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November 22, 2022

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Dave Ramsey & Ken Coleman discuss: A marriage disagreement about paying off the house, The idea of an "emergency credit card", Applying the baby steps to a business, DAVE RANT: The declining work ethic, Investing vs. paying off the house. Support Our Sponsor: Churchill Mortgage PODS Moving & Storage Have a question for the show? Call 888-825-5225 Weekdays from 2-5pm ET Want a plan for your money? Find out where to start: https://bit.ly/3nInETX Listen to all The Ramsey Network podcasts: https://bit.ly/3GxiXm6 Learn more about your ad choices. https://www.megaphone.fm/adchoices Ramsey Solutions Privacy Policy


broadcasting from the pods moving and storage it's the Ramsey show cash is king in the paid off home mortgage I was taking the place of the B. M. W. as the status symbol of choice we help people build wealth to work with I love to create actual amazing relationship thank you for joining us America the phone numbers triple eight eight two five five two two five Ken Coleman Ramsey personality number one best selling author of the book paycheck the purpose and host of the Kim Coleman show talking about your jobs or careers is my co host today open phones triple eight eight two five five two two five Amanda's weathers in fort worth hi Amanda how are you

hi how are you guys

better than we deserve what's up

I need I'll need your help to solve an argument between my husband and I about paying off our mortgage


total arm he's retired he's sixty six and I'm still working on sixty three are we don't have any data except for mortgage are we owe a hundred thousand on it or wanting to take money out of our four oh one he's wanting to take money out of four once you pay that balance of them on the mortgage but I always I always agree with that paying off the mortgage but now it's been to watch so much money in our four oh one day and I know if we take it out been dead it's considered really believed in it so I just wanted your opinion on okay

I'm sure you're not arguing as to whether to do there sure are gonna order this now or wait on the market come back up

yeah exactly

okay so that that's the only question is the timing not the actual action

well yeah we definitely want to do it

okay and how much is in the four oh one K.

it was four hundred thousand now it's three hundred and we owe a hundred thousand on the house in a disarray thousand dollar house and that he probably has about forty thousand we can put towards in cash we can put towards it you don't need to be sixty thousand come in I don't know what you're invested one very poorly the market is not down twenty five percent

markets down seventeen tomorrow five to fifteen percent

nine I don't know if he lost a hundred thousand in the last two years not one year that so I probably need to check on it again we are within investor pro calling it a check on it again

with the smartest bro


yeah what do you make

seventy thousand mmhm intra

that's on the bubble for me okay here's why if you tell me about four million in there I'll tell you to stop your whining and just write a check today okay if you had a hundred dollars or if you have two hundred thousand in their internal Paul hundred out that's only gonna leave your hundred until you don't do it let's wait and and Whittle away at it and pay it down out of your income okay but you're kind of in the middle and I was four hundred or three hundred in there you're kind you have a good a good amount still left in the nest egg if you have other investments other than this for a one

for one is a view of capital for one mine and my husband's hand toucher how do you I think you could retire here sixty three he's sixty seven

okay so both of you can get at it okay so that's a total of all your retirement then

yes okay hi

you know either ones okay I really can't help you with solving the argument what I want to share and I would do in this case is arm we we would probably kind of meet in the middle and that would be okay I'm a what I'm willing to wait on it to come back up some but not just this indefinite weird thing so I'm gonna block put a number on it when the account returns to X. we're taking the money out paying off the mortgage


and I don't care what that is I mean if you make it form twenty three thousand right whatever when the when they accounted for twenty three that day we're taking a hundred out of paying off the house and just be in agreement on the number instead of this vague thing of the stock market emotions right now all that stuff right we don't get in that game show that that would be the game

start even are like around eleven hundred dollars or make payments we can start putting that back in the market to you know so that's kind of what we think you know you have again so you could do it today

it's not going to cause you to bankrupt is not going to cause you to not


at retirement you could do it today but if you want to ride to your point the market is down we want to try to ride it back up a little I'm not much on time in the market I don't like that in general but I kinda get it to a point shot if it's me I'm gonna say alright when it gets to a certain point and I don't care what that is three seventy five y'all talk it through but I'm I'm somewhere three sorry five four quarter or something like that then that day I'm cashing it out and we're both in agreement and the arguments over what is

