November 24, 2022

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Former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried confirms he will be speaking at the New York Times Dealbook summit on Nov 30th. Apple is bidding for the movie rights to the SBF FTX story. 🌟Sponsor - Signup with Uphold. https://uphold.sjv.io/gbED4X 🚀 Get the Ledger...


welcome back to the thinking crypto podcast your home for crypto currency news and interviews if you're new here please hit that subscribe button as well so it comes up button and leave a comment below if you listen a podcast platforms such as apple Spotify your Google please leave a five star rating this content is brought to you by uphold which makes crypto investing easy you can buy sell trade and earn crypto one up pulled I've been using this platform since twenty seventeen they're reputable they've been around for a while and they have ten plus million users two hundred plus crypto currencies and are available in a hundred and fifty countries and as with all our exchanges you want to self because of your own crypto you can use the exchange to buy and sell but remember not your keys not your crypto so self custody is the way to go if you'd like to learn more about a pulled please visit the link in the description all right my friends I am very pissed off I'm very angry right now let me share the reason why and I think you're probably going to echo my sentiments here Sam Bregman freed the fraud stirred the C. E. O. F. T. X. which stole billions of dollars from users he just tweeted out I'll be speaking with Andrew Sorkin of CNBC at the deal book the new York times deal book summit next Wednesday November thirtieth can you believe this this man is not in jail he's down in the Bahamas and he's going to be speaking at a New York times event talk about absurd talk about a car Razi this is wild and this shows he's being protected this man should be in hand cuffs and in jail he committed fraud and once again stole billions of dollars and it is in public it's been proven and there's more details coming out even the current interim CEO that's there who oversaw the Enron

collapse and so forth he's saying he's never seen anything like this I I look at loss for words here guys I can't believe what the hell is happening here let me give you the details so this event will be once again on November thirtieth and the other speakers that are gonna be there our mayor Eric Adams of New York City

New York City excuse me you gonna have a Mike pence former vice president Benjamin Netanyahu Janet Yellen secretary Janet Yellen mark Zuckerberg even presidents a Lynskey of Ukraine what the hell is going on and even Larry Fink of blackrock now something to note

blackrock was and I invested in F. D. X. ends a Lynskey of course you crane was using F. T. X. two I get their crypto I think they were invested in F. D. X. as well so clearly sandbag me freed is being protected and we've been seeing a lot of media pieces especially from The New York Times some from The Washington Post and other mainstream media sites and and publications they are trying to paint this man as the victim trying to take away the narrative that he's well it shouldn't be a narrative but the fact that he he is a criminal he committed fraud I mean if you were night did what Sam back me freed that we would be hauled off to jail can you imagine put yourself in and out shoes in his shoes right now right let's say you want and defrauded big time investors and and and retail construction Sumer as and so forth billions of dollars do you think you'll be walking around free no but Sam make me free remember he made tons of political donations and I think that political establishment is protecting him and it is a sad sight it is unbelievable what's happening if this does happen this man is speaking at this event whether it be in person or virtual

I've I've completely lost hope in the judicial system in the United States

I'm I don't know if I am being outlandish here I'm I'm like almost questioning like my own thoughts because it's like how is this happening this is unreal and it's just a sad sad thing so we'll see if this actually happens what he tweeted out here he tagged Andrews Sorkin of CNBC and The New York Times are confirming it and here's an example of them trying to paint Sam make me freed in a very positive light today deal book which is the you know summit that he'll be speaking at they tweeted out an article delivery today says since sandbag me free to launch the company F. T. X. its executives and its fill in traffic philanthropic arm spent or pledged hundreds of millions of dollars in political and charitable contributions consulting fees and investments in media outlets and real estate I guess that's the key right there investments in media outlets probably like The New York Times and The Washington Post and sober and whatever else

I can't believe this guys and I you know I replied to that tweet saying I think you forgot something he committed fraud and stole billions of dollars from investors

this is unbelievable they are protecting this man and this is not some conspiracy theory you see it right in front of your eyes clear as day what the hell is going on and let me give me some details about the donations the two politicians so he regularly met with lawmakers in DC to pass crypto regulations he was trying to get his bill passed and so forth he donated over forty millions to politicians including five point two million to the biting campaign twenty seven dollars twenty seven thousand dollars to senator Steve now who's a Democrat ten thousand dollars to senator Boozman was a Republican sixteen thousand dollars to senator Gillibrand was a Democrat the three politicians who backed his bill and of course that bill was the bipartisan bill called the digital commodities consumer protection act the D. C. C. P. A. although I say making free was the main contributor to the bill senators Debbie Stabenow John Boozman planned to push ahead with it guys this man is being protected and probably because he was so high profile he was meeting with these folks in DC he was donating millions of dollars and I think they're trying to cover their tracks your declined to make it seem like it wasn't his fault even though we've seen the communications we've seen all the nonsense the lying his own weeds the leading them

man this once again I said I'm I apologize I am pissed off and I hope you guys are seeing this and and you're probably pissed off too because this is wild man I I can't believe what I'm seeing here attorney John Deaton

