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June 21, 2022

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Today's episode is an amazing conversation I had on The Pivot Podcast! We discussed how I got to this point after being born into nothing, why I'm accountable for my happiness, how practical optimism allows you to be thankful but not lazy, why I want everyone to win, NFTs in their simplest form and much more.

Enjoy! Let me know what you thought.

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this episode of the Gary V audio experiences with the legends from the pivot podcast three NFL greats who sit down weekly to have thoughtful conversations with your favorite professional athletes, C. E. O. S musicians in this week. Our own Gary V to listen to more of the pivot podcast. You can check them out anywhere where you stream your podcasts at the pivot podcast, enjoy the episode. This is the Gary V audio experience.


Welcome to

the pivot. We gotta saying, man, this is the home of the almost famous in the place where everything always works out. Ryan clark man, fred, taylor chanting crowd on behalf of us.

I'm still mad at fred explain fred actually, it sparked a great run for the Jets. There was a week five game, I think it's week five because I think it made the Jets one in four that year And that's what brought Chad Pennington in to replace Vinnie. I don't know if you remember this Fred but I don't remember to play clear enough to nail it like I normally do, but I think it was like a very simple screen pass or something crazy. But Fred went for like an 85 or 90 yard touchdown against the jets. We lost like 42. It was a blowout city. I'm still mad about

you guys are in Jacksonville. We had Beasley. One of my former teammates had gone

over Aaron. Exactly

yeah, bees that went over

West Virginia. Right?

Yeah. From V. A. I remember a few times though. Y'all got us when Keyshawn was here in the playoffs

98. That's one of

The 98 when he had an interception. He had no, but that

game specifically you went ballistic. But anyway, I'm super. Listen, let me just say this for your fan base. I am so genuinely proud of you guys. This show is a real show. Like I really watch everything. That's what I do for a living. If I would have been a great athlete, I would have watched film for

real. Like I'd be great

at film work. I really pay attention and like I'm really honored to be here. I think you guys have put together a real show that brings value that people watch that always has something. And so I'm glad to be

here appreciate it. Like we said, man, we're excited to have you. I think the one thing we're focused on is continuing to not only build value in our brand but build value in our content and the dope part, but also the hard part about having you on is that you're willing to share. You know what I'm saying? Like you're not hiding anything about how you got to be at this point

I'm obsessed with over sharing, right?

But here's what's crazy to me, right? Everybody knows Gary Vienna where you are the things you've accomplished where you've come from, but you're a kid that was born in belarus, you're you're an immigrant, you know, and you mentioned often your parents lived the american dream, but that didn't mean that you were handed things, how do you get to this point after having a family that had to build a life in America?

You know, one of the reasons I've always done super well in connecting with athletes or or people music, like a lot of people Know what it's like to not have a lot and to get to a place and it's common. That's why entrepreneurship has been really fun for me when I was a kid, I'm 46 when I was a kid. Most people that didn't come from a whole lot and then got somewhere really did come in places like sports and entertainment because that was the era of college get a job, entrepreneurship wasn't really talked about for me, I had a really funny thing, not only were we very poor when we first got to America and then slowly went from poor to middle class, but my mother who's the the most important person in my life, I'm sorry dad, like you're tied, I get it, but like my mom is also one of the cheapest people on earth, which me and my sister had this because we're 3.5 years younger. My brother a J you know, you a little bit like is 11 years younger. Me and my sister have more of a similar childhood. We just had like an aha moment like five years ago of wait a minute. Yes, we didn't have a whole lot growing up. But then it was compounded because my mom is the cheapest person on earth. So we were living like way worse than we were and we were really just kind of coming up. I think for me it's why I think I put out so much content. The world is a complicated place. It's right.

It's not perfect. It's got all sorts of strengths and weaknesses, flaws. Obviously there's three black men in front of me. I grew up in from belarus in the soviet union. The suppression, the issue was being jewish right? Like, so both my grandfathers spent One of my grandfather spent 10 years in jail basically for being Jewish. So I was always very connected to, Okay, certain countries suppress religions, some suppress race, but always, I always saw optimism. My brain always said if anybody has ever done it. Well then in theory you could too, it might be hard. There's a lot of things that go along with it. But I think I'm a byproduct of scrapping for my ship, You know, like at 10 years old When everybody got Nintendo cause it was 85, and that was the big thing, you know, for me, it was like go and get it. And so that led to lemonade stands that led to shoveling snow.

That led to selling sports cards. I just have always been accountable for my success. But even more importantly where I spend a lot of my time I've been accountable for my happiness, there's always shit around me that's going on that is not in my control, that is not going well that I can't control, but I can control how I decide to look at it. And I think, I think that's why I'm passionate about communicating now, no matter how both your parents, your foster child, both your parents are this, you grew up this way, that way. The reality is for everything we've ever seen. That's been very hard. There's been stories of people that have gotten there and I want people to latch onto that versus the reality of what happens, which is if you've decided it's over, it's over.

