Manifest Success With The Law Of Attraction [SOLO ROUND] EP 1408 - Transcripts

March 15, 2023

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  • Share - Order a copy of my new book The Greatness Mindset today! When you hear about the Law of Attraction, many people believe it means that simply thinking about a goal will eventually make it become a reality. That’s far from the truth though. The Law of Attraction isn’t some rule where you picture something in your head and it magically appears in front of you. Your mindset is just the starting point. From there, it takes hard work, grit, and dedication to turn your circumstances into opportunities, ideas into achievements, and dreams into reality. All that said, when applied in the right way, the Law of Attraction has TRULY been one of the most powerful tools I’ve applied in my own life. From visualizing my book becoming a NY Times best seller and sitting on the front table at Barnes & Noble to reaching some of my biggest financial goals — this timeless principle has helped me turn my wildest thoughts into life-changing accomplishments. That’s why I’m SO excited for this special solo episode of The School of Greatness, where I’ll be walking you through the power of the Law of Attraction and how you can apply it in your own life!


eliminate the negative self-talk and an environment that's easy to get stuck in sometimes can be the negative self-talk. And there's so much negativity in the world and if you don't actively work to shift your focus, to shift your thoughts

and your mind, that negativity will. Welcome to the School of Greatness. My name is Lewis Howes, a former pro athlete turned lifestyle entrepreneur and each week we bring you an inspiring person or message to help you discover how to unlock your inner greatness. Thanks for spending some time with me today. Now

let the class begin. This is something I'm extremely excited about because it's something I've been practicing pretty much my entire life without actually knowing I was practicing the law of attraction. And I'm gonna be talking about a lot of different ways you can implement this if it actually works in every area of your life, habits you can put into your life as well throughout this entire video. But the law of attraction has been a huge part of my success and growth in multiple areas of my personal life. And I want to dive into what the law of attraction means and break down the different ways that you can use it to manifest your dreams and achieve anything you want in your life. But the biggest message I want to get across when it comes to the law of attraction is that it requires effort. It requires some type of action. That's why in the word attraction you see action in the word. You don't just get to write down something on a piece of of paper or have a vision board or, you know, map something out or cut out photos and look at it in front of you every single day or write down things on a piece of paper and think hard about it for a few minutes and then expect everything in your life to change and to be this magnet of opportunities to have every one that you want in your life attracted to you, money, good health, opportunities with your career, it's not going to happen overnight like that. And I wish it did, but it's not that easy. So there are some beliefs and actions that we need to take place in order for it to work. And that's what we're going to do by diving into today.

So the first thing you want to think about is switching from negativity to positivity. So many people get caught up in focusing on what they don't want to happen in their future. And I want to talk about this a little bit towards the end of this video on how to focus on some of the negative things that could happen, but really focusing on the positive for the main part of your life. We'll talk about that towards the end because this is an important distinction. But they start living almost in constant fear of what could go wrong and what won't work out. And when we come from this place of, well, I don't know if I put myself out there, it's not gonna work out and then I'm gonna get made fun of and then people, I'm gonna be embarrassed and I'm gonna be stressed and no one's gonna love me. And then we go in this rabbit hole and this kind of cycle of fear and anxiety and that is not how you attract good things in your life. You can't start from your way of being of negativity and fear and expect to attract beautiful things in your life. So we need to eliminate the negative self-talk and an environment that's easy to get stuck in sometimes can be the negative self-talk and there's so much negativity in the world and if you don't actively work to shift your focus, to shift your thoughts and your mind that negativity will consume you. And that's where the law of attraction comes in. Now for me it's about focusing less on what I don't want to happen in the future and actually focus on what I do want. And again, I think a lot of people focus on what they don't want too much.

And you start to attract the things you're thinking about, I don't want this, I don't want that. Those things start to come to you, you start to see them. It's like the exalt example, if someone says, don't think of a pink elephant. You start to see it and you start to imagine it and you say, well I don't want to be poor. and you start to feel it and you start to imagine it and you start to having anxiety around it. So you wanna really think about the positive things in your life. You wanna think about what do I wanna attract, who do I wanna become, what do I wanna overcome. So for example, if you're becoming a negative person, you're more likely to attract more negative people rather than positive ones because positive people won't wanna be around you. Negativity keeps company and so does positivity. When you start to see other positive people that are like you, you say, I wanna hang out with those people. Those people are gonna continue to lift me up. I can lift them up.

