We Paid Off a Ton of Debt… What Do We Do Now? (Hour 2) - Transcripts

November 23, 2022

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Dave Ramsey & Kristina Ellis discuss: What to do after paying off debt, Investing while paying off student loans, Should I flip a car? How to attack $300k in debt. Support Our Sponsor: Splash Financial Zander Insurance Have a question for the show? Call 888-825-5225 Weekdays from 2-5pm ET Want a plan for your money? Find out where to start: https://bit.ly/3nInETX Listen to all The Ramsey Network podcasts: https://bit.ly/3GxiXm6 Learn more about your ad choices. https://www.megaphone.fm/adchoices Ramsey Solutions Privacy Policy


Ramsey solutions broadcasting from the pods moving and storage it's the Ramsey show that is not paid off again the place W. the status symbol we help build wealth the work that they love and create actual amazing relationship Christina Ellis Ramsay personality number one bestselling author is my co host today as we take your questions at triple eight eight two five five two two five happy thanksgiving America take a step back and be thankful what are you thankful for


goodness we have so many things that we can't even count them all so when your tickets are the ticket for you to get on the show today once you make it past Lara who's screening phones today well just because Austin didn't I mean that's how that works and so if you get past her you're the ticket to get on the show is you have to tell us what you're thankful for well that's cheesy Dave I know we run a cheese factory here we're fine with that she she's good I cried Applebee's commercials show it's okay to be cheesy all right in phones at triple eight eight two five five two two five Machel is in Green Bay starting off this hour Machel what are you thankful for

I'm thankful to god for the health and well being and guidance of my family and friends and as cheesy as it sounds I am thankful to translations former putting out the information and guidance that they do because I'm in a very never thought I'd be here situation

yeah a touchdown Hey we like we like extra cheese on it it's good thanks very good


well played well applied so how can we help today

so we were introduced to you in two thousand fourteen I've coordinated about a dozen classrooms thanks to our local church we my husband and I have paid off a hundred and sixty five thousand dollars since two thousand fourteen wow that includes our house where to go

baby step seven error

I know all right Mike so we're putting fifteen percent into retirement we have an E. L. P. were saving beef up our emergency fund it's only at four months we're gonna make it six it won't take up hardly any time at all we're saving for a new car and I just received a big bump in income that we were at about a hundred thousand now we're at about two hundred and forty thousand now what do we do now what do we do

but I love

to use can be intense and we have an end goal that we were all use going forward which was paying off the house which is now what we do

now well it is you do move after baby steps three from intense to intentional hand out you're just reaching a plateau that are it feels like you're arrived and now I don't have a journey and you do I still have a journey you've just got to define the journey now it's a new journey what's the next step in so you always have to be intentional with your money always show you always need to be looking out a little bit and saying this is what we're aiming at an intentional is different than intense though okay R. I've been and I've been at the intentional stage personally were Sharon and I for many decades now we got way past the baby step seven stuff all that stuff a long long time ago and so we've just been intentional and what we've learned to do is there are really only three things you can do with money give it enjoy it and invested and I would recommend that you systematically all ways with the percentage or dollar amount or whatever it is you're always doing all three and that means if your income increases you're going to increase all three now what has happened to us is and you're gonna be getting their Sunday is the percentage that I put towards enjoyment lifestyle has had to get smaller and smaller because it was getting ridiculous because my income is getting so high you should I'm saying I mean if you put five percent of a hundred thousand dollars towards lifestyle that's one thing if you put five percent of you know me in whatever dollars right that starts to be Cray Cray and so you know you just got to back down and go there's only so much lobster you can eat right so and and so you but put a percentage for lifestyle in joining the money and that way when you're spending that there's no guilt it's like I bought a nice new car but it's a percentage of mine and I've got this other percentage towards generosity and I've got this other percentage towards the long term play of investing changing my family tree and so on right yeah and so our giving percentages way higher than our consumption percentage today and your yours you'll get there it won't be yet not at one hundred forty thousand even though you're a hundred percent debt free but you can kind of see the feel of it and so then you start to go okay within giving with my percentages being this that's gonna be this much money what are my goals and I had I talked to this guy that was really rich one time and he he he told me about it I he gave away a million dollars in one year and I thought man that would be really cool and then I did it and then I thought well now in my condo okay I'm gonna go a million dollars in one day

