Tea with GaryVee is BACK for 2022! | Episode 058

January 21, 2022

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Today's episode is the long awaited RETURN of Tea With GaryVee! Get your tea ready because I discuss so many amazing topics and some great Q&A like: How to innovate education with NFTs, how to balance work and family life, how to find new clients consistently, how can I maximize efficiency and much more.

Enjoy! Let me know what you thought.

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This is the Gary vee audio experience. Mhm. We are fucking back, January 20, 2022. A show that I enjoyed so much during Covid is now back. T with Gary V. It is awesome to see all of you, Will Jackson. I see you, brian Lopez. I see you in the comments. Katie Schaefer, Great to see you. Realtor. Chris webb is in the building. DeAndre George, josiah on facebook.

Let's go. Let's go. Let's go. Let's go. We have our guest Dustin! Get in here! I need to feel your over the top, massive energy. You're still sitting in the same place. You're just sitting in the same place. I don't change a lot. I can see that we're still how telling blow everyone's face off. Ready.

How old are you? 37. That is fucking crazy. Yeah, I don't believe it either. My myself sometimes, because you look 23, something like that. Anyway, we are back with Gary V. Are you excited about this very much? Sorry, I have a weird echo going on. I like it brings us some flavor to the table. Anyway, this is the show where we just do some Q. And A with people uh live. And uh I enjoy it.

S Gary V shows back. That is not Live with Gary V is back. That is Live. And it's it's fun time. So, let's um let's get some peeps. Let's get some very well. How's it going? Gary doing so good. Thank you. Welcome to the show. Yeah, thanks for having me. Um if you probably remember because you always remember everything.

I was with you at four DS in 2019, fall of 2019 we were ready as a family. We was like, all right, we're ready blank slate. You said you're an amazing opportunity. Um, pandemic it. We kind of went half in And so we, we kind of got out of Canada, we got down to Michigan, we realized that still wasn't what we wanted. And so march of 2021, we decided, let's go all in. So we played out the thesis. We sold the house, we moved down South. Um, we're renting went all in on Tiktok, all in on Tiktok. Like so many people have heard before it started going really well for us because when we moved down here, I didn't have a job. So like maybe we could push into this and so it went really well. Um, and then instagram started building on the back of that and just recently youtube's building on the back of that.

So since March 21 We're at like 800 million views. Um, almost I think over 700,000 on Tiktok now, Instagram and YouTube are just getting rolling now, but they're almost both at 90,000 each for followers subscribers. So, and it's been amazing. Like it's, it's been amazing for us as a family. It's opened up some opportunities right now. It's a very nice little side hustle. Um, but we're really enjoying it and I think for, as a family where we want to go. So now we're not just as you preach, get in it, you know, get in and get in it and you've been saying this for years, but now we're, you know, 800 million views, not even a year in, we think that, Okay, this can go from a nice little hobby to maybe we can actually make this into something more. And so would the strategy change much? And of course, I know you keep putting in the work, I mean, of course, I know you're gonna say that and be patient of course, but I want to be smart as well, so as we keep doing the work as a small to medium sized creator influencer, how can we be smart? So that in the next six months, the next year we can keep building on this and possibly making a career out of it. Look, I mean, I think the reality is it comes down to only two things.

One continue to put out meaningful content in as many places as possible. Two try to get major brands to sponsor early and lock you in, so going from a side hustle to something more meaningful comes with the foundation of like, can we get the finances that allow us to get there right, can you know, and one of the ways to do that is to go to a Nike or Pepsi or, you know, any walmart, any large business or not even one of those top five, but even a top 5000 company and say, look, you should sponsor our families content, right? And sponsorship comes in the form of like actually being able to extract bigger dollars maybe even before you own them, Meaning even before you're there, somebody could decide to give you $500,000 to buy, you know, especially as a family content play like best buy might just be in the mood to write you a bigger check, you know? And so I think that there's two ways to go about this one business develop and try to get macro sponsorship deals that allow you the finances that you allude to by going all in. And the other part is the mundane it is, you know why I've lost some weight here in the first three weeks of the year. If you do the right things, you know, they, it will work out and the longer you do them, the longer they work out and the more you pump out content on Youtube shorts and Tiktok and instagram and do you start a podcast? Do you do an interactive show? Like I'm doing right now. Do you build a discord to put your community in their interact more? It is really just the blocking and talent tackling that is required to build something meaningful, Reading all the comments right now from all the, you know, people on youtube and linkedin and facebook right now, you know, definitely because I've been in that FT land. I'm just flabbergasted by people's absurd interest in things happening immediately. So many people are about to lose so much money in FT land, not because of anything else but their own short term greed and want to make a quick buck.

Yeah. So so that the four B's, the strategy was 15,000 messages on linkedin. Um, so same thing, same thing, same thing, same thing connected because many cmos that you think chief marketing officers that you think makes sense. That would be interested in your family and like, you know, which businesses benefit by having products or associations with you. Yeah. Yeah. So, so if it comes up with your talk with the CMO of Gatorade today were available. I love you brother. I'm gonna try to get you a bunch of them. Okay, one more real quick. Can I play wild card real quick. So because I'll make it real real quick when I was with you, my, my 15 year old was 6 11 Now he's 1771.

