November 20, 2022

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The final amicus brief tally is 14 for Ripple XRP and 1 for the SEC as Accredify failed to file its Amicus Brief on behalf of the SEC by the deadline last night. Tucker Carlson exposes FTX and Gary Gensler. 🌟Sponsor - Signup with Uphold....


welcome to the thinking crypto podcast your home for crypto currency news and interviews if you're new here please hit that subscribe button as well the thumbs up button and leave a comment below if you're losing a podcast platforms such as apple Spotify or Google please leave a five star rating this content is brought to you by uphold which makes crypto investing easy I've been using a pole since twenty seventeen they have ten plus million users two hundred plus crypto currencies and they're available in a hundred and fifty countries as always when you're using it an exchange you don't want to leave your crypto on any exchange you want to withdraw it and self custody it put on a hardware wallet or a self hosted digital wallet so I pulled a great platform to buy and sell and earn but south cuss your crypto if you'd like to learn more about our pulled please visit the link in the description all right my friends A. B. crypto bottom headlines continue you may see what you mean by bottom headlines well the damn these headlines calling for the demise of crypto saying cryptos dad let's bury it in let's have a funeral for crypt they're raped and just a few days ago I shared a headline where is that crypto is dead and now we got one from the economist rates as cryptos downfall this this is the the cover and it shows meteors and asteroids crashing down to earth so these are signals that the bottom is near my friends and I say this from experience because I've been through all the bear markets and I saw headlines like this and yes it's not fun when you're new to the market you see things like this but this him these are the media and narratives right in the bear markets B. it's the end of the world things are going to zero yada yada in the bull markets the price will keep going up forever now's the time to buy but we know that is messaging for the herd

for the sheep people who are not research but once you understand market cycles you understand you're selling the euphoria you're selling the top and you're buying the bottoms you're buying the fear to blood on the streets rate and I hope those of you who are new to the market and and this applies for stocks as well that you you don't follow the media or mainstream headlines in the sensationalism that they put out there you want to do the opposite of the heard of them the masses right that's the dumb money crowd who are a big deal understand market cycles they don't understand when to buy and when to sell they follow the herd like last year in a bull market people buying bitcoin at sixty nine thousand dollars right that it was the wrong time to be buying you know they'll go buy Dogecoin when it pumps you know a thousand percent instead of buying into bear market so I hope you know this is resonating guys it really changed my life when I understood these things and it allowed me to make money because that is how the big players operate they don't care about media headlines you're looking at the charts and how the market cycles have played out all right my friends we got some a big X. R. P. news and ripple news as well so attorney Jeremy Hogan tweeted out today he said a crowd of five failed to file its amicus brief on behalf of the S. E. C. by the deadline last night so that leaves the final tally at fourteen for ripple and one for the SEC for you Americans ripple score two touchdowns and the SEC got a one point safety question mark

so my friends you can see the end of the crypto industry and market is rallying behind ripple because they recognize what is on the line here and that is we need ripple to weigh in and remember the folks who filed the amicus briefs on behalf of ripple includes queen based blockchain association the chamber of digital commerce the crypto council very big names of reputable names heavy hitters and the SEC was left with one that shows the SEC has no credibility people don't want to back the SEC yeah you have some of the schmucks who are trying to make a name for themselves but

