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November 18, 2022

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Today's episode of the GaryVee Audio Experience is Episode 38 of Marketing for The Now! On this episode, we'll be diving into platforms & culture and discussing what it really means to be consumer centric.

Enjoy! Let me know what you thought!

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Hey everyone and welcome or welcome back to the Gary V. audio experience we have an awesome episode for you today but we just want to remind you before the episode starts that if you're listening to this episode on Spotify please leave your comments in the queue in a section under this episode if you're listening on apple Google or anywhere in between please tweet Gary add Gary V. make sure you join the discord to stay up to date on all things be friends and we hope you enjoyed this episode this is the Gary V. audio experience Hey Gerry lot going on this month we're not going on this month we're just gonna die right in today we're talking about social platforms and culture let to go through and super fired up to bring Jon Morgenstern up our John Morganstern he's heads up all things media buying any helps keep us in tune with what's now and what's next and you guys are gonna lay it down first before we bring in some of the some of our guests from the outside world Jamie generating your

yeah yeah


A. J.

this your brother how are things

good luck going on

indeed so generally talk about pac platforms and cultures it's a acronym that we're spending a lot of time here at Maine or for everybody's watching first let's give some shadows showing tool I see you on Facebook Jason Campbell on Facebook at the C. uses that are linked in Russian from Copenhagen on link then Kevin


up from Florida on YouTube thank you for everybody was tuning in we have a big time show today I believe for everybody is watching entrepreneurs creators influencers fortune five thousand CEO's CMO's fortune five hundred CEOs CMOS B. to B. B. to C. I believe that being an expert in the platforms and what's happening in culture is the only way to be a contemporary marketer when you when you hear being consumer centric when you think about your career coming from social code being in marketing for a long time spending a ton of times with the platforms on the media side what what stands out in this in this framework what did you learn here being in the last ten years on this that you know was something maybe you didn't believe us much like give everyone a little a land of your brilliant mind

yeah we talked as for Gerry it feels like in many ways like right now this


the twenty eleven twenty twelve fives platforms wise as far as like it's chaotic somethings feel early like hacks organic is back and those are like the glory days those are really fun times for me right is right and in Facebook in twenty eleven there is no need to add to his desktop only to add units like just figuring it out on the fly I think consumer centric platform centric to me as a pertains to that that media buying side is like being super close all the features that the platforms are rolling out like tick tock right now with states like favorites you know the bookmark icon that we think is such a good signal we're like okay we're gonna come back to this later you can see it in ads reporting you can see it like catch on as you run ads for people using this more and it's like an interesting signal when you can't track towards purchase select following all the different features and things going on with the platforms than seeing it well it's like ads lands I like playing around

as you know educate a lot of people here who don't working five fortune five hundred land something as small as a C. function in tech talk as a feature from the platform the P. that's not something a CMO fortune five hundred company even gives a **** doesn't even know what was happening let alone gives a **** about correct

yes under sent both media buyers don't give a ****

yeah I mean


fortune five thousand companies just don't give a **** this is kind of the point that we're trying to make in this session right that these little nuances of the understanding of the platforms


actually big dividends for building brand and businesses yes


and that we see entrepreneurs a lot of time were very small companies take advantage of this and this is why we've seen so much market share gains in the last decade because this is the fashion because this is the you know all the words this is the war B. Parker is this is the Harry's this is all the CBJ up with Mr beast burgers Fernando's coming up it'll be like these are the things that were seen literally a human being the guarantees the mysteries that the million look like if you are perfect at platform you can outflank the biggest companies in the world because they're all the way up reaching frequency and they don't give a **** about this little new wants we're arguing here these little nuances time seventy five across twelve platforms and I will get to the culture part is the punch line of opportunity yes

yes yeah and

I'm like

how big agencies typically get the flow of information like Hey new new literature new hotness you best practices from the platforms that delta has never been farther apart we're like I mean much of Facebook groups of like meat media buying in Jazan like Facebook ads entrepreneurs

and like the

insights into things they're messing with and like doing and noting it's like a different universe I used to be closer I used to be like yeah like lookalikes are good I mean it's just so different now to keep me on my toes because everyone because of you and it's like oh you're Gary's mediabank person like they're throwing all their heat at me and so I just I just like Sam my toes like it's it's so democratized that is all about like