And so I know a lot of people are watching this. We're down in the south. He's starting to get on the radar because we came from Canada knowing who he is and of course I'm his dad, he's a special kid. He's starting to get some college interest, what, what, what's his instagram. Um, so if you go to that tall family dot com, then you'll be able to pull everything else. There's a video of carter on there. If you watch that video, you can get to us and all of his links are on there as well. That's all family. If you're recruiting a 71 beast, thanks rob. I love the wildcard Dustin. He knew he rob was smart, they're right. He knew he was gonna get me with that.

You know, I'm trying to get two more, but he got me, Yeah, you got me. All right. Let's keep it moving. I'm gonna bring on Jason next. Right? Hey Gary good to see you very well. Thank you. Thanks very much for having me on. Thanks team. Just quickly. Gary. My wife and I run our own fitness studio and I suppose this time of year we see a lot of people beginning their own fitness and health journey and I wanted to speak to you about yours and see what are your biggest day to day changes that you notice in your life now as opposed to when maybe it wasn't a priority for you.

You know, 5, 10 years ago. Yeah, I'm 46 now. I started at 38 a half. I always make that joke of how I was going to start at 40 then 39. I was like sucking start now. So I'm, you know, I'm almost eight, you know, or 8.5 years in. Um, for me it was soft tissue, Jason it was flexibility. You know my left side was broken because of the liquor store as a kid. I tweaked something and you know my Q. L. Was was so tight that it would completely really was a struggle. Um And you know I think besides the visual of being more chiseled and having more muscle and you know those kind of things um you know I think that it was really just quality quality of life around flexibility for me.

Um You know I sleep as well then and now you know my energy levels are the same like there's no you know there's people go through different things. They all we all have you know Derek in here just says Gary you act like you have the answers to life. He's trolling and razzing me and I'm like I really don't I just talked about the things I I believe in and I know I actually think the reverse, I don't think I know anything or special or any better than anybody. And I think that's what comes down to like a lot of the physical stuff right? Like every one of us has something different right? For me it was absolutely flexibility. You're catching me in an ironic time. I stayed in within a range of 10 or £12 that I wanted to for a long long long time right? And I kind of have always strategically in October November been focused on getting myself a little tight because I know that, okay, you know, the holidays are a challenge with my birthday thanksgiving and then christmas time this year I wasn't able to get there. And what that meant was I kind of went to a number that I didn't want to be at, You know, which over sharing, I got to 182 In the first point. You're obsessed about the number though is that I don't, I don't at all, but I know what it means, it means like and so and so in 20 days of this year I'm down to 166 because I haven't, I haven't been eating, I've been calendar and, and, and I, I don't, again, in the same way that I'm not devastated about the weights because there's water weight, there's a million things in that number that matters same with when it goes in the reverse, I'm just calorie depleted because I like fasting and I sometimes just get into momentum and it's kind of fun. I've had really strong workouts and I know that I'm not putting enough protein into it myself in a three week window to let's say maximize the work, I just put in and I'm not over upset about that either.

I just decided in, you know, these three weeks, I'd like to really kill the momentum that, you know, it's that slow 23, you know, you, you can feel yourself and I was like, so, you know, the biggest thing for my journey is education even the way you just asked that, I don't know, I'm aware that a lot of it's water weight. I know that when I, because I work out seven days a week, but I really don't go like one, you know, two of those days are a cardio or a lot of it is soft tissue work. You know, it's the way I order food or when I substitute things or it is a tea instead of coffee with oat milk. Like it's the education of knowing how to take care of myself. Which is almost like the physical version of what I try to teach people in business, which is as long as you're educated how to use Tiktok. As long as you're educated that yes, there's a big N. F. T. Movement, but 99% are gonna fail because they're all bullshit. Like, you know, it's education. You know, I may not love the modern school system, but I believe in education more than anything. Kayla just said intermittent fasting.

It's just another way to reduce your calories. Kayla. So don't be guarding those fads. There's so many fans out there and then, yeah, there's a million just and Jason you have, you have to know your, your body right for me, for me fasting has been a part of my life, my whole life, like my whole life long. Like I used to not, I didn't even know it was called test? I was like, I just would talk to my mom and dad. I was, I was like, I don't, you know, I don't, I didn't, I didn't eat today because I was like, because I don't want to, you know. So anyway, nonetheless, thank you my friend. Thank you. I have a great deal cheers. Uh, next we're going to bring on Tatiana Tatyana. Hey buddy, how are you?

I'm very well, Tatyana, how are you? Well, I'm super grateful. Thank you for the opportunity to be here means a lot. My, my heart is like, I want to say I'm from Peru and right now I'm in a small city called Trujillo and it's fantastic because your book right here is in Peru right now. And that's my question for today, I'm a virtual educator. And when Covid came, you told everyone create an account on Tiktok and make content. So I did that. And then I was loose. Like I didn't know how to what, what can be the next step in my professional career. And I discovered creating content that I really love learning and teaching other people and then I decided to study for a master in virtual education because I also discovered that hey, everyone will be studied online, not physical And right now in my small city here in Peru, I see all the time, academies or universities, college are empty and everyone is a study online. So my question is as a virtual educator what is the best approach I should take to innovate in education with in web three Because then you tell us what I remembered like if it were yesterday you told what is an M. F.

T. And why I'm buying this and this. And I also have here my ipad because I love digital drawing and I create some gives like passion fund that gives and helpful people give you just sometimes that gives also on twitter and and well it's my passion too. So you always teach us in your book to combine traits and I want to combine education with any of these and we have three. So that's my question. One of the things you can do is you can start an education course where after the people complete the course they get an N. F. T. It's their diploma. You can go and find some emerging artists to design these diplomas. Somebody might pay for a course but when they're done they get a diploma from an emerging artist and then maybe four years later and it doesn't have to actually be the diploma. It's just a piece of N.

