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June 14, 2022

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and we are live Good morning crypto worries and welcome back to the gym in the crypto episode 967. Today is Tuesday june 14th 2022 I'm king

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at tennis and today's top stories you know we missed yesterday so we got to come in from the weekend Celsius exodus $320 million in crypto sent to ft X. User withdraws pause new york city mayor Adams, speaks out against proof of work mining ban legislation, finance dot us faces class action lawsuit over luna and U. S. T sail us dee dee stable coin falls to 97 cent down. Search 700 million to defend the peg acsi infinity. A billion dollar Crypto gaming startup promised riches and deliver disaster and last but not least Jpmorgan wants to bring trillions of dollars of tokenized assets to defy but first and foremost. Bitcoins that what's going on those prices.

Oh yeah so taking a look at our prices today, Bitcoin is sitting at $22,320 down 5.3% ethereum at $1,204 down 2.3%. Finance at $222 is up 2220.1% Cardona at 50 cent is up 9% today. Ex RP sitting at 31 sent up 310.5%. Salon A at 29 81 up 9.8% and last but not least those coin and five cent is up 3.2%. And our biggest game is for today mid turn up 887% Med Axa up 184% and those rise up up 182% today, a lot of blood in the market and a few bounce backs but everybody was going crazy on twitter so of course uh of course long term you don't really care if you're dollar cost averaging. But there was a lot of fear in the market. I think the fear index is like below 10 it's like like nine so

what's the price of Bitcoin? I don't even look at


We got a pump from two from 20,000 look at that.

Yeah exactly went 21-20800 and got a little small pump. Yeah he's a discount bargain prices. People I told you we're going back just regular technical analysis to go back to the previous all time high and

then really quick. I mean just to pick down that people remember like if you believe in the actual technology, this is where the technology talks important. Now if you believe in the technology one, Bitcoin was one Bitcoin. So uh literally since the price of Bitcoin was 66,000, some change until now at 22,000, nothing negative has happened to the project. Only positive thing. So if you're actually looking at the value of the project, you shouldn't be worried A and B. I just want to give myself a quick pound of pax because I'm just saying listen, these are the episodes, look we got a clip this though, we got a clip this in the old episodes. All I'm saying is I remember last year saying that we would see a $75,000 high. I think we hit about 70 71. And I remember as of a couple of months ago, a month or so ago I said wouldn't surprise me to see a $17,000 flash crash type of, have I not been saying 17,000 oh

Yeah, yeah, I want to see that happen. It's gonna happen real quick too. It's gonna be a quick wit down to get all the liquidity and then yeah, then we'll be right back up past 20. I think you gotta scare out the playoffs. You gotta scare all the people that's not for real.

All right. So we're gonna do it like this right now. That's one. And oh, alright. We called the 17 K for this year right now or for this uh this quarter, we're not even going over the years. We've got a quarter. So we want to know


I'm gonna go into and all right now don't steal my thunder.

I know what

The other ones you got, wait, what's the other one

was one we talked about Tara,


So yeah, to and, and then we got three and coming up now,

What was your 3rd 1? I'm about to say probably


I'm my third right now Celsius like people,

you got people,

if you bought the master class and you're involved with any of these platforms, you should not have lost a lot of money. Why? Because in the master class, when we went over lending platforms, we showed you blocked by Celsius and next, so actually was bringing up the video yesterday is like a 12 minute video or something. I was gonna put some of it on twitter or whatever, but I was like, whatever the way it was chopped up. But essentially we said like, hey, this should only be a small portion of your portfolio, why these games are great and they're available in some of these platforms, like you cannot trust them. 24 7, we keep screaming this over and over again because it's like you all don't think it's going to happen on these large platforms. Let me reiterate while it would be highly unlikely because it's a publicly traded company now, do not be surprised if even coin base did this. In fact they even put on their literature, hey, y'all, if we go bankrupt, if something goes wrong, you're Kryptos are so they've even told you already. So my point is there is no platform safe, which is why regulators who are trying to essentially uh what's the word? Uh, encourage everyone to use these onboarding onboarding ramps, like exchanges are bad ideals, they're trying to centralize everything. And that's the entire point of the Bitcoin network at the very least, is to keep things as decentralized as possible. So when things go wrong, they're not all in one pot of money or one bucket as you're sitting here, but before we get started on the Celsius article actually, Bitcoins, they wanna actually real quick about consensus.

You're just as consensus. So what was going on down there?

Oh yeah, So yeah, quickly capital consensus. A lot of great projects. A lot of great people of course it was sponsored by coindesk who you know, also have the show with, got to interview the Minister of Finance from Bermuda, got to speak with some dowels balcony dow as well as others. And then also got to speak with the ceo of audience as well. So that was great. And then also meeting a lot of the newbies who were in the space, it was great to be at a conference when the price is dropping because people on their phones looking and said hey man, you saw the price and that's how you can tell the difference. Half of us didn't even look at the price, we're like, I don't know, I didn't even look at it today or whatever, but that was great. A lot of great speeches from people met Spencer, Dinwiddie, he was great at the shop, The Crypto. Blood Crypto, Blood was out there with me and had a lot of great events of course, because it's spread out and consensus dials, it's N. F. T. S.

It's a good mix of people, so you got your hardcore Bitcoin is, you got whoever, a lot of Vcs. But yeah, some great some great panels, one of the panels specifically, we spoke about yield on these projects, these 30% a P. Y. Like they had it at the conference and we were like oh we should go kick them ships over man scamming people at the conference. And this is a prime example right here with Celsius. So yeah, great conference shout out to everybody who went. Austin is a fun little weird place. Uh Keep it weird. Austin. Six Street was great.

Really? I know 6th street here get weird Austin whatever.


hilarious and true, I get enough of that in Hollywood? I'm good to go really quick. What were the theme or themes? Uh what was the theme or themes of consensus? What would you say? It was like the theme, you know? Again looking back at the Bitcoin conference, I think mining was huge. Bitcoin iras is huge. Uh It was one of the things I forgot the top of my head. What are the things you saw over a consensus?

