Everything in Life is About Balance - Transcripts

June 19, 2022

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This episode is a throwback episode from January 2020! I think this will bring you tons of value because we touch on happiness, balance and the truth about your shadows.

Enjoy! Let me know what you thought.

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this is the Gary v audio experience.

I would argue that nobody cares about privacy. I know that to be true. I can see them. Yes sir. All right.

My question is

please? Yeah, by the way, if anybody wants to go very, very specific. I'm here to bring value. I'm happy to answer something very please.

We're in the middle of age. Oh my


So it's a distressed asset. 3.5 1000 miners lost their job and we've just started social media internally to target minors and tell them with hearts and minds that we want their votes process to vote for us because we will be paying 100 cents of their salary. You're

trying to convince them that you're the right guys for it to go to. Okay.

It is because the lights, the great facebook, all the comments that are applying about about using social media to actually influence decisions. We've been told by our to slow down our social media


they're saying that we should not very, we should not be using it in aggressive matter to influence outcomes. I

understand. Well, I see two things in that statement a I'd like to listen carefully to what was just said what was just said wildly confirms so much of what I've been saying for a decade. We are now at a point where there's enough consciousness and data that governments, this is why Blockchain is the most interesting conversation in the world. It's bless you if Blockchain hits scale. It has taken out all the leverage of governments themselves except for bombs. Think about think about so my answer to you, what do you do in that scenario when you have to fight city hall and they control the rules, you have to be very careful. I don't know the game of chicken and bluff that you have to play with. The government is not something I'll have enough context on. Right. I just wouldn't know what, you know, I just don't have the dynamics. But because tonight anytime I do anything I want to bring value, imagine we are now in a place where governments are having conversations with institutions to limit their ability to use a free product. There's never any listen, there's never been anything like it.

Just so you know, and to your point I would argue for the people that had a shrewd us here much like real estate. It'll be interesting to see how much this could go away. Iran has unrest, They shut down the whole internet. There's nothing else you need to know, you know, not super complicated. This is the great power. The ones that know how to use it will benefit the ones who don't will be at detriment. I'm fascinated. Bye Organization's ability to spend money to try to communicate on things that are dead or at best wildly overpriced. Watching every one of these brands put up billboards out here in these beautiful streets and knowing that for a penny on the dollar, they can do four times the impact on instagram makes me smile. I find it fascinating.

Mhm So you mentioned privacy.

Yes. You see

and you between the G. D. P. R. And other acts of privacy and all the way to facebook announced. What's your view on that space?

I don't think humans care and I think governments do and that will be the game.

It's a text,

it's a control play, it's a control play, whatever that may be, europe thinks of control. One way Russia thinks control, right? Just depends on where you live. What's that? Is that worrying? I would argue that if you actually have a thoughtful two month conversation with yourself about privacy that if everybody knew everything about everybody we would be the happiest people on earth. I really do. It's a very interesting conversation if you play it out, I believe that everybody's unhappiness in this room has to do with shadows, shadows the secrets that you have inside of you

instead of

like I really believe that and I'm watching it very carefully. Yes,

you're very specific about it.

The way that education is packaged in 2020 and sold is wildly outdated. Our kids are being taught to memorize things that they have the information on on their phone. Education in the world today is strictly a brand play almost every parent in this room only believes in education because of the brand leverage deployed against where the kid goes. Nothing else. But I think I think it's very dangerous. I like talking in macro because I don't I hate the thought of telling somebody what to do with their Children is out of bounds. For me, everybody knows their own situation in the macro. I think that education is a foregone conclusion of losing its leverage. I don't think we do anything. I think it's inevitably going to happen. I would argue that our kids generation will be the last, will be either the last or the first generation to not value the brand of college that were that close. I think, you know what, people are very bad at history, I mean, college is a very modern R.