He mentioned, he mentioned happiness, hold on, man, I'm gonna go and crack this happy day because that was the, that was the first question and we already got deep man shout out to Happy that I was sponsored, man, we appreciate y'all, but Sheesh, No, and it's funny because you always talk about, I saw something you did, talking about like a attacking the negative people negative influence in your life and I got something amongst us, like everything's gonna work out one of the things that we kinda jump to hold with our, with our, with our new venture and Ryan, I think he has, he has coined it, toxic positivity is my approach to things. And somebody just recently when I said that I was like, everything's gonna work out and they said would a bum think


well, the mother of five, they're struggling, you know, on food stamps, but they think that everything

the answer is yes, there's plenty of bums homeless, I assume in that context. And mothers of five that think that there's plenty of billionaires and millionaires and on paper looking real good to all of us that don't think that being practical optimistic or being cynical negative has nothing to do with the financial status or the on paper status. Why do I know that? Because I'm 46 and now I've lived a little bit, a little bit. And I can name on both sides of the column, dozens of each. I can name dozens of people who've got it great on paper, everybody watching right now will be like, that looks good. Money, family, location, gender rate, whatever you want to go with that. I know them personally and they only believe everything is not gonna work out. They're anxious 24/7 and I know people on the left column or the right column, depending on what side you're looking at the camera right now, who have plenty of ridiculous adverse situations. That was the advantage of growing up the way I did. I got unlimited that, who are everything's going to work out this concept of I think toxic positivity conversation, I haven't delved into it. So I'm not gonna talk sh it because I don't like talking about things I don't know, but it fascinates the out of me because if you don't have optimism, the do you have?


like what are we doing

here? Yeah.

Like, you know how they say, you're never still you're either moving forward or backwards? I always love that. I'm like, that makes sense. It's not like it feels like you might like, but it's always one or the other. I'd like everyone on the other side of the camera to let me know like what?

How is that type of positivity for you though, affected your success because it could put you in a place to where sometimes you're thinking everything's gonna work out and you're so positive that you're lazy, right? That you sit back and you wait for it to happen. That wasn't the way you viewed the world. I mean, you built the company bro from three million to 60 million and walked away with nothing. It would be hard for me to be positive about.

Easy because it was my dad's and I was so grateful for what my parents did by getting me to out of the soviet union to America that it always clouded everything. I'm like, my parents saved my ass. So I was always like, whatever I can do for them, plus all the I put out on the Internet that people like to like razz me for and I love it. Like the people that spoof me or my friends or like even people that are haters, I believe it, I believe that the four of us on this show right now are young. I please God, I would like to see you three men and I for sure for myself would like to live another 45, 50 years. That's a lot of time. Like we're we're at halftime In that general range, that seems like a lot of time. So for me it was easy because I left my dad's business at 34 and I was like, I got 60 years to do my thing and I checked that box that I want. I I put the right perspective to your point, I think I call it practical optimism. Like I don't believe in the I'm just gonna pray and it's gonna happen. It's all action. It's only action.

You guys have accomplished what you've accomplished through action. My big thing is that if you don't have optimism, I don't see how you're gonna put in the work required to get something awesome. If you don't believe there's something on the other side, you're not gonna put in the work required to do something special or even something solid.

I just saw one of your last posts. I think it was someone at 50 years old want to cash it in, you know, and I like to tell these guys, they say, oh you're old, I don't like to think that way right? I like to say, you know, I'm 46 I'm 46 like you, you know, but what I like to say, just that word for me seems to have a negative connotation, right? Because some people will give up, like you said, I like to say we're seasoned, you know, we're wise, we're experienced because oh ship what do you do with it, throw it away season stuff, you're married, then you just get me

46 is a ludicrous conversation, like, like jesus, like real years and I play a lot of math. So for example, one great thing about business and this is where being in sports is why I really loved being in the sports business. It's tough because you're conditioned to start thinking thirties when you're, when you're a professional athlete, your brain, your whole life, you go into the locker room there and you know, I assume rookie year, like there's the old dog and he's 32 so your brain is telling you that that's old in business. I just actually today I got off a one hour meeting with a guy who's 66 years old, He's talking about a project that's gonna take him 20 years to build. So he is 66. So for me I've been in business and I'm like, oh in 20 years, I'm gonna be 66, like I did this today in 20 years, I'm gonna be 66 like him and then I love to play this game. And 20 years ago I was 26 I'll make that was nine, you know, I was like, okay, that was 9, 11, that's 100,000 years ago. And I started playing that game and I'm like damn, I got so much time. I just really, I actually have really begun to believe that humans, poor relationship with time, not actually understanding how much time they do have is what's everybody up that they're too anxious, They cut corners, they're not willing to put in the process, but you don't believe in

retirement, You don't believe in an

end. I don't, but but I also think it's a very personal journey. Like when I travel, I meet a 69 year old dude at like in Florida during like when I'm with my kids during downtime and I'll get into chatting and I'm pumped for that guys. Like I wrapped it up five years ago, I'm down here, you know, he'll make some funny joke. Like I'm looking at the pretty girls in Miami, I've got my Uh you know, metal detector in the sand. I'm fishing. I love, I don't know why I love the idea of somebody who really loves fishing 10 hours a day, goes home, watches his sports


That's amazing. Like honestly on some real sh it there's a big part of me that envies that there's a big part of me that goes, man, I wish my wiring was a little bit different because that sounds fresh, but you can do it, but I don't want to, I can tell you right now. Like if you open me up right now and read my chemicals, I want to do this for the rest of my life. I like it too much comma If I wake up at 71 and just out of nowhere, you know how some people just do that ship, and like. alright, I'm done. Like, I do want to just fish. I'm very comfortable in fully following who I am right now as I sit here. Maybe I'm too on fire. Maybe I got too much to do If that 63, 57 92. It's like, no, I want to do this that's fine. I only set one rule for myself, which is I'm gonna listen to myself. I'm going to be Only focused on one thing.

