I’m Finally Making Good Money & I’m Worried It Will Change Me (Hour 1) - Transcripts

November 22, 2022

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Dave Ramsey & Ken Coleman discuss: Pursuing your dream job, Worrying that making a lot of money will change who you are, How to pay off business debt. Support Our Sponsor: Splash Financial Grip6 Zander Insurance Have a question for the show? Call 888-825-5225 Weekdays from 2-5pm ET Want a plan for your money? Find out where to start: https://bit.ly/3nInETX Listen to all The Ramsey Network podcasts: https://bit.ly/3GxiXm6 Learn more about your ad choices. https://www.megaphone.fm/adchoices Ramsey Solutions Privacy Policy


broadcasting from the pods moving and storage studios it's the Ramsey show that is I'm just kidding in the paid off home mortgage has taken the place of the BMW knows the status symbol officials we help people build wealth the work that they actually love to create real amazing relationships

open phones this hour Kim Coleman Ramsey personality number one bestselling author host of the king Coleman show is my co host today

open phones at triple eight

eight two five five two two five at triple eight eight two five five two two five and can I am convinced America should be very afraid right now are returning to the phone screening share after


after several years in management and leadership is on the famous Lara




when she started she was Laura Mayes were used to color the amazing one and then we learned better


all cold wow right out of the gate just got back in the control room use

the abuse begins quickly some management tooling here Ramsey

appears so far to see her over there you know she only got shot across the

you know across the glass from here and like this couldn't talk back which was wonderful for like thirteen years now and then moved into producing and yet leading the production team shirt Ramsey and all this and today because run a holiday week we're short handed and she's stepped back into our her old talents

yeah I she and I used to oversee me on the video channel when I first started here I was not a personality that was so short and boy she just gave me all kinds of grief share things in my ear all I was live on the air and so she's she's awesome it's good to see your smiling face she's the OG the the original right there L. J. the O. G. so it's good to have her in there I did encounter kinda help when world I'm trying hard every teenager that's listeners rolling but I asked her how many people had to not be available for us to to get you today and it was a lot it was

no way down the list

yeah yeah yeah so

taken out the bottom floor Johnson screening phones today associate producer for the day so she's working for all the people that work for her today and that's how it works here Ramsey we do what it takes to get R. done open phones triple eight eight two five five two two five Thomas is in Florida Hey Thomas welcome to the Ramsey show

I am glad to be here


how can we help

well I did I'm very goal driven person recently I've been wondering should I try and work towards my passion of being a storyboard writer should I listen to Michael rose advice and find a trade job to help me become a little bit more profitable than focus on my passions

well that's a that's a good set up I've heard a lot of people reproach me on that what Mike says and I I don't want you to confuse what he's saying I think this is probably a both end what is it going to take for you to be a successful storyboard writer that that comes out to skills and experience so what does that journey look like can you do that full time if you cannot support yourself to the full time then maybe a trade or any other job that that I would call a day job that allows me to take care of business and then train get some experience on the side build the relationships and get to a place where I could step from one to the other and I think the way you said that in that second classification is probably the way to do it but doesn't have to be a trade

where it manages some

when we your storyboard

in all our productions and things we do here on I'm kinda doubting since I know a little bit about the business that there's full time work for a storyboard writer in Sarasota springs Florida


if you're in

LA Atlanta

Nashville where there's a lot of film production a lot of video production of things I am I missing something essential to spring to center video and I don't know what

no Sir but I'll just want thinking about like maybe moving likes where were the work would be more available

yeah you can get there the question is what does it look like what's a successful story boardrider making you know

R. no Sir

you got it now what do you we can't just kind of go well I'd like to do this well you know I'd like to talk about asking ball to ten foot room it's not happening


so how

about a traveling so how realistic is it so here's the first thing you gotta do what what is a career path look like in that space in today's point is that a full time gig if it's not is it a subsidiary of a writing position

yeah I got it your content and creative guy first and foremost I'm afraid you're knitting this out too far I mean you you've you've got this down to the very nuanced job that a handful of people in the world half and so

I mean

content creation isn't in essence what storyboarding is

that's right


you know you're you're you're you're

creek helping the production team create a narrative and a flow through what they're getting ready to put on film


tape whatever you wanna call it none of the above digits but anyway the R. R.