F. P. As like a diploma but it's a piece of art. A collectible. One of those artists. A young lady from Peru a guy from Britain you know a guy from Nigeria that person may go on to become famous or somewhat famous. So now all of a sudden somebody pays $500 1000 dollars for a course, they get their education, they're given a diploma. But instead of a piece of paper or internet email receipt, they get a N. F. T. You. As the person at the top spend a lot of time trying to find some emerging artists that you really believe in, but they're still emerging.

So for a very low cost, they make this art 17 years later that person becomes people or X copy or the founder of the world of women. And all of a sudden this person says, wait a minute, my diplomas worth $4000. What's going on here? I don't think people understand how many things are going to be happening with N. F. T. S. I just made that up on the spot for you. That is an actually strong idea, I think receipts, diplomas, affirmations that come in email form or paper form today can be flipped on their head, innovated on and created as nice pieces of collectible art that support emerging artists. So, as the organization. Now, not only are you giving your student something that maybe not likely, but maybe has some value in the future, but on the flip side, you also give the artist the royalties or split the royalties with them. So now you sold the course for 100 bucks, 1000 bucks, a million bucks, whatever it is.

But now you're 50, 50 partners with the artist on the royalties, that artist goes on to have a good career and that person sells their diploma for $3000. You know, all of a sudden if you put a 10% royalty on that, you and the artist just got 100 $50 in ethereum or salon or wherever you put it on, there's a lot more coming with N. F. T. S. Right now. Everyone is thinking about it a specific way Adam says use the N. F. T. To the course. A lot of people are thinking that, right? A lot of people like by the Senate tea gives you that people are seeing that my conference ticket.

Other things people get that. I think it's the innovations the after the fact here's your affirmation that something happened. I'm giving you this a receipt from an internet company who wants, that doesn't mean anything but in the form of a potential collectible, fascinating and definitely in the form of a diploma. Very fascinating. That's my innovation. That's great. I will do it just, I believe you give me some time and I will show you email me when you do it. Bye bye. Love you. Bye bye. Next. Gonna bring on joseph.

This is the one from twitter that you're like, get this guy out. Well, I'm excited. I don't remember. I I, you know, joseph, you clearly, you got me excited. Clearly joseph, How are you? Good, good. So I discovered you in 20 21st episode of Tea with Gary be really a full circle moment. So much gratitude. Speaking of which everybody, if you're on right now, please share the link that you have on twitter on facebook, share the share on linkedin. Let's, let's have some more people discover this is a great community. I love being a part of it. Go ahead, my friend.

Yeah, so a little bit of a back story. I started playing music when I was 11, became obsessed with it, started playing 78 hours a day. That passion led me to go to Berklee College of Music graduated from there. Um, in 2015 I started creating custom music for personal ads, TV a year later my music got onto keeping up with the Kardashians. Since then it's been on many networks, abc, Nickelodeon cbs, all the three letter tv networks. I've done music for podcasts, for Jeff morrow from food network. So multiple um, episodes of that. Um, on the side, I teach music privately and I mentor up and coming songwriters. So my question for you is I want to go more on the offense, finding clients for custom music. Uh, and I know I need to be more consistent with social media, but if you were me, how would you find new clients that helped generate revenue consistently in an industry that's more typically one off licensing, um, by being more consistent with content on social media, Good answer. Just the reason I just did that is I want everybody to replay what just happened if you even, there's something very fascinating about either needing affirmation from somebody that you admire repeating something to oneself. You know the fact that you know the answer and you stated it in your question, hey Gary did and now I know I need to stay consistent with your right that moment you and I just had is the single most important moment.

Like I want my team to cut that. I'm going to put it on instagram and Tiktok, it is the most important moment. My friend I and wildly simple, I say my stuff, I say it over and over again, but people don't hear it because they don't want to do the thing that I'm saying, It's funny that there was a fitness guy on right. Like everybody knows how to get into better shape it is, eat healthy and cleaner, right? And put in work in the gym, literally, that's it. But we will fucking inject implants into our ass, drink ciders and vinegars, take weird ass pills that we have no idea what the funk there about. I say every day right now that 98 to 99% of N. F. T. S are going to zero, nobody hears it thereby. They're just looking to make 2000 bucks on a snail with a fucking liquor pipe in its mouth. Like nobody here.

Like I can, I will say it 9000 times and when the market does crash, everyone's gonna be like Gary and I'm like, I fucking said 99% of this ship is going to zero every fucking day. I have sat here for 15 years saying if you make content consistently at scale on the platforms that people are paying attention to for you youtube shorts tiktok instagram, it's just massively important. If you follow what I wrote in the thank you economy 100 years ago, if you reply to everybody that's talking about music, jingles and music on twitter and just joined the conversation literally search, you know, music and like jingles and like, you know whatever, you know what, you know your terms to your business and you just sit there for two hours and say, hey, I know something about that. You're using the wrong key or did it like bringing value, not even saying like hire me hire, you know, that's why I wrote a book called jab, jab, jab, right hook, give value, give value, give value and then say, hey, by the way I do this for a living linkedin is an incredible place for you. Incredible. I talked about linkedin at nausea on this platform and have continued to talk about it. How much linkedin content are you making? I'll save you time. None Right. I post about three times a week on linkedin. So I need to be posted. Bad.

