A Talk Down Memory Lane with My Childhood Best Friends for Friendsgiving - Transcripts

November 23, 2022

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Today's episode of the GaryVee Audio Experience is a very special episode to me! I got together with my childhood best friends Rob, Eric and Andy! Some of you may recognize their names from stories I've told. It was so much fun reminiscing about how we met, how Eric introduced me to New York Jets football, all the antics Rob and I got into as kids and dragging Andy to wash cars with me on Saturday mornings!  This is the one podcast episode that is super special to me so I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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Hey everyone welcome back to the Gary V. audio experience once again I'm checking from team Gary and today we have a very special edition of the podcast it's a friend's giving episode that Gary does with all of his best friends for money was a kid rob Andy and Eric to talk a lot about their childhood how they met funny memories and stories we really hope you enjoy this one and have a happy thanksgiving people that know you from social media to grand whatever don't protrude casually someone's call you ever see Gary V. and like yeah I kind of know who that is he's he's he's an acquaintance is is that really who he is and I'm like do you have no idea

he's like

he's the team version of himself you know I don't know where you get the energy to drive but I mean it's a blessing and and you've done so much good with them and it's just it's incredible this is the Gary V. audio experience

in our nation this is a very special friends giving episode of the guarantee audio experience and for this friends giving up a sort I haven't decided if I'm going to hear this on the Wednesday before thanksgiving on thanksgiving Black Friday the Saturday after but somewhere here in a couple weeks where we're filming this on the seventh of November I we're gonna put this episode out and AJ told me yesterday at the jets game that this is gonna be the first podcast he listens to in the year so that's all you need to know about what you're about to get here so I get to introduce my three best friends growing up they they represent so much to me for many that really follow me we talked about Edison New Jersey so so so much and I talk about all that the only rule I told these three best friends of mine was I need you to come and fly in because Robbie turning to the right and he's still in the area but Eric Godfrey has left and that mean maybe familiar for some of you the hardest core fans because Eric Godfrey is the human being that made me a jets fan and probably for for me personally the one that excites me that's in the room the most only because I've had the luxury of jamming with Eric and Robbie a lot over the last decade through Jenkins and such even though Eric has moved to Carolina is in the Greco who also left the area recently he was living in Jersey but now lives in Florida and Greco was the only one of these three that was in my actual greed Robbie was great younger Erica's great older and moved into at a say in in my school second grade year but left in the middle of six or the beginning of seventh grade I think actually I'll let him tell but like so for him to be here is really exciting yesterday we all went to the jets game

yes I'm

amazed on the bills some in a good mood this mayor after we lost to the patriots a second time so not the case hopefully we're still rolling but besides it's like seventy degrees outside which is definitely not November weather when we were growing up in said so I'm really excited about this podcast they are they've been tasked with trying to remember stories and talk about childhood we're just this can be a fun fun episode and hopefully really my biggest take away from this is maybe this inspire some of you given that this is thanksgiving week and some of you may have some downtime to just reach out to a friend that you haven't talked in awhile all three of them because of the fact that we grew up without technology meaning by time we were on high school college and things that nature there was no internet or was just starting cellphones things that nature and so with all these guys I had to reconnect along the way starting with Robbie we reconnect we talked the most even like by phone number right you know things of that nature but and then Eric later and then in the a couple years ago but so that's the set up I'm gonna let them introduce themselves and have an opening statement introduction who they are an opening statement the more than welcome to sure they do professionally or interest but and he will start with you Chandy Greco

all right glad to be here this is this is exciting is a long time coming I'm really excited to be part of this Gary thank you for inviting me so course I'd be remiss if I didn't mention who's not here with us and fortune are from risa who was supposed to be part of this years ago when we first talked about it yes but unfortunately she recently passed away so you know we want to dedicate this to her as well

one hundred percent

but yes your exam where she has she has an amazing family I stayed in touch with the river your start interrupting but she has an amazing son who just graduated high school an amazing daughter who is amazing and she's great at soccer she's she's kicking **** and soccer from understand and one of the nicest guys I've ever met she you know had the privilege of bearing are from research so I some say that Dave Stryker he's a great guy awesome so you know it's a little sad when do you think who's not with us but at the same time super excited to be with robin Eric can you Gary I mean this is like you know a dream you know to be here with you and then to see where you've come in concerning where you came from who knows better than the three of us at this table I mean it's just it's just nothing short of spectacular we've accomplishment and I'm so proud of you so I can better I'm really glad to be

I'm glad you're here

yeah I'm so I'm I'm that guy as as Sasha will say thanks for ruining our lives along those lines every time I see him which is rare yeah I again I I tell my peoples on a program you mean like like I'll get into it more later on talking about it but like everything Gary always says is true about where he came from like that he would hit my mom before she passed away she would tell me stories about how they are come over Hungary you know I mean and she was we were given snacks and stuff like that like that was like one of our stories it shows remember about you but yeah super happy to be here so proud of you man

eat as a kid very skinny all of us I just like not being deeply you will use it your big


yeah you're probably the

either of the bunch yeah right here

we all played a lot

yes like Wisconsin I would

I would eat meat snacks because we just literally played sports for four and a half hour

yeah without stuff every day

in bishop bars so there's a couple people here that were that were container that went to bishop bark

and I always tell having way after us yeah yeah they're all youngsters but

anyway rubbing her neck

of rob Turner the green rob to those it only on Twitter a lot of you guys already know why am I met a lot of your V. time I'm happy to be part of the friends family happy to be part of Gary's life this man changed my life for the better I'm gonna cry he got me out of some jams thank I can't even tell you I appreciate this guy more than anything and I knew I was gonna get choked up I haven't had a chance to tell them like this like how much he means to me and how much you affected my life in a positive way I was going downhill in a bad way and right around the time zone difference came out and save my life he really did so thank you for that the man will be to

all right let's go to the loo before he really cried out here let's go origins lets this should be a lot of fun because I think we could be really fun about this is like anybody who's listening was like a friend group or reconnect with friend group I think a lot of our origin stories you don't fully remember the same way because it's **** hundred years ago I met Eric and Robbie literally within the first couple of weeks of living in Edison New Jersey I moved in August there was a there was a huge fall it's really I'm gonna paint this picture for you there was this huge farm numbers nineteen eighty two Edison is now converting like much of New Jersey from like farmland people don't really know Jersey like that like there was a farmer we all know

the only

actual former Joe who sold his farm to a developer and a developer build these town houses which but