I'm if we were doing that it Ramsey we will be hiring a creative who also did a content person who also did the matter fact that's what they're how we do it we don't have anybody here that does that so I I'm I'm kind of done it how old are you

I am twenty years old so how did you decide that story board writing what's your thing because I usually enjoy a usually enjoy the light coming up with with expanding through storylines and coming up with creative way create original ideas and so forth and I know you're entering active life

stay right there what you just

do all right content guide

so Thomas what you just said to us that is a fifty thousand foot view of the job description so you start with that now the research process is what are all the different ways that professionally I can do this work the water the pathways to all of those positions then we ask well then what am I going to have to do to get the experience and the qualifications to eventually get there now we have really answers and again you're twenty I appreciate the call but you don't know what you don't know and we've got to go get answers to those type of things then the question is all right what is the best financial path for me to get there it is picking up a trade

but again

you know the trades that we think of blue collar work but in today's world you can go to a coding camp and you can get an I. T. trade the page you very very well that will give you stability and the opportunity to acquire the skills on the side because in the world that we live in and and let's just call the content world whether you're broadcaster speaker author is a matter that is a much tougher path it takes a little bit longer and it is based on experience experience experience and many times experience doesn't pay it so you've got to be patient and this is a long haul potentially up if you want to be that contents base

yeah it out I think you could very well end up spending a lot of your life doing store before boarding at some point but it's kinda like you called up and said I not only want to be an actor I want to be an actor in commercials I don't really wanna be an actor commercials I want to be an actor only on car insurance commercials and so I'm gonna tell you pan back a little bit and let's broaden never rise in the still encompasses your action area and let the storyboarding B. and nuance within it and I think it'll help you get there to make calls thank you Sir Richard you were honored with your question thank you this is a rancher you've been hearing a lot about the government's plan to forgive some federal student loans but what about private student loans well the government's not planning to help with those the good news is my friends and splash financial good they'll help you see if you can save by refinancing those high interest private loans go to splash financial dot com today and check your rate if you qualify for a lower rate you could say big over the life of your loans so visit splash financial dot com that's a splash financial dot com today

gentleman Ramsey personality number one best selling author of the paycheck the purpose of my coach today Brett

is with us Brett is in Charleston South Carolina hi Brett welcome to the Ramsey show

Hey thank you both for having me on it's a pleasure to talk to yeah

sure what's up

so I grew up very poor you know often not even happen meal and then there's my goodness senior high school both my parents got jobs making six figures and it seems like it was so fun now miss living recklessly all family and then the parents got divorced everything just kind of fell apart and I now have been blessed of owning my own business and making a pretty considerable salary increase

and I'm find myself

feeling fearful about the money that I'm making I know I still have eleven thousand dollars to pay off on the baby step two but I just I'm kind of afraid of