It's a good cycle. But the negative stuff you start to attract. When you talk about gossip and you talk about bad news and you talk about comparison and judgment and anxiety and stress, that feeds in a community of other people that speak in the same language. So you wanna shift your language and start thinking more positively. And if you feel like you aren't deserving of a loving relationship, a loving partner, you're most likely going to attract the wrong type of people in your life. And if you're focusing on how much money you don't have in your life right now or how your business could fail, you're not going to be able to focus your energy on the right clients or the products that will take your business to the next level or the skills you need to develop to help you grow. Now your thoughts dictate your actions and where your energy goes. So you wanna be thinking about what can I do to replace these negative thoughts the anxiousness or the fear. can I replace it so my energy can go in a more positive direction?" And again, where you put your energy into is what you attract. So, if you're thinking any thoughts all day long, you're probably gonna attract that. If you're thinking gratitude and positive thoughts, you'll start to see that show up differently. So how can we put the law of attraction into practice?

Now let's go back to our examples and apply a new way of thinking. If you're and thinking negatively about the world and about yourself. This is so important. What would change inside of you if you looked around and you wrote down five things that you're grateful for about the world? Now this for me is part of the secret to the law of attraction. It's the foundation is gratitude. It's your way of being must be grateful in order to attract new things. There's so many things in my life that I should not have attracted because I didn't have the skills because I didn't have the tools, because I didn't have the education, because I didn't have the money, because I didn't have the resources. So many things that I shouldn't have attracted, but because I had the foundation of gratitude, passion, joy, curiosity, those things started to come to me and they can come to you as well if you come from that place of gratitude as your foundation. So you want to think about what are these things that are important to me in my life? You know, it can be simple things. It could be like this cup of coffee that I have right now can be that I have a roof over my head that.

I've got quality friends that I'm healthy you know that I'm walking in nature today it doesn't have to be some grandiose thing that's happened to you to be grateful for I'm so grateful for these little present moments with people that I care about to spend an hour on the beach to go for a walk with a friend to have a good conversation with someone and talk about something that I'm going through For me, that's just as meaningful. The moments in between the big moments are just as meaningful. So write down these things or think about these things. This is something I embed in my daily life when I wake up. I think about what I'm grateful for when I go to sleep. I think about and reflect on the things I'm grateful for from that day. And it's just my way of being for as much as I can. Now, I'm not perfect. I make mistakes and there's sometimes I'm negative. But it's something that I try to really focus on as much as possible. So instead of saying that you're not enough, that you don't deserve success, what if you looked in the mirror on a daily basis? I dare you to look in the mirror on a daily basis and say, I am enough and I do deserve the results that I want to create in my life because I show up, because I'm consistent, because I work hard, because I care about my work.

If you looked in the mirror and you did this consistently for 30 days and you actually Use the word action in attraction and you put it into practice on a daily basis towards that growth, I'd be amazed to see what you attract and what you manifest in your life. Or if you felt like you weren't deserving of a loving partner and just kept focusing on the wrong people, what if you said, you know what, I am deserving of a loving partner because I care deeply about those around me and I'm worthy of feeling deeply cared about myself. And what if you started to change your thoughts and behaviors around yourself say I'm not going to keep doing the things that I've always done. I'm going to start showing up differently, and love myself, not needing someone else to love me who maybe isn't in the right mindset and start distancing yourself from those typical patterns you've had in the past, and love yourself first and see what you attract from that loving grateful place with yourself. Or if you are in a tough financial spot, maybe you're struggling financially and you've been trying to start a business or a side hustle. I've been there, I know what this feels like, it's not fun. For a long time, I was living on my sister's couch and I didn't have much money. It was really stressful. I remember this feeling of being stuck, feeling like I was never going to make any money. And when I was focusing on that feeling of I'm never gonna make this money, I feel stuck, I feel trapped, when's this gonna happen? Feeling this anxiousness, this stress around it. It was really impossible for me to think of creative ideas.