Oh yeah. So I saw a lot of metaverse things. It was a whole metaverse section and had a metaverse stage specifically for that when, you know a few years ago man


is just an idea. It might have been one of two companies, but it was first section that was one of the the big things and then institutional involvement. You could see, I met people from every institution jpmorgan all the big ones that showed up but they will all be like semi scared. They'd be like, I know everybody hates me but blah blah. Like I did a panel with a lady from one United Bank right here in L. A. So she was like, yeah I know a few years ago we weren't listening but I know people hate us but we're here now. So that was pretty much the big things. But yeah it was it was great to see it very organized, a lot of food uh and bathroom lines did not exist. I was like man, this conference is well put together

and you know what? Um and yeah, speaking of metaverse, I called it in the finals Game five yesterday. Warriors and Celtics. I mean, people were talking before the show, you know, coin bases over all over the arena, uh, at the uh, the Warriors arena, you have meta commercials, nonstop talking about metaverse and all this other stuff. And you literally haven't been sponsored by youtube tv. So I mean you talk about trifecta, this thing is happening.


Really quick. I wanted to give some quick shots going on timothy Grigsby alpha Robbins uh said working on some ot to catch live. So there we go, Wendy, Nichols, Bitcoin man, Darren Collins. Patrick, walter, Virgo 11 super Mario Shannon was going on next row. Leader, chappie, Antonio Damon Wyatt, try a burgo. Miss Kay Milito Captain G Good morning, Good morning everyone. What's up? J. J. Said, I wonder uh did we catch the earn your leisure with bit boy last night? No, I didn't catch it. Is that you did call it?

I caught the last hour of it. Big boys last little bit. And uh yeah, it was, it was interesting because again,

the way

they speak about the crypto market is like on the investment side and the portfolio and that's all they focus on Big boy, you know, he's deep into a lot of coins, but I did, I commented on everything on the live and everything. I was on there for a good hour. So yeah. Oh yeah, well I was watching it while I was watching the game like it was like in my ear while I was watching the game. So uh yeah, it was great. Um they even said that they were like if you're here instead of watching the warriors game, you care about your future or whatnot. And I was like, I'm doing both. Uh but it was good. It was good talk to have a shout out to them of having a big boy. A lot of people commented they should have us on, you

know, I gotta cut you off. I'm not doing that. I already told you bang bang shots being fired. Listen, here's the thing I could care less regardless, but you all keep asking everyone else to keep talking about it. Mhm. There it is. People they wanted Big boy there you have it folks, so stop asking us what's going on. Pre you already said you reached out before. Right?

Yes. You

spoke to him before like people there, it's about numbers and money and all that. Hey, whatever, it's the same old game being played, which is cool and that's cool. But yeah, I mean it's definitely a difference between getting in the weeds this thing and just looking at it as investment point of view. Uh And yes, I mean, I guess, I think they mean they've spoken that's what it is. So that's what's up, big boy. Hey, those going to the moon baby, get some that terror while you're at it over there.

He did mention, he mentioned

didn't even see it. What'd I

just say? But yeah, like I said, it was a crypto talk, so it was a lot of stuff thrown out there, but

not, not

anything, you know, below service level.

That's what's up. So shout out to them. Uh, keep the same energy for your entire life, You know me, keep that same energy. Your entire life never changed for me. Please don't ever ever, ever change. Uh, let's see Wyatt try. So I know y'all got some smoke to get off, y'all stay calling in the master class and you always keeping us on our toes master classes, $2000 kid grabo. Uh, if you're interested in that. But if you all email us sometimes we give our little discount, email us whatever. So holler at us if you're watching this show day and it might be a quick discount coming to you. All right, What's going on the likes and the chat numbers and the like numbers are way off. You know what?

PFC Wells, I know that the other day as well last week, which is why there was no thursday's show and I feel comfortable about taking off monday show. I was like, what is that you mentioned before, Are we giving them too much? Maybe we're giving them too much, you know what? So I was like, you know, I'm sleeping in today so make sure you smash that like and share if you want that real news to come out. If not does going to a dollar top story of the day Celsius exodus 320 million crypto sent to FT X. User withdrawals have been paused. In addition to that we'll be talking about been, it's you know, their user withdraws. I got paws as well cuz came out and said everything was safe. No worries and things seem to be back online. But people, whenever any crypto Bitcoin, any type of company in this space pauses withdrawals without telling you a reason why beforehand something's awry. But that's Celsius. They've been moving more than a quarter of a billion dollars worth of funds from into the FcX exchange.

For reasons not specified in addition to suspending withdrawals for use. Well the market's dipping and they're moving a lot of money. That's the only reason I need. But crypto staking and lending platforms, Celsius may be dealing with this rumored liquidity crisis By unstable in $247 million dollars worth of wrap it with $247 million dollars worth of wrapped Bitcoin from abe and sending it to the F. T. X. Exchange speculations among the crypto community are now flaring as the project has been moving massive amounts of wrapped Bitcoin and other crypto assets in addition to positive withdrawals for users? Uh here's the thing, people, this is the best part about bear markets and when things start to dive quickly like this, literally the entire market gets audit every protocol, every stable coin, every business people. It is tough. Listen, you're about to see it right now. I saw somebody in the chat already put coin bay was just talking about laying off 18% of his employees a few years ago, during the 2018 2019 bear market, we saw consensus coin based, like literally everyone across the board mass layoffs across board that is this market, one day you're getting some money next day you're not. Um, but this is a great time to audit the space, not only from a business perspective, but from a protocol perspective and again, for those who don't know about these lending platforms, some of the most popular block by Celsius and next so essentially what they do is say, hey, if you stake your crypto on this platform, essentially if you leave your value, if you leave your money on our website, then you can make money in the process, loads of it.

Right? Some platforms that you can make anywhere between 20 to 30% as Bitcoin's ages mentioned. So 30% on your money a year on these platforms, that's of course appealing to people, especially those who see it as stable, but if you bought the master class, we actually went over this briefly, I'll go, I'll say this, uh and I looked at the video again the other day, I was like, let me just make sure we went over this, Oh yeah, we went over this. It's like we literally went over these same platforms and talked about the good deposit of the pros and cons and one of things with the cons that I mentioned in the mask last year, here's some free games for people who are listening. You're not actually staking your crypto on this platform. Now, there are a couple of them I think exodus one of you, you can stake salon uh at one time you probably still can, Who knows? But I know when you're staking your Salon on exodus, initially it will take like 6 to 8 hours, 12 hours to get off of that state. So as soon as you click on state, you're not getting your your value back because it's actually being staked on the protocol somewhere, I make that mention because just because they're saying you're staking it on these platforms, you might not actually be doing it, they might actually have a percentage work down and they're back into algorithms or what they can pay you for leaving your capital on that platform. So even though you're on Celsius on block fire whatever on the front end and you're saying I'm staking in this and doing that and doing whatever on the back end, it may not be happening like that in its entirety for one, I would say. Because if it were it wouldn't be so easy just to start moving money and liquidating things off of a b into other places. Everyone was actually truly stake in the platform's under control. So you're already seeing these centralized mechanisms that exist with these platforms, but even worse now, you're capital is stuck on this platform when they're going through liquidity crisis.