the effective money I I just living in fear and I'm hoping to get some help

be more specific

what it what is it you're you know I just I don't want the lifestyle of money to be able to attack share latest things that really matter to me you know I don't want it so that we're just eating out and living you know like this great life and then some of the south family values and kind of go by the way right how do you find those values while earning greater money and how do you stay rooted I guess okay I'm number one I don't think you're gonna have a problem because you are watching for it it's the people that don't watch for it that that it gets so you're not looking to money to be your salvation and so it's not going to let you down people that get in trouble are the ones that say I'll be happy when and then they're not happy when okay because money isn't my air you know success money anything's a bully in the schoolyard as soon as you achieve it in your stomach or you know draws a line in the sand and says if you step across this line I'm gonna punch you and you step across the line he backs up draws another line should be step across this line then I'm really gonna punch you know and that's what it dubbed it's always moving this I'll be happy when I'll be happy when I'll be happy when and those are the people that getting money gets them off track because they thought money had a power to do things it does not have it does not have the power to give you happiness it does not have the power to give you joy it does not have the power to give you peace it does not have the power to I create values in your family unless you try to give it that power and then it will let you down but you're not going to do that so I'm really not worried about you I I appreciate you saying that you know it's just that data four daughters I just wanna make sure I you know he added to its best opportunity so I'm I don't like my little boy we don't we finally got a decent car after we're gonna bankrupt and are my little boy at the time it is a low guy he's the smallest of the Ramseys right and we take we get him on the phone to get a car that's not got like a dent in it you know I mean this I finally get a decent vehicle and he's in the backseat and we're doing the whole family drive around the block in the new car everybody check out the new car all we're excited right you know the routine right and he leans back and he goes where DO and press TV good right that's a signal that there's a problem and so I just stopped the car and I said we aren't doing good at all I'm doing good you got nothing I'm doing pretty good you're you're broke okay and so you just need to know it's where you're starting from B. R. okay buddy and so you know and and so that's in other words we did not allow money to be the value of okay now we're okay when we get this better Kerr now we're okay if we get to move in that house now or okay if I have a thing a label on my purse or whatever the crap it is right and so you know that you're just not gonna allow your family to be defined by this and so money then becomes


PT Barnum a wonderful saying he said money is a fabulous slave it's a horrible master


that's what we're talking about is who's in charge here you are the money you're in charge the money's not so you're not going to fall prey to these things as long as you keep money not don't let money be in charge in anyone's life that is in your purview your your you know your spouse your kids as for me in my house money is a tool it's not the master do you see what I'm doing yeah

yeah I I would

say this

I could feel the fear on you and that's why we push you to be specific and I think you're afraid that more money and a fluency that comes with that is going to distract you and tempt you to do things you don't want to do as opposed to say no the money I make any wealth that comes with that is going to allow me to do more of what I believe we should do so I think it's boundary setting up those boundaries like Dave said when do you hear something or see something or smell something among the family were good that's not right I want to nip that in the but I think it's setting boundaries the not worrying about the temptation if you get clear boundaries I think you're going to do more of the right things ed stead of doing things that you don't want to but you

you grew up hearing and most of us did R. that that you know rich people are evil or they're all crooks or something like that which is absolute hogwash it's actually it's an absolute it's asinine it's an absolute lie but it's the stuff that poor people are hopeless people say because our challenge


and so you know most rich people I know are no more crooked than the poor people I know I don't know more righteous than the poor people I know you know the amount of money you have doesn't make you a crook or righteous R. E. engineer quality show you know it it's


moral money's a morally does not have morals it just attach is itself to people who do and so yeah you just you got this message from childhood from the old

from the

from the growing up at the neighborhood and you're like you know all wow I'm I'm afraid I'm going to become one of those evil rich people and then you discover now I'm just gonna be one of the good rich people okay thank god yeah

well I got it

I love you said about the Daniels story is one of the favorite stories remind yourself that Shaquille o'neal said I believed in his hall of fame speech but it's perspective he said to his kids we ate rich I'm rich you know it's like give the kids context yeah why do I make this money what had to happen for us to get to this place now what we believe we should do with money and you give a perspective you know and then the kids and everybody else goes okay I get it but it you know

here's the thing and and

you show the kids

came from hard work

show the kids a

business is successful because we're helping a lot of people

at that exactly right and Hey all I had to struggle you know I tell my kids all the time like I try to remind they were little when I first started after this whole broadcasting thing I remind him all the time how bad the first broadcasting things I did work like they don't even deserve to be drug out of the ditch yeah the ash heap of history like you had to do bad stuff you had to do humble stuff you had to struggle it took time to build like this doesn't just you'll just show up and do the things I'm doing today and and my all my kids understand that you know and by the way they also understand that if they want more money they've got to go to work yeah I don't just keep filling up their bank account

eating out Google does not restore your family values he brought a beating out several times eating out does not

yeah I think he was worried about getting away from the dinner table once I get that then then shut down over the dinner table part of the family tradition part of our part of our weekly schedule that is

our three nights a week five nights a week whatever it is we are all gathering at the table and I know you can't book anything across that and I don't care what your friends are doing and this is what we do the other nights we go out to eat or you're out your buddies or do whatever you go to somebody else's house whatever but these nights were here and if you're if you want to establish that as a family tradition of family rhythm that's a good thing


is a good thing and if you're going to do that than just no screens at the table by the way so

