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November 20, 2022

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Today's episode of the GaryVee Audio Experience is a virtual meeting I had with people over at Marriot! We discussed traditional press releases and if I think they're "dead" or not, how the world is changing and how we need to adapt to it, my opinion on superbowl ads, advice for young people starting their careers, why you have a lot more time than you think and much more!

Enjoy! Let me know what you thought!

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Hey everyone and welcome or welcome back

to the Gary V. audio experience we have an awesome episode for you today but we just want to remind you before the episode starts that if you're listening to this episode on Spotify please leave your comments in the queue in a section under this episode if you're listening on apple Google or anywhere in between please tweet Gary add Gary V. make sure you join the discord to stay up to date on all things be friends and we hope you enjoyed this episode this is the Gary V. audio experience is the traditional press release dads you know what what do you think on that topic about how we get our news and stories out that

I don't love the thinking about things as dad because it's probably some people right now still getting around the world on a horse but I do like to think about things in the art is the value they are against the time and resources energy and monies we spent it's inconceivable to me and I'm seeing I'm seeing on my screen a lot of the back of the hands of me thrilled if you guys turn around and wave the love to see the faces in

fact guys such as do the everyone turn you chess face the camera I can be the viruses that switch thank you yep I like this which is so much more real

so when I see all these beautiful faces it's inconceivable to me inconceivable that that anybody here thinks the press release is extraordinarily effective in twenty twenty three right it's a nice to have but the person that should be doing the press release you know maybe it's


seconds of a senior person to just quadruple check but that should be the intern's job

thank you we got a lot of interesting faces around the room so not asking you to write a business plan hello maybe I am what do you what what a what do you think we should be looking for the opportunities that you think a communications group such as ours is a something where ignoring it like if you were building you forty built it but your comms team what what might it look like

well I think you know and maybe the team now that I'm seeing the reason we we can head out or shake your head over to toms up like


first let's look for this way how much do the does the comms team think that who they're trying to reach is more B. to B. the BSE would you argue it's more B. to B. or more BTC Jack what do you think

and is up for be to stay in the room this is mostly a BDC room yeah so that that's the focus of this corporate group is B. to C.

right so it's been a C. like you can imagine how that the press release immediately makes me smile as a conversation for me to see if XP to see all of you to see consumption is moving by the nano second to social media or connected TV right so you know when you think at or podcasting with


everything is still the same truth it's audio written word it and video it's the distribution is changed on all of us everybody here would much rather get a top all top ten podcasts to mention whatever you want the world to know then top ten Z. one hundred morning zoo dry like the world's changed and so what we have to change with it I'd much rather have a piece of content go viral on tick tock today

than I have

good morning America mention it it's not even close if I'm trying to get mass awareness where people get screwed up as they think these platforms skew young when they don't the amount of consumption on tick tock for example from thirty to fifty five is staggering consumption not potential reach G. R. P.'s impressions all these things that people trade on they're not real you know when every time we in this organization and every organization it looks like yours and mine puts up how many impressions the article get nobody believes the slide that says that we got three billion impressions nobody believes that that's why I don't smiling and impressions you did some bullshit bath around the websites that mentioned it and decided that was going to justify it I don't believe anybody's comms plan here would be the same if this was their family business and their livelihood required and that's how I do comes marketing

I do it has it

my business requires it because they do because I don't know my own businesses and I'm petrified to lose and so I don't buy into yesterday I focus on today the problem with businesses upscale is they think today is the future every time stirs meetings where people say things like yeah yeah like you know took talks emerging we'll get to that when it's you know next year or the year like what it what it is the actual thing and so as a constant more creative output against the incredible amounts of stories of this organization has to tell and you have incredible dining wine you know a motional stories utility stories value stories by the way you have to fragment them I'll give a great example if I'm on this team if I was on this team

I would raise my hand and say can I do that

linked in creative on this team because I know that I can do unlimited smart content targeting CFO's to show them why working with us would save the company money and CFO's care about that

and so I would

be educated on all the different things that we did that could be thoughtful for B. two B. travel I would make clever

video written word

info graphic content and I would run media


CAFOs a fortune five thousand companies and I would guess accounts

love that confidence in the lot of smiles in this room Gary loving this you probably don't remember yes you see a lot of folks like me and hotel lobbies but sometime in the from two thousand eighteen we taught you asked me about occupancy and I think I said at the time the hotel I was in that market which currently run an eighty two percent and I was excited about the eighteen percent but that's what you said you got a great maybe you said well after that what about the eighteen what are you doing so

