Advice to a Young Person That Many of You Need

January 23, 2022

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Today's episode is a classic moment I shared with this individual back in 2016. I gave this advice to one great kid on growing his personal brand and social media influence .. I just wanted most of you to hear it too.

Enjoy! Let me know what you thought.

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This is the

Gary vee audio experience.

Hey guys, one of the great things about daily be is that the rocks around a whole lot and some things are obviously gonna be for the show. But sometimes things come along that can stand alone and what you're about to watch is something that I know will bring value to so so many of you. It's a long clip. Um but it's advice that 65% of my audience really needs and um and I hope you enjoy it. How old are you? Perfect. You're at the point now where why don't you just take three years and just do and see what that tastes like Because you know what fucking feeling journals taste like. Because I think one of the things that really works for me is I'm not worried about the micro but I think about the macro, oh I don't know where the funk this just came from but I just walked in and saw it. This helps me a lot. Like like I just like what the fun am I doing with you right now? There's a lot more to do with the fucking showing up to the funeral than it has to do with fucking the bank account. And you know what's funny is you if you actually live your life like the funeral, you end up making stuff for the bank account by accident.

You end up meeting somebody who you know like it's so crazy when I think about like how I invested in twitter and made all that money. It was more about giving should about my funeral. Like doing the right thing by a bunch of people which you know, led to going to south by southwest which led to me meeting the twitter guys which meant you know like it's just

yeah, following your passion. You've

just got to really think about like how like I'll tell you like even in four seconds maybe some of the context robert gave me maybe making some assumptions. But when you're thoughtful, like I think one of the things that people feel like struggle with is actually being very real with themselves. The difference between being, you know, the difference between understanding who you are versus who you wish you were. And I think that's something that I'm always very fascinated by when I have a meeting like this. Like what kind of read do you have on yourself and help? Like you know, I think I would struggle a lot if I didn't really genuinely know who I was and and then once you know who you are, You get more comfortable with what you're up to. So like if I ask you right now and I think it ebbs and flows when you're 28 when you're 32, when you're 57. Like if I asked you right this second, like what do you want to happen? And like what did you say?

What's going to happen with my creative projects or just with life all of it. I don't want to happen. I mm hmm Yeah. I wanna have a life where I'm able to create with fun, create with the team. I want to put out content that affects people's lives for the better. In terms of helping them feel good or better about themselves and their relationships and cultivating relationships that are meaningful. I want to like travel with my man and like have property, international, property and like travel for fun and also for play and also a little bit of time for work. But controlling and monitoring life with these and also impact for the better in the process.

It's cool. What are you hoping as you're like rolling up to this office, What do you like? What are you hoping for? For real by the way.

Yeah. For real. For real. I mean there are like you know ship that I do not. So I honestly just want to pick your brain about a couple of key things. And I really like ideally like what I was hoping that what I expected like to get in a place like hit

me up, start building, start the process of building a relationship. Okay, let's start with this. If you want to like listening to what you said. The first thing I will tell you the best thing. I think I hope I think the first best thing I can tell you is don't front The # one mistake that people that aspire to? The sentences that you just spit out of your mouth. The number one mistake they make is they try to over sell themselves because they think they need it to have people's attention correct. So let me give you an example whether it's life coach, inspirational, figure, business coach, whatever form it takes, I think it's much smarter for you to talk to the world about your process of going through this, then the advice that you should think you should be giving them. Yeah, and that's where people are struggling. I had, I got real lucky, I've never said this to Iraq, so pay real close attention. I'm not sure that if the internet was around in its current form that I would be as successful Because at 22 and 23 I knew I was special and I might have not been patient enough to first build a business first get experience. I didn't start talking to the world till I was 35 hmm And I love to say to you, be patient to you, to be patient.