I was just gonna say because I've lived there my whole life and I distinctly remember before meeting Gary I remembered the fence in my backyard and cow is back there we just came to the counter

right accounts to cover this is the profound this is these two guys lived

three houses away

right like

yeah really

right exactly three houses away on Tingley lane which by the way


the name of the company here now would be an extremely lean trading


we just announced it so I have a new company called tingling it's a border media companies literally call tingly when trading

that's awesome

and they would sleep three house apart Robbie's house was right on close to the road Eric's house was way deeper get out so


really interesting they weren't they were on the same road but they were kind of like one was on the front row back and then it was wrapped around this huge farm which I don't know they both knew because they still remember in our early because they were like seven six when I met them like they were super little but they remember it that form cells and they build this thing called dogwood meadows


I'd so dogwood meadows is this town house that opens in nineteen eighty two and one of the first six or seven people to move in is Sasha Tamara van or truck end and my sister's best friend growing up the niece Lori she lived in one of those houses one was one of the first reason and her house backed into Eric's house and we all literally lived within I mean mean Robbie's house in my house touch with this hill so we were book somebody help me I'm not good with the dolphins

what do


want to work probably about maybe a hundred feet


actually yeah

and Eric was three hundred feet to the left instead of the back and so I I bet Robbie Robbins version of our


yeah our version is the same I go outside first I recognize there's a kid outside I've seen a kid he looks my age that's all I know so the next step I see on the first day the second day I go outside you the member this is a development in development like the houses are still being built around yes so there's mud and woods and like there's all sorts of **** going on and it's like a T. shirt in that is like a teacher it's in the mud I pull it out and go to the house that I saw the kid and ask them if it's if they are

I don't sure

go ahead

the way I remember it was just

you know again to do it myself eighty two that's about right I was five years old it was the summer before I went to kindergarten and I was it was a Saturday morning I was sitting in the day and playing in television and again it wasn't as hot out it was a nice day so the back doors open and all of a sudden I see yes I'm out of the corner merry move I look over I turned to my right and I see Gary with his hands up against the glass peeking in my window with standing behind me

with my

death speak a lick of English yeah she didn't know and yes I was hi I need a little a little a little because I had gone over and that so I got a little something Liz was still at hand because she was real small Russia I was in the mix AH and yes that's exactly right I was looking through the like you know and like Dick is this your T. shirt that got us to talk that started the process I think it took me less than five minutes to get ready to go out and play with them at that point we'll start fast and then how I remember it and actually actually for the the witness I have no idea if you can remember do you know when we first met I I have a I have a memory that I think I might be right it may be hard it was much worse the do you know what I remember is football and literally the story you always tell yeah and like you been telling for free like that's my first memory and you know it wasn't over the years I've drinks means of my memory may not be what it what it should be about I remember playing football and you coming here and asking you like you know like I your English is not good yeah and I remember asking you like **** because I had just become a jet fan yeah my sisters I was not born to the jets right I should actually lead with the so my mother my father is it is honestly street happy like he doesn't care about sports at all yeah my mother is a Die Hard Yankee family memory loss or several years ago but hi huge huge and you can do it wasn't super into the NFL I that's why I'm a Yankee fan you also made me Anke van

you know

like and like your mommy yes I literally I keep em because you're mine yeah so long story short the jacks like my dad would even though I don't give a **** at all he was still watching because it was a great father yeah and so we're watching this is eighty one eighty are terrible yeah really bad yeah so I turned my dad I'm like my favorite color is green sorry to have that yeah and I turned my dad like that this team is terrible and I remember him saying to me like it's fun to root for the underdog sometimes and like from that between being green ending five or five years old and just not knowing anything I was Jeff and from that moment and then that first season we had together was eighty two and they went to the AFC champ yeah and that was prevailing cried we cried we hated AJ do even so yeah the dolphins when my mother told me my brother was named A. J. I was devastated that never actually called me that was like the worst thing that I could we can each do we was the single human I hated the most on earth all until my brother was named all right so I remember right I mean I just become friends Robbie had an iconic at least for the four of us and iconic jungle gym yeah I Connie Chung yes it was and it wasn't like that for all the youngsters it's not like the **** you see now but like it was like Robbie help me it was it was just like the framework would with like going large wooden dowels like like bars that you hang out with the kind you would make that my dad bill the only thing holding his kids back then that's what it was it was it was why there was no strings or will not having you know yeah I was yeah I was going to say that so yeah anyway Robbie has this jungle gym it's super cool I'm scared **** list of climbing it my friend Robbie here to the right is an iconic cliche eighties kid is **** kid didn't see a tree you don't want to climb he was like so that I didn't if you were amazing anyway so rob and I are friends this is still summer this still August and I'm telling you we moved in August so it's August we're all about to go to school Robbie to kindergarten to first grade Eric to second rate I don't even know we lived literally two hundred feet from me did not go to the same grammar school as us because the grammar school we were all going to go to Dallas right yes the road right oak tree road I don't remember okay Martin Luther king was not right March no new and was being built but we would have done probably another date like I don't know exactly how broke down but me and Robbie went to Martin Luther king and you want to whatever Jack was a Jack O. no medicine J. Radisson James that's right so which was really suck by the way between going to a different grammar school and always going to sleep away camp I will tell you right now I'm so grateful from eighty two to eighty nine I got every minute with Robbie like we hung out every minute the great disappointment for me was that I didn't get as much time with Eric as I wanted because he went to a different room school and he went to sleep when I was always pissed when he would go away for the summer and then obviously not enough time with the ID we'll get to his Baltimore colts leaving in the night part of our friendship in a minute but Eric yours are members we were in I'm so mean Robbie just met we played maybe two times three times seven days twelve not a lot could have been a lot