I agreed to help me with that Chave you're not gonna believe this we made the Coleman kids play clue last night and day how old like I was torturing them and would you believe that they actually enjoyed it once I got him into the game and they figured out how to play but you would have thought I was the worst father of all time


including the poodle

I can't your child abuser


white board games

it was good they actually ended up enjoying to

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everything comes with a lifetime warranty to get up to twenty percent off on all their products go to grips six dot com and enter the promo code Ramsey in the lobby of Ramsey solutions all three stage marked as whether say Marco R. yeah

fantastic day thank Sir thanks for the introduction I I appreciate it

absolutely Sir where do you live

I just outside of Dallas and and fate Texas though yeah

okay the garland area yes Sir yeah cool good to have you mentioned how much data you pay it off

I paid off three hundred and twenty three thousand and five and a half years

of course you did


all right and your range of income during the five and a half years

a hundred and twelve thousand to one sixty six

who what do you do for a living

well I started out as a wireless network engineer and then noticed a need for a technical project manager in that space so I went out got some education and transition to a technical project manager

nice income increase

yeah yeah I was tough on him there was a little over a little bit of a dip on it but what I continue to do is just rely on my technical skills in the wireless space and then I volunteered to present the status of our project to to upper management and so it just grew from there and I realized that there was very few people that could communicate technically speaking and and and then work as a as a project manager so and I did that during my debt free debt free journey well how long was that dip that you just described I it took probably about eight months but so I was relying on my wireless network skills as an engineer fixing problems and then like I said just really odd volunteered to present the status to two folks get some power point presentations and so I've I've combine my technical skills with project management skills and it's offering what I've discovered is it offers a unique skill set that a lot of people don't have right now no I love that story right there Dave this is a guy goes all right I want to make some changes that you took the tip but you didn't slow down you didn't accept it now you got the big paper Bob yeah that helped accelerate the journey we really love that story yeah thanks can appreciate that it hats off to you to you you you and I have a little bit of history you took my call the last on the last caller February second twenty twenty two is in a pretty dark place


you know during my journey and and it was you and and cannon and George you guys took my call and and not really inspired me a bit

hi Eric yeah

that's awesome

what kind of debt which are three nine twenty three thousand

Dave I had everything I had student loans I had car loans I had credit cards I had outdoor cameras in fact I think if I remember correctly they were lining up Cheetos to join the field



I tell you what

we might want to call some animal people get the cheaters some help because they're not looking to get back there yeah

they are getting a little a little thin


not have enough to eat these days yeah yeah I can tell you what your normal though you collected every kind of death

yet rental properties included

okay wow what what do you attribute what do you tell people

that you

the secret to getting out of that is I mean three and twenty three thousand dollars did that's how that's how cotton

yeah I mean it was a five thousand dollars a month for sixty three months for me it was on the moment that I walked into my master bathroom I just remember that there was there was a period there where I I said I have a mass I I can't retire and I need to figure out how I'm gonna do this I'm fifty I was fifty years old at that point and and so I just I had to I had to clean up my mess


how to figure it out

I mean and so you had it had kind of a crap I've had it moment yeah and then what do you do how do you get tied into us