as a math kids the culture which is really the art what did you learn about for example the green screen that I did for one Texas dot com right like what are you learning around the culture part that maybe is the fracking that brilliant background of your last decade yeah I mean it's

when we talk about it some people are nervous like Facebook ad you know junkies are like yet died in doing that but it really as intuitive as it is it hasn't been where


reaching frequency where you always make out the point of like Hey that's potential impressions like you know just because they watched a second or two that might mean that's just the average time it takes to scroll through a news feed the robots well what could supplant those metrics for like do you have people's attention and the rise the tick tock error it was like does it get organic distributed


if if take targets reels of shorts like take your continent throws out organically like they don't talk around in in those algorithms would like potential reach it's like is this good for our users so that signal of like you have the attention and reading the replies and comments like I just watch this I'm gonna buy it like what you've always said that matters a lot and then using that as the seat of what goes into your ads like the ads paid world is just a subset of the organic world it's the same stuff but you have to fuse it with business and it can't just be like you know teddy bears and random viral stuff you have to be thoughtful that's why we call it strategic organic content but

to turn to just give a ton of value for the entrepreneurs and executives give me on the platform side the J. mod top ten and whether it's ten or seven give me ten little nuances of products on the organic gardening side that you're obsessed with curious or excited about right now you know stop spot like this with Pinterest back toward the real sore Twitter that give me a spark in November sixth twenty twenty two J. mo special

offer I'll throw all my heat on and and sign my sis got from you so big ups the green screen actors like number one because it's so


where you can just like screech on article do green screen over it or if it's not you hire a crater influencer someone who works at the brand to do it

you can do

many a day all sorts of articles gallery will write articles just to be green screens

it's ridiculous easy and works like that's where your content on on one that's where you get a green screen did way better than all the stuff you actually like spending way more time shooting in doing so that's number one across platforms exact reels on


this might be something you haven't heard Instagram reels but it's it's probably the same on both I can only say for short interim reales de the audio you choose like matters more than on tick tock like if you use the top like funny sounded that's trending on reels you can draft off of that trend more than you can on tech talk

like notably more yeah that's one

thank you

the whole rather that music and like licensing rights I do have a lot of empathy for brands with I know you didn't get into that's always tricky but those are interesting my thirties an ads hoc which is around how to like

for serve your

your you too bad just in shorts because Google doesn't want you to do that may make it tricky sort using that with a lot of brands right now because you're talking big about shorts or connect their of course coming to me and like let's do ads


you do video action it's like we'll just served everywhere don't worry about it so too do the sorts hack yeah I'd like to think I was again old school like twenty eleven twenty twelve stuff that's number three

we're we're out of time came out we got to keep it moving I love you thank you love you back later we got to get to get again back for the other three five he's got a he's got so much all right we're lucky to have Fernando Machado come back he joined us when he was all about burgers now he's all about gaming or not out you tell he's he leads some of the marketing for the most exciting titles including call of duty or world of Warcraft overwatch candy crush and so much more we're super fired up to have you back Fernando

it was my pleasure to be here it's fun to choose to be with you guys again

we're gonna have you been my friend

I'm good man I was looking for like someone who had a more collector shelf than mine

the wi fi

yeah I have a similar collection though

we got to talk about that offline is watching Fernando is you know I'm I'm gonna make a blusher truly actually a legend in the marketing industry one of the most admired sought after respected CMO's in the world obviously now running the helmet Activision blizzard no no

when you

when you see the you know platforms in culture what it really means to be consumer centric the Burger King work now here in in this entertainment media gaming world you really have the fortune and and probably this is why you selected them to be at the helm of brands that people really care about and that are really consumer centric truly actually so you know when you see this what does it really mean to be consumer centric how do you answer that from your okay


try to

to have my finger in the pulse of what's going on out there you know what I mean like a and can be overwhelming at times I try to see it like out where culture is going and in hopefully every now and then we have a chance of influencing culture a little bit short it doesn't matter if it's gaming or a burger or a soap you know like I think you have a powerful inside a strong positioning into embrace clear TV G. you'll be able to influence culture and whatever copy we were in in whatever county you are in so to me in my car it's about it's about scene where people's minds are having to you know like I am trying to find inflection points in trying to predict feedings in trying to do things that are going to surprise people

