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November 21, 2022

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Today's episode of the GaryVee Audio Experience is a podcast I did called the Jesse Lane Podcast! I sat down with Jesse to discuss how we met, how I keep my teams organized, why I empower feelings over finance, following my intuition, if you do what you like... you'll do it more, why life is awesome if you decide its awesome and much more!

Enjoy! Let me know what you thought!

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Hey everyone and welcome or welcome back to the Gary V. audio experience we have an awesome episode for you today but we just want to remind you before the episode starts that if you're listening to this episode on Spotify please leave your comments in the queue in a section under this episode if you're listening on apple Google or anywhere in between please tweet Gary add Gary V. make sure you join the discord to stay up to date on all things be friends and we hope you enjoyed this episode


is the Gary V. audio experience what's up Gary

how are you brother

I'm doing great man I'm so thankful for you

I'm glad to be doing it I have a hard stop at three so it's rock and roll

so I've been following you since twenty sixteen you were jab jab jab in providing value you know that you went for that right hook that ask with the N. F. T. which was a collective ask we get value you get value and I bought the passionate parrot and it rocked my world and I promise econ got to meet you got to film a real within the Amazons Logan Paul Gary V. himself Ben Francis from gymshark then I happen to see you at the restaurant that night you walk in we got a lot of guys and and I was like I'm not gonna come harass you like we kind of week that each other like all right like I you know who I am Jesse but you know they were cool but I just felt like maybe I should I should go up but there's this voice inside of me go up and say hi introduce yourself but after dinner and so I walked up to you man and you guys are just kind of got done your your tax and you kind of pick up the phones like the guy your your parents for their girlfriends so it was just so cool to talk with you for like a half an hour and I'm sure you remember course and just and just talking so I was like Hey man let's do it because we do a podcast together and you're just like dude I do all the time email me so guys Gary vee is truly the most kind person compassionate caring empathetic human being I want to kind of I want to ask you Gary I'm not sure if a lot of people have asked you this you put that you've you've probably been asked this before but I want to get in the past a pair and we only have fifteen minutes but system is ation like not sure where you come from on this business wise I have an eight figure business you have a nine figure or group so I'm just so curious like I'm put in the systems in my business Rav internal website and all the people who follow me are starting to buy that website is like a template that I sell so super cool for I'm a general contractor jailing constructions my company so what do you use systems how do you keep your team organize how do you cast your vision how do you define your roles we

we we use a lot of systems but the ultimate system that I think about is the human system meaning for every slack for every you know Google infrastructure for every you know HR software for every how do we like to communicate whether it's what's up threads or or email or G. mail or G. chat or signal whatever may be for all the technology systems the the you know the CRM sales force this content management that CMS that content management system for all of those the reality is those tools are only as good as the players using those tools right like a hockey stick is a very good tool to play hockey right

yeah but

hockey players are different I got Dustin here filming I'm just I'm gonna say something I'm sure I'm getting a reaction per month you can have the most tricked out BMX bike but if you can't ride you're gonna get exposed I think about that from I I love sports and I think about tennis a lot when somebody just comes with like the best racket and the best sneakers and basketball and you have the proper Jordan's on but if you can't shoot it doesn't **** matter you can somebody be putting insurance so I think about the corporation wise like the reality is is that the thing I work on the most system wise is the human system how do I surround myself with fifty people at the sides were at at eight


eight figures when I was at one library anything your business your anything your business how do I have those five to ten homies family members who are going to make sure those systems are followed properly and that their soul in the business so that people care because we care about them and so I think about each our feelings that's why road twelve and a half a real jab jab jab right hook for like yours are you content that works for you buddy you know I wrote twelve and a half for like she was the real game it's around compassion and kindness and human elements and so the

ultimate system is the human system business is two things its systems and its people but you can't have one without the other

I think we can actually build meaningful businesses with people and not just for me but it's impossible to build a meaningful business with you know with awesome systems that nobody gives a **** about the company

so how do you onboard new employees you kind of take that seat you have a C. suite I'm sure right

yes I we have you know fourteen fifteen people and then we have offices head yeah equal to C. suite but it's more about intent it's more about empowering our HR department over our financial department so I think one thing that people do is they make financial decisions but not human decisions there's a lot of things we do you know in powering feelings versus finance is a big thing I think about which is like you know Hey we have our department's not as profitable as we set the weakest link on the team is this the weakest link on our team's husband has cancer right now and we're gonna pick feelings of not firing her even though she's the weakest link because her husband has cancer right now she's going through a tough time in and so we're just not going to run at the same margin this year as we wanted to is something that I've done throughout my twenty five year career and will continue until the day I die I will choose the truth of the human situation and you don't always know I mean I used to always know when I thirty forty fifty a hundred employees now it's fifteen hundred yeah restructure one of my companies today


literally just looking at the eleven names they're they're letting people no longer here today that we're one of my companies up in Iraq's and there's four people replacing that sellers with not a cost savings it just we were we need certain things and so for people coming in one's already here at eleven people exited at the size and scale that we're at I don't know if one of those eleven people actually has one of these very challenging situations I'd like to think that the culture we've created has empowered that but I know that many things slip through the cracks of the size and scale we play out I also already the people that are listening to this podcast have five seven twelve person companies and they should know when I definitely did when I had a hundred employees

so if you're kind of running a business off of intuition it sounds like really knowing people so you're so in tune you're almost like a you can do you can see the future like there's something within you that I see is so deeply connected where do you think your intuition comes from

