3 Reasons Why It’s Still Worth Buying a House in this market (Hour 1) - Transcripts

November 23, 2022

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Dave Ramsey & Kristina Ellis discuss: Abraham's Lincoln's Thanksgiving Proclamation, What to do when your parents want to pay off your mortgage, Whether or not it's worth buying a home in the market right now, Student loan forgiveness update. Support Our Sponsor: PODS Moving & Storage DreamCloud Christian Healthcare Ministries Have a question for the show? Call 888-825-5225 Weekdays from 2-5pm ET Want a plan for your money? Find out where to start: https://bit.ly/3nInETX Listen to all The Ramsey Network podcasts: https://bit.ly/3GxiXm6 Learn more about your ad choices. https://www.megaphone.fm/adchoices Ramsey Solutions Privacy Policy


the solution is broadcasting from the moving and storage studios at the Ramsey show that is the cash is king the BMW we help while working with a lot eight actual amazing relationship number one best selling author author Ramsey personality Christina Ellis is my coach today on this special thanksgiving addition of the Ramsey show the phone numbers triple eight eight two five five two two five if you've never been around us on thanksgiving thanksgiving among many other opportunities around here we pretty much believe in being a cheese factory we like cheese and we like being cheesy and dumb it's in a wheel on the show so we get to do


we want to do with it so that's what we do so if you didn't know there was a lady named Cheryl Josephina Hey you'll look in the eighteen hundreds that ran I A. R. a magazine shorts called goodies ladies book and of course it was all things for ladies and what to do in the kitchen and so forth in the eighteen hundreds she also was noted with having composed or written the nursery rhyme Mary had a little lamb she was very famous in the eighteen hundreds and for thirty years every year she wrote to the president of the United states asking them to set aside a certain day nationally for thanksgiving different states had thanksgivings are George Washington and ask for a date of thanksgiving but there is not an official holiday of thanksgiving finally after thirty years the president in eighteen sixty three Abraham Lincoln decided that she was right and it went to the secretary of state William Seward art which is a bit of an enemy of his was on his cabinet they were kind of crossing swords all time disorders are quite a word Smith and ask him to create the proclamation making this a holiday I read it every thanksgiving on the air because it's important for you folks to remember how this nation


operate used to operate this is from the president of the United States October third eighteen sixty three the year that is drawing towards its close has been filled with the blessings of fruitful fields and healthful skies to these bounties which so constantly enjoyed that we are prone to forget the source from which they come others have been added which are of so extraordinary a nature that they cannot fail to penetrate and even soften the heart which is habitually insensible to the ever watchful Providence of almighty god in the midst of a civil war of unequalled magnitude and severity which is sometimes seem to foreign states to invite him to provoke their aggression pieces been preserved with all nations order has been maintained the laws have been respected and obeyed and harmony has prevailed everywhere except in the theater of military conflict while that theatre has been greatly contracted by the advancing armies and navies of the union needful diversions of wealth and of strength from the fields of peaceful industry to the national defense have not arrested the plough the shuttle or the ship the axes in large the borders of our settlements and the mines as well of iron and coal as over the precious metals have yielded even more abundantly than here to for population is steadily increase not withstanding the waste that has been made in the camp the siege on the battlefield and the country rejoicing in the consciousness of augmented strength and vigor is permitted to expect continuance of years with large increase of freedom no human council have devised nor have any moral hand worked out these great things they are the gracious gifts of the most high god who while dealing with the Selangor for our sins have never the less remember mercy it has seen fit it seemed to me fit and


that they should be solemnly reverently and gratefully acknowledged as with one heart and one voice by the whole American people I do therefore invite my fellow citizens in every part of the United States and also those are at sea and those who are joining in foreign lands to set apart and observe the last Thursday of November next as a

as a day of

thanksgiving and praise to our beneficent father who do well within the heavens and I recommend to them that while offering up descriptions justly due to him for such singular deliverance isn't blessings that they also with humble penitence for our national perversion of sin disobedience commend to is tender care all those who have become widows orphans mourners or sufferers in the lamentable civil strife in which we are in an affordable unavoidably engaged and fervently implore interposition of the