is I'm

I'm curious about is the forty cash you said you could throw his out above and beyond your merge the fund


we're going through that I would do that for sure yeah that's less money you're pulling out of the four oh one K. when that time comes yeah good point and you know what might happen you might just beat the crap out of the thing out of your income in your budget with only sixty left and just knock it out and not even hit the four oh one that could happen before it comes back up to your magic number you come up with right


but it but the trade that vehicle thing about the the the this is it doesn't really matter either way you go on this what matters mostly is that you get an agreement and you get in a fight and then that puts both of your shoulder to the plough again and it starts to starts the plow moving again right now we're just circling and running around and you know arguing about it and it shows so let's just decide what it is put a number on it though the forty at it start beating it on out we're only now the budget and when it returns to that number if you had knocked out finished off that day yeah yeah that's and given that that we just put forty on there's only sixty left I'm I think that motivates me to knock the sixty you know I'm gonna be real tempted to do it now but I'm also gonna if not I'm gonna lower the number that's the magic number yes my take about way back down to three fifty or something I'm not I want to get two or three sixty sales three hundred left over after we take the money out right or you get paid taxes of three seventy whatever but some you know let's let's just decide something like that the end the end and then get their arm when the balance is equal to the amount over three hundred I'm making all this I just like to have some kind of set objective thing that Sharon and I no longer have an argument now the decisions already made it a matter of when it gets there it's executed by him yeah yeah you know here Amanda it you you Dave giving her advice I'll tell you my personal opinion is I hate paying taxes so much that I would pay the forty today and then I knocked the sixty I just don't want to take I don't take the tax hit only four oh one K. even though it's a viable option it just drives me nuts day to take a hit yeah I'd I'd want to just cash flow and pay the sixty off wouldn't hurt anyone no one heard anything and then it's coming back your four oh one K.'s gonna get back there so and the good news is not six hundred and the good news is they got options and again this is Dave they both want to pay the house off so that's a nice thing to be unified on really really really good work excellent excellent job this is the Ramsey show folks the best advice when it comes to real estate today is don't get too hung up on interest rates real estate is still a solid investment have rates gone up yes but think about it if you're renting when you really could buy it's like paying a hundred percent in interest you don't build any equity when you rent and that rent can hike up without any warning but when you buy a home you contribute to your future every month a portion of that fixed mortgage payment goes toward your equity in a home that can grow in value rent until you're financially ready to buy then don't let fear stop you real estate is an investment for you while long term renting is an investment for your landlord call my friends at Churchill mortgage to learn more they'll guide you on how to buy a home the right way at the right time just go to Churchill mortgage dot com again that's Churchill mortgage dot com this is a paid advertisement

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how are you Hey how you doing today

better than I deserve how can I help

you I'm so my question is meanwhile I have been doing our finances and I've come to notice that she has a credit card spending issue and I thought maybe we should get a smaller amount credit card to help so that she can't spend so much is it going to solve anything or is this just a bad idea all around

I I don't think she has a credit card spending issue I think you have a household vision issue

okay I could agree

the two of you don't have a big enough vision for your future that you're willing to pay the price to do instead were acting like little children buying whatever we want whenever we want which is what most Americans do and that's what most people are broke and so you need a bigger vision I want to change my family tree I want to be able to travel I want to be able to drive a car is not a piece of crap that I pay cash


I want to be able to whatever I wanna be able to be outrageously generous to people especially this time of year activated on to do all that work to dad gum broke because our money processes in our money habits sock and so we need a bigger vision that we're both willing to give up our bad habits to get to the bigger vision and then the credit cards just go away because they don't they don't they're not included in a big vision of people who want one with money you just get debit cards you don't need a credit card