Who am I? How do I want to do it? Everything so far has worked out for me because the world caught up to me not, I have to conform to the world And I'm gonna keep playing that

game. Is that push Is it about money? Because let's be honest, you got plenty of money. What is it about succeeding? Like what? What you want the goal? You're chasing everybody chases something

you're gonna love this Recently? Last 3, 4 years. Honestly, I'm curious. Mhm And this will make sense to you all. I'm just curious how great at this thing am I?

Mhm. At life,

Yes, but, but in my profession at life, yes, you took it to a place that I don't even usually go to. I'm like, I'm just curious how great of an all time entrepreneur can I be? It's more out of, like, I'm gonna go deep with you guys. You ever see, like, you know how in the summer they've got those lights and the bugs fly into it, They've got that blue light and the bugs just fly to it, buzz and they die on some real sh it the last 57 years, I've gotten more in tune with myself on this Sometimes on a summer day, I'll watch it for like 10 minutes and I'll laugh and talk to myself. I'm like, I'm one of those bugs, like, they don't even know why, but they just are so attracted to the light and they're going, I'm so attracted to the process of seeing where I end up in the animals of entrepreneurship that I got to see it. It's like, it's a burning desire.

Here's why that's confusing to me, right, When someone is as accomplished as you are, has succeeded in the ways that you do. It's like, at some point, life is about an endgame, right? The journey is beautiful and everybody wants to enjoy the journey, but there's a destination for us all fred's one of the best football players I've ever played. I said about him all the time. Like for him it would be okay. I'm retired. Now. Can I get that Hall of Fame jacket? And for you? I want to know where does satisfaction come from? Because if you're, if you're continuously chasing that light, but you're never gonna burn up, you're never gonna, you're never gonna burst into flames. So, so where do you find a spot to chill?

This is

more fun. This answer, I've been there. I'm satisfied. I'm the most content hungry person you'll ever meet in your life. If if if somebody came in this room right now, it was like all weird and I was like, I'm a genie from the future and I gotta tell you something Gary V today right now, this minute, while you're with these boys, this is the cat starting tomorrow. You're making decisions that never allows you to be as accomplished as you were right now. I'm like, bet.

So does that allow you to be as passionate to see others win? Because you're contending

is a great question. I'm not sure if that's exactly it, but I have a crazy desire for it, mainly because I don't, I think I see the world as outrageously abundant fred. I'll be honest with you. This will forever confuse me. The thought of not wanting somebody else to win because it might affect my winning is like the most foreign thought I've ever had. I just now in sports, I love sports, I love competing. There's a winner you play ping pong, somebody's got to win. I don't want the other person to win. I want to destroy their face. But in life the world is abundant. And so I don't know if my content business matched with my desire and hunger is where that comes from. I just desperately think it would be nice if as many people as possible we're happy.

I just think shit would get real good.

Yeah, but no, but just in business like if, if there's, if Mcdonald's is growing stupid burger king is gonna drop, if stocks go up to you

like this, it has to

like that's why the market because the market

Maybe. But if the category has grown. So for example, in the 70s and 80s, that wasn't true because fast food was growing today, it definitely means because of contracting because people were eating differently. Yeah. By the way, Boehner media be friends. I'd like to beat and you know what's funny back to y'all I actually learned this from sports as a diehard fan, Jackson would beat our has 41 nothing and then the game be over and friends like hugging Beasley, I'm like bees don't touch fred fred like, you know, you

know, fair fair,

but, but fans and I know everybody just laughed, Fans hate it. Like the hugging and the kissing afterwards. But I understand it as I got older. Every pitch for a new piece of business. I want Boehner to win. But when we lose, if I see the agency's people, that one that business I could be like, yo, how's your wife, how's your family? Like you want, you can, you can put it into the micro and the macro and the micro, I'm trying to win everything In the macro, I get it. And so ironically something that bothered the ship out of me in my teenage years in my twenties and even my early 30s became the way I became a businessman, which was, I will break your face on the field. But when it's triple zero, I'm gonna ask you if I can donate to your charity or how's your daughter doing or met your uncle used to recruit me, How's he doing? Like I can have that combo and so that's how I see it.

