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January 20, 2023

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Dan Gambardello of Crypto Capital Venture joins me for an interview and he provides technical & price analysis for Bitcoin, Cardano ADA, Ripple XRP, and Ethereum. He provides short term and longterm predictions for the crypto prices. 🌟Sponsor -...


Welcome back to the Thinking Crypto Podcast, your home for cryptocurrency news and interviews with me today is Dan from Crypto Capital Venture. I've been a follower of Dan's for a long time, watching his content. He has over 300,000 subscribers on YouTube. And Dan, it's great to have you on.

Tony, I appreciate being here. It's great to catch up. Great to finally meet you.

And I'm looking forward to hanging out for a little bit for sure, man. Um, you know, like I said, I've been a follower and a watcher of your content. So I'm like, I got to get you on because you do some great analysis. Uh, we're going to talk about Bitcoin, the bull market or bear market and ADA and XRP and so forth, but let's start with your background. Where are you from and where'd you grow up?

Grew up just outside of Philly. So many people could probably catch it in my Philly accent, kind of have a little Philly accent, but, uh, grew up in PAA recently moved out of PA around a year ago, but, uh, just kind of grew up mainly coming out of high school as an entrepreneur, I guess you could say, and just found myself kind of trickling my way into, into the crypto space, as you could say.

So what was your first encounter with Bitcoin and what was like your aha moment, like, okay, I get, I know you're more of a, like maybe a trader, but you know, uh, what was your thought process behind the technology as well?

Yeah. So I actually, I think a lot of people, especially at watch my YouTube channel might be surprised when I say I'm actually not a trader. I don't, I mean, I do. I trade like in my own little time, once in a while, I like to mess around with like leverage trading sometimes, but for me, that is just like complete, like that's just to the side. It's like a gamble. It's not something that I'm doing on a daily basis, which is what led me into crypto to answer your question. It's, it's this macro picture and it's the timing of where crypto was when I kind of entered the space, which was just like, wait a second. I fell hard in 2008 with this, the, uh, housing market crash. I got caught in the middle of that as an investor, making bad decisions, not having a long-term enough outlook and understanding markets. I failed big time. Um, and I learned a big lesson, but it was such a valuable one. So when crypto kind of came around as an opportunity for me, I started kind of looking at it from that angle.

It's like that macro look and for me, the reason I started the YouTube channel was to track the charts because I get wrapped up on, on the zoomed-in charts. I get wrapped up in like the day-to-day price movement. I really do. I still do. Um, and I wanted to have a way, like an outlet to kind of track that journey, the emotional aspect of it and control it. So for me, I wanted to really start reading the charts, uh, from a data perspective, data-driven, and really translate how that applies to the macro. The important piece of it for me, which is that long-term investor mindset. That's essentially kind of what got me started. I do a lot of zoomed-in technical analysis, but it's not because I'm a trader. It's because I want to see, Hey, is the data on pace? Um, when you look at the micro and we're kind of going through this volatile, crazy journey, is it consistent historically with what happened in previous cycles and then you just start zooming out on the charts and you start, wow, this story is really consistent and it's, it's, it's on pace. And that's kind of like what I've been tracking on my YouTube channel.

Well, you do a great job of it, man. Um, how did you learn technical analysis and chart analysis and so forth? Was it, uh, you know, through a course through reading books? How did you learn that?

Just myself. It was totally online, um, trial and error, uh, finding consistencies in what I've learned and also finding my own type of applications to the charts. The thing is that the charts are open to anybody for interpretation. It's 100% just data. There's no exact right way to do it. And there's no exact wrong way to do it. Um, I would say a big influence for me was Borkowski. Uh, he has a great website, thepatternsite.com. I've learned a ton just of basics from him, uh, and then taking those rules that he's come up with on his own through a lot of trading, uh, I've kind of just applied it in my own little way to the crypto charts. I think crypto moves a little differently in terms of like, especially shorter term moves than maybe traditional markets do. Uh, so I kind of adjust for that, but yeah, I mean, just teaching, learning myself, just like most, mostly anything else in life.

For sure. Um, and then part of your, um, business is not just a YouTube, but there's a recruiting aspect to it. Can you tell us about that?