Uh This is crazy to see, but I mean, is this the end of Celsius? What do you say?

Oh yeah. So one key word, if you don't know it already, we said it a few times. Re hypothermic ation, you don't know what re hypoxic ation is. Banks have been doing it for years. That means you put your money, like you said, it looks like your money is in there, but on the back end they're taking your money and invest it in something else that's giving them higher rates. Um They make 10 12% they give you 2% just for example, uh Celsius is doing the same thing. So what happens when the market crashes on their end,


can't really pay back their customers. So they pause withdrawals and of course that's a part of fractional reserve lending or fractional reserve banking. Uh in general. So as far as Celsius, they do like to have liquidity problems. They basically, I call it, you got Moshinsky at this point, because there was a few things wrong with Celsius from the beginning. The first was of course when you have a high A P. Y. You gotta have people's money when people come back to cash out, not sustainable. Also


um whenever you talk about any lending platform, uh you wanna basically have the transparency which they did at first because would have a show like once a week, but his show yesterday, all of a sudden he lost his voice. So that's what I'm saying, like as soon as he got to come to the table and actually say what, what happened? He lost, he just happened to lose his voice. Oh yeah, so yeah, I'll talk to you later. Also, there was a few other signs uh that I want to show, you know, that basically um


wasn't uh it wasn't gonna succeed long term. Uh So yeah, here's one tweet frozen, but also to one thing I've noticed, uh Moshinsky said you are afraid of debate in public settings to debunk all your conspiracy theories. 30% of all. Bitcoin is lost because people listen to you and Bitcoin maxis and kept their own keys. Celsius network with over 150,000. Bitcoin did not lose any Bitcoins to lost Wallace or attacks and look at that date May 15th, my man

flew too close

to the sun. Uh like


don't care how successful you think your project is when you start coming for Bitcoin, bad things.

It always happens right.

It just always happens. I don't know why, but it just seems like it always happens when people come out to Bitcoin because of course, you know, I say no keys, no cheese, we've been talking about this, but of course he was saying, well we're responsible, we can hold your keys and it's gone. So again, we can't say it enough people if you don't know about rehabilitation, fractional reserve banking. Uh and also how some of these crypto exchanges are just built on sand. Their foundation is not solid. Then you'll see why also sell token went down 40% in one day. It's not looking good people. And again, I love these price drops just clean out the trash, get out all of the terrible products, all the loan products. And again they was trying to say they will defy when in reality this was like we always say C D five, centralized, decentralized finance baby, that's the new innovation. There

it is. Uh And per usual Celsius, everyone listen up, you didn't lose your money

now you you have your


you kinda lost

your money

ain't. No technically people check out the terms of services, they can use your money as collateral as well if they become insolvent just like coin base. So and it's gone

and it is going really quick. I was trying to look for where I actually brought up the hold on, let me see it. It's funny too because if you've been following this story, people, it looks like next. So actually asks to our Next So suggested they could buy out Celsius if they were having issues, whatever, which I thought was like, hilarious people like, so who if you don't know the some of the main ones are blocked by Celsius and next So, but okay, you can see the video, right? They


staking video. So, here's the staking video in the master class, folks. I just want to show you how funny it is. That actually Next was talking about buying them and let me cancel this out. So you can actually here, let me put the sound on, let's see


to the right here it is. Boom. I was gonna say it actually works out, but no, it still doesn't work. The majority is me and the actual master Class folks trying to cover staking on these platforms for you. And this is me going to the next website in the master class these platforms. Because like, Next. So, as I try to get ready to review this, I clicked on it and it boom, I was gonna say it actually works now. But no, it still doesn't work. I haven't been able to get on this website for over an hour now, people, right? If I was actually staking on here, if I had value locked on here, if I was doing any type of a P. Y. I would be piste off, I would be pissed and I would be scared to know what happened to my funds Now, sometimes this happens when websites coming under attack from.

So this is literally the company who's reaching out to Celsius right now, like, hey, y'all having some liquidity problems. We can buy, we can buy everything above y'all next. So y'all wasn't even working for the master class.

Like I said, built on saying you got one terrible project built on top of another one that's unstable. This is what you get

and you know what people and to be clear, this is why especially now I'm popping more than ever. I want to make sure these predictions good, better ugly are being known. Recording clip because you do have all these other channels and stuff out there talking crypto and Bitcoin this and other and this is like, like let's see the track record. Like I get it the height. I mean do we need to start the 22,000%

here? Crazy.

What else is going on in the news besides Celsius. New york city mayor was back in the news. He said, listen, I said, I rap and I'm going to wrap in new york city mayor eric Adams speaks out against proof of work. Mining band legislation. What's going on with the mayor of new york city?

Oh yeah, so new york city's mayor eric Adams spoke out monday against the bill, just one step away from effectively banning Bitcoin mining in the state for the next two years. So the bill is designed to place a two year moratorium on proof of work crypto miners who do not use 100% renewable energy at the same time, New york state's environmental agency is investigating the effects of mining on the environment. The bill passed on june 3rd the state assembly and they're waiting for governor Kathy Hotel's signature to become law. So mayor Adam, he sat down with Cranes on monday and he intends to request that they vetoed the bill due to the economic damage it will cause states people. So Mayor Adams, as they say here, frequent proponent of crypto industry accepting Bitcoin for salary, trying to introduce new programs and of course that may have helped fuel him uh, to get the mayorship, but it will be hard to go against new york the state uh, simply because of mining because I think this is what they want to get to push through. But we said this was like, he has an uphill battle. You got to go against the big boys, the institutions, they right down the street. So good luck if you can, but at the same time it's gonna be tough to to convince the governor not to sign it when they talk about 100% renewable energy. So yeah, I think this is a knee jerk reaction and shout out to my boy tell you who's actually meeting with eric Adams today. So I'm about to text him and say, hey make sure they get this, get this pushed out for new york is they're gonna lose so much money over the years is gonna be ridiculous. And all the miners are just gonna go somewhere else. They're gonna go to texas, watch texas and florida.

Come on down to


This may be how new york loses Manhattan. Uh And what I mean,

I'm trying to, you

said what's that?

This is the start of I am legend. First they get rid of all the crypto stuff. The banks go away and then next thing you know you got grass growing on your tall buildings and will smith talking to himself in the video store.