So in that though you've developed a passion for communicating the different things about your experiences that has allowed you to succeed to other people and they're not even just

like the

people in your circle, but those who are young Gary v's guys, you know, and like the simple thing, you'll be like, hey man, just get off

your phone, you

know what I'm saying or go do this, what kind of sparked that in you to say, okay, I've gotten to this point, I've reached this level of success. Now let me reach back to the rest of the people

clarity for everybody listening, this is where I really am proud of this. A lot of what I talk about has less to do with me and more to do with what I've observed. So, I think a lot of what I talk about is not just I've done it, I've looked at 5000, 10,000 things. I'm like, oh, we're all doing this thing. Let me talk about that, because sometimes sh it's just too unique, you know, like, like, you could tell like, when you, when people like, I want to be like, you, well, you might move your hips in a way that just that person doesn't move there, you know, so you're trying to find the common ground. That's 12. This is where I wish I was filming since I was 13. My favorite thing is that my grade school friends, I moved a couple of times. I have a real different, I have like grammar school, high school and college and post college friends. I have like four core groups. The thing I'm most proud of is I didn't really become known until my late 30s. So, all these people really know me and the thing you're talking about now, I didn't wake up at 40 or 42 or 45 and say, you know what, let me give the kids some wisdom.

I've been trying to drag anybody around me to win as well back to that. Plus my whole life. So all I'm really doing now is just doing what I've done with anybody who's been around me at scale using social media. I've been wanting people to win alongside me. I get a bigger high when they're winning too because I'm fed and I was fed before I started like I'm on some, you know, some people are very into the foofie foofie, like, you know, the world's gotten very thoughtful and so people are deep meditation. People are deep crystals and psychics and all this stuff. There's just one theory that's been going around in a conversation in my world about like, How many lives do you live? Are you like, are you on like number 800? And that's why you're so wise. I haven't gotten educated or deep enough into a lot of the fluffy stuff. But God, let me tell you right now, I was way too wise at six years old. My like my emotional intelligence has been there from the get.

And so If you know if there's a theory that I could be sold on, I'm like, oh I must be living my 800 life and you might be on your 37th, that's one I could get tricked into because I've always been there.

I want to get into uh N. F. T. S. Because he knows nothing about it. I don't even and I'm pretty but I'm pretty sure much like I'm trying to verse myself on it even more right? But I'm sure a lot of people that are watching the same. So and again it's about seeing others win. And a lot of times you speak about content and getting in where you got in, you were doing a lot of stuff before everybody thought it was sexy before they thought it was cool. You know early coin based investor, you invest early in a whole lot of things. Can you break it down to the most simplest form N. F.

T. And I also want to know if your kids had any input. I needed some of the kindergarten for me.

I'm gonna go kindergarten kindergarten is what we all need right now it's so early. Let me give you some context. We're the same age. So this will definitely help you guys are a little younger but you should catch on to this first kindergarten stuff. If everybody understood how the world reacted to the Internet in 96, and 97 all of this stuff would make more sense. Everybody thought the internet was a fad, People shit on it. People never, people just didn't believe social, all three of you should definitely know that when twitter and facebook first hit people didn't realize it was gonna change the world. So first you have to accept the big technologies come along. So you gotta get curious back to earlier. You gotta get curious the first thing I would tell everybody was watching. Forget about what I'm about to say. Actually if you're watching this show listening to this show, spend 10 hours google.

What did I do 18 months ago. What is an N. F. T. Enter in google? What is an N. F. T. Enter in Youtube and just 101 kindergarten shit. Right? So first everybody who's listening and watching you owe it to yourself to not just dismiss it because your one friend said so or because your one friend got it stolen or they lost some money or they made some money. You can't just make an opinion on that.

You gotta do homework. That's number one number two and N. F. T. The biggest reason that people are struggling with N. F. T. S right now is they're using their internet knowledge to the Blockchain. So all of us, everybody behind the scenes of this camera now we know what the Internet is we've been living in for 25 years. The Blockchain is different, it's not the internet, it's a ledger that can prove ownership. What does that mean? It means you can own digital ship, you couldn't own digital shit on the internet for everybody.

You could own it inside of something, you could buy a sheep on Farm Bill back in the day and own it. You could own a candy crush thing but you could only own it inside of Candy crush or Farm Bill or Fortnite or roadblocks or Minecraft. What the Blockchain does is lets you own it to the whole world and everybody has to accept it. So you're owning something digital. Let's break this down for a minute. The four of us are all wearing Nikes Only when we in 2020, only 50 years ago, which is like there weren't branded sneakers. People just wear sneakers. There's no pre converse, definitely pre Nike. People just bought $54321 shoes and they just wore them today. All four of our sneakers cost extra than a base sneaker because it's a specific sneaker. That's how fashion works. What what I believe is gonna happen with N.

F. T. S. Is two things A. And N. F. T. Stands for non fungible token. That means nothing just like http or W. W. W. Means nothing on the internet.

It means you own something digitally. Why is the big question? Why would you want to own something digitally? It goes to two places, one the police. I was just going because people want to flex and communicate all of us right now, if you look at the four of us, what we wear, what jewelry we have, what tattoos we have, what clothes we wear, Everything we're doing right now. Hair, hat, chain sneakers. Everything the four of us are doing right now was by subconscious choice to talk to the world. Mhm. That is a huge deal and it's a frothy thing to talk about with N. F. T. S.

