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November 13, 2022

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In this episode we will be discussing changes to SushiSwap Changes, CFTC's lawsuit against Ooki, Sega's new Play to Earn game, and also our Crypto Fantasy Update!!! Make sure to tune in this week!!!   Here is a link to our rules slide deck: https://d...


yeah we are back

right Hey a real life

yeah we're live we're ready to go

off all

know when's instream yet but

all right we don't care this this will be published for the world to see so Hey everybody it's we're back


bruise in blockchain guys it's crazy guys drinking brews in talking across chains

you know

what we do is that Ross

that's right right

you probably know says the crypto masters but we also do this thing called bruising blockchain where we just riff for awhile on crypto on the blockchain and may hang on ours our fantasy crypto challenge

topics yeah that's right Brian we got a fancy crypto challenge it's where me and Brian have a hundred and twenty K. of fake money and we just go head to head scene who who can win who travel yeah we'll take

we drag our teams just like in fantasy football but instead of having a kicker and running back we have different market caps of crypto it's awesome what will do I will update you in a bit

that's right

all right Ross where you want to start on this today we got a few topics we wanted to cover I told you a couple that I want to hit on what about you

yeah definitely I had a few to kick off for two one yeah yeah I guess you could start here so I'll flash up your topic of the day

yeah two shots while I just I don't know why but you know sushi swap is is pretty fascinating really it's your member it started as a as a fork of units swap


it went crazy and then I had some some scandal with its shaft remember that the head chef taking off and I think he tried to tried to rug pull but then he like felt guilty and gave the money back in and then since you're really took off I mean sushi swap was a very legit I mean I think it was a ten billion caller volume decks I mean legitimately decentralized and you know real competitor to you just walked I mean your call those days Ross

yeah uhhuh yeah you did go to switch swap your ERC twenty tokens and just get hammered with fees

yeah well it yeah that you know they they did some new things and some different things from from you to swap it was good competition for you to swap I they made you know you're just swap get better as well so it was a real force but I I it it had some you know some big names leave and then recently and you know we're in October of of twenty twenty two right now and you know the recently it's been making some changes where it's trying to you know again differentiates itself in and come back and part of those it unfortunately it named a new head shelf a guy named Jared gray who's been in the industry industry for a while but recently and not long after he was appointed a lot of accusations against him came out on on Twitter and they said he done rug pulls before and really really some crazy bizarre allegations against him I mean literally something to do with a horse that I I even hate I hate repeating that stuff but anyway then he had to take to Twitter and deny it so it's just unfortunately a distraction from what sushi is try to do because Ross you might remember not that long ago mean less than a year ago I think sushi swap was that twenty three dollars a or or plus twenty three dollars plus a token and you know now it's like a dollar twenty something I think what what's that yeah

let's see sushi swap is that yep a dollar twenty five but

I mean we are talking a twenty X. back to where

it was yup

that is crazy and you know of course it's volume now is probably not looking good because everything in crypto volume is low clearing bitcoin and ether

it's it's a bloodbath Brian if it

wasn't it was bad but we ought we know it's coming back and we know this volume is going to get back up there so we have not financial advice but sushi it's got to look at tractive at this at this price

yeah this price it looks pretty wild Brian in I mean you know it's price is kind of fall the general market you know if you mess up with the queen and you know some of the top

blue chip

crypto assets you know it kind of fall this trend said nothing like

out of the ordinary here's where did it fall to the what's it's rank now and then

hello I think it was one forty one yeah here it is yep one forty one but what does it say I wish to tell me the highest is the timing on

I don't I don't know but I


know it was top fifty for sure

it was way up there yeah so

I get yeah

that's pretty hard fall

I mean if it's

in our

our Finnessey crypto it's it's considered a a small cap tokens

well that's true that is

neither one of us drafted it but we could and that's going to be a consideration of the reader after thing well you've got it on my radar now brain

well let me in and you wanted to or not

right sort of a a related topics that still relates the sushi but it brings in another thing and within the past few weeks people who follow the crypto world know that that commodities futures trading commission the F. T. C. filed a lawsuit against key