hand to heal the wounds of the nation and a restored as soon as may be consistent with the divine purposes the full enjoyment of peace harmony tranquility in union in testimony were above here to four set my hand and caused a seal United States to be affect to be affixed done this none of the city of Washington this third day of October of the year of our lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty three president Abraham Lincoln

wow that's powerful

I if it doesn't make you regardless of your party affiliation yearn for someone of that level of character to actually show up anywhere on the landscape in an even just drive by the White House all wow


it's a


this is this kind of humility our own and our acceptance in observance that in case you didn't know that the thanks giving is not about worshipping Turkey in football by the way it's about saying thank you lord thank you god according to Abraham Lincoln who made this the holiday so let me just go to the source this is what he's saying is very clear here that this this holiday is about us stopping for a moment I guess we could call it a religious holiday those were supposed to say thank you to the lord for the blessings that he's given us that's what the holiday was put in place for now you can not like that or whatever but that's the the them's the facts ma'am shows that this is the way it is and pretty cool I thank and you've got a lot of the language oh my goodness if anyone spoke like that today you be looking at them across outlook they walked out of a time machine but because we're all what we're all about yeah who well it

sell OMG

you know the the the use of language is just completely gorgeous and I'm it's just fabulous I'm not a writer and I and I wouldn't want to sit and read that type of lingo for three hours miles across but but in it beautiful

it's beautiful and just a reminder of what they were going through then and how grateful they were in the middle of the civil war right it's perspective wow

stop and say thank you lord so your ticket on the air today if you wanna talk about your life in your money we're here to help but your ticket on the errors what are you thankful for in cheese factories invited

well I don't

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Christina Ellis Ramsay personality number one bestselling authors my co host today Lacey is with us in

Indianapolis high Lacy welcome to the Ramsey show

thank you Dave

what's up happy thanksgiving

what I

want I want I mean I got I got I got I got to get in my zone here before I let you on the air what are you thankful for

I'm so thankful for my parents and and what I've got a relationship they have and that gave twenty right

along like that one good okay what's up

so my parents my wonderful parents have come to me recently and asked to pay off my mortgage I have about fifty five thousand dollars left on my home I am completely debt free other than that I am a single thirty two year old teacher and they are everyday millionaires they follow your your ad advice and it wouldn't be against it would be me paying them back but instead of going to think I would owe them at a lower interest rate I know you don't large mixing family and money and all of those things but I I didn't know what your thoughts were on there I have a great relationship with them but I'm very hesitant also

you have siblings

I do I have a brother can right

I'm I will make a suggestion before I say don't do this yes I did instead I would recommend they just make it a gift and reduce your portion of the inheritance by that so that your brother's not she'd okay now here here's the reason Hey you're not a spoiled brat they're not they're not you know they're not making your life too easy they're just taking their just using some of their wealth to perpetuate wealth in their family tree by making you a hundred percent debt free as a teacher at thirty two which lead you in a millionaire status very quickly right


okay so that's what I would do if I were them and I would never alone my kids money and here is why one hundred percent of the time you mentioned your faith are the libel says it never it there's no caviar it doesn't say except for mom and dad it says the borrower is slave

to the lender

and so one hundred percent of the time no matter how nice your master is no matter how good your master is your still life no matter how kind they are how functional they are how good their boundaries are you are still S. life and you will feel it as John as John Bellone says in your body your body will keep score and it might end and you'll know this when thanksgiving dinner tastes different when you eat with your master rather than your mama

yeah that was what I was afraid of and I I was hesitant as well I just don't want to do here and it's not you it's not you're being ungrateful

and I'm not trying to plug them into if they don't wanna do it at all that's fine too you have a mortgage or okay you're not dying your everything's good but but I just don't want you have such a wonderful then you you outlined at three different times great relationship with them I wouldn't want to take a chance on that

absolutely absolutely do you think they'll be resistant at all to just giving you the money versus blending in date they are so generous and he had texted my brother and I both smaller portions of money in the past just as gets to say like but that's what your mortgage or put it toward whatever you need and and they've been very generous and not not very easy right this is this is gonna be weird for you

so let's change the conversation let me give you a tool okay




because if you go to them and say mom dad I got this great idea won't you give me the money instead that's just I'm awkward right

that's where

you just say Hey I called Dave and he said don't do the mortgage and

he said the only way he would do it if it was his kids would be to give it and if you don't I don't want you to I don't ask you for that but that's what Dave said