well so I listen to your radio station I was working on a second shift I would get off at seven o'clock or six thirty drive home and I have a tendency to listen to the news on the radio on the way home so I don't have to constantly you listen to the same recirculated stories over and over again when I get home so I was thumbing through the A. M. radios landed on your station or your your radio replay and that's what got me inspired in twenty fourteen that was twenty fourteen I joined financial peace university at that point and didn't finish it it was a thirteen week long course with the with the cat and I didn't finish it but the seed the the seed had been planted and I knew in twenty sixteen I had to I was at a point where I just had to do something the final moment for me was happened in in March of twenty sixteen and on April I. R. we had a really bad hail storm and it caused my real property used to have a claim have claims opened up on it and then I hit fifty years old I was like I got when I had not paid that put it on a credit card for the for the deductibles and then hit fifty years old said man I got a real problem a week later we had a second hail storm that required a second claim that the end if not he'll storm eventually ended up causing about forty two thousand dollars on of damage on my rental properties and so it took me six months seven months and I remember in November November of twenty sixteen I walked into the bathroom and just looked at myself and it wasn't


it was as if nobody existed in the world it was just me my raw emotions and the person looking in that mirror and I just said I need to figure this out hi there's no one else here that I can count on I need to do this and the next day I sold all of my aunts in place stock purchase plan thirty five thousand dollars as of Cisco start sold that and paid off my credit card one of my credit cards and I had an eighty twenty alone on one of my rental properties I paid off the twenty percent of the home yeah

you killed a man congratulations

thank you Sir how's it feel to be free all my gosh I mean the world I I've just recently told people that I'm a fifty five year old infant hi I'm alive so

Hey we gotta Gabi a total money makeover for you a copy of the baby steps millionaires book our one year membership to financial peace university all in the living give bundle and that's the thing that you'll be able to do is get most of that what you've been through most of it but I think you're on the track to be a baby steps millionaire


there's rumors going around here at Ramsey and sometimes there's rumors going around here they're always good rumors when they go around here that you've been working extremely hard and that you've been


very very dedicated towards you really had a desire to become a financial coach


Ramsey financial coach and so Tim man with the coaching team is gonna come join you here on the stage


take it for a second

yeah I just I am so excited to watch your progress over the last year to see how you have jumped in repeatedly inside of after you've had a financial peace university participating in group coaching encouraging others challenging others and also seeking out how do I become a financial coach I think you've got what doesn of our fans because master training webinars and workshops and just watching your growth and progress I'm just really excited that you know we're gonna bring you in no charge but you go to mass raining on us we are so excited to have you you are what we're looking for in coaching you're the guy who's the encourager you're the guy who's going to share your story you're the guy who's going to continue to bring other people along in this journey and we could not be any prouder of you mark thank you thanks Tom

you have an increase very cool all that's pretty fun Dave I got a

I got a you have an incredible family here an incredible team they they are part of my extended family and going through this

that's what we heard

I going through this single as a single person tell him and his team I'm standing here because of the inspiration that they gave me across the over those phone calls

and now you get to pay it forward

yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

if I can sure anything just the feeling I want to pass along the feeling that I have on that last payment going and watching the last payment clear I want others to feel that


I wanna I want people to lean into their debt own it and drive it in and solve it

and I want you to get your debt free scream at

all right there we go I don't think mark from garland Texas three hundred and twenty three thousand paid off in five and a half years make a one twelve the one sixty six sure certified financial coach from Ramsey county down let's hear a debt free scream three two one in Jesus Christ while we sort of we we train people to be financial coaches for those of you don't know and the training is a wee bit expensive to go through it


mark he's a special guy this is the rams you show

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Ken Coleman Ramsey personality is my co host today one of the keys to

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hello Joe how are you hi there I can


what's up I so I am trying to go from Dave based off for one day you and I'm I like a serial entrepreneur show like I bring in a lot of money a lot of different ways so my question is should I want paying on debt should I focus on my just the business I have that makes me money instead of putting out money for other business to make money if that makes sense

how many are making money

right okay for example I throw like parties and events planner so I maybe spent like twelve hundred dollars but I'll make a couple grand but I don't know if I should be putting that money out to do that

but you

spend twelve hundred dollars and you make thirty two hundred profit off a couple grand


that's debt you pay it off every time you do that

I mean show profit is profit


I mean you're not you're not spending the money and it's not coming back it's coming back to you instantaneously almost isn't

