June 20, 2022

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Elon Musk says he stills supports and buying Dogecoin despite the lawsuit. Binance buys 100,000 Bitcoin in the crypto market dip. Solana is about to get liquidated by a whale. Sponsor 🌟 Linqto - https://bit.ly/Linqto-Thinking-Crypto -- 🔥 Sign Up...


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the app. Bitcoin is back over $20,000. Have we found the bottom? Not so fast. I want to share some details on what's happening here. Finance the world's largest crypto exchange has bought the dip. They bought 100,000 Bitcoin this weekend and Elon musk is saying he will continue to support does coin despite The $258 billion dollar lawsuit against him. Tesla and SpaceX and Selena. I think something's going on here. Selena may be dead in the water. Let's break it down. Mhm.

Welcome back to the thinking crypto podcast. Your home for Cryptocurrency news and interviews. If you're new here, please hit that subscribe button as well as the thumbs up button and leave a comment below. If you're listening on a podcast platform, please give me a five star rating. A quick word from our sponsor and that is linked to which makes private equity investment easy linked to, allows you to gain access to crypto companies or tech companies and previously this was not accessible. It was only open to venture capital firms, hedge funds and large investment firms were linked to is democratizing the process and accredited investors can get access to crypto companies like ripple bit paid dapper labs uphold Abra and many more they continue to expand their platform and you can double dip and make money on both sides just like the big firms hold the tokens like many of you do already and also get equity and these uh you know these shares are very valuable if a company's of course going to be I. P. O. Ng. Many of the folks at link to and their customers at the time invested in coin based pre I. P. O.

And did very well. Well there's gonna be more, many more companies that are going to be I. P. O. Ng. And this gives you the opportunity to of course take a position. And also because we are in a bear market valuations have dropped which means share prices are not gonna be going to be as high. So you can certainly scoop up some nice shares here and obviously buying the low and then sell the high, especially when those, you know the values go up. And as well as you know these companies going to I. P. O. So if you would like to learn more about link to check out the link in the description, let's look at the market here.

Bitcoin bounce back up above $20,000 right now. It's sitting at $20,121 ethereum back over $1000 as well. So we're seeing some green here from a 24 hours perspective but I'm still cautiously optimistic my friends while I've been saying we are in the bottom zone and a zone can last for a long time. Right? We are in that bottom era. Bitcoin may chop here and it could go further down. In fact it could have a relief rally and bounce upwards to maybe 25 K. Maybe 30 K. And then go back down to 15 K. Right All of those things are possible my friends. So just be prepared. I'm buying the dip not financial or investment advice.

Do your own research. I am buying the dip. I've been buying Bitcoin and some other all coins and I know that hey the price could go lower but I know my dollar cost average right? I'm looking at my my respective dry powder on the side my cash and how much percentage am I putting in at different prices. So no one can of course called the bottom or say the bottom is definitely in. We have to wait for the these things to play out. We have to look at the charts and back it up with multiple Perspectives and different forms of data. Right guys has to be data not our emotions our feelings. Well I feel we know what is the data say right that's what we have to look at. So be patient. This is certainly an opportunity just like it was in 2018 and and the 2019. And those respected bear markets just like it was in March of 2020.

Just like it was for the previous Bear markets guys it's all market cycles playing out. And obviously we have the macroeconomic factors of the Fed and inflation. But eventually like I've been saying the Fed will reverse. They'll start doing QE again and they'll start lowering rates. So we've seen this this show before my friends. This is why I'm confident. I'm not nervous. I'm not scared. But of course I'm not stupid either. I don't put my life savings into these investments. I put money that I can afford to lose. Now if I were to lose my money I would be upset I'll be sad.

Yes. Right? It will not feel good. I'm human. I have emotions right? So but I can still continue to live my life. I can still pay my bills. I still have my 401K. My savings in the bank. So that's how I'm approaching this and I hope you guys are too you have to be balanced. You don't just throw your life savings into an investment just because you see money being made or the opportunity to make money because there's risks that come with investing of course and you have to be smart right guys? So patients D.