I don't that's a pretty big pass

yeah I just thought I'd throw it off

me I can handle it yeah so when my mom called and gave you be ready

I'll be absolutely ready I'll be I'll be kind to her but I will tell her the truth like I always do happy thanksgiving lazy project colony and very cool stuff

all right

Craig is in New York City hi Greg happy thanksgiving what are you thankful for

Hey David Christina the budget bill there happy thanksgiving sure

what do you think before most

I'm most thankful for you know Jesus Christ changed my life

a man a man all right how can we help today

all right so yeah I'm twenty four years old you know my whole life I was told to buy a home and now that I'm of age to do so for myself my wife you know have a baby on the way coming January I'm just scratching my head wondering if it's even worth it anymore you know where I live I can't even find that I like a burnt down shack for three fifty

that's the god's truth well it feels a little hopeless right now for you in your particular situation and you're feeling the way that the responsibility of the new life that's getting ready to come to you and you're like Orley crap this just got real


yeah so all of that to say you're but you might not be ready to buy a house today that's okay

when you're saying your whole life you've been told you should buy a house but do you want to buy a house I do want to buy a house you know disparate of owning a lot nicer than you know we have a really good situation only paid fourteen hundred a month which where we let this like a maze all yeah you that's about it yeah so I mean well I just want to thank you guys because you you know but about thirty thousand dollars just you alone that nine AM get created also which is all right


it it's taken a long time to just you know stashed away and that's what we're about a year into the process now good how are you we have not well

if you don't buy a house for two years or three years that's fine that's not in the world and you're in a very expensive markets so it's gonna take you getting on top of the income side of things and getting a good strong down payment to make it happen let's pan back from that and say go back to your original question which kind of had a hopelessness tone to it is like is it even worth it isn't even worth it well yeah I it is worth it it's not worth doing is stupid it's not worth it you know buying a house can afford all that kind of stuff and is so take your time and do it do it with wisdom but it's worth it and here's why two things happen with homeowners three things happen with home ownership to make you want to do it as a long term play versus renting your whole life okay number one rents go up every year since god was a blip rents go up every year I'm in awe of MRSA licenses nineteen seventy eight rents go up every year in every market they go up every year they don't go down and and


year and so you're gonna have you know every year more more more your money is going to go out the door for housing and if you buy a home and you lock down your payment you're right don't go up anymore that's run number one number two the value of the house goes up and when you're on when you're at obviously you don't own anything is going up number three as we have studied millionaires ten thousand of them we find the primary two things that are in their bucket that allow them to build their first million to five million dollars worth of work net worth is there four oh one K. Roth IRA retirement plan in good mutual funds like we teach and I paid for house that has gone up in value and so getting to work to pay that off so it's a great wealth building tool and stabilizes the largest line item in your budget which is housing and if the largest line item in your budget is going up every year that sucks

yeah it definitely leaves you vulnerable but I think in your situation it's kind of important to separate things out so you got your personal situation and thinking there is this the right timing for us and then you have them you know the market in the world and everything like that don't let your situation and thinking maybe you should wait a year or two make you start getting negative about the the market start looking at news articles start getting hopeless I mean it's so easy to get drug down into those feelings of negativity especially when the whole news cycle is talking about how bad real estate is and how there's not hope for our generation and you can't buy a house now don't let your feelings and fears you know get wrapped up in what the world is saying right now

if timing for you is bad and the market timing is bad that does not invalidate a lifetime of real estate ownership the the to your point those are different things separate those out I'll give you the first the last one