It was impossible for me to take action because I was living in the stress as opposed to the gratitude for what I was having in that moment. I should've been focusing on, you know what, my sister is allowing me to stay here for free, so I have some time to learn a new skill. I made $100 this day, I should be grateful for that. Not focusing on what I'm lacking or what I don't have, but what I am creating on a daily basis. And I started to ask different questions around this time, like how can I be of service to other people? How can I add as much value to someone else? Or what are my top skill sets that I can use to my advantage that no one else has? Like what do I have? I started writing a list of all these different skills that I had. Even when I didn't think I had many skills, I still wrote down a list of the qualities I have, of the skills from the past that maybe I could apply to right now. And when I began asking those types of questions, I started attracting the people who needed my skill sets and services. And I finally started to make more money than ever before, because I was thinking about serving others.

I was thinking from a positive, grateful standpoint about helping others and starting a side hustle which turned into a business. Instead of thinking negatively about not having any money, or I'm sleeping on my sister's couch, and why is it taking me so long to create this? And I'll never make anything from this situation. I started focusing on how can I add value as much value as possible to this one person in front of me right now? How can I serve them? How can I create for them? How can I connect someone to them that could help them? What can I do to add value and help someone else achieve their goals? Because I think as Zig Ziglar said, if you want to accomplish all of your goals, help other people accomplish their goals. And that's what I started focusing on. Not what I'm lacking, but how can I give and how can I add value to other people. When you focus outward on service, You start to really attract some incredible things in your life.

It's unbelievable the ripple effect, the domino effect, one person helping another person, how it comes back around to you, and if you've ever felt this for yourself, leave a comment below of this feeling you've had when you started adding more and more value, getting out of the negative situation inside your mind and in your body focusing outward on helping others. It's incredible the things you can start to attract and manifest in your life. So we want to talk about practice for reflecting on your life. And I want you to look at your relationships, your health, your business and the key areas of your life that are meaningful to you. And ask yourself these questions. Who are you spending too much energy on? Think about this right now. Who are you spending too much energy on in your life? Literally you can write this down or you can just think like who are the 3 to 4 people in my life that I'm spending too much time on that maybe I don't need to be spending this time on these individuals? What aspects of your health are hurting you because your energy is spent on things that don't support you, that don't give you more energy? For your business, what tasks or projects are taking up so much time that are stressing about without much reward? Whether personal joy, whether it be actual financial reward or moving a project forward, what are those tasks that you're in control, freak, mindset, doing too much of it, spending hours on something that you don't need to be doing?

Start assessing these different areas of your life and think about what can I really let go of in this place to start attracting more. Energy is everything when you're thinking about a law of attraction and you need to be coming from a positive, grateful, abundant feeling in order to start creating more of that. You can't come from a feeling of lack, of scarcity, of not enough, of I don't love myself. If you don't love yourself, you're saying to the world, to the universe, to other people, why would I work with you? Why would I want to connect with you? What I want to be in love with you if you don't love yourself? You're gonna start shifting the way of thinking, the way of feeling, the way of being in order to really show up energetically around other people. One of my early mentors told me, the world makes room for passionate people. Think about it. If you are slunched over every single day like this, lacking confidence, stressed, You didn't you know depressed and you're unable to get out of your own way because you're constantly thinking About how much you don't love yourself. I've been there. I know this feeling if you're in that state People aren't attracted to that.

They are attracted to someone who is humble yet confident at the same time in their abilities Someone who cares and can look other people in the eye Someone who's got a big heart and opens up and is and is willing to receive information not someone who slouched over and has you know a middle finger up to the world They want people who are open who are willing who are? Down to try things who are passionate at least passionate about the thing they care about and when you show your passion about something People are attracted to energy that is passionate that is grateful that is fun That is loving that is expressive that is creative that is expansive, they're not attracted to people who are closed off and guarded. That is not attractive. That is not sexy in any part of life, in relationship, health, business. You're not gonna attract people from that place. So we're working to reprogram your mind and break the patterns that have been leading your life because I've been there in so many different areas of my life for many different years that have held me back. And some I've been confident in certain areas and others I've lacked confidence. And this is a process and this is a journey and it's not gonna happen overnight. But we want to identify where your energy is going and focus on where is that energy and effort leading you and helping you. And as the author of The Secret, Rhonda Byrne told me in our interview last year, she said, when you start noticing a damaging pattern, you can replace it with a new one. But you need to identify what the patterns are. I think sometimes we just aren't even aware.