Well, one another reason, not only that, I mean people, I'm telling you it might look like a down market. Here's what somebody put me on game. When I first moved to L. A. I was like I'm waiting for the housing market to drop so I can scoop me up like a multimillion dollar house for not as many as I want a 5 to $7 million house, like 3 to 4, like 2 to 4 million as possible, right? But this came out yesterday on instagram as well as L. A. Mag and everybody's laughing like look at the timing of this. I'm like no that's why you're not understanding like the L. A. Housing market. What I unfortunately found out was that the prices don't really change like that as far as the wealthier houses because people was like bro people with money have money forever

out here like

they not all of a sudden not having money because of the market type of deal especially with their entertainment. I bring that up because of this story. This is out of left field really quick. I just wanna show this story's a when we talk about new york pushing people out this is what I mean by they're gonna end up losing Manhattan. This is what's going on in Los Angeles right now. Los Angeles magazine, crypto maniacs, how cash poor L. A. Millennials are buying million dollar homes. People according to a recent reference study, almost 12% of all. First time Homebuyers reported selling Cryptocurrency to make a down payment on the house, a trend that is poised to explode in Los Angeles. We're seeing a number of these people cashing out virtual assets or starter homes that go anywhere from 1 to 4 million, says the managing partner at the agency who specialize in these transactions. They say uh one thing I really want to point out by this as well of course they mentioned ceo coin based buying that bel air Estate for 100 And $33 million 35 who may not even have a job or income to qualify for a loan.

What they do have is tons of cash mostly in Bitcoin ethereum and suddenly that's giving them access to an asset that's anything but virtual. How many times have I mentioned to you all I am speaking from experience, not just I think or maybe your opinion. I'm speaking from experience that the credit system is already dead. If you don't want to be on it yet you don't have to do, you need to be liquid and have some paper. Yes, but you don't have to be on the system. I have been in L. A. For years people and trust me like I used to have amazing credit, I kind of wrecked it unintentionally intentionally. I fixed it already but I understand I got into beef, I got into bad beef with a credit company basically. But long story short, that's another story for another day. It was actually pretty hilarious. I never was worried and it worked out.

But my point is is that this is what I've been screaming to people you don't need credit, you don't need to be working on set Bitcoin where you can do that blah blah blah. Again, I'm telling you from experience from being in luxury places out here and bouncing around and doing all this stuff. All you have to do is talk to the owner manager or whatever and be like, hey my criminal records clean, Go ahead, Do my criminal background check. I'm into crypto this new industry but I'm liquid. Here are bank statements here is X, Y and Z. How much do you need up front? And I

guarantee you

you got the money

You pay 50% up front. I

I was just so excited to actually see this article because again the push back a lot of people are like look at the market. I'm like finally L. A. Is understanding what's happening right now. Like people I'm telling you they're changing it, they are changing, they're changing their change like Bitcoins they said you got the money up front. Nothing else really matters. Especially when you're talking about going after a million or $4 million property and being like no I got 30 I got 50% I got 80% of what I'm not trying to pay monthly. Like when people come in like that nothing else matters. So again shout out to L. A. Magazine for covering that story. I thought that was pretty cool.

Especially since I mean we literally fall in that

fall in that

demographic under

35 who

may not have like an actual job or whatever, you can't get the credit or the loan and but hey you may or may not have liquidity. So that's pretty cool. I thought to see as well. Alright been inst dot us faces class action lawsuit over luna and U. S. T. Cell. That is right. This is crazy. I thought the lawsuit could be the first of many for us listed crypto exchanges that offered luna or U. S. T.

To customers extortion, extortion, extortion gang gang gang and back to what we said I'm like 100 and 5% sure now that regulators and politicians lost money in the lunar thing. People there is no other reason for them to be going this hard for this. I and that's the case just off rip. Are we gonna be doing this for? When are we gonna be doing this for big connect like are you going to be going after every exchange who listed these things to sell and if so this is super unfair. It's crazy to see. But again they're talking about finance us of course a sister company of global crypto exchange been its is facing a class action lawsuit from investors for the sale of luna and terra USC also some investors crying to mommy and daddy again a group I mean hey you could have,

they weren't unregistered securities when you bought them. You know how they

are. Listen this is I want to get this entire investor list and like for big connect this one does coin so and so forth. I wanna get these lists and say who like who told you who told you because if you don't know sh about sh it, who told you about Tara, who was the person, what was the channel? And then this is what self regulation actually looks like. We're talking about regulation. Let's talk about self regulation. Who is pointing you to terra and luna. But a group of investors filed a class action lawsuit in the northern district California on monday alleging that bin is sold unregistered securities in the former luna and U. S. T. To investors and misled them into buying them. Oh this is this is cold blood.

This this lead them, the lawsuit alleged that been in dot Us is not registered as a broker dealer in the US and this clearly violates U. S. Security laws. The planets in the case accused of crypto exchange of knowingly promoting a flawed project in which the parent company had invested earlier. That listen been its job isn't to be your investment advisor, it's an exchange. But the lawsuit also accused of crypto exchange of false advertising pointing toward his claims of U. S. T. Being fiat back which was redacted after the collapse. Again, we mentioned this many times over these exchanges will literally change the terms of service overnight. We have seen it happen, I have screenshots of the major exchanges changing terms of service overnight when we caught them in lies like literally overnight. People have screenshots, it happens um finances us failure to comply with the securities laws and it's false advertisements of U.

S. T. Has have lead to disastrous consequences for bitterness dot U. S. Customers said this lawsuit. One thing I want to point out to all of you out there. I know it's not a lot of people in our channel but we're starting to share these on linkedin and stuff. I know this is linkedin and professional crowd. You're always trying to mitigate your losses and not lose any money in a new market. Stay your as on the sideline. Listen, if you come in the game, I play football, if you enter the game you get hit, you're gonna get touched up. It ain't no way I'm on the field of my homies on the field with you.

Nobody getting dirty. We all about to be

busted up. Right?

That's how you win the game. You got to hit people to get those wins. All right. Uh same with this market here is the problem with all of these folks, all these bootleggers boot boot lickers. Hold on, let me let me get this sound going. Let me get


problem with all these net flanders going to run to mommy and daddy government. And when things don't go their way, Once the new project comes out that you do like that is actually working that you want that has this 80 200 and 500% or even a paltry 13% to do across atomic swapper, going to D five platform unit swap or something like that to trade or swap into this project. And you need an exchange. Because let's not, let's not kid ourselves. The people who are on these lawsuits are the people using the exchanges, Who are news? Why are you still using the exchanges to begin with? So these same people are going to be crying to the government. That is not fair. They can't get their hands on those coin to a dollar or they can't get their hands on the next Carolina. That's giving you 20 or 40% a month for a year before it does eventually collapse. Some people did make away like bandits. Now, you won't even be able to have access to that and then you'll be crying again about how do I get this or why there isn't this allowed or so on and so forth.