Not bad. No. Listen, honestly, I'm happier about that. That's that's a great number for you. I really thought it was gonna be zero. But but but you know, like, you know, it's kind of like push ups like 13 is better than three. And then the question becomes, what do you post? And for me it's like, you know, posting things like, here's how I think about providing the most value when I write music for someone and then a manifesto, which gives me an insight on the other side of the look, I run fucking *** X. What do you want to buy music all the time? If I see that in my street and this happens to me all the time. If I see that in the stream, I just hit the link and send it to our music ranks buyer. This is just very important, right?

Like when you've given me the answer to my question in the question, like you just did, then you fucking know what to do, find a way to make it more fun for you so that you can fucking do more of it. Perfect. Most of the people that are exposed to on social media are musicians and songwriters. So they're not typically the clients that I would go to let me teach you something that's gonna help a lot of people here, thank you for saying that the way I think about things is making content that the audience that I'm exposed to that is forward doble to the person I want to get to, let me give you an example. I put out a lot of content around the mindset of parents, really pushing college agenda on kids without really looking at their kid. I make the content specific to knowing the kind of thing that the kid that consumes it would share to their parents when I make the content. I'm thinking, yes, kid, you're gonna see this, but I'm gonna make it in a way that's gonna make you share it to your parents, that's very different. So the content isn't like, hey, kids parents suck, right? Yeah, no, no, it's, it's intricate so that it brings value to the point I'm making it for the parent, but I'm making it in a way that I know the kids are gonna be the one that sees it and will forward it to the parent and the content will not make the parents say, fuck this guy, even though usually they do say that because there's such a big ideology of college, I need you to know that okay, I have music people in front of me, but I'm gonna make this piece of content for them with the thought that they may be the gateway to bring the exposure to who I'm trying to get to. So valuable, thank you so much. You see what I'm doing there. It's your, I'll give you an example.

I've vader, media has made content that's trying to reach 60 year old dads and we've made Tiktok's that we know 14 year old daughters are going to see and share it with their dad. There's a lot more strategy to the ship I do than people realize That's an insight to it right there. That's beautiful. One more question for you. Gary real fast. Which Vanner company is hiring music composers and where can I send my credentials? Send it, Send it to Gary at media dot com. I'll take care of it. I appreciate you. Thank you. Next. We're gonna have miles.

Mm hmm. How's it going, jerry Myles, what's good? It's crazy to be on here. I've been a longtime listener, so I'm really happy to be on the show. Thank you. I appreciate you'll, you'll love to hear this first. I was lucky enough to get a koala from the book. Games dropped. Dropped it like you got, you got like holy ship. Yeah, you gotta keep, yeah, I'm pumped. Its um, bubblegum background marble frame, but I'm excited. Good one, Bro.

Did you? And you've taken note obviously of the date on the briefcase and the whole night. Yeah, I've taken note. Um, you know, I have the, you know, you go through in your head what you think it can be. So I have some theories up there, but I'm excited for all of it. I'm glad you're gonna hold on to it or do you need the money? No, I'm gonna hold on to it. I'm lucky enough to be able to do that right now. To your point I'm like 99% of these N. F. T. S.

You know, going to zero or however you say it um you know, I couldn't be right there more. And that thinking is that um long term you gotta find founders and execute that can actually build out every internet stock in 98 99 2000 was overpriced. But sitting there was Jeff Bezos and he got hammered his fucking stock got destroyed destroyed in that. But he sat there and he's like cool, I'm just gonna keep navigating the same for me, right? Like if all the friends which listen if there's an if and I think there will be. But I could have been wrong many times if there's an N. F. T. Crash overall a record. It's a correction. Yeah. You know it's a correction.

It's not a elimination. You know, and be friends go down. I'm just sitting there like okay, it's time to like, you know, I've been here before 9 11 took crushed wine library 9 11. All our business was Wall Street 9 11 crushed wine library 2000 and eight economic crisis. We had tens of millions of dollars on wine. Presales. Lehman Brothers crashes. We get eight trillion cancelations. It crushed us. It crushed us. Covid like I fucking have been here. Like I've done this ship and so I know how to get through dogshit.

And there are a small percentage of operators that no, well, I think, I think that's the main concern is you see all these N. F. T. Projects not to get caught up on this because I have a separate question. But you see these projects and you wonder, well, who are the people that are leading this thing and what is the value that they're going to provide long term? And by the way that by the way that happens in startup land all the time I pass on most startup pitches. I look at Right and 99% of the time those companies go out of business, the people that lose money in that scenario or the investors. Yeah. What I'm worried about is that people are gonna lose money this time. Are the buyers of these puppies and I don't think a lot of them understand how high risk this all is. Yeah. Absolutely.

Well, I'll get into my question. I'd like to give a little bit of context first. So my brother and I own and operate a small manufacturing company in new Orleans called boil boss. Currently we have two niche consumer products. They're very specific to boiling seafood. So they help with the boiling seafood. Yeah. So I think like big crawfish. I get it. I know that culture. Yeah, exactly. So in about a month or two, we're gonna hopefully have our third product on the market, which we're really excited about, my brother has been working super hard on that product development.