Jacek dating but in a way

down just the whole thing goes away I mean you need to chop them all up and have an emergency fund to have a budget and be working your way out of debt and you sound like you're fairly new to our stuff

yes Sir okay yes Sir

all right I'll send your Christmas present you and your wife look at it's called the total money makeover and it walks you through a detailed proven plan step by step on what you can do to get control of your money get you some money habits that work but you're treating the symptom you're not training the problem yeah he said he knew that I think he just needed to hear someone else say it you know I'm gonna limit


undisciplined as opposed to let's remove the lack of discipline


that's we want attack but no one does discipline for discipline's sake new can have a big picture yeah I don't want to lose weight reason right you know or whatever it is for this yeah that's right now open phones a triple eight eight two five five two two five Daniels with this Daniel is in Atlanta Georgia how are you Daniel

I'm good how are you guys doing names

better than we deserve what's up

I am a ten one and some general wisdom from you since your business owner we run a small business and these it's a family business and I wanted to know how you would apply your basic budgeting principles at home to business kind of sort of operate cash on cash only basis kind of in just like that is what I'm looking for them

okay what kind of business of Asia

it's a construction trade business we've been in business for about seventeen years but it's kind of what you say we work harder than smoke we work hard but it we are workers security basically I kind of think about what kind of construction are you doing glasswork residential

for subcontractors

yeah we're subcontractors for builders and homeowners and remodelers so okay

I'm we work we work with construction people of the United States an entree leadership all right and I grew up in the construction business real estate business show on you and me are from the same people okay you're my people


yeah and so on here's what normally happens I don't know if it happened at your place but normally we got a guy who is really good at a trade in your case glass okay and then they decide I'm going to open a glass business I'm going to own the thing and now you're still really good at class but you don't have a business skills which is what you're asking me for

yeah my dad he was very much a technician which yep so speaking of all that stuff you know he was very technician like which you recommended a boat you recommend a book in the email by Michael Gerber which is I listen to it while I'm driving around I yeah I finished it and it it runs true with a lot of things that are going on right now yeah

you're not you're working in the business you're not working on the M.

I. yes the one main thing I need to do this all the way you do about your

number one there's a subset in your world but the way you do a budget is overall are you planning out what your income is going to be this coming month and that's fairly easy to do because you got most of the jobs on the books in the pipeline so you want to know what we're going to get jobs are gonna get played on this month and we look at our expenses for the month and the differences call profit



go ahead

would you that based off of what actually came in what would you do that awful what is expected to come in because

the budget budget is a projection


then the actual management against budget is if we're above budget we've got more profit over below budget we got less profit okay in shape but we in no case go borrowing money because we didn't do any projections and we're living with mental illness out of are here all the time


I'm making it up every Friday


was very stressful

first trust no no it's it's good so that's the main thing is creating some reading time to maybe do a forecast leading up to the first thing but

then you know you're really it's going to take several hours the first time you do it then it's going to take an hour of the second time you do it and this can take thirty minutes the third time you do it there's not a lot to this another subset in your world as you probably ought to look at it for an app or some builder software then help shoe job cost and you run a profit and loss statement each job


so you estimate the job could you guys do an estimate in turn in a bid probably right

well not really I mean we do we use quickbooks right now we have our own excel program that gives us our

I mean you have to give the contractor and priced right

yeah yes we do but half the time right now I just go with whatever we give them these days mmhm to be honest but we do have a general we have a margin we work off of so that you know we do have to do that so yes

okay so you do a bed and you've got a margin and then you go back and look did you actually get that margin or not or do you just go on and act like nothing happened when you screwed up

we now we have you got to revisit on try to get a check and then keep on Pushin town

