmos Adam you know Nick obviously loves his is Adam and I'm sticking with it so that leaves L. rendez Michael gold eagle while really is out

yeah I'll be okay

are you the next to the to the restaurants you can draft all right

okay if you don't go in order here for you Brian

just been talking about everything

being steady in static in the crypto industry on gold one that has not in the past months and that is quant which you look at quantum now I'm going back before our fantasy channels started to you go back and I want you to move in you go back to just June in quantum was around forty Bucks just this past week it hit like to twenty this isn't a bear market easy but had a big this even just this past week since I since we drafted but nobody picked it up it has gone up substantially and then back down about half as much so it's a balk now right now and I think maybe for purposes of about NEC crypto that may be just what I need so I'm picking up quant queue empty baby

yeah Brian that's a good one I hate to give it to you but that's honestly one of the biggest movers I've seen in a bear market

I had a meeting for easy run

not for the large cap

large cap liners create his way into the top thirty now

okay well the I'm sweating

all right captain yeah good move

okay so mid cap and just as a reminder anyone jumping on the stream now are mid cap I'm pulling up the rules again are anyone in the in market cap rank fifty one to one twenty so

like not going get go

by quicker that is keeping it to queen gecko so Brian I'm into gaming I love the game and I'm gonna start with what I'm gonna pick up first okay Naxi infinity just had a pretty substantial dip and to me that is a epic by signal look at this seven day dip it's almost down twenty percent I think that's a good time to pick up a lot of change and ACSI and jump on that board so the next question is

when I dropped

it for it so

this should be no surprise because we had a podcast on it we're not excited about them I am dropping the not very distant realize Clayton it's gone it's done and it's done very well for me just kidding is down twenty percent

all right no surprise you drop drop Clayton picked up actually insanity

yep it's out it's gone it's dead to me

right good move like it it's it's on on waivers for me the next year drops like a pick me up some Clayton

I'm I'm sure you will

there are a lot of there are a lot of sweet mid caps did you notice that when you were I what I was looking at what to read draft on my fingers a lot this week

I feel like the mid cap is kind of more appealing to me than any other category right now


visitors a lot we gain that

better and here's what I have right I have a we I like it I'm staying with it I have torching I'm staying with it and the grass and and they've not done well course you know in these two weeks but they're all solid I'm gonna go with another with a solid but it's been way down and I just think maybe it's ahead of its time the error or you know the market's not ready for it yet and that is healing it's not done well for me transatlantic and I just think it's probably in the duration of our inscription Allen you may not see a lot of upside so what can I go with Ross you know what because I know you love to eat I almost considered D. O. W. N. B. C. M. P. O. W.

no I haven't

yes it is it is is it range now it stinks


well I guess I you know you're gonna get it and hello or I don't think it's gonna be a long term is going to be like you know you classic it's M. is that M. of


it's gonna be the accepted Ethereum I think yeah

that's just not where the main team is going why would you not go with metallic in his arm yes

exactly right good point and it's also considered synthetics I like it

you know I think that's got okay you sure but as you said when you drafted actually insanity gaming is Beck and something similar to a different thing gaming is the fans works in F. T. E.'s you know I'm talking then I'm going to chili's


I am out with helium and I'm drafting Chiles please I think mainly Chiles is mainly like soccer I mean because soccer is the most international sport I'd like to see him you know get into American football that would be awesome


probably are in the NBA or I'm sure they're working for the NBA and then B. as per national but international I mean so anyway choice let's see what that does

I imagine if I'm a betting man no pun intended for this project but I imagine that's kind of like a stepping stone for them let's try out soccer it's a solid bet everyone you know it's the most like sport worldwide let's try soccer first and move on


football everyone call

wherever you're at well we're Merican football

football real

the real footballs Americans

and people are dropping off the stream left and they're out and we have a kin kin on the stream opened extreme can

Iraq in

October October why am I missing something

now up to over US incident traditionally up October's enough months so they called up to over as opposed to them

I was thinking I was reading it as a beer I was like wait loop Tober up like October closer


this terrible vanilla Porter is hit me terror that is

more general market sentiment from can up to over I

would like it welcome to the stream can

all right Russell small cap

okay we're on the map and I gotta be honest I like just about everyone in my small cap right now let's see it's look bring yeah Loopring still just outside the small cap of course it depends on when we first drafted but love route Loopring love Cadena yarn all these are read it and I still believe in wax protocol in other gaming token on there and I guess stick with my guns on these but safe moon turns out it's not that safe it's out it's done for me well and really it's a hell Mary I hope to get up early

didn't right

I don't know didn't happen

didn't happen too well

so I'm just write my numbers down here folks bear with me with the math but I can't see anyone outside the one twenty so I'm doing this on the fly free folks we keep it real we keep it live

we keep it fresh because that's how we do it at the masters what a good I'm C. looking at the small caps Brian I just love the mid cap range small caps it's just so hard to know what's going to happen with the small cap guys I mean there's still a lot of good ones you know

