Keynote Saturday: How to Overcome Insecurities on Social Media | From Nov 2018 - Transcripts

November 19, 2022

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Today's episode of the GaryVee Audio Experience is a keynote I gave back in 2018 in Phoenix, Arizona! I talk about why social media isn't changing us but exposing who we actually are, underpriced attention, the difference between optimism and delusion, reading your comments and how to overcome insecurities on social media.

Enjoy! Let me know what you thought!

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Hey everyone and welcome or welcome back to the Gary V. audio experience we have an awesome episode for you today but we just want to remind you before the episode starts that if you're listening to this episode on Spotify please leave your comments in the queue in a section under this episode if you're listening on apple Google or anywhere in between please tweet Gary add Gary V. make sure you join the discord to stay up to date on all things be friends and we hope you enjoyed this episode

this is the Gary V. audio experience

Phoenix how we doing

I am glad you are here he said

I am glad you're here

I love you bro

thank you so much let's not let's get into it so

look I think the thing that inspires me this morning as we are now clearly into late twenty eighteen obviously wait a bunch of Turkey the other day the holidays are upon us with you know everyone's going to get into that mindset and very quickly it's going to be twenty nineteen by the way it's cold as **** in

these people again blankets and **** ****

she says

and I was born in the Soviet Union so this feels good but minutes cold anyway

here's the important thing and I think whether you're eighteen or eighty one wherever you are in your career you're pumped you're doing financially well but you're not happy you're happy but you're not financially where you're at we'll look when I look at this many people the thing that runs through my mind is what is the common denominator in this room that over thirty minutes or so I can bring value to the most amount of people in this room and it comes down to timing to me on the cusp of twenty nineteen the biggest thing that's running through my mind very simply that matters to every single person in this room is this the box

this is a big deal and what it is is it's a representation of something even bigger which is this internet thing is bigger than people realize and what's happening in our culture right now because of the political political climate and many other factors is I think the majority of people in this room and a majority of people in this country a majority people this world are looking at the down side and the negativity is and the cynicism around the internet without realizing social media isn't changing us social media is exposing who we actually are more importantly it gets to the bigger punch line which is

if this is nineteen forty eight or nineteen seventy eight or nineteen ninety eight and not twenty eighteen

we would not have the ridiculous opportunity that this brings to the table

for me the one thing I know whether you're a real estate investor a politician you sell under where you want to be a personal brand you have a cold cold drink you want to sell **** wooden frames I know

you still wouldn't frames

I know that regardless of what you do here B. to B. B. to see whether you have thirteen year old customers are trying to sell things to like slime or eighty eight year olds that you're trying to force into your retirement home versus somebody else's that whether it's Facebook or Instagram or YouTube or link to any email text messaging pre roll you too bad Instagram stories influencer marketing that the great underpriced

the great underpriced opportunity in our society

is within seven to fifteen platforms that are apps on the mobile device

the biggest thing that I'm fascinated by is the amount of people in this room's ability to say not my customer not my industry not my demo without recognizing how unbelievably underpriced the attention is I want to sing on the price the tension I stand here today for a very for many different reasons mainly on the back of very good parenting and circumstance of not being born here but no question my timing of joining my dad's liquor store coinciding with email and Google adwords being underpriced attention is the reason that I'm so passionate this morning in Phoenix to get people to wake up and actually go all in on the things that you've heard how many people here have consume my content somewhat raise your hands

thank you for that group I'm actually way more concerned for that group than the people here that are here for me and I've never heard any of this

as for the group that has consumed my concept my concern is that the repetitive nature of me trying to desperately at all cost without interest in monetizing you to go into these channels and get yours

but you don't realize how real it is that it's become passive noise yeah I get it Facebook ads work yeah I get it you know work hard to be public I get it but the reality is here's what's upsetting me the thing that I've been the pied Piper for for the last half decade is starting to slip a little bit

like Facebook it isn't as easy as it was twenty four months ago

and and by the way I just said that sentence and hundreds of pieces just shook their head which means they felt the effects of Facebook ads twenty four or thirty six months ago and they're starting to realize they're not converting as well or it's costing more to get the same or the organic reach I think all of us know the organic reach collapse three four years ago and how many people your marketing or actively using Instagram raise your hand

so for all those hands and rob I'm sure you're starting to pay attention to even over the last three or four weeks feels like something starting to happen because the organic reach is starting to soften Charleston up that it's getting on people's radars which reminds me a whole lot of what started happening with Google adwords prices went up when my email list started looking at seventy percent open rate instead of eighty and then on to sixty and then to fifteen and then to forty

my friends

we're sitting right now at this time

in the white sheet moment of social networks controlling a stunning majority of people's attention and it's going to go away and then they'll be another thing for you to sit here and not take advantage of the current state of the internet when it's in your face if you're here this morning this is the one thing is that once I