This is why self regulation is important. If you lost money in this space, it means you probably didn't do a good job. Good enough job researching again. We know some people who've been in space for four or five years who lost money in terror. So it happens, people like it happens across the board, but come on to go run to the government over it to file a lawsuit. It gets in exchange for offering a project that you wanted? Come on,

come on, come on.

That's like, let me see the gas station for selling me uh pop soda. Uh, and cigarettes and donuts and everything unhealthy. Why didn't you tell me that this fruit drink didn't have reel juicing? Why didn't you tell me this fruit drink has sugar in it? And I got diabetes. Like where does it stop? Like you're not like they're doing it in the crypto market cause they see so much money and everybody sees the easy w But this is ridiculous. What are your thoughts? This

is ridiculous. This reminds me of when you're playing basketball, playing football with your friends, you have there cussing and having a good time and then one person gets hit too hard and then they go cry to their parents. So then their parents show up and now the game isn't fun anymore. And this is exactly what's happening. These people are going to cry uh and try and get a lawsuit for the uh, for this crypto, this particular crypto, but it sets a dangerous precedent because now the game isn't gonna be fun anymore. There's gonna be a bunch of unregistered securities. If terrorists found this one, a bunch of more are coming, they're gonna get wiped off. Exactly. This is gonna affect the whole market because every time a coin collapses, you can't go to court for it. This is the Wild West still people, we got 19,000 cryptocurrencies. I think 99% will be gone at some point. but I don't think that going and soon every time helps you just set a dangerous precedent and now the game won't be fun anymore.

Goodbye volatility. Hello, stability and regulations because they want to use this as an excuse to do it. I promise you they're gonna happen happen with this. Yeah this is why we came in and had to fix it because there was too many scams. It was rife with uh you know Ponzi scheme and whatever else. So hopefully that doesn't happen but unfortunately that's what we're dealing with

crypto criminals really quick. Wanna go to the comments. Uh Super Mario who's going 11. Super Mario said what's up with? Okay coin exchange not letting me profit off that Miami coin pump last week. I'm not sure what's going on with them. Uh Send us an email let us know though. We do have the ear of a couple of them. Uh So we'll figure it out one thing. Yeah shout out to that. I saw a couple on twitter that was a thursday show I missed I believe. But yeah for those who were in Miami coins still down from when we first suggested that become a stakeholder but I did see it went up about 90 something percent last week.

Did you stay out there? Didn't fall back already.

uh it fell back like 60% so

We're still 90% pump for those who

uh was

It 200% pump.

Yeah I like that. I

called it. I I saw that 90 goodness gracious. But that's what I'm talking


Uh Let's see what reno gamble for sure. So thanks for another show doing the real work. Thanks for the support and joining. Of course. Uh, let's see Ocean. We're about to talk about your ocean with this U. S. D. D. Next. You already know. Ocean said I'm here shaking at the bingo spot trying to get some extra money.

Buy some Bitcoin. Uh There we go. Uh, What else do we have big discounts across the board? You already know? And Correo. What's up? Uh, let's see. I'm going through some of these comments. I see a ton of them being sent in. Jake fever said there's blood on the streets, you know it folks, of course check out Bitcoin behind the bar tonight as well. Jake fever Tuesday nights. Uh Yeah, I love it.

I love it. Um, C. D. C. A. U. S. Dollar cost average. Um, boo boo. All right. I see a bunch of comments rolling in. We'll get to in a second.

Somebody said one United Bank is trash black owned. Doesn't mean yankee business. Ello. Ello. Is that the one United Bank. Is that what it was?

Yeah. Yeah, I remember I went to go speak with in 2017 and they were like, buddy, slow


We can't be getting into stuff like Bitcoin. This is 2017. So this is before the pump before everything. This is early when I first got to L. A. That's one of the first places I went. But they weren't trying to hear. But here they are. Like I said, everybody's gonna capitulate.

Uh next role leader said our platform dispersed with the Ray J of crypto. You already know it just inform you said Big Boy gets a lot of criticism but he's good for the for the space. I mean at the end of the day, everyone is good for the space as far as it being a base hit like to bring people into this space. Uh, and then from there they can find, you know the rabbit hole to go where they wanna go. It's always a good thing. Quick Dolo. Your audience deserves to learn about Cardinal. Well quick dolo feel free to send us email and you can uh, you can hold down the car Donald Sector of of our channel and we would love to have you here for the next 14 months. Call it, chalk it up car Donald dies in 2023 folks. You heard it here folks. Okay,

let us know where you're getting more money to Africans. Will you give us more money to the Africans? Will have the Cardinal people.

Oh man. Uh, only real estate said E. Y. O. Like getting them folks on there to give misinformation bit boys saying the theorem is gonna flip Bitcoin in the marketplace. Uh, Jake said the e y el interview with Big Boy was good for people who don't know shit about money or Bitcoin, that's majority of people, they're not gonna let the real ones on there steal their viewers with the reel and, you know, that's crazy. I kind of think that not just with them, but with a few different platforms in general, everybody's like, we don't want people to come in and steal, and it's like, people, have you not seen the way we do our business? We love to share. We're never trying to steal nothing. Like we said before. You know, uh, only thing I've said about them where I really don't pay attention because they're talking about the traditional market, like, I truly believe crypto will be the future of all markets. Uh, So I just don't see that for me, there's no point in the traditional market, but I don't know, teachers on, I could care less.

Um, yeah, I do realize that a lot of people do feel like we're gonna steal the thunder. That's cool. It's really not a choice

talking about stuff. And I mean, you know what a few other shows you on dr Phil we don't care about stealing the thunder from people. Like it's just if you ask a question and it's against what you said, then you need to fix what you talking about.

Yeah, I mean, we're just trying to provide real information and value and education and uh yeah I mean I don't know. I don't know. I don't really care like I said. I know we've been officially blackballed. You can't you can't borrow my black balls or something. I don't know what the same was. I don't listen to. That rapper number is wrapping ass. You're

wrapping. Don't listen to

rap fast food no

more. I

like the more you sold at work personally. But


you're rapping as All right. U. S. D. D. Stable coin falls in 97 cent dollars. Search 700 million to defend the peg. I mean we've kind of seen this recently but let's talk about it again, analytics platform. Nassim showed that one of the funds that capitalized on the U. S. T. D.

