November 22, 2022

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JPMorgan officially registers a cryptocurrency wallet trademark. FTX founder SBF to testify in front of US Senate in December. 🌟Sponsor - Signup with Uphold. https://uphold.sjv.io/gbED4X 🚀 Get the Ledger Nano X to Safely store your Crypto -...


welcome back to thinking crypto podcast your home for crypto currency news any interviews if you're new here please hit that subscribe button as well the problems up button and leave a comment below if a listing on a podcast platforms such as apple Spotify or Google please leave a five star rating this content is brought to you by uphold which makes crypto investing easy up hold is a great platform that I've been using since twenty seventeen to one of my go to exchanges for liquidity you can buy sell trade and earn crypto currencies on a poll they have ten plus million users two hundred plus crypto currencies and they're available in a hundred and fifty countries and as with all other exchanges guides you can buy and sell on them you could use features but always self custody your crypto especially in the current economic climate that we find ourselves in I highly recommend that if you buy crypto and I pulled you move it to a self hosted digital wallet where you control the private keys or a hardware wallet as well so just a quick note here I use a poll I trust them but I always move my crypto to a hardware wallet that's my way of securing my crypto and being able to sleep at night so my long term bags are in a hardware wallet I just wanna make sure that's clear especially once again in the current crypto climate we're in so if you'd like to learn more about our poll please visit the link in the description all right my friends the big news of the day and this is massive J. P. Morgan officially registered a crypto currency wallet trademark my friends Jamie Dimon is playing one of the greatest smoke in mirrors moves in the history of investing this man continues to go on TV in his interviews and so forth and says bitcoin and cryptos a scam while his bank continues to invest and build with the technology

but you know it's the age old game right those who are not well educated about the industry and about the asset class and the technology goes we don't take the time to do their research they followed her they followed the dumb money crap but this is why I created this podcast to help bring the facts in the education so that folks can be able to you know to capitalize on this opportunity and come out of that dumb money crowd and become part of the smart money crowd where you bite a Lowe's you by the blood on the street you bite of fear and you sell the euphoria you sell the top and this applies not only with crypto but with stocks so let's go through the details here

American banking giant JP Morgan continues to advance in the crypto currency sector with the lender showing its intent in exploring different products to trademark filings in this line the institution has registered a trademark with the United States patent and trademark office

hold up well for the JP Morgan wallets seeking to offer a crypto wallet for digital currency exchange and transfer the trademark was granted by the U. S. P. T. O. on November fifteenth the development was confirmed by non fungible tokens and metaverse licensed trademark attorney Michael can do can do tests I'm saying that right in a tweet on November twenty first it is worth noting that the bank has in the past continue to explore blockchain technology and how to incorporate it into their services recently to lender alongside two other banks plan to participate in a project with the monetary authority of Singapore seeking to pilot use cases of digital assets and decentralized finance at the same time JP Morgan has increasingly focus on monitoring developments in the metaverse space as the bank seeks to upgrade and modernize its business operation part of the development has seen the bank acquired a California payments start up firm renovate or renovate technologies aiming to hasten the delivery of its cloud payment offerings overall the number of traditional financial firms warming up to the crypto space has increased in recent months despite the prevailing bear market and we've covered on this channel my friends we talk about Black Rock BNY Mellon Google MasterCard nasdaq and many more jumping into the crypto market and JP Morgan is on that list now and look they've been on the list for a while because once again despite what Jamie Dimon has been Hooton Holleran and talking about on TV and let me show you the headlines here for those of you who don't know here's one from just September twenty twenty two JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon slam crypto as dangerous and call bitcoin a Ponzi scheme let's look at one from December twenty nineteen Jamie Dimon's infamous twenty seventeen bitcoin take the

down still serves as a warning as the decade winds down this goes back to twenty seventeen where he was calling it a scam don't talk to me about it I don't care about big when you're gonna lose your money that's what he was saying all along for years now let's look at the headlines a what JP Morgan his company has been doing here's one from August fifth twenty twenty one JPMorgan pitching big one fund to wealthy clients and this was confirmed also JP Morgan executes its first defy trade using public blockchain banking giant uses poly gone and that's a of course the native token is matic and modified AVI for live trade firm explores decentralized finance for real world assets here's another one consensys lawsuit and this a consensus of course the company building Ethereum right

the lawsuit reveals JP Morgan owns critical Ethernet infrastructure so JP Morgan has been backing consensus for years as they've been developing Ethereum I believe they have a it says here a ten percent stake and it's like they've offered loans and so forth city were backing consensys also consensus acquired JP Morgan's quorum to advance enterprise blockchain adoption quorum is of course a private version of the E. three M. blockchain so it's based on Ethereum and remember guys well Jamie Dimon was calling bitcoin a scam in twenty seventeen what was the bank building JPM quite