Yeah. So the recruiting aspect is essentially what got me into crypto. I was running a recruiting firm with a business partner of mine at the time. And it was 2017 we were recruiting for startups. Uh, and he was like, Hey, let's recruit for crypto, like a crypto startup. What do you think about that? And I was like, I mean, sure. You know, I knew really not much of anything about crypto. I bought Bitcoin prior and it went crazy. I sold it and I was like, it didn't convince me then. Like I wasn't on the crypto boat yet, but this time we started, you know, kind of stepping foot in the startup side of crypto and as a recruiter, I started to seeing, well, these are like legit crypto startups that are building and growing, and for me, that kind of is what sold me on crypto, not just being some like, you know, come and go type of thing. That's where I really started paying attention.

Cause I'm like running a business here and I'm helping actual crypto companies grow because the space is really that early. And so that's where I started to notice the true opportunity. And I was just like, you know, I was right in, I was right into it.

Let's talk about the charts. There's a lot going on right now. You know, Bitcoin made a move and there's two camps, of course, the bears and the bulls bears saying this is a bull trap may roll over to, I don't know, lower lows bulls saying this is a start of the retracement for Bitcoin or some who have the idea that it's going to go to new all time. I am not in that camp. I think the four year cycles are playing out, but I want to get your thoughts. What are you seeing in the short term as well as the long term for Bitcoin?

Short term volatility, long-term volatility. No, but you're, I'm just kidding. But to answer your questions, exactly why I do technical analysis is we are seeing this, this dynamic of narrative, right? And it's this bull versus bear narrative. And especially if you're on crypto Twitter, you just see all of these predictions and people arguing with each other, like, you know, we're, the bear markets over the bull market starting, you know, I did actually a video today talking about when I think the bull market will start. And, you know, I think we're probably just over a year away from that actually happening. Sure. But, um, I mean, I can open up the charts if you want, and we can kinda, we can just look at it. Um, so let me just share my screen real quick. So I want to start here and it's not to bore anybody, but this is S&P 500. It's just, it really is just a reminder. It, and I wasn't doing this in the last bear market low in 2018.

We were tracking Bitcoin. Maybe I should have been, but I wasn't tracking equity markets. I wasn't tracking what's going on on the traditional side of things. But this chart, it, if you're, if you care about Bitcoin, if you care about crypto and what direction we're headed, this chart, it's just, chart is like everything right now. Uh, and so I want to just chart something in, in the short term to kind of give us an idea as it kind of plays itself into the long-term. So this is just a S&P 500 chart, kind of a reflection of equity markets. This bear market we've been in this, you see these lower high resistance. It's just, we get this rally to the upside and it just falls to the downside. Rally to upside. These are from a technical analysis perspective. It's a swing high to swing low, and it's just this drawback to a key area. So when you start thinking or hearing about things like bull traps for me, and this is on a weekly chart, this is very zoomed out.

This isn't like short term, but for me, these lower high Fibonacci channels, these retracement channels are just really nice pictures of what could potentially be a bull trap. And here's a bull trap on the macro. And it could also be just an area of bullish confirmation, meaning when does this pattern of lower highs stop happening, right? And you can see most recently, we've had another swing high to swing low back to another Fibonacci retracement and it's been resistance. But right now, and this is why I wanted to bring up the S&P 500 chart before we talk about Bitcoin is when you're looking at this chart, we're getting close to potential, a potential bullish confirmation. It hasn't happened yet, but we have this rejection here, kind of comes back down and just falls through these moving averages, the 20-week, the 50-week. And then the same thing here, rejection at the 50-week moving average, falls through the 20-week moving average and down. Now we have again, 50-week moving average resistance, Fibonacci lower high resistance, but check out what's happening. We're falling through the 20-week, but it didn't put in a new low and actually kind of coming back above the 20 week right now and testing the 50 week moving average and also this lower high Fibonacci. So for me, from a macro perspective, because everybody's trying to figure out, is the bear market over? Is the shift happening into the bull market? For me, this chart, I know it's not a crypto chart, but it really is.