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free scream welcome guys

thank you thank you so much

good to have you or do you guys live

Rochester New York all rights over away from the snow we get in yeah real

for real you just Dodge that I featured at wow welcome to natural or we don't have that


it's not very often but when we do it's it's the worst of the worst out welcome guys good to have you

thank you

happy thanksgiving to you into a debt free scream how much of you paid off

eighty four thousand four hundred and fifty five dollars

excellent how long did this take

twenty six months

good in your range of income during that time

anywhere between a hundred and twenty and a hundred and fifty five and now depending on side hustles here somewhere probably in the one twenty five to one thirty right

very good we'll do for a living

we're both teachers all right good for you well done

show what kind of debt was the eighty four thousand gosh it was like everything

there's a whole bunch of normal we had some credit cards we had a couple of cars we had student loans a lot of student loans we are very expensive brains

the great the great American nightmare yes indeed

my gosh while

how long you been married

almost belly for years this spring yeah okay

so after you've been married for two years you look up and go

we had a change some stuff tell me what happened happened

get it you get in the marriage thing away so it's a second marriage for both of us and we made far too many money issues the stakes the first time around and we ended it we got married it was three years ago and we actually lived in two completely separate households for the first year that we are married because you know she had instead was home and I had an established home and we just we couldn't put out we actually have four children and we couldn't like put everybody all together under one roof immediately wow so we were like we're saving and saving to be able to do that and you know a year later we finally found a home I'm I'm for closure because who doesn't love a deal and then we don't pay the closing costs and we're going man that's a lot of money oh gosh there's still all this other debt oh my gosh we need to do is god's way all my gosh let's get going and then we just kind of start up while we were we were each kind of working the date that the proverbial Davis plan right we're working at sort of separately holding each other accountable and then getting married we combine our finances but we're still living separately because circumstances that would suggest how to how to how it worked and but that but seeing that closing costs check go across the table yeah and all of a sudden saying oooh okay it's it's it's time that really ratcheted up the intensity for us and it was it was game on from there yeah so what did this journey look like for you guys what did you do to get out of debt it's always good when it starts with a chuckle it is and it's funny because as teachers I mean we work we don't work like the forty hour a week now work you know what I mean because I need I teach English and he teaches chemistry and so there's a lot of just outside work in a lot of outside planning so it was always kind of going on man there's never any time to do anything there's never any time to do anything and I direct them musical theater program at our school so that was my primary side hustle for awhile until I realized that doesn't really pay a lot so I got another job at Kohl's and that helped out a lot and he was coaching and I've I've coached by a workers baseball umpires I work officially eight games all throughout the the region you know in the spring in the summertime so the two major titles we had but you know they're like ships in the night for a long time and usually it's around anything else although the two houses that right yeah we don't

answer then you end up with the one the new one


the foreclosure ones yet okay

and then it's game on with the cars and all the maps yeah and we were fortunate enough to be able to finagle the from the sale being able to pay off one car immediately now and you know than the other kind of started it really did and it was like it was a good like catalyst to get the whole thing the whole thing movement

it was exactly how to connect up with Ramsay stuff

through well initially through church we went through financial peace when we started dating and and kind of realized we didn't want money stressors in our relationship right and up and now we actually coordinate we've according to the couple yeah Q.

ordinators right now particularly you know

yep that's right yeah and we've enjoyed it both times right for over cash and we've had great people and we've gotten to know a lot of really awesome people through the whole thing we

usually use yep merry's I a for closure combined to households and there's a pandemic to

yeah that was actually that was awesome you know I I like it seems odd horn of money because there was no like I don't know maybe maybe we'll go do this I don't know I not open I had lots of time to watch you two videos and figure out how to fix all the stuff we needed to fix inside the house it worked out well enough while

it was including your budget

yep yeah I mean with that only doing half the job we cash flow do you know renovations and and paid out cash for a car when a lease ran out that was one of the other parts of it too is that I got rid of that dad got rid of all that too yeah but gas provinces so awesome because right at the time when all the used cars because we were one hundred percent going to buy a solid Dave Kerr and then it worked out that a solid Dave Kerr was my three year old Leafs that that was that was the best deal that we could get anything else you're going to be paying you know the same amount of money for something with huge amounts of mileage and how many owners and whatever else right so you're like okay well I guess this isn't and then we need cash for that and that was real cool and when I went apparently people don't buy cars with cash anymore because I went in there like okay what do you do you want to finance this message no I have a check in and out it was like I was caught okay do you do you need do you need to think about this and I said no I just want to give you the money and then I go do you people take money here and I don't know

and I've never done that

and I don't know how long he had been working there whatever now

never seen money now and it took a while and then they if you had cash he would turn you in as a drug thing