and was able to do that last year that's and so that was a kind of a cool day and you know I just don't know if it was a year before last might affect come think of it for you can you come on board with a shot and so but yeah so and I'm not bragging I'm just saying you got a call from your imminent with major rusty of something with your with your net worth with your investing it's but I'm gonna hit some net worth goals when it this if that hit that but having something that you're aiming at gives it some meaning and give some power to your intentionality

yeah Hey Michelle how do you feel about your change in circumstances it's eight eight eight but honestly I want to check or take creed and I want balloons and I wanna party right it's an odd feeling because we have been so intense for so long even R. E. L. P. has said that we need to give ourselves a raise because it's it's almost like when

we don't know how to light off



that's normal

and it's just well good

well I mean when you when you do something really really intense and you come off the sports field athletic field it takes two hours for your adrenaline dump


I mean like when Christine are doing stuff on stage we get hyped up we're excited you know we got five thousand people two thousand people out there whatever on stage we were jacked up when we you know we cannot go back to the hotel and go to sleep there's no change okay so we all get together somewhere the whole would allow events team will all this around joking cut up and and stay up to light because we're gonna be up anyway I mean you just takes awhile for the adrenaline dump and that's where you are you're just you're coming off the athletic field after the big game and there's an adrenaline junkie that's normal that's normal it's wonderful it's wonderful and I just I encourage you to to have that

celebratory whatever it is for you guys I know you want the the parade the balloons but what is that for you maybe you do balloons and operate in your own house something that you can symbolically save this is a huge achievement and now we're on to the next

like one of those super super expensive versions have a fill the entire room with balloons for you get there

the way you think

you got us all right I mean you got the money and you're not do anything wrong you've done a great job on product you've been hearing a lot about the government's plan to forgive some federal student loans but what about private student loans well the government's not planning to help with those the good news is my friends and splash financial good they'll help you see if you can save by refinancing those high interest private loans go to splash financial dot com today and check your rate if you qualify for a lower rate you could say big over the life of your loans so visit splash financial dot com that's a splash financial dot com today someone did not notify my marketing department the prices are going up because apparently for Black Friday we have the lowest prices we've ever had I'm so confused but okay it's great deals for you folks are number one best seller the total money makeover the audio book right now Black Friday seven dollars plug that and listen to it on your next trip your trip when you're going over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house we go right you can just plug the audio book in and dog that's what I consume them I would listen to him on my walks I listen to him like I listen to podcasts are yeah the new million bundle comes with the total money makeover baby steps millionaires and the know yourself money assessment all for twenty five dollars wow that's a deal and if you're looking for something a little prettier than books the Rachel Cruz while it is here in Champaign hand crafted from genuine leather looks really good I don't know if again the red ones left throws me a gone already show watch check those out but Rachel Cruze wallet a very popular Christmas gift it really is Black Friday deals everything all books are ten dollars even my latest number one with cut everything down the only describing about the other day because he's like you don't get as much royalty when the prices down right and he's like you gotta cut the prices too much well wait is too long all right Ramsey solutions dot welcome to my world I'm just listens dot com hit the store get the Black Friday deals our question today comes from blinds dot com find out for yourself why blinds dot com is the number one online retailer of custom window coverings with free samples free shipping new promos they run all the time you'll save even more use the promo code Ramsey and you'll get the best deal

today's question comes from Britney and Idaho my company matches fifty percent up to six percent I'm currently contributing five percent once I reach the six percent matched should I open a Roth or get up to fifteen percent then open a Roth or do I stop until I pay off my student loans I'm thirty six with no kids button gauged and hoping to have children it's a great question and I think a lot of people get confused they get so excited by the match that they just start diving into investing but if you're still paying off your student loans you're in baby step two so we would tell you to hold off on investing and focus that money on paying off the debt

we will use the key is the temporary auch doesn't you're not gonna be doing this for all your market student loans are really really fast if you're completely focused on them so when we say stop investing the key word is temporarily push pause on investing she can completely focus such a big deal

yeah and it feels a little counter intuitive at times because the match a lot of people are like but I'm giving up free money

it is counterintuitive it's actually the math on it's actually wrong


when you're giving up a two for one match I mean you know how it all turns into a dollars meanwhile you just pay off the debt settlement is wrong but what is right is over the scope of your life your most powerful wealth building tool is your income and when you get that back you can build wealth is to try to trick something with the math so this is also about behaviors not just about math cleaning the deck on the star on all the deaths it it doesn't feel right