I mean, crypto is

heavily correlated to what's happening here. So if all of a sudden we get this breakout,

this is going to be a macro shift for just equity markets potentially. And there could be a lot of volatility along that way too, but we start putting in these higher lows. So we have this swing low, the bottom potentially being in back here in October, and we start getting the macro shift. This is so applicable to the Bitcoin charts, because when we go to a Bitcoin chart, and here it is on the weekly, we see Bitcoin has just lived through another bear market from swing high to kind of where it is right now. It's been 427 days. And for context, it was around 476 days in the last bear market before it fell all the way down below a macro Fibonacci retracement, a bottoming range that I like to say is for Bitcoin. And this time again, it's taken 427 days to fall below and pop back above that 786 line, this yellow Fibonacci. So cycles of Bitcoin, and this is what's so amazing, are playing out so well, these four year cycles that everybody talks about. The fundamental thing is it's through this recession, it's through all of these collapses that we send. That's what's impressive to me.

Yeah, because this is the first time it's experienced that type of economic condition. It's been to your point, correlated to the stock market and equities market, which has been in a 10 year bull market. So it's good to see, it's kind of like, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

And I think that's the case here for Bitcoin. Yeah, 100% agreed. And whether or not it holds up and the bottom is in or the bottom is at the very least warming right now, that's obviously up for debate. This is a monthly chart, by the way, on Bitcoin. So you go over to the daily chart, and here's what's going on. You zoom in, here's our 786 line. This is a really big, key Fibonacci draw back line. I talk about it all the time, but you should see Bitcoin bottoming below, just like prior bear market lows in 2018, 2015, and right now exiting. So the amount of volatility that's going to happen all here, it's insane. And this is why I enjoy doing technical analysis, because for me, I like to just reel the emotions in, just notice and know that it's going to happen. We could literally get like just, if you take our price range, we could get a continuation of Bitcoin right now, 30,000, right? 30% gains, just as easily as Bitcoin can fall, right?

Earnings are bad over the next couple of weeks. Fed does something or announces something crazy. Bitcoin's going back down below the 786 to 20% of downside. I track these charts on the zoomed in to anticipate these scenarios. So I'm ready mentally, and I'm handling my portfolio properly so that I'm making the right decisions for this chart. And again, this is the zoomed out chart, the bigger picture

chart. So that's essentially what I'm watching on Bitcoin. Tough question for you because to your point, there's two scenarios that could play out there. If you could put percentages on a scale of 100%, what percentage could we see that retracement where Bitcoin goes to about 30, 35K? And on the flip side, it rolls over, it goes down to maybe 12K. What percentages would you put

on both? You mean probability? Probability, excuse me. Yeah. So my way of thinking is, and it's not because I'm a bear, but I would say 75% that we're going to retest at the very least a 786 line. And for that to happen, and it would probably be off the back of, this is the S&P 500 chart, resistance right here at the 50-day, resistance at this Fibonacci we talked about, and maybe potentially some more consolidation down on the S&P, that's going to bring Bitcoin back down to test the 786 down here. The 20-week moving hours is a really big area. It's around 18,000. It's not huge, not that big of a drop, but I lean towards the downside and that's around the 786 line is 17% fall. And I don't do it because I'm bearish. I'll sit here and say, and I think I mentioned in a video I just recorded the other day, I want to be wrong about that. I want Bitcoin to actually prove me wrong, do one of those things because it does it, and it's just like, it keeps going.

It's going crazy. And it shocks everybody. I want that to happen. I enjoy that. But if you just look at the daily RSI, it's just like how overbought it has been. Last time that was that overbought was in the bull market all the way back here in January, 2021. And it was a big drop after that happened. So time will tell and we'll see. But I would say 75% of me thinks that crypto will or Bitcoin and crypto will just fall, take a nice little

retracement. But you don't think that the doomsday Armageddon situation of some saying, it's going to 10K or 9K, that's going to happen. It's more of bouncing off the support at 18,17 or so.