Um, and so my question is, we have a small team right now, just three people. And what I'm focused on now is building out the systems and processes and generally just trying to get organized to better cope with the anticipated volume. Obviously as you know, there's a ton that goes on behind the scenes to get a product out the door. It's like, I, I did not appreciate until I, I started this about a year ago with my brother. Yeah, it's real stuff and it's, it's been a challenge, but that's something I've been impressed with is your ability to go and actually executing the operations. Yeah, I'm not, you know, it's so funny, like when everyone's like, he's a motivational speaker, he's an influencer. He's, I'm like motherfucker, I'm an operator. Yeah, well, well that, and I honestly, that's always like when I'm, when I listen to podcasts, I'm like, I wish there was more conversations about the behind the scenes operations, you know, I'll take, I'll take note of that, my friend, I will really, I really think you're right and I think I need to, you know, he does it a little bit like, you know, I talk a lot about it from the HR side, right, 12.5 has really gone there. Um, but it is, you know, and you know this finding a way to communicate operations and content is challenging. It is meetings and decisions, meetings and decisions, meetings and this. Yeah, it's like like and a lot of times like it's like, you know, but it's it's just meetings and decisions. It's like, do we open another office?

Yes. No. Do we innovate a new division? Yes. No. Do we put more money into analytics or strategy department? You know like there's a lot of that kind of stuff. And so I so I guess just to get to the, to the actual question, I was hoping you could talk a little bit more about your experience tactically in the early days With building out processes, delegating work. Um and generally just being able to free yourself and set your employees up for success because I think that's the part where we're sort of, well you're not there yet. Yeah. Like you know when when Vander media was less than 15 people for the first two years, I didn't have to think about that ship. I just did everything.

Who the fark you delegating to? You've got three of you. Right. Yeah. Well, so I guess that are you more talking about maximizing the efficiency of your time when there's only three of you. I think that's more of what, that's what we're actually manufacturing all the products, like right now, I did hire somebody in february has been awesome and he's helping with production on one of the product lines. I'm doing all the production on the other product line and so it's really maximizing the efficiency and you know, as we are, our goal is to scale via coming up with totally new to world products. So we have patents on our current products, but we won't just keep pumping out new products you want to Yeah, we want to why? Um we love the, you know, truthfully like it, we love the process of inventing coming out with stuff. Well, good. I mean one thing that I like opening businesses, I like doing 100 things. One thing you have to do mentally is understand that if that's what you love, you will drop the ball.

Yeah. If you're gonna invent 17 things Like 12 things are gonna get fucked. And as long as you understand that you'll actually not stress on things that don't matter. I am a voracious entrepreneur and have a voracious need to open up companies. I have to then also understand that Vader live vendor sampling and many other vendors that nobody hears about here failed Because when you're doing 39 things, that's what's going to happen, those divisions failed with with invader media, right? I tried to do small business stuff before then finally Sasha worked. But you know, somebody says focus on one product 1st. Susan that works for her, that's, that's good for Susan that's not good for you and your brother and you shouldn't because you know that you and how do I know this? Because you said just now in a way that landed for me, you know, we just enjoy the process of inventing and I think people don't understand what we should all be doing out here is enjoying it more so than maximizing every dollar. There are people who love their business at three million a year and then I think they need to grow And go to four million, but they had to hire this and they had to do this and now they hate it and I'm like why don't you just stay at three and be fucking happy as fuck and I don't think everything I'm doing is always going to be the best money maker or success in the short term, but if I don't live my truth and continue to innovate every day well then I'm not going to be happy and then none of the businesses are gonna work vein or media is successful because I do do Gary V vain or media is successful because I do help my dad with his wine stuff. Vanner Media is successful because v friends exist, I need everything to make me happy. Thus the things that have clicked will work too many people.

So for you it's hard to prioritize because you're sucking inventing so many products, but the good thing is you're actually winning because you understand that you guys love the process of inventing and though Susan is right for herself and many others and really even logically right, she's not right for you too. You too would rather enjoy and you're so damn young that you should only do the things that actually bring you the most happiness because that will actually make you win. It's okay on paper that it doesn't work for others. The reason buster Levin just said this is exactly what I need to hear. This is a massive common problem that most people haven't dissected the way I'm talking about it right now well, and you know, I don't want to keep going too long cause I know you got to know this is not, this is I want to stay here, that's important. Yeah, I think this will help people to because I don't think we really struggle with um with, you know, not judging ourselves on dropping balls. You know, I think when you talk about starting a manufacturing company, when you, when you do come up with a product and you buy all that, you have all the overhead of machines and inventory, like, you know, you got to see that one through, right and you have to yeah, like you have to see that through and you have to create in my opinion systems and processes to to hopefully allow that to run so you can move on to the next one. And so I think that's where we've struggled to like get organized. You, you, you haven't struggled. Your company's too young? Yeah, you're creating an ideology of like, we should be here. How long has the company been existing?

It's been three years, It's five minutes, you know, that's five seconds, right? It's, it doesn't feel like it, but I know, yeah, it's five seconds like you've, and you've launched two products. Yes, we have two products at right now and then we'll have a third coming and you're profitable. Uh yeah, yeah. Do you understand how fucking amazing fun, hardly you didn't go out of business? Most people were out of business in three years and hardly is your fucking profitable? Right? Yeah, you're right. Like, like, cool, I'm very thrilled that you're ambitious and your, your, you'd like it, we all want to be better and do better. But the good news is you're not struggling with it, you just haven't gotten to it, yep, yep, you just haven't gotten to it. You're not struggling with it. You fucking have been doing too many things.