It's just a pattern that's running, it's something that's happening and maybe it's been happening for months or years or decades. We're not even aware. It's just become our identity. So when you identify the negative identity patterns that are holding you back, that's the first step. And you can start to really shift and replace it with a new identity, a new pattern that you can implement. And you want to think about the people in your life. Now, are the people you spend your time with giving you energy or are they draining you of your energy? And this is also a side note, just because someone maybe doesn't agree with you or has different beliefs or makes you feel reactive doesn't mean that they're always this toxic person. You get to figure out how you can respond to people because not everyone's going to be a perfect human being around you all day long. You've got to learn how to respond and let go of the triggers that have been holding you back. It's usually never about the other person. It's always about, why is this hurting me?

Why is this affecting me? Yes, if someone's being nasty towards you and saying mean things to you and deliberately and intentionally trying to hurt you, that is not okay. But sometimes it's just a misinterpretation. Sometimes it's a miscommunication and we get so triggered. I know, because this used to be me, we get so triggered and so angry, we hold on to this. That doesn't help you. It's typically never about the other person. It's usually always about the thing we need to let go of and heal in our past so that we can be less reactive to life's daily interactions. So you want to think about, who are those people that maybe, maybe they are draining you or maybe you need to figure out how to let go of your reactions. And if you're wanting to manifest loving relationships around you, you want to start thinking about, who are the people that are really supporting you and those that aren't? And are you keeping people around because you don't want them to leave your side or you're keeping them around because they're actually adding value and you're contributing to adding value in their life as well. And if you are trying to put out in the world that you do want loving relationships around you, then bring the joy that you want to create.

And if the people currently around you don't fall into that desire, then it's time to let them go or just distance yourself, you don't have to say I'm cutting you out of my life forever, but start to distance yourself create time and space for more abundance of love in your life. And for your health, think about your health. You know, how many of us feel like we are at a ten in a ten in our health that we are optimal living with our bodies, our mental and emotional health. And the beliefs we hold about, our bodies and health really can't affect us, how we think about it. It can make us either sick or healthier. This is something that I've seen for myself and I've seen for so many people around the world, the fear of sickness and disease sometimes manifests in the body faster than actually getting something physically in the body that would manifest. And I've spoken to many different health experts, scientists, spiritual leaders on the podcast who share how much impact the mind has over the body. And we live in a world where it's easy to get caught up in the negative thinking about our body. Shaming our body, my body is not enough, I've got too much fat here, I'm not big enough here, I'm not, I'm too skinny, whatever it is, the shame, the judgment, the comparison, that will consume you and it'll hold you back from attracting what you want. For example, you don't want people to see you in a swimsuit because you're not happy with your body and that can make you self-conscious, it can make you feel depressed, which makes it harder to take action in the effort of attraction. So if we're constantly crippled by this fear or judgment or insecurity or shame, we're not going to take the action to help us attract and become a magnet for what we want in our life, the magnet of abundance of love, of wealth, of health, of good friends, of opportunities, of creation. We're not going to be the magnet.

So what if you focused on your desire to want to work out more, to eat better, to love yourself for where you are in your journey? What if you focused on that instead? And if you only focused on those pillars and not what others might think about you or how you look compared to someone else, what if you did that and focused on the day-to-day moments and the journey as opposed to where you are compared to someone else? Then all of that is outside of you and when you're putting your energy into thinking about insecurities or lack or stress or comparison, the opinions of others and the embarrassment of someone's got a laugh at me because I don't look as good, it doesn't allow you to put energy into bettering yourself. Now, this is not easy if we've never learned how to do this. This is not something that comes natural to most people if you've never learned how to do this. This is a practice. This is something that you're going to want to form a new habit and try and consistently show up for every day if possible to support you in the different areas of your life that you want to attract more abundance in. With your business, how much energy are you putting into the fears of running out of money, scarcity, not having enough, of having a product that nobody will want and comparing yourself to the other competitors and constantly competing in comparison as opposed to serving. How can I just serve the clients that I have? How can I add more value to them and let the results speak for themselves? And how can I constantly show up and be better as a leader and develop new skills so that I can attract new clients, so I can effectively have more confidence when I'm reaching out to prospects, so I can create more consistent content on social media, whatever it is you're trying to do.