Well, I can't anticipate that there will be support there, but that's why I do technical analysis is not to predict. It's to anticipate that Bitcoin will get there, but then watch what happens when it does. You know what I'm saying? Is there a bullish confirmation of support? Because that 786 line from a macro perspective is huge. This is a daily chart. So if I actually, I'm going to go all the way back, here's the last bear market right here. There's Bitcoin bottoming below the 786, but here is Bitcoin in 2015, bear market low. So notice actually what it did, broke the 786 line was going crazy, kind of like right now, and actually did retrace to that 786. So if it does retrace now, this is the move I'd be looking for, just a beautiful, just nice bounce of support higher low off of that area. But I sit here, I have no idea if it's going to happen, what's going to happen. I just know that I'm anticipating that move and I want to see what does happen.

Sure. So let's say the Fed and all these macroeconomic factors come to a resolution by the middle of this year, the Fed pauses rate hikes, inflation is under control, and I put that in quotation marks here. And then the markets start to rip a bit, not to new all-time highs, but just off, okay, we're out of the storm a bit and the equities markets start moving up. Do you think Bitcoin could do its retracement there, a la 2019, going to the 30, 35,000 range, then roll over again and maybe move sideways into 2024 to the

halving? Is that a plausible scenario? Yeah, I really do think, I think it's the most likely scenario. So just like I'm taking the last bear market low back here in 2018 to bull market high, and I should have probably charted this to start, but this is what that retracement, the 786 line is, it's to a macro Fibonacci 786. But just like we're doing that from bear market low to bull market high, what I also do, and this was so fun in the last bull market is we take bull market high to bear market low and we wait for the bull market doors. And this is Bitcoin entering the bull market. So I remember doing the video in November, 2020, Bitcoin entering the bull market doors and breaking the bull market doors. It was very fun because we waited so long, but that's kind of where we are now. It's bull market high to bear market low so far, and here are the bull market doors. This is this macro area where we're waiting for Bitcoin to break above. And I think as previous bull markets, I don't think we're going to break it until after 2024 having. This is what happened in 2020.

And if you look back, it's actually also when it broke those doors all the way back here in, I don't know exactly where the doors are on this chart, but it was post 2016 having. So that's what I'm waiting for. And along the way, of course, I mean, you can just take a bars pattern from the last bear market low to that crazy game Bitcoin had, place it on the chart now. And you could see what could be potentially in store, right? Sure. Maybe we hit that, the bull market doors, and that's where the resistance is. And we're coming down for like another half a year or something. You know what I mean? So all speculation, of course, but I think it's going to be something like that, hopefully, without any type of pandemic playing into the new charts.

Right. And hopefully no more black swan events, whether it be crypto related or just environmental, macro, economic, hopefully those issues. So, you know, a lot of people were predicting Bitcoin would go to a hundred thousand dollars in the last bull market cycle. You know, you had guys like plan B with the stock to flow model. It didn't get there, but obviously it made new all time highs. And if you bought the lows in 2018, you made money, right? What are you anticipating we could potentially see as far as a price point, as far as a new all time high in the next cycle,

2024, 2025? So what I'll do is I'm going to bring up this chart. I charted this in 2018. And you can actually see, actually, let me redo that. So you can actually see, let me try and zoom in a little bit where Bitcoin ends there is actually when I was charting it in 2018. And when I charted it, you see the 786 drawbacks that we've been talking about those yellow lines. I had Bitcoin speculatively going to 90,000 based off of a couple of different things. It didn't do that, right? It went to around 70,000. I'm not changing this chart because it's fun just to see over the years, over the cycles, how close it plays out. But on the chart, you can just see, I have Bitcoin going to 281,000 in that next cycle high. And I'm going to have to, as I sit here today, knowing what I know now, miss the mark on the 90,000, right?

We were close, but still a ways away. And I think to 281,000, I think that might be overshooting it even more, right? So Bitcoin might fall short even more than that. But I think for that next cycle, and if we go back to an actual chart here, we get out of here and we look at maybe changes to, let's look over here, monthly chart, we start saying, okay, there's the 2024 having, the 200, I don't remember, what was the prediction on that chart? 281,000. 281,000, somewhere like right around here. Maybe that's a little overshooting it, but I think entering the bull market doors, say post-2024 having, frozen to the upside. I really do think up into that 150, 170,000 range, I think is definitely a nice target for the next bull market high. I don't think it's going to go as parabolic as that chart I just showed you, but I think it's a very bullish target to have 150, 175, keeping in mind it could be way too bullish. Maybe it only hits 100,000. For a lot of people, that's like, it's only a 5X for Bitcoin right now. That might not be good enough, but that's where we pivot into the probably altcoin plays, offering a little bit more

