Throwback Thursday: What Every 22-30 Year Old Has in Common Right Now | Elvis Duran Show 2016 - Transcripts

November 24, 2022

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Today's episode of the GaryVee Audio Experience is a throwback thursday episode chosen by Dustin from TeamGaryVee! This is when Gary went on the Elvis Duran show back in 2016. He talks all about his origin story, how he found out what he was passionate about, what every 22-30 year old has in common right now, why listening to society is a bad idea and much more!

Enjoy! Let me know what you thought!

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good morning everyone this is Dustin from team Gary V. this today's episode of the throwback Thursday eighteen Gerry podcast is the one where Gary was on Elvis Duran and the morning show in twenty sixteen this is how actually discovered Gary and I was going to work in the morning and heard on the radio and I just thought he was very interesting and love the advice he was giving out so really changed my life and that's how I ended up here so hope you guys enjoy this one and have a great day this is the Gary V. audio experience so I don't know about what your dreams are all about but everyone needs to have a dream if you're going to live without a dream you have a flat tire now sometimes though it's hard to tap into these dreams it's hard to try to figure out how to make them happen this guy not only had a dream made his dream come true now he's helping other people figure it out Gary Vaynerchuk not born in the United States for came over and started with very little to work with and has everything to work with now and now he wants to make sure we have the same opportunities we are so excited to have him here just talking about him coming in today has caused quite a storm it is a local guy too so he's gonna he's gonna have a little great New Jersey energy for you please welcome to the show Gary V.

nice to meet you such a pleasure

come on and don't don't don't mind the dog

I'm thrilled with the dog

okay there's your first our wisdom of the day I'm thrilled with the dollar traded writing all these down

I am do I have to put these on yes no great no

if you take a phone call

I'll take it okay

well we we want to do

so it wouldn't it real quick just to set the tone you have a gold Maiken everybody else doesn't yeah

dynamics Elvis Duran and the morning show I'm the pompous

**** you know what it is going to be here

Gary first of all charming is a very dear friend of ours yeah just when he found out you're gonna be on the show is like you're gonna love

Kerry fee he's great we we we had a lot of fun together and he's in a really sharp dude

yeah he's on there he is and he's off on his own and doing so well with so many different things and he gives you a lot of credit

that's super nice but I but I think his hustle and his ambition has a lot to do with that but I'll take any any credit I don't deserve any day of the week

let me let me just start up the lawn mower real quick here and you tell me if I'm right or wrong do I'm gonna move on to some of the things I had Gerry born and raised in born

in Belarus in the former Soviet Union

and raised in New Jersey

raisin Jersey first came over to queens live there for two years and I mainly grew up in Edison New Jersey

your parents your father had a wind storm

yes my dad came here with a hundred Bucks live the American dream eventually became a stock boy manager and then eventually a bottle store in Clark New Jersey home shoppers discount liquors and then open a store in Springfield New Jersey I was a you know entrepreneur lemonade stand baseball card shows in Phillipsburg mall Bridgewater Malik it's fun to do the show obviously a lot of locals and then and then eventually my dad dragged me into the store and I revolutionize the wine industry by launching one of the first E. commerce wine business is called wine library dot com and build up one of the biggest wine shops in America over in Millburn Springfield short hills New Jersey

even those who don't know a lot about one which is most of us you can watch Gary in the old days when he's doing these videos are you doing these every TV white wine live TV show is like a normal average guy trying wine without going over is called two hundred tones and overtones fox you would drink one to go yeah this is good and I think we buy it

I was I was a big thing so you two came out so I was right about E. commerce I was right about Google adwords I was right about email marketing and then you two comes out I'm like this is gonna be big and so four months after you two started in two thousand six I started one let me TV and and everybody who's listening right now it you know just think yourself do you know somebody that's into wine and I think most people gonna say yes and what everybody knows is that the second somebody just gets a little bit of wine knowledge they become a street


yes right through bringing the wrong year right for Mel that properly and I was in Jersey kid that came from not a whole lot but I knew an obnoxious amount about wine because I grew up in the business so when I started when I B. TV I just referred to winds the way I grew up like this smells like a whole Colgan wrestling figure or this is like a racquetball right or this is like you know big leagues for example a lot of companies smell like bigly true

love picnic to a line of fun and approachable and now wind because of you a lot of people give you credit why is becoming a major major business for all of us I would enjoy in America I think that's overstated but when you call the credit

a bit of Shah's credit but what I will say is this I know question created wine drinkers in the twenty year old demo twenty one older demo at a time where most people were talking down to people about wine

