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November 13, 2022

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Here is a link to our fantasy rules slide deck: https://docs.google.com/presentation... Make sure to check out thecryptomasters.com for all your crypto needs!! ========================================*** The Crypto Masters Website ***================...


welcome back we are decryptor masters my name's Ross and this is


and we're the crypto masters welcome back to Burzum blockchain we've got some exciting news around the crypto space this week and of course stick around to the end because we'll be talking about our crypto fantasy draft and you'll get to see who's in the lead you know we pick quoins in certain categories based on market cap so it's all fun we talk crap you know it's likely mean Brian and feud that's great

it's like a fantasy football the better

better exactly Brian

this is

exactly Exxaro you're drinking on over there Brian

I have got my usual logger in my usual Stein so were very nice as you might have seen well that they haven't seen all of our steins at one time but we have a a massive Stein collection over at the main crypto master studios but when we do the the live show remotely I I just sort of have my one star

yeah exactly I've got a little a a Columbia grad Columbia glass here from Columbia South Carolina so it's tasty and I'm drinking on a another coffee shop Porter I like in dark

like coffee beers you

coffee together is perfect but one reason


the reason I am using my Columbia crap my Columbia glass today is that we've got some exciting news in Columbia South Carolina we have a home purchased within N. F. T. so I'll show my screen here it's really cool Brian that's the wrong screen but yeah broodstock sold real estate in F. T. property in South Carolina for a hundred and seventy five thousand dollars and it was to a real estate investor that bought this property so you know he's gonna buy it rent it but very exciting stuff especially for Columbia South Carolina kind of in my neck of the woods maybe my neck of the woods but very close to me so very cool that is just right around the corner was all in the local news recently so very cool see that going on

seems like a reasonable price too pretty good price and a lot of people around the country would be like what can you get a house for that

well that's one thing to know Brian here's one seventy five is a pretty good size house I think it's a three bedroom two and a half bath all showed in the second but yeah in Columbia that's kind of it's just really cheap realistic here why I love it yeah it's really nice and let's see I wanted to open up where is it I've got on my other tab here so this is read stock on chains website where you can actually go in and view this house this house is in F. T. it's tied to so here it is right here right on the homepage newly renovated houses got some stats on it but you can see here the address it's in Columbia South Carolina a three and actually it's a three bedroom two and a half baths


almost yes fifteen hundred square feet but yeah you see all this stuff about it and what's really cool I want to share this I mean of course you can show other stats on it and like either skin about the N. F. T. but if you buy your house threw bread stocks you get this one of a kind in the N. F. T. illustration of your home so if you go here you can see this on Easter scans so that's exactly what the house looks like you know I mean it's cool here

now did he use the house here yeah there is the real one okay

did he use

crypto to pay for it

that's my understanding yes so he's bought with what was it I was gonna look it up on Easter scanned again I think he bought it with U. S. D. C.


yes tokens transferred to get that yes so looks at USTC yep so very cool very exciting stuff

in the future the future comes first to Columbia South Carolina

that's right and it's cool to see here like the mayor you know Columbia mentioning like it's very exciting and the real estate investor that bought this property said it was so easy and I was just one click after your review just documents of course like you had to do some real world stuff like at the home inspected of course but

you know

I mean it's we're living in a one click world brand wise real estate not liked

yeah no that's awesome it is cruel

it is awesome

all right well that is exciting some exciting crypto news all right Ross I think I'm going to


if it's if it's time for my

turn yeah when I can force my

crypto news this week I'm going to mention the big feud going on in crypto between a couple of yeah good boy everybody not everybody but a lot of people know then Armstrong also known as bit boy this is been a long time youtuber and then of course now he's branched into Twitter and other social media I'm not on probably but yeah so now he has a big operation lots of followers we talked about it before yeah I you know I think I I have a positive