But it will be the reason N. F. T. S are huge. The same reason people care about how many followers they have on social media. The same reason. They care if they have a blue checkmark, they don't own that, they don't hold. It is the same reason N. F. T. S are gonna be big people gonna collect and own N. F.

T. S to communicate to the world who they are, number two. N. F. T. Technology is gonna eat up a lot of functional parts of the world. For example, every sporting event, tickets to the game in 15 years will be an N. F. T. Not a Q. R. Code.

Why? Because technically it makes more sense for the league, the NFL for the teams, the Jags, Jets Steelers and on it's better for them to issue it as an N. F. T. Because if God willing something magical happens that day, Well then that becomes an asset, it gets sold and they're gonna make a royalty commission on it right now it's a Q. R. Code. Go to Ebay right now, type in everybody's listening, go to Ebay right now, I know only five. Are you going to do this? But you're gonna learn typing used tickets, hit, enter hit completed auctions and just watch how much money is spent every day unused tickets of a concert or a sporting event.

So for because like this is what happens one every single business call we have Gary v. Somebody on the call goes, I know Ryan doesn't care about this every single pivot business call and it's mostly for it, right? And so I'm the, I'm the nervous guy with money. I'm the undrafted free agent. I want to save money. I want to make smart investments. So I'm a person that doesn't know about N. F. T. But I know about twitter and then I see some dude buys uh, what Jack Dorsey's first tweet as an N.

F. T.

How much was valued a certain

thing and

it's sold for pennies

because that was the same reason that pets dot com was worth billions. If you look back at early internet, all those internet companies were worth billions of dollars. They all went to zero the same reason All of last year I made videos every day, 98% are going to 0 98% are going to 0 98%. I like what you're doing right? I recommend what you're doing What I don't, I recommend what you're doing in the micro. I need you to do 20 hours of homework in the macro buying things furiously like a turtle with a cigar in its mouth for $20,000. That's smart don't do that. But dismissing it because of that is the mistake a lot of smart people are making understanding that this is the biggest technology infrastructure we've seen since the internet for me back to how young we are, you're gonna pay your taxes, you're gonna buy homes on the Blockchain because it's better technology just like we order food now. Like when I said I'm gonna put my dad's liquor store on the internet, every person in 1996 said why would people buy wine on the internet or even better. I remember everyone's like who's gonna buy wine on the internet? And my answer was everyone and they thought that was crazy. They're like why don't I just go to the store?

I'm like cause it's better it's better to buy an internet. It's why dating happened that way. All my friends used to laugh at me when I told them everyone was gonna online date because when we were kids that was like you were a dork, that was weird ship that was like you live in your mom's basement, that ain't cool. And I kept saying yes for now but eventually it's better. I'm like I remember telling my friends in the dorm room like wouldn't it be awesome to just sit here lay down and just and then you like meet up like you don't have to put in work, it's better, it's better technology and that's why N. F. T. S. Are gonna win. It's a better technology for a lot of things. These paintings, Why do people buy an Andy Warhol to communicate, they want their friends to come over and be like Yo look at this $500,000 painting I have you know but that's a lot of work and when you want to sell it a lot of work N. F.

T. S click click click click so the whole collecting and art thing will go that way sports cards when I when I want to sell some fred rookie cards on Ebay I got a list it, I gotta post it, somebody's gonna buy it and then I gotta ship it and this and that now click click click click click but then more importantly back to why the NFL will do this and other people do it. There's just so much value in the companies that issue the N. F. T. S to issue them. And we on the other side from the paper tickets that we used to go and bring to sporting events then it was an email confirmation. Now it's a Q. R. Code in the app. We don't give a sh it we just need to get in the stadium and that's why it's gonna play out

and I gotta say half half the fun of getting a woman is the chase.

Yeah but the chase

becoming the Sahara. But the

question is what's the Sahara for some people the Sahara is at the club and the bar for other people it's the wordsmithing the Sahara is the Sahara depending on how you define it right Like

like right. Right. And, and

as you can imagine for especially we got a room full of guys. Listen, a lot of guys are scared of rejection and that rejection in your face at the bar hold you back. But the rejection on online was tempered and didn't feel as bad. You don't have to do it in front of your friends and there's always pros and cons, everybody tries to make like these things like this was good, this was bad, it's always the middle for certain people. It's better for other people. It's not and that's okay. Here's the one thing I would say for all the listeners and for you three technology doesn't get what we think. Technology doesn't give a ship on our four opinions and everybody who's watching ship is going to happen and it's our job to either grab the surfboard and ride that wave or let that wave crash us. And every time someone says no, they're just setting up for a wave to kill him,

wow. So you've given us so much knowledge already, you talked about the things that you've developed companies, you've invested in, the knowledge that you have just about simple investments. But the one thing I said riding over here, I was like, we all know he's a genius, We all know business wise, he gets it, he gives out information, he wants to see other people win for us, Winning is also family. How do you have time to do family and kids and those different things and still be this entrepreneur, a serial successful

entrepreneur only because my content output confuses people. I've been so smart on how I produce content that, that I'm just so on every platform high volume, it's like Gary V is always on, I'm like, have you noticed that I'm wearing the same t shirt in this clip? This was a two hour talk that I've made 39 pieces of content. Most people make content. I live my life and produce content on the back end. So there was this thing where I was meeting with this kid that went super viral from years ago, kids like how, how, how, and he finally like got me into this mindset was like, because you have to document, not create and it clicked for a lot of people. So for me, like I'm like weekends, checked out 6567 weeks of vacation. Like listen, I work hard, but like the reality is, it's not super hard because it's a priority of mine. I wanna be with my friends and family. Um I just think I'm very effective and efficient when I'm on the field, you know, a lot of people like sleep is a big one. I tell people all the time, like I sleep seven hours a day and they're like, nah, you, I'm like, yes, I'm like, it's just the other 17 hours of productive as like, you know, it's about efficiency and so, and it's also what we were talking about earlier. I think the thing that I try to take a step back and be introspective.