where where

where do you

think I'm sorry please finish

no I think it's less about like a doing a ton of research and on our end it because research everyone has the same data you know what I mean like a I remember the first time we met our aid you what telling me about how you use should look at where drivers were looking at so that you could put the signs of the wine store right right and you figured out that your feet was not about the wind started was more about a consumer behavior


which means about observation

in scene where people are looking at you know like I believe much like what you did back in the day in the future what you should do so well

hi George Q. from our office who's worked with you know patches that I miss you fair what about big companies where do they get this wrong like you know you've been enough at this point I've always felt that the reason you've already exiting this industry is you are a little bit more towards my world of common sense consumer behavior culture you know what what meetings do you walk out of of like dammit this this could have been better and the reason we're doing this we're just so big or what what is the you know for a lot of people here who are entrepreneurs are getting while youngsters and you're trying to get into marketing what's the what's the cliche reasons companies are bad at it

I think I think the big companies or any company for that matter can beat that idiot when non


everything is done tool for consensus

in what

people are not in power choose they cut that action you know what I'm saying like a if you were even if your idea of putting signs around around like that cannot fly in New Jersey Abu like have to be agreed with your dad and then all the employees in the company it would be like no that's

why when I see co CEO I jump out the window when you use you have none

I I I I I freak out honestly thought that lines are

not right


you know maybe you'll like this you know what I have in my company because we're a global organization our universe two thousand people starting to be there we have something called the Supreme Court when there is in theory a dotted line all I say is I don't want you to spend more than one hour debating if you two don't agree and you have your hands in this jar you must come to me give me your point of view I will make a Supreme Court decision and we and this talk of politics that we've been able to do with dot if I love you you're saying god lines are destroying corporation

I think I think the struggle is when everything is driven by consensus when people knocking power out when people are risk averse so the they just want to vote not not officially voting but like they want to hear absolutely everyone and and I don't mind hearing everyone but someone down if they need to make a decision R. if you are not going to please everyone when you try to please everyone that's when I think it breaks that's when like that's when you land on the most common denominator which is usually not the best way to go always went generic lips so I think that's where that's where we all struggle I would say

it lot of agencies watch this I always love interacting with my contemporaries when they watch this stuff so let's I I haven't asked a lot of questions from that simply what is the biggest mistake agencies are making your your you know you know talked about your direct partners I don't know who that is but like in theory what you're seeing like as you head into twenty twenty three what do you want more from it from your agency partners and what you want less from when it comes to being consumer centric yeah

like I think look I mean

what I

always want more from its close collaboration in for Dan shoot shoot put more ideas on the table then I can is accused in our like for dentures no my business know what my strategy is know what you're trying to achieve in late three like machine gun me are we fight GS I would rather that the focus the kind that part Dan didn't believe what a credit check stuff you know what I'm saying aims in ideas that to scare us you know what I mean like I got to pull shots I think that's where it is but it's a tricky thing is what I'm seems like easier said than done like us I think that one of the biggest mistake that agencies can make is to try to please the client then to the client what you think the client will like because you if the client were an amazing creative person the client will be sitting on the agency side you know what I mean like a defect that


was lucky enough to be part of some amazing creative projects doesn't mean that I'm creative judges were not coming from me you know it probably only means that I know how to party for our if I have some criteria in the yeah and I have a great relationship with that we stick with the creature partners so so that to me is the biggest mistake you know what

distribution platforms whether it's connected TV whether it's social well there's something traditional has you personally most excited about storytelling on

I'm excited about she could talk to be honest with you these days and I know that you talk a lot about that it is just a different way to do is storytelling you know what I mean like are in the think that we are all trying to figure out for each franchise for each brand for each company what is that


you know like I also like I'm excited about working with creators are any freelancers you know like what you are talking about I'm confession over I think like a year like I you know like I think that the res dip dip dip reason you way off to fifteen doing things that I think we're all kind of still learning I wait you like leverage our users of the brands will leverage our creators out there like the level of engagement that you're getting we stuff that we do when we bottom screeches the few times higher


in how to look at the fall trying to control the content which the stupid feat you have created then you try to control the cost of the