But if all of your energy is spent on the opposite, the stress of not having enough, of trying to sell and going broke and going out of business, it's keeping you from attracting more customers, it's keeping you from innovating your product and focusing on how you're able to serve more people and serve the world. So again, it all stems from this way of being. My way of being gets to be abundance. If I want to manifest the law of attraction in my life, it gets to be gratitude, joy, passion. It gets to be self-love because you attract more from those places. But if you're coming from a place of negativity, of resentment, of anger, of fear, of stress, of I'm not good enough, why would people want to come to something or someone that doesn't feel good enough? Why would something great be attracted to something that says, I don't love myself? You got to think about this. When you can come from a place of I love myself, I love the journey I'm on. Maybe I'm not where I want to be, but I love where I'm at right now and every day I'm working towards the improvement of myself. I did this step that I said I was going to do. I was consistent when I said I was going to show up five days a week with my health or with these action steps.

It's you following through on your commitments to yourself, which will attract more goodness in your life. It's when you're constantly breaking your words, when you doubt your own self because you're not being in integrity with yourself. So here's the tricky part that will take time to work through, yet it's so important for your growth. Where we direct our energy and focus is often related to beliefs we hold about ourselves in the world. Now those beliefs can be traced back as early as our childhood, obviously from the different events that we go through in our childhood. And Rhonda Burns advice for this is start to listen to yourself and look at the things that you have really strong opinions about. Where you have a really strong opinion is a belief that's underneath that. You can dissolve those beliefs and feel free. Every time you're able to drop the phrase, I believe from something, you feel completely free. It's amazing to feel light as a feather and actually feel invincible. Doubt and uncertainty play a big part in most people's lives. And those two things can be paralyzing.

So just imagine living life with zero uncertainty. And when we understand and work through our beliefs that don't serve us anymore, and we can start to change our thinking to what do I want for my life, that's when we can begin taking actions to help us achieve it. And that's what this is all about. So I want to share a few ways that I've used a law of attraction in my life. And I want to talk about some of the habits we're going to go into here in just a moment as well. But for me, I've used a law of attraction to really manifest different accomplishments and new experiences in just about every area of my life. And health has always been important to me, but that doesn't mean it's always been easy. And I use strategies, I use structure and I use accountability to help me be consistent with my health, because it's one thing to just think, you know what, I wanna help a healthy body, I wanna be stronger, I wanna be faster, I wanna be more athletic and I wanna accomplish my athletic goals. It's one thing to say that, to visualize it, which is something that I do, which is part of the law of attraction. But, man, especially if you've got a busy life, if you've got responsibilities, If you've got kids, if you've got work, if you've got, there's only so much time to really attract the things you want and take action on those things on a daily basis. So I'm a big believer in creating structure in your life and scheduling the most important things for you on a daily basis. Creating goals for yourself and having a coach, an accountability buddy, someone you hire that shows up for you.

So in my health, that's what I do. I've got a boxing trainer to help me improve a skill there and also get a good workout. I've got a lifting trainer as well. I schedule it in. I make time. Sometimes I have to do it in the middle of the day in between stuff in my business. Sometimes it's got to be early in the morning. Sometimes it's got to be at night. It's not always this most easy, ideal way of going about it. But when you want to create more in your life, when you're trying to be a bigger leader, there's going to be more pressures and responsibilities that show up with that effort. And so it's figuring out what is the most important things to do with my time, how do I schedule this in, how do I create accountability so I make sure I show up for my dreams and my goals so that when I look back 3, 6, 12 months of taking consistent action, things are manifesting and I'm attracting them because I'm showing up consistently. And success was always something that I dreamed of growing up, but in my early 20s, I struggled a lot from it.