O. I it's no different Metro capital or hedge funds, these things are not that old, Lots of things have 30 year runs, 70 year runs, 100 year runs, I think we have a very bad relationship with time and and we think our world is the world And uh I think it's extremely flawed. I mean, it's it's it's it's it's becoming laughable. You're starting to strike as somebody who is a bad student and grew up in the 80s and 90s, and was somebody who always shared ideas. You know, a lot of people first stop my views on education with predicate on me being a bad student. Sure, in some ways it's very sad that I got no value From 6 to 18 being who I am, it's sad, I could be much further along in thoughts and hypotheses and productivity and impact, you know, so I think they're very vulnerable,

so, but

real quick, I apologize, but they're not vulnerable in societies where brand is everything, they're really not vulnerable in Dubai, everything's logo here because it's important. People want to say that their kids going to harvard to look good in front of other people, This is one big game of insecurity, okay, that's that's a world thing, that's absolutely, that's everywhere, but and I think you'll agree with this, there are clearly certain pockets of the world that it's more intense than others, it is more intense in Dubai than it is in peru, you know, so like, you know, but yes, no questions 100% 100% you know, or, and as you know, like, I think everyone's kind of right there, there's also certain cultures where even if it's not financial, there is that variable or or occupation engineer of, you know, 100% it's, it's actually interesting to me that I'm like, oh no, I might be at the tail end of my business talk career, I might spend the next 20 years of my life talking about parenting, I'm very concerned about, I don't think people especially of wealth, understand what they're actually doing if a child is 22 years old and taking money from their parents, they are deeply depressed. but that is not a belief of the parents that are paying for their kids apartments in New york city. That is not the belief. Don't forget, don't don't don't forget real quick. I apologize for interrupting and don't forget this. The majority of this room comes from the generation where they themselves and definitely their parents borrowed money from parents and paid back. But the thought of just giving and see you, I mean in 20 to 50 years we've gone completely from an amazing thing for parents to do is to lend money that you would pay back two Children feeling as though it's just road that you're on the payroll until forever. That's the parent's fault. That's not the kids. We I watch 42 8 year olds make fun of millennials when they created them. We created them.

We've created incredible entitlement. An entitlement is the quickest path to a really sad place. And we're gonna blame social media. We're gonna blame technology because we are not good at being held accountable for our actions. So what are the

drawbacks? Okay.

A lot of things, I mean when you have an open platform, you have the ability for bad voices to scale agenda because I feel

with communication,

I would argue that letting 12 men around the world for 70 years dictate what reality is. It was a really bad problem, you know, because life's about right, life's about alternatives. Yeah.

Yeah, I agree,

Depends on how you say it. Well I agree with you. A 100


agree with. I couldn't agree with you more. I agree that it's what perspective I would rather have an open market because I'm a buyer that humans in the macro are good And that an open market of communication is better than Rupert Murdoch and 17 other people completely dictating the thoughts of society through print and television. That's what I would argue. I have a funny feeling that the people that benefited from that system would disagree with me because they don't have the empathy to look at it from a whole. That's what I but I'm not saying I'm right to your point. I think this is a perspective game. I just intuitively believe in humans and open markets. What's really funny is all my friends who are quite wealthy and I have many of them love open markets but want to keep this market closed because they're making money. I understand hypocrisy is very easy to detect. Sorry, going back. Yes.

Specialization. I subject questions that might act. It's, I don't, I think, I think that's a tough game. For example, one thing that I was arguing for the last five years, which the math is starting to show in my favor was five years ago, everybody decided to make their Children coders and I kept saying guys, The reason coders are valuable today is nobody wanted to do it 10 years ago and all the Nerds were doing it and that's, it's just called supply and demand. If everybody's a coder, then coding in 20 years is going to be $11 an hour job. Somebody once said that your kids we're not going to make, I don't think that person's right, I could be wrong. But again I use history, this has happened a lot. Something gets hot. Everybody does it. The value, this is life is supply and demand. It really is. It's why intention is the big one.

It's why I'm doing everything that I'm doing with myself. You know what's fun about what I talk about is again I'm not teaching this, I'm living it every day, this is my dog food, I'm eating it, you know so I don't know. But I will say this one thing that has emerged to me as a hypothesis because I don't like guessing I like everything. You know it's fun for me to talk here because I'm talking about things that I know versus things that I, you know these are perceptions and things that nature but the tactical stuff, the Lincoln tiktok or the media is under place that's just tactical. I know some of the perspectives or perspectives but I will say this, I do believe emotional intelligence is an incredibly rising asset. I believe things are getting commoditized with technology and that E. Q. Is starting to outpace every other skill and so I'm very excited that empathy and gratitude and kindness and compassion and sympathy are becoming business advantage skill sets. So people talk about keeping millennials in the workforce and we judge millennials for moving around. They're they're not entitled, they have options. Everyone's like these kids want to be vice president in a year, right? They have options.