I'm not sure if I would have been, I'd like to think I would have been but the freedom of putting like I love to hear myself talk like, like you know, and I think anybody that is like think about so do you and so do so many of you, like that's what it is and it's nice, there's nothing wrong with that. It sounds bad. It's funny a lot of what I deal with now is being okay with not being politically correct work life balance cursing whatever meritocracy, you know, I don't know if you've seen this, Did you see that I was on the breakfast club, so I don't know if you watch that interview or some of the content that I've been building on, I'm on a hot, no excuses kick. I have a lot of female entrepreneurs, I have a lot of fans that are african americans. I spent a lot of time in that community, my college years. I just think I'm giving the best advice to women and minorities in business today, which is tough and it's crazy like you have to understand in my body right now it doesn't feel great, it feels a lot better going somewhere else. The problem is, it's the truth. Like the market, it just doesn't care. And what's cool is when you actually say fuck it, then you start betting on your strengths. Do you know, I was a businessman in a world where going to smart colleges was the only thing that mattered for businessmen, You were only a good businessman. If you went to Harvard business school and then I reversed it. Like, I'm like, I'm a DNF student, like, like I curse, I don't dress the part I do me and then, you know what happened the world came to me and so I would tell you that the best thing that you're gonna walk out of here with is something that took me a long time to really realize is if you want to pull this off and you want people listening to you, there's only one thing the truth and know everybody says that fucking cliche term.

It's unbelievable how much that's the reason I'm winning. Mm hmm. And I think it's easier when you have a level of success and it's harder when you're climbing up the ladder. But I think that there's a lot of people who if they talked about the journey of the climb could win. I think it's the best piece of advice I can give right now to a bunch of 20-30 year olds that feel that they should be talking to the world and bringing value, talk about your journey of trying to find that voice and synthesize it properly versus let me go find, you know, because the problem is a 30 40 50 year old listening to your one minute rant video on instagram. Even if it's powerful, there's a level of cynicism of like, what do you know? And I think that that's fair. And look, you could just be a whiz kid about the world and that exists. But I do think there's a smarter way to context it, you know, it's like starting the sentence of you should versus you know, it's funny right now, I can say you should because I built so much. But if I was at 20, it need to be like, my intuition says that changes everything or when I look at or when I met with Gary today, the takeaway I got was that's got it.

Yeah. What's your perspective is on cultivating relationships with people who not only believe in your ideas can actually help fund or will point you to fund because right now, all my friends are broke and trying to create some ship. You know, it's like I can't borrow from your negative bank accounts. So like how do you get into a position where you are around people who are influencers or who also will donate or whatever the case may be,

the market will give you money, the market will give you money. Whether it's Kickstarter, I'll give you money. You just have to give somebody what you want it against. So the biggest problem right now is finding money is not the problem really. It's not. I'll explain. Well, let me explain. It's not, it's how you're looking at the world. Okay, There's things like angel list and kickstart, do you know which harder it was for your mother to get money?

Yeah, yeah.

Like, like, like do you know how hard somebody would slap you that do you know that the 1973 version of you, if he was sitting here would punch you in your sucking mouth because money is the last thing you have to worry about angel list, Kickstarter, the world can give it to you. You start a Kickstarter ken? You know why most of them fail because most ship is whack because most stuff isn't good because most people don't give a fuck you can go to angel list and hit up all the angel investors. The real question is before you go there is I think most people say everybody says to me gary I can't find money and then I go cool I'll give you money, what do you got? And then I don't know. So tell me what am I what am I buying your brand? What in perpetuity? Got it. We're living through a really interesting time in the world right now where people don't like where art and science and business are colliding and they're all very different. I understand the art that's in your heart but how you gonna Yeah I got lucky I had the R. N. The business But like Okay what am I buying?

There's no buying buying into Gary Vaynerchuk would have been a really good idea for a lot of people but that wasn't for sale and I don't even know how to sell that. Like what do you sell? Like are you gonna make 20% of my speaking fees or my book deal or my TV deal just like right I guess you can do that. I actually do think that plays out over time but if I said to you cool I got money for you, what are you selling me? Like what's the business

when you show up with more content that allows people to see more of what they're investing

in. You know, what I would say is what's the container I'm putting my money in. You can have unlimited content, you could have 4000 episodes of a podcast and the greatest instagram account I've ever seen and the funniest Snapchat and instagram stories I've ever seen. Great. So

that's not inherently letting people know what they're investing.