Okey dokey

and okay yes we the DZ axe exchanges token was busy our acts and BCRX holders it became a dal NBC our exporters got the key you know token by an airdrop but anyway it's it's the Dow and the C. F. T. C. is suited for not registering I mean it does in its exchange does you know kind of futures derivatives right thank you know traditionally governed by the CFTC and your member Ross the CFTC generally is more crypto friendly then the SEC you know it's like there's kind of a battle between those two agencies and and the U. S. yeah one would govern crypto you know is it a commodity or is it a security or is it something else but

and one weight one way to know its more crypto friendly is because Brian you don't you don't hear it nearly as much as the SEC you know I mean there's SEC throwing out every other day right to something you know so

it's some of their commissioners are

are outwardly

you know crypto friendly and and see it as the future of technology you know where is the SEC Gerry Kinsler as just a dumb jackass


get so anyways

so it when I find it

kind of interesting that the C. CFTC files lawsuit against the Dow and everything how can you sit down you know and it's it's still a good question it is so

it is interesting yeah

one of their first big issues was how do we serve how do you serve it out you know


in the U. S. legal system service the process is you know a function of of due process you know procedural due process I I you have to be served and be made aware that you're being sued in order for the case to proceed so they don't even know how to serve the Dow which how would you serve the doubt yeah so they apparently got permission which I mean I guess they got an order from federal District Court in California to serve it sort of like through it's a help button on the website

I was about to make a joke about it talking to their chat bot on their website it is it is the boss about it that's exactly what it was

it to me it's ridiculous it's absurd I don't think it'll withstand an appeal that is not proper service of anything anyways this this he's not connect this to sushi swap is sushi it has come out recently and you know it's a Dallas well it's it's not it's run by itself and

it currently got sought legal advice


got some invoice advice on how to sort of restructure to address the concerns from the Okie well so I don't know I just you know this is scratching the surface of all these things but yeah it just shows me that sushi continues to develop their their continuing to build you know like we say during the bear markets when you build and that's what sushi is do it and I'm just I'm impressed with that Ross and and come re draft time I got my own species

okay very cool that'll mine

yeah I

I just you know part of me worries about these early lawsuits and crypto if you wanna call early at this stage but you know because it kind of set the tone for everything to come like well if they were able to take down this dal which I don't think they will be able to in this case that doesn't set this presidents of okay well all the Dalles down the line better watch out because you know

yeah these guys are coming


let me let me say this out Ross we're gonna get on I'm again my pedestal here because we are we're believers in decentralization were believers in crypto and I'm gonna say yes these agencies meaning the SEC the C. F. T. C. and the I. R. S. all they think I guess that they can make the laws but they don't all they can do is interpret and follow the laws and so when they bring these lawsuits against report where they we talked about before they chose the low hanging fruit the other day you know now CAF Keese suing Okey the SEC gives either ridiculous I'm sorry the IRS gives gives ridiculous tax guidance for it that refuses to give it in some areas of crypto taxation and so you know it but that's that's nothing that that means that they they don't make the law works in alternately the Supreme Court will interpret the law and you know they can rule against these agencies and they probably will when they're taking these dumb positions

yeah interesting they feel like the the bullies in the system that are just trying to shoot their shot however they can't you know that's right

what would you do to a full you stand up to it and we stand up to it you know it it comes out you know the truth comes out and you know there was a there was a lawsuit where the that I guy paid his crypto taxes


he sued the IRS for refunds saying your guidance is wrong on this you owe me the money back and he went to court and tried to get an opinion and the CIA and the I. R. escaped they say here's your money back we don't want to adversity out there

yeah so

they know that that they'll act like a bully but when you stand up to a boy that's what happens

yeah and you know I want to say to that you know this is something to keep in the back your mind that the more decentralized a a crypto asset whether that be a blockchain or dal


it's in the name you know it should be decentralized in nature so kind of do your research the more secure I feel about it and

yeah the more

powerful I feel it is against these agencies trying to push it around or just in the loss just like this one can figure out how to serve

and then nothing against yeah nothing against ripple XRP but we talked about it before and you know I R. when we did our deep dive on the crypto masters on on XRP we we said you know this thing is not decentralized it's very centralized out yeah don't get mad at me I'm all in favor of XRP when in their lawsuit

yeah sure

right but it was it may have been in the process of decentralizing at that point you know ripple was controlling your member they were controlling the how much they issued every week or month or whatever and you know again the SEC picked the low hanging fruit so but you know ripple peers to be putting up a very good defense and do you know if ripple XRP wins when they weren't on their spectrum of decentralized they work down on the decentralized that's perfect


they can win and they're on a security then you look at all these others that are more way more decentralized than that at this point time and they're just not gonna be scary so

yeah yeah I feel good about stand up


yeah we got this we got this new community

all right well there's our our preaching for the Waycross but you can yeah let's get into some fun like crypto gaming yes