of Detroit I mean you know just like anyone I'm not gonna blindly follow his advice but yes he's gotten a bigger operation he's he's a branch out from just reviewing coins and tokens and things like that it is trying to become a I don't know more of a thought leader maybe in the industry even though a lot of people I think don't look at in that way

yeah he had a Hoskinson on a week or two ago

yeah I saw they were convention or something together and yeah he did an interview with him like an hour long which is hard to have a short interview with Charles

yeah hi hoga yeah

I watched it I watched a good bit of that and it was it was interesting good stuff

so it is

his big feud and a lot of people probably saw this because he had a rage which went semi viral raging his is viewed as with Sam Backman Sam bank bank misread the I guess CEO of STX exchange and formerly of our major research and he's still like owns ninety percent of our major research so you bet boy went off and I here's where it started it started with the as Stanbic bank Winfried is goes by S. S. B. Absalom Aquinas proposed a kind of a regulatory framework you know everybody's sort of saying regulations coming so SPF propose a regulatory framework on his put on a blog or something and it got a lot of criticism and I think justifiably so and most of the criticism was that really violates sort of the the guiding principles of crypto you know two big ones of which we talk about all the time are you know decentralization and censorship

I have a big yeah that

means it's a sandbank man freed who owns a centralized exchange

do you know his proposals really

I didn't probably benefited him a little more

absolutely benefited yeah and his company of course

and yeah

so you know that in maybe some other things which are or get to some of the other stuff later you know brought bit boys initial rage I believe I need be seen if you haven't seen it you can use Google it and find it but you know he

he's raging he's shaken the microphone it's Craig

incidental spittle flying out of his mouth he's just got an easy spaces there are credible yeah I don't know maybe that's a show to some extent but what about the range actually the Ross I know you watch you too


it was shining moment because ice I see that as him saying I am the one that's sticking up for a little guy and I'm the one that's doing all the work behind the scenes it's just sort of very self centered you know in there rather than doctors know humility in it whatsoever but



so the

sort of the content or or that part of the content or the delivery or the self the motion of a few that ran I was not a big fan of not not content out of it though you know I I sort of agree with him that I'm though that wells that Sam Bateman free doesn't really have the guiding principles of crypto in mind or you know he's he's not really sticking up for those because it doesn't benefit his company an


and others have come out you know he's he's got tons of comments and criticism so it's not just that boy with big boy called the S. D. F. end Brian Armstrong the CEO of of Coinbase he called devil's the general call them devils

yeah yeah his Twitter account was very rage full

right and then you saw

it on Twitter on a live stream I came it was all about the double

oh it's a video because in the devils okay

okay I've seen so much yeah

yeah in the SmithKline out out of his mouth and F. bombs are flying which you don't usually see on bad boy and you also

clean yeah

yeah you also don't hear any on the crypto masters or bruising blockchain for the most part work weekly



your Tatian hasn't been tarnished yet Bryant right

and so in response to that it well in response to a lot of the criticism SBF did a big tweet

and in

one one of those in that big thread mentioned bit boy R. member calling been Armstrong before I did he said you know I I hope Sunday

I'm is

I get excited about something as U. R. about me so you kind of he kind of tried to stick it back to the big way but obviously they don't they don't like each other yeah then after that weight comes out with another video which she calls you know S. B. S. exposed and he said he has on good information yes we ask this


and through after


through FTX the company that they exchanged F. T. acts but we need you later bye Sam bank Winfrey is manipulating the markets they he's got evidence of pump and dumps and he mentions a couple specific tokens where they had FTX had listed row in before it went to the other exchanges and he sort of showed some charts and showed it pumping and then when the little guys bought through the other exchanges boom after the ex dumped crap on the little guys so that's one thing and then another allegation he makes in the video is that

you know

it's widely known that Sam bank man freed after the extra big investors and salon the salon of watching


you know we've I don't know we talked about a little bit before I we never did a deep dive on it it's very heavily among other issues that people have what it's very heavily supported by venture capital A. including after the accident Sam Bregman read obviously and not so much a fair launches anyways