Because I wasn't really sure... After sports was done, I had to re-figure out how do I apply this into life? How do I apply this into making money, into relationships? Because for me, it was all about sports and I had the structure, I had the accountability, I had the coaches, I had the team. After that, I didn't have that. So I had to transition, I had to let go of an old identity that I was holding on to this identity of being an athlete, of trying to go pro. And once that was done, I had to shed the old identity and not hold onto it. I would be suffering, I would be depressed, I would be in negative thinking, I'd be thinking that I wasn't enough. That no one cared about me because they only cared about the old me. So I had to let that go and so I could start attracting from a new space, a new identity. Another question that people like to ask me is how did you use a law of attraction to start achieving success when starting out as well as in the current moment? So how did I achieve success starting out and also now how am I using it to accomplish what I want?

Now relationships are what matter most to me. A friend and mentor and coach of mine Chris Lees says that the key to success in life is relationships and the key to success for relationships is vulnerability and it's something that I truly believe in. If you want to get super connected to someone extremely fast, be vulnerable right away and that'll open you up and then I'll create that trust and relationship with that other person to be vulnerable as well. So relationships are what matter most, health, business, life. It stems from relationships from family, friends, finding the right partner. You know if the relationships are in constant breakdown, your life will be in constant breakdown. It'll be hard to manifest what you want and attract the things and I believe this area is often overlooked and people don't realize that you can really create more control over the the relationships you put the energy into. And it all starts from your intention. It all starts from the way you communicate. It starts with how you show up for yourself and relationships with yourself. But the way I started to do it early on was kind of what I've been talking about already. I truly get so clear on my goals.

I get very clear on what I want to attract. And I think about it. I write it down. I'll create a certificate of achievement. I'll hang it on my wall. I'll put it on my phone and say, this happened. I sign it. the date of when it's going to happen and I really reverse-engineer and say what are the actions to attract this goal? What are the actions to attract this goal? Who do I get to become? You know, it starts from the way of being. It starts from your energy and your intention first.

Then that energy goes into the action. So if you have a negative energy, but you're taking action every day, you won't attract the things you want and be fulfilled. Maybe you'll attract some certain things, but you'll still feel this negative lack of fulfillment because it wasn't coming from a place of joy, of gratitude, of appreciation, of growth, of possibilities, of creativity, of service. And that's when you really shift from that intention and that energy from those places as opposed to I'm doing this to prove others wrong. I'm doing this to show my parents that I could do this. I'm doing this to look good. I'm doing this because I want to have all these awards and show it off. When you come from that place, you can accomplish what you want, but at the end of the day, are you truly going to be fulfilled? And that's something that we've all got to learn the hard way if we're not willing to come from joy, passion, gratitude, and service. Another question someone might ask is how have you used the law of attraction when it comes to your friendships, business relationships, partnerships, and other relationships? At this stage of my life, I've learned a lot about relationships and I have a long way to go to learn more about relationships. But I really think about in friendships, does this person think a similar way as me?

Does this person on a similar path of service? Does this person have a good heart? Do I have fun with this person? Can we have cool activities together that we share and enjoy? And I think about that. Is there a natural flow to our friendship? Is there a give and take that we both have or am I the only one that gives and they take? I think about these things, and I try to create alignment with friends. Okay, cool, we're on a similar journey. Maybe they're in a completely different industry or career path, but if we have a similar philosophy and way of being and energy, I like to be around positive people. So I attract friends from that same place of positivity and gratitude. In business partnerships, I think about who are the partners who will compliment me?

Not similar to me, but who would compliment me who have other skills and assets that I don't have. And I think about what am I really talented at? How can I be a driver of this business and the skills that I have, and how can I find a compliment partner who can support the things that I'm not good at? I think about that there. And in relationships, I really think about a lot when it comes to more intimate relationships. And for me, it starts with the foundation of four key things, spiritual connection, mental connection, emotional connection, and then for me also the sexual connection. But the foundation on the first three first. If you can build from that place and have a similar mindset, similar values, similar vision, that's what I really look for in more intimate relationships as well. Do we have those four foundational points in common? Are we aligned on these things? Do we have our values aligned, our vision aligned for what we wanna create in a relationship? For me, that's a big part of it, so creating from that space and attracting from that space.