we see where things are headed right we know about the conflicts of interest would bill him man we know about the way things went about with the XRP lawsuit it was not handled well by J. clean he did it on his way out he was warned by former SEC officials this will crash the price of XRP hurting investors Harding retail investors and IT will bring into question the credibility of the S. E. C. and of course all of those things have played out my friends and you know it took a while but the industry started rallying behind ripple of re realizing Gary cancer is going after everything this is not a ripple or XRP thing this is a crypto thing Gary wants to slow down crypto he does not want to move as fast as possible because it is disrupting the incumbents it's taking money out of the incumbents pockets the technologies eliminating a lot of middle men they don't like that of course it right it is like the horse and buggy people fighting the automobile and and many different analogies I can make even with the launch of the internet and websites and so forth there were a lot of phone book companies that in like that and and and do a lot of phone companies that in like the ability for folks to call over the web and in in the internet right because they don't really need to go to the old school phone companies anymore so these things happen I hope you recognize that you look throughout history disruptions happening the the incumbents fight it just sucks that the incumbents can pay off they can bribe regulators and politicians to do what they want instead of the regulators doing what's best for D. N. A. D. investors and what's best for the future of the world but what we've seen they can't stop innovation disruption will happen so this is really great the SEC taking a loss here and remember all of these amicus briefs were approved by the judge saying the judge said he said

the men bring them in and that includes the SEC ones right but just imagine the judges sitting there and she's getting fourteen for ripple one for the SEC

so I think you all know what you know what type of impression that's going to give her now that doesn't mean that

is guaranteed a victory I'm not trying to paint that picture that you know this is a done deal I personally believe from the facts and the people I've interviewed ripple was going to win this and I believe they will have to pay a fine a penalty for the early days of when they sold XRP but yes he's he's going to take a loss here and that is XRP today is not a security secondary market sales are not a security and they want to get they're gonna take an L. here and it's going to set the precedence for the entire crypto market altcoins such as Cardano and chainlink and al gore ran and so on and so forth will be able to use a lot of the defense items that ripple use against the SEC if the SEC were to go after him so really great news here guys really great news and what a big fail by a credit fi right and I think folks what we're even roasting to people at a credit five because they were saying the wrong things there the the amicus brief letter and filing itself it was all messed up anyway so it was just like it was a joke and just like Gary again there is a joke now big news today here's the headline crypto giant ripple eyes deals for F. T. X. assets so ripples looking to possibly acquire some of F. T. exes you know their their their leftovers rights part of the business and that's a smart business move and you know it I'm sure it's not just rippled us looking to do this but we're in a bear market valuations are down obviously F. T. X. is in a bad place they filed for bankruptcy and if you're a company in the crypto market or competitor you gonna look to go grab some of the good things they had this the good technologies right

amber it's not so much the technology a field but the people that feel the people that didn't Afaria stinks so

the details the boss of US crypto giant ripple is fine parts of F. TX the exchange that spectacularly collapsed this month amid allegations of fraud and mismanagement Brad Garlinghouse who runs the crypto cross border payments firm said he would pick over the carcass of F. T. acts and would be interested in buying the parts that serve the business customers as well as its stakes in other companies there are about one hundred companies affiliated with F. T. X. Garlinghouse said F. T. exes disgraced founder and former chief executive Sam banking freed called him on Wednesday before it went bust as he sought to round up investors to rescue his business he described his mood as chipper despite the dire situation so it wouldn't surprise me if ripple went and did this but of course they got didn't have to go examine the technology examine the business before they make a decision right now but it will I think Brad Garlinghouse in any Twitter space he said they have like a billion dollars in cash reserves so they have the capital to go out and do this and thought they had the early in the year mentioned they would do something similar with Celsius you know selves itself yes was open to doing that they would go grab up some the Celsius is business and services and so forth but you know it's it's a it's a long process it doesn't happen overnight so you will will probably eventually hear from them you know if they decide to do something or not and these things do take awhile so would result there was also news this week that ripple was seeking crypto license in the Republic of Ireland so ripple has turned its attention to countries outside the U. S. due to its ongoing lawsuit with the U. S.