I asked him I go with cash be easier or can I just write a check and he's like no we don't want the actual cash now we don't please god no

I really wouldn't know what to do with it

right thirty one so flustered they forgot to put the tax into it so we had to go back and write another check yeah I got a deal

all my

I got a deal when I read it but what is strange world we live in laying with real money as weird yeah yeah Hey we like we're here to it's a lot of fun on the side you can tell you now we're looking at okay so there's only so much left on the house so we complement the tussle through that too

what do you all tell people the key to getting out of that is

consistency yep sacrifice the budget the budget shared vision yeah is a big part of without that it's it's almost impossible to duplicate it really matters

hi we got the living give bundle for you to say thanks for coming all the way to ninety four so probably all

thank you so much for having us

well done and that's the total money makeover book the new baby steps millionaires book both number ones you can enjoy and we're giving away whatever you want to end a year subscription to our membership to financial peace university you can give that one someone in your classes

that would be something thank you sell science

A. bility to give and Lee have you got your new baby stuff millionaires before we know it well done yeah that's the plan

so changing the family tree

bring the kiddos representatives from in ages and names

yes this is grace and Brandon both twelve perfect

good guy well done you guys excellent excellent job Patrick and heather Grayson brown in Rochester New York area and eighty four thousand but often twenty six months Meghan one twenty to one fifty five counted down let's share a debt

free scream three two one one that's how it's done that's the sound of a family tree being changed all you gotta love it love it

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H. ministries dot org slash Ramsey thanks giving American Christina Ellis Ramsay personality number one best selling author is my co host today

this might have been well the last two weeks or so been the I told you so too were with the crash of F. T. acts and everybody losing although a little bit coronation and I told him not to be doing it so I've been saying I told you so and rather loudly and proudly I might add but anyway I hate it I hate people lost money but they really did and also let me just rewind back to last spring I told you that before the mid terms that Biden would announce some kind of debt forgiveness program just in time to influence the mid terms and that he would and that when you looked into the details of the program you would see that it didn't amount to much but that they would make a big splash like they had really done something and they did exactly that and everyone's talking about Biden forgiving the minister knows Biden forgiving student loans right up into the mid terms and you notice no one's talked about it since the election and we came out real quietly this week and

said well

you know we're gonna suspend the forgiveness program until the court rules on it because the sixth circuit court is now put a permanent stay on it until there's an actual court case involved it's not it's no longer a temporary stay they've just put the Quietus on this thing into that forgiveness program so

yeah yeah Dave as I was reading this last night I had the thought how did Dave no we called it at every stop along the way so now

it's what I would have done if I were a politician with no principles that's exactly what I would have done because it made it was logical it makes sense

it was the same it was a

very shrewd political move no intention whatsoever no expectation whatsoever that the loans would actually ever be forgiven did not notify the department of education did not notify the student dot eight dot one student go distant one dot

yeah was a call made dot gov

stood night dot gov major part of the administration's function to forget this in large Dinning tell them ahead of time I mean if you're gonna roll out a program that's gonna affect tens of millions of people you've got to get your staff ready for this no notice to them whatsoever and then announces it not tells us right there that you know you think it's gonna go through

I think it's just hard to believe that like these are real people's lives this is a generation learning to relate to money and learning responsibility with money and to think that they could just you know have all this confusion and kind of be played with he has put a hold on

be manipulated by politicians

are so sweet

you know what happened

what to believe it would happen Dave is playing

yeah and so a federal student loan bills have been scheduled to resume in January of course they're going to have trouble getting through a house that is now majority Republicans not gonna happen so important to give students the next rate move is watch this it's going to be

the first

I tried to do it I tried but the mean Republicans wouldn't let me that's that's coming next that's the thing so by demonstration on Tuesday announced it will extend the payment pause because it is the one thing they can do on federal student loans until after June because you should never have to pay your bills because there's inflation that I caused that note that in what they said was it okay now that when we our top official at the education department recently said student loan default rates could dramatically spike if it's a loan forgiveness program is supported yep