and then

he said my other friends are coming over I actually want to talk about you too if you remember when you guys met or for how long but you Eric


Ellen his sister Allen Eric and Ellen came over and they were playing on the jungle gym with me and Robbie and that's the first time we actually met but was like quick it was like late in the afternoon we cut all hung for like what you know for ten fifteen twenty minutes and then the then the nerf ball football stuff happen later but do you you guys had known each other or not yet of the week we had met yes hi because because you're so close and that and our parents even though they weren't supervisor they were friendly

well back to you I mean that you don't forget this was neighborhoods in the eighties yeah everybody everybody knew each other

and see across the street from you

yes listen that iconic picture of you meet her when we were like going to kindergarten and first grade first time yeah it was

it was going across the street and Tingley lane who lived in a house she left literally that you that year or the year of the Seattle right in


thank you

but I was kind of shocked with her mom for a long time and I know she went into the military I don't know much else about

feelings if you hear this

number out there

yeah if you're out there Gary had


on the site something related

in the same house you could find me

I'm did you know when to cross because only when he was president

yes I I wasn't like she and I were friends personally

and play with nobody

not really

right because rob was two years younger because

those nice and thin guy like until I was like really like you went to that school right


so that that's what I meant all those other games like Benji Saverin so

you kind of met when you met me you were just starting

out I pretty much like other but like you know still young

number seven

yeah I was fine

I was a kid there

you know

yeah Scott and then it wasn't and it was really yeah getting here you'll

you come two years later I was late to the party so I joined I think one ninety eighty eighty five five H. so you're talking like third grade to like beginning in seventh grade

it was stored right right yeah yeah one of my second repeat yeah it was great


do you know


you come in the summer you know you keep a little bit did

I think it was beginning of the school year I want to say like September October

yeah it wasn't even summer

now it was a ticket was made school years I'm in my first day at school I had to like walking into the classroom not knowing anyone and it was just like I don't even know you then I think the first time we met and you moved into dogwood meadows in the dogwood meadows like a block and a half from me from you guys from you know you and rob you basically were next door neighbors and Eric was across the art and I was I was a little bit farther away a block and a half away and when I moved in I I knew no one I remember the first the first memory I have meeting you and I think Eric was there too you're at the courts playing basketball

and I just feel like a lot of I just yeah yeah yeah

and actually simply because

for you to

the stories coming yeah I got some story just how much time what time is it great so we have to one fifteen right because there's a buffer on we're gonna get into

it yes so I mean the

first one respond to the courts now to be a picture I lived in a cul de sac Robbie's right behind me because he wasn't part of the development he was on the street yes Eric

if you

if if you think about what a house looks like in a cul de sac I'm looking up the basketball Robbie the back I'm looking at the basketball courts Eric's to the left in these to the right


they just built these basketball courts a tennis court this is fancy ship for all of us yeah


got it

yes so yeah it's it's a good point you bring that we we didn't live in the in a luxury element they were town homes we had a basketball court a tennis court in like a little you know green area player small but but we we maximized I mean we used to not stop so I rolled on my bike it's like summer of fall of nineteen eighty five

you knew to

Derek your bike and try I was just exploring artists exploring I heard the report grew up in bloodborne reason Bloomfield slows us third grade we moved at issue were

used to

what we were used to just go outside find kids play that's it I'm just being this make sure because I don't want people twenty five and no I do the proper job yeah

and there was no this was a direct result ladies was no Facebook meet up groups it was none of that interesting to just go find friends that go outside we have food yeah when you come back he home for dinner and have fun

yeah well that landed **** to do and you know and then we're gonna create screen others are working

I don't want to be dealt with

for the morning yeah

go ahead so I remember just rolling up to the courts you guys are playing basketball Gary was like fully focused basketball games it was like if you want to Eric and Gary verse two random kids I have no clue where twenty but when I Gary was like laser focused he was like all about winning and I just remember watching for a few minutes and it some point I don't somebody got hurt but you looked over Gary can you show me on my bike and you're like Hey wanna play and I'm like why not you know I'm not a great baseball player but I'll give it a shot so you call me okay I came I came on the court and you know I I held my own you know I heard some respect from day one with you guys and you have to that I think it was just like Hey where do you live we got to talking like on right down the street I just moved in and we can exchange numbers or anything I just said I'll see you tomorrow you know I come out next day and then you know I think the next day we did like a wiffle ball game Eric's house in New York and and I got


and then maybe like a week later you introduced me to Robbie and it was like

you know I mean I think I remember being pumped because my two best friends were not in my class