I like it Brian

yes when I was

very excited to see but Sega has announced their partnership exactly let me share my screen to just make sure I'm not forgetting anything here I'll share article but Sega is partnering with double jump dot took Tokyo and oasis from saying that correctly blockchain to come up with a blockchain played earned game so that's very exciting

it's not a public blockchain or is that a private collection

from what I can see it is a private blog

yeah that's what I thought


so it's good to get Sega you know into the into the play to earn but at its at the private blockchain along reading isn't gonna cut it in my opinion it's

yeah it you know on the surface like the headline of this article has me so excited like whoa Sega's first blockchain game but again we have to think about chain is really just a data structure it doesn't make sense to centralize doesn't mean it's right

if it's not a public data structure where everyone can see it and contribute to it then it's just like you know Facebook has its own internal bang you know Sega has a long term thing it's not but I mean it's a step it's a it's a baby step

yeah it is a step in and hopefully front runners like Sega I guess they're not super front runner here but you know one of these early guys making these blockchain Plater and games that involve in F. T. E.'s will show that you know the users love this kind of thing right when you can own your cards in this case it's going to be just another fun fact based on the game I got it right here

single she

Sango kaku Tyson I had to watch a video about it but and I've got a video here to kind of show I I've got a muted but you can just see it's a huge in Japan

and maybe

I'll remove this banner here but you can see this guy like he's got little physical playing cards that he's sliding onto the board of the game is not there

wow like interactive


I wouldn't just be digital I mean maybe it's funny I don't know

well exactly that's that's what they're gonna do there to make this digital you know you can own your own N. F. T. cards

I got you this is before they've won

yeah this is like before aha and I'm I'm assuming they play this like in casinos but you see they have their trading cards and yeah Mike scanned them in this game and then yeah plain and it's like a strategy games right yeah cool

I mean yes this started out with kind of the the Pokemon had the game like that in the magic


yeah then it's evolved in you know some more games like this okay so that yeah current sort of the existing version of the game gotcha

and I'm sure I'm gonna have some players of this game Japan hate on me because I'm you know this article is kind of just making a correlation between the two like it's going to be that

kind of based on spired by that

yeah exactly so it's probably going to play just like it you know obviously I'm a noob that like me that's ever played it but right still very exciting to have them taking up a physical world item game you know like Pokemon or something and put an end to a game like this free trade and earn an you know

yeah they want to go out why not yeah right and you know I think this will be should be a segue for Sega you know into the public blockchain because I think they're going to find that the demand from their audience how we love this we love learning R. F. peas yeah you know all of our things that we cumulate in the game as in F. T. E.'s but we're still stuck here with you Sega instead of being able to go on to the get out of the public exchange where we could sell it and trade it you know which is the big benefit of the of the decentralized a

black jacket yep yep it's not just fixed on this private one yeah

right and we talk about an alluvium you know we got to get more these triple a quality games and certainly Sega is going to contribute to that so when


what when they're forced to become a decentralized or on it you know on a public blockchain in their game where or where their players will have inter operability and you know ability to have a real market for their N. F. T. E.'s it's just gonna be a big difference

yeah I'm still waiting on my away says style the oasis from ready player one I had a verse or a call of duty style game

yeah I remember that

the level I'm waiting for

remember ready player wine was centralized you know the one dude that's very true


so what we want is something like that this decentralized and it's going to be when when you can really get the inter inter operability among the various big games you know like we talked about the sand and Decentraland who knows how it's going to shake out but


yeah so that's going to be good yet we we just can't talk enough about gaming and the play to earn and in F. T. E.'s in the in the gaming world is just an obvious game changer

you said before Brian it just seems like something that can't fail in L.


when you go from plain for no money to playing with an F. keys that you can trade in and also battered Madeline


yeah why will you earn

money what you earned you know the end game token which you can then go to some exchange you know like sushi or whatever some excuse it

get it for real

for actual fiat if you want it but I don't think you know people do that very much because they'll want to accumulate that currency that of their metaverse so yeah it's gonna be it's gonna be cool and it's coming but I I think the second thing is interesting it's great to get a big name


involved in just a matter of time until they change their business model to be more a public blockchain

like it

all right to cross roads is it time for an update like

the time if you to if you all didn't watch

our crypto draft well that's okay but we'll show you now you'll see that tokens and coins that we drafted and how they've done now that said it's been a bad week it's

it's been a read it bloody week

out especially the last day that CPI came out this morning and it was it was bad it wasn't that bad actually the markets kind in turn to turn the green at the very end of the day I don't know if you noticed that they

didn't bring up pretty hard yeah

yeah stock markets and then you know crypt is still kind of following that some extent for now

yeah but yeah we'll get right into it and just background yell we pick coins in certain categories all linked to roles down below so you can follow along but basically we pick some high cap mid cap low cap for needs category we have hundred twenty thousand dollars to play with of course of fake money but

what's wrong right up first what's your portfolio now

so my point is is hurt so

it just is it one of seven

yep it's a hundred and seven thousand

hello from one twenty so you've lost twelve K.