which could lost money can you wouldn't ever and we would never know to adjust your next testament if you don't go back and visit the last testament versus actual yeah she got a job cost every job is a has is its own P. and L. in other words and did we make money on that and it take takes ten seconds to look at it if you put the if you put the information in so it sounds like you probably need to outsource some bookkeeping and you need to put some job costing software on your phones and then start living by these numbers because this is going to catch you when this market slows down buffet says when the tide goes out you can tell it was skinny dipping in the glass businesses gold business right now but it might not be in three months all right you guys if you're planning to move soon you don't want to miss this Black Friday deal pods moving and storage is offering up to thirty percent off your move yes I said thirty percent this is serious savings folks and you don't even have to camp 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how to pronounce it but I'm sure listen up my pronouncing because with his wonderful it's a great job right now saying it right yeah but you know Mike has been sounding the same alarm that you and I have been sounding particularly you that we have a what you were saying at the break is a social crisis involving and showing up in the unemployment numbers are out when we properly measure them now this economist is a mathematician that did this book on how things worked out was that there are I think a sense Mike's podcast mostly the name of his book out of my hands and I handed it to me the other day and on a vent out last minute work phone now stake in something along with the the essence of their discussion that you and I have been having a similar discussion is this shift in the workplace right now that we've got a large number of jobs available and no one applying for them there's a shortage of labor for the first time in post war or to America we've never seen this in modern America and the reason there's a shortage is not because the jobs are so plentiful it's because they're ours okay according this article from fox news quoting my growing quoting this economist there are now seven million able bodied males between twenty five and forty years old that are able to work and are not even looking for work yeah that's correct and it's it's staggering and so the point here is that what's going on this is causing massive economic problems before we look at the social very quick glance here when you have a gap in the jobs like we've had now for the last two years then you've got real small business is being hurt by this think about the restaurant in your small town they can't find people to work and it's affecting their livelihood then the other economic factors of course we saw it we still see a war for talent and show wages have gone up tremendously in the last two years which is now led to a stubborn inflationary period that we're in now that's the economic peace the social peace what's crazy about this is is that you've got six point eight million people let the last last month according to the latest jobs report in the census bureau a hundred million Americans weren't working last month now half of a hundred million a hundred nine hundred million but half were working no I've got hold on no we don't have a hundred million unemployed there's only three remain hosting say they're unemployed I'm saying it's just not working period I'm just breaking the numbers down our ally first half a retired okay another twelve percent are dealing with some type of long term illness so there or disability okay and then five point six million people saying I don't want to go back to work because they're scared of covert and then the numbers right at seven million they're saying I don't want to work and those are the men so the social factor that's going on here is you get two factors one you've had decades and decades of entitlements starts with welfare and then if you look at during code where people were getting payments every week every month all right so that's that's an entitlement were there dis incentivized to actually go back to work and then Dave I think the fact that for decades we've we've literally taking the pain away from our kids we removed the struggle and I don't say this with Jess but I think when you look at things like everybody gets a trophy for participation and nobody learns the sting of failure nobody learns the sting of rejection so what happens is a good amount of the seven million men not all of them are in this conversation that Mike had with this economists are looking at screens up based on the data they say how much time they spent on screens like it does with our agents two thousand your hours a year or two thousand hours seven million man twenty five to fifty four are spending two thousand hours of your own so self medicating because they're scared to leave the cave using your old analogy Markevitch mother's basement right but the idea is they're afraid to put themselves out there and here's what we know about work so when someone succeeds in work their self esteem goes up