Robbie was when you're younger in my school the rest of us in my yeah Rhys and Russell's live down the street yeah and like we have you would have in Allen's class


yeah that's right and so I remember you being in my class yes and that was the coolest like oh my god my friend an actual friend is actually in my class and I was the best

yeah it was great I mean we we had such a great child I mean all we did was play sports

you know I literally was just literally it was always

basketball tennis

yeah like video games no okay said classic golf wall bowl we gives you me at all

I need someone you may know there's a lot of golf

Robbie I love your face right now I read up this crazy asking the residents coming back it was a good god what our daughter at it's in the coldest sack it was right in front of my house we would go to the end of the Cold a sack which is closer get away and we wouldn't rule the tennis ball you try to get a hole in one I don't remember you have the user guide I can't believe I work you know what I've never you know what I remember in that close second spot spot


right that was like categories and you throw it down that cold a sack was central yes I was a hundred percent overhead at that open space between your house and the neighbors yeah it's like a little courtyard I just got to John and Linda they were yeah the shared they shared back yard and they completely gave it to me yeah about us all right she does morning isn't just for your flowers that's why we definitely need your grand kids of John and Linda who lives in Addison nineteen eighty two on T. berry drive like I need to hear from you because I like they were the sweetest retired he would always want delivered all right here we said that the burglary truck they long believed

so that was you

that's how we met that's how we met and then from there it was just you we were in school together and we can't became super tight and I just remember like one of my first memories of you is you are always look for ways to make money right this is no no no that's the other thing we have besides playing sports

yeah it was a long business

Gerry Gerry sort of that hospital probably in like nineteen eighty three

yeah yeah so you you were always you know tagging along with the on these ideas you have where there's a lemonade stand or one of my favorites was the car wash so exciting is here's a good story yet so it's Saturday morning nineteen eighty six about seven in the morning I think I spoke to the night before you're able to like you know like tomorrow we're gonna do some to make money I'm not sure what it is yet we're gonna figure it out so I was thinking you know you might roll up around ten o'clock now seventy and my dorm this guy standing at the door with stand in my front door with that with a garden hose opal he's got a bucket with a sponge in a bottle his mother's dish detergent wonder that's exactly right by a Lee's like every minute we're gonna we're gonna make some money I'm like I do not we'll be here with I'll finish watching The Flintstones you like now I mean we're gonna we're gonna miss the boat everyone's gonna leave it plans for Saturday we got to get out there we got it I got it let me let me get my pajamas go watch cars with the Gaffney so sure enough I get dressed throw some shorts we go outside we go door to door ring the doorbell heck we washing cars five Bucks will do a great job you're not happy get your money back like Gary had only just the I'll just eat it carries we use their water and we we read that is open to some point somebody just gave us some so but we work I mean he just it was all about just making something from nothing I mean because like I said you know it was there was nothing you wouldn't try it was just you know from day one I make sure that you were just driven do it it's just it's just how you work how you're wired nine hundred percent and it it you know to see where you come in life it's it's surprising because I never expected to get to this level but again it's not you know because you're always worried to be that guy you were just always thinking of the next thing the next thing and I mean it just played out really well for him and it's it's a group it's it's a great thing to be a part of it I mean even though it was only three or four short years where I live with you guys in Edison I mean I have such fond memories of those years even to this day all god it's cool will that know you from social media Instagram whatever don't protrude casually someone's call you ever see Gary V. and like yeah I kind of know who that is he's he's he's an acquaintance and they're like yeah you know he's just a I you know I don't know dizzy reels you really like is is that really who he is and I'm like do you have no idea he's like he's the team version of myself that's fine because I use of these factories you have no idea it's just he's just you know I don't know where you get the energy to drive but I mean it's a blessing and and you've done so much good with them and it's just it's incredible

I got

I got to bring up some stories will get to I wanna keep going around but we got to talk about your basement in nineteen eighty Mike Tyson's punch out came out yeah I lived in the end if not that's the time I spent the most time in your house yes yeah because because Hanukkah was late that year that's right and so yeah he had Mike Tyson's punch out we start right really hang in that base yeah we had yeah I got the Nintendo Entertainment System that had to be Christmas of eighty six exactly and I got three games I got married it came with the console I got Tyson's punch out and I got the legend the legend of Zelda I know that and we were just like nonstop and I remember like you had to wait did you ever get Mike Tyson's punch out that year but if you have to wait


I don't know we shared a lot the three of us I never had it

I know you have

your house right I have a site sites like an insane the Yukon it robs


Robbie's room playing excite bike listening to twisted sister I was watching will and

right no

idea why I just thought of rugby and a yo MTV raps chord in my basement of his marquee he left his marquee Eric what do you remember about those early stays different tool sleepaway camp like what's that yeah I mean definitely when you first first we were like inseparable like literally like every day and like that that that's what I lived for that all I really want to do is play sports like


when I did get into video games with you guys but not as much like you're cooler than we did like you got into girls way before yeah we were like we like have crushes but you were like trying to really do it right about that life I remember in the fifth grade girls are fighting over you

yeah I was I was I was already if

you guys saw Xander yes for that quote that based on the charisma like I was very strong in fourth and fifth grade but no Arab youth

yeah you

by the time we got into video games in eighty six I was eleven you were twelve you what twelve was nineteen yes you will yeah very focused in here


we were like it was ports and girls sports now yeah in the beginning

yeah I mean I

thought I could be good like I mean I was you were tall I was gonna say like six foot twelve percent I stop

your six one right

six we're really tall right yeah

like I remember


**** twice my size was super short


Robbie likes my size a year yet and I have two younger

yeah rob Ruggles hall yeah I always tell yeah I'm taller than I liked all of the notes I'm six foot three

while we're early in the podcast especially if like relatives or friends of these people we're looking for we're definitely looking for Bobby Duffy


also lived on taking the land by figures we still lives there is that right that's one of the houses it has not been torn down