The ability, if you have a half a brain To make $200,000 a year on the Internet At 22 doing 37 things I can rattle off for you is very high. The fuck are they gonna get paid $86,000 to do Bullshit work that we did as kids, 90% of this room looking around would have done it to you would have left him. You wouldn't be in this room if you wouldn't have left. It's done. We're imposing a prior world on their reality now do I think they're entitled? Yes. I think because of the stuff I was talking about earlier which is we paid for everything paid for me. Yes sir.

There's a lot of steve


What's your view generally on media consumption and if your view is positive,

what kind of media do you think? Absolutely. I want my kids to consume technology and information. 24 hours a day. Okay, wonderful. 24 hours a day. They won't and I understand I think people really demonize the realities because they didn't grow up with it. Like what world do you think our Children to live in and listen to your point earlier, which I think was the right point. Everything in life is balanced. And so what I can tell you is that doesn't scare me. I no, they won't. I'll give you one what people don't realize is the digital world is forcing people to be more active, not the other way around.

People are living a pr version of their life and they're doing more physical activities and different activities for the photo on the digital platform. I'm serious. I'm serious. People are really bad at looking at data. People are bad at looking at people are very good at having an opinion. People are very bad at looking at macro data. Yes, Yes. What are your uh, thank you? I'm very big on the truth. It's really important, like it seems basic, but almost nobody wants to put out the truth in their content. Almost nobody. So uh, context content that respects the ship out of the distribution channel, but more importantly, of the psychology of the person while they're on that platform, Like, you know, I can see you're being intuitive about this.

You and me on instagram are totally different than you and me on linkedin different. Just like we're different here now than if we were at a party, then it's great. That is something people struggle with tremendously. Um, I'm extremely passionate on cultural currency. You cannot imagine how much you can do when you actually understand the slang of the moment being cool or just knowing what that audience wants, right? Like knowing what means, what slang, what colors out like all that stuff has, it's unbelievable current currency is incredibly valuable. Um and probably the single reason that I broke out from everybody else. I think the single most important thing about content is consuming the qualitative feedback after you put it out. Quality quality of not correct the quants the commodity. Everybody else has it too. The Quale and the ability to synthesize the qual A K A read every single comment and have the natural ability to glean the insight that lets you inform the next piece of content. And that's why it's such a fun game because everyone's going to lean into the math, everybody leans into the black and white because it's black and white.

All the upside is in the ground. Yes ma'am, teams developing the brains. I'm sorry teens. Yes. And you said what? But there are, I would argue they get so much more empathy out of that. They have so much more context and content consumption. Right? I think that you know, it's very interesting to me that we would put a piece of paper and a pencil on a pedestal but we would demonize a phone right? Like why is writing a letter? A more noble act than sending a text. We glamorize the distribution but not the communication, it's what we do.

It's what old people do. It's always been like that. Go read the article, go read actually. I'm not kidding. I think that you know I'm trying to think about like wow this is a really great crowd. What can I say that like forever brings them value. Go read old old stuff. Go read all the newspaper articles about the kaleidoscope and how it was going to destroy the Children of the world. Real real. Go read it. You think you're reading about the iphone the number one underrated brand in the world is the human being. Guys our brain capacity hasn't we have us are not even touching it.

You don't think they can handle the screen. It's laughable. I know it's very it's an unpopular take. I'm just hoping that I can stay healthy enough to be heralded for seeing it. What's that that one

that would change how shaping their personalities.