yeah that's not what I don't know how do I get started on Solano but it's not a very in the spirit of crypto projects just say I'll just say that

right right

very centralized it's yeah

so yeah so he's a bit boy from his sources you know knows that SGX is doing all it can to crush competitors of someone because they're so heavily invested in so you need images that they use the alma mater research which is ninety percent owned by SBS is you know doing some of the manipulate so anyway that's that that's kind of interesting maybe not maybe not good it's a it's healthy to have a debate


and speaking of debates then think again stemming from all that one of the critics of the SPF proposal was a guy named Erik Voorhees I've I've heard it before I see him on on Twitter you have some you know crypto organization I'm not really sure but finally they had a debate I did not see the debate but from what I heard and maybe


the buy side was that Eric Moore he's crush SPF in the debate made it made him look like a baby

okay yeah I have to check that out

yeah yeah I'm I'm gonna check it out too so I I'm fully admitting that I haven't watched it myself in this for comments from Big Boy and others who said that Erik Voorhees you know make made him look bad and so anyways that's something going on in the crypto world maybe not good to have in fighting but also not bad to have a lively debate especially one that's maybe you know bringing out about information that can be important for future regulations which is gonna be very poor

yeah for sure and I don't know I just want to come back to the Big Boy point I mean just just I'm so there the raid is just I don't know just just bad we got comic coming in here let me see Nick excited to watch the debate but more excited for the crypto masters that's right Nick welcome to the stream

found Nick Leddy on it because you love bruising blockchain you should have a maybe we

Nick it's been on every streaming as Hey we might might pull Nick in for example I was

a loyal fan and loyal commenter it's it's awesome

we like it preaching during the stream neck but this Big Boy stuff Brian it's just I don't know I love the passion I love where is heads that but the raid she did just makes crypto just look like crazy but I'm not worried the Bull Run is still going strong I you know

I don't cuss ever you know how the Lebanese celebrity sometimes when they aren't as hot as they used to be they'll do something crazy you know like Britney Britney spears on her head or something is the bad boy range kind of a show like that

might be yeah I'm glad you brought that up and it might be it's still like hi I don't know which she did something crazy like shaved his head or I don't know it's shaved his head live on stream that's a good point side note bit boy has one point four three million subscribers on YouTube I didn't realize it's that high at this point but

that is a lot big name in the crypto space he definitely has not all right where we go into next Ross this is so Manistee crypto update

I think it is time for the fantasy crypto update I am so

I'm really excited to see who's in the lead I mean this is a big time competition it's I'm sure the viewers or

world view wondering that that you know I am undoubtedly in the

are you can I mean second I'm not in last

well I guess you could say M. and last but more importantly I'm in secondary you're in first

all right

I've got let's see a hundred sixteen thousand from where we started at a hundred twenty thousand this might be a crypt a fantasy of who goes down the lease but Brian is catching up we'll get to that in a second but doge coin with that you're

getting online and you're not in the lead that's crazy

it's actually shocking that's how bad my other assets are doing but but I mean E. one is solidifying the Twitter deal really helped out my doge coin and that's why I've got some in this draft while I've got some in real life you just never know what's gonna pop up so a question on my mind is do I take these profits and dump it on something else or do I keep writing it I don't know that's why we're here

you don't know what what do you one's going to do you know with with Twitter if somehow he involves DOJ you know as a payment method or something on that


yeah it could be a catalyst Rossi my way or you might want to dump it and I'll pick it up on the way do you

that just makes you wanna hold it even okay that might be decided already

all right we'll scroll through it to see a lot of reading and

we're starting it in the red around your earned down two hundred there so that's where we start to get in the red haired neo you know obviously everything twenty four hours and in the weekly is coming up everything's gonna really popping off right now


wax still low but coming up yeah can everything phone the same trend infinity a leather strap