Peg has started to transfer large amounts of U. S. D. D. I mean of course we do have ocean has been talking about this event. But while the market has not fully recovered of course from the onslaught caused by terror. The peg, another stable coin project show signs of distress causing fears and speculation within the community. Stable coin protocols. Usd price dip to 97% of major crypto platforms on monday. And again tether did something similar but we weren't as worried about tether because they've been established and this has happened so many times but when you have a brand new one it is time to kind of pay attention. Uh looks like curve swats had bought that monitors the large asset transfers flagged that a million dollars of U. S.

D. D. Was recently swapped to 997,000. Uh 339 worth of usd T. Again people this is the red flag for me because you can't have a stable coin being backed by another stable coin. Especially when the other stable coin has his own issues as well. Uh It looks like on the other hand Blockchain. Next platform. Nasa has also detected that one of the funds that capitalized on the U. S. T. D.

Pack has started actively transferring larger amounts of U. S. C. D. And other stable coins. You can see this tweet here. I mean what are your thoughts? I mean I think you know writing's on the wall against out the ocean. I'm sure he'll cover it. But what are your thoughts?

Yes. The good old stable coin backed by a stable coin backed by a project that nobody cares about because their reserves are about 92%. However tron has uh so much reserves in the U. S. D. C. If you took away tron they only have 73% of the capital that they claim to have. And again one day people will learn about stable coins use them if you need them but do not rely on them long term because again it's it's sand. Built on top of sand. Built on top of some bullshit built on top of something else. So hopefully people learn from U. S.

D. T. Also do finance they also may fail to maintain their pig I believe algorithmic stable coins or stable coins in general they're gonna have a tough time in this market because a lot of people are starting to come for their money at the same time and that's the only way to really run a bank is that you can basically guarantee everybody's not gonna show up at the same time and even if they do they're gonna shut down the bank they're gonna shut down. Operations are gonna have error 501 like we thought with nick so if you go to the website so um yeah it's pretty hard at this point but whoever makes it through that's who's gonna be here at the end.

Yeah. Um And someone's asked about next. So yeah I mean basically neck. So in relation to Celsius those are very similar platforms as well. But this is crazy. Again here's the thing people You are forgetting Bitcoin is only 13 it's only 13. What more do you want from me? Like y'all we want Bitcoin to bring home money to food support a family this is a 13 year old in the 18 forties apparently like no this is 2022 he's 13 years old. She they are 13 years old. I say that because before you can start to me in my opinion, before you can start having all these algorithmic coins and stable coins is backed by this and it's backed by another Bitcoin itself has to mature because it still runs the market people. It has to mature and by maturation in my opinion means adoption. There has to be at least I think five very large countries or a very large percent of the population start to uh not actually use or acquire it.

It has to be the back once banks say all right, this is what we're gonna use that deserve. Once businesses said we're gonna keep this reserve once it's that big, then I think you can start saying all right, we're comfortable with using this as observed or re comfortable having an algo stable coin or something tethered to this or something like it because once the price, once that mass adoption has happened and that price is 304 100 something care or whatever, you won't see it dip to these levels and costs as much stress, it will still cause stress to companies who are doing business uh in the billions where they're looking at, you know, we got billions of dollars of this on the table. And then Bitcoin goes from 100 and 50 K 200 then they'll cause them stress. But for some of the smaller projects on smaller algorithmic coins and stuff, it won't affect it as much. Once it begins to reach those price points at that time. But until we get there, it's way too volatile in my opinion. Uh, going back to the comments really quick. Uh, let's see tourist and mrs going on PFC Wells said the writing was on the wall after Miami Bitcoin conference. I felt the energy too, but I wasn't sure. Wasn't that a little too much.

Everybody's dead

after everybody was dead after it.

Yeah, that's definitely one of the top signals as well. Yeah, it was like, yeah, we were pretty much gonna see some downside after this and then consensus confirmed it.

Yeah, it's crazy kid grabo one. Thank you for the tip is Steph on lido a solid move. I'm not sure about Steph. You remember Stefan lito?

I am not, however, again, what you say, is it the right move? Just look at some of the projects that are similar to it. Uh, see the good the bad and do your research definitely into the team and who the founder is, make sure they didn't rebrand from some other shitty project in the past.

There we go. Um, and I'll say that comment too and probably take a peek out just so I can have an idea what that is. Only the real estate said Mayor Adams is the Transit Bitcoin. How are you for Bitcoin but not proof of mine. You are hilarious. Uh, let's see. Uh, just inform you said what's the average price for a nice home in Los Angeles. I mean at

least a million.

Yeah, it's crazy people. I mean, and and honestly I've been thinking about it more to be fair, I told say this. I've been thinking about texas and florida more because I'm like, look, you know, yeah, million won't get you far here. A million could still have some bad neighbors and car windows

broken into.


I'm just like,

right, yeah. So it's just like if it's gonna be a million, should I do it uh in a different, in a different state where it makes sense and you save tax money? Just inform you. So you gotta hear this credit story and reno gamble said I'm sensitive about the credit score. Listen, trust me, it's a funny story, long story short, this is me. I was young. Listen people, I was young with a little bit when I was a naval officer. I had a little bit of money early on. So I've had uh you know what's the platinum card american express and all that long story short. The story is they never told me when the money will be do, all right. And I took it personal after so many years of business. They was like, we need this money.

Now. I was like, well you get your money when I give it to you. That's essentially

what happened.


okay. Yeah. And

then they were like, okay, you wanna play that game. And I learned all about the system. Nothing bad happened because I'm glad I went through it and learned it. But yeah, we had a little aside beef because things weren't clearly written out my contract I felt, but that we're cool. American Express were cool. They know we're cool with each other. We're back on good terms. They just wanted to make sure I still had it. We all good. Uh, let's see Jake fever said, y'all ask talk show on the air in that you ain't got no job. That's my dream job. One major pump away there.

It is folks, what makes, which makes sense then because is funneling out the millions, their assigned money actually being put in. Okay, We gotta talk about this actually infinity. They came out with this last week. So here's the thing actually infinity is shooting the market in the foot by making themselves look like a scam. But I'm gonna stick with this article and go with disaster. A billion dollar crypto gaming startup promised riches and delivered disaster actually infinities. Uh, played a vision of play to earn video game has crumbled and the company behind it now tells the players who bought into the hype, it was never about the money Anyway. So this is what's making them a scam, which make them look like a scam. They were a play to earn game, you haven't heard of that. Of course you can play a game earn crypto on it. They were huge in uh south americans. Some spots I know that the biggest were in Philippines to the extent that the Philippine president and government even consider levying a tax against it because people were making so much money.