you don't like what the **** are you doing here on a Wednesday morning

I assume

it would make a lot of sense for me if you're sitting in this audience I assume you came here inspector time and money to extract value to do something that you want to happen in your life

right and there's only two ways that gets done there's the mental part and then there's the tactical part it's real simple most people play in the middle when the reality is is if you're not all the way over here and if you are not blindly and this is what an entrepreneur or an operator needs to be if you are not right here this morning and your blindly optimistic about the opportunities in front of you you are vulnerable

and do not mix the word optimism with delusion

I didn't save your blindly delusion if your devotional you're ****

but if you're cynical or pessimistic or if you're gonna listen to me when I go all the way over here because that's the mindset or if you're over here and you're like me and others and you're also a hundred percent practical and you understand how to actually execute and you actually do the work

if you're not in those two places you're vulnerable and you came here this morning only to check the box on one of the two things

and to me the thing on the left I have to be contextual I know the Tony's gonna speak I know the robbers I know listen I'm thrilled to talk to you about why optimism and mindset and positivity and all that stuff is a hundred percent it just this if you decided when you woke up the Facebook ads don't work they don't work

so for me that's cool but honestly in the limited time that I have with you I want to go practical with you which is like Instagram story ads you can Google it I don't need a **** shark threatening to be a deck I'm not gonna draw some **** pictures on a white board

it's called Google you have in your **** hand right now

so if you don't know what I'm about to say mentally remind yourself and if you're not good at that take a note right now on your iPad to your phone

you should be running Instagram stories ads for your business

why because they're grossly underpriced

why because hundreds of millions of people look through them every single day and are paying attention and more people are not buying it yet because they don't know how good it is it's called supply and demand your job is not to just buy them you have to figure out what picture and video to put in front of their that compels a person to do whatever the hell you want to vote for you for the PTA president or give you seven hundred thirty Bucks for your magical **** batteries

I want to leave now

well I'll tell you why it like it was funny why that just happen to be my body much like that's it like life is so simple whoever was best at radio content and advertising grew in the thirties and forties whoever was best the television commercials and TV shows in the fifties sixties seventies eighties nineties two thousand they grew and the one who ever is best at least book Instagram YouTube linkedin Twitter today is winning

that was a shitty **** clap

I'm going to tell you and let me tell you why it's a should yes class

because to be great of the things that just came out of my mouth it's hard

it sounds great that you're gonna start an Instagram account and take a picture of you taking a **** hike and your business is going to explode

the problem is that's not what happens is it

there's a lot of people here how do you want to be an influencer or personal brand in their industry resilience reason I'd

so here's what bugs the **** out of me one thirty to fifty percent of the hands of this man just one up

the amount of people who just posted something on Instagram yesterday had nine people comment but they didn't reply to them because they're more worried about how many likes are going to get or how many followers they get from the post not the actual nine people to give a **** about them is why ninety nine percent of you will never achieve it

it's an appreciation for clubbing for Sir with the glasses I saw you and for me for me that's the most important to for the same reason I saw that Sherman who actually started the whole clap in this room it's the reason I stand up here today I spend my life reading your comments on Facebook Instagram Twitter and email that's how I have the insights to create the next thing because you're giving me the feedback of what's working and not working for you the audacity of businesses and people in twenty nineteen in putting out content but the disrespecting their audience because the only thing they care about is will the audience give them what they want likes follows money is the reason it's so hard

my friends if you leave Phoenix today with anything when you go home I understand this if you are not producing content for the internet you were leaving an incredible opportunity on the table and your competitors have started the process to hurt you


producing content on the internet is extremely interesting

so many people look at certain people on the side that's the only way

many people are dominating content and internet without ever producing one video in their lives because they're tremendous writers

others are self conscious to put him in front of them but they're great with their voice so they're killing it in podcast form if you leave with anything please don't be like me in the way that I produce content do you like me in the way that I deploy self awareness of what I'm good at and then tripled down on it to produce it

you might be great at drawing communicate like that you might be great at just random thoughts and recording a memo on your phone and you can post that you might be great on camera and honestly much like movies and television if you are great on video it's good it carries weight but

please leave your a look yourself in the rear view mirror or when you get home and ask yourself how do I communicate

and start communicating the Shrek the on walk the place that you will hear on enormous amount of pontificating for me in twenty nineteen will be around the volume of content that you produce for the ten platforms over the last year what is become unbelievably obvious to me that works for me thousands of other people and the brands that are winning in society the businesses that are growing the one correlation that's just black and white to me is the volume of creative how many times do they post quality content how much influence our marketing how many articles white papers podcasts videos

wait the world is working with internet content there is so much content

you could never over saturate the market even if you made ninety pieces of content that day about yourself


this is why I went over here as I'm talking the interesting part of why most of you were not producing enough content has a hell of a lot more to do with this that what this

we are crippled by other people's opinions

you're not posting because you want **** to be perfect

why do you want to be perfect because you're **** in secure

you know why because it just ruins your day when fat pants eighty six leave a comment

and says that you're stupid


you're just super sad when you post something and you're used to getting eighty nine likes but this one got sixty two