I was talking with people about life now I don't want this to become all about why this is just how Gary V. got into where he is and he took an idea would you can apply with almost anything in life and turn it into something huge going back to the days when you were kids selling trading baseball cards yelling them he said he will go to these trading card shows whatever you call them yep where you had a lot of competition one of him I'd much better cards to sell and trade and make money from but he just found a different way to do it which made him become the leader as a kid in this little bitty industry you know nothing about but look what you did so what do we walk away from that learning and how can we all client

related people are listening right now I think one of the you know it's funny the way you just position that the truth is I was a DNF students right so Martin Luther king school in Edison New Jersey north Hunterdon high school in in Hunterdon county those teachers did they didn't see this coming and and so what what I realized was this is what I was good at right I was good at looking at things a little bit different than everybody else I was good at telling stories I was good at selling I was good at really working much harder than anybody else in the things that I was most interested in and so what I was able to do in the time in the eighties and nineties when it wasn't as cool right now being an entrepreneur is cool right it's cool everybody wants to be a CEO and entrepreneur when I was getting these naps I was making three thousand dollars a weekend as a fourteen year old but my teachers and my friends parents didn't think I was a winner because the scoring back then was about school


and so what the one thing I would take away from this is everybody's listening and driving right now is look you can decide to choose what the market says is cool now or you could try to figure yourself out and disproportionate tripled down on what you're good at

well it's a pretty good example here's a who do you know other than Gary who was a C. D. or F. student but because they just didn't


in a pre set thank you the test ready written for you society right when they came out of that and could make their own rules come up with their own test for themselves they could thrive and fly like an eagle and that's the thing when you live by other people's rules you're not going to it give yourself a treat yourself a chance to succeed

step back right now and think about who we all admire in the world right they're all people that punted the system the people that practice singing since they were five they're people that shot ten thousand basketballs every morning it's always that it's always that ninety nine percent of people right now that are listening to this are playing in the middle laying in a game that was structured for them the risk adverse they fear and most importantly the fear what other people think I was I think the best thing that ever happened to me much like you with your gold Mike I don't care what other people said

and and

it's not because I don't respect it I actually I get feedback all the time that might be negative is that I respect it I listen to it at the end of the day I'm just not built to have it dictate my one at bat at life

okay how do we plant yeah have you always been like that or is that just something

that you had to learn and I think a little bit of both look I got very lucky I think you know not coming for much it's a huge advantage you know I I'm reading a book in my head right now that I will then treat right called I wish everybody was an immigrant when you come from nothing when you come from zero when you have to walk two miles to Kmart in Dover New Jersey you know that's that's an advantage right so please no

not not many people would think that's an advantage

yeah until they look around and they look around and realize all these immigrants on all these businesses right like


when you realize how great America really is you know right now we're living through such an interesting time right and everybody want to tell you how bad it is and there's so much


always things that are tough like I'm very lucky I was born in different place I travel a bunch like nobody's moving to Canada or Mexico so quick right nobody's moving somewhere else this is a special place

and you can you

either choose to look at the small percentage of bad things or you can choose to look at the far majority of amazing things that happen in this country and that's what I choose to do and I think once people realize all the opportunity and realize first and foremost I was nobody's going to care about your complaining like I love when people complain

like who

who's gonna care

and so how do you apply it

it's a mindset right I have always had it look I had the benefit of having a mother who is the greatest in the world that instilled so much self esteem in me that your pressure and negativity never even got close to the center of my soul right I got lucky that way

but you found yourself

I found myself I think you know it's funny and I remember it was like fourth grade again F. on a science test and for some unknown reason I mean remember you're really young in fourth grade for some weird reason I was like I just don't care about Saturn and I have a funny feeling it's not gonna matter to me

well there you go what about your ****

yeah I can tell you're in a high

so perfect okay look okay I'm almost cafe did up to Gerry visa level Gerry Gerry V. is here Gerry of Intertek of course the CEO of the world but we're back to get into the meat potatoes okay how this can work for everyone