it's not fun

it's not you know unless you're around here you don't get a touchdown in around here we give you touched on that freezing rain confetti all this stuff but everywhere else or by looking at you like you lost your mind but you when you clear the decks you can breeze your shoulders drop your stress level goes down your relationships go up your career kicks into gear all of these things happened none of that happens with a match

yep and that's the key as I think so many people get focused on the math but so much about winning with money is about behavior change it's not super glamorous it's not super exciting in the beginning but it so that you can get to a really awesome spot in the long run

yep that's how it works and that's why you


to do this stuff you gotta do what you gotta do what you gotta do it so absolutely so now once you're debt free with student loans and we start investing then the rule of thumb is match first Roth secondly you kind of got that down sounds like Britney but here's the thing you can do if your four oh one K. as four oh one K. Roth you can do for a one K. Roth up to the match and get the Roth and another match portion is not wrath with rest of a trough and that's what we tell you there's a Roth match beats Ross beach traditional so you always get all the match first and then you do if you only have traditional at all at the office than do traditional up to the match then go outside and do an individual Roth and then if you have to do more to get to fifteen percent go back in just a traditional but match beach


beach traditional and always do any Roth any time you can I mean there's very few exceptions on that show just just do all the wrong all the time all the K. all you can and whether it's at your work or whether it's with the individuals Sam good good stuff Charles is with us in Winston Salem North Carolina hi Charles welcome to the Ramsey show

hi Dave happy thanksgiving

you too Sir what are you thankful for

all I see I am thankful for my girlfriend she's always stood beside me you have support of my decision from there I wanted it and she does she help me get out of debt

awesome very cool yeah can we help today

well awhile back I ordered a new twenty twenty to forty minute work I needed I needed new vehicles what I have now I have a lot of problems with it and that she was kind of against it something maybe better not get it but then just curiosity I put in Carvana's he would you offer me for it they also be seven thousand dollars more than what I paid for it some bacon you get the Kerr shelter bottlers like somebody another dealership and use that money I make to buy like a beater car it said more Ronald Ronald liable to drop right now I really made me pay low taxes on the money but so there might be worth it to do that so you don't have that car right now this is like you would go out and buy the car to sell it yeah it's it's get yards yeah basically a hot car wants what you're selling over M. S. R. P. but these deals actually selling for under MSRP because they wanted to tell their allotments up so


that money is our money how you're

borrowing the money to buy this car

I yeah I did a small down payment on it and I got like a one point nine percent interest rate

you're the my pay cash when the car comes in

you I. D. yep I that did they see white male

yeah but I thought your goal so the next day

yeah well I have to say I have to wait until it you can because I buy if Mattis date so they sent me the paperwork could be titled differences from where I'm buying it to your electrolytes that's all you can I will be able to sell it I probably spent itself background research so right after

see I don't trust you


I think you're going to keep the car

I don't want

I think you're going to get the car and you're going to drive it home and you're going

she kill me if I kept it

I'll kill you if you keep it

but as far as well I mean as far as that's concerned yeah I do sell it do you think that logical thing to do

only if you pay cash for it

like a cash for

what that will do is it will make you sell it


because you get your stomach just got all upset when I suggested you pay cash for it and you're gonna want to get rid of that indigestion and you're gonna get a lot of power to get rid of that indigestion


if you finance this year okay but here's where I'm going all right I'm a car guy I get it that is a sweet car by the way

it is

three can lights out might drop its us so we ask the vehicle now I mean I just I and I like stuff that goes wouldn't wouldn't I just I love things with you know that thing rock too which is a stupid thing five hundred horse admit

the Mavericks

yeah what's the worst power

yachts to fifty to fifty three point oh **** get the ethnical groups about the hybrid vehicles to your arm


awful okay

I thought it had some go all right that makes it worse is like a bad shot better than home

all right not it's not it's not trained in

Chicago I misunderstood okay anyway aside from that I was just that's just me talking up cars but okay

here's the thing I'm the reason I'm accusing you of all that is it's exactly what I would have done in an earlier version of me


and I'm trying to keep you from being an earlier version makers use pretty stupid