upside opportunity. I'll take it, man. I've been accumulating Bitcoin since 2016, so I'll take it. It wouldn't be too shabby, right? Yeah, I'll take it. Of course, look, I'm diversified. I hold altcoins just like you. I hold Cardano, I hold XRP, Ethereum. Let's jump to the ADA chart because I know you're a fan of ADA, follow a lot of your analysis there. What are you seeing as far as the

short term and possibly for the next cycle, what price point we might see? Well, short term, I'll just zoom in real quick just to give an idea. It's been brutal for Cardano. Just like the last bear market, it's been brutal, but Cardano is hitting its most recent Fibonacci retracement again, just this bull trap you can say, swing high, the swing low, and you can see this channel, green channel. Look how nicely, I keep charting these, but look how nicely it just plays out. It's so consistent. That's what makes technical analysis exciting, but here's the resistance on Cardano, 36 to 40 cents or ADA on the slower high, it's failed so far. A piece of bullish confirmation to really start putting in a potential shift from bear to bull would be, now that we've gotten the 20-day crossing above the 50-day here, would be a show of support somewhere above these moving averages, retest of this Fibonacci resistance and breaking above. That's just pretty much a move we have not gotten the entire bear market. If you go to a weekly chart, pretty confident with that entire story is the 20-week moving average. You see this green line that has been pretty much the massive wall of resistance, this entire bear market for ADA. Once that gets cracked, ADA starts separating a little bit.

It doesn't mean the bull market's here, but for me, it means that huge ship of ADA is starting to finally make its slow turnaround to go to go the other direction. That's the biggest thing, simply put, that I'm watching on ADA right now.

That's a quick question on that. We talked about Bitcoin's retracement, whether it happens in the next two months or it happens till later this year. The alts usually follow Bitcoin's move, so maybe we'll see ADA and the other alts pop off following Bitcoin's retracement.

If Bitcoin falls?

Oh, if Bitcoin retraces.

Point out retraces. Oh, if it goes back up, if it starts pumping. I would anticipate coins like ADA will outperform Bitcoin in terms of gains and follow Bitcoin, but I think I have the unpopular opinion where I'm not necessarily looking to Bitcoin to move or altcoins to start moving. Hey, Bitcoin's moving, altcoins are moving. I'm looking at equity markets to move, and then I'm just looking at all of crypto to move with them. For me, that's the story that's playing out. I just think altcoins, if there's going to be a bull environment, altcoins are going to more than likely outperform Bitcoin. I have this theory that altcoins aren't following Bitcoin in the same way that they used to years ago. It's more just crypto markets are following

equity markets. That's kind of my thing. Yeah. Well, I'm actually glad to hear that because I think a lot of people have been waiting to see the decoupling of alts from Bitcoin where it doesn't always, to your point, have to follow Bitcoin's move.

Exactly. I don't think it does at all. A lot of times, and I've done TA for years now, and I'm sure you've seen as well, there's so many times Bitcoin's not doing anything, and a certain altcoin is going crazy. Why is that? I thought every altcoin needed Bitcoin to move in order to do something. You know what I'm saying? I just think that decoupling has already started, and as we start seeing market share of these altcoins and all these growing projects and all the value coming into all these other blockchains start growing, I think it's only going to become more and more true that altcoins have decoupled from Bitcoin in terms of how they move.

So, hard question for you. What price do you think we see as far as the next all-time high in the next bull market? ADA did really good in the last bull markets, and I'm curious what your

price prediction is there. You know what? That's funny, man, because I want to do a video on that, and I've been putting a lot of thought into it. I haven't actually come up with my number yet. I could throw a number out there, and it might not be what I actually come up with because I really need to do a lot of charting and evaluate the last bull market where I got some things wrong. But I would say, from a realistic perspective, I really think $8 in a very bullish environment is 100% doable. For somebody that wants to play it a little more conservative in a prediction, maybe $5 to $8 is a nice range. But I just see a ton of value coming into play for ADA. If you zoom out on this chart and see, I have on the chart as a reminder for me, a $15 ADA is $500 billion market cap. Now, Ethereum pretty much hit that already, right? So for me, and I don't hate on Ethereum people or Ethereum. I'm not like that, and I want to see everybody win in this space.