I love it

first of all I am sick and Effin tired of people calling millennials lazy and not caring and not not wanting to contribute and I'm tired of it because I don't believe it I think everyone has an equal opportunity be lazy or

dynamic your preaching I mean I get this all the time because I have such a big fan base of forty fifty six year old executives are like how do you deal with these millennials and look look

the stock calling the millennials first

there's Rick there Susan


right I know unlimited forty to fifty year olds that are lazy and and have no drive and I have tons of twenty three year olds at work at banner media that if I give them one dollar more an hour they'll work seventy two hours at a twenty four hour day

talk about a ten twenty I'm twenty two years old I'm getting off my my dad from from college we should get into that racket to begin so if I'm if I'm twenty two years old I'm Paul world ahead of me I've got more opportunity than most people so why I my branded a loser

because old people want to complain about the next generation we become better

I don't listen to him

of course not

the twenty two year old lets him twenty to tell me what I need to be doing right now to make my every twenty two to thirty year old that's listening to us right now you have one major flaw

I'm generalizing you have a lack of patience if you really want to talk about it what people are making is they've got college debts they got their ambitions one of the two let's take the positive let's say it's a negative and they pop out of twenty two twenty three and they take jobs that pay them four thousand dollars more for something they don't want to do because they lack patience


that's the punch line my friend like if you

do what you can I. today how old are you fifty two almost

are you blown away as I am as a forty year old man how young you feel


if if I told twenty five year old Elvis at fifty two you would feel like this I feel better

no no and these are the days when some Churchill my favorite my favorite quote these

are the days and that's the punchline


if I could wish anything right now I could I would wish that everybody was listening that's under thirty could feel what you what I feel right now I mean I don't even feel like I've started


you know and so when you're twenty two I remember being twenty two wasn't that that long ago forty years old I would've been like move like that would have like in that eighteen years I better have if I'm gonna buy the New York Jets like I want to I better have done it they are now I realize my god life is so long and we were taking care of ourselves you know your your your parents my parents at at our ages they were not as healthy they want that you know we're gonna live much longer we live into our nineties hundreds like we have so long

to go beyond that it was twenty nine

in one way or the other I would ask everybody who's listening right now to take one step back and say okay either I'm working too hard and I'm stressing these loans or what I have to achieve to prove to my dad that I'm good right and I'm not going to Coachella this of that war you're doing too much of that stuff and you can work a little harder but you've got so much more time and so I think the one thing it was funny was that awkward pause that we all just took patience is something we do not talk about

well it is something that it doesn't seem to be valued right now because if you notice like I remember this is years ago back when Oprah was on and had her show every day he did so many episodes about young kids were geniuses are young kids who are ten and already graduated college and so in our society we're being told that the faster you do something the better

you are the more Sally listening

IT is a

bad idea if you listen to society the world on fire and we're all gonna die if you listen to society everybody's gonna build Facebook and Snapchat

then who do we listen to our inner self listen to yourself now the problem is

a lot of us don't like what ourselves are telling bright envoys

the invoice can be our worst enemy

that's right so so first and foremost what what I think everybody should do and even I'm I'm saying this action giving myself advice right now I'm just getting mad and stepping away from this interview you need to do things that make you a little uncomfortable way too many people have made decisions without ever trying right so that that's one thing that I think it's too scary I don't want to do it when you the taste things like a lot of people like I hate sushi I'm like have you had it right now

that's me I want to taste it right

and so to me that's the most fascinating thing of how humans are right like that's what we do and so the punch line is this look here's what here's what I'll say on this little genres were jamming on it if one life like one of the great things that happened to me growing up was there was a lot of grandparents that visited a lot of kids in my neighborhood and for some unknown reason under from an old soul or what it is I used to on the playground coincident with old people

yeah I just talk to them

and we tell you one thing about

old people

eighty ninety the one thing that stuck with me as a child and sits with me today is they regret regrets scares the crap out of me all this

given you regret right now

no but I also am forty so I feel like I can get a lot of things done I feel like a lot of things are still in front of me but when you get the eighty and ninety and you can't do everything and you know that you don't have as much time with the one thing I see in so many of their eyes is I wish I

had these listing gives the gift of these lists all the time

but you'll you'll have

a health care worker who works with people who are on their death bed they'll ask them gives the top five things you regret from what they tell us what they regret the hospice yeah it really is fastening we're gonna get into that in a moment