And that means being very courageous with your words, very courageous in your communication and saying, this is exactly what I'm about. This is what I'm looking to create. This is where I'm going. This is my future, what I see for myself right now. Here's my values. Speaking from a place of integrity, speaking from a place of courage to almost say, can this person hang? Can this person keep up with me? Because this is what I believe. Not hiding those things, but putting yourself out there. You'll either attract or you'll repel, and it's better to repel quickly than keep some things hidden for a year or two and realize, oh, we don't align. So be courageous with your words, be courageous with your actions and your feelings towards that. Another question, how do you visualize the School of Greatness becoming a TV show?

This is interesting. This must have been seven or eight years ago as well. I was traveling and doing more public speaking at that time, kind of getting started in my public speaking career. And I would go to all these different hotels around the country. And I remember when you turn on the TV in a hotel, it usually starts a channel one. You see kind of the first eight to 12 channels right away when you scroll through the TV guide. And I remember seeing PBS as usually in the top 10 channels, PBS channel. And I would always see this talk show, this talk show with inspiring people, the host and inspiring people. And I was like, huh, and I'd watch this talk show and it would be back-to-back hours. Pretty much every major city I went to in the middle of the day, I'd see these back-to-back hours for this talk show on PBS, Public Television. And I said, man, my show had just gotten started at that point in the School of Gradence and I was like, I feel like I could do this. I mean, I'm getting similar type of guests, like the conversations are just as powerful, like, huh, why couldn't I be on PBS?

Why can't we create this? We already have the content. And I remember the seed was planted then. I saw it and I said, okay, this is something I wanna create. I have no clue how to do it, but what are the steps to get me there? What do I need to do? Who do I need to become? What do I need to let go of? What insecurities? What do I need to build in order to attract this? In order to say, PBS is gonna say yes when we come to them or they're gonna approach me. And seven, eight years later, we are now on public television, on PBS, around the country.

And it was a process. It was a journey. It took time. It didn't happen overnight. Some things happen quickly when you start to apply the law of attraction. The bigger goals and dreams, sometimes that happens quickly, but sometimes it takes years. It really all depends on where you're at in your life. But it happened and now we're there. And it's a beautiful experience to see, again, closing the loop from a seed that was planted six, seven, eight years ago is now happening, is now manifested, is now blossoming. And sometimes when we plant the seed, it doesn't grow overnight into this giant oak tree. It takes time to fertilize and build in water. And that's you developing new skills, overcoming challenges, becoming a better version of yourself.

So if you wanna check it out, make sure to go to slash watch, and I'll show you where you can go on your local TV station to check out the show on public television and PBS all around the country as well. We'll have that linked up in the description below also. I wanna talk about daily habits to make the law of attraction really stick. Now, we all have busy lives, like I said, and it's not easy to break old habits or create new habits when we have responsibilities of busy life and you feel overwhelmed or stressed already. But there are some daily habits that you can really introduce to start utilizing the law of attraction. And step one is to visualize what you want in your life to look like the first thing in the morning. What do you want your day to look like? How do you want to feel throughout this day? Starting with this and taking it one day at a time will eventually begin to compound. And you'll have weeks where you're becoming the type of person you really wanna become and you'll see it to manifest over time. Step two is to write down your goals for the day. Now, this is something that I do for my dreams in the future that is big dreams and goals, but also what do I wanna accomplish today?

And doing both of those, the kind of longer, bigger dreams, but also what's the daily goal? When you do that and once you see it in your mind and put it in paper so you can remember it, it helps you revisit it to track your progress when you do this process. So really focus on writing down your goals daily and also thinking about what are my long-term goals and dreams and what am I doing to show for them daily. Step three is to speak it out loud. Like we mentioned earlier, what if you said to yourself, I am enough. I am worthy of love. I'm gonna serve my community today with my business or with my talents or my gifts. And saying these things out loud to yourself is like training your brain to actually believe it. And then when you say it and you follow through on the actions you commit to that you write down, you start to believe it even more. And step four is to reflect at the end of the day on how your day went. Thinking about your visualization in the morning, writing down your goals and the spoken affirmations, tracking your progress to see how your life is changing in real time. And you can really start to see these things after a week.