yeah it's not

it's not it's not fun

hello a total loss of twelve thousand there is refreshing to see let's see I think I refresh this before the strain but is probably right where it is yep

all right

hello Watson twelve thousand

twelve thousand let's scroll down let's see here a seven day so he iota wax wow do you have any green there's no green on the seven day zero green

yep and the biggest loss is Clayton at almost twenty percent and seven days

well you serve that

shots fired shots fired at clay do regret I mean look

I think we did a deep dive on Clayton right yeah and we did yeah so you deserve that one all right

yeah yeah well I thought Brian might have thought I was speaking to Dana when I did today and I know I did

I went back and picked it I think I was like when I click on the data today is not down that much

but yeah not not that ten percent in crypto that's not terrible

no not this week

he told the strongest

all right Ross at one oh seven nine so you're basically at one oh eight all right what am I let's see it

and see another refresh we're not saw the line up will get my R. we've it's green what do you have one green street

I mean further with

that eleven for criminal hi

look at that L. Ron hold strong my does John Marston's holds pretty strong

what the heck

we could call him half doing well except for the seven day yeah wow okay I think BTC for its stability in there this is doing his job

while ridiculous

now what took my helium

helium took a big hit

helium is one of those in this is kind of a this is a lesson I guess for everyone helium had been battered it had been feeding like it had the crap beat out of I've I'm thinking it can't go

any lower than it


yeah you see these dips images out


even more recovered a little bit but

yeah it's solid long term but I'm surprised

yeah I am surprised

hello that is yeah all right and let her go and turn on it's had a tough week dang

yeah Cardano man I get notifications all the time Cardano's been hurt me bad in my real portfolio

your guy

right and look at the cosmos hub

explained that to me

that's very interesting

but thank this has everything going for it and is down twelve percent I you know I say there is inefficiency in the crypto markets and and this right here is proof


except for my are weeks which is actually

in the group are we

wow so where am I I am I'm up right let's see I'm at that

I've only lost nine a plus yep

that is solid performance


I'll tell you what Rodriguez read week this is funny after one week or it's okay to laugh at this before still laughing like this in six months I'm still concerned but Hey this is on a fantasy crypto you know it's that it's a good competition and so far it is you're still in the running you still can sini

said Brian unit you've seen the movie Charlie and no it's a **** Wonka and the chocolate factory that's the old one

hi I have

the old original one I feel like

we're doing right now

yeah gene Wilder I feel like the grandpa's stuck in bed it's not fair market I just feel like I can do it turned out

was faking it and it was just lazy I mean they're not yeah we saw it as soon as the I get a chance to go to a chocolate factory I can stand up and

Brian perfectly sums up me in this crypto market when it's up I am the grandpa dancing around I'm ready to go you wanna go out to eat out by your lunch let's go hop in the car now I'm I have

I have

strictly going on a budget I'm not buying anything I can only shop at target

without now you're in bed with your wife in the same bad as the other grandparents and their wife and were they were in the same bed the other transparencies


so like the instrument and who knows what happened


where where

we go in there

your browser

I didn't go into that definitely through the blockchain

what are the ways

and on Brian's in its many birds and blacks and they were

they were they were forming a blockchain I don't know I'm linking it backs them

yeah do you act

what if you touch your night yours was up now no that's that's out of bounds a

shift on the side

all right we cannot let our wives what's this

they're not on stream super good


I am

in the lead after week one would have do you have the dealing you have the billing

Brian I've got the billing rate here

that's what I'm going to be wearing right six months

well you pick big point at least so

I did maybe you do deserve that what's on that what's on the flip side

it's just a blank canvas you know touches on your skin and it just you know it's a surprise surface it feels good

to help you remember that you won the inaugural crypto fancy fancy crypto

that that cold metal hitting your chest


the wakes you up

it's not the first time I've had that all right

that means

all right Ross I think we cash it in for this this episode bruising blockchains from the crypto masters

that's right and guys a flash it up one more time to check out the crypto masters dot com

our website yeah it's cool this movie don't forget the eggs were decrypted malware any crypt of the crypto masters dot com

and Brian were signing out here but we did get a common and let's see help has arrived first baby glad to see you back Ross Perot yep Roscoe's Bacchae streaming he's alive he's ready to go thank you remember this I think that's my friend Tyler so shout out Tyler I hope that's okay I say your name thank you bro

thank you

I have been on stream that's right

I think I did full screen so I missed the common I see all right cool

that's right

they have a right yeah

crypto masters are back


bridge in blockchain is back we're gonna keep you updated

on the progress of the offense the crypto competition we're going to talk about more things that current events in the crypto industry so tune in next time

that's right guys and tune in to see Brian just go down and all on screen are you not now now nothing I bumped my microphone

all right Ross I have to I hear you so on behalf of the crypto masters will sit next time everybody I'll do the music boom beach cheats boom beach bom bom bom bom


we're out