It costs about $1000 a startup. You need about three different characters at the time when we first cover actual infinity. I think it's about 300 some change per character. So it took about with gas fees, about thousands of dollars, like $1200 to actually start on this game. And then as people continue, they can make money on it, right play to earn. But since they crashed of course the crash I think was really, uh, what's the word I was gonna look for? Not motivated enhance, what's the word I'm looking for. Uh, the impetus of the crash came from the Roman hack of course $630 million. I was on this network. I think that really affected the game dynamics as far as money they had in storage to play around with. In addition to that Ronan hack. Then a month later you get terror going down the whole market and now you have the team coming out saying this is never a play to earn game and it's like, come on you, you can't say that come out and say it wasn't a play to earn that's making it look like a scam.

The reason why I'm not fully calling it a scam is because here's the deal. Like if we're gonna call thing's a scam in the space, you can literally call every project but Bitcoin and skim right now. Like literally they did it one day on a Bitcoin friday when he just went down the entire list of the top 20 and 30 and talk about each one, accept Bitcoin people ethereum, you're still working on it right? Like you can literally go down the list and get started. Cardinal Africa does go into a dollar. I'm not about to do it part two of this Bitcoin, but I say that because just because it didn't turn out like they want and it did end of the disaster doesn't mean they intended to scam, especially when it starts to work as far as you have an actual community behind the game, you have liquidity, you have money where you can now actually build more things around the game, more components, more mechanisms to make this actually work and be a real vision, but for them to go through tribulation or whatever in trials as you can see here. Uh, and this game turned to disaster and then come back out and say it was never a play to earn. Now this is a bad look on the entire space as a whole uh, and again, we're talking about actual infinity here. Um, and how they came out after this game disaster saying that uh, we were never here to actually play to earn, we were just here to play and you could actually earn at the same time. What are your thoughts on this entire fiasco I guess?

Oh yeah, well my thoughts actually shared them on twitter. Let me share it right here. So people can see a few days before this even came


actually shared this because one of the main things that people don't understand is whenever you see whenever in this market long enough you can see it coming. So if you can see what's the next bubble, play to earn, run the urn singing, learn, learn, learn, learn

or you

could just get a job and get paid in Bitcoin which is much easier to just buy some Bitcoin then take a nap. So the reason I put that is because I could see this coming uh because the point of saying play to earn but you have to actually pay a bunch of money up front. Same thing that's happened with Stefan right now. Same thing that happened with the infinity, same thing is happening with most of these games to access most of the games. It takes a $2000 or you got to be super early, like one of the first people uh Insider. But again, this is forming into a bubble. It's too much hype around it with no actual infrastructure for how these things work because I haven't seen any of these work like long term because they're just getting started. However, that's looking like the next blank turn is looking like the next bubble and again we might be five and uh this year king if this comes to fruition over the next few months and this may be the start, maybe the start cause this was the one of the biggest player in games that was so we'll see what other games say. It'll be like well let's play the maybe Aaron that'll be the new.

But listen, that's what we always say people, it's like you can do this and hey shout out to uh Wendy nickels to I meant to re share it but I had just posted the show so I didn't wanna flood the twitter time houses. Were you gonna tell me like when you do tweets, can you ever do too many? Is it like there's like three different ones at one time Is too many tweets? Right?

I think I don't know. Not

twitter jail, but as far as like is that just to like when people read over consume all that? Well they just like all right, you gotta do one every hour. How does that work?

Yeah. Give me like 12 or three at a time and then give us some space. Give a few hours to digest because the algorithm to people won't see it sometimes until later until the next day. It's a weird algorithm like I keep seeing the same people, I don't see a lot of people I follow.

Well, if you all miss it. I saw it on Wendy. Nichols shot at winning this. I need to repost it. But it was the wolf of Wall Street parties like and they did that except for crypto. I said they were talking about Dallas, he was like the goal is to move the, get the liquidity out and down until he was like, but isn't it good as the down everybody makes money for that. This is like they literally did a wolf washing version of crypto is pretty good.

I got it right here. It's

pretty long though. So I don't know how long we get, it's


at the very beginning. That's hilarious to me.

Yeah, I got to hear uh

did you share the sound on the zoom,


excited to be part of? I mean the community built is absolutely the community, your only responsibility is to get their liquidity on the table. You got a girlfriend. I'm engaged in my fiance son, Misha,

Hey, check that out, folks. That's


That's so my point is that's basically what's happening and and that thing, the reason I brought that up folks is he did have this part where he was just like after this project, then the next day he was like there's an N. F. T. Then it's a layer two. He started going to all that as Bitcoins. They pointed out. So, you know, that's what I kind of see what's happening as well. Uh Some quick comments reno gamble said we're all Bitcoin maximalist with side coins. That's pretty hilarious. Uh Everybody's talking about what you're there in Bitcoin 2000 and 4 1964 blah blah blah uh giovanni. Yeah we talked about it earlier, we saw the E. Y.

L. And big boy crypto partnership. That's what's up last story. Certainly not least. This is even a story you're really gonna go deep into. I just want to talk about the headline, Jpmorgan wants to bring trillions of dollars of tokenized assets to defy. That is right Jpmorgan ran by Dino dinosaur diamond Jamie who of course back in 2000 and 17 said that Bitcoin was a fraud for criminals and all this other stuff in north Koreans of course retracted those statements later then got into Bitcoin has its own Blockchain now and all this other stuff. Again they're trying to steal a narrative and now they want to bring trillions of dollars to tokenize assets deep. I why am I covering this story? Because to jpmorgan chase and shame, shame, shame uh Today's friends over at coin base and Alison shame, shame, shame in Alison uh coindesk and jpmorgan why because of this uh let's see I'm just trying to find the statement uh here it is institutional deep I if it's even freaking

possible what the hell more

jumbo shrimp uh slow cheetah I don't know institutional defy generally I love how you say. Generally. Generally what, that's what I love about. Bitcoin. People in crypto as a ho zeros and ones you're talking about technology, you're talking about code bits. There is no generally it's what the code does or doesn't do is what the contract does or doesn't do. So there is no possibly somewhat kind of So you're saying it doesn't, but whatever institutional defy generally means imposing know your customer structures on kryptos, permission list, lending pools, which has started to happen in pockets of innovation centers, art as well as in recently announced project involving cm Commercial bank and compound treasury. You don't impose know your customer on defy that is the point of decentralized finance is that is decentralized. You don't need to know your customer because it's spread out across so many different nodes. But literally this to me is changing the narrative. They are trying to tell you what actual defy is now C. D five.