You implement this consistently for a week. You start to say, huh, I feel a little bit different. I got a little different result today from my friends and my family and relationships. You start to see these things happening pretty quickly. And when you do this and you track the progress, it will hold you accountable and it'll be amazing to look back on in a month from now. One of the mistakes I see most often is not getting clear about what you truly want. Now this is tough because in this time during our life, there's a lot of distractions, a lot of opportunities, a lot of things that people wanna do at once, but if you're chasing so many things at once, you'll never really create and catch the one thing you wanna get. People will hear about manifesting it and start to say things like, well, I want more money, or I wanna become the most physically fit version of myself. And then they leave it at that. And if you think or speak in those general terms, then not much happens when you do that. Here's the key, the more specific you are, the more likely the actions you take and the energy you put out will help you achieve that goal. It's all about the specifics.

If you aren't clear, you'll continue to go down multiple distraction paths instead of one focused one. You'll start to see opportunity after opportunity, and you'll put all your energy spread out as opposed to focused on growing in one area to start. So you need to really sit down and really think about this and get as clear as possible. That's why it's so important to write down your goals and be specific, right down the dates by when, when you wanna manifest this by, when you wanna create this by. And one of the biggest mistakes people make after getting super clear on their dreams is not taking any action at all. So I'm declaring I'm gonna go create this goal. It's gonna happen. And then nothing happens because you can't just visualize and write down your goals and say your affirmations and look in the mirror and do this and expect all your dreams to come true. You cannot do this. I see this all the time with people sharing their big goals on social media. I'm gonna lose 100 pounds by this date. I'm gonna create this much in my business and they start to speak it.

They write it down. They got their vision board, and you see it all over social media and they never see them share any actions. After the first week they take action, then it gets hard. They usually don't have the other things in place. The structure, the accountability, the coaching, the support, all the things you need to really support you in consistent action. The discipline to consistent action over time. And those are the things that will support you with your goals. Now I don't want this for you. I don't want you to just have these dreams and then them not be manifested. and the practices we've spoken about help you get clear. So I don't want you to just think about this and visualize this and not get the results you want and be a magnet of attraction. The practices we've spoken about help you get clear and in the right mindset.

But you have to be willing to take action for anything to actually happen. And you have to do this consistently. Consistency of it is the magnet. It's what attracts people. It's what creates respect, what creates trust, who creates authority, all these things in the space that you're in. So you wanna think about the action that goes in with this. And one of my favorite examples of this is from my friend Sarah Blakely, who is the founder of Spanx. And before Spanx, she was selling fax machines door to door for years. And feeling kinda hopeless about where she was going. So she went home and wrote in her journal that she wanted to invent a product that she could sell to millions of people. She wrote down that her biggest strength was sales. So if she had the right idea for a product, she could handle the rest.

And she wrote that down. She was visualizing selling to millions of people. And then a couple years later, she came up with this concept for Spanx, which has become a billion dollar business. Now imagine if you were able to stay consistent for two years, what would happen for you? And imagine if Sarah had been given up and gone back to her old habits after a few days or a few weeks. Maybe she was excited for a little bit. She said, you know what, I'm too scared. I don't wanna take the risk. I'm gonna give up. I'm not gonna be consistent. That change didn't happen overnight, but she put these ideas on paper, visualized it and was consistent in her action. And look what she was able to create and manifest.

I am so excited for the change that you're going to be making in your life. And I actually have a free exercise all about creating your vision for your life that you can go download by going to Go there right now. It's free, you can download it. Again, It'll be in the description below as well. And if you go sign up there, you'll get an exercise immediately in your email that'll help you get clear in your vision and really start to manifest these things you want in your life. And I want you to share with me on social media or in the comments below in this video, what you're gonna be attracting and manifesting for yourself and how you're gonna put this into practice. So write down one to three big goals you wanna create for your life that you wanna attract. Maybe in your relationship, your money situation, your health, what's the thing you wanna attract yourself? Leave a comment below and let me know what those things are. And I wanna remind you, if no one's told you lately that you are loved, you are worthy, and you matter.

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