But for me, I think Cardano has this brilliantly built blockchain with so much growth getting ready to happen. So anything Ethereum is accomplishing, I think Cardano will accomplish, and more and better. I mean, look at the staking mechanism alone. But so if we're talking Ethereum hit $500 billion, I think Cardano could, and that's a $15 ADA right there. So I'm not saying this cycle. I'm not saying that. But when I have those numbers in mind, and I'm just like, man, on the long term, I think those are realistic. Well, in this next bull cycle, I think $8 is definitely realistic. Ethereum did double that in the last bull market. You know what I mean?

That's my way of thinking, I guess. Yeah. And I'm of the same mindset. I am bullish on ADA. I've had Charles Hoskinson on my show. That's right. I've read him quite a few times. And we talk about all the things they're building, what they have planned and the adoption and partnerships and so forth. So I have the same mindset that it can do really well. And those price predictions, I think, are not far fetched,

are not outlandish. It's crazy to think about it. I mean, it's like sitting here at 33 cents, if it plays out, I mean, even if $5 plays out, it's amazing. I mean, those are amazing gains.

Let's talk XRP. Obviously, we have the Ripple lawsuit. A lot of people are looking to this lawsuit with the SEC because based on the outcome, it could give a lot of clarity for the entire crypto industry. And then if that were to take place sometime this year, could that be a catalyst to drive the price up? Maybe the timing aligns with Bitcoin's retracement, who knows? Or if alts are moving, but it could pop off by itself. What are your thoughts on what you're saying?

Yeah. I mean, obviously, everything that's going on with this Ripple case, everything that XRP does on this chart, I mean, it is closely tied to that. And there's so much speculation. I had this article pulled up just because this is John Deaton, a blockchain lawyer, but he said, some people are confused about my prediction that the Ripple case doesn't settle until after Judge Torres renders a decision, a settlement could occur after which would eliminate any potential jury trial and also eliminate any potential appeal. The reason I'm bringing that up isn't to harp on the Ripple case or anything, but it's just to say this type of speculation, and this is like a professional, very smart blockchain lawyer, he doesn't even really know what's going to happen. He's guessing. All these guesses, the speculation, the headlines, the anticipation, the unknown of it all, it truly is playing into this chart. And this is the weekly on XRP. And so it's like a pressure cooker. That's all I see right here when I look at XRP right now. And I mean, it's pretty much obviously had this pump back here in September, but it's really been sideways since May, June time. And it's just a pressure cooker.

I think a lot of people are anticipating a decision maybe by the end of Q2, maybe sooner. And so what is that decision? And I just, I have no idea. I'm hoping it's a very good outcome, not just for XRP, but for the crypto space and crypto holders. But it's this pressure cooker is depending on the decision, the headline when it drops, it could be at 3 a.m. in the morning when I'm sleeping or something is going to explode to the upside, or I think just explode to the downside. And it's incredible to watch this story play out, especially because it does have an impact on non-XRP holders. So I don't know, man, I do some TA on XRP sometimes, but I don't even think it's worth it as much because there is this underlining thing. The one thing I would want to say is the fact that it's down with everything going on only around 80% right now, that's impressive. There's a bunch of altcoins that are down way more than that and Ripple's

in the middle of this big case that's playing into these charts. So yeah, to your point, being delisted from every major US exchange and you're still in the top 10 on the market capitalist is really impressive. So let's say, let's dream a little bit here. Let's say Ripple wins this, right? And what are you expecting from the price of XRP in that scenario? Obviously,

there's the downside, of course. That's a good question. I actually haven't thought much about it. So that's why I'm real quick. I'm going over to CoinMarketCap. I want to see. So CoinMarketCap XRP sitting at around, what's their market cap? 19 billion, right? So thinking they're 19 billion. Because here's the thing, when I'm reading about people predicting what XRP is going to do, they're talking about ridiculous numbers and they don't take into account

market cap. So I think, and I'm just doing this right off the top of my head, top of my head.