at some

you know

a lot of junk you got you got assistance like panning for gold you got to sift through all of the C. there's baby does here I only want pick baby does just because the calculation look at this

what is that number


have is a number

all right now I made you suffer when I did a division one Mars Yvonne

so you know I'm gonna make this easy if you can't go safe man is safe moons not a bat you know what you're gonna go with prime you got to go in

you got to go with

the beam to the minute you got being yourself to the moon just get straight there that's why I wasn't thinking you know

so moonbeam moonbeam

yeah that's right all right like my logic here Brian

yeah you picked us in moonbeam all right

what's that worth the bantering and

that well wait a all right so now my small caps Ross you mentioned you like yours I I mean merit circle you know on stage circle sh

yeah I almost picked it and I forgot you had it

yeah following you know I love the poly and poly math we we did our show on that I think that has tons of potential in a security token market and those on Mars okay you on that was my hail Mary you know hadn't hadn't hit yet but you know as they say if it goes to a dollar albeit billion

well after in the market cap or anything

yeah yeah


I'm gonna hold on to my might you on because then you don't have to deal with you still have to deal with the map or maybe down sh anyways my small cap that I'm dropping is ergo I like ergo it's solid it's just not doing it right now so I remember going on nice gone what's in in Ross if you listened to the show that you were on last week I gave you a teaser I talked about sushi swap she I'm yes has made some changes and I think and it's I think it's like one thirty one so it's in small cap break and it did give me an so I gave you a heads up I get a chance to steal it you didn't do it so now you're gonna pay sushi center goes out species and all those things she has run up it you know because you know

there is second pay I mean has it done it's run is it due for a correction maybe

maybe but you know or is it hot in its own history we're gonna find out so my final my

reader apple

there you go final redraft sushi swap

very nice okay

okay right

and I'll calculate your total here you get fifty five

nine eight point five she she's okay okay

so there it is

all right

there we go

it's done I'm gonna check your math but anyways

well you ended at seven a hundred seven you're back at it

we're all good so just everyone knows we started a hundred twenty thousand each we're both down but it's been a terrible two weeks so that's the way it goes

yeah it's the battle of the red battle of the

yeah yes thanks can changing crypto in a hurry so you never know

and I mean I'm more down

that's S.


there you go more

you know Brian what's the sled dog sled race in Alaska I got a trophy for last place in it like I don't know for sure something I think it like the last sled dog team gets a

maybe I should maybe

maybe we should talk about that



you're the you're the editor I didn't ride expert here apparently is at

fun fact sinful

earth fun facts all right Ross when he got his quick rundown if you updated so you can show everybody or our teams our respective teams

yes so I've got our portfolios here so


runners in mine kept the captives kept poly gone ng si the profit losses there picked up chainlink yep sandbox picked up packs infinity

you drop sandbox marks

what did I drop a drop safe moon I think I need to take that off I just didn't take it off yep I'll take yeah it's a zero I'm sorry I need to delete it from here okay okay sorry yeah it's a zero Brian almost caught me cheating and I almost got away with it


iota still got neo Clayton it's listed there but it's zero mail just how you got that


okay Loopring solid Cadena yearned added moonbeam I've got wax protocol and drop safe man so


pretty solid that's not

too far from one way to look at yeah


you have a couple there that I was on you know I mean I don't eat so yeah you're gonna but I was

such a nice compliment that rolled off the tongue well

you know I own a couple of in my in my other portfolio okay all right let's take a look at the winning the other

yeah the other profile it's not big deal

there is all right yeah so when we got I still got my my BTC Mike Cardano my Cognos all sit rock solid and then I got my quant which is very active we'll see if it continues and and hopefully in an upward direction sticking with our we've store chain rune in the grass and now I added Chiles so that could be good and evil

we probably need to do an episode on Chile's Brian

yeah we probably don't circled polymath no you on Mars at cemex crazy package and

still going

strong now sushi swaps Ruskin believes sushi swap is a small cap I mean it's awesome I just got a steal

not not excited no joke I am surprised it still so low I am very surprised at that

so yeah

I think I'm a solid portfolios you know with the small caps anything can happen you really could you know we can have a epic run with one of the small caps and take our whole portfolio up you know so who knows and that's what we threw men so we can get one



on Mars goes to a dollar I'm solid and okay

well we all are


I put in fifty cents and I'll be a millionaire

Hey thanks everybody for joining a live stream and if you can catch live stream we I hope you'll check out our our video on YouTube and check in next week we can do an update showing in two weeks from now we'll have another redress

yeah definitely guys keep tune in works doing these live streams weekly make sure you check out the crypto masters dot com it's got some blog stuff it's got to podcast stuff it's got our beautiful faces on everywhere and it's got coins coin info just like queen gecko so you can stay in one hub of crypto knowledge and just download it all to your

beautiful right crypto brain and some other cool tools on there too so check it out

definitely definitely cool tools glad you mentioned that Brian

all right across one eight hundred you're asked about it good luck to you in the next week


long as what

check it out

sounds good we're out

now click on masters out that's it