The Path to Unbreakable Self-Awareness | Impaulsive Podcast - Transcripts

June 23, 2022

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Today's episode is a compilation of the best moments of my time on Logan Paul's podcast Impaulsive! We discussed so many things but the main themes center around dealing with hate and outside opinions, knowing who you are and what got you here, feeling compassion for those who bring negativity to others, the NFT space and much more!

Enjoy! Let me know what you thought.

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Hey everyone. Thanks for stopping by the newest episode of the Gary V. Audio experience. Today's episode is a mash up of the Logan paul impulsive podcast. There's a lot of great stuff in here about self worth, how to deal with criticism, the N. F. T. Space and more. Make sure you tweet Gary and let them know your thoughts.

This is the Gary V. Audio experience.

I don't know how many people know your and I are history which is absurd. Um I don't even know if you guys noticed when I was when I was 18 years old. I entered a competition that was hosted by grape Story uh to make a commercial for I believe it was virgin mobil on vine. It was a user generated content contest. So whatever whoever can make the best commercial would be flown out to new york and potentially be signed by the media. It was

literally literally so Virgin was a banner media client, me and jerome Jarre, everybody's listening. I'm sure a lot of those people know that if they're o. G minors, we started an agency called grape story to represent minors and the marketing campaign was find the next vine superstar on the record. I think we drilled I out of all the people that we could have picked. I can't believe you've made me look very good on that one. Yeah

I won the contest but I had I had 18,000 followers like a baby dog. Gary is like a proper day one like way before you bucko.

I it was interesting about it was jerome deserves all the credit. He got it down to three and he's like these three and I remember walking into the office at 3 15 our last office between before the one we're in now and I watched them and I was like that kid's got it, I'm very passionate and fascinated by different genres, but the youth culture is insane and as you're talking, I'm like this fucking it man, this is the beginning. Pieces were starting to change this, We're starting to have there was nobody three years ago, nobody three years ago saying, oh I got haters, let me have compassion for them. Not even six months ago, but I pounded, it pounded, it pounded it and it's just truth. Just think about the concept of needing to hurt someone else just to give you a second of escapism from your own pain. Just think about it. I just don't know how not to feel that for others and you know, I think that we need to have that combo because for the people that are creating and are making entertainment escapism information. You know, it's really hard to get that level of hate. It's hard, no matter how strong you are, no matter I'm very similar, like the whole world always told me I was gonna lose that except for my mom. Thus I'm like good, you know, like nothing fazes me and for everybody who's listening because I've said that so many times and I've read all the DMS and emails and messages for the last almost 20 years now, a lot of people just now, as you were perfectly saying that said, but I don't love myself and this is a very important thing for everybody to hear. This is my this is something I spend a lot of time thinking about if you are listening or watching right now actually, and actually saying I don't love myself, you have to remember that somebody else put that inside of you, your mom or dad most likely or maybe a grandparent, they put that inside of you because they didn't love themselves and you know, a lot of people get mad at their folks and I try to remind them your grandparents made your parents like there's always that next person in the family tree and so I think that we're starting to get into more interesting while everyone's like social media sucks in the world I'm actually watching and I'm like, I don't know, I think it's getting a little bit interesting. Do you think there's more benefit to uh an individual who's who's facing criticism?

Uh finding a way to be empathetic with the criticizes, be empathetic with the haters or their ability to put on the blinders that every seat really because my question to you is this that's that's scalable empathy, empathy for other people. Yeah. The other one is holding your breath and you're gonna give you really think so because I think there's a lot of people out there like who are able to just be like dude, like your criticism is so worthless and doesn't it's so uninformed and uneducated. Like that's where I've tried to get it. I get it by the way, there's a lot of there's there's you know how it is, right? Like it's like everything in our society red, blue, black, white. It's there there's moments in time where that works. I mean, I do it all like I'm thrilled to be like if you actually knew what was running through my mind sometimes when I'm getting shipped on, I'm like man, if you're mad at me now, watch what the funk, I'm gonna put down your throat the next decade, you motherfucker. You know, I can get very competitive that way to comma there's no question that actually actually being like man, this person's hurt, you have to understand you can actually completely this has happened to me at knows this, this happened the other day in the car. A guy fucking ripped me heavy. I gave a response. He dm me, he's like, I just got back from Afghanistan, I have real people.

Like it was a real he's like you don't understand. He ended with something that I don't want to like it's really fucking intense out here and so what I would say is as a fellow human being, one that, by the way it's fucking doing it, You're sucking doing it right? Like, I promise you, 19 year old, you looking at what you've been doing the last seven or eight years is fucking happy. He's surprised. So, so three minutes a day, nine minutes a week, 16 minutes a month. Do I think that you can decide to apply to three people, one of which that will completely change the framework of how they see the world because these kids out here, I think the world sucks and everything sucks and nobody gives a fuck and you give one fuck one time. And by the way, I'm telling you, and I know he knows, I like, I'm telling you, it will fucking build it will be beneficial for you. No, no, no, and I do and I do a lot of it, but but I found myself trying to cultivate the relationships that provide themselves because the messages like, yo your book changed my life, like, I respond to those people as opposed to, you know, like, you wanna hear something crazy, I feel like I had to calibrate seven or eight years ago to be a little bit more thoughtful because I was only feeding because I have so much to give. I was like, so I think that's right, but but I think you need to give some deposits to that, I think it'll bring benefit, it'll round you out, you know, your Yeah, it's just like, you know, it's just honestly, it's just nice by the way, you know this, I don't have to tell you this, 93% of them want to be you more than life itself. When you respond to them about the, about what they say, they are automatic. I'm your biggest fan. I love what you do.