I'm like, oh, okay. I love my ship so much. And again, actually this will be fun to say for people listening. When I got into the sports where my brother AJ, we rap about 50 NFL players now. So we're really in it. And the thing that blew me away when we got into the game, we got in early, excuse me, we're in the process early. We bought a small firm that had really one great player, matt Paradis, the center in Carolina now was in Denver and you know, we start doing it, we're recruiting kids first couple of years and I'll never forget. I called a J and I was like, man, some of these guys don't love ball at all. And it was, I actually was excited about it. It was confusing to me because I love my thing of course, like many entrepreneurs, I wish I could have bald right? But I was actually happy about it was like, okay, they don't love it. They're just very thoughtful and they're like, this is how I'm gonna be financially sound, just like somebody going to college or something of that nature.

But what I realize is like so much of what I am is I don't know who you think, maybe you're that person who the out of all the years you played, starting at the beginning whenever it was, who loved it the most like, you know, I'm sure you guys have teammates that retired three years too late because they just were like, I'm not going until they drag my at

some guys haven't even retired here

and so I've always one of the biggest reasons I wanted to get into sports business and is because I want to teach a lot of athletes that entrepreneurship might be a taste of it. It's not gonna be the same. It's, they're all different context. I've never experienced 60,000, people cheering for you on the field, but I can tell you that what confuses a lot of people with me and back to like never wanting to retire my guys. I love this so much I got D's and F's my whole life in school as a smart kid because I couldn't even give school one second. All I wanted to do in fourth grade to this second is start businesses sell shit, be an entrepreneur work

a lot of athletes are that way, you know, a lot of athletes that way. But you mentioned to feel much like you mentioned the Sahara the field, you know, when you, when you sit back and look at it, You're in the field, you're just competitive. That's in a different sense, 100

and my whole life fred, I wanted to be you and then somewhere around six years ago, I was like, damn, wait a minute entrepreneurship, not, not that it was better, I'm very grateful, you know, for you guys, unfortunately, like, you know, time is undefeated in sports, you could be the great, we've seen it, the greatest of all time, eventually hit that place and even if it's late, it's a, it's gonna happen with this thing, I can be 96 you just kind of like, I'm watching, one thing I do is watch, like I said earlier, when, when I wanted to give you guys some flowers cause I'm really proud of you fellas because I really think you're doing it and on your way, I watched 70, 80, 90 year old entrepreneurs still doing it And I see it and like of course for some people especially start getting 80-90, your energy level, the brains, you know, and I watch it, but you can do this thing for quite a long time if you love it. And so I think what confuses people of, like, does he have time, is this all he does, They're just mixing my passion, my passion for this is so high, there's not a lot of people, I actually think on earth, I can only be tied with people for loving what they do and you know what's crazy, do you know what the closest comp I had for it, it was my mother being a mother When my brother, AJ who's 11 years younger than me left for college. My mom was depressed And I was caught off guard. She was a young woman, you know she had me when I was in the old country 20, she was 31 when she had a. J. So she was 49, You know when A. J went to school and she was you know that empty nest thing that they talked about, she was dead. And I remember at first I was concerned and worried and upset and trying to make her feel better. And then I took a step back and like man, this woman really lived her dream life. She wanted to be a mom. Mom was her ultimate, it was who she was built to be and she's just dealing with like damn I'm not gonna be that I'm gonna always be a mom. But this is different now and it kind of reminds me a little bit about sports, I'm like damn

I want to get into your little ones, have two kids, right? How do they inspire you? I know they motivate you but how do they inspire you? Did they have any inspiration or input into the friends?

They didn't have any input or inspiration to be friends other than the subconscious nature of like them going through their childhood and all those shows were probably around but I was very affected by By really the 80s cartoons like he man and you know voltron

Thundercats. I'm gonna catch you up to speed. I learned that yesterday when I was so channing be friends is his N. F. T. Could you break it out kiosk

at tomorrow? Not

yet. Not yet.

But you know 30 characters. It really is Sesame Street meets Pokemon you know empathy, elephant patient panda. These these characters. I'm gonna kids books and video games and chaos in the mall when I said not yet. I wasn't joking. I'm taking it from the digital to the physical. I want to build an amusement park like sesame place or action park a great adventure

as part of the utility

In the next 50 years. Yes and as they get older you know it's cool right? Like you get to see them become people and like they're tenacious both of them, which I really admire. I really admire tenacity

man because you talk about people and be an entrepreneur. You depend

on people. You

have, you talked about it and then you have this thing right here. Don't worry about your bank account, worry about the people that show up to your funeral but they are good and bad people in this world

100%. How do you

decipher that and when you figure out that this person is not helpful towards what Gary v's vision is. How do you cut them off. How do you get away from that?