I'm pretty sure it's illegal if he was in the mix what I want to stick on eighty two eighty three eighty forty five before we get to like eighty six eighty seven eighty eight eighty three eighty four not only was it us and he was just about to come and then came the Bob Duffy was in the mix with sports he played football we put a lot of football

yep we

we played with football we played aluminum bat tennis ball in the home run

I thought you might yes with the back and then

you move a second time much of my tooth when I bit the car me pretend I was Georgina mostly yes we'll talk about that later but we played a lot of football you need more you don't mean you played a lot of one on one with football automatic yeah


that didn't take a lot of people football did so we had Bobby Duffy and then the ensuing Gregory the twins are you the last name I

don't know what else DO


and yeah that's it

everybody's listening we're looking for any up and Gregory best ego who lived in Edison as the twins talk about those guys were monsters call it would be they would be great when I was in second I remember that vividly because that's when I think they moved they were three years older me and look like my father I would like their child and they were they were outside all the time those two and Bobby Duffy and US three than any of the teams that were in the Michael Bronfman who also went down tamely Michael problem we're looking for you from you yeah he came in like around the time you came in


again you're probably hearing that my audio is different now

and as much as I'd like to blame it on Dustin because it's always fun it's like inside joke I just did another podcast where I hit the wire again and this time I actually like knew what was happening because Dustin just told me I **** up in this pocket so luckily it sounds to me like finding you'll be able to hear me but obviously about the sensor changing audio just want to jump and say sorry and I love you and remember to pair high high high fruit forward red sauce with your thanksgiving dinners if you haven't

bought your one yet

thank you may she rest in peace that was the crow yeah yet because we we I mean less willing stars just got to we have the worst between dogwood meadows in the oaks the other condos at St three summer second third and the big boys six screen I'm still I reached out to him obviously but he didn't answer me I mean I like I I right I talked to Brian Shannon Dixon I thought when the school went to live in our neighborhood and nobody like you like like price at a sleepover birthday party that was iconic so and in Thailand wanting to pass right one years ago it's funny how you know to my core friends around side of you that were school friends both past rich Regan when you were still in high school yep my senior year I think this was my he was my monster man Randy savage right he would be able Franco is Frankel it was on a video with me yeah right go and retrieve it and me were the macho man Randy savage my class and then and then and Taliban thing and what I remember about Tyler my third grade birthday party was at my house and everybody came over we played football on the grass in between the coldest sack and the basketball court and like that was that was a police report that first like jumped on his back and his company is actually there came out of his Saudi no actually let me show the older one so we really really fought second third sixth grade like really a rivalry that anybody has a memory systems in that class but right before I moved because I moved to the in the seventh grade we were actually very friendly and south Ripley tennis on oak tree road I don't know this tennis match that was like on a man's day like incest yeah all right yes I mean it was he was generated our server was always a rivalry there yeah it was silent rule more back and forth you know who rose to the worsening will file we stayed all of the big fights were always dispute Martin's engine middle school yes middle school I don't know what it was but that was a yes yes and yes yeah we went to the school all of us I'm around something was never gonna be the same school which was the best all right up there I we were never middle school yeah more when I was three one six yeah we're there for you yeah we have one here you will reset and he and he's do you remember when you were in recess six three Robbie stones that we still walk to school and be your Resta human resources you're gonna need like we're making bombs said she and numerous over doing something in rocky start I can jump in the second meeting we would request out of your meeting point that we walk to school we were doing something tells me all right well yeah you know fires respect were this I'm not going to have some bottle rockets yeah right your eyes made him up in the bushes which just happened to be where Gary in and the person back to walk to school together in the fountain and the cops rolled by and saw them there sure one hundred percent I remember yeah holy **** yeah I mean I remember when it was in the call can you bring us **** I think my mom I don't know what else what else and here's a list yeah I I gotta listen for a list the car was story right shin right yes the party it was like winning the lottery in yeah Brian Chen's sleepover birthday party which I went to a three or four years and I said and he was like why don't you guys what you need you have later this is grammar school right then you were on people it was one thing Max Thomas yeah Max Thomas and Tyler were always there because that was the score because I was there might be one of course was the only kid in our third grade voted for Michael Dukakis yes you know why does the nose we had a class pull it easy work and everybody voted for Ronald Reagan except for Michael wanted at all think about this this is now set in forty years later and I still remember he was really smart more go ahead so so I get that so we're trying to somebody he's very bright people over party was the equivalent of going to Coachella the Superbowl I think it's for a month and winning this one point nine billion dollars this is the world would be he sold or is this you Ryan says berbuat Siegel was the first of our guns and roses are yeah so we had six yeah he's so horses the hospitals we had lemonade stands yes all that story about rapping career you remembers Corey Jennifer the ugly you'll see the leaders really really I don't think people understand like when people hello cemex really scary even like hip hop only get these back to I thought we thought we thought we were we really wanted we take surely we were born today just you know every grade on the bus home robin was our buses and four and we were in the back of the bus we ran yeah and we thought it was really you well I cool yeah that's a lot to get you over to a license yeah Gary just great was class president yeah I just want him going to the forty fifth grade yes the presidential election now it's a three yeah and just your idea palm lined away from some of the skin Scott Robinson who I hope to my people first got Robinson for Miami based president Gary's passing out dumb dumb all the pops and the what is the generals both I would like to see his school today by the way hole in backyard organ you he also remained you he came out remember me looking yes in the parking