but Gary vee is here we're just getting started we're just reading these engines up I want I I just I want to talk to you about the dream everyone has of not working for the man to do it for themselves and how they can use where they are now to catapult them to where they want to go Daniel about this in a few seconds ago these here will be back with him with more right after this what Gary Vaynerchuk is here Gary V. we call them make sure you're following him everywhere you can because every day he gives us some thoughts that really really catapulted into the day and books yeah he's got books you got everything you don't wanna be known as a motivational speaker you're more of a

listen I've built a fifty million dollar business and a hundred million dollar business and I think a lot of people when they hear motivational speakers and things of that nature creates a sound it creeps me out I mean somebody who used I love practicality look I'm very motivating I I understand that you know mom and dad had sex at the right moment and gave me that DNA I get that but I like that I didn't start telling the world you can do it until I did it Brian said of what we see on Instagram which is twenty two year old life coach is trying to tell us what to do

it's kind of weird because you usually when guests are here they have a laundry list of things they want to promote yeah we're asking Gerry earlier what he wanted from today is like I'm not here to promote anything oh well okay yeah look look at the callers to talk call people


we're gonna talk to Ameri in one second but earlier you gave us great advice we need to be more patient in order to tackle life and when what do you mean by patients we need to be patient with what

life like you know everybody wants this car everybody wants everybody wants to achieve everybody wants these things first of all we should want less things I think that if it by the way you want to stereotype in the other direction everybody I think millennials are the greatest generation of not wanting big TV's and watches and fast cars they they want to go and experience things they want to live a little little bit of better lifestyle it it comes down to this office I think you have to work hard like just over what he knows we haven't gotten into the subject yet working hard is the cost of entry to anything you know zero people that are successful that don't work their face off you know zero people now they may have money because mommy and Daddy made money and gave it to them but people that actually built their own success you know zero people that have had success that did not put an obnoxious amount of work

very good now we're going to talk to someone about that in just a second okay but dad always said I mean I'm thinking of these great piece of advice for my my my father has passed away you can't have it all where would you put it we're gonna put it

by the way real quick I know we're going to the call but I have to say this something back to shop we talked about him when I was on his show I talked about selling stuff in your house on eBay I've gotten fifty to a hundred emails in the last thirty to sixty days of people auditing their home selling everything they want on eBay and people literally making a thousand three thousand ten thousand dollars to take a vacation I'm literally just stuff

like an

owl lamp no

what do you think you it was going we'll get rid of everyone here before my we say good morning to Gary V. what's on your mind today and every morning good morning everyone

morning good morning

well I have a question for you so I started my own business just about two years ago consensually the same day that I had signed divorce papers I signed a lease to my retail store and I did it with me pretty limited funds and I've been very very fortunate I put in my eighteen hour days I love every minute of it and a big tool for me has been social media using Twitter and Facebook and Instagram and all of that and so I'm wondering in your mind where you I feel the next step is once you've not exhausted because that's continuous but once you sort of plan

or do you have

I own a chocolate pretzel company and we had the pleasure of meeting yeah all my gosh how prices are all made it through the first deputy advertisement on the one biggest shows in America I've been listening to for quite awhile

I think first of all you really see yourself because I was gonna rad as you but you did a great job I think Facebook at I don't think your pretzel shop will ever spend enough time and money on Facebook ads and so I want to give you really good advice because I want you to email me any year and say Gary you didn't


an obnoxious amount of time on Facebook ads run a lot of ads within a one mile radius of your actual store I'm sure you're doing online business


are you running Facebook ads are you spending money on face but have not gone

out yet everything you know I've been very fortunate of my business has strictly been word of mouth I actually don't do any advertising or marketing only on social media

on Facebook ads because here's my punch line as fortunate as amazing as you've been


you can be bigger and better absolutely so planned I would deploy a certain percentage of your profits to Facebook ads they will work

directly actually very economical Facebook advertising

is the number for everybody's listening right now Facebook advertising is the number one deal in marketing period in the world not in social media not in digital in the whole game

wow right and you got to celebrate something ever before we let you go the day you sign your divorce papers and you open your business a sign at least the most important day of your life yeah Ameri thanks for centers and for him to wrestle Hey before we take another call


my take away today that would just make my nipple so hard about what Gary vee said earlier yes look I could cut glass with a