nobody paid me for things so the way we're not going to admit that this this head fake on the you get forgiveness thing because but to stop paying at


we're just gonna not make you pay until June so that doesn't show up and by then you'll forget that the reason the student loan default rates went way up was because we told everybody we were gonna forgive them and then we didn't all backs back

yeah nice moves

much move so what does all this tell you

man it's been interesting it it's confusing that's what it really tells you right now it's it's it's kind of unfair and confusing I actually asked a question on Instagram last night just trying to get people's feelings on it and the range is so wide it's what was most interesting to me is even people student loans who are paying off student loans are starting to get frustrated they're like just give us clear guidance let us know what to expect this back and forth this it's going to be forgiven any at weight all of this is just so confusing and people are getting really frustrated CBS

just saw in the article I thought they were extending the payment because economic temper so bad no the education secretary Cardona says in a statement we're extending the payment pause because it would be deeply unfair


ask borrowers to pay a debt that they wouldn't have to pay if it wasn't for the baseless lawsuits brought by Republicans I told you there yep we're gonna at we're we're gonna do is not make you pay payments because the mean old Republicans are not a list of the forgiveness thing and that's what she just said

dang ouch

leading being being being okay moral stories this if you wait on this clown show


both sides of the house together you couldn't make a good circus if you mix the whole thing in a stew pot okay if you white on this clown show if you wait on the island of misfit toys it's called Washington DC to fix your life your life is always going to sock if you're waiting on a government program to make your life shiny your life's gonna suck it's not their job it's not within their power to make your life awesome it is within your power


and so here's a plan you took out the loan pay it back you owe it I don't know what I didn't take it out and I'm a taxpayer and I shouldn't have to pay your loan a guy who is a welder and didn't go to college and makes eighty five thousand dollars a year and work sixty hours a week and he's out there in subzero temperatures somewhere in North America right now welding a building together for you to sit your little but in shouldn't have to pay your student loans that's not fair

well my drop

shot thank about

but I will say if you have student loans right now and you hear this wake up call you're going man I don't want to wait on Washington I hate this feeling of confusion and you want to get ready to just attack these loans this is a great time to do it they don't know

this is not the time to not pay it's the time to pay

exactly they gave you more time interest free this is a blessing in that regard you have time without interest occurring to pay off the student loans yeah

get it can knock it out

another thing that's really crazy that's happening right now is they're sending out refund checks have you heard about that they're sending out refund checks in in anticipation of forgiveness so if you're somebody who got a refund check for money you paid during covert do not spend that money do not spend that money I actually have somebody reach out on Instagram and said that their student loan servicer send them a refund check and that they didn't request they didn't ask for the money back they had paid off their student loans and then I got a check back in anticipation of forgiveness

okay here here's a plan yeah I get the people out of your lives are completely incompetent and they obviously have an agenda that has very little to do with what's good for you their genders what's good for them all of them including the servicers all the wonders keep in that


literally knowing full well it's going to be

a pilot best

and never at least

want to send that refund checks during the holiday season when people are feeling a little depressed and it's tempting to see you know all this money in your bank account

I paid off my student loan innocent merry phone trick that

is Madden I can't even get your people out of my life I'm trying to get you out of my life wow and that's what that was heavy but

surely made just didn't want her eviction notice said she didn't want me kicked out nav and didn't wanna be put on the street where it belongs

they're backing you to come back and they don't want to let you go they don't want you to be free

they like you

they love you they love you thank you great and the most toxic

the worst kind of

all where right oh my god they're not your friends

owned a a better story on December fourteenth we're going to do our annual giving show where we talk about generosity

and I want to hear from some of you that I've got some great generosity stories for you gave any change someone's life and you can inspire other people to be generous or whether you receive and you're going to great inspiring story that way sinister giving story to ask at Ramsey solutions dot com ask at Ramsey solutions dot com for giving the subject line and the team will be back with you and get you lined up for the December fourteenth special edition of the ramp show all on giving this is have you been inspired to make a change with your money want to know where to start take her three minute money place to get a plan you can follow the Ramsey solutions stop and search for started to get a

Hey it's James producer of the Ramsey show this episode is over the check the episode notes for links to products and services you heard about during this episode thanks for listening