Now you're going to a place that I had to be vulnerable about recently. So I've, I tend to, I come from a family where like complaining is like the devil like our immigrant DNA, like we just don't complain, like, and that's actually amazing and has been foundational for me. But as I've gotten older, I'm like, okay, there's some shortcomings in that because then you're really like not letting people fully in your not being vulnerable. People don't really know what is like going on. And so candor is something I struggled with. So let me answer a couple of things first. I think of it the same way I think about everything good, bad, no light darkness, you know when you come first, I rely on my intuition, I've always had good spidey senses. Like I've met people along the way. First seconds of meeting them like this doesn't feel good and I'm out and so I've relied on that my whole life. Many people can get in, especially we had 2000 employees. People get in without me betting them. Now.

Usually when I see negativity, people that hate on me in social or bad apples in my universe. Usually my first reaction is compassion and I know when people hear this like this guy, I'm like, okay, but like I'm telling you, my brain goes into what is this person up? Did they have a bad mama? Because I've lived a long time operating? I've had people who've gone from good to bad, You sit down with them instead of you're fired and go, yo what's up? And they're like, I'm sorry, but my wife was just diagnosed with terminal cancer all of a sudden, you're like, of course, you're not nice to Karen, you're barely holding on,

you know what I

mean? You're barely holding on in the office. And so I love compassion. I'm always quick to be like, you suck, let me try to love you first, before I hate you back. The biggest reason America's up right now is we hate on hate. We're just Like to me, I'm like, let me love you first, and by the way, six out of 10 times, it's a beautiful wrap from there, They're so thankful. Somebody brought some love to them instead of hate, and you go on to the Hall of Fame in that relationship 4 to 10 times. It's not gonna work out, it's too deep, you can't help them, you know, whatever it is. But for me, I think it's just about over communicating where I stand. If it doesn't work out, you have to fire. I was so bad at firing people my whole career that I would dance, dance around it. Every person has ever worked for me at my dad's liquor store and a banner that doesn't love me is only because of the way I sloppily fired them.

It's a it's a big regret of my career, there's definitely a dozen to two dozen people and it's tough, right? Because I actually have a low rate to fire, like I like to develop people, you know, back to sports, like I like developing that you d f a third year from practice squad, Like I love that dream, so I love seeing someone like let me put in some time because a either will work out for us or be I'll have some karma points because they'll go into the world and do good things, so it takes a lot to get fired with me, like you got to kind of really


and and to me I'm like that was always my threshold, like you stink, what are you mad at me for? But I realized I was doing a bad job because I wasn't communicating that they stunk. One of the reasons most people stink is they're not self aware, you guys know right? All the people that complain like coaches me up coaches and you aren't in the playbook, you aren't putting the rest, but they love to blame and they're super not self aware. So I was getting caught up, but now I call it kind candor. I tell people with as much compassion and empathy as I can. I'm like, look this is not working out, so let's start building either. Are you ready to make a U turn and can you build and listen to us or let me help you exit gracefully.

So when you say sloppily fired people, what do you what do you mean by that early

in my career, out of like on Tuesday like stan you're doing your stand, you're awesome. I love you brother. I'm on friday be like saying you're fired. What Tuesday? You said we were brothers. So that was bad. Other times if I was really close to them because I get close. Yeah I just couldn't even get there. Like dad can you fire rick and then rick? Like I never even talked to your dad you that was bad Here over the 13 years. Similar to the Stand one. I do a review meeting with somebody.

They got nothing but ship that they suck at. I spend the entire 15 minutes telling them what they're awesome at four months later to get fired. Like you know like I was never able to be cancerous because I didn't like hurting people's feelings. I over I over went there which created entitlement which created people not knowing where they stood with me. The reason I changed Was the # one thing I think a leader's job is is to eliminate fear is my number one belief. If you are a leader, parent Business owner President. Like number one rule eliminate fear. A lot of people weaponize fear in the reverse. But I think it's elimination when I realized people here were scared because after a decade of doing it, people are like you know Gary will like pat you on the back, but in six months you could be fired because he's not gonna tell you it's not going well. I'm like, I'm trying to be nice in the micro, but I'm making it up in the macro. People are scared, not not junior people, not because it was the senior people because that was the ones I was most interacting with. I was like, I gotta change this.