C. A. Ng having a macro view that is certainly important when it comes to investing in crypto. So once again, bottom may not be in its looking okay right now, like I said, Bitcoin could bounce up to 25 K to 30 K. You know, we could see that, but it could still go back down and we are definitely in a bear market. So it's very hard to trade in a bear market. That's why I'm not trading, I'm just right now accumulating going into my long term hold portfolio. Now, here is a great chart from analyst and you know, when I look at these charts, you know, I, I look to make sure they are rational and they make sense and it's not some hype or as they would call it Hopi. Um, so here this chart is looking good and I like that the upward arrow is months away. It's not, you know, right here we found the bottom now we bounce up. No, no, we got to be patient, we're probably going to be in this low for a good six months and then things will start slowly moving upwards. So the analyst said here, Bitcoin is getting ready for a mega pump.

The mathematical structure of Bitcoin is categorical, the crypto market is about to enter into a new major full cycle. I agree with that. Is it happening next month? No. So on the chart here, if you look at it right? Um it is probably 6 to 8 months away and we'll just have to be patient and let things play out and like I said, great accumulation phase and you just see these different metrics and signals showing we are near the bottom. I'm not saying we've hit the bottom but we're near it and the bottom could play out over months. Right guys, so just be prepared for that. Nevertheless, big time whales and exchanges and big players are buying the dip Here, been inside bought the Dip, they bought 100,000 Bitcoin On the recovery to $19,000 level. This is the headline here. So finance exchange bought over 100,000 Bitcoin at $19,176 per coin this weekend. And shortly after that the price retested $20,000 level after hitting approximately $20,100.

The Bitcoin price then retraced. However, some traders are bearish as 20 K. May have just become a resistance level and others are bullish after the been in snooze and the 14% pump of the lows. Bitcoin dropped as far as $17,600 yesterday. So this info is coming from um here bit info charts and you know, been in C. E. zero cc. Has been tweeting about, you know, there's opportunities even in chaos. And uh look it makes sense. You know these guys, they're buying up low because they know that the man is going to continue to grow over time right now. What we're seeing though is just a flush out of all the leverage and the folks who are over levers are getting crushed of course. And that's kind of what's driving a lot of the cell pressure.

You know, you had terra luna, of course you got three our capital and then you've got Celsius possibly may have a collapsible C and it's probably other smaller hedge funds who are over leveraged and that's why I don't lose use leverage guys, I just buy and hold, I do some swing trading but you know, that's for a small amount of capital where it might make some nice extra money, but I'm not using, you know, large amounts of capital. I'm not using leverage as well because you know, like they say bulls make money, bears make money, but pigs get slaughtered. So just you want to make sure that you're not being greedy and be careful with with leverage trading, you can get wrecked big time as we're seeing a lot of folks are now Elon musk. You know, we had reported here on the channel that he, he's getting sued and I think it's a stupid lawsuit. I think it's just Bs, but still he Tesla and SpaceX are getting sued and uh, it's a $258 billion lawsuit saying that they were part of a dose coin pyramid scheme. Well Elon tweeted out today, I will keep supporting does coin big statement here and we know he holds more than just does coin, he holds Bitcoin ethereum as well and SpaceX and Tesla have Bitcoin on their balance sheet and I believe it's Tesla and SpaceX that are accepting those coin from merch as well. Um and someone tweeted out this this guy by the name of al coin Gordon replied to Elon's tweets saying keep buying it then and he said I am uh Ellen is a funny guy but you know I I personally don't care for does coin I don't hold any does coin I have Bitcoin and ethereum of course and other ALTs but look this is what he's holding. But one thing that I think it's important that people understand and and and get the distinction. Tesla and SpaceX are not holding on their balance sheet, they're holding Bitcoin so that alone tells you that from a corporate standpoint from a non personal institutional level they're not no institutions touching does coin. Ellen can talk about it and buy some of it if he wants but his own companies and and boards are not gonna go for that right, shareholders are not going to go for that so they're just gonna go with Bitcoin obviously. So just think about that and and once I'm not hating if you hold a coin that's on you. I don't hate on coin or anything, I'm just saying it's not for me based on my research but if you want to, you know, do that, that's you know more power to you.