the smoke and mirrors game that Jamie Dimon isn't playing is epic it's a it's a next level and I hope some of you recognize what's happening your eyes are opening to how this game is played he's telling the public the masses he's putting out an error saying this is all garbage don't talk to me by I don't care about it yet his bank is taking their people their resources their capital and investing and building right and just look at the recent trademark application so of course they're going to all have a cryptocurrency wallets they're gonna give it to their customers is probably going to be integrated into the existing banking app or it could be a separate thing and you're gonna be able to buy and sell and because the your crypto through them that is what they're looking to do date they don't want binance and Coinbase making money on crypto currencies they want to make that money and that money is leaving their pockets they don't like that and this is why I've often said Gary dancer who's a Goldman Sachs guy a Wall Street guy he's slowing crypto down as much as possible so that these incumbents like JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs and Citi and so forth can catch up and that's been validated by some high hi

profile folks in the crypto industry in traditional financial I've interviewed many of these folks you get to see my interview I ask them these questions sometimes off off of the record and they say yes that is exactly what's happening and and it's you know the part of the the way to do that is is these big banks they lobby they pay a lot of money in campaign donations and so forth so that's how the game is played now

this so as you can see here we got the facts right they've been investing in building for years while Jamie Dimon calls a crap but look at what they're doing my friends right it's it's like of T. exes collapsing while JP Morgan is getting approved under trademark and patents for cryptocurrency wallets amazing amazing what is happening here and I am glad I'm on the right side here in recognizing what is happened because a lot of people going about their day they don't care they haven't taken the time to research a day just read headlines they're not digging deeper into what not what people are saying what are they doing and they they listen to what Jamie Dimon is saying but they're not paying attention to what J. P. Morgan is doing right and that's key not what they say what are they doing now let's move ahead guys we got news that F. T. X. founder Sam back when freed is going to testify in front of the U. S. Senate in December now funny enough I interviewed Ron Hammon of the blockchain association today and we were talking about that like there's people who want sandbagging free to go to jail and you should go to jail a man committed fraud and did all kinds of financial crimes right nothing to necessarily do a crypto did call mingling of funds is not a crypto specific thing and and and not to mention the other stuff that's going on but this man needs to go to jail bowl seat I I mean the Congress think they're probably gonna bring him to the states he'll probably testify and then I don't know if he's I hope he doesn't get off because that's gonna be a very bad look for a crypto as wells will not necessary crypto but the US government and showing that just because maybe he donated adult tons of money rate to both Democrats and Republicans said he's going to get off let's hope let's hope not now it's Susan freedman from ma ripple she's had a policy of public policy she tweeted out regarding

a a whole a hearing that is coming up on F. T. X. on December first it says here the Senate AG committee will hold an ethics hearing December first with testimony from the CFTC chair so you're gonna have a lot of hearings coming up an F. T. X. Susan said hoping this serves as the catalyst for sub Stanstead who set this up substantive my goodness movement on the crypto policy front in the one hundred and eighteenth Congress stronger regulatory frameworks and acted globally could have prevented the F. T. X. situation from occurring in the first place now

on that note we have here from J. W. correct we have interviewed maybe about three times and he's someone who served as an adviser to the SEC he's a lawyer he helps fight the SEC and CFTC represent crypto companies he did end up kind of an op ed here in cointelegraph and the title is my story of telling the SEC I told you so on F. T. acts he said I asked the SEC to take public comments on issues related to cryptocurrency custodians an intermediary conflicts the SEC declined to take my advice and F. T. X. fell apart soon after but we seen Gary cancer met with Sam aggravating the F. T. X. he's allow F. T.

X. the collapse he's allowed Celsius lunar Voyager it three AC and so forth but you know his his claim to victory and that then that he's doing a good job he caught Kim Kardashian yeah with her tweet yet thanks thanks for saving the crypto industry in a market there by Gary great great job but I think we all see through that nonsense ray and that once again

he's trying to slow down he'll let the bad actors keep getting away with your nonsense in you'll go after the kids you know stealing the cookies in the cookie jar while the the the bank robbers emptied of all right that that's what's been going on now

stored all the radi of ripple general counsel a ripple he tweeted out to be clear the SEC hasn't labeled XRP security nor does it have the power to do so one judge put it this way the SEC can only ask the question and the court ultimately answers this is regarding the article from The New York Times that side title inside a crypto nemesis campaign to rein in the industry and of course your features Gary again Sir and it says here fresh off the December free puff piece The New York Times goes easy on Gary cancer cell we're seeing some big time mainstream media buyout here where they're putting out puff pieces to cover up for Sam Baker feeding Gary cancer is it's just blatant at this point they're hiding the fraud and saying all the same big me freed you know it this crypto billionaire now this collapse will will not allow him to save the world and donate to charities anymore really that's that's what you're running with this man was stealing money taking personal loans of users funds co mingling funds doing all types of scam nonsense and you're saying that his mission to save the world and stop pandemics and all that that's the important thing here is such garbage unbelievable but this is why this is why new media decentralized media and then the rise of social media is going to help take down these mainstream media corps a corrupted folks who are just bought out right they don't longer do true journalism and stick to the facts it's it's about who who can pay for access and I'm sure I don't know if it's Sam or or whoever else you know that it's connected to him is paying these folks a lot of money for these pieces unbelievable now here is an interesting take guys from the bank of England regarding F. TX and what do you say