I even wrote he shared some sentiments a lot of people of ensuring sentiments let me take this could make let me let me make this clear is Sam back we freed isn't arrested and charged with fraud wire fraud theft and possibly money laundering before the before and instead gets to spew out his bullshit narrative our system of justice has been compromised he tag senator Elizabeth Warren said Elizabeth Warren you claim to be for the little guy where are you absolutely and he tags you know some other folks got tagged in that I. I am like in shock like what the **** is going on in excuse my my French there guys this is

unbelievable it's it's simply amble unbelievable and I tell the if this man shows up at this meeting will be virtual or in person

and he's not in jail you know by after that I don't know what to say I I've lost complete faith in the justice system it's it's it's so corrupt it's pay to play and he paid his way and now he doesn't have to face the consequences right its rules for the not for me right now for Sam back your freedom the the elites it looks like unbelievable now the F. D. X. story is just so crazy that it looks like apple C. is seeking film rights to the banking freed stories so here block works tweeted out who things Jonah hill is too old for the lead after the F. T. X. bankruptcy SPF will look older than thirty eight and apple is trying to recoup their reportedly in talks with the big short author Michael Lewis for rights to his forthcoming book on F. T. XO of course is going to be movies made this is gonna be like the big short to break apart too I should say we're it involves script does not real estates and and housing market so this is I mean this makes sense but I'm still in shock that this man Sam bakery freed is going to be speaking at an event with the New York times I I I can't believe this now

run him into the blockchain association who Y. may who frequently joins the show to talk about what's happening in DC he talks about the article that was put out here about Congress members tried to stop the SEC enquiring into F. T. acts of a bipartisan group of eight members of Congress wrote a letter in March urging the FCC to cause or cease making increased the crypto firms one of the firms in question was F. TX now Ron Hammond give some clarity to that because it seems is article is not entirely accurate he said let's level set here in March four Democrats and four Republicans sent a letter to the SEC chair Gary cancer regarding the division of enforcement actions with the crypto ecosystem representative Tom emmer who is the ranking member of the oversight committee the subcommittee that oversees the SEC led the letter are the letter asked the chair again Sir thirteen questions including how many questions that they ask is as easy ask in each voluntary document requests to relevant entities as the SEC conducted a cost benefit analysis to determine the fairness and efficiency of its request it may turn against a responded to letters some questions were responded to at a high level others were not in DC this response but not really a response Hey this is pretty typical from regulators especially if the opposite party leads the letter

the article highlights conspiracy theories of dancers ties to al Maeda as far fetched but then goes to see the members of Congress were potentially aware of the investigations were pressuring as easy to stop we should just be Riddick was just is just as ridiculous as a of a logical jump the bipartisan hearings in December and twenty twenty three will uncover who knew that what if at all the letter tries to Blake please blame though on Congress ahead of these hearings which is a fairly bold claim so looks like dancer has his cronies trying to you know write articles and pay off people to write articles the blame Congress but the Congress is not the cop on the beat as Gary cancer would say Congress is not the one who's supposed to be doing that it's Gary cancer and Gary again Sir met with Sam back my feet and F. T. X. and that's a big factor right there and there were talks of a potential kind of free pass that was be in the works for F. T. acts from Gary against it but of course Gary turned a blind die probably because of all the political donations to you know he the Democrats and he's he's democratic these part of Democratic Party so

thanks this is getting crazy and I hope it doesn't get too political and I hope they're able to bring bring justice here today's situation now let's move ahead we got some interesting news and this one is coming from Harvard they did a paper and and it's essentially says central banks by big coin and it talks about bitcoin being a treasury reserve assets and how you know central banks can use it talking about el Salvadoran something as give me up what else all the door has done and when their plans and El Salvador actually gonna be launching their bitcoin or volcano bond soon and I think that's very big news and President Bush Kelly in fact said that he they are they're gonna buy some big coin here buying the dip so I think that what I want to share here is that the narratives are forming that be queen it's going to be as digital goal a potentially a central bank reserve

assets it's just like gold and I think that's very bullish guys I think there's a high probability of that happening I'm not saying it's guaranteed because I'm not a fortune teller but we talk about

probabilities what's the likelihood of something happening and I think there's a very high probability of this happening given that we're headed to that digital token economy right with everything on the blockchain I think this this absolutely makes sense and we're seeing a lot more countries warming up to bitcoin mining there's there's a lot of the coin mining having Russia in the United States and a lot of big companies are holding big coin now corporates so we're moving in that direction where central banks could hold big point and I think something like that if that were to happen would be a huge catalysts could definitely send big one two million dollars because central banks will be buying up bitcoin rhyme but we'll have to win see there's no guarantees here right we gotta keep it fair and balance here of guys just because Harvard wrote this paper doesn't mean it's going to happen but we look at the facts and the way things are shaping shaping out in the economy in the world and we're headed once again to the digital token economy

and speaking of that we got news that Japan to launch a digital again CBC pilots in twenty twenty three so all these central banks in countries are going to be launching their CBD sees it's coming guys Hey we see India doing it in the United States have been talking about their digital dollar to you in your digital euro all that stuff the digital pound it's coming so these developments in CBC's will benefit the crypto asset class and I know it's hard to be kind of bullish right now because the prices are down to bear market we got the F. T. X. the Bakul but it's all boom and bust cycles in markets the fed will eventually slow down on the rate hikes they will start printing again asset prices will go up and crypto will be included in that it's it's just a matter of being patient and having the macro outlook anyway guys let me know what you think are you as pissed off as I am about this I find is unbelievable and I am I I'm just at a point where I'm I'm pissed off I need to go maybe get it to have a drink and just calm down watching TV now think about this because stuff like this really pisses me off anyway let me know what you guys think and I'll talk to all