yeah I come back dead well it is party yeah a month later yeah

yeah okay so which businesses which that one's not losing money

why I have like like social media type stuff and that's the stuff that doesn't necessarily make me money right here right now and I also do like drying and logo great stuff and that makes me money when people like acts for but I don't know if I should really get into like full on advertising a cost in creating side of things I like to do is wait product that

you should you should wait to expand right now you just want to do things that make you money so you get out of baby step too fast quick as possible right we can delay the stuff that you want to maybe expand one day once we're in a position to do so


five years from today you'll be in a local business living planning business

I want to be a lot a lot would be returning

you wanna be in Invicta event planning


logos which one okay start doing that now that could you run around seventeen thanks you get no power when you don't focus I would focus on us focus on event planning and blow it up put all your time all your energy all your effort or your creative waking hours into one thing are working three different businesses is a recipe for getting none of them off the ground

okay well I also show my main source of income is actually like grocery delivery right you like **** Instacart type thing and I'm I'm a pretty actually pretty good money doing that okay

that's it that's a stopgap until the event business gets big enough that you want to do that anymore


yeah so if you're making a hundred dollars you're doing event planning you wouldn't be doing any of this other crap



okay I will do that

I'm gonna send you a copy almost send you a copy of a quick read we have called the momentum theorem and the momentum there Mizzou's focused intensity over time ulta blood by god creates an unstoppable momentum in this book will take you about an hour and a half to read Max okay

and explain

exactly what this focused intensity looks like and you have the exact opposite of that you have dispersed intensity which has no power to it

they feel like that'll get the Marksville

light dispersed lights a room light focused you can do surgery with its called a laser and I want you to be laser and you're gonna move this business into the stratosphere when you do because you got so much energy on you there's so much joy come and offer you you


you're like the ultimate event planner this is gonna be great

yeah and again you have a side hustle that's actually spinning off real profit that's where you put you put your focus right now we're trying to generate income to get out of debt get the emergency fund in place and that changes your entire perspective so I mean this is the focus here is absolutely the word you know trying to do too many things is exhausting to


you know on top of everything else it's it's enough to get out of debt

you don't need all these other distractions

it's a little bit the problem we've got with a whole bunch of things in our culture today people's inability to keep their


on the ball to stay and play through to have some grit to stick with something all the way through and finish it up and

you know

I want work life balance but I want to spend forty hours a week on my screens so no I think you get off your stupid screens and are actually look in the eyes of your family actually be present physically with your family and then not wonder why relationships are bad because you're not because you suck at the right

and then one of the things that we see in in in this case here is is we prospect as opposed to digging deep like we're going to invest right it's like our investment strategy that you've taught for decades it's slow and steady wins the race it's disciplined

you have lower risk but your drill into the core we're not to shoot him in the shower

that's right none of this process

strip mining

right and so the serial entrepreneurs can fall prey to that to go well I'm gonna try this because this could strike but I'm gonna do this and hedge my bets over here maybe this will strike as opposed to digging deep to get that oil it like we're gonna commit and go deep and that's where you see long term success financially relational your health every

reason I can smell this out is because I used to do it


like I I mean I I'm twenty three years twenty four years old buying real estate like crazy hand over fist and I almost in the middle of all of that financed twenty five thousand dollars worth


quarter machines to put at the market to pump air into your tires yeah when I first started charging for air about is the dumbest thing in the world I thought this is gonna work and I almost stopped what I was doing because I'm a serial entrepreneur in eighty days I can be right and stop doing a successful real estate thing that was working and what ball air machines that's up don't mind you

know by the way those things never work when I need air Connecticut one the workday

I don't know about that one moment not my fault because I'm by

now to

turn your complaint into the complaint will need right really wow hi folks if you like the show please consider subscribing leaving a review and sharing it with a friend it makes all the difference in the world and lights up the things called the internet we love it when you do that subscribe to the show leave a review a five star review and share it with a friend thank you this is the rams Dave here you can find all of our shows with the Ramsey network on your smartphone it's the only place to listen to the entire back catalogue download the Ramsey network favorite apps store Hey

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