thank bank of England deputy governor says the U. K. may need digital power

and he's discussed it S. as your deputy governor discuss if the collapse of the crypto from F. T. X. should influence the bank's decision to issue a digital power

it looks like they're gonna start you know forming a narrative

Hey you know part of regulating this crypto asset class in technology you'll be really great if we introduce our central bank digital currencies this way we could monitor where the money's going and you know if it's going to exchanges and if it's moving to certain wallets see where this is heading my friends and once again I'm not saying that there's something we can do to stop the central bank digital currency from coming I'm not a necessarily a fan of them but I am realistic that

what are we gonna how we gonna stop this rate

but we can at least here at least in the United States fight for the right to privacy to line the digital dollar to the U. S. constitution so we'll see what you can see what's what's happening it is a narrative forming right and you can use F. T. acts as a catalyst to push through their agenda now we've been talking about a great skill in genesis treating genesis trading in grayscale are both owned by the digital currency group one of the things we were discussing E. Justin yesterday show was that if genesis training which was the collapse it could be no surveys that contagion within the digital currency group of companies and their entities that they own well really good news and I want to make sure I sure it is because I was always I'm not trying to spread far I'm trying to spread facts and when the facts change until we get more information we update accordingly so burns Steen buys Stanford brown skinny Sanford Bernstein research says in genesis trading has to file for bankruptcy creditors have no claim on the assets of great skills GBTC as it is ring fenced from failures within the parent company DCG that is great news because my gosh I was actually concerned about those guys because they own a lot of big quite and in fact Coinbase custody has revealed the amount held in each grade school product as of September thirtieth no cold while wallet addresses were shared so the total big point is of course six hundred and thirty five thousand two hundred thirty two hundred thirty five big point and they also reveal how much ether room they have in your east trusts and the ATM classics you cash so on and so forth so great transparency here but as the highlighted here on by block works we don't actually have the wallet addresses but I have to say I do trust queen base you know being a public company

being in the United States regulated to a certain degree writes out like F. T. acts which is it was in the Bahamas queen bey's has to report to the SEC I'd have to do all these things before they went and father IPO so I I trust queen bey's you know Black Rock has partnered with them and so forth so I'm gonna take queen bases word for it and a you know this is good to see that they have these this amount of crypto they're holding for grayscale and it's been confirmed that if genesis trading was the file for bankruptcy creditors the other folks can't go after great skills GBTC so they won't be forced to liquidate all that be quiet my god imagine over six hundred thousand big coin being liquidity on the market who that would be bad but

I'm gonna breathed a sigh of relief here

thank goodness right and yeah I don't care if you love or hate grace go we don't want any catastrophic like this to happen we don't want another black swan event

I'm here Ryan cell gets you know he kinda Eckerd but Canada sentiments I'm sharing here he said he's the founder mark Massari said I'm rooting hard for digital currency group because I'm rooting for the hundreds of thousands of investors who would be hurt if genesis grayscale DCG don't execute a successful restructuring we're all in the same boat right now guys absolutely who

we're at a point with his crypto so still young rate that you have these major collapses it's gonna hurt is good it's going to hurt us is gonna put us back

the USS back years and and that's not good we want this thing to progress this technology these with world changing technology here but we got to weed out all the garbage you gotta get all the bad practices out rate we need the regulations in place finally speaking a bankruptcy Celsius they tweeted out the following just yesterday this week the bankruptcy court approved our motion to set the bar date which is the deadline for all customers to file a claim the bard date has been set for January third twenty twenty three customers should expect to receive a notice regarding the bar date and the next steps in the proofs of claim process from our claims agent shred via email or physical mail for customers with an address on file and do a notification in the Celsius app as a reminder customers who agree with Celsius scheduling of their claims as filed in the schedules of assets and liabilities do not need to submit proof of claim and no further action is required of them at this time with respect to such claims

information about our proofs of claim process can be found to define resources they provided links so

you know if you could just pay attention to these guys because you may be able to get some of your funds back right so I you want to file your claims and do all that jazz so that you can at least try to get some of your funds back I know some of you listening and watching you got your phone stop there and it really sucks and I hope you guys get everything back but you know this is another failure by the SEC why was the SEC not checking in on Celsius I'm not talking about enforcement actions like just going and trying to shut them down but go in and say Hey let me see your books to make sure everything is in order if everything's in order you're good to go we're not going to bother you right we're gonna leave me alone but as we go back to the S. S. central three system theme here that is Gary get Sir trying to slow down quickly trying her crib and not kill it heard it kill it now I heard it slow down so that the incumbents can catch up and that really sucks that regulators doing that but this is the world we live in but we know Gary's going to be in very big trouble as these house Republicans are coming after him Tom member

presented Heising guide others Patrick McHenry and so forth anyway guys that's the news please let me know what you think leave your thoughts and comments below hit the thumbs up and share this video and I'll talk to all