to the

they have financial independence or the opportunity for financial freedom and then three they're part of something bigger than themselves it's a sense of belonging Dr John Delaney would tell your mental health goes up because your dignity or autonomy that's it your ability to control your environment goes up there is such a mental illness tie in no question caused by not working that's right literally this show this idea that you have not put gravel in the stomach of your kids they have no gret means as a parent you sock and so you mommies need to throw your twenty five year old out of his out of your basement yesterday and I put him on the street and teach him to work you're late to the party but you need to do this you are doing him a disservice you are doing America a disservice you are doing your neighbors a disservice you're doing the mental health community a disservice you're risking his increased likelihood of depression anxiety and suicide that's exactly right you are you are doing all of these things because you're letting junior play call of duty two thousand hours a year in your basement and he I never been called to any duty yeah and the irony of this is you're doing all of that under the guise of helping your kid feel good about themselves and the very thing that they need to feel good about themselves is to go out and do good it's the worst suffocation of America yeah it's just a bunch of what she's done is what amounts to and you know seriously a good cowboy boot in the **** of this whole thing would be helpful it really really what it just pisses me off I mean this is just a thing where you just need to work oh my god seven million and they shot they call the men in this article are called the mails all right males twenty five fifty twenty five to forty seven million of them literally sitting on their **** and someone else is caring for them the government are there mommy there live in girlfriend who think she's cute here's the breakdown mama do you yeah here's a here's some of the census data day from a Bloomberg article the equivalent of thirty two million people aren't working are relying on savings that includes retirement okay another twenty six motor using credit cards or loans and twelve million of its only a credit card is the devil it's at the center of the problem here it is and then here's the well here's the part we've been talking about twelve million have said that they're borrowing from family or friends to help keep them out of the work force yeah sure living on Hamlin friends that are not on your enablers yep you're giving a drunken drink when they're having a lazy person the ability to still be lazy you're giving someone who's an avoidance mode because they're afraid they're scared they're paralyzed by the facing reality and stepping into the real world when the best thing that can happen to you the most a lot of you'll ever feel is when you risk it and you step up to the plate and the ball comes whizzing across the scares the S. out of you while you swing the bat best thing that can happen to you it's rather strike out right it's okay right sometimes it doesn't work out all well I think the the simplest way to look at what they've seen is remember all of us when we rode a bike the first time we were terrified horrified maybe I'm terrified right now yeah I think we took that fear we stepped into it we will learn to ride the bike it wasn't much longer before we were say look mom no hands we go from terrified to get on the bike to look mom no hands that's the human spirit the idea of these kids these men should take kids with some of our emotionally kids they need to feel alive the way you feel alive is by making a contribution for yourself and for others you don't you don't feel I was a risk well that's exactly right and coddling the coddling of the American male the worst suffocation of this culture it is really starting to be a social problem and now it cannot order out as a parenting problem it started out as this and Hey man I don't know do we now I'm just gonna blame you moms and dads well I would say the friends and the parents are absolutely cold you know I'm playing call of duty if you want but moms and dads are good moms that rip the crap out of Wallace I get your **** out mow the grass here's one of the we the people taxpayers giving these morons to sit on their **** no more government entitlements that we the people who sell it's just not good for the more it's not good for the government and it's not good for us I like to make some no more okay she's like the soundtrack dollar policy news of the Ramsey show thank you for joining us America open phones at triple eight eight two five five two two five Mike is in Claire Wisconsin can Coleman is my co host today rooms you personality Hey Mike how are you Dave are you better than I deserve what's up

R. so my wife and I are on baby steps four through six we got through the first three over the last twenty two months


thanks so my question is a little bit of a formal question we have forty thousand dollars left in our house well what the market on such a start downturn I'm wondering if I shouldn't take that fifteen percent but I should be putting towards the house and possibly invest that in you know mutual funds or an S. and P. five hundred index one or something like that


this guy is kind of like the blue market specialty the blue light special you've been talking about

I'm not trying to time the market in that regard I'm just trying to get people to not pull money out of the market sure now you need to you know pay off your house did

okay you do not

yeah I'm I'm the the market always be there'll always be up and it'll always be down you got plenty of the appointed time right now we want to finish this up and have no house payments because I got tight when you when you you what you don't anticipate is when you pay that very last bail and you don't have a single dad in the world your house is paid for you're you're not you're physically gonna feel this when you push that button


and that's the way different than just taking advantage of a down market and I just is such it just will there's this thing that happens such a very down again it does and again this is the long game that we're talking about right well you just think about that feeling multiplied by decades of the financial freedom the emotional freedom all of that plays out it it's just a priority issue I don't think you can argue that at all don't get distracted the again this is a distraction and I appreciate the question you know say Hey I want to take advantage because he's gone the market's down this is a good time to


to to jump in and that's why we tell you to stay not put it in but stay don't pull the money out but yeah you can argue the long game yeah all stick the the systems that we've put in place to work our in our case study out and modeled out for thirty years ten million people have done them R. four up times and down times for inflationary cycles for recessionary cycles all these different things gas prices are five dollars or two dollars it it is the only systems that work in all times and N. ya inflation scary and yell market being down scary and yeah market but now it's tempting to put money in I get all of that but just stay the course just stay the course just stay the course just slow and steady wins the race tortoise beach there is every time Lydia is in Atlanta hi in Lydia how are you