Michael you get to pick the creator let her or him do their thing it's one of them in the first place getting them to do an ad destroys them and you

yeah but I think that we are you joining the sense of like proving to Albany's like the

R. WHYY and

things like that you know like they are everyone is used to a certain way to do things our engine proved tried and tested and proven into easy to calculate pay back R. Y. like everything and I think that when when we try to do things in a different way it's harder especially like the first time you do it to prove the case R. so it's finding that balance where we can experiment indaba in learn


in show that like out we can have full from the media landscape and if you can like I tell stories in a different way than just like long form and fumes or aqua net or like or any event you know to me

love it or not such a pleasure my friend have a great holiday

no you too man awesome to see you guys thanks for having me

course Hernando next up super fired up to welcome Omar Raza he's the leading voice behind ESPN SportsCenter Instagram account and he also makes appearances across platforms across shows like hoops dreams the college football playoff show in sports center thanks for joining us Omar

no worries thank you so much for having me

I do I also see you look at Taco Bell yeah yeah

you did you did you did


was really cool

how are you

I'm doing good man how are you

I'm quite well one should spend one second actually tell everybody how you came up the game because I think it's gonna get people hyped and I will go into it

cool I really started you know people think about Instagram I when I was twelve or thirteen years old I wanted to be a youtuber so I was making like NBA two K. videos madam videos and I honestly looking back at it it never really popped up to the level I wanted to but what I did was I got so many wraps and I learned so much about community building and all that stuff was when Instagram came around I was like Hey no one's doing video well none of the media companies were posting highlights or getting the funny moments that we're resonating more than like a dock right there's a lot of fan moments of fans reacting in the background to I'll play or coach is reacting and so I started an account called house of highlights I made my own goal to like build my own little you know sports page and honestly it was just a passion it wasn't supposed to be this page that now has a thirty five million followers so I did that it blew up and lebron follow Christian or not followed so you know and and

to follow you just lost your **** mind

you know what the first one was Snoop Dogg

I remember

he was the first celebrity to follow I remember calling my dad was like isn't it doesn't know anything about culture right now is like do you know who Snoop Dogg was yes I know who Snoop Dogg was so and I was like I've made it I made it once I've got my dad's a

family life when your parent can co sign


our our look there this is really fun to have you on the show because I you know we know each other a little bit haven't electric too much chop up time but as we both have navigated this last decade I think we I think this will land with you there you know I think you and I'm proud to say I think I am there's others like us this is the thing we really focus on

its pack

its platform and culture right not only did you understand the white space on Instagram at the right time you also have to really understand how that platform was working so like what were the design types what was the copy the hashtags that every

yeah you know

what are you seeing today what's the state no different than J. Morrow who's in the trenches talk about scenes on tick tock what's the more special on platforming culture what are like things that entrepreneurs and fortune one hundred should be thinking about

yeah I mean just all the different types of content you guys talk about green screen videos I'm a huge fan of that but also voice over video so I believe in the storytelling of I'm gonna take you at Steph curry's work out and show you what it's like this Saturday we're going to U. S. Sievers UCLA so many people are interested in that game because it's a big you know to college football teams I'm gonna take you behind the scenes are gonna show you what the players are working on this tell you what they were young about after the game ends with there was good or whether was bad some really big on storytelling and just I have this Mike right here I'm gonna tell you a bunch of stories that I think

are relevant so I think that's another format of of stuff I also will say like consistency

real quick all right hello guys linkedin user one two three four says are you getting rated that siren as well well this is called New York City


I would do it

yeah I just want

you sure if anyone was confused keep going

no I I think consistency is also just big thing on every platform one of the big learnings I had with house of highlights was we were so big on Instagram but then we made a tech talk account and the account was verified and have like a hundred followers and all the comments were what is house of highlights and how did you guys should have been right

what what what

like I thought we had Jay Z. on lock so it was it was such a you know humbling moment and you know that's when we went hard on you tube and Instagram and Twitter and you know even on my personal accounts that I'm trying to be big on you to tick tock it's remote so

what I'm well I don't know how in the trenches you are on this these days but I'm feeling you are do you get excited when something you post for your team posts that you think is gonna crush fails but it's weird