do you

the reason I remember that believe that we can be supported I remember vividly being stung you were good you guys I know you can getting better and better and better with your hand up because of this awful we're not wrestling yes my basement suite at WrestleMania with the twins well I just are twice the size that I am now two three well and Gary was always like they were tag teaming him it was always very versatile he held his own security simplex impartial jury would just until it was almost every single time I was in it so when you see Jesus yeah you don't really remember is I would head but people because my I'm just convinced that I couldn't hurt my head and most people just didn't like it I mean seriously better for all of these rooms because you had but I got this historian so yeah yeah so so Gary was a much better tennis player Denis okay it was because it was good yeah I wanted to be him and so I would put when you go to sleep away I would play tennis against one wall where we play more for **** seven hours a day one one test by myself yeah that's a perfect segue where I'm going so we we unite I was horrible player firstly we write is yeah you you actually work yes I want to somebody he said you know challenge you so because you sort of go to sleep yeah you got the feeling so so sure enough I I took a liking to star proxima you end up driving it would be like six one and I usually my feelings are coming back he you know he just you know we we we did play like you were to bring so I decided their practice one day sure when I was trying to get my hands this year try so we play and the first set I think would be like six four if you were like computers usually just on a break I was like six one zero so it was first set like you were trying to find six four yes your life will you know you know yeah the second set I somehow yes six four yeah I'm sorry holy **** like you just like some not computing in your life we are pleased to write sentences and I ended up winning yes Sir said yes you are we share a lot they're actually on the house this is crazy you just lose your mind I'm sorry about that legally I think you spent the next fox is probably still wall and he'd be like six one six two you're like all right all right in the world I was so confused I remember the whole three this is what I wanna do is fine but you know it was it was play sports do you want to win you had to win but it pushed us all the people that are like the rocks when he was a great player and then all the sudden you push them and you know you always raise the bar you can see your personal and your professional life I mean you racy what's your last book well the half com competition being competitive was in it and I took it out because I actually want to write a book about just competition and how important it actually isn't we shouldn't even I said give me a short piece of it's okay to cry when you lose how much thank prime when I lost from nineteen eighty two what well I heard crying and crying the time right he would keep playing until late in the game wasn't over until he's I wish for him we still have a great day and you were was a cell phone lines yeah so I'm that was such a SummerSlam this is this is because I just told you about Brian Sionis leap over now my immigrant mom Tamara finally lets me have one and it's summer slam first one Peter view which is my mom let me buy you your buy a rolls Royce eighteen dollars or whatever it was like a big these three slow rollers for all of us I will never forget this sleepover day I die that was meeting Elizabeth took the only reason Marjorie and savages manager took over took off a piece of clothes and having a mini skirt on and literally I turned in the I think the more men yes please first and foremost weekly use didn't use it should the feet and hands yeah I just put everything what else do you remember give some more like vivid memories story time what do you remember if people like give us a story when I bought my home my **** to be honest this is a school that comes later so six years ago we lost my mother unfortunately my sister and I hello Sir I am very lucky my entire family went six is the first year that we all believe this is when the story came out by Alanna drinks and somehow it came up that I own and each other's first now I four I'm not four zero I'm saying if she doesn't how no one told me in Alameda yeah I'm very disappointed Ellen broking hello world I mean and then another Ellen's birthday party at a movie theater and my mom made me give her a rose and back to the future quite possible I think it was that was it I'm pretty sure yeah he's rob okay I'll just I'll talk so I thought that was funny but yes room tax really also six foot one excellent excellent yeah yeah some were on the team together was like so called because they were good friends but when the different schools as well like we said we don't want to go to school and we all version middle school jazz yeah a member of the I understand that so just something a little different so and you probably know this already but like the day that Gareth hand side to move like and we're older on this one it was like I was so it was just a year before he was on the stand even though we're different grazing and Justin Burgess school and we were still like Ryan did for groups also they always came back but so for me it's not I found the tape okay high school I was on the phone thanks for yes Benji yeah yeah and you make sure like Chris Farley before there was absolutely and then I will yeah actually we were baseball team together you got I just moved back to your use it was the manager of a team I was really good at baseball when I was little and dot I was in a ten year old league and the way we're going to do is I lasted so like the majors yes and it yeah yes really we had a really great team that year and and that actually ended my career move me up too fast but I remember I was with all those older kids and I just wanna make sense is that yes yeah yeah our love that yeah yeah and song goes down yes No John global yes dad was the best one of the coaches yeah yeah I was gonna say yeah yeah I don't know I actually met somebody Italy on one trip when I was like thirty that graduated with that whole crew your great work my reading and they seem to be any longer Michael bottles to spray what does I opened a brewery Charly yeah sure and you three years not last year yeah so I turned my vases Hey my daughter who's you as you surely will resign in thirty years you know I mean I have so many great and so turns out I am hired his daughter Leo our motion I haven't seen this guy thirty years such a great time came to the bird you want your fund they don't we don't know actually we were running slightly different circles at this point Michael bottles when meeting in dogwood meadows my last hold me meet Michael bottles and many we did in dogwood meadows as seventh graders and on it but when you go to doctor meadows and make a left to go to me right if you want Shorty yeah Tom Rapp was gonna come well defined you bro the worst he lives in Florida or Texas when you're when you come to visit his dad Conrad first what baseball cards okay for you definitely on that street I'm never gonna be like a lot of the mini start treating right after walking to school from John Adams we go down that street and suddenly he put out a wheel barrel I need a **** this is like not like a warm we'll show **** wheelbarrow films like these absentee security what I need Michael took the whole I don't sorry we centrally yeah so that was it Michael actually the only thing which no **** sense you should just take in here yeah we right now this is gonna jump into the hallway there are you know I was I was talking to kids about this I just look at the years nineteen eighty seven following felons Saturday we will search for universal we were walking up the people in your call to sap we're just pulling in from the grocery the more we we used to hit