so your gaming I would say your gaming ones here because our our our waxing accion they're both read that so

yep and I'll say this one thing about these gaming projects like I would say I love acting fidgety and what they're doing but you know it's very like it's gonna be a trendy thing is axing infinity a hot thing right now ours their new game out so you know


what a mind game

yeah I don't axes a little bit different because it is a single game but then you have wax which is kind of a you know gaming industry I mean it's not yeah a single game

that's a good point that's a good point

yeah all right now let's look at let's look at the other portfolio on this link

give it a refresh okay yeah so let's see and transparent here all right

what is that I'm almost I'm almost break even Ross in this in the bear market won't slam the brakes

yeah you've almost broke even as

I am a shade under market

we don't have as big as the gainers me as does but you do have theirs Lamar said doing pretty good so

does your mind my E. launcher can which I I believe you mocked me when I drafted it's were


and then speaking of gaming though look at my merit circle

yep very well

yeah that's nice

and your **** thousand on merit circle M. R. we've still going strong for it I think that's been green since day one

yeah our our weeks you're doing well what about cannot what is one of the red that's not surprising

yeah but I will say when we started this quiet had just



actually look at it real quick quant Jim that's true blue I bought it maybe after a month

or two days yeah here was I think we started writing here so you bought it kind of at a little mini peak so maybe there's a correction it will go up I don't know

yeah yeah I like it I'm I'm I'm probably gonna hold I'm not going to tell you what I'm gonna done but let's look at some of the others on there the grass that's strong even though it's down it's a good project

yeah that's your

Chiles well no chili's is looks like it's in a green former

yep yep I think this is when you trip bought for so it's just you know you have to buy it for seven thousand whatever so now right yeah

okay yes I was one I bought in the redraft right yeah right

off the loss of time

yeah looks like my room my store chains dragging me down a little bit that that could put it on the on the waiver blocks for that re draft next week

maybe you should sell your Cardano I'll gladly M. yeah and

yeah I was number one pick in the draft

that was one minute

yeah that's a good pick I'm probably gonna hold on to that who knows

and Brian can we talk about bit coin almost breaking this twenty one are sorry twenty thousand mark and a plan B. says if it hits twenty one thousand we're in a bull market


will mind if that's the number of hits twenty one thousand we're up

we're gonna do it all right so did he did he also saying that if his model doesn't declined it had a hundred thousand model was broken

well this one's been adjusted but

it is shattered is broke in debts but I mean I'm not saying he might not still have some other good and I guess we should consume that is model broke

yeah but now I feel like he's a good good voice on Twitter for charts and stuff like that so

and yes

very optimistic so I love it

well I like yeah I like that too but I I like a little realism thrown in but you know well see I didn't it didn't make it at the twenty one so you know maybe there is a bit of a barrier that has to break through and then sometimes when that happens it does shoot out so we'll look for the best

so what's your thought are you going to go on a mini runners at the start of the boron what do you think

yeah I'm not counting on the ball run yet or or or at least that I think we're in for a little more flattened and then and then the ball run I'd like to see a few things a little bit more clarity on the the federal reserve and interest rates



I know I'm with you there I if we get into a bull market and you know go on a really big run till the end of the year I'm kind of shocked but maybe this is just a little pump you know hi was it what's the same hi in October our Green River

yeah trump tower

or something

yeah okay yeah

maybe will come over and said

maybe I wasn't cheating Chong your high

might be a Denver saying I don't know

all right Ross I think this is been a a song that was so and let's let's wrap unless you've got something else that about the crypto

now I think that's it Brian I'm just gonna sit back finish members ski and you know I'll do it go into the night

you know all right well cheers Ross until next time so next week we'll have us you know some more crypto news to discuss crypto goings on October arrest at

I love it

and they will have a

yep redrafted next week love it

legacy crypto

make sure you stay tuned that's right red he set out to

make their body CNX time