It was a really humbling moment for me. I was really sad. I don't know what else to tell you. I was like, damn! Because I back to earlier part of this interview, like I'm trying to go for it and I think the Hall of Fame of what I do is not just the money pesos and musk. Some of these people are gonna make more money than I'm gonna make. I want to be the greatest entrepreneur because I did enough to put me on the board financially because I don't, I know I can't get it any other way. Like nobody will give me that roses if I don't, but I want to be one of the great enablers of other entrepreneurs

and one quick because you brought up fear a man like you, what are your fears, what are your insecurities? Because your confidence is through the damn roof,

My confidence is through the damn roof in life. I am petrified of my own health. Like I don't want to wake up and be like, oh my side hurts and go to the doctor and the doctor's like, you're gonna die. I'm incredibly fearful of that. Like, like, like, I don't even like saying, like, like Me and the 12 people, I love the most. I just want them to live forever. I'm not, I'm I'm way better than I was 10 years ago. I think it comes with age. But man, if we're, if we're being transparent here, I'm petrified of health because everything else I'm in control


you're born with little and you're happy. You're an unstoppable force when I was 56, right? When I was 56789 and like, yeah, exactly. Like I got real goose bumps right now on this one. Don't need money to be happy, I'm happy. So like, when you have that, you're not scared and I know that I can flip the script on any perspective, I'm always gonna be happy. I don't need shit, I'll live in a studio apartment in queens again and be happy to rise up again. Like, I'll be on some rocky sh it, you know, but the health thing scares me

when you or in the shoes of woody johnson, when that day comes and Zach Wilson throws an interception to said, how do you were talking about how you respond to your very concerned?

I'm very concerned. I'm very concerned. I want to be transparent so we can play these clips in 30 years when I'm doing it. I am one of the things that I'm excited about being the Jets owner is, there's no fan of the Jets at that time. That's gonna be I'm gonna be like you, I'm a bigger fan than you.

So like that

Relationship with the fans is gonna be amazing because I'm a real fan and I can really reminisce and know the history and I've watched every play of the jets game since 1982. So I'm in it

is it kind of Mark Cuban

ish. I think Mark's done a really good job actually, if you look at dirk, if you look at what I perceive, I could be wrong. Well, time will play out Luca like, I think, I think he plays a good version of it. Um, I don't know what's going on behind the scenes. So, you know, for all the people that work in that organization, they know I know a couple of things. One, I'm in control of who the GM is. So the way I run this organization is definitely going to be preview to the Jets, I get to decide who the GM is, who she or he is.

I got

you. So, I I feel great about I hired him or her, but I'm not gonna do their job. Like I don't know which owners, you know, you hear about jerry you think about, like in basketball, like the joke with Lebron being the like for me, whoever the Gm is she or he is gonna be the Gm. I may ask for the seventh round pick Just because you know they get the D. D. F. A. I'd like to maybe play but like as far I would never ever ever, I only believe in good good culture. I would never even though I'd want to and if people could record me being mad in the owner's box but I would never struggle with you know, a five interception game or things that nature I think I know how to build a winning organization but I'm a fan first. You know the Jets were one of the first clients of intermedia and the first thing I told them was do not hire us because I'm fan first and it played out Sanchez threw five picks against Buffalo in his rookie year and I love mark him and I've come close. I tweet out you Sanchez and the President Jets

is like,

yo and I was like, and I was crazy. They called me on some like they're the client they have say ship and he's like, hey and I was like, you, hey, I told you I'm fan first.

I love

that. So

speaking of fan first, I just need one favor. You said you're a fan of the show and we love that a few years ago you predicted that joe Rogan, We'll get 100 meal whenever you're doing something and you just out need streets and somebody asks you and somebody asks you about the pivot, can you throw the 100 meal out?

Can I throw something for the, for you guys Couple Things. one. This show, there's a lot of people back home, like you guys have to pump out as much Tiktok content as humanly possible. Mm So this episode take three or 4 or five clips, pump out Tiktok right now. There's an 12 to 18 month window that I've seen before. Facebook instagram, twitter, Myspace back in the day. The reason Dane Cook and Tila Tequila were famous. It's all the same game when there's a platform that's giving you more reach. Then you already have by just posting you post, You know, back to football. There was a jets Raiders game in 1994 where the Raiders ran the ball 27 times in a row. And to this day, I still don't understand. I mean I do understand because I know the sport pretty well, but I still believe in what the Raiders did against the Jets that game.

So, and you guys definitely know this. Sometimes the match up is just the match up and the play will work every time and there's a part of you as an offensive coordinator and as an organization, you got, you think about a lot of things like contract. There's a million things running through an organ head coach and, But like sometimes you just run the ball 27 plays in a row, even in the NFL, you would have loved it.

The concept,

the concept because it probably lands for you guys because we don't see that even when it's obvious they've got to mix it up because you know, the receivers might be like, I understand the 3 60 version of it, you run it every play, the receiver is gonna come and you know, and receivers, you know how they are. And so that's what Tiktok is right now. I keep putting out this content for the last three years. Make Tiktok Tiktok Tiktok people hear me but they don't hear me. So I think your show can take another quantum leap if every episode you're making four or 57, 12 pieces of Tiktok per episode and putting it out there. You guys are on your way. You have a real show here. Like I'm good at what I do. I've been early on a lot of things very quickly. I'm like, this has a shot and then I see you guys moving. It's about post production for social media that will take you to the next step

man. Well, thank you. Listen, listen, we, we get Gary V advice for free. I'm all in, man. Thank you so much. Thank you so much for your, the platform we try to provide is to help people, but also it helps us learn, we learned a ton from you today.

Thank you so much