lot public

for whatever reason that happy people on earth are the most silent


therefore we only hear from the loud unhappy people and it's doing something that awful to us in our in our lives talk about that I'm up and how do we fix it

we fix it by going on one of the biggest radio shows in the country and challenging everybody who's listening right now that if you're in a good mood that's something smart to tweet about to like why have we defaulted only to producing conversation around negativity because

let me tell

everybody who's listening right now what happens people start believing that's what's actually happening and so every day every day ninety nine percent of this audience has good moments but they never think about sharing that on Facebook yet the second somebody cuts them off on the road or the cashier is slow or they don't like something that's happening in politics they get nasty it's rubber necking and we have to start talking positive because this is our lives and we're we're going down a slippery slope and so I think positivity


a momentum booster

let me ask you this Kerry in your opinion are there more people who are happy or more people who are miserable in life right now

you know the best part is I'm not even gonna use my opinion the data shows that more people are happy depot mazing the world is crime is down you know after the media want to tell you it's not right like so many things are in great places right now now so many things things easy for you that's fine but you have to understand you live in a country that allows you the chance to get out of that look at the market doesn't care if you're poor you're black you're white you're a girl like if those pretzels are delicious they don't care of an alien meeting and that's what's great about the market the market doesn't care one way or another which means you have a shot your parents may be judging you your wife may say you're a loser your neighborhood might say you suck but the market that gets you out of your situation it's actually not judging you and that is why this is the greatest time to be alive

is that why our show doesn't fairly well if I can just to her own arm horn for second we are probably one of the only places to go where we are amplifying happy and positive thinking than ever else

and have you ever heard of Oprah

yeah but she didn't know but even days when crap is going on in the world which is still off the now we'll come in and say look we know a lot of crap is going on we need to give you some positivity I think when

I was really going on when our grandparents were alive and there is this crap this is not crap guys we have it so good like

like everyone

everyone thinks it's so bad like Americans lived in fear that Russia was going to bomb us every day from nineteen fifty to nineteen eighty six this is not crap

you know what this is why it's so important to study history people wonder why history is such an important thing to study it is because you need to see where we've been and how we got where we are let's go talk to Steven Steven say how to Gary V. what's up they're very her younger just quick question for you I mean I consider myself an extremely ambitious person and now I have all these ideas but when it comes down to you know you see a lot of people have connections and they have started Ballard and some people just don't have those kinds of resources so it's somebody who is an ambitious person and want to go no create something you know how do you even get started I just told you I'm twenty eight

see this is a perfect you know this question would have never been asked ten years ago because of start up culture and and I'm not blaming you this is for everybody was listening everybody thinks you need start up capital right like where's my angel investor I don't know any rich friends Stephen I'll be very honest with you if you're so ambitious why don't you go out and sell stuff on the side get a second or third job sell stuff on eBay like you can easily figure out a way to muster up an extra five ten fifteen twenty thirty thousand dollars by hustling extra I I think if you don't have connections that's your only alternative right like if you do have connections great but to really answer your question I think a lot of people want to start this app and they have this big idea but they what they don't realize they should go and do something completely different to muster up the dollars or back to patients get to jobs eat crow stop watching you know game of thrones don't play Pokemon go go all in for three years and do nothing listen Stephen I did not have I did not have my twenties at all all my friends now show up on Facebook and like our you're so lucky you're so lucky and I replied all of them I'm like I'm lucky let me remind you something remember nineteen ninety nine to two thousand and nine when you went to the Jersey Shore every weekend and hooked up with checks I worked so my interest even in everybody else's if you're so ambitious show me

right right I mean I did not buy an unfilled right now and it's just that when you when you have a full time job as well it's it's it's difficult it's not

and I'm not trying to but see here's my real question if you really want it and by the way you get to choose your work life balance but you know that's on you like that's not me choose or anybody else what I'm passion about Steven to be very Frank with you is what did you do from Friday five PM until Monday seven AM I'm just curious like and I don't think you shouldn't have a weekend but I think everybody's ambition actually is more predicate on their actions than our words my friends tell me all the time they're so ambitious and I'm like if that


then you punt leisure and you punt concerts at Jones beach and you work

wow Stephen best of luck to you thank you for listening to us yes sometimes these pills are hard to swallow