S. E. C. now ripple has been doing global expansion for a long time so I don't think this has anything to do with the lawsuit or not they've been trying to you know put their stake in the ground in different countries and regions around the world because there your goal is to have a ripple ODL which uses XRP to

be adopted in different countries and

where there are different currencies of course and help improve the flow of money so you know sometimes these headlines are misconstrued and and their position in a way as though all the lawsuits forcing ripple to go see now that that that was our game plan for since forever right so they're looking to obtain a virtual asset service provider bass license and you already have two employees in the jurisdiction so that's really really good the expansion continues here and you know are you with the S. E. C. going after them and you know once again looking like they're going to take a loss here the pressure is building on Gary again Sir because the F. T. X. collapse happened under his watch Sam banking free met with Gary again Sir it even F. T. X. employees met we Garrigan Sir and boy Tucker Carlson of fox news now I I'm not some big fan a talker anything that's and then not not trying to be political but I got a report the facts he did a great job exposing Gary cancer and how the F. T. X.

the Bakul happened and the campaign donations that sandbank refer you gave the Democrats and how that bought him fevers and we know Gary cancers a democratic guy so he exposed a laundering scheme and and what the Democrats been doing and once again I'm I'm not trying to be political here right up I'm not trying to say all you should be Republican or you should be done okay I'm just reporting the facts you can be whatever you want I'm not here to tell you about politics right but we'll talk about the facts as it relates to crypto so I highly recommend you guys go watch it is too long for me to play here and it's a really great bits in there and he clearly calls out Gary again Sir and they have Parker C. and how F. T. X. got the free pass guys and

speaking of Republicans US senator Josh Hawley demands top Democrats and by the officials released emails regarding F. T. X. Alameda resurgence embankment free cell the Republicans they're about to go see what we need to dig up some dirt here guys and look I don't know these emails will make the light a day just look at the bill Hinman situation how hard it was to get his emails and when you do get some sort of version of it it's read heavily redacted right and we have others you haven't seen the entire set of emails but this is not looking good for Gary cancer in particular and we know that you know that seminggu free was big donor he was buddy buddies it looks like when Maxine waters we shared in the video yesterday I've heard blowing him a kiss after hearing last year I mean this is just a masked man unbelievable but it just goes back to the root of you know it I love capitalism a love the United States I wouldn't want to live anywhere else but we got to fix this

legalized bribery of campaign donations right you you can pay to play and that is that's not good then people who you elect who are supposed to represent you and do things on behalf of you the end up doing different things read more towards their highs donor radiate and that sucks it's not on behalf of the people and don't get me wrong I'm not saying they don't do anything on behalf of the people but many times rate probably over fifty percent of the time they're doing things on behalf of the campaign donors and

here F. T. X. clear example body's way in donated heavily to Democrats became buddy buddies regulators while he was running a whole bunch of scam activities doing a lot of fraud which double see that makes

the crypto be initially look bad it makes government look bad it's just a mess all around

now let's move ahead guys so Monday but you know I don't want to spread fide but I am I also have my radar up here because remember crypto lender genesis which is owned by the digital currency group

they need an emergency loan of one billion dollars by Monday and boy I hope they get it because I don't want them to collapse I don't want any crypto company to collapse because it will be very bad for the market now they're outright doing scams yes you want them to be

you know taken down but what we don't want it right now is collapses upon collapses it'll be really bad for the market so I'm hoping they get their one billion dollar emergency loan because it would not be good guys it will be rough this is connected to the digital currency group and one of the things that are more already seeing as a red flag the digital currency group took down their team page so it had Barry Silbert and a bunch of other people in the office on that page is gone

what while the settings icon some something's up guys something is up and we'll have to wait and see and once again I hope it's not bad I hope they're able to get this sorted out because again I don't want the prices to go down guys I don't want to be to a point where you know we have another collapse of a big company and great skills big digital digital digital currency group is huge so this would be bad anyway it would probably

bring in more heavy handed regulations which is what we don't want we want balance regulations we need to stop the scams we need to allow innovation we lead need to allow the markets to grow as well so guys that's the news let me know what you think especially about this amicus briefs that this accredit five failed to get me the deadline and Reno rebel leads here as far as the tally fourteen the one let me know what you think leave it also comes below share this video and I'll talk to you all later