Of course of course of course it's reality but of course I think it's shaping their minds but of course it's reality. You mean people p. R. Ng themselves. We've always done that. I mean why do you think people buy cars and homes? I'm talking

about social media. So for example today when you're talking about specific social media where you

no longer know the truth behind that. You don't know the truth behind anything. This is what humans do, beings do you have a much better chance of finding truth on the internet than you do in your neighborhood and college in one


you're you're limited to the information you see in front of him and everybody's been faking the whole time. People always fake. You went on a great trip to ST Barts with your family this year, did you? Yeah, I mean it guys and you know this, you know it it's always been like this. We're just seeing it now. Social media exposes us. It doesn't change us. It's the mirror. It's the mirror. It's the mirror. I'm telling you it's the mirror. Which is why the insights are so powerful.

It's the fucking mirror. And if you get really good at reading the mirror, you know exactly where things are going. Um I agree you're saying, but I do think when your interest couldn't agree. More yes, more valuable than, yep, heartfelt post on uh well, first of all, there are so many people in this room who have the inability to read the subtleties in a human interaction. My father's ability to read any body language is zero. So I would argue that they're just different uh they're different skills as somebody who's incredibly good at it in real life. I've been incredibly good at it in digital life, which is why I've been able to glean the insights. I don't know because I just haven't thought about it. So I'm glad this is why I love this now I'm going to Is that skill map or can one be good in one place or the other probably one good place or the other. We just think because there's so many chemical variables. But yeah, I agree. They're different.

I don't necessarily agree one's better than the other. I would also argue that just because you're on your device all day doesn't mean you can't do the other thing. I know many of my daughters, 10 year old friends who I analyze crazy who only live in their phone, who have ridiculous body language understanding. I would argue that it's a natural skill and sure there's practice. But let's remember we're still not in the era where these kids live in a bubble all day as much as they're on their phone. My friends, we were on things too. We were reading magazines but for girls in my high school looked at vogue and Cosmo for four hours while being on a three way call with their girlfriends for four hours after school. The hell is the difference. You know, I'm telling you once you this is this is what it is. It's when you take a step back look at it from a different perspective contextualized the past, you start getting into some very interesting things which is humans are consistent and will always always and have always wrapped themselves around the modern technology and communication things. This notion that this is now the time where this is all going to fall apart is audacious. You said something Yeah, it's extremely fun buzzword in government and big business and everybody's got it and nobody's doing anything with it.

Unbelievable amounts but everybody thinks just having it is the win that's like having a basketball. You know I'm not Lebron James what you do with the big data that actually takes human beings. There are so many emerging jobs that we're not talking about. I'm I'm hiring hundreds of people to just analyze data based on my belief on my subjective belief on their ability to be intuitive with it. I'm sorry analyze data not quite. That's why the math is the commodity while everybody's going all in on the map, that's what always happens right? Look what happened in Hollywood. Everybody Made tons of money for 50 years on the distribution now all the money's in the I. P.


the internet is the middle just so you know if you're in the business of being in the middle It's just a matter of time it could be 40 years and you're retired and you don't give a ship but it is the middle. The Internet is the middle bookstores got hit first, then limousines and taxis you will be hit. It's just a matter of time.

You spoke about the middle right now and he threw in Blockchain 20 minutes ago because I think that's something but

it's a framework like the internet's a framework except the internet has people in the middle. It's called Apple facebook amazon. There's gatekeepers that's why they become the biggest companies in the world. Blockchain doesn't and if it scales and becomes where we play, you're talking about a very interesting world. I think it's if because I don't think governments will let it scale as naturally as we let the internet scale. America china and Russia Have zero collective vested interest in letting Blockchain scale. So that's gonna be interesting. I don't that's, you know, listen, you can see, I speak with a lot of conviction. You can see that when I hear another insight, I get excited about the thought. This one, I've spent a lot of time on, I just can't put the pieces in my head together. It just, it just seems, you know, I just can't go, I don't know. But but I can add the context of if because if you play what I'm pretty good at naturally is playing chess.

If this happens in this up, right? Um I don't over value the past, which is a lot of what the questions here are about. Um and I play that one when I played, you know, that one was fun because that's where I got into like some pretty heavy people I know in government and I just can't get to my answer on that one. I just don't know how that one that it's just, it's intense, it becomes almost war of, of the humans on earth versus the governments at earth at scale. It's really intense. It's pretty interesting, you know, um

sorry, more

specific, please,

into manufacturing.