That that's your decision and your investment risk. So let's move ahead here. Selena looks like it's having some major problems. Guys, it's pretty bad. Solana defi platform votes to control whale account in bid to avoid liquidation chaos. So lowland users voted to grant emergency power to solar lamps to temporarily take over the whales account. Um, there was about to be a massive liquidation guys, a whale deposited 5.7 million soul, which is 100 and $70 million and borrowed 100 and eight million U. S. D. C. And U S. D.

T. And why they put borrowed two times. And to prevent this, they are proposing to literally steal the user's funds and execute Otc trades man. This is not looking good. Um, I would be very worried if I was holding Selena, you know, if you didn't take profits or whatever. Uh this is not looking good. Solano has had a lot of issues. They've had to shut down and turn off the Blockchain, which is really ridiculous when you think about it. Um so be very careful guys, let me show you some more details. Users of Solana based borrowing and lending service. Solan voted sunday to force a takeover of the protocols largest account, a whale who's extremely large margin position was getting according to Seoul and contributors dangerous, dangerously close to a catastrophic on chain liquidation cliff. The unprecedented governance vote Solans first will grant Solan Labs emergency powers to liquidate the whales vulnerable assets around $20 million in Seoul via over the counter.

OtC trades instead of decentralized exchanges where decentralized finance liquidations usually occurs if the price of soul drops too low. Solan Labs said on chain liquidation of the whale's position could cause chaos in Solano's D five markets doing so over an OtC service would likely avoid such an outcome. Man, this is not good. Uh, you know, look right now, everything is down and one could say, well, you know what salon is down, I'm gonna buy the dip wholesome soul tokens. I'm not doing that. This, this is not looking good. And once again, it's not just this, we've seen multiple reports like every month, they're shutting down the block train, Something's wrong here. And look, I understand that in the early days, right. Web .1. Oh, there's been problems with technology and then eventually you do iterations, you make updates and then you make things better, but something just doesn't feel right. My, my gut feeling based on, you know, the different things I've been seeing where there's smoke, there's fire. I think something's going to happen here and the fact that we're seeing so many, um, vulnerabilities.

It's, I'm sure hackers and people who want to short the hell out of Selena are gonna look to attack it. And uh, I think that might be on the horizon. You know, I don't know what's going to happen. But you know we've seen some of these moves before, right? Something has a weakness and and the people who want to kill it will go after it. So just be careful if you're holding the sole token not telling you to sell. I'm just saying be careful. Do your research follow it closely and see what's happening finally immutable earmarks. $500 million fund for gaming web three development. The company's goal is the foster mass adoption of gaming collectibles, music's music and sports N. F. T.

So you may say what is immutable, immutable uh the theorems leading N. F. T. Scaling platform. So um we're seeing more tokenization and building happening on the Blockchain and obviously they're gonna go into different industries like gaming and so forth. So the whales, the institutions they continue to raise capital, they continue to look to build and to invest and and you know in the bear markets that's when a lot of great building is done right because you're not so much distracted by the price and all the media craziness and frenzy. Don't get me wrong. I love I love bull markets right? But they can be distracting if you're building as an entrepreneur. So um it's great to see these folks continue to get more capital and continue to invest and there's some big players who are investing in their respective fund. So that's the news, my friends, what do you guys think Bin is buying the dip? Ellen stands on doge coin.

He doubles down Solano looks like it's having some major problems and I don't, I wouldn't be surprised if somebody attacks it and it ends up like luna right? Just saying that's a possibility. I'm not saying that's definitely going to happen, but something to be aware of guys. And do you think guys, we've hit the bottom yet? Let me know what you think. Leave your thoughts and comments below. Hit the thumbs up button, share this video and I'll talk to you all later,

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