You're like successfully entrepreneur ng Yeah, well, you know, I'll give credit to my brother because he, he really started this thing um, from the ground up and I think so, since I graduated last year I joined in and now it's been, you know, how can we continue to grow and scale and, and free up more of our time. Can I give you a huge piece of advice? Please never, ever, ever choose money or your own pride and ego over your brother. Yeah, yeah. You're going to go through a thing where you know money is binary. Some people just love it so much that they're willing to hurt their relationship with their family and that's very challenging. It's grounded in a lot of insecurity but it is what it is and like It's kind of an easy one. The 2nd one is harder. The need to say bro, I did that you did this this kind of like feeling of competitive spirit of like no I yo bro, you came up with the invention but that marketing campaign I did on Tiktok fucking that's why and to have the humility. The reason I successfully worked with my dad and my brother was it was the humility for me at the end of the day, as much as I was like I'm the guy what really at the end of the day mattered was not choosing my own feelings of need of like validation and money. Never at the end of the day, sure in little riffs, but in real life, never choosing that over the love of my brother and dad is the greatest single business accomplishment of my life and it's not even close, I appreciate you saying that you guys are really young, you're hungry. You're ambitious, you're doing it together, this is gonna be the best years of your life, you're gonna remember these days more than anything.

It can go sour really fast if you do not deploy that humility and choose it because you love your brother. Got it. Yeah, I appreciate it. Gary. Thank you my friend. Thank you. Thank you. Up next. We're gonna have Derek. Hey Gary, how are you? Good. Um so I was wondering how do you balance you know, posting on social media to build your brand while you're still working in a company?

Because most companies would view, you know you posting on social media all day as a negative and not doing your job. So how do you kind of balance those two things by picking a job that has good managers and leaders that don't see it that way? Yeah. You know yet businesses are just made up of people like for example, we don't even have a system to watch what our people are doing. I trust my people and I want good for them. I want them to be productive but I want them to be happy and if it makes them happy to tweet all day in between meetings, mazel tov. My father wants to ban cell phones in the liquor store Because if somebody checks their text for 1 2nd to see if their mom or if there, if their busses on time. My dad loses his mind. That's not my kind of two very different men. Me and my dad, there's no chance you're tweeting all day with pops, you can fucking make unlimited content with me and that's the world. There's a bunch of Sasha's, there's a bunch of Gary's you if you want to do what you just said, you better work for a fucking Gary. And if you don't right now and it means so much to you to post, well then you should start looking for another job.

If you're good then you're good. But that is it. It is that simple. I like it. Yeah. Because I I I want to start being able to, you know, before I started listening to your content, I wasn't aware of the importance of building your brand. You know, on social media is more of, you know, while I'm at work, while I'm at coworkers, friends, you know, building my brand in person with people that interact with every day. But it's more once I started listening to what what you talk about, it's like, okay, if if I do one day, want to start my own business, which I do um starting to build that process. But, you know, I kind of struggled with, I didn't want to do that all the time while I'm still working at, you know, a company and look, you also have to be respectful, right. You know, like doing the right thing is always the right thing if you're getting paid and you're quietly, like not working. We have some employees that are trying to be very clever inventor. And my big thing is like a I laugh because I'm like do they think they're tricking me?

Yeah. B you know I just want to say to them like hey man like doing hanging out like like doing the right things important like you know like you will lose in the end when you don't do the right things and so I think you know finding the right balance on that is very important you know? Yeah. You know? But on the flip side I tell a lot of my business friends, I'm like you know why are you mad at that person? You're sucking emailing them at all hours of the night, right? These people are supposed to work 9 to 59 to six like you're sucking hitting him at seven and eight and nine and 10 and 11 and six like so like don't be on a fucking pedestal. Business owner like your person might have yes spent seven minutes, you might be on the clock right now and here we are fine. But what about at 8:30 when you email them and they have to do something for 15 minutes. Like people are you act like people keeping score on some bullshit like your employees or your family and and as a business owner if you don't see it that way you've already lost. Yeah no that's great awesome appreciate it girl. And alright we got next, we're going to have Chase Chase Gary.

Thanks for having me on man. Really good to talk to you. I'm a O. G. V. Friend. I've been following you for a long time. Just just really excited to be on. I took, you know, I just want to say, I appreciate, truly appreciate all of the info. Um, and documentation y'all put out prior to be friends launching back in May. That was big chase. You know, if you ask me the thing I'm most proud of with the friends, it's not even that it's done great and it will and like as long as I am healthy, the friends is going to really win because I'm a very capable entrepreneur.

Um, but the thing I'm more proud of is through that education and we did it so hard, so heavy months. People learned, they learned how to get a metal mask. They learned what a seed phrase was. They learned the theory of some people while they were waiting for the friends minted board ape because I was delayed point like, like such great things happen. People learned, I'm proud of that. Yeah, I'm, I'm 100% in that group. I mean honestly if you and your team hadn't put that out, I wouldn't have jumped into your project. I bought five ethereum back in 2018, put all of it into your project. Um, and got to repairs and a speck on the floor and uh best, best financial move I've ever made. Have you sold any of them? Absolutely not. And I don't plan to for a very long time, wow, I'm so humbled.

Good for you brother. Thank you. Thank you. So, my, my question is more on the personal side of things, um, with the countless things that you have going on in your professional life, how do you stay balanced and make sure that you're giving your wife and kids the attention that they deserve, um, communication effort, you know, priority. Like, you know, people see so much for me, but like, I don't think they really realize they don't see anything. I'm very prolific in my content creation, why I allocate an hour like this, get in with my community, get these vibes going right, This is nice. Like this is an amazing morning. It's been a lot of good content. I'm reading the chat, feel so connected to everybody, but you know, this, that sucking last thing with that kid from new Orleans, that thing is gonna be viewed a billion times. Like I'm gonna chop the shift out of that, right? And so then I'm gonna penetrate on linkedin for family business and on Tiktok for one little part of it and you know, and, and, and it feels like I did a fulsome full send podcast, You do that for an hour. But then there's like, fucking ungodly amounts of content out of it.