Okay, so we

manufacture systems. So


trying to get into the


to do. It is basically we have to go there. Do you think?

Yes, The Internet, if I had a 100


you would sell a lot more pipes than a fucking exhibition by you telling me who buys the pipes and then me going and figuring out where that decision maker consumes information and then me creating information that builds brand equity for your business, which then leads the top of the funnel sales opportunities. If I get this

right to


the final,

always, I'll give, I'll give you one that's gonna blow everybody's mind. I market to 14 year old girls on Tiktok because I have the data that proves to me that the 14 year old girl in America now is influencing the mother because mother is no longer mother, they want to be friends. And the 14 year old girl is influencing the mother and the mother is the one that buys the product for the father. When I try to sell deodorant, this is real. When I try to sell deodorant to 50 year old men, I target 14 year old teenage girls that it's interesting, right? Question because it was like, right, right, So what is your new brands grow through relevance at scale to as many cohorts as possible until there's diminishing returns on the creative in the media That you need 50,000 content. You got it. That book, how brands bill is destroying every CPG in the world and I'm pumped by the way, just so you know what I'm up to because I want to buy the new york jets in America. I'm building this machine waiting for the economy to collapse going global. So I have multiple arbitrage is and then I'm going to buy historic brands and refurbish them either in new geographic places or in contemporary communication.

We have a couple of minutes to any pressing questions that probably have some time for victory. So please go ahead. Yes sir. For 20 years, what do you think?

These are always hard for me because what I'm much better at this moment versus the future, but I will say this, I haven't invested in a long time once in a blue moon, but I'm saving a lot of money to invest in a specific thing. When the iphone came along, I knew I knew it was the next medium and that's why I invested in facebook twitter tumblr. I did extremely well whatever. Whenever I think that the voice devices are at scale, I will invest in all the apps that are being built on top of it, that's what I'm waiting for. I'll give an example, there's a startup. I know right now that uses Alexa that when you start reading your child in the room there. How cool was it? The Iraq. So this is what I do I get in early and I watch and I'm patient and I look for timing. The reason I don't lose a lot of money is all my friends invest in V. R. And A.

R. It's too early. The consumer is not ready, the technology is ready, we're not ready. Uh when you start reading the book to your child Alexa recognizes it and then starts doing sounds if you're like and the boy was running through the rain Alexis like it's amazing and it works already and it was a year a half ago. So Voice voices the toll booth. What I'm very good at is investing in toll booth employees. I'm not good at building the toll booth. I'm a very good toll booth collector. I know that voice is the next toll booth and then I'm gonna be looking for the collectors. Got it, understand the analogy, I'm not gonna build the iphone, but I knew to invest in apps, I'm not gonna build facebook, but I know how to leverage it for me, I know how to use it more than it uses me. I would argue that we can all use these platforms but we've all bought into the headlines that they're using us. Let me remind everybody that these companies are so bad, they're free, they're fucking free.

Also more than welcome to not use it when you watch television, they run ads to they're using you when you read newspapers, there's an ad when you turn the page they're using you mainstream media is demonizing these platforms because they're about to kill mainstream media. People are not thoughtful. That is something I've learned influences. You agree that that's no, I do not. I believe that if I put in front of you something that it's your job to decide if that's true enough, I believe that those people wanted to believe what was put in front of them based on the behavior that they put into the machine. No, I do not. That's like blaming somebody who buys something on a commercial while they watch Fox News that demonizes immigrants. No, I do not. I believe that people are very, very one dimensional in this conversation and I came here tonight to add a dimension to the conversation. Mr guys real quick, I got these and my entire childhood, I'm serious because I know a lot of people probably like, we need to have this conversation of self awareness. We all have people we care about in our lives. We need to reverse engineer people 1x1.

We have the options. You know, like, I feel really weird right this minute? That was a very good talk and I'm like sitting and analyzing myself and I'm like, fuck, how did this kid get these? And EFS, that's the punchline. That's the punchline. We need to figure this out.

So not only better, better business people, better parents. Thank you. Gary. Thank you guys