That lets them know a little bit about you. But what's the vessel got it? So when I meet fuck jerry or when I meet the fat jewish, I know they've got attention on instagram three years ago, that really matters. What am I investing in? Oh, Oh, fatuous, You're making a rose, Oh, I can put $25,000 into that and own 8% Now, you've given me something to put the container in. Oh, fudge jerry. You want to become buzzfeed, you're gonna build a website and have traffic and sell ads. You gotta come to me and say, what am I investing in? You have to put your thing into a container that's investable, nobody's writing a check to a person, packages packaging and then, and then it gets hard because once you package it, you have to be able to explain it in business terms and that's not necessarily what everybody does, this is where it gets into partnerships. One thing I would tell you based on the vibe I'm picking up if you and I both grew up in Milwaukee, you know, I would have been a great partner for you because I could have been the businessman to the art. If that's how you're thinking about it, maybe you're the business part, but it's not what you've been bringing up yet.

I don't know, I've been in a position where I had to do like both right now,

you know, Well look, I mean, you should, you should be putting out content on a very regular basis. You should start a pillar show whether it's, I mean vlogging I think is very fascinating. You know, you should be doing instagram stories and Snapchat stories at scale. You should be putting out 7-25 pieces of content on both those platforms a day. And let me explain how don't go fancy document versus creating when you, when you make you like that, right? It's a big, it's a big shift When I say 7-25, you say my God, how do I produce 7-25 meaningful things that will have me respected versus document.

See that's that's that's always the thing is like meaningful, that will get the respected, I feel

like anybody

can put out shit, you know, I don't want

to put out ship, but ship is subjective, my man and I got good news for you, you're fully in control. Yeah. People like Gary, you put like, I'm in control. How many things I say no, they sent me quotes to put out an instagram, nope, I'm in control. Mhm. Who makes the final call on like productions, the producer, the director, I don't know whoever, who's the final person, great, You're the producer, my man, right? I don't know. You take, you take a selfie with a nice skyline and yeah, but you gotta put out stuff and you and you got to fabricate it. Like when you're like, I still can't believe how many people that live in new york don't use new york people if I were you and I had an hour right now going to fucking park right right now. Like, I don't know, like go back to your basketball roots, stand outside the garden right there and be like, what do you think about the next upcoming season? You interviewed four people, One person gets into a thoughtful conversation. He was the former ball boy in 1957 It's a nice story and boom, you see where I'm going, people aren't starting, People aren't starting, they're just not making, they're thinking they're pondering, they're strategizing.

They're debating, Yeah, yeah. The difference between people like me and and the far majority is I'm just doing it all times. I'm doing so much that I've decided to have a working man walk around with a camera and follow me because who knows when it's gonna happen and you know what's so funny in parallel my brain right now we need to leave here. I'm gonna say to him the rock, I wanted this whole thing, cut the whole thing like what I'm giving you so many needs right now. So I'm like, let's just put it out,

right? So I, like you mentioned before, you know, you have to be constantly, I personally go through these periods of extreme creativity and extreme, just chill. You know, like I'm not feeling, how do you motivate yourself or how do you continue this process and like go, go, go, go, go and balance that with like self care and checking in with yourself.

You know, I do what feels right to me. Yeah. So if I got to check out for the week, I check out for the weekends all the time. No creations. People like where's your Snapchat? So like, I don't know, I've got to be with my family. Like I don't punish myself. Mhm But that's

really hard for me right now. I feel that same thing. It's like, dude, you're not putting it out and you're not doing enough, you have to follow me and you're not doing it.

I agree. See where I'm going. I don't know life, I don't think you should, I don't, I don't think you should squander it, but like, I mean like you just gotta, you know, listen, this is back to do, you know yourself or do you aspire to be something you might actually not be, This is the toughest question of it all my man, I mean if you want to be respected and really known show the funk up, are you freaking kidding me with a week going a week without doing something? You know, I don't know how much into my content you are, but I always say nobody you've ever met got there without the hard work. Nobody, you know, it's just real, you know, do you know how insane daily v and the Snapchat stories has been to everybody, They didn't realize how hard I was going at it. You can't believe how many, you can't believe how many people, you know many fucking people used to say the word luck, That that word, luck has gone right back. Like nobody has the audacity to say that to my face now and I love it and that's why I did it, I did it, I made it for you because you can watch it and be like, okay, but I think yours is different. I think a lot of theirs is different. It's because I'm not fancy about it, document over create, I mean there's so much magic going on. Dude, you're in luck in new york city, you know what people again, I'm gonna cut this whole thing because this device, everybody needs, you know many of them sitting in a place that's not new york city, you got a billion fucking stories out there. You don't feel motivated that you need to tell a story today or create, go let somebody else to do it. You have so much charisma, you walk in here in two seconds, you walked in here in two seconds and I'm like, okay, this kid's got a little man like you can roll up on anybody and get them feel comfortable except Racists,

