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Unfiltered and Unapologetic, Jesse Kelly is the greatest mind of the 21st century now on demand. From history to politics to pizza The Jesse Kelly Show has it all in a no nonsense kind of way. Whether you're a veteran like Jesse, or just a good ol fashion red blooded American, the show has something for everyone. “Jesse Kelly brings intelligence, unique insight, and cutting humor to the world of political commentary.” — Jesse Kelly


The Jesse Kelly Show Hour 1: Stewardess Hour 1: Stewardess

Flights need more stewardesses and less flight attendants. Demons of history don't just live in the past. Cat killer Kelly. Society has gotten soft. Legal pot is inevitable because America loves its drugs.

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The Jesse Kelly Show Hour 2: Military ESG Hour 2: Military ESG

ESG isn't just a private business issue, the government is trying to enforce it on the military. How to deal with bullies. The best food in each region of the country. Deep dish pizza is trash!

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The Jesse Kelly Show TV: The Globalist Agenda TV: The Globalist Agenda

There's been nothing short of a parade of so-called 'Elites' -- including Joe Biden -- arguing for the need to replace the current 'world order' with a single global government. They're saying what used to be the quiet part (the stuff of cOnSPirAcY ThEoRiSTs) out loud, at any number of fancy climate or health conferences. This, as 'fact-checkers' clown themselves with Wikipedia citations that flat out deny what's right there on YouTube! What exactly is the agenda and how do they plan to implement it? Jesse gets answers from his very own very elite panel of investigative journos, who are one step ahead of these freakish Malthusian monsters!


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The Jesse Kelly Show Hour 1: Depopulation Hour 1: Depopulation

They need to get that carbon number to zero, and it looks like there's too many people on the lifeboat... Dementia Joe at the Union meeting. Railway strike. Is a better life worth a smaller paycheck?

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