when you live in a calms mind set like I do which is day trading attention your your com saying it every hour of every day this isn't about what we doing in thirty seven days which that is as well something on my mind this is do we have the capacity at four fifteen PM to do creative things on social to fill up the eighteen percent getting credible news PR happy retention better lifetime value from current clients trials from new clients who've been loyal to our competitors

there's just

it's it's an asset and and if you're smart I'm a businessman so there be no confusion I'm not looking to under mine our core product I'm not looking too great expectations of the consumer like I don't have the book with them we'll just wait the four fifteen to get the free room is much more clever than that but yes I remember it vividly as you can tell

excellent so we have lots of brands we've got to get another one yesterday so you have a favorite obviously we've got the higher ones because your high roller I'm sure you have the rates we've we've got sent rejects Marriott courtyard we got the whole portfolio one hotel we are like I love that place

you know what's funny about me when you when you bring that up that I like a lot is I went to Green Bay Wisconsin this weekend to watch my my favorite jets play right and we were talking about you know like because we were driving back to Chicago and we were talking about hotels because a bunch of my friends were staying at the courtyard and we we love the one in Indianapolis and so I was talking about how I like that I like and I was staying at the St Regis and so it was like they were making fun of me for being bougie but what's really really interesting is if you ask me how to your brand's what which one first when I travel I actually don't even know where I stay because most of my travel for the majority of my career has been because I publicly speak

a lot

and as you can imagine the organizations are putting you up often in where the inventors or things that nature so I have like literally run the gamut however I will say a loss has been like a brand that I actually have some weirdly awesome affinity towards you know I'm I'm just kind of going off the top of my head I think that's in your that's in your inbox

yes one of our

and so yeah so I like that brand a lot I really do

we we couldn't let you go today without talking about the Super Bowl okay when you started out obviously you know back in the day did you ever think I think last year I think you add more Super Bowl ads than any other agency in addition to that denotes campaign on social investment did you ever really think that you begin Superbowl ads

yeah I did it I don't know if you remember back when discovered we met very early on my thesis is attention arbitrage you know I would write press releases tomorrow if I believed people were consuming them add enough scale against how much we spend against it hence why I said again you should still do them I just think the costs associated with making them should drive down dramatically and of course there should be a few minutes of you know this you know for


Super Bowl I think is the most underpriced attention in marketing you get a hundred fifty million Americans actually consuming your spot the issue with Superbowl why it doesn't work for a lot of people is creative agencies use it as a showcase for their talents not trying to drive the business for their clients they use it as a proxy to get new clients and so you get all these horse **** ads like the **** anti war whole Burger King added like three years ago that made no **** sense other than the creative agency was trying to be super **** clever and they sold less burgers because of it right so yeah that that's a problem but the media is fantastic and it and so yes I did think we would use the wives I didn't know that it would take us a long time because I knew that you don't still to this day thirteen years and even though we've done the most suitable spots even over the creative a our Pepsi and and Budweiser July all these things I'm very we are because of me and because where we grew up people still look at us as the social media which is amazing because I also think that social media is about to be viewed like television I think very quickly I'm sure but I look at the faces in this room I know all of you know because you've been through in your careers if I'm getting this right social media on a yearly but yearly by yearly basis has taken up more oxygen in the board room meeting thirteen years ago it was an after thought of an after thought of an afterthought now most fortune five hundred company still blow it they still make it the matching luggage to the brand campaign that they do on television the biggest misstep in marketing that they come up with a subjective one line sentence of what the brand stands for in a room run TV CNN do digital matching luggage but if you know what's happening on social you know that it is the infrastructure to consideration in our universe that's why politicians get elected it's why people make consumer decisions and so I'm starting to sense for the first time in the last decade and a half the big brands are starting to understand their disrespect or lack of skilled within social is starting to become an issue and I'm excited about it because I really believe in it I do believe that

the internet

is doing to television what television did for the radio and I think now that streaming is enough all of television it's left people with no choice I mean the thought of running a television commercial


asinine to me the call back to cost it's not that I don't think people consume a television commercial course they get some


paying the fee for a creative nail art that just sits around and ponders ideas and then you decide you like it and then you pay a production company to make it and then you pay that level of media for potential reach that isn't actually being consumed that's a really good way to waste money in twenty twenty three

what's the point you have a good thing because see a brand when you're walking around all streaming whatever you're doing I thank god I wish Bennett media had those guys as a client I could really help them like I could get help on the **** out of whatever that

no because I'm not I'm not passionate about the brand's I'm passion about the casting of the executives that are actually in genuine belief that we should be consumer centric not bonus board room centric