I'll be back in the car

yeah I know I

ask what I'm

what I had to figure out is and here's a good rule everybody out there I had to put my side to put things in position to protect me from doing stupid and why you bother saying on payments there's a high likelihood you're gonna keep it but if you got the indigestion could use your last time to close on it and you've got a flip it to put your money back in your account because you're freaking out because you're broke that is going to force you to do smart and I'm trying to set up systems here that forced me to do smart might be highly uncomfortable if I'm being stupid and that's what I have to do I put automatic everything in no stupid full smart all automatic and it wouldn't hurt anything at all if you just walk away from a deal by the way but her thing this is a range of look folks with all these devices and time spent online having an ID theft protection plan is an absolute necessity in this digital world the only plan I have ever recommended this from Zander insurance Xander blends cutting edge cyber and prevention services together with monitoring alerts stolen funds protection and unlimited recovery services to make sure you are fully protected at the lowest cost kids are even included for free on their family plan give them a call at eight hundred three five six forty two eighty two or visit Xander dot com to get you and your family protected personality number one bestselling authors my coach today in the lobby of Ramsey solutions for each day Matt and Christina are with us welcome guys

welcome welcome

hi how are you


thanks for

working with Woody Allen we're about forty minutes he's a Columbus Ohio

how fun S. nicer welcome to Nashville how much did you pay off

so two hundred and sixty five thousand and eleven years

good for you and your range of income over that decade

so baby step two we are in the eighty eighty thousand range and then we went up during four five and six where and one forty one eighty range and I just got a bomb so about to eighteen to twenty

nine wow good for you guys well done and what do you do for a living

I'm a nurse practitioner and I work in the electronic fraud for a bank yeah good

for you guys so four five six dot means is two sixty five included the house you're debt free house and everything I did yes yeah how old are your two weirdos

thirty eight

all right ma'am in a paid for house what's a house worth

well I am now proud about that three hundred three thirty this morning co hello yeah

how much in your four oh one K. retirement plans

the total what networks but two eighty three are not sorry six eight three six oh yes right okay yep yes god you're only million are without

before you know it you're how old again

thirty eight

thirty eight so yeah forty you won your manners are very good good for you guys


well done well done so what's what what other kind of that was other than the house

so do you wanna talk at all you'll be doing maybe step two we we sold a motorcycle sold or not sold what was we paid it off and sold it and then her Jetta SCV at the time and then about forty H. and student loans welcome to the both of us and you know her master's degree we we funded that cash and she's really smart so we had a she got a lot of scholarships and when we were after baby step two we pay for two cars cash I'm just bring all this up for that person that's you know I mean I get a four five and six just you can do it we will

we will

we are right now our stuff down that's you know something that we have two kids over there that you know no bills followed us home the bill came we paid it off cash so so you guys were were normal in a star not normal at different data yeah and then you obviously got on fire on this journey what it does look like for you I would say that originally it you know we were very normal we were a young married couple and honestly the fights that we were having more money fights and honestly we feel like we really good jobs but at the end of the day we never seem like we had enough you know we get the paycheck and then it would be gone so our church offered financial peace university and we took financial peace and I would say after probably maybe the third class we were kinda like yeah we can do this and then by the end of it we're like we're going to do this like we can pay off the S. U. V. were like yeah it's not just his TV it's the student loans and then it's like okay we're on this and let's just keep going I think that you know we're proof that the system works you know following the baby steps definitely works and I think you know being as Alan tents for you know that first you know thirty months you know it's hard on but then the key now is just consistency after that it's just sticking with the plan sticking with what you know and then you end up being able being able to living give like nobody else yeah

numbers your numbers fit although the case studies of the millions of people that we've talked to I mean exactly the average millionaire in the million or in the baby steps millionaires

research project that we did pays off their house eleven point two years you did live in years you know they're they become millionaires within twelve to seventeen years and you're on track to do that easily they do it by fifty two years old you're not going to be we're near that because you started younger on this you worked about you you worked your your debt snowball not counting the house probably in less than three years and that's that's also fits the guy I mean that you just got you just walk down the process when you worked on the system exactly the way we talk about when you go young

they can fail okay I got a feel


is a real because we went to the place thirty months on baby step till we're at the old place you know what nine years ago yeah the only thirteen December twenty thirteen we actually did our debt free scream on at that point in time we're like we gotta go back now we've we're baby step seven we're going back to it again yeah yeah yeah

now this is this is good a two stage debt free scream that's right

yes I like it a lot stage debt free scream

the other one what are the whole place for those of you that way as an old office before we built this building about three years ago or so they were at the the old place yeah and it was it was not