Back at a napkin. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, obviously, huge barrier to break is all-time high, right? And that's around 500, 600% away. Now, I don't think XRP, great outcome, right? Crazy outcome for the case. XRP is exploding. I don't think it's going right to all-time high. It's not going right to $3. It's going to pump probably 100, 200%, I would say, start hitting some type of resistance at this all-time high back here, the second all-time high. And depending on really what the markets are doing is I think what would happen next.

I don't think it's going to be the scenario where XRP absolutely just explodes and is going to like, let's say it happened today, right? If you look at, let's take, I mean, we could take Ethereum market cap. It's not even 200 billion. XRP is not going to win the case. And then all of a sudden be number two, right? Doing a 10X. That's not, I don't think that's going to happen. But I think like a three to five X, maybe in the shorter to midterm is definitely doable for XRP in this really nice bullish environment. And then in that case, you're looking at maybe 60 to $100 billion market cap for XRP rather quickly. And that's like a really, I think, bullish type of scenario, if that were to happen.

Yeah. I am an XRP holder to be in full disclosure, but also-

So tell me, I'm curious what your thoughts are. What do you think it would do?

You know, I'm honestly not sure. Just because the fact that exchanges will have to relist, and I don't know what that process looks like, where if people want to buy, given that, look, there's news, there's positive news that Ripple won, can they even access XRP, right? It may take months for these exchanges to get things back up and running. I don't know if they depleted their supply or they've, who knows, right? And that's the tricky part.

Yeah. There's the candle. Those are the candles XRP holders want to see. Yeah. It's basically like December 2017 vibes all over again. Boom. You know what I mean? Blast off

thousand percent gains in a couple months. Yeah. Well, I made money off of that move in the late 2017, 2018, because I was buying at 15, 20 cents and it blast off to three bucks, took some profits there. So one can only hope, but yeah. Yeah. I think though, to your point, the biggest thing here is Ripple gets a win. So the entire, these altcoins and projects have clarity. I think it

can push back on the SEC where needed. Yeah. Absolutely. And I mean, what that does at crypto, it could unlock a lot of gains for all of crypto value. So let's see.

Let's talk about the last coin here, Ethereum. What are your thoughts there? I think we might

see a 10 K ETH in the next bull cycle. Man, Ethereum, I haven't even opened a chart. Look, I mean, I haven't saved a bunch of stuff saved. I don't even know what I was charting, but there's the 10,000. I haven't charted Ethereum in a while. I don't even know. Look, it's funny to go back and open a chart and see like, what was I doing here? 287% gains to 5,000. Interesting. But yeah, listen, I don't think as much as I'm a fan of Cardano, like I would not sit here and say Cardano is overtaking Ethereum in the next bull. Ethereum is going to start hazing out or anything like that. Ethereum is going to continue to grow probably by epic proportions.

So from my perspective, if we're looking at where Ethereum is right now, the 10,000, we're looking at 500% gains or something like that to happen. I mean, we're really in a bull environment where I think Bitcoin has broken the bull market doors that we just discussed and crypto's just moving. So what was your question was, is 10,000 doable or? Yeah, is that doable in the next bull market cycle? Yeah. I mean, I absolutely think it is. $10,000 to $12,000 I think is 100% doable. But it's always interesting too, these higher cap coins like Bitcoin, like Ethereum, it's just like 500, 600% gains, 700% gains. That's something. That's pretty awesome. But it's always amazing to me just to go down the coin market cap a little bit and start seeing even more massive opportunities for really solid projects that could potentially deliver way more gains. Do you know what I mean?