I'll tell you why I love that one of my favorite things to do one take talk right now is a remix my video the video does bad that I believe and one of the videos actually it was my story it was like how I started house of highlights and how I ended up at ESPN and when I first made the video it was fifty five seconds it was just way too long and it took me four tries to make the video I mean the video four times I think you got a thousand views a hundred use every single time I posted it the fifth time I posted the video it has nine million views



the board for everyone here

yes I made a video why do you have C. fighters from bass elite and you know before every five people you see that first time I did it five thousand views I changed it I I'm I'm really quite harsh in my video that believe on it I'll take out parts a redo the hook nineteen million user take thank you I'm not making any of this up

it's not like you're not you've saw the headline I'm sure because you're in the trenches like I am Mr peace talks about spending six figures on a thumbnail

yes yeah yeah it's just the little



it matters like I don't you know I for one you know M. like in love with the humility that comes with it not hitting


what I like about you and I think we don't do this enough answer for sure on our side I don't work enough because I'm always on to the next on to the next but they're absolutely things that I need to do more working it and there's a lot of people that run that modeling for a lot of people watching right now going that second third fourth fifth at it and giving it a shot a special way the world works now we're the algorithms are just kind of like taking it and like letting you win based on the creative you know variable not just always you have is a game changer no

I agree and I think another thing also is like it's can be the littlest edit for like on Instagram what we realize is we if a video did bad and it didn't have text on screen Hey you should add that text on the screen and maybe add a wait for it or watch the kid in the back or watch this fan's reaction that video might be going from having five thousand likes in twenty minutes to a hundred thousand it really was the most

working do you delete the original from the Iran

I do I do if I know I'm going to post it back if I don't know if I'm gonna do at two OR at three I usually do delete it off the ground hi

how quick

I know want to it depends on the platform I don't want to talk with the twin I mean I don't Instagram within twenty minutes

I don't yeah what what this wrestling thing

yes we

take it down as quickly as thirty forty minutes really give like three four hours or how do you know that one was like I gave it

a day because I was like maybe it's possible

past this you'll take down one okay

one hour one hour on tick tock ten minutes on Instagram

ten minutes under your you know that you want to do something about cam reddish is hot a little bit putting area were hot he's into coffee you like I have this take on camera version coffee


said on the Graham and in ten minutes because of the map you know that it didn't hit but you know you're gonna get another at bat you will take it down

yes we have it figured out every Oct algorithms obviously change but for the most part they don't change like every other day so so so we know that like within two minutes this video should I buy one I like if you know within five minutes as you have a thousand like we already know all the bills and stuff we want a post in twenty minutes they have fifty thousand likes whatever it is

you will feel the take down is not good like you I haven't seen that and seems like you haven't seen that either like it's taking it down and coming back a couple hours later something different while you work on re editing that you've not seen a negative affect

I've never seen a dentist

a lot of people don't realize the danger how quickly on a take down will you pull something right behind like for example on the Graham how often you post

we've posed ten to twelve times a day

right so every every two hours but yeah

yes we

probably not twenty four seven so yeah I have the one

the one tricky thing is imagine an NBA game or a busy Saturday night UFC NFL college football these things are happening you can be posting on top of each other and sometimes it feels like my

welcome well see this is a life go head okay

yes sometimes it it feels like you know you don't wanna be posting everything on top of it I'm a big believer in if your content is good enough it will eventually stand out so it doesn't matter if you give it two minutes a breathing room or who are you

who are you saying I posted something it's kind of hitting a little something but it's a Saturday night with a lot of sports I'm not scared to post another thing because if that bursting is really that good it will continue to do well


this is something I believe as well that really scares the **** out of people they want to let it go reads when you could have two planes flying at the same time

absolutely Gary whenever cigarette

listen we gotta run but I think people got a **** load a value last four minutes I really

thank you so much


thanks M. R. thank you for joining us

what a great job please hang on to the show I got to go to meetings but there's some fire fire stuff coming up stop that will actually bring balancing what you just saw

love you thanks so much for listening or watching tonight's episode the Gary V. audio experience we really hope you enjoy it and we hope to see you next time