as nice as this well done internally displaced people

Adam Sandler



eleven years that's a long time to stay committed a lot of people here eleven years and they're like how now if I could do that you know what what was the hardest part of that journey for you guys I think they get we talked about consistency like when we started it was we sell our typing it was like embarrassing to even talk about you consistent tithing and then things just you know fall into place we when we finished off I always tell the story without shop baby step two we always we go out Black Friday because coming up we we buy pillows on Black Friday we sat there for like thirty minutes picking out pillows we get to the front and we get it was free well like we don't need that you know it's like seventy dollars worth of product at a department store we got for free was like like to kick we got that back I don't you know it's just I share that with people out if he is long as you keep giving keep consistent it's gonna you know it works so do it

over time

yeah that's the thing just remembering your why you know I think for us we wanted to change our family tree and be able to leave a legacy on and I'm also someone who wanted to be able to give you know and like you had said you know prior to starting financial peace you know we weren't doing wise things with our money you know we were able to live in to give like we wanted to and so this you know the program definitely taught us those principles and now we've been able to to be living proof of that

now you guys are fun well done so proud of it

thank you thank you

mayor you're thirty eight years old and everything's paid for how's it feel

it's still sinking in a nice when you drive into your house here but what I want mine I walk to the house just fails like this carpet looks nice you know it's just a damn it feels different so

does it does it changes everything people don't grasp the concept because it it's as much spiritual and emotional as it is mathematical and until you're standing on the carpet that's paid for by god you know it changes everything it's like man


it's a it's a different level of boldness in your life of compassion everything that he gets a lot just gets a little brighter out there is pretty cool the shades are off now well done you guys very very well done sharp young couple man heroes well done guys all right you took control of your life we got the living give bundle for you for you to give away the

total money makeover book which obviously is a core piece in your bill give that somebody financial peace university membership you'll be able to give that to somebody you guys have been through the class Corday the class thank you for all that very cool and the baby steps millionaires but because that's our next chapter in your story for sure so you just keep on rocking guys keep on rock and I love it let's bring the kiddos up what are their names and ages

we have can see who is seven and Luke who is three

all right debt free kiddos yeah that does I know what's going on

they do we've been Pratt we practice always down here they were practicing for months probably right okay and

they know what this means you are mom and dad are heroes to change their lives well done you guys very very well done Matt and Christina from Ohio to our sixty five thousand paid off

free food

eleven years did it make an eighty all the way up to now to eighteen counted down let's hear a debt please call Emma

three two one

you know little loop is old enough to remember that time is weird parents drove all the way to Tennessee to that strange radio show and did their debt free scream that time they paid off their house that time that they never borrowed any money again that time that their whole lives were changed he's old enough to remember with his mom and dad been heroes that's powerful I mean that's the sound of you you because if you listen go back and watch that again if you listen to a podcast rewind and listen to it you just heard the sound of a family tree changing right in front of you this is the Ramsey show Christina Ellis Ramsay personality number one bestselling authors my co host today shar nieces with us in New York City I Shawnee sour you

how are you

better than I deserve how can we help

happy holidays by the way

happy thanksgiving so what are you thankful for

I am actually bankrolled by a lot but family friend I just recently moved to a coop so I'm happy about that and my career

good for you


how can we help today

he yeah so I lived with questions I'm thirty four years old I'm a social worker and I have a son the stitches all right now I only have one stream of income and I have three hundred roughly around three hundred thousand dollars worth of data this is also quoting students all credit cards that charge and I'm trying to prioritize what to focus on first is bringing on a lot of anxiety I do make about sixty sixty five I got a raise today actually and so I'm just trying to figure out how I can beat that free initial amount of time to take care of you know my son has been stable I can't stay for anything I just love constantly that's the biggest thing for me I did file for bankruptcy in twenty eighteen and I was fine until I recently moved this year and credit card debt backed up because of the moles and I had some medical issues all you know she has been really tough and now I'm struggling how does all right Roger called that's the first step I feel like the way you're describing that you've had your iPad at moment is that right yeah yes hello yeah you're done with the stat you're ready for something new hello there I just wanna live comfortable I want my son to have his days

where where did you move from

well I'm actually from New York City but I moved from studio apartments to two bedroom coop

are building your broken deeply in debt and you increase your rent

yes I did he but we needed the space

but your broken the wind that you can't breathe when you run a credit card debt to do that too