got it

so for me it's not brands it's yes he makes that want to actually do it right like like I'm very empathetic like every human it that I'm looking at right now needs to care about their family that's exactly right and so the corporate structure is we were R. M. M. M. or MMA or the way we reward or what you need to accomplish of these rules you must follow those rules not the business of getting fired I'm looking for innovations that are changing the rules right that


are trying to make them about business results based on marketing and to me that is exciting because otherwise if you're not based on if you're not trying to get business results based on marketing you either have a bad business war you become vulnerable to some of the things that I'm sure some of the brands in this building available to which is ripping told moves to get you customers Google


where companies that give you referrals that you pay huge fees to because you're not marketing well enough and the reason we don't market well enough if we don't win on consideration enough shack we don't we don't consideration because we don't win on relevance look at the faces here for me to get you to buy this or to book a hotel room where to buy this can you imagine trying to make one piece of video get everyone in this room to give a **** about that that's insane this is the context and relevance which requires a level of creative output and a media strategy that is wildly different than what most companies do and that's the battleground of cons now

I love that I'm gonna switch get just got a quick phone call and then I've got a another one about one of your other books you talk a lot about the jets so you and your brother apparently haven't missed a game one of my colleagues in the room only asked me said you know what if Mister Merrett ask Gary to come to a meeting but it is joined a jets game however you think he'd come you wouldn't want to Mister Merrett

not only for Mr Marriott miss merry it's not even in the **** ball game I've missed weddings funerals birthdays I do not miss jet games I am think about the most religious person you've ever known whatever their religion is and whatever they need to do Friday Shabbat Sunday church what what did that whatever that is that person is not even in the universe to my religion of the jets I have not missed watching a play of the New York Jets game since nineteen eighty two I've watched them all

how do you looking for that acquisition purchase deal how long is it gonna take I've been waiting a while my friend

my great professional ambition is the thrill of the chase to try to buy them if I can just get it done before I die be very happy

a very cool you talk a lot about give about a it's more about you know never never give up to NASA T. doesn't matter how old you are but I think you talk about some of the Jennifer Z. folks need to have a little bit more patience you also talk about you know people like myself into the forties now although I think when I I saw the article you but he said in the seventies you'd encourage folks to be Saddam businesses I think you said just because you seventy five is about fifteen good years and yet go start a business I don't any of the

last it was it was less about start of business it's more like when I look at this room I'm like man do they really realize how young they are because I don't think they do because it's not the way the propaganda of age has been sold to us over the last hundred years I don't believe this room including you shackles or give up their brother I don't believe that and you know anybody in this room really has a good enough grasp of how much time they actually have I think that

you know when I look

everybody not obviously horrific things happened a tragic things happen but knock on wood everybody I'm looking at forty more years that's for me new shack like there's some youngsters like fifty sixty like that was a lot of time and so you know I don't think people fight for joy and happiness enough they're they're based on fear they're based on the financial obligations the theoretical emotional obligations they made them for themselves for their spouses and their children and you know I really do believe being the best version of yourself requires a level of strategic selfishness which is grounded in if I'm really happy I can make everybody I love happy that if I'm really happy you know everything clicks and you know it's funny because I'm such an entrepreneur but my relationship with money is very weird you know I want you know like I really I don't like what it does to people I think confuses people I don't think people have a good relationship with money or time and you know I'm very fortunate the thing I love you know I was a six year old who sold lemonade and shoveled driveways like I love it I love the game business but for a lot of people they don't love what they do but it they're doing it because it's it's paying for their lifestyle and you know I


you know I'm very fortunate that I have so many people consuming my content that I want to use that for good and I like talking about real things and I think one of the most real things on earth is people dramatically younger than they think they have so much time to expand their interests their capabilities the professional ambitions you know I'm passionate about and I want to talk about it I think the world has gotten very good at selling fear and hate and I want to sell practical optimism I'm not delusional I'm a very practical operator this is not like a secret like sit at home and pray that you'll be a professional skier that **** doesn't work but what does work is Hey if you love skiing believe it or not try to make some ski videos on tech talk and see what the world does with it you'll never believe what can happen and I know to be true because at this point fifteen years into this journey live hundreds of thousands of emails from people that have taken one piece of content on it and something good has happened whether it's as simple as Hey Gary we really got into the garage sale stuff that you're telling us our family likes it we have a lot of fun on Saturdays will be meeting thousand dollars on the side and now we can afford this Disney trip thank you all the way to I thought it was crazy but I was really down in the dumps and I was executive making three hundred K. year and I started making YouTube videos and Ted talks around Star Trek because you told me to make it around the thing I love the most about a strategy and all my god you know I now between affiliate merch sales and sponsorship me two hundred thousand a year I just quit my job that I hated that I can you know not making as much yet but I'm eighty seven thousand times happier have more time to be with my kids and by next year and that should make three hundred thousand year that's profound that is a profound profound life change and so yes I push it push it on my own employees I want people to be happier because the net of that is a good thing