So, and I, and I work and I work hard and I really enjoy it, but like there's way more hours in my life that are going on that nobody sees nobody knows anything about and I keep it that way and it's kind of easy to be honest. It's like, I don't value anything more than people that I love and why would I, why would I not prioritize that? I don't need the outside validation of wealth creation or headlines or positive reinforcement from social media. It's all lovely, it's all a byproduct, what I need is to spend time with the people I love and I need to do the thing I love and the thing I love to do is be an entrepreneur, But I was loving this ship at 26 at Wine Library, working for my dad the same exact way I feel right now. I felt that 28, the things because for me it's just playing tennis right for me, businesses, sports For me at 28, I was playing tennis for me at 46, I'm playing tennis now, I'm better at tennis, people know who I am now, I'm more of like a famous tennis player, but at the end of the day, I don't need the selfies in the streets, I don't need people leaving a goat emoji. It's also why I'm comfortable when people like you fucking suck, you're full of sh it, I don't because I don't need the good, I don't need the bad and I'm just kind of in my zone and I'm just playing tennis out here, right? And so because those are the only two things I focus on, it's actually very easy to balance because I think when you do need the accolades, when you do need the million dollars to buy a Mercedes to show them, I'm gonna show you that I'm successful. I'm insecure, I'm gonna show you. Then you start losing track of your time with the people you love because you're obsessed with the negative nous of the game. 100%. I totally agree. Thank you.

I appreciate the, the alpha. Um really looking forward to meeting you in person at Beacon and may, I think deacon is going to be one of the greatest weekends of my life. I am so obsessed with meeting every single person were like back to operations were in countless meetings, tracking how we're gonna do the panels, how we're gonna do the keynotes. I'm like trying to figure out like, I need to like a selfie booth. It's like a kissing booth, but like this is, that's how I can get a lot of people, but we can't interrupt with that keynote. So what are we like? It's real shit out here for me. Yeah, yeah. A lot of moving parts, but it's going to be an an epic weekend weekend and the best part is I don't even feel like I need to be kind of mickey mouse and walt Disney, I think the community is so fucking fired up to see each other like I can't, I can't, it's gonna be like summer camp, right? Like especially Beacon to Beacon three. Like people are family absolutely sharing the same rarity type or sharing the same character. It's gonna be unbelievable.

Yeah, you're the community that's being built is is insane. I mean there's so many of us that hop on a clubhouse channel every morning or afternoon or evening and so many things coming from it man. It's the relationships in themselves are well worth the ticket. I agree. Thank you my friend. Thank you. Take care. Alright next we're going to have on Osmond. Osmond. Sorry if I pronounced that wrong? Hey Gary. How's it going man?

How are you Doctor? But not too bad. You got my name right, thank you for that. Of course I know some awesome ones. So I'm from Toronto Canada. Um I have a small reception by the way, literally literally said it last night over dinner. I think my favorite city besides new york city. There we go. You know I saw that ST louis Toronto, N. F. T. I'm pretty sure recounts coming here soon.

There's a reason that ST louis and Toronto is an N. F. T. In. Um um So Gary for my question, I have a small respecting brokerage we sell and export paper and plastics. Um So right now I'm the first sales guy I'm doing everything. Um And my question was how do I bring on the first employee number one to do more sales because it's a brokerage um and allow that person to also help the business but also grow themselves because it's not like you have a culture yet. It just, it's employee number one, there's there's some, there's some people that don't need all that in place. There's a lot of people that grow more by being employee 1279 and 15. Then every employee that was in the 1st 100 employees of Boehner had more growth that every employee that comes into vendor today, even though we have the I have systems that I'm so proud of because you're in the trenches early, you're learning through osmosis. Okay, okay. I feel like that.

But now in a brokerage environment, because I guess inventor of these projects right there, they're they're sort of working on this project, working on this thing, but in a brokerage where it's like they're going to be actively looking for sales and looking for clients. We're not necessarily working together, we're working independently. So is it the same thing that allows them to describe themselves? Of course. Well, no, I mean look, sales, yes and no sales go sales real life, there's no hiding. So that's why I love it so much. You can't make, pretend in sales right? It is what it is. So of course, one of the ways to grow is to let them sink and swim of course. But the osmosis comes in different ways. You're going to be interacting with them as you're going to be talking to them of course. And so you're gonna be analyzing, they'll be talking, you'll be thinking and you say, hey, but maybe you want to try to start with this on the opening sentence or did you tell them about that?

Or hey, did you follow up and have an in person or whatever it might be. So you're doing both. It's like raising a capable child, a capable child needs both. You know, right now there's so many people that are over parenting their kids and putting them into a bubble, making all their decisions, taking care of everything for them. Of course they can't do ship at 22, right? Same with sales, you've got to create a framework and be a support system, but you can't fucking, you've got to let them live, you've got to let them win and lose on their own sales ability. I think the thing you look for when you hire the first person is have they lived in that environment, I would hire somebody who's already been on a sales team where they were one of just two or three people because they tasted it already or or or you go with your gut intuition and you can see the fucking flame in her or his eyes and you give him an at bat sync and swim things that we gotta love that sink or swim but you don't actually let them sink, you jump in the pool and save them. But you know, you can't teach your kids swimming by just holding him the whole time. Mhm And you can't teach sales without letting them do it. Got it. Yeah, I appreciate that. And once again, I think some guys mentioned before O.