but do you know what I mean?

That's so freaking awesome. So you can't create, distribute. You got it. You can't create today, facilitate, you know? Yeah man, there's no excuse for not talking to the world. It just doesn't have to be your thoughts and words every time.

Mm hmm.

Yeah, I'm on fire right now. I'm on fire dirac like minutes. Yeah, I mean, look, I'm going until they pulled me out. You already eight minutes over. So you're winning. Yeah, don't even worry, don't even think about, you're not even close to that because you don't have the money to like really build the team, right? You can have homies help you out along the way. Truth is

exhausted the resources.

Good. Let me, let me give you a real good answer. I gotta feel for you right now. You need to work on you before you worry about a team. I mean, you gotta get your ship together like you're, you're responding to the right thing. Like I don't know much what what I do. Well is I talk and then through reaction, I listen, that's how I get a lot done in a meeting like this, right? I can tell that you've, you've got certain things that you need to do before you worry about a team, get your thing in place. Yeah, get great at what we just talked about. If I go look now and I'm gonna check now. I'm curious if I go look in a couple of weeks and I'm like, oh my God, 66, you know, instagram stories per day, like sucking, you know, four instagram posts. Like he's been on twitter on point is facebook always got a youtube channel now he's just like, like create, distribute, you know, do all that stuff interview.

Like there's so much creative shit, man. Like, like I'm way more creative than I realized because stuff comes so natural to me. Like for example, like do a meme and that's just a slang term for it. Like, go take a picture on every odd street in new york in Manhattan. Like, I don't know, like go start at 1 13 and then 1 11 and one and not like anything could be like, right? Like call it odd corner and just literally do an interview every day on instagram for a minute, starting at 1 13 all the way down. That's cool, right? And like that. So I'm just making sh it up like, I don't know, like odd corner hashtag odd corners your show every fucking monday you go to fucking 1/13 of next week, 1 11. That literally you stand there until somebody walks by and you interview that person and that's the fucking show. I think what I'm good at is building a pillar up top that creates content below daily. Be ask Gary vee show, right?

And then all flows from there. Where did this quote come from? I don't know, you know, like somewhere along the way that that's what's powerful and I think you need to create, I think one thing that people struggle with is they need, they think they need to, it needs to come from them and it needs to come from the structure down instead of got it. And that's why you wake up, you're like, damn, I'm not feel like, you know how hard it is to manifest that kind of original creative thing from the bottom. But if you, if you may, if you literally live your life under show think of yourself as like CNN or MSNBC monday is on corner exit. Like if you're white boarded now on like many shows that you could do monday's odd corner Tuesday's like subway shots, Wednesday's like suburbs, You're just literally going out like, you know, and all of a sudden suburbs clicks and all of a sudden Toyota's hitting you up and say, hey, we'll pay you and you'll drive a Toyota to to Jersey to Long Island where I'm going. But you gotta put yourself in that position. But what you then are able to do is you don't have to think, you know why podcasts have worked for a lot of people because they interview people so they don't have to do the work. That's right. That's why when everybody's like, oh, I love this podcast, Gary V and I'm like, you don't get it. They're just interviewing people I'm creating original from the, get my version of that was what's a better version of that? Oh, answer people's questions also scalable but brings value to those individuals and the entire community.

So got it. Good man, give me an update in 30 days. Send me an email, I'm dead serious. This is you know, you came in here and said, I'd like to start the process of relationship, ideas are shipped executions, the game, right? Email me in 30 days. Either. You're gonna email me in 30 days and say, look what I did or what you're gonna do is not email me, you got a brother