the luck of the DNA draw

I mean literally

and which is why I think back to like your opening sentence on this podcast that some people might be like huh you know that's good to hear I'm glad to hear that or I would have never thought that on any keep it super humble because my biggest superpowers our god given and god given means my parents have sex of the right second right like like you know like it's not super complicated and so it's very high for me it's very hard for me to get high on my talents which keeps me very grounded because to your point no question my great advantage in the competitive landscape of business and life is my intuition and I you know as much as I'm proud of like the hard work I've put in and all this like so much of this was put there for me and it's like you know I I think I'm very fortunate to have the luck of the draw and I have worked hard to extract the most out of it but even hard work I feel is a street that was taught to me by watching the hard work that my parents put in as immigrants and so that even that is the quorum call luck of the draw I could have been the grandchild of me singing talents but not have that Sri kid energy because I wasn't first generation I was fortunate ratio that would be a totally different person

yeah and you also said yes to you opportunities which is what I how I got to where I am that is you you had the DNA you have the parents you have the programming right but then you say yes to opportunities and it brings you higher and higher which leads me to

the opportunities real quick before yes this question

is yes

a team based in patience and humility I think to a lot of things including this podcast yeah we shouldn't

I want to do nice I know this is gonna be good

you know I'd

I know this is good for you I have my intuition is that you'll be able to get some other fancy guests because of this

I appreciate it

and that makes me happy that that will be good for you and but it's also about you know just like saying yes to random things because it's karma it's luck of the draw you may ask a question that leads to an insight in my own mind but I'd never thought about before that may lead to a profound content pillar that I play on and so people say no out of fear people say yes and a confidence and I think a lot about that

well here's one piece man the passionate perut why I bought it when I saw that I was like my main mission in life one of them on YouTube and social media is my content is how can I help people find their passion because I've I found my passion when I went and I saw the first piece of wood and I was like construction is my passion then I said yes and yes and yes but then I entered into this light beam and you can use this pro or post this clip on her Instagram and of the of the of the crazy but anyway this light beams that people fall into and I feel a lot of people don't find their passion maybe there at the cashier desk at Walmart and they haven't found their passion maybe that is their purpose in life and that's a whole nother conversation but when I stepped into that light beam whom I mean it just took me like like you were saying

that if you do what you like you can with the most right like if you love golfing if you love BMX biking if you like tasting wine if you like watching movies if you like listening to hip hop or punk rock if you like going to concerts and like whatever you like you'll do the most like like and that's just very real and so the reason I've always been big on passion as well and passion parents one of the first be friends I drew


because I really believe it is well it's it's just back to motivation and energy like it's really hard


I want the complete opposite on things that don't come naturally to me I was not able to just be a B. and C. student like most people are because I wasn't passion about school I got these in apps like I'm very extreme like I'm either in or out and like you know I think most people are able to just be a B. and C. and D. students alike and that's fine for the first eighteen years of your life in some ways because it's hard to convince parents when you're not saying that you're going to quit school but when you start becoming an adult in your twenties in your thirties or forties I mean the amount of people that are changing course of forty six and then enjoying forty years of their life I get messages about is profound you can imagine what I keep telling these twenty and thirty year olds and like you don't understand like you can literally change your mind at forty three and a half forty three more years before you get to eighty six and start to kind of slow down like life is very very awesome if you decide it's awesome

and I love that your mom help you realize that I needed to go soon that your school failures because I was the same thing but they didn't make it that's not your identity

well my mom did well was hold me accountable she put it wasn't like she was like **** school shooting last month but she but she was able to like Hey there's there's ramifications for you know your actions your bad student your kid you should be doing school quote unquote you're punished you're grounded you have a week or two no TV no video games no friends and she never said things like you're a loser or and let me get all the things my teachers I don't know what it was about the eighties and nineties but like the garbage man was the thing that people picked on like I have seven different teachers at least five dead told me I'm gonna be a garbage man I'm never going to amount to nothing

I had the same exact thing bro

it's very weird

when you're pure bred entrepreneur you just can't fit the box man

a hundred percent of their you know that's how I've always spoken and how I believe in I see it now I yeah luckily the kids are coming up again now their parents are more open to them being entrepreneurs and they realize like they could be happy and successful and that's all parent wants every parent that pushes the kids to get good grades today I think it's a great parent who just that's their ideology they think that that's what it takes I I I argue that that's just not true when you look at real life like and by the way like money scares the **** out of me like parents that think if their kids are millionaire they'll be happy or probably the most emotional the mobile as much as I think it's crazy to think if you get a zombies you'll be successful it's equally is crazy to me that parents to go the other way and are fully about their kids being honest workers are likely to make five million Bucks well yeah I I know unlimited people make five million dollars take home who are incredibly unhappy unsatisfied and I know plenty people make sixty seven thousand dollars a year who live joyous the fill light we

we have

we have to really re wiring re conversation all of societal norms

you have to know what you're wired for well

said here

look I know you gotta go man so we can wrap it at that but how how how crazy would it be to ask you to it would be amazing to me to follow me on Instagram

I'm happy to do a brother what's your answer

W. amazing Jesse lane T. V.

J. E. S. S.



L. A. N. E. like lane like a street


T. V. like television

there you are in your nice little suit

we have ma'am absolutely remarkable

the lesson in this for everybody no matter as you don't ask you don't get just the ticket rather stay well

love you bro but I see it thanks so much for listening or watching to that episode the Gary V. audio experience we really hope you enjoy it and we hope to see you next time