They're just having a bad day. The thing that works for me is not that I can deal with the hate. It's that I can deal with the admiration. The reason I can deal with people telling me I suck and I'm overrated and I blow is that when people tell me I'm the goat, I don't hear that either. Mm Yeah. Yeah. Because because if you fall in love, like, with positive affirmation, well then you're vulnerable. Like, for example, about 100%. 1 of the things I think about a lot is if your whole life you're cute, if you're pretty girl boy, right? And all your affirmation is coming from. That. That's a lonely game at 50.

That's plastic surgery at the yang. That's like, that's your framework. This is where I get my validation from

Rocks quick. I watched a drake interview something he said that I abide by now. There are a couple of things he said in this particular interview, um 72 hour rule before you make any decision that, you know, is uh starts with a motion another one he said, he said, I try not to get too caught up in the highs or the lows which which is essentially the same thing as what you're saying is that you know there's a there's a baseline where my mental functions optimally and that's where I like to live.

It's a counter energy when everyone's like you're the fucking like I'm like dude my parents had sex at the right second and I have intuition and who the funk am I? You know what I mean? Like I be like I go that way and then the other way you sucking suck. I'm like you suck too. Like like as if you suck too right? I mean like like people are good at certain things. They're not good at certain things. Like I think that you just got to understand that when one things coming at you like a superhero just push the other energy. The problem is when people are getting love your fucking awesome. Your they fucking want that. They want to eat the ship out of that. Oh I'm hot.

Yeah I'm rich. Yeah I'm fucking best. Yeah but then they're like you suck like fucked up. You gotta stop both of it.

What about the N. F. T. Space? Made you feel the same way that you felt about social media back in the day,

humans need to communicate. It's a core thing and I believe that more than speaking more than writing more than singing. The number way. # one way that human beings communicate is by buying things really look at what you're wearing right now. I can't

believe it by the way

you're wearing by the way holy shaw so looks like three grand right? He looks like he's about to fight crime. Here's what's profound about it four years ago if he saw someone wearing this he would take a total shift on that person today. It's him communicating a lens of creativity. The lens of well that could be that's exactly right So why I bring that up if you look around like what everyone's wearing and like it's humans communicate through what they buy. Fashion is a trillion dollar industry a good drill. Ian dollar industry. It it is one of the biggest industries in the world. We all buy sneakers and t shirts and hoodies and hats and all sorts of things that really cost four bucks and nine bucks and 22 bucks and we spend 10,000 because that's how people communicate. They communicate in reverse to people dressed down when they get wealthy. Like it's all it's not just I'm gonna show people like oh yeah I'm just gonna show you rich. That's not true at all.

It goes the other way the way people wear their hair, their facial hair, there's a million ways to communicate because of what you buy. I thought social media was gonna be huge because I thought people were gonna use pictures to communicate and I ended up being more right than I even thought it became the framework right? I think N. F. T. S. Are going to be that for our society and it has a utilitarian value. It is the biggest technology shift since the internet. The Blockchain. The consumer Blockchain is the biggest new thing since the internet itself. And more importantly here's why everyone's fucking it up. Everyone's thinking about it like it's the internet which is why they don't understand it.

When the joke, the big joke of well I'll just right click and save it. It's a jpeg ha ha ha is when people are basically turning into their mothers. What I mean by that is All the same kids that made fun of their parents for not having an iPhone when they had a blackberry or for not having older my generation not like most parents wouldn't do email, they were scared or buying things online or all those things. Watching a bunch of 20 and 30 year olds that think they're cool that think they're dominating that think they're winning shit on N. F. T. S. Makes me smile because I'm like if these people knew that they had just turned into their parents they'd be devastated. They are demonizing a nuclear technology because of a lack of interest to do the work. I will

I don't often get influenced mm by my peers in a way that like affects actual change even like the thought of like being influenced but I will say when we were in new york and we were talking at that table and and then I was I think I asked you like, yo Gary, you ever have fun, like a drink back? You're like not really and you are definitely like taking the light that night. I was like, man, like I want to be as successful as Gary, but is this what it takes because it's so fun, bad,

definitely not. And by the way, like, I'm like to me for like the reality is is like, it's all one big game of just knowing who the fuck you are for you and like there's people that are a coach told me a football current NFL coach took a player in a draft recently last year's draft um that he could have taken a player that they had way higher on the draft board as a much better player and they took the other player and and I was like, that's so interesting. I was like, we were getting into deep conversations around athletes and things that nature, I said why? And then he said something profound. He goes, this player, I went to a different team couple picks later had a great year. He goes, this player on a friday night on a saturday night, excuse me on a saturday night the day before game will go out and he'll go out to 2 30 in the morning in the club and you know what he's gonna do on sunday? And I'm like, what? It was like really cool. I was like, like ship the bed. He's like, no, He's Gonna Go eight catches for 137 yards and a touchdown. Okay. He goes, the problem is that same saturday night he's going to bring six teammates with him And no, six guys are Gonna ship the bed.

I'm like, the player we took is the 8th player in that story and he's gonna stop the other six from going out. Whoa, He's playing chess. And so to me, I just thought that was really interesting. And the reason I bring that up is that one kid that he was talking to, you can go party and be productive, right? This is just about knowing yourself. We all, everybody who's watching and listening right now is one big game of being super dope with yourself for yourself. And if the people around you don't fuss with that, fuck them.

I love that. That's a great spot to end. If you're okay with it. This was this was a fantastic podcast dude. So glad we got you on. Seriously. Thanks for coming on