very cool we got a couple of folks in the room most of been with this company a little while but some of them you guys all young folks you know starting out on their careers what advice might you give to them

die on your own sort an excellent I mean by that there's a lot of youngsters in here fundamental and by the way

a lot of

G. gangsters in here they do not believe in what

you're doing

with your time and money to create the outcome you want but they keep their mouth shut in the meetings because they are being protective of their professional careers and I understand that you're not gonna be able to communicate your point of view the way I am because I own my own business I don't have a board I'm not a publicly traded company so when I do stuff for bad things happen I look in the mirror and say don't do that again for you there's more ramifications I respect that however that doesn't mean that you are not able to very respectfully to your leaders and managers very cordially very charmingly able to communicate your disagreement or different point of view on what you should be doing from a constantly the reason I say diner sort is the following I believe the next decade will be the most significant decade of the last two decades which were the two most significant decades of com is changing because of technology


really stinks to lose your job or not progressing your career because you weren't articulating things you believe then that ended up becoming true and you got no credit for it because you play defense and the culture of the company major not say it not your own belief system so you missed out on the opportunity because of that that is devastating so please

find a way to cordially

communicate your personal opinions you're not to be wrong I'm wrong or wrong we've got a share your actual thoughts head nodding in a corporate environment for the sake of head nodding is always a bad strategy

thank you I got a couple of quick fires and then we'll wrap this thing up so is there bright and brand obviously not not done include Osborne is the one friend out there you really admire I'm sure it's one of your clients

it's you know it's not a meeting I'm very happy with our clients to actually spend very little time looking at what other clients do because the industry of marketing is completely based on its own self everything is about headlines of the wards of bullshit reporting so the creative industry super not interesting to me right it's so I care about consumer the reason I have won the call out is it's the only client in the last three years but after a couple of meetings I told them not to hire us because they need us which was I'm sending to my new business team they're still mad about it and that was chipotle I think chipotle is a brand that understands that marketing twenty twenty three requires doing things of the moment and this is all you know we're slow in companies like this because we have too much process our partners are slow we're slow and speed is the killer so I have a lot of respect for how they market they understand that context and timing is everything and they do very

very well

in the building a small internal team and having a framework that isn't based on creative AOR overpaying for bullshit and I respect that

okay I'm gonna go back to my TV days so when I when I finally leave Mary and about twenty six years I was my own TV company on that okay could use Gary van to check the movie who do you think I should cast to play you come on

I would say it you know and I'm finally at that point you have like three different actors you know to play out the whole thing and so member or the most attractive three men at the time that kind of somewhat look like me but just much better looking versions would feel right shack with Felix absolutely right everything I do is based on consumer reaction so the reason I need faces is when I say something I need to get a sense of did it lands faces are the great I mean it's unbelievable why I think I have a big public speaking career it's because I focus on the front row and I completely bounce off of them the entire time and those seven people completely dictate how good I could like you know it's going to be and so like even when I go to some sort of conferences at all you know like the whole rooms too dark and you can't see I actually ask for them to put up like I would argue that this is what I want to say my final minute try to do more stuff for actual consumers it's really our sub conscious and scan my own agency all two thousand people globally I can see it every day a lot of it's within the B. to B. or the way it's been done give all your thoughts to responding to the actual consumer these brands shack when I look at them and now I just click just click on the website so there's a lot of brands right when I look at that I genuinely believe that the holding co should be putting out somewhere in the ballpark of two hundred to five hundred pieces of creative a day across social think about that number thank


and I'm and I'm not hyper blessing here I generally believe that that Ritz Carlton and the W. and J. W. Marriott like and I think about how global you are on a bad day I'm even trying to it's funny I just got myself lowballing the number because I don't want people to think I was hyper blazing and get laughed out of the room on a bad day this organization should be putting out two hundred to five hundred individual different pieces of creative globally across linked into top based book reels Instagram Twitter a day we all know that we're not even in the realm of that and like every other time the last fifteen years I will be historically correct about the Stephen over next five years so the faster you can figure out how to drive down the cost of creative internally and with your partners you will become a calm supernova if you can do that and I know that's hard but it's worth the debate for these leaders and yourself

we love that thank you so much I'm gonna come and see you in New York soon shares thank you thank you he said about a chance thanks so much for listening or watching tonight's episode the Gary V. audio experience we really hope you enjoy it and we hope to see you next time