I have become outrageously fascinated

buy something over the last two years which is all my god the majority of people live their lives based on other people's opinions whether it's their parents older siblings or even worse the current state the anonymous person in their YouTube comments

that sucks

and so over the last two years especially last year I'm trying to figure out what is this and how do I speak about this in a world where I know the majority of the reasons you came here today can be solved by your ability to produce content on seven websites

for real

for real

why were people not doing it that blindly believe that to be true it became about judgment it became about mindset

and that's what I'm trying to tackle and that's what I'm trying to give to you this morning I'm trying to figure out like who what

it's why talking so much about patients I used to think it was patience and it is because every twenty two year old want to tomorrow every every forty year old once tomorrow we just lack patience because unfortunately so many people here and I mean this is not tough lover rats it's just the truth so many people here when into cryptocurrency or cannabis or social media because they thought they were gonna make the money faster

people lose because they think it's going to happen fast

when life is long

and so I've been spending a lot of time on this just watching behaviors who's winning who's winning is the person that likes what they do

it's true

like how many more **** millionaires do I have to hang out with that are going to take their life or in deep depression or doing drugs and alcohol to deal with the pain because making two point three million dollars a year prison zero **** happiness

and how many people do I have to hang out with the big eighty seven thousand a year that sell Smurf T. shirts on the internet and love **** life

like I want something sporty first

go without open market

shit's getting very clear for me maybe it's because I'm getting older now but she's getting very clear to me it's pattern recognition life is very basic we make it unbelievably complicated were unbelievably products of the DNA and the parents of the environment we grew up on and we have to really understand that so we know how to navigate the next step people lack the ability to put their life in perspective I've been pushing people lately who are forty three year old entrepreneurs sending me emails and they have a six year old child they love their business they're killing it things are going great and my advice to them is to slow down and take the next twelve years and actually because they're telling me what they know about themselves is if they go to little Ricky and little Janet's softball games and recitals and if they hang out with them and play we with them all day that that's what's going to make them happy and then they think they're sending me an email because I'm a business guy and I'm gonna tell them that's wrong are you out of your **** mind you need to be happy and if you're self aware enough to know that a forty three years old your six year old kids that you want to spend the next twelve years taking the foot off the pedal so you can allocate time to watch those kids grow I got tremendous news for you you're just going to be fifty five and the baby when they go to college and they're not gonna want to talk to you anyway to be able to go all in

liberating it is when people understand how young fifty nine years old is

do you know many people think they're supposed to have the life figured out at eighteen twenty two and thirty when the parents are putting pressure on them to figure out their lives don't have their lives figured out

I like that one

how are you supposed to have your whole life figured out of twenty eight years old

it's ludicrous we have such interesting macro thesis is in our society that are crippling people and the reason so much anxiety in the system now is we're all living our lives in public forums and now taking on more judgment not less I don't hear any of you

let me say it one more time how many people here **** with my content and they love it let me hear you

I can't hear you

I can't hear you

let me see it one more time for all the people here who think I **** walk on water I'm the best I'm such a great dude I can't **** hear you let me explain why not you broke

let me explain to you why I can't hear you because I have no interest on getting high on my own supply

the reason the reason I can't hear you it's the same reason that I can't hear the person that leaves a comment that says I'm a snake oil salesman or my cursing is inappropriate or istock or I'm gonna burn out or whatever else I can't hear that both face either

and when over the next fifty years of my life I figure out how to produce more communications to help you not here either that is when I will start having more significant income impact because when you don't hear anything and I don't mean for just fatty pants sixty three I mean from your dad

I mean from your spouse

when you

my friends in Phoenix on a Wednesday going into twenty nineteen when you stop fearing things should get some remarkable

how many people you've been following me for more than four years resurgence

recent high please so for the ones that raise their hands you know something about me you know that I'm not interested in being a motivational speaker you know that four years ago I was making much more tactical jab jab jab right hook like I didn't want to rob rob what I just did for the last ten minutes I don't want to be that guy I have it in me I live in I believe it but I don't want to go on stage and rah rah and have claps I don't