every house we one year but we have every every house in the condos and you went to the the other kind of right near there the oaks and meet the meeting is to them yeah we corrected all of those made two million dollars back to my house we changed costumes and we went out yeah yeah we went out to get the ball he's he was **** you reporting by you bobbing for apples of all that make up I'm so competitive yeah I need to get the apples quartered I would die from I was we don't deliver the miniature golf course Robbie's backyard okay but then we have to talk about Marissa who lives on we we we do lemonade on recess and and did not process the mini yeah early marketing fees Russell and nine items we use some of your software and god gave member when you send all of the ten dollar bill back when we were gone yeah we just we we ran out of and then we ran along in a sense I was believing low price corners and local that bill was originally I actually thought was really even like got Adams pocket before was in my high salumi he filled his like bike thing that's why I use in my trash talk videos do it now because that guy okay what we do and fill the water bottle bill we need to find what we did after that was what we did every single day you remember the last day of school every single year we would all walk up to you see a crowd also earlier but that whatever money he had used a filing shows a lemonade you see Hey mama we need whatever we got to get shipped seven we just go back soon my facts that you just sit there and just sure our selves hello mom used to talk about implants or something this is what I'm trying to plan out our summer because let's face it Gary was always in charge somebody else you need to take charge you took it back right away I mean yeah that was it robin we I remember some so similar to that word I will choose a less a school but it was sweet we did some lemonade stand Rochdale something Mason Meyer I remotely like sixty Bucks Gary was like yes sixty hours thirty to goes away the only thing about that is that your mom is also browsers and we went you know lows in yeah and I remember instructs seen on your desk on your house mom comes out the bulls chips in their music on it I would never we are sorry I remember that moment yeah we built this city well that yes we were I just it's like I could send a snapshot of the moon roof give some shout out just so people can like email us alike let friends who listen to this I know these people remember robin you that moved into live near you I think Asian fail S. yes the reference I want I don't remember it was routed rob right now I remember his mom US ICS it was like we did but we still see that in restaurants you need only recently yes your memory sake monopoly with those dudes like if your staff yes member that's exactly right I remember that I remember them just wait you know yeah of course Williams it Brian yeah I thought that was like they were so there was something like this in Addison had like some interesting parts of Madison wis yeah that was a **** there's a lot there's a lot of talk about them because the parents like real yeah enjoy yeah you were you were you would avoid I wish I I you know and to this day I still knew I was going to bring my office or I was a bouncer it was just yeah I bought the restaurant or do I want to fight well it was raised by law so wonderfully I remember I thought his name was Sean the call you will remember him thank you I don't know what happened when you were in the gym class twenty four hour now since we are fine remember it was it was middle school this is better he was over you can go down as a member we we met Marcus hill yeah more secure listening yeah you have to hill by John Adams trump was people in the back on the flight I mean that was a signature moment of my middle school career was my dad in that where I was very close to losing somehow mustered up the energy to get off me and kick them in the face of this whole thing's exploded I stopped the car and pulled us apart read off like that was like that was a crossroads in my life yeah right yeah he was definitely there yes I was six I'm sorry Morris is there anyway I'm not sure I mean you could you when I was there earlier yeah one of them for sure source request I wanted to scream that was a big one yeah just open it pushed me in the morning into a locker and on top of me and then I thought it was a non event and by lunch I went to lunch and everybody wants yeah I was like this is something my framework I actually providing a Marcus is after school and then the high yield hi and **** there was you know how it is to respond only forty kids there but it felt like forty thousand three it was number it was I remember right before like we're both in our early signs of rebounding on the middle I only did this to me six ninety six **** forty something years ago I remember vividly saying myself if I lose this fight I can go to school anymore everything builds your I remember being have survived and he got off so it just feels good looking three before we got settled in right literally that's the fight that was on top of me solidly bigger he was this and like trying to like Dodge the punches I just remember thinking like this is almost over now and like I know I'm so greasy mentally that even the land clean but I but I usually like seriously actually making going conscious for me to stop oh absolutely about myself then and now I didn't I just I just got a clean shot just like if somebody handed it like you would a loss decision right so I remember vividly deciding people we got we all wrestle so much I was able to like do the **** side to side and when we fell off I had the liberation walking kicked him right in his **** face leading so heavy and bonding with his voice yes please and I'm watching them run it back towards the school like your she was very I well I wasn't there you are I mean I called seven times for next twenty four hours documentary about it later that day you want to have a decade where Sean was yeah you were there you were like my high I remember it I don't remember him believe using how much I need to do to win yes we were we were both pretty you know I was about to say hi yeah but I was a wrestler to and you know we're very he's very very athletic and I'm sure he was a bigger kid he was pissed because he really I really understand dodgeball whatever idea yeah Michael's mother's well what I this is only just getting there early late couple national service you're breaking up you're gonna be going to sleep always going straight from for the kill you know so so so you know the first thirty seconds of the fight because you know yeah streets are all rocky's chorus so I just remember one point I just go for a just Russia Mike gravel grown by the shirt he picks me up off the ground listening as much for me that agreement had a lot of running around the strap and went straight to slip into a little bit of blood in our memory T. J. seventy supplied you Gary looking eagles his this is getting the funds in our surging winning scratched and remember even then I was thinking about how people fall things right yeah that's right that's right your point shortly after that he looks over me he's alright the New Orleans this fight if I don't do something so he comes in and I swear to god he hit me with three Bible solid phase we somehow get to drown but he got me good sure only three point shots and I push away I threw punches landed and then I remember somebody said in March it's over it's over easy where he drew and it was like he resigned his his mind was blown we'll structure this is how was hi on the ground he was yeah yeah mmhm you never wasn't there he that was like one security guard okay I don't remember okay only about a what do you remember about this great lecture grill action we need posters yeah my mom you were double winners yeah I what what would you please listen do you know who I'm against proposes ask you was it a girl yeah

