November 24, 2022

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Kraken crypto exchange confirms Flare token airdrop to XRP holders soon Hugo Philion says 99.9% of all exchanges are onboard with FLR airdrop. 🌟Sponsor - Signup with Uphold. https://uphold.sjv.io/gbED4X 🚀 Get the Ledger Nano X to Safely store your...


welcome back to thinking crypto podcaster home for crypto currency news and interviews if you're new here please hit that subscribe button as well so it comes up on it and leave a comment below you're free listing on a podcast platforms such as apple Spotify or Google please leave a five star rating this content is brought to you by uphold which makes crypto investing easy you can buy sell trade and earn crypto currencies and uphold and I've been using this platform for since twenty seventeen they have ten plus million users two hundred plus crypto currencies and they're available in a hundred and fifty countries as with all exchanges you can buy and sell on them but you always want to self custody your own crypto not your keys not tripped out if you'd like to learn more about a poll please visit the link in the description all right my friends I have some great news this morning crack in exchange one of the major crypto exchanges and industry tweeted out update on the flare networks distribution funding is now available here's what to expect next year drop distribution to take place soon staking and trading will be available this is great news for XRP holders who participated in the flare snapshot back in December twenty twenty so I if you did this without cracking you're gonna get your flair tokens guys I know some of you

are in a bad spot because of Celsius you know you had your crypto your XRP on there for the snapshot and I know that that kind of hurts but at least for the other folks who use crack in use going base and all pulled and so forth it looks like these major exchanges are going to participate in the flair air drop so did once again this is free tokens for those who participated in the flare snapshot does XRP holders who participated now Hugo Philly on who's the creator of flair he read he tweeted out the following this morning he said regarding the time frame we will be releasing a list next week of exchanges that have agreed to distribute the token within the days of the distribution it includes ninety nine point nine percent of all major exchanges even the major Japanese exchange who need regulatory sign off great news guys I know this is been a long time coming I know some of you have not gotten your song bird tokens but flared they're trying to make an effort to get all these exchanges on board it looks like they have the majority on board he goes comments here ninety nine point nine percent and even bit boy Ben Armstrong who I've interviewed on a channel

he tweeted at top Brian Armstrong CEO of Coinbase saying Hey what what happened to the songbird tokens rape and of course this morning I tweeted out I say Hey Brian Armstrong and Coinbase please do right by XRP holders and distribute the flare tokens and the outstanding song bird tokens you owe them so Hugo's comments it seems like queen base is included in this but I'm gonna try to get an interview if you go to you know get clarity what is the less but they're going to release the list next week so we'll have a full the casino idea of what to expect which exchanges timelines and so forth so looks like this is moving ahead the balls rolling here this is great news and shout out to the folks at cracking for you know really leading on this and personally I did my snapshot on pulled so appalled is gonna distributed the the tokens I had gotten my songbird tokens to uphold so this is why I you know I do have a pulled as a sponsor because I use the platform I've been using them since twenty seventeen so

great news here if you're an XRP holder who participated in the flare snapshot now let's move ahead guys because we got more people voicing their anger their disdain for what The New York Times is doing by having Sam back me freed speaking at their upcoming event next week the deal book summit and I did a whole podcast on yesterday so I'm not gonna you know get a event again I vented yesterday but I even hear belie G. whose a big time investor part of queen bey's Andrew entries in her words and so forth he said zok speaking on mark Zuckerberg should pull out of this conference he has an audience of billions he doesn't need to give an audience to a guy who stole billions

absolutely right you if you have some level of common sense you would see this is a bad move they're protecting sandbagging freed Andrew Sorkin of CNBC is a part of this with the new York times it's pathetic but the mainstream media is doing here this man committed fraud he stole billions and he should be in jail but he's not he's running around the Bahamas and it is going to be invited to speak as I said in yesterday's video if you and I did this what he did committed the fraud to level he didn't stole billions of dollars we would be in jail right now but he's being protected and this is pathetic in my opinion now the silver lining to the F. T. X. collapse and so forth is that it will help the crypto industry to mature and will already seeing that and CZ binance tweeted out crypto industry will be more transparent than traditional financial industries Merkle trees coming soon Merkle trees is a audit standard and we're seeing a lot of exchanges released their Merkle tree audits their proof of reserves and that's what we want guys that is great you should know what the hell is happening with an exchange before you go put your funds on there or buy and sell right that they're not a scam or some small hole in the wall shop somewhere it we we don't know where they are we need to know who's the team do they have the reserves I you know how their books what do they look like and that's the great thing that's coming out of this disaster which is F. T. acts in here okay X. scripted exchange yesterday Dave they released their proof of reserves they tweeted out don't trust verify okay X. proven reserves is live so I have a full page here where you can go verify the funds and you can take a look at their books and all that jazz so things moving in the right direction now I personally believe in holding crypto on a hardware wallet I use the ledger devices I have well let

nano acylation idol acts and I have my my skews me my personal or private keys backed up so if anything happens I can restore them accordingly and I think this is the best way to go some people use self hosted wallets were you also hold your private keys I have some self hosted wallet like I used to but I think it's the bit frost I use the some wallets but the majority of my long term crypto holdings are on hardware wallets specifically the ledger wallets if you'd like to purchase a ledger wallet you know check out the link in the description you don't have to use it that link I should say but it supports the channel well here is we get news there they're rolling out crypto line excuse me critical life debit card across UK and Europe also a string of crypto scandals has spurred interest in ledger cold wallets but sometimes you just need a real life card to spend some personally I'm not going to be using this I know some people will you know who have maybe tons of crypto but

I personally I'm just gonna hold my crypto hand yes I do some staking and so forth to earn passive income I don't know if I want to do anything with it with a card but looked to each his own if you want to do that then you do that I'm personally not doing that I still think it's very early with these cards in there could be some vulnerabilities could be some issues with them so I kinda wanna wait for version three point no or two point no you know I'm not sure what integration we're in right now but I I think you guys get one what I'm trying to say here so ledgers crypto life card allows users to move crypto between ledger hardware wallets and card accounts via a companion app ledger live wildest the card supports the for the Frenchs my goodness the French firm's coal crypto wallets which promotes self custody C. L. or crypto life is developed by London based fintech banks which states that it's not a bank on its website similar to other crypto cards already on offer customers can earn one percent crypto rewards in big point or USD T. or two percent in banks is a native token B. X. X. when funds are spent users can also receive paychecks denominated in bitcoin ether other state records once again I'm not Pooh poohing and this I'm not saying it's bad or it's horrible I am just being cautious especially in the current crypto climate we're in not to mention the macro economic climate right we don't know who is in a great position who is not yet we we don't have access to everyone's books and I would say be cautious here of guys from from my U. K. N. E. U. friends you know be careful I am not touching any of these things I think this is a great feature I think it'll be very useful in the future is it something you want I want to dabble in right now no and I'm being honest but I'm not hating if you know you do

give you do your research you make sure you take the proper precautions and you want to use this go for it so that's the news my friends for my American listeners and friends happy thanksgiving despite all the madness and craziness in the crypto market I think we have a lot to be thankful for thank you for life thankful for family friends thankful to be able to make money in this crypto asset class and you know I appreciate you all for your support listening watching subscribing thank you so much and I will talk to you all later