G. Re friend owner, Thank you for educating the community. Um you know, 2020 is a bad year for I think everybody um but if I think buying into early, you know, I think I'm now six figures out so appreciate that gonna be a beacon Minneapolis. Can't wait, thank you so much. And finally we have Charles. Oh my God, nice hat Charles, Thank you very much. Thank you very much. Good morning Gary. Uh sorry, I'm kind of freaking out. Nothing to freak out about it. But before I ask my question, I just want to give a huge, huge shout out to the v friends community. Um I like so many of others have said today, I'm one more example of one of the success stories that's come out of the v friends drop and You know, I've followed your content for since about 2018 and yeah, I can, I can definitely see him one of those people who's had their lives completely fundamentally changed from your content and just a huge thank you to you, and um thank you, Charles means a lot to me anyway, um so For my question, I'm kind of currently living through my 37 things, you know, um I've been kind of in business for myself since before Covid and just done it through 100 different, you know, selling products, flipping this, that, you know, and uh definitely was able to get a huge win off of the, the friends I own two.

Um one of them was actually gifted to me, very rare uh driven dragon, which I'm still like in shock that that ever happened. But yeah, my question is, uh some of the best communication practices to implement more kind candor into your day to day interactions, um especially in business and professionally, like how how do you, you know, I I struggled with this my whole life I talked about in the book, I was not good at candor, I was not good at saying, hey Susan, I don't like this. Yeah, um then I then I put the word kind in front of it, and it made it easier for me, I think for all of us that struggle with candor, um the reality is we have to find a way for us to become comfortable with professional, kind appropriate confrontation, you know, like we're avoiding confrontation either in our own insecurities or for me it was actually, and I don't love this, but it's true. I had a level of ego, which I'm really proud of that, I'm mainly confidence and not ego, but as I broke it down and really work through it, I realized that I thought this person wasn't good at their job because my, my, my issue with Canada has always been employees, nobody else, because I love them so much. I'm in family life and I took this weird tack that okay, now I know they're not great, but they're not great. So out there in the real world, they're going to really do bad, so they're better off with me. And it was almost like this, you know, really like very, it seemed like a good thing, but It was like built in my own Ego like that I would be a better home for them than somewhere else. And it led to over 20 years. The only relationships that I have that are not positive are the ones that I wasn't able to deploy enough candor to, and then would surprise them when we would fire them. And it's really unfortunate. It's something I regret and it's something I've been really working hard on and it's been going a lot better for me Charles in the last Two years and what I can tell you is for me, it was when I decided it was kind candor and with that all of a sudden I could really just get there and I just realized I was ready at 44 to get there. Um and so for you, you just have to figure out how you can get there to actually tell somebody what you actually think.

Yeah, I have to say like especially in business, some, you know, I've started many different projects since I've turned 20 and um I've always ended up doing excuse me for one second. Excuse me for one second. Oh, I love where you're about to go. Robin says kind candor equals constructive criticism. Yes. But I think constructive criticism, what I try to tell people is like the word criticism in itself is already like, you know, like when you leave somebody with cancer, like, you know when you leave Kandor, a lot of people go with fear, they're scared when you're done talking and they're looking for a new job or they're crying at home like, you know, you've got to find a way to be able to make somebody feel good or at least neutral while understanding. And the and the problem is when people hear constructive criticism, they hear the criticism part and like, I don't think people know how to deliver feedback a lot and that's why the word kind I think really lands because kind is very distinct kind candor. It's kind like but it's candor and I really, I really, you know, back to your point and I had this to when you're starting things with friends and family. It's really hard to tell them the truth. Like I become family with my place but I've had family and friends and sometime. Mhm. Yeah I'm actually in the process of starting a business with my girlfriend right now.

So it's it's like it's the top thing on my mind. I think you over communicate now hey baby, I'm really worried, I'm really worried about this ship, we're going into this, know me, this is be vulnerable, be naked, you know she's already seen you naked so you're good you know like be naked right? Like like I'm very worried about this, I'm not good at this per se and you're my girl, I'm gonna probably start getting resentment then I'm a crack like you know you got to really talk about it up front so that she knows what's happening as well. But then like I said to the younger brother combo earlier, just love her more than the business, thank you, I really appreciate that. And I just want to give a couple of specific shout outs to the the friends uh shoutout corso shout outpost, shout out, brick, shoutout kelly, shout out Cali bugs shout out josh and shout out N. F. T. Jack, They've been my homies since like day one and the friends and anyway I really appreciate it, wrap it up, I'll see you there, thank you my friend. Good job dust. You guys found a lot of good peeps that was all set. Seth big shout out to you brother. I don't know if you're behind the scenes right now or not, but big, big shout out.

Um, I hope everybody is super. Well I see all of you in the comments. I love you very much. Thank you for watching the show Tea with Gary V is back. We'll try to do it as much as I can. Uh, full disclosure. I am deep in series to be friends right now. Dustin's even shaking his head because he's on such a key part of my content team. He knows I'm not even posting content to my normal volume. I'm deep lay deep in the cocoon right now. Um, and I, uh, I uh really, really, really just, I'm so grateful for this community. I hope everybody is super.

Well I wish you nothing but the best. I love you. Go love yourself. We'll see you next time.