I'm good are you

better than I deserve what's up

thanks for taking my call so this is more of an ethical question so my husband I'm calling on behalf of my husband he is committed to working at a particular company for five years he's been here for about he meanwhile has created a business that has taken off and is providing everything that we need but he's been working at business after he works his full time job which takes a lot of time commitment bin laden family from his family he would like to quit his full time job a year early so that's where that will come

to a five year deal

I know

that's weird

an operable there was no contract it was kind of off the cuff he was being re hired at this place because he quit for a year and a half percent something else and he came back and he wanted a five year commitment if you look at a rate higher so at that point he didn't have what it what do you make of

it what you making it a side gig profit

he is making just as much and has added full time job which I don't I don't wanna say on mine because we have lots of people who listen you know I felt

so you know if you can

match them when Oct

okay well the the question I have here is beyond the verbal Hey if I re hire you I want you to commit for five years it was there anything else tied to the conversation obviously there's no contract so there's no legal issue here this is just how do you want to leave because he wants to leave you wanting to leave well to the extent that you can so what else was committed to beyond just Hey will you come back in and give me five years was that basically the the the in and out of it

I I think it was are you back at what you what what you were making when you quit

has he done very well over the last four years for this company


Hey how's his relationship with his current leader or the the ultimate boss

it's good it's very good he he works there and he had worked there for a really long time with the exception of that year and a half break that he's worked there for a long time we highly respect a lot of people that work there he and that's the biggest thing he's afraid of is losing a lot of that respect


he should be out here

I think this is Amanda man conversation back where you're going you should and you tell the truth okay listen I gave you my word I gave you my word that I would be here five years and I'm gonna ask you to release me from that obligation because I I'm ready I'm ready to go huh



did have that conversation when I study and and he it was brought up are you committed your you gave me your word you would be here for five years

what's the what what but there's something beyond the word I get it but what is his position what is that leader worried about if he leaves

what what specifically is probably because it's a hard position to replace someone in and will take some time and training to get to that point but he just he's so stressed out about it and

not reasonably priced out about a you make a decision the stresses over the decision if you're gonna stay or the decisions you're gonna go it's over yeah either one either way I mean just make a decision that's the stress is coming from the ambivalence the the indecisiveness he and he doesn't he doesn't want to be unlike his own people bashing but I don't know how much of that you can control up you did I did give his word right your husband

I think I think he keeps on the stage

I think it kind of just what you had on your word is what I'm saying but I got I got I got a workaround potentially I think your husband's number one priority is to find his own replacement and commit to the training and the quicker he can find his replacement now this is if the leader commit grease of this off I go help you find the right person to replace me and I help with the training and we get that person there that I'd like to leave earlier if we get it there I think that's the only way to short to shorten the twelve months and I would try that if it were me I would be trying to advance my leaving but do it in an honorable way that fulfills the need yeah that I am creating but if you want to hold me to it I'm gonna going to give you my notice now that on that day I'm gone it's very rare

kind of how it where it's at right now how would you handle him tweet after less responsibility but he's been given opposite they just pile stuff on him and made his job more stressful

no I'm not gonna I refuse to accept the member responsibility I didn't promise you that that's a separate conversation I would be here you know I shouldn't agree to

any patient during his five years has not increased by much it doesn't matter it yeah

it doesn't matter he's gonna be there a year because he promised he would be


and it's bothering him that's bothering them and there's a little more depth to all of this then I'm getting in this call but I can't see behind the curtain I can feel it's there but I don't know what else is going on here exactly but anyway

the personal aspect of it is now

yeah I think personal relationship here I think there's some personal relationships that are weaving into this as well and so anyway no I'm not taking any more responsibility I'm going to fulfill my word I'm not gonna run your whole business for you

that wasn't what I told you I would do I told you I wouldn't quit for five years and I'm not gonna quit I'm gonna give you my notice now the five year mark I'll be my last day I'm done in the meantime I'm going to do the exact job description that you told me to do and I'm not going to work more hours and I'm not going to take on more responsibility for the same money if you order that you need to hire somebody else and for that you know that's fair you're keeping

you know you're keeping your word playing three

and I think you need I think he wants to do that you just don't want to

this is the rams you show

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