You ever called the big

baby centralized, decentralized finance? It's coming soon. They're gonna use it as a buzzword and it's gonna have the exact same protocols they had before trash I told you everybody was at consensus. They said that at the consensus at the conference you were talking about that. So yeah, even institutional people showing up, that's why I said that was one of the big things there.

That's crazy. Oh well, I just wanted to point that out that jpmorgan's trying to squeeze back in the last few quick comments. Uh, friends haven't been able to buy Miami coin for two weeks. You know anything about this?

Um, volume two upgrade may have prevented it. Um, you just want to check and make sure you're using volume to wallet if you can't get it on okay coin, um, you can purchase stacks on Hero uh, and then you can actually um use that on hero in order to earn Miami coin. So that's the only place you can buy it right now. But I think the upgrade is was messing it up. Just give it some time.

Uh people keep


I'm laughing cause people keep talking about Ey. Oh, I thought they were for the culture. Listen, I don't know, I can't speak for other people, but that's why I won't be trying to hear all that for the culture and all that talk. And someone else says, hold on, there are a few people are still talking about this right now. I'm looking at these last

couple, You

know what I'm saying? Exactly yeah.

You don't got no

viewers. Uh P. F. C. Well, C. E. Y. L. Interview indicates big boy has a growing black presence in his audience or it was a move to expand his black and brown. No, I don't think it was anything like that. I won't even say black and brown. Track.

It was literally, he got over a million followers. He's in the finances and he has people with capital. They have a big following there in the finances. They got people with capital literally that is the beginning and ending of that conversation of how it happened right now. I don't think it had anything to do with black or brown or none of that at all. I think I've even seen some twitter exchanges between them as far as them getting on each other's shows. So I think it literally was just audience type of stuff. Uh let's see. Somebody said I didn't know terra made another stable coin. Damn. Just informing you where you been the last two or three weeks we've been

talking about upgraded, unstable coin.

Oh man. Uh we got the last announcement. Bitcoins really quick. What were your thoughts on the uh jay Z, jak Marcy projects and I know you talked to Jack in this company a few times. They got the Marcy projects academy. You don't have to go crazy. I went crazy for you cause I don't like the ship. I didn't like the name wasn't mentioned. But what were your thoughts on?

Oh yeah, well the idea definitely came from myself over a year ago

so I didn't lie. That wasn't,

no, it was definitely my idea from a year ago. Uh that's why I'm setting it up. I didn't want to teach in new york. Um but also to there was some tweets that I had that apparently jay Z didn't like um some people at cash that might have sent Jack, I don't know whatever but I heard I knew this announcement was coming for three months. Uh What they did was they had to push it back. So Naja and Lamar they'll teach in new york, I'll still be running Miami Bitcoin academy in Miami. We're gonna do it our way in florida, they can do it how they went to new york but we'll start already starting to expand to other cities Detroit who we've already talked to Atlanta as well and then L. A. Is next. So we're moving forward. Uh That idea is already getting blasted because they came out with the news right before a big drop. So everybody's like why would you go to the project to teach them about Bitcoin?

They still need to learn but everybody looks at price. Uh So they're already getting a little beaten for that. But at the end of the day everybody knows the real, I have the receipts. You can see exactly when the idea was created. I posted the initial pitch deck like earlier this year, way earlier this year. So it is what it is. But again people know the real when they see it. That's why everybody under the comments kept saying so Isaiah's teachers right giving away Bitcoin in black America you're not bringing on gentlemen of crypto, I mean literally like half the comments that came up with that so I don't know if it's my algorithm or if there was just a lot of people reaching out because they understand what it is

and shouts of warriors for for holding it down for us and making those comments because now that you mentioned, I was going to say anything until unison, but he kind of let the cat out. I bet if you in Detroit, press the press city to we already had a meeting with the Detroit uh team uh mayor, oh some of the team for the mayor or whatever and yes, I saw the Bitcoin academy plan laid out in that meeting. I think we had that meeting last year, right?

Yeah, we

had Detroit me last year. So I saw the Bitcoin Academy Point plan and blah blah blah laid out then. So uh and then again, as I even mentioned in the tweet, I'm like people where do you think the master class came from? So again, shout out, I wanna be clear shout out to, I'm glad that her and her husband got it. She's been grinding for years again hand clap for her. Uh just as far as jay Z and Jack though, like you wanna cut my guy out over some tweets,

keep that

same energy, your entire life, have your family, keep that same energy that your entire life, like what Detroit, We don't play that shit Anyway, kid grabo said steve or stack ethereum Oh yeah, that's why I ain't no stacked ethereum staff ste th All right. I'm glad I know about that now. Alright, last few comments. I'm getting the last comment. Any announcements that you can go ahead and throw them out there while I was looking at the comments.

Uh None for me uh this week. Just watch out for the rug pools. They're getting everybody getting smacked in the spare market so protect your neck. That's all I was saying.

Oh you know what little I did look at lido before. I believe it is a I think it is a lending platform. Gonna look into it again. I do remember actually looking at lido back in day night used to stack the theory like that and it just felt like that. But if it's another lending platform again, all of them, all of them like as I mentioned the mass class, it should be a small percentage your portfolio and you should expect the worst. So when you make the money in it, pull it and rinse wash repeat. Uh Let's see actually infinity. Mayor did a preemptive move to avoid some potential legal issues. Might be some losses on horizon for the play to earn. That would be crazy as well. Uh Let's see, I'm looking at the last comments. Uh Thank you for the tip.

Sergeant crypto. Are we looking for educators in new york. Uh So again, Bitcoins is not doing that. So you got you

got to they got the website up. So yeah, you can, I guess you can sign up for the teachers but I'm not sure.

Yeah, check it out. We ain't with him. That's what I'm doing that. All right. Other than that, that is the show for today went a little bit longer than we expected, but we've both been gone for a little bit. So we gave you all that updated news, especially with this crazy market, like I said nothing to worry or fear. Uh this is on par for course and again the summer isn't over so the summer could get better or we could be in this until the next happening. Either way we're still gonna go, nothing has happened to the Bitcoin code. Other than that, make sure you smash that like and share if you are interested in the master class shoot me a quick email, we'll try to give you a small discount on that. That will keep active I guess for the next few days. Other than that smash that like and share and we'll see you all tomorrow. Some more news, cheers,