So Ethereum chart is whether you hold Ethereum or not, I think is a very valuable chart such as Bitcoin is as well, in that it offers this roadmap of what is possible, a picture of what is possible for total market cap of crypto, because then you can start using that as this anchor point to start brainstorming lower cap, maybe higher risk coins and start getting your portfolio a little bit more balanced in terms of risk reward. And this is just the way that I see it. This is how I approach these

markets. So that's what I do. Yeah, that's great insight, man. There's people out there who are saying the flippening or whatever it may be could eventually happen, that Ethereum may overtake Bitcoin as a number one. Do you think that will ever happen? Or Bitcoin is the lead horse here

and just has the brand and so forth? Yeah, it's a really good question. I think you really have to start zooming out. You have to start thinking ahead even more than I like to think ahead or something like that to happen. You know what I mean? Like the next five to 10 years, I don't think it's going to happen. Bitcoin, I think, is going to be sitting there number one doing its thing, growing in value like crazy. I mean, we're seeing governments just start tweeting about it. You know what I mean? They're getting on board. But as you have things like Ethereum and Cardano, you know, Cardano trying to be built as a financial operating system of the world, what if it achieves that? Or what if it's not Cardano?

What if it's another blockchain that achieves that? You know what I'm saying? Then we could start entering this kind of area of a blockchain where trillions are coming into that blockchain as opposed to Bitcoin. And then it's like, oh man, let's see what that race looks like. You know what I mean? I don't know if you've ever seen those videos. People post them sometime about like, you know, early internet where it was like AOL, right? As a bar, AOL, MSN, Yahoo. And then it just goes through time and it shows you who's winning, who's losing. And all of a sudden you see like Google come onto the map and like the other companies and then it's just like they start overtaking year by year and then boom, they're like the Goliath in this space. Like I think that's going to be what crypto charts look like in 20 years from now or like a crypto graph. Bitcoin, it could potentially fall, right?

From that number one spot, but it's going to be crazy interesting to see how that plays out. But again, I do like to, I don't like to zoom that far out and think that far ahead into the future.

Yeah, for sure. Especially when, you know, you got to take profits along the way and adjust your portfolio accordingly. You know, while we may have predictions and so forth, the book bear markets come and they're painful. So you got to take your profits and, you know, sometimes exit a coin. You'll just regain your initial investment or whatever it may be. Yeah. 100%. Okay, Dan, I got some wrap up questions here for you. Cool. First is if you could create your own metaverse, what would the theme be? The theme? Yeah.

Where would Dan escape to put the Oculus on?

So number one, it would be tropical. I launched an NFT project. You may or may not have heard about it. There was some controversy around it, but I launched an NFT project called Coco Loco, like a year and a half ago or so. And the theme obviously was definitely tropical. And so metaverse wise, and if I am ever to get involved in metaverse, I think I love the tropical vibes. I love the sun. I love the palm trees. I love the palm trees. Probably would be the theme. And I think, and it's something I've been brainstorming is kind of like purpose of the metaverse purpose for the metaverse. I have this thing where I want to, I want to bridge metaverse to the real world.

And I want that to play into kind of, you know, what we're trying to do in the real world at Crypto Capital Venture, which is we kind of partner with this place called Place of Hope. They help just traffic kids, abuse kids, abandon kids and families. And they're making such big moves. I mean, they're, they're housing families. And I would just love to see a metaverse being built where it's offering just value to the people that are in it. But then it's, there's like this bridge from the metaverse to the real world, to something like Place of Hope. And it's like, I would love to see the metaverse grow as the city of Place of Hope is growing. And I don't know what that looks like, but you asked, and that's kind of where my head is at. And I just, I don't know what kind of innovation or ideas that would take, but that would be cool. Something like that.

Yeah. Very cool. I got some rapid fire questions here for you. Favorite food? Favorite food. It's a nice steak. Favorite musician or band?

I don't really, I listened to so much different stuff. I like a lot of like chill, just chill vibes, chill music, I guess. Favorite movie?

It's a wonderful life. I was watching that over the holidays. Favorite book? Bible. And when you're not doing Crypto Capital Venture, what are you doing for fun as a hobby?

Just chilling with a wife and daughter. Honestly, we just love to be outside. I like writing, woodworking, and just honestly, anything outside in the sun. Love it.

Well, that's why you made that big move, right? From PA to Florida.

To Florida. Exactly. That's truly why.

Dan, pleasure, man. Really great stuff. Always love you and appreciate your content. Thank you for joining me.

Appreciate you, Tony. Thank you for having me.