who was

I remember was fairly popular yeah well known here the sisters screening right now listening to the podcast because this girl's sister was also in her class so she was talking **** second grade I'm sure you need him I was friends with her sister yes you know


okay she is the only one who's what channels you might only I would definitely students should from six three on the engineer high in high school you guys because they're both really yeah yeah that's what he I was a captain Morgan yeah thanks for you have reached your T. shirt lows I only work relations yet my entire time the water for about at some point for some it's just so why all right how much liquor stuff I'm sure it'll work six screen this is literally a lot here I like T. shirts to one washer posters moreover it was everything yeah absolutely that was a little later you had a pool table in your base yes all different light liquor merchants your your pictures out are you yes yes copyright two fewer and we had some we just we give our our school when he was cool with that without a corner although she wrote it that wasn't what was he was across the street oh my god really trying to work some yeah he is in your jail is that the same guy do you see gas station across posted from major drugs yeah let's leave yeah this is baseball field for his backyard right yeah there's more the one your little league I was a what we're actually football I played John was our center dad was a coach John reed was another shot he was a household name this is wrong I was three seasons we want we won one game and tied one and lost like we were like oh six and one every year in my class you will Michael Smith we don't do the classes celebrated right was he really didn't do it yeah I think so like yes like you would you like a big dude Michael's he was more of a book sleazy this is actually you're all three of us were missing school yeah before the inning is executed and is six to begin the seventh beginning at seven seven two right could you please learn this is John Adams is six seven eight tell you I know this is your money new eleven or so and we're set I was yeah and I'll of course I lose so much smarter than us in grades like I didn't I didn't consider Alan operators which yeah I mean actually tries to this day she was so brilliant yeah yeah downtime sourced shoes he's smarter try to get those Nintendo power magazine this is final she does everything else is huge because our service right for you Sir you know that I'll see degree degree six the box we suggest worms sleep these tools that's true what is your okay I never saw our it was still like tadpoles my goal is always to go to someone will yeah but this research provides Verizon you will actually in box when he was walking it was freezing cold and sit on it yeah this one goes back to lease a number's few plus I have two words in lawyers playing football yeah the weather was G. S. with questionable it was the most in the summer we try to figure out yup yeah sliding down okay additional farmland thank you hello backyard the core he also in my driveway you see before I drive I remember we all these wrestling figures we got a little older in this I know that was crazy I so look for more of America childhood and you should see so much it really does and you were literally literally forty years later

sitting here

let's talk about this stuff like it's yesterday

it was

four years ago this past summer they are you're in the early your parents and like what you do and any virus yeah Jersey at all yeah what's more fun thing about Gary so Gary Davis stated when you move yes I was obviously since we it was very hard it was far away like I was the jets lost they lost the first game of the year the next year just plain **** yours over someone talking with you one of our subject talk to you since I was seventeen fourteen have to look it up it's nineteen ninety nine to nineteen eighty nine ninety season bookmark in your city but so center for a while yeah I'm playing sports cool so we are not lost touch for at least ten twelve years at least so funny story about this you can just come out at this point yeah my mom calls me I'm running one program so George in New Brunswick New Jersey and my mom called me and she's like a swimmer for Gary's face on a Billboard on the term again I was running my mother for respond so at this point I certainly can resolve that and then out of school right so like you living fast easy and how weird is it that life at this point I'm a little too some you're right and we actually it was a long time ago he actually did that one channel number that's how we want we're actually in a bind and ruby on caring for the that was running yeah I was driving to work the Jersey turnpike and I see these guys face on a Billboard finally very and there's only one very major shopping and so I just saw the website I got to work today email I go to the website email Gary click email it was the my **** phone recently yeah four I was twenty I was so I'm yeah yeah we had to get together and then I just remember it was just like you know twenty I mean I left so abruptly seven years ago you know my my dad my step mom you know both the condo in the oak meadows gold medals move sent a split up it was like something had no warnings one day we got really are you gonna move your grandmother signified pack your **** and we were gone by yeah no cell phone Facebook I was very a long distance call the reason this is I was very yeah veris is Moses me coming home from camp parts ranges G. zero Marie she was she was using a lot of fun but I mean I I just I just can you know I think there are so many things like do you find what ever spray once he was you I remember walking home and you mind with the Los Angeles rams a goal camping yes I'm so sorry in two ways was there after hearing the souls we can finally see let's see how like this show at least long here I know you were like look even dangers plush bless his soul yeah we this is a ninety two may I first yes we go to the shop now Melissa and Lucy were better than all of us we really let it go we were all athletic and like we were doing up who was in the shower the hardest your soul six and reporter talking **** like we always order I think this morning call the cooperative and reach the back of the head this is she was into his head well what is going on is a nurse care if you call my mom walked me home as little about these issues I'll never forget yes your W. right jungle gym that was that was like the national heroes are you absolutely are still going back to your everyday I see your old house your old girls fifty three houses on our street for for holding I saw his censure treating every year at all this year that's awesome all right he was it's a wrap enjoy the stories it's a fun little things but it's definitely meant to inspire some reach outs on this thanksgiving well I know we have a long weekend one week rechargeable friends find them use Google like your use case but like to do it it is so worth it the joy of having these guys last few days is unparalleled you can never you can't replace you can't no matter how you're like walls your childhood friends are childhood friends it's just super **** reductions so as a love you guys if you're into you will be with you we are safe we do have those experiences I was so do also

thanks so much for listening or watching to that episode the Gary V. audio experience we really hope you enjoy it and we hope to see you next time