I just some I ask them why not

yeah okay let's back out for a second I can help you all right but this is a math problem at its core and there's two pieces of information here there's your income and there's your debt load and around here we call that the shovel and the whole you have a very large hole and a medium sized small shovel a great

a great

does the anxiety thus the stretch the overwhelming feeling the sense of hopelessness and since I'm gonna be stuck here forever I can't breathe I don't see a way out I've been there I know how it feels okay do you have a pretty radical situation a difficult situation that you find yourself in with the math would you agree with that too

one thousand nine

the sad news is an arm we love you enough to tell you the truth get out the sad news is radical difficult situations require radical difficult solutions and the only way to get out of this highly toxic math is to do some bizarre things that are going to be very uncomfortable in the short term you don't get an option there's no option on the table where you get to do three things make sixty five thousand dollars a year have a wonderful life and live in Manhattan these three things and an aft and get rid of three thousand out of the debt these three thing these things don't work in the same puzzle they don't fit together okay so something's gonna give something's gonna give the you're gonna give up the cool because because the wonderful life you're gonna do some crazy things to increase your income you're not gonna live in Manhattan I don't know but you can't do what you're doing right now it's not going to work in the next two decades you're still going to be in that because I can back this out and just tell you if you had zero debt living in Manhattan with a child as a single mom all sixty five thousand is no picnic if you had zero debt that's no picnic agreed


and you got three hundred thousand Bucks sitting on top of your head and I ain't going away unless you make it go away so I I wish I didn't so I think you're gonna pick your pain or it's going to pick you you're gonna pick your pain you're gonna say all right we're going to live in a different situation for a short period of time it's gonna be very uncomfortable for me and my child and the hours I'm going to work we're going to be freaking ridiculous show that we can have a great life later we're gonna live like no one else so that later we can live and give like no one else or you're gonna choose to stay exactly where you are and the stuff's gonna come crashing down on you because this math does not work it's not sustainable


have you have you can pay for a coop in Manhattan on sixty five K. and service three hundred thousand you can't even pay the payments any

well so the maintenance fee so I do have in the box and borrowed from Bronx and I had to battle long because it was thirty three thousand so it's like pretty much it helps middle income individuals with a coop and so I've got a little bit down and I'm paying it off slowly I think I have like seven years to pay off the loan that became and then of course our our no credit card debt as well private schools as well

you bought the coop

yes I have both because

I have a seven year loan element

yeah well I can pay it off at any time but I've got a down payment on it eight it's like a program that helps you pretty much

each are you tell me you're out of the car paid off in seven years

I own the picture from the launch of the maintenance yeah

yeah but I mean what happens at the end of seven years you got to go get a mortgage right

it is pretty much a a mortgage I am a homeowner so that call out

and you have an almost seven year pay out in the Bronx

I probably did it and I believe that's how much how long it's gonna take a off that's all that they gave me a couple of other half settled

so what was the price

altogether that coop apartment was thirty three thousand seven hundred and fifty that was that I'm trying

to buy a coop in the Bronx


I am so confused I would have said three point three million


how did you get it for thirty three thousand dollars are you sure

yeah so it's pretty much like I said it's a programmer in New York City that helps the middle income individuals and they pretty much I'll assist you have to come over the whole you have to come up with the whole amount and if you can't come up with the whole amount then you can go on a payment plan and then they'll add it to your mate call me that's great

okay right this is the most heavenly programmer heard over you can buckle up in the Bronx for thirty three thousand Bucks my mind is blown okay I had no idea that this is even possible existed I am still in shock and all so anyway I guess I'll set that aside if you got that deal I'll let it rest I have never heard of that and it's mind blowing in this has nothing to do with real estate values in the area nothing to do with that whatsoever you can't buy that in anywhere in America much less the freak in a borough of New York one eighteen boroughs in New York City not chance okay so our let that rest we still have the three dollars and that one I'm not a problem

and I'm worried you know when you first picked up there's a lot of remorse in your voice there's a lot of angst so I thought you had the I had that moment I'm a little worried that the bleeding still going


have you cut up your credit card


I mean three hundred thousand that is that's a terrifying amount on that on that income it showed

journeys I don't want to run out on his own will do I'm gonna put you on hold large gonna pick up we're gonna put you through financial peace university is our guest because I don't know how to help you on this call today there's too much going on here but you have a problem and the problem if you don't make enough to pay this debt off an original time so something's got to give

on the income side of the equation may mean you live in a different area of the nation unless you

wow that's amazing okay

good good our

you know happy thanksgiving everybody this news the Ramsey show

Dave here you can find all of our shows with the Ramsey network on your smartphone it's the only place to listen to the entire back catalogue

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Hey it's James producer of the Ramsey show this episode is over the check the episode notes for links to products and services you heard about during this episode thanks for listening