I think Steve is a great guy and and I don't want to go I used to Stephen as a catalyst for a lot of people that are listening I don't know Stephen situation dashed his hopes and dreams I think a lot of people say that I I I never say I don't want to say that I'm ambitious I want to show you that I'm ambitious go watch my Snapchat Gary B. E. I go watch my Snapchat and see that I'm up at five thirty seven the morning and see about I'm in meetings at eleven fifty eight PM there's no question Garrett if I'm if I'm ambitious I'm showing you and so I just think we live in by the way I think it's so good in America that most people are soft

talk about it

you see people like to say their ambitious but look what they do they say they look at the negative Hey I don't have connections like some other girl or guy or girl I heard of that got fifty thousand dollars from people to start their start up we always meet what was me there's never been a generation our parents our grandparents they never heard of start up capital there were two jobs saved money for seven years then took the money they save and risked it and build a business

go fund me was not around

there was no go I'm gonna start to think about

going to be okay so we thought you know you don't like go fund me

I love it I just also note the data shows that ninety nine percent of the people don't get their money I can it's like I think a screwdriver works but if you don't know how to use it got a goal for me is a great tool but do you have such a great idea that America is gonna be excited to write you a check so that you can do it

so I wish we had another five hours when can you come back


over almost I know I hate to say it in and do me a favor

I feel like we're just getting the

I know I know

I feel like you're like sitting at their desk renouncing yeah

I know it's like foreplay with Gerry then we got a like sorry I gotta go do something else do me a favor really running a little late but I want you to do something I think it's very important Daniel's husband Sheldon was say you gotta tell the jurors the story about dying given the Jersey too

this is actually very long story with a lot of time here's the punch line guys if you're running a business actually for the pretzel gal and everybody else Emory and everybody else is the thing was a business Twitter Twitter dot com slash search tell your story

take your time okay I wanna hear the story

I wrote a book several years ago called the thank you economy I've been on this kick for a long time that positively rules that that's really where the action is and I wanted to send somebody a gift as a thank you for buying wine from wine library dot com so somebody places an order and we find their name and we find their Twitter account when we look at their Twitter account and this is what everybody can do you can go look up people's names find their Twitter account and a look at it and then we looked at their tweets we saw this guy loved the Chicago Bears and he kept talking about the bears quarterback Jay Cutler just kept talking about talking about it so the guy plays the hundred dollar order that we meet thirteen dollars profit on but I told my team to send him a four hundred dollar signed Jay Cutler Jersey on from eBay send it to him and say thank you for being a wine library customer right so the punch line was he was gonna write back and and you know tell us to heal by all his wine from us for the rest of his life that was my plan here's what happens next for three weeks we don't hear a thing so I call my team like have we heard anything they don't know looks like I'm sure she would have to process the data all of a sudden I give up on it I'm boarding a plane I get a call from one library and they go you've got to see this unlike what happened I'm like the guy you know like now in the he goes better they read in order that came in for thousands of dollars of red Burgundy and in the notes section it says Hey one might be this is my first daughter just found out about you first of all your **** believable prices on red Burgundy second of all I live in Texas it's hot please ship this order after the summer yes I found out about you because you sent my friend Steve a bears Jersey and that's how I became aware of your business PSS I'm a huge Bruce Springsteen is this


why library myself if you go look at my account we give away stuff all the time surprise and delight find out what people care about a lot of times they don't write back I'm not telling you the story about when I bought the guy PS three in five games that I never heard a peep from him right but when you do the right thing the right things happen everybody wants to do something and expect something in return I'm not interested in coming here promoting stuff I don't need to do that I needed to come here and try to give advice that a hundred people a thousand people that are listening right now got value out of and then that's going to work itself out for me one day doing the right thing is always the right thing and you can do that in business and you can do that in life

god bless your parents requesting that India because all the other question

absolutely the circumstances of being an immigrant and my parents are the reason I'm here

this is exactly what my husband doesn't is because if you like thanksgiving he gives all his clients pies for thanksgiving they get to pick a pine is is great by giveaway but he does these things and you know what happens yeah

friends go to friends


the like the like you'll never believe who gave me this great rhubarb pie

yeah excellent Gary three gotta follow Gary V. E.


follow him very important thanks for coming and garrison we're right back

thanks so much for listening or watching to that episode the Gary V. audio experience we really hope you enjoy it and we hope to see you next time