I don't the reason I'm back here is what I want is for you to post nineteen pieces of content tomorrow on linked in Facebook YouTube Instagram because they won't answer the **** things are running through your head right now

the problem was after I was done doing that for three or four years and you would look you dead in the face in a meeting let alone on a stage and be like I get it I understand it but you still weren't doing it I'm like I don't get it and then I got it


is such a big deal like you're literally literally not posting **** or more interestingly

you are posting ****

because you are now all the PR agents of yourselves on social media

it's really great to take a beautiful family picture picking **** pumpkins

meanwhile ships not going well

it's really awesome to post a picture on a private plane saying you're killing it when your company is about to go out of business

we are posturing my friends

we are posturing for other people's opinions

your lack of action is exposing your in security

if you're educated if you follow me and you're not posting ten to fifteen pieces of content a day your actions are exposing your in security

V. and so I come on the stage this morning with heat and passion

because a I'm **** well rested

thanksgiving was a good rest for me

but he

I come here because I'm just trying to **** get one person in this room who's looking at me right now saying that's actually the truth I'm

the **** that I I am I I'm not posting because my hair is receding and I'm insecure about it

I'm being serious I mean dead **** serious I am not posting because I'm up thirteen pounds and I don't want to hear the **** comments

I'm not posting because all my high school friends seem to be doing better than me

you're hearing too much

you're putting other people's opinions

at a higher place than your own happiness

it blows my face away and I kissed the ground my parents walk on for creating an infrastructure that didn't create that for me

you know why and this is for all the how many people here are parents of six to eighteen year olds raise your hands

this one's for you

let me tell you why it didn't happen to me

because from six to eighteen the world told me I was a loser

because I played a bunch of sports in the backyard and in leagues and we didn't give a place trophies when you're **** lost

you know what else I can hear you because I grew up in an environment where every **** teacher looked me dead in the face and told me I was gonna be a loser because I got an app in science

I don't give a **** about Jupiter deck

do you know why I could post every day and not care about what you have to say because every friend I had to pay rent in high school when they asked me what college I was going to when I said mount ida college they snickered in my **** face


is correct


I got lucky I was born in a shitty **** place called the Soviet Union I got lucky by getting the **** out and coming to America the greatest **** country in the world

and being raised by a mother who would clap me up just like that if I open the door for an old lady but when I asked her for a Nintendo game she looked me dead in the face and said go **** and figure it out and buy it for yourself deck

you want to want to know why most people aren't winning and aren't happy it's because you're **** entitled

people think they're owed something

I know brother people for some reason I watch it every day nobody owes you ****

figure it the **** out

and I'm gonna give you the two basic principles they're so **** simple it scares the **** on me number one


you have to learn to do this please my friends I've never done this before it's weird I can't hear anything please I didn't hear you guys laughing but I could see you doing this is really **** fun actually I would get a whole pizza like this one is **** freaky ****

I see you I see Colombians listen to me clapping hands

this this is the secret to my happiness I'm so **** happy because I can't hear a **** thing do you understand

when you get

you start doing

because you're not scared that you hire somebody and they didn't work out you just fire them you don't care that your other coworkers I think that you made a mistake

you start doing and talking **** that's all gonna be great because if it is awesome you're cool and if it's not you don't care anyway because of some somebody brings it up to the one I had the audacity to make a sneaker do you know why did it let me tell you why because I can't hear anything if it worked thank god it did

I look good if it didn't my seven best friends would make fun of me for the rest of my life

and that was good to

I was looking forward to my roasted eighty three when Robbie turned it was like every time you thought you could sell the speaker your real **** Dick

learn to eliminate judgment

learn to realize the reason you're not posting every day eight hundred times a day is because you're worried about what people gonna say

my friends high school is over

start acting like it

this is stuck in high school

I'm serious

it took me a long time it took me a long time to figure out why this is working for him like right if I was able to navigate high school and not fall into peer pressure that's the hardest part this is easy

I just need you to create content I need you to figure out how to do it I could care less what all seven thousand you said to me of what you're trying to do the answer is content I'm being dead serious it's where our world is living news alerts this is now real life this is fake you don't like it tough ****

technology doesn't care about your feelings about the old days

leave it to beaver spoken dad


Abraham Lincoln died two

in a weird way actually


the point of that analogy is **** changes

we have to figure out this I don't care if you're eighteen or eighty one I don't want to hear the you didn't grow up with it you can grow up driving you figured it out

you have something called Google and YouTube Google if you like to read you too if you're more visual you type in every question you have how does a lawyer may content on linkedin thousands of results how does a pharmacist grow her brand on Instagram thousands of it results it's also free

it's also free

it's twenty nineteen

act like it

Phoenix thanks so much for listening or watching tonight's episode the Gary V. audio experience we really hope you enjoy it and we hope to see you next time